Hello! I have a few requests that I hope some of you can help me with.

  1. Fics where Dean gets it on with older hunters or men in general that highlight his daddy issues. Even better if they happen to be men John knows and there's a fair amount of Dean/John subtext. An example of what I'm looking for is Yellow Couch by Janissa11.

  2. Fics that explore the idea that Sam has romantic and sexual feelings for his brother while Dean doesn't feel the same way. My personal favorite take on the trope is when Dean tries to give Sam what he wants anyway or uses sex as a tool. But I'm also open to stories where it doesn't get any further than pining!Sam or Dean rejecting him.

  3. Fics that generally address Dean's instrumental perception of his body and the fact that he tends to use sex as a weapon.

  4. Casefics that stood out to you because the author was really good at evoking a creepy mood. Additionally, casefics where the setting plays an important part in the story. Especially if the story happens to be set in the woods.

I'm cool with gen or any pairing involving Dean. Just please don't recommend anything that has hurt!Sam unless Dean is also similarly hurt.
I'm looking to read Wincest fics where there's a plot twist or surprise ending, where the reader doesn't know what's really happening until later, such as 1) one of the brothers gaslights/manipulates the other, 2) secretly a demon/monster and the other doesn't know, 3) someone else has changed reality for one or both of the brothers, 4) one is hallucinating/mentally ill.
Hi, so I'm looking for a specific fic. I'm pretty sure it's only 1000-2000 words.

It starts with either Sam or Cas closing the gates of hell, and Cas gets stuck in hell where he's captured. It cuts between Cas getting tortured and Dean looking for a way back into hell. Sam gets back into a normal life (I think?) and tells Dean that he should go search for Cas, coz he'd never be happy not doing so. Dean looks for and eventually finds Death, who tells Dean that he can't help him get to hell, but he can help him find God. He gives Dean back his amulet.

Cas is on the Rack downstairs, and he's not broken. From what I recall, he's described as flayed, and mising an eye. I recall a new demon gets his turn, and Cas fixes his one eye on the demon, and calls him by name, and describes the deal the demon made (I think it was removing her cancer). The demon is unerved, and recalls what they say about Castiel. They can break angels, who have faith only in their Father, but Castiel, he has faith in a human, still after all these years, and he is not broken.

The title, I am sure, is either a comment on Cas's faith or on his eye. It's a really dark peice, and very visual in terms of torture. I thought I had it bookmarked on AO3, but it's not there, so I'm desperately hoping it's not been deleted.

It's not romantic Dean/Cas, but the faith and depth of their relations is certainly above that of a romantic relationship, so...
11 November 2016 @ 12:04 am
Hi im looking for a story about Jared and Jensen are vampire's. I really would love long stories but any story will do.
OK, so this time, I'm kind of vaguely remembering a fic that was a Big Bang one year, I think, where all I really recall is how it ends (oops). I guess I should probably put it behind a spoiler tag, maybe.

serial killer au )

If anyone knows what it is I'd be so grateful!
There was a fic a million years ago that had Sam and Dean travelling the country, but they were actually the serial killers Henriksen thought they were. I think they eventually got caught and put in a maximum security prison, which they broke out of. Now, I'm not actually looking for THAT fic, because I'm pretty sure the author deleted it and left LJ long ago, along with telling people she didn't want it shared (shame, 'cause I want to reread it. Sigh.). Edit: I didn't think it was possible for anyone to find it, but I'm pretty sure the one I was thinking of here is Darker Shade of Black. by sardonicsmiley.

But I'm looking for similar fics now.

I just read Blood in Your Mouth by saltandbyrne on AO3 and that's what made me crave more. There's just something so sexy about the boys actually being evil, but not supernatural evil, just human evil. (Yes, there is something wrong with me, I will be over there -->) There are bonus points for the more fucked up the boys are (like the fic I referenced, with implied necrophilia).

(Uh... I thought there was a serial killers tag, but I can't find it. Crap. I hope I tagged this right!)

p.s. this is actually [livejournal.com profile] annabeth posting from a new, going-to-be-mostly-public journal, and I'm mentioning it because I know sometimes I get searched and my regular journal is locked.
Specific searches, all of these are Gen:

1. A multichapter vampire!Dean fic I'm almost positive is on FFN where, after Sam has convinced Dean not to kill himself, Dean's understandably upset about the whole situation and starts acting out. Sam meets Bobby in a restaurant and Dean comes in, possibly in sunglasses, and starts trying to get a rise of out them by talking about how he wants a steak, nice and bloody, etc.

