20 September 2017 @ 03:29 pm
Hello, everybody!! Could you, please, help me find:

1. Car accident fic. In this one, Jared and Jensen are fighting and Jensen leaves. It is storming (I think) and he crashes his car like two minutes after he left. Jared hears the crash, goes out and sees its Jensen and tries to save him. I remember Jared getting injuried because of broken glass on the road.

2. Any Non-AU fics told in Jensen POV foccusing on Jared's depression. Like how does he feels about it and how he wants to help/helps Jared. Bonus points if the fic goes deep and aligns to the descriptions of the past few years Jared gave on his chapter in "Family dont end with blood".

3. Break-up and make-up fics. I am looking for ones in which the guys break up and Jensen does serious groveling to get Jared back.

4. Jared helping Jensen get over a bad break and the two of them getting together later on.

5. Possessive! Jealous! Jensen.

6. Fics in which Jensen wants to get it on with Jared but doesnt because he thinks the sex will be super vanilla due to Jared's puppy!dog personality. Later they get together and Jared does surprise him in the kink department.
04 September 2017 @ 10:03 pm
Hey guys!

Please help find this one J2 non-au fic that I can't find anywhere and it's killing me. Please help.
I read it a while back and don't really remember the name, so what I do remember is

-So it's non-au. J2 is in an established relationship. They're still married to Dani and Gen and their wives know about them and support them.

-Jensen is away with Dani in LA i think? and he gets a call that Jared is in trouble and is about to be fired or something.

-I don't remember much, but I think Jared is in trouble because Misha said something or hinted at something during a convention or something and now the CW executives are coming to deal with it.

-I think there was also a scene where Mark was really pissed at Misha. Jared locked himself in his trailer I guess or something and didn't let anyone in until Jensen came.

I know it's not much and maybe a little complicated, but if anyone knows what fic I'm talking about then please help me!!!

Thanks you all! :D

It's Not Without Him by MorganaDW on AO3, here is the link:

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03 September 2017 @ 05:13 pm
Hey Guys,

I recently read a story where Jared had a kid by himself because his boyfriend left him. He lived with Chad and Sophia. He owned a coffee shop and met Jensen there. Turns out Jensen doesn't like kids (or so it seems at first...) They stop dating. Jared then gets hurt and visits a physical therapist, which *surprise surprise* is Jensen. Jensen then tries to win Jared back.

ring any bells ?

Thanks !
28 August 2017 @ 03:42 pm
I'm looking for two J2 fics with similar topic. Both are non-au.
1 . J2 first time I guess, there is some kind of auction going on and Jensen is being auctioned off. The winner gets dinner with him. Jensen's agent is very excited about it because she thinks it will be good for his image. Jensen is nervous and tells Jared that. In the end, Jared saves the day and he's the one who pays for dinner with Jensen.

2. Also a fic with auction going on but as far as I remember J2 are in established relationship. Jared wins the auction but some woman is bidding in his name. Jensen doesn't know what's going on. He's taken to some mansion (?) and has to work in a garden. Then Jensen finds out it was Jared who "won" him.
15 August 2017 @ 09:22 am
Hello everyone,
I've been reading this marvelous comm for years, this is my first post... Details under the cut, just to be safe.

the request )

Well, I hope this was clear and that I followed all the posting rules ;)

Mods, there doesn't seem to be a somnophilia tag (I remember reading posts with searches on this term but couldn't find them today).

Thank you all for all the wonderful recs :)
05 August 2017 @ 10:24 pm
Hi! I've scrolled back forever in non-au's and tried everything, so hopefully someone can be my savior here! Supernatural ended and Jared and Jensen are on bad terms because Jared ended it to do bigger and better movies. Jensen has not been very successful. Eric Kripke suggests that they do a Supernatural movie to see where Sam and Dean are now, and Jensen still has trouble forgiving Jared. It's not the Play Nice Proviso or the Jared Padalecki Untitled Project. SOS! 
02 August 2017 @ 11:04 pm
Hi guys!
I would like to read some non!au or slightly!au j2 fics, like where boys are still actors, working on the show, have the same backstory as in real life. Mabybe with the side of pining and first time with each other. Also, big bonus if its big and slow burn and something up to last seasons timeline (not a must).
Hi! I read this one story a million years ago and I've forgotten some of the details, but in essence: Jared and Jensen are no longer friends after Supernatural ends because Jared found a bigger contract to be an actor on some huge movie (I think) and Jensen feels betrayed because they swore to continue the show together. Jared becomes super famous after SPN but Jensen is still struggling, and then there's an opportunity for them to work together on a movie remake of supernatural.

