24 March 2017 @ 12:52 pm
hi! i am looking for fics similar to vigilance or the messenger where john meets cas and gets protective of dean/the boys, because he doesn't trust the supernatural, or maybe cas just seems creepy like in the messenger.

i would prefer pre-series but canon era is nice too. gen, pre-slash or slash welcome. :D

thanks in advance!
13 July 2016 @ 07:23 pm
Hello all new to the fandom and I have a couple of requests.

1.) Any stories where people comment on how Dean looks like Mary, and what not doesn't have to play a huge part just has to be there. Any pairing or nonpairing is fine.

2.) Fics that have Sam realizing just how much Dean took care of him, like he'd willingly let himself starve just so Sam had enough to eat and other stuff like that.

3.) Any fics that have people commenting on Dean being pretty and or having cocksucking lips. ;)

4.) Dean being drugged/drunk or whatver and flirted with someone and Castiel or Sam or whoever get's jealous or protective.

5.) Cutesy fake dating stories

Last one, John and or Mary meeting Castiel and being overprotective of Dean.

Please and thank you.
17 June 2016 @ 12:43 am
I read a fic once like this but this is more of me looking for any type of fic like this...
Dean has either go off on his own or maybe had a falling out with the family. He could be gone for a few years or even longer, and when he comes back for maybe a wedding (Sam's or anyones) or a reunion or emergency, etc, he brings back Cas with him and everyone is kind of in shock. Whether because they didn't know he was gay, or because of how differently he acts, or something like that.
This could either be an AU or a canon story. But I want a returning Dean, who's not happier per say...I don't know...but who comes back. It could be without Cas, or maybe he left everyone including Cas, anything like that. I know I read something like this a while ago but I wouldn't remember where- I just like this idea.
Thank you in advance if someone actually finds something like this! I'm gonna go off and search more!

-Oh, or any John meets Castiel fics and is sort of an ass, which makes both Dean and Cas angry
Hi! I've got a few requests for fics.

1. John returns somehow and sees how much his sons have changed over the years

2. Sam runs into his old college friends while he's on a hunt or something

3. Cas and Claire develop a father daughter relationship (Also it would be cool if Jimmy can see their relationship whether it be by him returning or just watching from heaven. But it's not required)

4. Sam, Dean, and Cas meet Jared, Jensen, and Misha

5. A Merlin/ Supernatural crossover or a Game of Thrones/ Supernatural crossover

I prefer no slash and I love long fics!
Thank you!
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29 September 2015 @ 02:44 am
I've been looking for this specific fic that I didn't remember the title or the author is. Dean admitted into asylum since he was a kid. I remember he was admitted because he's the only one who saw what happened in the fire that killed his mother (about the yellow eyed demon killed her), but when he tried telling anyone about that, no one believe him and thought it's just trauma. But Dean always said that demon killed Mary though months (or years?) had passed, so John admitted him to an asylum, thinking the shrinks could help his son. John and Sam lived in ignorance, until Sam got vision when he's an adult. But I think they think that's just dream, because I remember they believe about supernatural after Castiel the angel came and "kidnapped" Dean.
04 August 2015 @ 06:59 pm
I'm hankering after some more Destiel fic that also includes John. BUT I don't want fics with just the characters in name set in a fake/past place/time or an all human reset. I want the boys in the universe that we know. I'm fine with deviations from canon (I want John around with Cas after all), but I want it to be set in the universe of the show.

Yes, I have gone through the tags on this site, but they're quite old and didn't have any fic I hadn't already read. Surely there's some new stuff since?

Also, please no Sam/angel pairing unless it's Lucifer.
14 June 2015 @ 10:02 pm
What's the one where Castiel is really young, like 6-8 ish; he escapes a severely abusive home (I know there was a scene right near the beginning where he's hiding in a closet to avoid being assaulted) and makes his way to Bobby's. So Bobby takes him in and eventually adopts him. I think eventually John, Young!Dean, and Wee!Sammy move to a place close to Bobby after Castiel convinces John that he was sent to protect the boys.
18 July 2014 @ 10:05 pm
Hi, I can't find this and it's driving me insane!
John is alive and Sam is at Stanford getting ready to marry Jess. Dean still went to hell and Cass saved him and they're together and hunting.
The FBI shows up at Sam's asking questions about Dean because he's wanted they have pictures pf Dean and Cass kissing and stuff and Sam is confused. At the wedding Sam finds out that Jess's family are also hunters...