2. Another vampire!Dean fic (possibly the same one???) where Sam, Dean and Bobby go on a hunt with Jo and Ellen without the latter two knowing he's a vampire now. They mistake Dean holding an unconscious Sam with his fangs out for unrelated reasons as Dean trying to attack Sam.

3. An S4 fic where Dean misses Hell, and takes to locking himself in the bathroom with a heat lamp and a little tin of sulphur. [FOUND: Images of Broken Light]

General searches, still Gen please:

4. Any Gen vampire!Dean or unusual creature!Dean you know of from LJ. I'm pretty sure I've picked Ao3 clean at this point ;)

5. As an extra tragic twist, does Gen creature!John fic even exist...?

6. Would love to see a fic where, after the big S9 argument, Dean leaves. Would be supercool to see one in S8 where Dean runs off to be best buds with Benny- haven't seen one that isn't just slash yet!
Anyone remember the title/writer of a fic based on (or paying homage to) Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes - ? Evil carnival comes to town at Halloween, investigated by two young boys (pretty sure it was Sam and Dean, although not sure whether it was Gen or S/D).

That is literally all I can remember about it. But I have faith in this community's collective omniscience! Please - and thank you!

P.S. I know it was not Sylvanwitch's excellent All the Dreaded Cards Foretell.
01 August 2016 @ 08:39 pm
Hi all
Just saw a commercial for the movie "Lake Placid" and I remember a story based on the movie. I believe it was J2 w Jensen as the town sherriff. I'd love to read it again and any other sam/dean or J2 stories based on the movie or anything similar.
I'm looking for a really creepy little fic that told the story of Sam after he'd stopped the trials (I think). He's with Dean and he feels weird - keeps hearing flies buzzing around him - finds stains on the bedding. It turns out that Dean bought Sam's corpse back to life and Sam is sort of living dead (I hope this makes some sense). I've searched and searched to no avail so any help would be awesome!
This story is probably at least 5 years old and was on fanfiction.net. I believe it was around 10k in length, give or take. It was a gen casefic with Sam and Dean, probably set before season 4 (since there were no angels or demons).

All I remember is they were in a house with at least two spirits, one male and one female. The male spirit attacked Sam and slashed him in the back of his legs with an axe. The female spirit I think helped keep Sam alive with her energy, which was like a glowing ball, while Dean took care of the male spirit's body/whatever was tying him there somewhere outside of the house before returning to check on Sam.

Any help would be appreciated!

Found it for myself...And the Wicked by A-blackwinged-bird on Fanfiction.net
22 March 2016 @ 08:00 pm
I'm looking for an old dean/tentacle creature fic.

in this one dean gets taken while on a hunt by the creature but ends up liking it. and when he realizes that its driven by a breeding urge but can't acturally reproduce he goes back every year at the right time.

there was something about him having missed a season due to going to hell??
30 December 2015 @ 10:26 pm
I woke up in the mood for creepy/horror Supernatural related stories and one of the best that I read had Dean going to this strange town to find Sam who has been missing for a while. There Dean finds himself in a literal ghost town, while part of the town appears to have been burned away while some of the bodies remained. Dean starts getting warnings to leave, meet ghost children and other strange creatures. It is at the end revealed that it is not a real town, but that Dean is actually inside a comatose Sam's mind after Castiel pulled down his wall and his visions is just the damage his soul suffered in Hell. Dean manages to get to the "real" Sam and save him. It was also at least slightly Wincest.

I can't remember if I saw it on a post here of it was a story I came across on AO3. I just remember it was very horror/dark and I really enjoyed. I tried searching for my previous request here, but if I found it here it was not in one of my posts. If this sounds familiar to anyone I would be grateful forever. :(

Also anything similar would be good too. I just want Stephen King-esque type of stories to spook myself. I don't mind the pairings, although I won't read RPF as a preference and I do like Wincest more. But gen and other minor ships is fine, as I do prefer the focus to be in the cases than romance.
Could you recommend J2 stories in which one J recovers from extreme abuse? the ratio of abuse to recovery time is not important, but it has to be pretty horrific and move towards a better end, even if the fic doesn't end on perfect notes (even death!fics are cool(.