And the second story, I apologize because my memory is so foggy: SPN is over and J/J are fighting, I can't remember why (I think they broke up) and Jensen becomes a really successful director and casts Jared in one of his movies (maybe the other way around). I know this is horribly vague but if anyone can interpret my thoughts I would so appreciate it!
04 April 2017 @ 05:42 pm
Hey y'all,
I'm looking for a specific fic in which Jensen wakes up as Dean and immediately Sam is aware. It's set in a more grounded world, where any magical rituals take a long time to draw out the circles and Sam mentions it took like two weeks to draw out the one for opening Hell (or something like it). Basically Jensen is freaked out by how severe Sam is and can't imagine how bad Dean is. Eventually they're able to switch them back, and Jensen asks Jared what Dean was like, and Dean liked to look at the pictures of Danneel and JJ on Jensen's phone.
Thanks in advance!
It was non-au, Jensen was helping Jared renovate his house, he was painting a wall and slipped and fell down the stairs. After Jensen was signed off from hospital, Jared took him to his house and took care of him. I remember that Jared furnished a room for Jensen specifically, so he could have his own room. I'm pretty sure Jensen was pining.

Hey everyone,

So I'm looking for fics that (preferably) feature non-AU season 10 demon!Dean, but any other variation of demon!Dean would be fine. I'm mainly interested in non-AU fics but if you have some really good AU recommendations that you think would fit my request perfectly other than the non-AU part then please feel free to mention them! The more the merrier :). Length, pairings (wincest, destiel, het, etc) are all fine.

In the story I'd like it if demon!Dean still shows some signs of humanity, protectiveness and/ or love towards Sam and/or Cas. For a clearer idea of what I mean, I recently read the short fic called Smoked Out and really loved it. It's actually what got me interested in the topic to begin with because I've always a sucker for the love-conquers-all cliche. :)

Thanks in advance!!
15 March 2017 @ 04:31 am
Are there any fics about what actors, directors or other crew members from other TV shows think about J2 and the the SPN cast? The SPN cast have been together for ages, and they just seem really close knit and comfortable with each other in a way that many other series casts aren't, and I'd love to see fics dealing with that, where the cast from other shows pick up on that, or anything else. Fics where the SPN cast work with other shows on set would also be great! Canonverse fics, so no AU's, but otherwise I'm open to anything along this theme! 
27 February 2017 @ 11:57 pm
Hi guys,

I can't remember the name of the fic or its author so finding it has been hard for me so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

This is my first time posting here and I don't know if I have all the tags that I need for this post but I included as much as I could that from what I can remember are associated with the fic I am looking for.

Here are a few of the details that I can remember:

Jensen and Jared are actors and they are on Supernatural.
Jensen can turn into a dog but Jared does not know this until Jensen risks his life to save Jared from a deranged fan who gets on set and tries to shoot Jared but Jensen while in dog form jumps into the path of the bullet saving Jared but almost killing himsef. Jensen instantly changes back into his human form once he's shot and this is how Jared finds out.
Tom Welling & Mike Rosenbaum also appear in the fic and Mike turns into a cat which om already knows and so did Jensen as far as I know.

Please mods let me know if I'm missing a tag or something else.

Thanks in advance.

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Could you recommend some good crossover fics where people find out about angels? I just really like to read about the reactions :) Chaptered fics would be great, but anything is fine. I've already read "The Last Archangel" series.
02 February 2017 @ 12:23 am
Looking for Destiel fics set around s4-5 but it doesn't have to be about what happened during those seasons. I'm looking for that feeling where Cas was an awkward angel, we had cases with Bobby (I love that guy!), motels... and things were just better and easier.
I don't know how to describe it really, so I'll make points:

- preferably not ao3 ones (cuz they're give that s8-11 feeling, feels too new)- gimme ones from lj or other communities/sites
(- preferably written around s4-5-6 airing)
- slowburn please (UST is good), gimme long ones, preferably with Cas and Dean not knowing they like each other romantically and slowly building it up (well, Cas would know pretty quickly so that's good too), I prefer pre-slash -> slash rather than established relationship
- no big au (no abo, no 5x04 timeline, no affliction other than what the boys already have, no genderbender), just Sam and [Dean & Cas] + impala + hunting monsters, maybe dealing with angels (liked that storyline but I also like it if it's about Cas being an angel and the consequences of that)? and Bobby if he's alive - just the normal shtick
- pretend couple is good but only for a short time (like before the motel manager or something), not through 95% of the fic
- pov Dean or Cas
- no Sam hate (just no) but also no threesome with Dean and Cas
- it can be case fic or not, as long as it's interesting

Please tell me if I can help in any other way!
Hi! So I was wondering, do you know any SU fic where cas is sexually assaulted or harassed by a human/angel/etc and dean saves him or defends him? Like,the fic doesnt have to resolve around that, just a small event that occurs somewhere in the fic that’s not really important for the plot. If you can help thank you in advance and sorry for the trouble.
07 December 2016 @ 02:14 pm
I'm kinda re-reading J2 non-au fics (the ones above like 10k) and I remember from the past that a few of them were written in first person. And the problem is that I can't find any of them :/ can you think of any?
04 December 2016 @ 11:07 pm
I am looking for a fic that starts pre-Season 1, i.e.: the J's meet for the audition, hit it off, film the pilot, then end up in Vancouver for season 1. Jensen & Jared would make plans but somehow Jensen would get sidetracked by Chris, Steve, Mike Rosenbaum and Tom Welling dropping by. Being a new friendship, Jared tried not to make a big deal out of it but his feelings were really hurt. There was one scene where Jared was going back to his hotel and was accosted by fangirls. He tripped over the curb and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. Things get so bad that even Eric mentions something to Jensen. I have looked everywhere for this fic and I cannot find it.

Any ideas?

I am looking for a specific fic, but I am not sure which tags to use. I think it was a longish, domestic one with boys living together, probably non-au but I am not sure. What I remember is that Harley was sick and had to have a surgery, after the surgery Jared was very worried about him and Jensen was worried and protective about Jared. I remember he had a "coversation" with Harley (who was still wearing a cone on his neck to protect the stitches), I think together with Sadie they made a "deal" not to worry Jared.
I hope someone can recognise it, I wolud love to read it again.

Found in comments!
Hey y’all,

I’m looking for non-AU fics that feature first-time Wincest or Destiel, but the relationship doesn’t work and eventually, they decide to end it and (try to) go back to being just brothers/friends.

I don’t want the reason why the relationship doesn’t work to be something like one partner being abusive or turning out to be evil or something like that – they simply find out that it doesn’t feel as good or right as they thought it would, or maybe Sam and Dean can’t get past the incest thing, or one is straight and one is gay, etc.

(A good J2 example of such fic is It Makes You Desperate by [livejournal.com profile] rockstarpeach.)

I'll be grateful for any suggestions!
14 November 2016 @ 10:51 pm
Hey all,
I'm just looking for any fics involving Dean going to college, but not a college au. I just really want to read a story where Dean enrolls into college as an adult in the show. So hell happened an maybe even the mark of cain and now he wants to expand his mind or even wants to settle down and needs more education that what he has for what he wants to do.

Also as a side note, are there any fics where Dean has a job that isn't a mechanic? Like Dean as a nurse or something?
10 November 2016 @ 05:03 am
I am looking for a story about Jared, who is getting abused by his husband. I think his family made him marry the man because of money. They basically sold Jared to this man. I'm not sure what the husbands name is. The husband is very controlling and abusive. Jared gets sent to a ranch while his husband is away on business or something like that. He is sent there to be watched because the husband is paranoid and doesn't trust Jared. He hires people to keep an eye out for Jared. Jared is an artist, he loves to draw, but he is always told by his husband that he is horrible and should stop wasting time on something that will never amount to anything. Jensen tells Jared that he's an amazing artist. The ranch turns out to be the best place for Jared because he gets more confidence in himself. And he is surrounded by people who care about him. He meets Jensen at the ranch either the first day or the second and later on they start a friendship,but it becomes an affair overtime.The friendship takes time because Jared is very timid and doesn't trust easily anymore. Chad shows up at the ranch with help from Jensen. Chad and Jared haven't seen each other in a long time because Chad and Jared are not allowed to hang out. Jared has been forbidden to see Chad, so they keep it a secret from Jared's husband as long as they can. The husband eventually finds out. At the very end of the story Jared shows up at his house to get stuff. He gets raped and ends up in a fight for his life. Jared either kills his husband or almost kills him, by bashing his head with a lamp or something like that. Jared ends up at the hospital. Jared and Jensen end up together in the end.
Here are some tidbits I remember from the story.
The husband parades Jared in front of his friends. The husband may share Jared I forget. The friends are also are mob related. There's evidence against the husband relating to his shady deals. The man had been grooming Jared for a long time and the minute he turned 18 he asked to marry Jared. The dad said yes and forced Jared to sign papers. Jared's mom is either a drug addict or an alcoholic so she is no help at all. During his stay at the ranch he is made to make multiple calls to his husband. He must tell his husband everything about his day. I think Jensenis the one to find Jared in the house after the attack and blames himself for Jared getting hurt. That's all I remember.

