07 December 2016 @ 05:47 pm
I'm looking for a dragon fic. In it, Jared was a late bloomer and didn't go into heat until he was older. He made a gorgeous nest, but no one came. Until Jensen. Top Jensen and bottom jared.

Okay, I read this fic within the last 12 months, probably. I believe I read it on archive of our own, but I can't be sure. The fic was about Dean and Cas bought an old house that needs repairs, the kitchen included. They slept on the floor in the living room for a while because Dean refused to go into the bedroom to fix it for whatever reason. At some point I'm pretty sure Dean offers to repair a woman's car in exchange for something, I think she did some work on the house, maybe? I believe Dean and Cas were in a relationship. Dean was quite distant, sad, I'm pretty sure it was because Sam was dead. I think Jody was briefly in the fic via phone call and mentioned that she missed hearing from them. They may have gone and visited her once during the fic. It was a fairly long story as well. At least 10,000 words, if not a lot more. I seem to remember 90 thousand... but I could be very wrong.
Hello! A few requests because I definitely don't have finals to be studying for.

1) Specific fic – Fairly certain I read this on ao3 but tag searching is failing me. Wincest, set far enough in the seasons to be at the bunker I’m 95% sure. One of the brothers got back from a solo hunt and had been back for a week or so, but Sam didn’t really react. Dean was pissed because he felt ignored. Sam takes him to Vegas for vacation to make up for it? They had a dom/sub relationship and I think Dean’s leg was permanently injured. There was a scene where Sam takes Dean to a club to show him off and pulls a knife on a guy who gets too close.

2) Specific fic - This one is… kinda graphic. Age reversal where Dean’s the baby brother and Sam is the angry dark overprotective brother. Dean was taken and strung up in a sewer by a monster and he was hanging there with at least one other victim, who ends up getting her abdomen shredded. There’re pretty intense descriptions of that. Dean had this thing that never got explained about how he would always see these eyes, like tons of pairs of eyes and there was some kind of significance about the color of them.

3) General – Rec me all the at-least-mostly-happy bunker fics. Gen or wincest, don’t care, but no other overt pairings otherwise preferably... because BROTHERS. I just get warm happy feelings about the brothers being all domestic in the bunker and Dean cooking or Sam being in love with all the books in the library. I will read pretty much anything that has the word "nesting" in the description honestly.

Thank you. ☺
17 October 2015 @ 01:39 pm
I wonder does anyone know any good stories with this prompt? Castiel is the Heaven Regent archangel, Sam is the Lord of Hell, and Dean is like their wife who maintenance their home in earth and welcoming both of them with warm food and kisses and hugs like a little housewife.

I have guilty pleasure on Dean become like a housewife or Dean nesting, so if you have recs of stories about this, I feel grateful.
Hey! I recently started reading Sam/Dean story where Sam experiences a sub-drop and realized that I really really need more of that. So I'd be very glad if you could help me find some:
1)fics where Sam or Jared experiences a sub-drop
2)fics where Sam or Jared needs to safeword during a scene

AND I'd ber extra happy if somebody would share same Sam or Jared nesting fics because I find those very nice but unfortunately have read like one with either Sam or Jared in the role...

Thanks ;)
02 May 2015 @ 01:32 pm
I'm looking for destiel fics (established or starting) where some angel custom crops up and causes either problems or confusion. be it nesting, a particular view on the roles of humans and angels in matings, or anything else whatsoever so long as it causes a bump in the road as it were. So if its a fic before they get together it can be about how castiel views them as already together or as dean belonging to him due to the handprint scar or what he's done for dean.

angelic pon farr/nesting/egg!fic

anything not normal/common/expected/... in human relationships.

some good examples of what I'd like are home or clue feathers

no sam/angel pairings other than Lucifer or dean/sam
I'm looking for two types of fics.