Examples or harm include, torture, malnutrition, involuntary body modification, extreme power play that leads to identity and dissociation issues, and of course lots of physical harm. Sexual violence/slavery is cool, but I'd prefer if it was paired with more complex issues.

Bonus for length, world-building, J1 helping J2 recover from JDM (I love me to evil-JDM), and badass!victims that want to get better but need someone to show them how to move past their trauma and love themselves.

Also, the recovering abusee doesn't have to be one of the Js, but one of the Js must contribute to the recovery and (preferably) no J on J violence unless you think its awesome (like in the Desperate Measures verse).

Oh boy. I am a real buzzkill. I have no idea how to tag this except to select everything under the 'warning' tag :-/

Please and thank you
Dear friends,
I am lookin for "What is Always and Everywhere" by portrait_of_a_fool. It was written for the werebigbang and the summary was as follows:

One cold night in Michigan, Sam went for a walk and met something else on his way. Two years later, he had finally learned to cope and Dean was actually dealing with things pretty well. Then the sky fell on Ash Wednesday and left them separated by thousands of miles.

These days, Sam is a freak amongst freaks and surviving the best he can as a latter day gladiator. Every time he steps into the arena, he doesn't know if he will live to see the next fight. As for Dean, he’s still out there and trying to make it back to his brother in one piece, which is sometimes a lot harder than he’d like it to be. It’s a long walk; so long sometimes that he doesn’t know if he’s walking to Hell or New Orleans.

If anybody has it saved i would appreciate a copy to:


Thank you in advance
Story has been found here: Spectrum (in 4 parts), by [livejournal.com profile] tbrook.  The conclusion is here: Jumping at Shadows.  Thank you for the help, all you commenters!  :D

This is an old specific story I'm looking for.  It starts right where the series starts, just before Jess's death.  Sam passes through his own doorway on which somebody carved a cursed sigil, and he basically loses his mind.  The story is written in a very distinct stream-of-consciousness style from a third person Sam perspective, and I believe this moment is described as "the whole world took a step to the left."

Jess dies the same way she did in the series, and Dean shows up after Sam calls him incoherently from the kitchen floor.  Dean tells him to stay put, because he was already almost there.  The rest of the story is basically an insane Sam-styled warped perspective on the beginning of the series.  Dean is looking for their father, but his search has been completely disrupted because Sam is incoherent.  He can speak, but the things he says are often uninterpretable without any perspective on the things he's hallucinating.  Sam frequently begins screaming for reasons completely incomprehensible to Dean.  Once at a gas station he starts screaming because he is afraid he will fall into the sky.  He keeps seeing a man in a trenchcoat following them.  The television looks like an eye watching him.

I think the story is in 5 parts or so.  I read it on livejournal, and the author had a blue background.  Sadly, that is all I can remember, and keyword searches have gotten me nowhere.  The story is gen, no pairings.  It's implied that the man in the coat is Castiel, but this is never said outright, and I think Bobby shows up at one point, but other than that it's just Dean and Sam.  The style is the most distictive feature.  It read almost like poetry-prose.  And it would be at least 4 years old, probably more.  If anyone can help me find this, I would be so grateful.  It was an amazing story, and I'd love to read it again!
13 December 2015 @ 11:30 pm
I spent all day today going through Netflix's disparaging horror collection. Despite the overwhelmingly large number of awful movies I did manage to find a few that were decent. Almost all of them involved a haunting, ghosts, or in one case, aliens. Here are a few of what I watched if you know them: "Oculus," "The Awakening," "Dark Skies," etc. I've also watched "Insidious" 1 and 2.