I hope that helps and I hope it wasn't to confusing.
29 October 2016 @ 07:40 pm
I have been looking for a nonau abo j2 fic forever. it is called "wait for it" by concernedlily and it has beta jared and alpha jensen in a nonau setting (actors on supernatural) . All the old links to it no longer work and I was wondering if there was a pdf that can be shared/or if the author does not want it shared.

Thank you for your help in advance

Edit **found in comments**
27 October 2016 @ 08:31 am
My Google-fu has absolutely failed me. I'm trying to find a fic I read ages ago. It's non-au, Jared and Sandy are engaged, Jensen is pining. Jared's dad has an accident - falls off a ladder maybe? - and Jared doesn't want Jensen or Sandy to come home with him, but Jensen follows him anyway. Jared's dad dies of his injuries but gives Jared some deathbed advice about being with the one who truly makes you happy, or something like that. Sandy is kind of a bitch about the whole thing, and wants to go ahead with the wedding really quickly. Cue deep realization, break up, and J2 HEA. Anyone recognize this? Thanks in advance.
11 October 2016 @ 08:50 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read ages ago, but I can't find it now. It was Sam/Dean, non-AU, and I feel like it was early years. The main thing I remember is the boys spoke latin to each other, almost like a secret language. I *think* they also got matching tattoos of a latin phrase, which bound them somehow, although Sam didn't realize that until later. I might be blending two fics though. I'm pretty sure it was on sinful-desire. Sound familiar to anyone?
15 September 2016 @ 09:18 am
I cannot recall the title or author of this story. Here's what I remember (as I believe Sam was underage in the story, I will put it below the cut):

Underage non-con )

Thanks for the help!

Found by a helpful soul on Tumblr. Just For Me by [livejournal.com profile] goandgetthegun on Ao3.
11 September 2016 @ 07:59 pm
I stupidly didn't bookmark this fic when I first found it a couple months ago, and now can't figure out the right search terms to find it again. Details:

  • In the aftermath of "The Purge" (I think) Sam decides he needs some outside help figuring stuff out, and goes to a therapist. He goes only once, but keeps a journal and works things out on his own--and is just about ready to talk things through properly with Dean when the season finale happens.

  • I think part of it was from the therapist's POV.

  • Found it on Fanfiction.net

  • Single chapter--don't think it was longer than 5,000 words

Sound familiar to anyone?

ETA: With some advanced Google-fu, eventually found this on my own.

  • Unresolved - Dean's in deep trouble and Sam's ability to help is undermined by the tattered state of their relationship post-Gadreel. Sam takes desperate action: he talks to someone.

It was a short non-au story, when Jensen was being stood up by some crew guy yet again. Js were living together, and Jared didn't want Jensen to be disappointed that he's not going on a date, so instead, Jared took him to one. Does anybody recall it? I read it on A03. Thanks!
Hi! So a while ago I read a fic that I guess was few years old and I found it on A03. It was J2, Non-Au, maybe around 10k words? I think it revolved around season one or two. Jensen was gay and Jared was very curious about gay stuff ;) he was constantly asking Jensen all those question about being gay and he was searching Google for the answers. I remember there was a scene where Jared, Jensen and I think the stunt double Todd all went to gay club because Jared really wanted to go and he was trying to fit in so he dressed all funny :)
08 August 2016 @ 08:55 pm
Hi all.

I am looking for a fic I KNOW I have red and maybe even recc'd before. In it Becky, Madison & Charlie? I think? Are all flatmates who know about Supernatural but don't know that they all know the boys... I'm pretty sure... Well its been a while since I read it! You can't hold my crappy memory accountable!