1. A/B/O nesting, where someone (usually the omega) starts making a nest in preparation for having a baby. I've come across So Damn Perfect by DaeMoon, Misunderstandings, and Nesting for Dummies. I've looked through the AO3 nesting tags, but as far as I can tell they mostly refer to angel nesting (which is a wonderful trope) but I'm hoping there is more A/B/O type nesting out there.

2. Any omegas are treasured AUs. I'm somewhat new to A/B/O and this a trope I love but I haven't come across it much.

Any characters and any pairings welcome. Any help with either of these would be greatly appreciated. :)
I'm looking for a fic where Jared was insecure about his collection of what all the other dragons considered "junk". While everyone else collected gold and jewels, Jared liked to collect My Little Pony figurines.

Found! Treasure Troves and Flights of Fancy over at spnkink_meme



Jared is insecure about being unmated. The submissives build nests and the dominants (maybe) fight to stake a claim on their chosen mate. Nobody has chosen Jared, even though his nest is spectacular this season.


Both areDragon!Fics and both are J2. I may be mixing together Fics but I loved them... So if anything sounds familiar, please let me know!

Found! Fancy Rained Like Grace by [livejournal.com profile] salire
10 February 2015 @ 01:50 am
I don't know what prompted this, but for the past couple of months, I've been craving Nesting fics. And I've been having a hard time finding them.

So if anyone has any nesting fics (no Destiel, please. Wincest (but Sam/Dean only) is fine, but Destiel is a no-go. And as long as it is cute and fluffy, I'm not too picky about the pairing.) I would be forever grateful.
01 February 2015 @ 11:10 pm
I read this fic awhile ago and now I just really miss it. This is all I remember

  • Dean was a demon (a higher up one I think) and had a lair type thing in hell

  • Cas was an angel

  • They were mates of some sort? Or heat? Something like that.

  • Cas gets pregnant and nests

  • Dean then gets very protective of Cas

  • There was a big battle scene????

  • They live together in Heaven at the end (I think)

Please tell me someone has this bookmarked or something. I scoured google and AO3 for an hour...
So lately I have been fixating on Jensen/Dean's amazing lips --- get your minds out of the gutter, I meant like soft kissable-looking giant lips, not like good-for-you-know-what-wink-wink lips. So yes, kissing. And other cute as hell things like playful neck nuzzling and eskimo kisses and oh god the cavities.

Yes, I'm asking for recs for fluff or schmoop or whatever you want to call it. I think there's a lot of hate for fluff from some peeps, and I also struggle to like a lot of the fluff I find because certain types of it come off to me as trite and cliche -- e.g. I have yet to find a holiday fic that didn't make me groan and facepalm. I'm the grinch, I hate holidays.

I'm hoping you guys can rec a few fluffy things my way -- kissing centric would be lovely if you think of one-- that are actually cute and first-love-butterfly inducing rather than kinda making me roll my eyes at overdone. I guess I tend to like physical affection or these little tokens of love rather than TV tropes-esque grand gestures.

As far as pairing I think J2 would probably be a better fit, maaaybe weecest but the adult winchesters seem a bit too angsty and manly to get their cuddling on.... I'm open to any of those I guess.

And for all of this, who knows? I'm just trying to give more specificity but all the things I've said probably have exceptions if it's really really well written, so like, don't be afraid to rec me something because I wont bite.

Just gimme your bestest ever fluff/schmoop recs, pretty please, spnstoryfinders comm! :)
05 August 2014 @ 01:30 am
Ok this one maybe a bit hard.
I'd love some cute stories of Team Free will couples; I want the focus to be the couples getting to know each other or simply being adorable and cute together and such I want there to be some plot to the fic so cute adorableness with plot .
I'd love to see some good AUs as well as normal old fiction where they make stuff off the show.