I would love to see some SPN fics where the boys run into a particularly difficult, even dangerous case that takes more than a day to solve. I don't care about gen or paired fics. If it is paired, I prefer Sam/Dean or J2 but will take other pairings in a pinch. Any rating is fine. I would just like to see action, sleuthing, and scary things happening that the bros/boys aren't sure is like their regular cases. Btw, I've read the Alice Grim Lane fic and it's a great example of what I'm looking for. Thanks! :)

1. Looking for a gen-fic set after Sam returns from Hell. The brothers are hunting a witch(?) who murders people by making them live their worst nightmare. At one point, Sam dreams of Hell, and the combination of the witch's powers and his own trauma makes the nightmare materialize in the room. Dean sees the nightmare and wakes Sam up. Sam is embarrassed of what he considers a weakness, but Dean barely acknowledges it, presumably because he also has this kind of dream and doesn't want to talk about it either.

Sorry if it's vague, I just remember the casefic aspect of it as well as that particular dream scene.

2. Looking for good (read: your favorite) body horror fic. I'm not talking non-con (although non-con is welcome), but show-level violence and maiming perpetrated by villains or protagonists. I'm cool with any genre, any pairing (including J2) and any outcome.

3. I just finished reading [livejournal.com profile] rockstarpeach's First Time Verse, in which Misha/Jensen are in a longstanding relationship that goes awry when seductive Jared walks in. I loved the realism of the characterization, the boys' love for each other warts and all, and simply fell in love with that kind of story. Can anyone recommend stories similar to this? In which the couple struggles with real relationship issues? Doesn't have to be infidelity or a sordid past, but I just want to see some manpain coupled with tales of undying love against the odds.

Thank you
Gen for all of these.

1. Specific fic: Sam and Dean become trapped in an endless series of rooms. Each is more horrific than the last, but there is no way to go but forward. I don't recall there being a happy ending.

2. Usually when I see Dean demonstrate his torture expertise, sadism, etc., it's after the whole roadside confession. Show me something where the big secret comes out in a decidedly less pleasant manner.

3. So..... Any good Halloween commentfic memes I missed? I'd love links to those in general but in particular I'm looking for any new creature!fics. Dean or both boys. Vampires are my favorite.
27 July 2015 @ 11:59 am
Hey, guys. I'm looking for a specific fic I read a few years ago. My google-fu has failed me, and so now I turn to you.

It was a longer one-shot, where Dean was a demon that made it out of hell. It was very dark, as the first scene had Dean (or another demon?) possessing a girl in order to lure and kill a pedophile. As the fic progresses, it's seen that Dean does not remember his past. He then comes across Sam, who's now about fifteen or twenty years older, and Dean ends up following Sam because he can't shake the feeling that he somehow knows the guy. Sam is unnerved because he keeps running into Dean, and ends up figuring out that Dean is Dean before Dean does.

I don't believe it was Sam/Dean, but it was damn good. Intelligent writing and very enthralling.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.
Does anyone have any fics where the boys are truly terrified of what they're hunting or something they've run across? Or maybe they realize that they're out of their league or overwhelmed? The show always depicts them as fully capable and they are, but sometimes I think that they'd occassionally run across something that scares them just like it would us.

Here's a fantastic example: http://archiveofourown.org/works/878686/chapters/1689785

This references the line from S1 where Sam said that he told John about the thing in his closet and John gave him a .45. It talks about how much this thing terrified Sam and his fear is palpable in this. So good.

Any pairings welcome. Wincest is a fave but not required. Thanks!
Hey all!
I'm looking for three specific fics and I have a general search. The 3 specific fics are as follows:

  1. This is a drabble/oneshot set after the epiode Skin in season 1 (1x06). It is a very short fic. It is basically about Sam wondering if he was wrong and what he thought was the shapeshifter was actually Dean, and who he thought was Dean was actually the shapeshifter. He tells Dean this and Dean says it doesn't matter, the shifter can download people's memories so he would act the same and he says it would be "a monster's second chance". They go to a bar and Sam keeps bringing up this topic, saying that it must be symbolism that Dean shot himself in the head and Dean tells him he once slept with a guy that looked like Sam and asks if there is any symbolism in that. They then go back to the motel and Sam tells Dean he'd know if it wasn't him and Dean says he wouldn't. The fic ends along these lines.

  2. The second fic is one where Sam is deaged and I can't really remember anything about it (why he was deaged, who did so, etc) except for the ending where Dean asks Sam if he liked him when Sam was a teenager. Sam is quiet for a while and Dean says "Forget it" but Sam then explains that even though Dean was his brother, he kind of acted like a mother to Sam so Sam kind of resented him for it. Sorry for the lack of details, but I really can't remember much more.