Anyway, yeah - Becky plus two other Women of Supernatural flatting together.

Thanks for all your help. Kisses.

Mods; Since I remember so very very little, I just tagged as best I could. Hope your having a good day anyway. You're awesome people!  
26 July 2016 @ 01:17 am
I'm looking for a specific J2 fic, I think it was non-au, but I'm not sure. It was quiet short, maybe around 5k words. All I remember is that Js were fighting at the beginning and Jensen in the heat of a moment said something to Jared that pissed the other off. One of those things was about Jared not calling his mother or something like that, generally Jensen telling Jared that he's childish. They made up at the end.

24 July 2016 @ 06:03 pm
Hi there!

I'm searching for a specific non-AU J2 fic. Jared has a manager who convinces him he doesn't have enough talent to get jobs so that he often gives blow jobs to the people that might hire him resulting in a very low self esteem!Jared.Jensen somehow knows about this, and if I am not completely wrong, he doesn't like Jared at first because of that, but he realizes later on that Jared doesn't like doing it and helps him to get away from his manager.

I hope someone remembers this fic, I honestly crave to read it.
Thankss guys!
Hi, I've been searching around for this story but can't find it, and I hope you all can help me.

It's a non-AU J2 story that starts just before the filming of the SPN pilot. Jensen *hates* Jared because of something he thinks Jared did to Megan and can't believe they're going to be working together; Jared has no idea why Jensen hates him so much. The network ends up putting a clause in their contracts that they have to "play nice" with each other if they're going to keep their jobs, and so in all of the interviews/press/etc. they really play up a fake friendly/flirty thing.

...and that's all I remember. Can anyone help me out?
Alright, so it has been years since I have posted to spnstoryfinders. I've kept up with the show but tend to only focus on one to two fandoms fic-wise at a time. Writing in the Queer as Folk fandom pulled me away from my other ones for a while but now I am back and ready to read some great stories in this fandom that I may have missed in the past few years. Not a huge fan of Wincest, Sabriel, Samifer (unless it is dubcon or noncon) or complete AU (but am completely fine with canon divergance.) So, if possible, I would rather not have those pairings in the non-AU stories you share.

1. Dean/OMC: Are there any fics where Dean runs into a guy he had a fling with years before? Maybe it was a secret relationship he had in high school or while Sam was away at Stanford. Dean and the OMC could pick things up again or maybe they just catch up and Dean is happy that the OMC has a decent life. It would be great if Sam found out about it but it's not absolutely necessary. Destiel, Dean/OMC, or gen are all okay for this. It can take place any season, but it would be awesome if it took place in season 10, 11, or even after. For some reason I am really craving to read this but if none of you lovely people can find it, I'll just write it instead ;)

2. Dean/Castiel: If you all could rec your favorite Dean/Castiel fics written from 2012 to 2016, that would be awesome! I do love angst, but I also love humor and crack just as much. Of course, I will also take recs to earlier Destiel stories.

3. Awesome!Sam: I would love to read stories about Sam not only supporting Dean (either coming out as bi or his relationship with Cas or an OMC) but also have a storyline of his own, whether it be dramatic, romantic, or otherwise. In other words, I want him to be rooting for his brother's happiness but I want the story to also take Sam's own life into account and for it to cover what he's going through, making him a major and complex character throughout the story.

4. Wedding!Fic: As long as it is not Wincest or Daddycest, this can be any pairing. I am looking for humorous, non-AU wedding fics. Destiel would be lovely but Dean/Lisa, Dean/OMC, Dean/OFC, Dean/Benny, Sam/Jess, Sam/Amelia, Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, Charlie/Dorothy, Charlie/OFC, John/Mary, and Bobby/Ellen would all be great options as well.

5. Depression: Can you all rec stories where Sam, Dean, or Cas are going through severe depression and stay relatively in character throughout it all? Of course, depression can completely distort your normal reactions to day to day life, but I would like them to be recognizable while the other characters grow more and more concerned over something being very wrong.

6. Long shot but...: Are there any stories where Dean is worried how his close friends and family will react to him being bisexual and they literally do not even care because the apocolypse is going on or the mark of Cain made him butcher people and they still love him despite that and that's a lot more concerning than him messing around with dudes. In other words, there are bigger concerns than who Dean sleeps with and now is not the time to fret over something rather trivial in comparison to people dropping like flies.