1. this was brought about through reading a lot of [livejournal.com profile] kijikun's works but got completely stuck with their shattered soul story so if you you know any like that throw it in.(but please don't give me more of Kijikun's works a lot of their work is incomplete)
2. basically cute couple fics
3. great plot filled cuteness where kids are put into the mix though Mpreg or having an Egg or adopting I don't really care how the kids end up in it as long as they pop up.

But Please No Mpreg/egg laying Sam (Sam always gets ruined for some reason)

Gabriel/any male character I just want as much Gabriel as you can give me.
John Winchester/any male character that's not Dean or Sam action is also appreciated.
NO INCOMPLETE WORKS Please, you don't know how many times I find good stories but the authors just drop them.
01 June 2014 @ 07:41 am
I was hoping to find some Dean/Castiel fics. Which you'd think should be easy enough, right?

Thing is, I have specific preferences.
1. I prefer the emotional focus to be on Dean. I like Cas well enough, but I do not connect to him emotionally, so as a result I have no interest whatsoever in hurtCas, woobieCas or Cas as the center of the story.

2. If the fic is abo, a trope I love, I would prefer for Dean to be the Omega, and Cas to be the Alpha. (and if Sam has a major role in it, I prefer for him to be an Alpha as well. It distracts me out of the story when people try to write Sam as anything other than the dominant guy he is in canon)

3. In most stories I prefer for Cas to be the dom to Dean's sub, the top to Dean's bottom...

4. I love wingkink stories where Cas uses his wings protectively, covering Dean with his wings, carrying Dean. With a focus on how much more powerful he is than Dean.

5. I just love stories where both of them are BAMF, but with a focus on Cas looking after Dean and taking care of him.

6. And if the fic is m-preg or egg fic, I'd prefer for Dean to be the one who's pregnant or carrying the egg or whatever
03 April 2014 @ 08:28 am
I'm looking for fics in which an alpha is building a nest and/or house for their omega. I don't care about pairing or whether or not it's slash I just need to read some so I'll have ideas for how to write mine. Mods, I'm sorry about the lack of character/person tags but I really don't care who it's about.
25 December 2013 @ 05:13 pm
I am looking for any fanfics where Dean treats Sam gentle and loving while they're having sex. Anything where he's loving, cuddly or just treating Sam like he's the best tresure he has and shows it to him while they are having sex. Would love it if Sam just eats it up and feels protected and cherished. Bottom Sam only  please.
30 October 2013 @ 08:05 pm
Hey guys, I have a few requests I am hoping you can help me find

1. I am looking for fics where one of the boys is in a wheel chair. I am preferably looking for something where one of the boys is permanently disabled, like from cerebral palsy or something, and needs constant supervision and assistance so they hire a caretaker. The other boy is hired as the caretaker and loving ensues. But I am also looking for just any really good fics that involves one boy in a wheelchair.

2. I am looking for fics where the boys are getting married and they go through all the hoopla for a big white wedding with all the planning and money issues and stress and everything.

3. I am looking for fics about the boys going through the process of buying their first house, with the house hunting and trying to get a loan and moving in and starting to nest and what not.

I am prefer wincest and J2 pairings. I prefer long fics, but anything is fine except for WIPs. I would also love anything that fits these requests in the form of a podfic. Thanks for your help!
31 August 2013 @ 01:00 pm
I"m looking for some lighthearted nesting fics. Crack fully accepted. I did a search a few weeks ago and got some amazing recs. See http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/8792134.html#/8792134.html. But this time I'm hoping for some funny fics. Looking for a laugh and an "awwwwwwww" moments. I appreciate all your help. Thank you.

List of Pairings from favorite to awesome: Sabriel, Sassy, Wincest, Destiel, J2
08 August 2013 @ 12:58 pm
Pretty self- explanatory. I'm looking for fics where the boys are nesting. Be it animalistic in nature to it being a curtain!fic where the boys are settling down somewhere or even Angelesque. Pretty much anything that involves nesting. Crack or case!fic. Its all awesome. Im looking for a wide range of fics so please help. Thank you!