  3. The final fic was again, deaged Sam. Sam, Dean & John (I'm not entirely sure John was with them though) are on a hunt together and they get cursed by faeries who de-ages Sam. The curse works a certain way: Sam has to say no a certain amount of times for him to reach his normal age. He starts off as a child and Dean uses flashcards and makes up stories to make Sam repeat the word "No" over and over again. Sam does so and he starts growing older and older. Eventually he reaches the age he was when he was at Stanford and Dean has to explain about Jess to him. Finally Sam becomes his age again.

Any help on any of these fics is much appreciated as I am so desperate to read them!

Thank you heaps in advance!
I commented yesterday that I totally wasn't addicted to Post-Hell-Issues!Dean and could stop any time I wanted. I lied.

1. Fics where there is some kind of benefit to Dean's time in Hell, even if it isn't taken as one-- Demons, etc. being afraid of Dean, given his former status as Alastair's protégé; an unreasonable pain tolerance (I can so picture Sam or Bobby being really freaked out by this); using an "I've been to Hell and back" speech for intimidation (I've read a fic where Sam did this, and it was skull-shatteringly cool), and so forth.

(And ooh, what if even Ruby was on edge when it came to Dean?)

2. Given the sheer length of time he spent in the Pit, I'd wager Dean might have some trouble adjusting. Forgetting that torture isn't really acceptable topside? Having his time topside be a distant memory, so he'd have trouble recalling everything, even perhaps tingeing reunions with nostalgia?

3. I'm looking for just about any Harry Potter crossover that involves some sort of magical mishap delving into Dean's time in Hell. i.e., an Alastair boggart; an instance of legilimency gone horribly wrong; Crucio rendered laughable, etc. Even if it's just one scene in a larger fic. "Changing Circumstances" by EclipseWing did this well.

4. Okay, this one's a long shot. One of my favorite- but sadly abandoned- fics involved a Hell-traumatized Dean waking up in his teenaged body, and being unable to hide that fact from John and Sam. Another was written for the prompt, "Dean dreams of Hell. He is 10 years old." D'you see where I'm going with this?

I prefer no slash, but I could tough out minor Dean/Cas if it's reeeally good. (Dean/Alastair is okay, because I really wouldn't put it past the bastard.)
28 May 2015 @ 10:57 pm
can`t find the story about Boyking!Sam and Dean as his slave, really dark and non-con, and i remember just the last paragraph where Dean crawled behind Sam on hands and knees, and Sam casually asked, let`s see if you could take my whole hand now?
1. Hey, so, I'm looking for fics where Sam's at Stanford, and Dean (and/or John) comes up on the news... As a serial killer. Or similar. Ergo, Sam's friends know. I wanna see an apple-pie Sam deal with the fallout of a Skin/Nightshifter/Slash Fiction-type scenario. (Edit: By Slash Fiction, I mean the episode, not the genre. Sorry for the confusion... :p)

Or, you know, anything of the "Sam's family is fucking terrifying" variety.

I've already read "Fellowship of the Nine" and "And They Cry to See Your Face", by the way.

2. Scary fics! I've read a lot of horror, mostly hell-based stuff, but only one fic I've read had that sweet, sweet suspense that gives me fear-tears, and that was "Never Summer" by ignipes.
1. I love M*A*S*H, but I've only ever come across three SPN crossovers- those lonely, woefully short two in the ff.net category, and a short snippet on Ao3 with vessel!Klinger. Gen or het, please- (We all know having both Hawkeye AND Dean in the same fic makes a story without womanizing a pretty hard bargain... :p) I prefer it to take place during, not after M*A*S*H, but I'll take anything you've got at this point.

2. tir_synni's Dream a Little Dream has given me a THIRST for fics where a fresh-outta-Hell-and-traumatized Dean is sent back in time to when he was still hunting with John and Sam, but it's abandoned, unfortunately, and I've not found anything like it. I'll take anything from h/c to 'holy shit why is Dean so ruthless all of a sudden'.

3. I'd really like to see John actually deal with a creature!Dean instead of, you know, just shooting him in the face. I like almost anything but werewolves, and vampires are loved. Non-evil!Dean, please. John-angst and h/c is what I'm after.