7. Sam finds out Dean was enrolled or is currently enrolled in college classes: Maybe Dean took them while he was with Lisa or maybe he's taking them online. Sam could find a document containing Dean's research paper, essay, creative writing project, whatever. Or maybe he answers Dean's cellphone and it is Dean's advisor checking in on how he's doing and if he would consider enrolling for the new semester since the advisor sees a lot of potential in him. Either way, I just would like to see Sam finding out and being proud of him, all while asking questions while Dean feels a little embarrassed about taking classes in his mid to late 30s.

8. Queer as Folk crossover: Since I have written over 20 stories in the Queer as Folk fandom and love the characters ridiculously so, can you all come up with some stories where the boys cross paths with the Liberty Avenue gang? Maybe they are on a case in Pittsburgh and it is directly affecting the characters in QAF? Maybe Brian tries to seduce Dean (and succeeds because I am sure the straightest of men would let themselves be fucked by Brian Kinney) or Emmett takes Cas shopping for more fabulous clothes or Sam gets into passionate discussions with Mel, who is a lawyer. In other words, I would like to see these characters meet and actually get along.
11 July 2016 @ 05:42 pm
All of the non-AU J2 fics I've come across lately seem to portray Jensen as a jerk/grump/prick and Jared as a harmless puppy. This in addition to the number of anti-Jensen posts on Tumblr are really bringing me down. Frankly I'm tired of it.

Could someone please link non-AU J2 fics where the roles are reversed and Jared is portrayed as a jerk instead? Thanks a lot.

EDIT: Thanks for the recs guys!
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09 July 2016 @ 10:02 am
Looking for 2 fairly similar types of fics:

1) Fics in which Cas has become human (or close to) and starts his own life away from the Winchesters, but keeps in touch. Dean (and maybe Sam too) comes to visit. Just read "Crawl" by aerialiste, but I specifically want Dean interacting with the people in Cas's new life. Like they don't know who this guy is and totally underestimate his importance in Cas's life. Fics kind of along those lines, please, if they exist.

2) Just general canon-type fics in which Dean and Cas get together. As authentic as possible. Please only rec more developed (and completed) fics. No short episode codas. I can find those fine on my own. Can be case!fic or apocalypse!fic, but the main focus of the story should be Dean and Castiel with everything else a backdrop.

So please rec your faves in these categories :) Thx in advance!
When I first started reading fics about year ago I didn't even thought about bookmarking them and now I'm at complete loss how to find them. So if any fic that is J2 | NON AU | 10k words and more comes to your mind, please leave a link! :) Even the most classic ones, the most popular ones, doesn't matter :) :) I remember that a lot of them had Js living together and pining. Thank you!
So I am totally in the mood for some angsty (not too much though) fics where J2 are best friends, or becoming friends or something, and one realizes they are falling in love with the other but feels like it is hopeless and it will never happen, maybe there is another person that one of the J's is interested in or something, and the other J just feels like its too much and maybe starts avoiding the other J or thinks their friendship cant survive it or something. of course with a happy ending, them ending up together, they find out they both love each other, etc. i prefer bottom jensen if there is sex, or as close to it as possible.

also any fics where they break up for a little bit or the one expresses their love for the other and they other doesnt return it or cant return it at the time or something and then one of the J's just avoids the other and wallows and everyone is like "wow he is so sad, you can just tell" and then in the end happiness of course. again prefer bottom Jensen or as close to it as possible.

non-au or au works for me.

no dub-con, non-con, BDSM.

08 March 2016 @ 08:37 pm
I've been in the mood for some J2 non-au fics. The longer the better.

1 - Any J2 related stories that take place during a SPN convention (before or after works too).

2 - Any stories that deal with Jared's depression and Jensen helping him through it.

3 - Any stories that deal with them having to beard.

4 - Domestic J2

1. I’m looking for some wee!chester/teen!chester fics. I know there are tons of fics with Sam & Dean as children or teenagers, but I specifically looking for some with John and Bobby involved. Nothing where John is the bad one, abusive or something like that, I like John as the good one, caring about his sons, but maybe disagreeing with Bobby? I only found storys with only John and the boys or Bobby taking care of them, but never one where both are involved.