Pairings: Wincest, Sabriel, Destiel, J2
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10 June 2013 @ 04:49 pm
Hey guys, I've been looking for a specific fic where Dean is living with Gabriel as his fledgling, being taught how to be an angel. It's been a while since I read it, but I think Dean said yes to Michael, briefly, and was made into a sort-of angel. Partial memory loss on Dean's part may or may not have been involved, since Dean and Sam are not in each other's back pockets anymore (I'm not adding memory loss into the tags because I'm not clear if it happened or not...either way it's not the central focus of the story...). At one point, when Sam catches up with him and Gabriel, Dean agrees to call Gabriel 'master' to piss Sam off.

Anyway, enter Castiel, who wants to be in a flock with Dean and ends up going through this hilarious quasi-unintentional courting process where Cas brings Dean pillows, blankets, rugs, etc, so Dean can turn his room at Gabriel's place into a nest. I distinctly recall one particular line along the gist of Dean receiving a blanket from Cas and thinking "yes, this was exactly what he required". Gabriel is deliberately cryptic about what it means, and Dean has no clue what's going on, because it's supposed to be an instinct thing. At one point, Dean asks Gabriel for some of his feathers so that he can build this nest thing that he and Cas are supposed to do before they have this bonding process, which is sort of a quasi-sexual 'communing' thing. Later in the fic, the reader finds out that Gabriel was in a flock with the other archangels, including Lucifer.

There's also a scene where Dean and Cas wander off into the forest together to go flying and scare Gabriel half to death. And Cas has ridiculously long cellphone conversations with Dean that keep using up his minutes because it wouldn't be 'proper' to pop over and visit him in person while the courting is still going on.

Does anyone know the title? It was either a livejournal or dreamwidth posting, I think.
01 June 2013 @ 05:22 pm
I'm new to LiveJournal (I made this account just for this post) and I really enjoy me some Dean angst. I'm only looking for gen fics though so please no slash or het pairings and no Wincest please. Any length, though I have been reading a lot of One shots and drabbles lately.

1. I love fics where Sam realizes what Dean has had to give up to give him a relatively normal childhood (by their standards). I read one recently where Sam has dreams of when they were children and sees that Dean gave him all the food and hid him from the CPC, there was also another one where Sam realizes that Dean eats so much because he had to go hungry a lot when they were kids.

2. I also have a soft spot for fics were Dean has abandonment issues and Bobby comforts him. Also where Sam sees what him leaving for Stanford did to Dean.

3. Any Smart!Dean fics I haven't read would also be great. I like the ones where he gets accepted to university but doesn't go cause he has to keep the peace between John and Sam.

4. Sick!Dean or Drugged!Dean would be awesome, especially if he becomes really honest or fevered and has hallucinations.

5. Any Bunker!Fics with Dean nesting or cooking.

Any gen Dean angst is fine really. I am also looking for some Delicious accounts to go through so if there are any with a lot of Gen fics I would be really grateful for a link. Thanks!
Hey guys. I'm looking for fics where Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen talk in only movie/tv/book quotes. Maybe they make a bet. Maybe they get themselves cursed. Doesn't matter. The sillier the better :D

Also,anyone happen to find fics about Dean nesting in the Batcave. I found that admission from him adorable!
11 December 2012 @ 12:14 pm
Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for a specific Sam/Gabriel fic. I read it quite a while ago, before I got delicious, so it's not in my bookmarks there, and I've never seen it rec'd to anyone else, either.

Details here... )

Sound familiar to anyone? I'm sorry, some of those details could be a little off, as well. It's been quite a bit of time since I've read it.

Also, looking for some good Sam/Cas fics where there's real love between them or even some kind of mating bond or something. Seems like that pairing is hard to find as is. lol
1. Young angels fluff - especially young Lucifer teaching little Gabriel and generally the two being cute, before everything went wrong. Not bad if it's a flashback going on during HotG. But other bb!angels are welcome too. Or nesting.