4. I want to see Dean transformed into something... Lovecraftian. Horrible, powerful, and not-quite-Dean; can't quite communicate properly anymore. The kind of thing that scares the shit out of you even when it's trying to "protect" you. It would be cool if it was either an unusual or unnamed monster. Maybe Dean's been missing and it turns out that this freaky thing that's been killing things/following Sam or whoever is actually Dean. (still gen, please...!)
31 January 2015 @ 06:41 am
hello friends I am hoping for help regarding a fic called The Pigs and Their Vices by elaine_penny (on ao3) which is the only Sam in hell fic I really loved, but I think has been deleted.

did anyone happen to save it? thanks!
Hi All,
This story was request last year and it was found, unfortunately, I forgot to save it. I can't remember the title or author. I just remember a certain scene playing out so I hope it is enough information. Here goes:

I can't remember if Sam is suffering from Stockholm symdrome or is just really mentally unstable ( gone crazy) because of Dean.

I can't remember if Dean was a Ware or Serial Killer? I do remember he was wanted by the FBI and he was #1 most wanted in the nation. He was dangerously really good at killing and evading the authorities.

I do remember that the Feds either arrived at where they knew Dean was staying at but the found Sam there instead (I don't remember if he was bound or lock in the basement?). Well they took him in to the closest precinct to question him/interrogate him? I remember that Sam was either really terrified and wanted to get back or he was totally crazy and ranting? I do remember him looking at the Fed/Cop and saying " The wolf is coming, you should't have taken his cub?" I do remember all hell brakes lose in the Precinct after Sam said that or maybe a bit later?

Does this ring a bell to any one? Would really love to read again.
Thank you Guys for all your help.
24 December 2014 @ 05:13 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a copy of "Almost Human" by Dr Sexy MD. It was posted over on Sinful Desire, however, the archive is down and I'd love to read it. Can anyone help me out?

Summary: Jensen is just an ordinary man; not extremely good looking, smart, talented or charming. He is a bit uncomfortable in his own skin. He gets dumped by his longtime cheating, jerk boyfriend Chad and ends up at a bar in an attempt to drown his sorrows, becoming completely inebriated in the process. Jensen argues with Jared - the tall, hunky manager of the bar - that he can walk home on his own. He stumbles his way into an alley and passes out. When Jensen wakes up the next morning, in a dumpster, he is forever changed.

What is wrong with Jensen? Why does his body react differently? Why does he suddenly look like a model or a celebrity? What kind of being has he become? And, most importantly, who changed him?

How will Jensen deal with the change? What happens if Jensen finds out that he's supposed to be evil? Will Jared be able to help him to retain his goodness and his humanity?

Many Thank (fingers crossed)

(MODS: sorry if you got this request multiple times, LJ was flaking out on me, no idea why)
11 December 2014 @ 02:37 am
So today I watch The Thing and The Fly and I thought both of these movies are so damn disturbing (not in a bad way) and now I'm asking for anything of the following:
-Body Horror (modification)
-Disturbing imagery
-Anything that makes you gross out

If you want I will rec this fic. I will take anything you got. Thank you!
16 October 2014 @ 08:57 pm
I am looking for horror fics (in honor of Halloween)! Body horror, mind fuckery, possession, supernatural monsters/situations, end of the world, abandoned places, etc. This list might help: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HorrorTropes

Short or long (but short, creepypasta style is best).

If short, anything goes (character, pairing, character death).
If long (more than 8000 words), I'd prefer fics with Castiel in them. But will take any that are suitably scary. I'd prefer no character death.
13 October 2014 @ 04:07 pm
A couple of general searches:

1) I recently read The Old Gods Return, which was amazing, (see warnings for the story at the link, they're kinda spoilery), and I'm craving to read more crossover stories between SPN and Lovecraft's mythos. Or even if it doesn't specifically involve Lovecraftian Old Gods, something with that sense of cosmic horror.

2) Unicorns!
I have only found two unicorn stories ever, Sam and Dean Winchester: Unicorn Hunters and a commentfic where Jared is a magical unicorn.
Any others would be much loved and appreciated!

3) Crack! Your favourite crack and humour fics.