2. I re-watched season 10 and now I just have to ask if there are fics to 10x14 ('The Executioner's Song') where Sam is taking care of Dean? Mostly I’m reading hurt!Sam fics, but I would like if you can give me some good hurt/Dean fics, specially referring to this episode.

3. Ok. like I said, I’m a hurt!Sam-Girl, so I’m always searching for extremely hurt!Sam fics. I haven’t seen any episodes of season 11 now, so I would prefer fics for S09 or S10.
And I was just wondering if there are any fics dealing with Dean drinking habits? Maybe he was hurting Sam accidentally and after realizing endlessly sorry about his handlings?
But I’m good with any well written hurt!Sam fics for S09 or S10 (more S10).
I prefer gen, but I’m ok with Wincest as long it fits into the story.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

And sorry for crappy  english, I’m sick and my brain is no longer functional.
19 February 2016 @ 04:45 am
Basically, I'm not feeling so great atm, and want something to cheer me up.

I'm looking for any and all cockles fanfic that isn't horrendously bad, and is preferably long. I'm hoping to find some new favourite stories please.

Happy endings only please! No wife (or Jared/Gen) bashing either, please. And I'd love for it to be not au.

Anything you can find is good, and if I've read it before, I'll read it again (and bookmark it this time).
07 February 2016 @ 06:18 pm

I'm looking for an older, specific fic that I saw posted on LJ, as well as a general search for Bro-OTP stories involving J2.

The specific fic is a non-AU told from one of the wives point of view. The Js are as close as can be, live together in Vancouver, buy a house for their families to be near each other. The wives understand/accept their closeness, and for a while everything is perfect.
Eventually though, one of the wives (Genevieve?) has enough of sharing her husband emotionally with another person and leaves. The other wife sticks it out, but over the course of the years the relationship becomes strained.
I believe the fic ends with both wives contemplating their failed marriages, talking about the Js choosing each other despite loving them. It's never confirmed if the Js are in a relationship, just that they chose each other over their respective spouses.

In general, please send my way your non-pairing J2 in which the Js have bromantic chemistry! AU, Non-AU, self-recs, otherpairs whatever you've got! I remember reading a Jensen/Misha FBI or serial killer story in which Jared and Jensen share wonderful chemistry! I also recall the (wonderful beyond words) spacefic in which rebel!Jensen wakes up from years of being a slave and saves Jared when he regains his memories and burns down the place while rejoining his JDM-led crew. Anything that you've read will make my day!

Please help, I will love you forever and ever!
06 February 2016 @ 04:49 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a story a read a long time ago. The details I remenber are that they didn't get along in the begining, Jensen had been married (I think to Joanna), there had been talk about his being gay on the tabloids and there was a scene where Jared meets Jensens parents and Alan was drunk and told Jensen he was a dissapointment. Also when Jared and Jensen meet, Jensen doesn't really like Jared.

Hope someone can help me find this, i've benn looking for it for several weeks now and cannot find it.
31 January 2016 @ 02:11 am
Hello guys!

Don't know why, but I've really been into destiel bottom!Dean stories these past few weeks. I've read plenty of good stuff, but somehow it always turned out to be AU (and often with younger Dean), so now I'd like to read some non-au bottom!Dean. Stories where he is his usual awsome hunter self, and Cas is his usual angelic, awkward yet adorable self. Can you help me with that? I'll be forever grateful.

24 January 2016 @ 10:11 pm
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a story I started (and never got to finish) about a month ago on fanfiction.net. It's a teenchesters story where Sam gets sick around Christmastime. I think I only got about halfway through but what I remember is he was having stomach issues and had to be hospitalized. I also remember that it was NOT appendicitis but something wrong with his intestines. John takes the boys to Bobby's and goes back to Lawrence to hunt something there. I also remember that Dean's girlfriend went missing. This was a really sweet story (lots of big!brother Dean which is basically what I live for) and I'd like to finish reading it. Any help would be appreciated! :)

Found! It's Mister Fantasy by pineapplefan.
I'm looking for a J2 fic I read a year or two ago: I think it was after SPN was over and they were together.  Jared was madly in love with Jensen but wasn't sure if Jensen loved him back so he was thinking of leaving him.  I remember a part where Jared was on a ladder doing a painting on the wall of Sam and Dean sitting on the Impala.  He fell down and was badly hurt and couldn't move. He was alone in the house.  When Jensen came back home, he found Jared on the floor and thought he was dead. He was devastated.  I would really love to read this fic again. Thanks in advance.