Anyone?! :)
Howdy y'all! I'm back already, this time with a couple specific fics.

1) I'm looking for a canon AR with weakened Castiel in kid!Jimmy; The biggest thing I remember is that Castiel found his way to Bobby, having taken Jimmy from a bad home, and Bobby ultimately became Jimmy's father while Castiel (and Jimmy) recovered. There was also a bit where John visited Bobby with The Boys, and Castiel warned him about the future.

Or if you know of any other stories with Bobby as Jimmy/Castiel's father, feel free to post those too! (I recall reading at least one other story like that, but I don't remember enough details to be helpful.)

2) This one's another weakened-Castiel-in-kid!Jimmy fic, but this time he went directly to John, and the story followed Jimmy/Castiel growing up with John and the Wee!Chesters. There's one scene in particular I recall, the Shtriga incident modified/changed to account for Castiel being there, and after Castiel protected Sam, he/Jimmy became really weak and slept, initially so weak they worried all the Winchesters by not waking up.

(Major warning in both: child abuse for Jimmy before he and Castiel)

Thanks again for all your help!

P.S. to the mods: I apologize for any messed up tagging; the 'post entry' page wouldn't load all the way so I had to hand-type all the tags...
24 March 2014 @ 08:25 am
Hey again! I was looking for some fics, they can be any pairing, or just Gen (just no John/Sam, John/Dean or Mary/Boys please). Rating doesn't matter either.

1) Either John or Mary coming back to life during the series, seeing the boys all bad-ass after saving the world or whatever.

2) Sam dealing with the message Dean left on his cell phone (The fake mean one) after 'Lucifer Rising'. Preferably where Dean finds out and has to convince Sam that it wasn't really him. The more angst, the better.

Thank you!
This is my first fic search so apologies for any slip ups (also, sorry to the mods as in my first attempt at this I forgot to add a title :/)

1. Sam finds out that Dean was abused at the hands of their father John. It can be any type of abuse and any rating. The abuse can be set in the past or currently and Sam can find out when they're older or younger and after it's happened or while it's actually happening (John can be dead or alive). Some protective Bobby thrown into the bargain would also be nice. I don't mind whether it's wincest, weecest or just some good brotherly love.

2. Castiel finds out that Dean was abused at the hands of his father John. It can be any type of abuse and any rating. Bonus points for protective and even slightly angry Cas. It can be Destiel or just friendship.

3. And to make up for all the abusive John fics: A potentially funny fic where John and/or Bobby meet Castiel and make reference to Dean and Cas being together. They can be teasing one or both of them or they can genuinely believe that they're together. Sam getting involved into the bargain would be fantastic! Dean and Cas can be already romantically involved or it can happen as a result at the end or they can just be two very confused friends.
06 June 2013 @ 09:22 pm
Hey! I looking for four kinds of fanfics
1) A fanfic where Sam, Dean and Cas they travel to another universe where everything is the same except all the genders are switched! Bonus if Fem!Dean and fem!Cas are dating, but i don't care if its wincest or any other ship!
2) Either Sam or Dean start reading slash supernatural's fanfic, i rather Destiel, but again, any ship goes.
3) A fake relationship where Dean has to pretend to be castiel (or sam) boyfriend
4) Dean is Gay/Bisexual and somehow John discovers and is homofobic (Bonus for Destiel!)
Thank you all!
13 December 2012 @ 12:05 am
I'm looking for a story that had a psychic Castiel being raised by Bobby. John brought Dean and Sam to Bobby to meet Castiel and see what he could tell him about what happened to Mary. I remember at some point Bobby said that Castiel wasn't just bending spoons, but was capable of stacking cars in the junkyard. Bobby was very protective of Castiel. I think the boys ended up growing up together, whether that was all of them living together at Bobby's or just regular visits I'm not sure, 

The last thing I remember was that when Sam, Dean and Cas were teenagers and home alone, demons came and they took them on. I might be wrong but I think they called Cas an angel. I think at this point it was becoming Dean/Castiel as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: FOUND by anon.
18 September 2012 @ 12:18 am
I'm looking for any fics in which Cas meets other hunters, or a further look into his meetings with hunters, or even John, that we already saw (ie Bobby, Ellen, Jo). I'd prefer gen or slight slash of the Dean/Cas variety (basically, I'm not in a mood for anything rated R/NC17 due to sex scenes). I'd be happy with any version of Castiel we've seen, except future!Cas, but would love some of the original stoneface-angel Cas or slightly-more-human/fallen/adorable Cas. Some protective Sam and Dean would be great, too--maybe defending Cas from confused hunters?