Any pairing or gen, RPF or SPN, indiscriminately loved.
07 August 2014 @ 04:09 am
So i just saw (warning) this and i was wondering if there are any fics with bloody kisses or something of that area. I'll take anything
05 August 2014 @ 07:52 pm
Please! Rec me any fics where dean is bloody, battered, almost half to death(if any). I just want some really terrible, horibble hurt!dean. Basically i want dean being tortured
I cannot remember the title or author to this story and it's constantly on my mind.  Dean is dared by his clique of not-so-bright school friends to stay one night in the scary mansion, supposedly haunted by evil warlocks who still defend their territory, overlooking their village.  When Dean, armed only by a small video recording device, settles into the furnished, but eerily empty mansion, he can't help feeling he isn't entirely alone.  He soon starts to investigate the wings of the mansion and discovers another "person" called Castiel.  Through awkward starts and stops, the two boys become strange friends.  Their enforced isolation soon gets them to tell bits and pieces of their lives, both happy and heartbreaking.  When the sun rises, Dean leaves the mansion with promises to return and bring books, food, and news of what is going on outside of Castiel's supernatural imprisonment in order to relieve some of Castiel's loneliness.  By this time, Dean knows Castiel is some sort of witch or cursed creature, and vows never to betray Castiel's secrets or their tentative trust in each other.  This is the part of this fanfic where I lost it on my computer!  I would be greatly appreciative if someone in this community could provide me with the author or title of this story!
24 July 2014 @ 01:32 am
So i just read What's Dead Should Stay Dead by baylor and i wanted to see if anyone knows of any kind of fics where sam is acting/doing creepy/weird things. By the way i recommended you read this fic.

Anything is fine(gen,slash,etc)
18 June 2014 @ 11:36 pm
Hello! I've been watching horror movies all day (because I'm a productive adult) and I'm in the mood for some scary fic. I haven't had much luck finding any really good RPS horror/scary fics, so I'm asking you guys for some help!
I like J2 and Cockles.
If there's sex, I prefer bottom!Jensen please!
Thank you!
19 April 2014 @ 06:54 pm
Hey, I'm looking for two types of fics!

1) I was wondering if anyone has come across a fic where, after the cage, Sam is awesome in bed. Like Lucifer taught him in the cage (whether it was non-con or not) and it just blows the mind of whomever (Dean, Cas, ext...) is in bed with him. Any pairing is fine, I just really want to read something like that.

2) Also if anyone knows any fics where post-cage Sam, totally messed up from what Lucifer (or Michael) did to him, abuses someone but doesn't really see a problem with it because it was just part of his life in the cage for so long. Any kind of abuse is fine, it doesn't even have to have a pairing in it.

04 April 2014 @ 08:22 am
I found this definition of Southern Gothic literature:

Southern Gothic is a subgenre of Gothic fiction unique to American literature that takes place exclusively in the American South. Common themes in Southern Gothic literature include:

  • deeply flawed, disturbing or eccentric characters who may or may not dabble in hoodoo

  • decayed or derelict settings

  • grotesque situations

And I would very, very much like to find some well-written fan fiction that would fit into the Southern Gothic genre. Does anyone have anything they can rec me?
03 March 2014 @ 10:04 pm
I really really miss season 1/2 of SPN. I mean the other seasons aren't bad and I do love season 9 even if people have mixed feelings on this one but there's just that horror movie atmosphere that season 1 and 2 had that can't be replaced.

And since it looks a lot like the SPN writers seem to really like this demon/angel plot line, I've found myself having to rely on fanfic to get my 'fix'. And I'm having some trouble wading through all these romance AU stories to find the more traditional case stories, and even rarer, ones that are more genuinely classified horror. Like you know, 'Bloody Mary', 'Bugs', 'Scarecrow'...the likes.

It'd be awesome if anyone could rec any stories dealing with legends, crossover with horror movies even. I'll take anything that's in the horror genre. Old or new. I wouldn't mind seeing a story about 'Slender Man' (that'd be pretty interesting honestly) or 'Sand Man'. Preferably I don't want overly complicated plots with angels/demons. Just some genuine horror. Characters I don't mind seeing: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby, Castiel

Also while I don't mind death!fics, I prefer to avoid them.
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05 February 2014 @ 05:51 pm
I am really hoping someone can help me locate this fic. I tried posting this before several months ago and no luck. I’ve added and changed a few things in this post to hopefully jog someone’s memory. I would really appreciate any assistance in locating this fic. Thank you.