2. Any angsty/tragic fics where Balthazar is in love with Cas but Cas doesn't know/only has eyes for Dean. Death is preferred, canon or not.

3. Just throw the best Purgatory fics on me, as tragic as they come.
08 September 2012 @ 01:53 pm
I'm looking for fics that have Cas as a girl angel. Something may have happened to Jimmy's body or he thought it would be more attractive to Dean. I don't mind any genre as long as its Destiel. I love pregnant Cas with a protective Dean, no Wincest. 
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I'm looking around for some alpha/omega sabriel fics, preferably omega!Gabe with alpha!Sam, also I'd really like for Gabe to still be an angel.

Also looking for some Sam/Cas or Sam/Dean/Cas mating fics. I've been looking everywhere and I can't find any even remotely close to mating (as in the boys become Cas' mate). Nesting and mpreg to go with would be super appreciated but isn't a must. Thank you!
29 August 2012 @ 08:51 pm

I read it a few weeks ago and then my computer had a hissy and I lost a lot of my favorites. What I recall of the fic is nests in heaven, Michael helps Castiel give live birth to a boy half-angel half-human baby and the child is raised mainly in heaven but as he is growing up he visits his other father Dean Winchester. Also delves into a mythology about how as angels grow up they forget who their parents are.
So Chuck returns to heaven to clean house. He punishes Castiel and others who have gone astray. Though he doesn't want to punish Castiel he has to and so keeps Castiel in Heaven filing back-logged unanswered prayers, and he is not allowed to go to Earth or see Dean again until Dean's time on earth is up and I remember Dean dies of cancer. Its a bitter sweet happy ending.
any assistance would be appreciated in finding this story.

Found: A Subtle Touch of Grace by darth_firefly.

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29 July 2012 @ 08:04 pm
I would like some recs of Cas in a nesting faze it doesn't got to be mpreg/egg fic though-- any fic where and Dean and Cas(or Sam if wincest) buy a place together and Cas(Sam) gets in to domestic life. They can still be hunters/ or hunter and angel..but I'd like it if they had a place to retire to when and if they ever want to.

Gen is fine but I'd like slash..Thanks :)

Eta: didn't finish my thanks.
27 July 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Hi! I'm desperately trying to find this story: Dean and Cas had a kid, Liam. However 'cause time in Heaven is way different than time on Earth, Dean saw the kid only a few times in his life. He lied to his relatives saying that his love and son were living in New Zealand.
In the end, Dean died of cancer and Cas took him to Heaven with his dog, to live in the nest the angel built for Liam when he was a baby. Then they had another kid, this time a girl.
Sam was very angry when Dean died but Liam, who was with his human father during his last hours, finally gave his uncle a piece of his mind. Sam should have been happy that Dean was now in Heaven with his mate; he was just behaving like a spoiled brat because he was finally alone like he wanted all his life.
Sam's daughter was the only one who understood what Liam really was: an angel. However a very special angel because he never forgot his parents, like instead all the other fledglings did.
I remember that, when Liam was a small child, Cas left him with Dean for an emergency with the Host. During a storm, Liam was very scared but Dean assured him and drew with him.
Cas was punished for his sins during the Apocalypse with having to work as a Heavenly Librarian???  And Liam got in Gabriel's Host.
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23 May 2012 @ 07:58 pm
Hello. I'm looking for any and all Cockles fics that you consider to be at or above B grade. I've had lousy luck finding anything at all, even in the tag here.

Novel length, three parts, one shot; any and all lengths are fine, though I prefer longer.

As a secondary request I'd like any mpreg/eggpreg/ambiguous origin kidfic recs. Thirdly, any slavery recs, please and thank you. For all of these I don't mind who tops/who is pregnant/who the master is.