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Hello and Happy New Year :) !

I'm looking for recommendations for your favourite non-au Destiel fics and audiofics.

For some reason in the past few days I couldn't stop thinking about how Supernatural is going to end at some point and how sad that is going to be. It has been a part of my life for so long, especially while so much else has changed and in some ways it even had an impact on my life (for example it really helped me with my English). Hope, I'm not sounding too crazy, but if anyone would understand it's probably you ;). Anyways, since I've been feeling a bit down lately I would love to read some really good fan fiction, the kind that is so well written that you can just get lost in it.

Here's a list of some things I'm looking for (but I'm happy with anything :), also other pairings, for example Dean/Crowley):

- Destiel
- long fics with slow-burn romance / UST (I love fics where they for some reason have to be closer to each other, for example sleep in the same bed, and then realise that they have feelings for the other)
- preferably non-au
- Happy Endings (Don't mind angst etc. in the fic, as long as the ending is happy)
- Smut :)
- I would also love to read a fic that is set in season 11
- audiofics
- human Castiel
- One or both are jealous/possessive, possibly before realising why
- something made them do it (sex pollen, fuck-or-die etc.)

Thank you :)
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05 January 2016 @ 10:28 pm
Hello everybody, and happy new year!
I've been looking for this story for days now, can't find it anywhere, probably because I remember so little about it - and also, it's probably kind of old. I thought maybe you guys could help. Anyway, it takes place on the set of Supernatural, JDM plays John of course and Jensen is disturbed by the relationship between their two characters. How bossy John is. Maybe it turns into a real D/s relationship, maybe not...
PS : I know my english isn't perfect, please forgive any mistake.
Howdy! Or if you prefer, hey hey! WHAT’S UP?

So, here’s my case. I've never successfully managed to post a comment to this community, maybe because I've always been too busy to take the time to read the instructions of how to post and do it correctly, but I've just had a go at that today seeing as I’m on vacation and now I'm hoping that I'll manage to get one through. It's one of my New Year's resolutions! :D

Here's my request :

(ETA : I tried to put a LJ cut here, but it was a fail)

I'm looking for works of ‘fiction’ where Jared is hopelessly devoted in mind and soul to Jensen, but he doesn't let it show because he doesn't think Jensen could possibly return his feelings. To make things worse, they play brothers on TV. When Jensen finds out, he doesn't get angry. He's surprised, and it takes him a little time to adjust. But, he loves Jared, so there’s greatness that ensues.

I love it when one or the other is scared.

I'm seeking stories that are J² non AU stories.

Plot is everything to me. So, basically, I really don't want to read any PWPs. I’ve already had my fair share of those in the past.

Examples of stories that I've read recently and that kind of follow along those lines are : I Can Feel You Tremble When We Touch and The Jared Padalecki Untitled Project

I love it when there's misunderstandings and fights, but they work it out in the end because they're mature adults and they love each other like crazy. So, because they love each other, they find a way to work it out (… short term, not long term). I also read a story once where Jared called Jensen a coward because he wasn't coming to terms fast enough with it. It drove me a little crazy.

Basically, I want Jared and Jensen to be together in a way which isn't so far-fetched... Because, I know that they're very « business as usual ».

If you start to alterate them in ways that change who they are (their favorite meal, their favorite color, the things they can’t live without...), then we fall into the whole category of J² AU stories, and I find them hard to follow because we're following what the author likes and not what Jensen and Jared like. Of course, the only thing that's to be changed IMO is their heterosexuality.

Anything set around SEASON 5 is adored.

Unfortunely, babies scare me. Once they started having babies IRL, there came this roadblock in my mind. See, commitment to that degree freaks me out, and I’m so not at that stage in my life. Whenever I think of babies, I start to think that I need to hit up the GYM again and get out my sneekers so I can perfect my cardio and therefore the art of running away. Also, I'm allergic to assholes... So, please save me the infeditely because I don't want that.

I’ve been digging here and there on a bunch of sites, but these stories are not easy to find. Most stories are either HET or J² AU stories.

P.S.- I love Sandra McCoy, Danneel Harris, Katie Cassidy, Alona Tal... And, it never hurts to have a touch of femininity here and there in a fic...

P.S.S.- Tornadoes fascinate me and terrify me. So, stories with natural disasters like this...