Dark!Sam - self-loathing Dean (still not found) )

affliction: alcoholism, attribute: evil!sam, attribute: dark!sam, attribute: possessive!sam, attribute: jealous!sam, attribute: protective!sam, attribute: stalker,

genre: hurt/comfort, genre: au, genre: dark!fic, genre: dean chooses sam, genre: angst, genre: wincest, genre: ust; position: bottom!Dean; pairing: dean/sam, character: dean, character: sam,

warning: attempt at suicide, warning: non-con, warning: abused!dean (sexual), warning: abused!dean (physical), warning: abused!dean (mental), warning: abused!dean (emotional), attribute: sam's point of view
03 January 2014 @ 11:22 am
Hi there. I read a fic recently, and now I can't find the link or remember the title or author.

In the fic, Sam is in an institution. Amelia is his psychiatrist, and I *believe* it mentions Ruby (Dr. Rubenstein) as a previous therapist. Sam's extremely unstable and has committed some violent crimes, and Dean may or may not be real. I really want to find it again, so if you can remember anything about it, please let me know!

Insane!Sam or Dean fic recs are also welcome :)

Edit: Found in comments!
19 August 2013 @ 06:59 pm
I got these cravings and I was wondering if you guys could help me find these things:

1. Anything where Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen have sex of some kind in the back of a taxi? And the taxi driver knows and can hear and/or see what's going on? Bonus points for outsider POV!
Under cut for naughty kinks... )
3. Any horror stories. Not like dark, twisted, psychological ones, but actual gory, suspenseful, gripping, edge of your seat horror stories with lots of hot steamy porn thrown in. Wincest or J2.

I'm open to anything except WIP's!
28 June 2013 @ 03:42 am
Hey everyone,

There is a (I believe) Untitled fic that I think was done for a meme somewhere that was extremely kinky and dark and potentially trigger-y that was J2 + JDM and also Misha. Because it's trigger-y I'm posting the everything I remember behind a cut so read at your own risk!Read more... )

Thanks in advance!! :)
05 May 2013 @ 12:05 pm
Can I have some recs where the actors are the ones who face demons or ghost. I've already gone through the whole list on J2-recs, but I'm still craving some demon-possessions and things. The darker and the longer, the better. So please help me with this craving, thanks!
Hi y'all! I was hoping you could help me find any crossover/fusion fics between Cabin in the Woods and Supernatural. I found one on AO3 called "Saving People, Hunting Things" but haven't seen any besides that. Any recs are much appreciated, thanks!
19 March 2013 @ 05:00 pm
I was wondering if there's any horror stories in the J2 fandom, I've read practically everything I could but never came across any horror stories. You know, something Stephen King would have written, or something. Anything out there like that? I prefer novel stories of more than ten thousand words. Jared/Jensen being the main pairing and anything with blood and gore or supernatural setting. I'd greatly appreciate anything.
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10 March 2013 @ 10:19 pm
I've been scouring storyfinders, AO3, Google, and various comms to find stories about evil scientists. I have found a few, but I'm trying to put together a rec list for hc-bingo. I just can't find enough stories that fit this trope, and it's a trope I adore. I'm open to anything--any pairing, no pairing, SPN, RPF, angels, demons, people, angst, gen, kink... if you've read a story with an evil (slightly evil? not too evil? generally benign?) scientist conducting experiments, please let me know.
20 February 2013 @ 07:05 pm
I keep posting in this community cause everyone is so awesome!

1. Anyways, I'm looking for fics gen or wincest regarding lucifer/lucifer torture/cage or hellucifer.

2 more specifically, remember the scene where Lucifer calls Sam a bitch in every way. I can't help but think it sexually/noncon. Something like The World Devours Me by Varkelton, which is long and awesome and very close to what I'm looking for. Warnings for The world devours me is that it has wincest,non-con, alot of angst ect. Like stated above I love wincest but gen is great. Love this community and thanks!!

PS: Any other site recommendation would be great for this category. I would think this episode will bring alot of fics but can't seem to find much. It would also be nice if there was a tag for this episode too. Thanks mods!