Thank you very much in advance!
01 May 2012 @ 03:11 am
I was wondering if there are any fics out there where Pamela Barnes meets Castiel after he accidentally burned her eyes out. Or a more detailed description of that spell thing she did when trying to find who pulled Dean out of hell. Just her opinion/views on Castiel in general. Or his views on her.

Can be pretty much any length or rating. Pairing or gen doesn't matter, except I'm not much of a Wincest fan. (I am a Destiel shipper though, so extra love for those!)

If anyone has any other outsider POV on Castiel, those would be much appreciated also. Or John Winchester. Or Bobby's first impressions of Castiel. (Or Destiel)

(First time posting, I hope I got the tags right. I don't think Pamela has her own character tag so I just tagged the two episodes.)
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Hello lovely people!

There are two themes I've been looking for for a while now:

1. Canon!verse AU where John is the one rescued from hell by Castiel, but it still wonderfully ends up being Destiel. Perhaps a retelling of seasons 4-7?

2. Fics where the guys are cursed with some sort of musical spell (or maybe it's just Gabriel messing with them) which compels them to randomly burst into a song (like that epic episode of BtVS). And yes, I've read Party like it's 1999 (and it's awesome). Doesn't have to be necessarily slash.

Extra love for the presence of Bobby and Ellen and Jo and Gabriel and Balthazar (and crap, I just made myself sad).

Thank you very much!
11 March 2012 @ 04:40 pm
Hey all,
I recently read Maychorian's lovely Coming Down on a Sunny Day, and The Littlest Hunter (http://users.livejournal.com/_bluebells/tag/series:%20littlest%20hunter), and I'm looking for any fics where wee!Cas is raised by John/adopted by John. I'd love an au where Cas isn't an angel, just an abused/neglected/homeless child that Dean befriends, and John and the boys take him in. Anyone?
07 March 2012 @ 08:28 pm
I'm looking for fics in which Dean and Cas are together, John came back and Dean is afraid that his father find out, eventually he did.

Thanks very much :)
21 February 2012 @ 01:19 pm
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for 2 specific short oneshots, both AU :

1- Wee!Dean is really excited because he is making a Valentine card for Cas. John thinks it's cute until he realize "Cas" is a boy and then explains to Dean that boys don't give V cards to other boys. Dean gets really sad and shreds the valentine card and throws it away. John realizes that Dean's really sad and tape the V card back together and puts it back in Dean's backpack on V day so Dean can give the card to Cas.

FOUND Paper Heart :  http://baba-writes.livejournal.com/5375.html

2- This one is pretty vague but what I remember is John is preparing to leave town with wee!Dean and wee!Sam but Dean wants him to take little Cas with them to 'cause he's got nobody else. I seem to remember that Cas is already packed too and waiting not too far from the car. (he MIGHT have been waiting not too far from a railroad as well)

Anybody got any idea? I'd appreciate the help. Thanks
12 February 2012 @ 02:06 pm
Hey All!

Few fic search requests that if you could help me out with I'd be very grateful! Been a while since I posted and I hope this post is okay, if not mods tell me what I've done wrong so I can fix it.

1. I recently read Two Spirits by Slashboyz and damn, it was such an awesome fic. I was wondering if there are any other colonial type fics that are J2 or Destiel. Or any fics where Sam or Dean are half native American?

2. Any and all fics where Dean and Cas have been together for several years and Mary, Sam or John doesn't know about it and find out. They could be domestically living together in another city etc?

3. Finally Destiel or Cockles high school fics. Preferably long stories but I'll take whatever I can get.

21 December 2011 @ 01:49 am
The first fic that I'm looking for involved Cas going back in time to sleep with John because Dean told him that blue balls kills people (or makes them miserable I'm not sure) and Cas wanted to make the Winchester's childhood easier and thought that this was the best way to do so. I remember that John refuses as first, thinking Cas is insane, but eventually gives in so Cas will leave him alone and afterwards, goes back and Cas kisses Dean who thinks that Cas tastes weird and freaks out when he realizes where Cas was.

The second fic was from Cas's point of view. It was an AU where Cas and Rachel are angels who run away and live on earth pretending to be humans for a little while, working in John's garage. They eventually get found by another angel in the middle of a work day and have to go back. I think it was posted on AO3, I'm not sure though.

Thank you in advance!