I've seen all of qthelights's stuff and it's phenomenal, so none of that please. Also, even if it's amazing, refrain from adding Destiel. I have more than enough to work through as it is, and my Cockles to-read list is in short supply.
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17 May 2012 @ 10:48 pm
Just reread bellacatbee's Pet!verse(http://bellacatbee.livejournal.com/tag/pet%21verse) and in the mood for destiel :) Does anyone know of fics where angels are known creatures and kept as pets or studied or just living among humans? emphasis on how angels are a different species from humans. Prefer destiel but don't care who tops or bottoms :D Since its baby-bird season a Cas with birdlike qualities would be awesome!

I'm in a kinky mood and I'm kind of looking for the type of fic that has Cas so completely under Dean’s thumb.

So in general:

toppy/bossy/dominant/alpha Dean

bottom/needy/submissive/omega Cas

I’m just really craving something that has Cas so completely wound up thanks to Dean. Can be AU, different creatures, or cannon, whatever. I actually really like near animalistic behaviors (like knotting, Dean biting Cas' neck to get him to calm down during sex, or even Cas nesting and wanting sex) and something that portrays Dean as a total bamf who knows just how to melt Cas into a needy mess. Run with it! Send me all of the recs!

As for the semi-specific, still same category, anything that has Dean spanking Cas (seriously, I would love you forever).

Side note, no:



knife play


Thanks in advance!!!

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10 February 2012 @ 11:43 pm
I'm looking for some good Sam/Gabriel mpreg/egg!preg fics to read tonight. Anyone have any recs?
21 January 2012 @ 08:34 pm
Hey, everybody!

I'm looking for an RPF J2 fic in which Jared and Jensen and everybody are dragons. Jared is just coming into his first heat, late for their kind, and goes off to build a nest to try and attract a mate. Jensen plans to mate Jared, but he's called away to a meeting with the dragon council and doesn't get back until very late; Jared thinks all his effort has been for nothing until Jensen shows up and proves him wrong.

ETA: Thanks heaps to [livejournal.com profile] yggdrasilian, who found it for me!
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26 October 2011 @ 05:11 pm
Anyone know of any stories where Balthazar is the pregnant one? Can be any pairing, I am not picky.
I just have not seen ANY Balthazar mpreg stories out there...
22 August 2011 @ 07:54 pm
Greetings everyone,

so school is back in session and I've already got several projects I'll be working on for most of the semester. They're huge and scary and stressful. Unfortunately, I won't actually be working on them for a few weeks and thus, I thought I would fill all of my spare time by reading some quality fanfiction, which leads us too:

What I'm Looking For: as the title says, Dean/Castiel nesting fic. You know, fics in which Dean and Castiel are in love and because Castiel's a freak-angel-guy-with-wings somewhere in-between scarring Sam for life and fighting with each other, they build/make a nest (or whatever) and there is just... you know, nesting.

(I really have no idea how else to put it.)

What I'm Not Looking For: Fic that involves major character death, sad/constantly depressing atmospheres, unhappy endings, and other main pairings that aren't Dean/Castiel, especially Wincest...yeah, absolutely no Wincest, please.

Also, if there are fics in which apart from the nesting, Dean and Castiel are also married/bonded I am all for it. Seriously, that'd be perfect....although I think I've read pretty much every Dean/Cas bonding!fic ever written at this point so I won't get my hopes up for that last part, but thank you all in advance for helping out.

Happy Hunting,

Love from Mello.

Edit: Right, so...I think there has been a misunderstanding. Or an assumption was being made...or perhaps it was an under-sight on my part? Yeah, probably that last one. So...listen: while I really appreciate the fic recs I probably should have mentioned that I hate, hate MPREG with a blinding passion. Literally, when I said I wanted fic in which Dean and Castiel have a nest...I meant that I wanted Dean and Castiel with a nest, no more no less than that...except for the bonding thing 'cause, bonding fic for the win but I digress...

*insert face-palming, head-shaking here*

I'm so sorry and I love you all, I swear...