I'm not sure if there fics like that but maybe I'm lucky.

I search for fics where Dean meets Castiel pre season 4 or pre series and falls in love with him/befriends him. The catch... I wish for fics where he keeps Castiel a secret (with secret meetings and things like that). Only through an accident or something similar Sam, John, Bobby or someone else finds out that Dean has another important person in his life.

Are there fics like that? WIPs, self-pimping, angst, crack!fic... I'm happy for every rec. :)

Thanks in advance for your help. :)
Also... I really hope the tags are right...

- Lilly

Hey, everyone. I've read Maychorian's lovely "Coming Down on a Sunny Day," "Rain Falling Down" and "Entertaining Angels." But I remember reading another fic where Castiel travels into the past and gets stuck in Jimmy's body as a kid. (Warning: lots of spoilers for the story ahead) Read more... )
20 October 2011 @ 01:38 pm

This is a general request. I was wondering if there were any other fics out there that have Castiel and John in the same universe. I have read http://quidquoprose.livejournal.com/22157.html, Face to Face With the Skies, which has Cas transported back in time to when John, Dean, and Sam were hunting together, and I really loved it. I prefer Dean/Cas, but gen is okay too. I would just love to read any fics with the two of them alive and in Dean's life and maybe them even interacting a little. AU recs are also great, and the longer the better! Thanks!
29 July 2011 @ 03:16 pm
I am looking for
1.) AUs in which John comes back or is somehow watching the boys and finds out about the Apocalypse, Mary being raised a hunter, Dean going to Hell, or other events involving the boys after his death. AUs in which John lives also work.

1a.) Fics in which John finds out that Dean and Castiel are together. John meeting Cas.

2.) Fics in which John or Bobby find out about Sam and Dean being in a relationship. Any reaction is good. I just want to see John or Bobby finding out. I prefer bottom!Dean.

Thank you all.
24 July 2011 @ 11:06 am
I know, this old request. But seriously, has anyone heard of a good story where John/Mary/Samuel and Deanna meet Castiel, with the brothers present? I've read trinityofone's absolutely brillant "Good Things Do Happen", and I'm looking for any other stories like that?
Cheers, Tes
18 May 2011 @ 09:16 am
Hi, I'm pretty new at posting here so hopefully I don't mess up:-) If so, let me know.

I'm looking for fic recs focusing on the friendship between Dean and Castiel, but not slash. I know there are plenty of great slash fics, but right now I have a hankering for gen only. That's where you lovely folks come up. It's a little hard to find good gen stories with the focus on those two characters, but I'm sure you can come up with some.

Anything goes, AU's, post-eps, missing scenes or casefics. I love h/c fics, with Dean being hurt and Cas the protcetive one. Be it just the two of them on the road, or Sam being there too. Wee!chester fics where Castiel pays a visit are welcome too, or future fics.

Thank you in advance for any recs.


11 May 2011 @ 08:18 pm
 Hi, I'm so happy this community is there I've recently had a obsession with this idea...

I am looking for fanfic where John Winchester meet Castiel.  Preferably not back in time. if it's a Destiel it even more appreciated. NO John/Casteil parring. 
you gotta love the idea of John seeing what his boys been up to.... (glee)
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09 May 2011 @ 12:41 pm
Hey you guys! I have a few requests today...

1. Does anyone know if there are any fics in which John comes back from the dead to find his boys in a relationship with each other, Dean/Cas, or Sam/Gabriel???

2. Are there any where John doesn't die and ends up finding out about Dean/Cas and/or Sam/Gabriel?

3. Does anyone know of any RPS with Matt Cohen? I'd take slash with him paired with pretty much anyone...

Please and thank you! (And self recs are great.)

Mods: I know this is the second time I've asked for a tag, and I hate to be a bother, but can we get a "person: Matt Cohen" tag please?
 My first post (I feel giddy !).

I've been looking for on Google, LJ and some communities but I haven't been able to find what I want.
I love Destiel (Dean and Cas in love, sittin' in a tree, K I S S I N G ...), I love John Winchester and I love when people find that Dean and Cas are together.

So could you give me fics that have : Dean and Cas being together and John finding the truth about his son's relationship with an Angel.
(His reaction could be good ... or not !)

Could be AU or not (from John being brought back from Hell to being a normal Dad in a normal world), rated from R to NC 17, WIP or not, self rec, I'm taking everything !

Thanx for your help (and sorry for my english, it's not my mother-tongue)
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