I've browsed some of the older entries regarding this, and now I'm looking for some fresh(er) things to read. What I'm looking for is either J2, Cockles, Sam/OMC or Dean/OMC (no wincest!), that deals with one of the Js, Sam, or Dean coming out to family and/or friends. I prefer the RPF to be non-au (I'd love fics where other cast/crew on the set find out about the relationship), but if you've got a good AU you'd like to recommend, go ahead. No highschool setting for this though, please.
With the SPN fic I'm not that picky, any setting and genre is fine, really.
Hello! I've recently read Credit in the Straight World, Outside By the Blue, Blue Moon, Brittle, Boy Falling Out of the Sky, The Air Moves In, Invisible Boy series... Basically if you can find it under Sam Winchester/OMC and it's lengthy on AO3, I probably have read it! I'd love more fics though, so I hope you can help!

1. Fics that have Sam exploring his sexuality with a male, with Dean finding out or walking in on it. Bonus for Dean getting super overprotective! Wincest preferred but I'll take gen too. I don't mind what age they are.
2. Hurt! Sam with comfort. Rape, violence, anything.
3. Sam with an eating disorder or self harming Sam.
4. Infantalism as a lifestyle. I'd prefer baby! Sam if that's possible. I've read SailorChibi's works on Ao3 for this too.
5. Protective/Possessive/Jealous! Dean.
6. Dean walking in on Sam getting off.

I'd love everything to end with a happy ending! No death fics, please. I'm looking for Wincest only, no other pairings. I don't mind if it starts out as another pairing as long as it ends in Wincest. I'll take gen too. Thanks so much in advance :D
13 March 2017 @ 01:49 am
A couple general searches here, I'm mostly looking for fics where Sam and Dean get together later on in the series. (preferably for the first time, but not a requirement) The later, the better, but really I'm specifically just looking for fics where they're older. So basically season 8 and onward. Can be specific to plots centering around whatever season they take place in, random case fics, or even future!fics I just want 'em to be all grown up. Long/Slow Burn fics are a plus.

Second thing is fics where one of the brothers comes out to the other after struggling with compulsory heterosexuality. Can be as gay/bi/pan/whatever I just want fics where their previous sexual/romantic history isn't retconned away or ignored entirely. Again I'd prefer if they were older (the older, the better) but that's not a requirement for this request. Can be wincest/gen or other pairings I don't really mind.

No weecest please.
27 February 2017 @ 07:08 am
Just a couple general searches on one specific.
1) Is their any good stores were sam comes out gay to Dean and John.  (No wincest please)
2) Sam get a boyfriend and introduces him to his family.

3) There is one story i read a long time ago that i haven't been able to find since. Sam had a transgender boyfriend. It was a good story and would love to find that again.

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!
18 December 2016 @ 02:14 am
Hey, y'all,

I'm looking for some AU J2 fics where one is in the closet and it takes being friends with the other to come out.

Thanks in advance!

1) I'm looking for fics about Dean discovering and/or exploring his (bi)sexuality. :)

- Specific pairings, pairings with an original male character, or gen are all great.
- Emphasis on character study rather than just romance, if possible?
- Dean's, a family member's, or an outsider's POV are all cool beans.
- No incest, please.

2) Any fic about post-revival Mary Winchester interacting with/thinking about her boys would be great, but -

- Specifically any fic where Dean comes out to her in some capacity?
- A specific pairing or gen are both cool.
- No incest, please.

3) Fic about Dean growing up Way Too Pretty in the super-masculine hunter culture? >.>;

- Preferably gen, and nothing with hardcore abuse or rape?
- And no incest, please.

Thank you so much! \o/
...and is not a raging dickbag about it?

I'd love to know if there are any fics where John knows/finds out that Dean is bisexual/catches him with a dude/etc and doesn't react like a total homophobic asshat.

- The only example I can think of is The 1300 Days by Stele3.
- Fic where he's ignorant/struggling with it/taking time to deal with it is all cool?
- So long as he ultimately is chill or supportive.
- No incest, please.

Thanks so much!
Are there any fics out there that deal with Mary finding out about wincest? Or about Mary finding out that Sam and/or Dean is gay or bisexual?
23 September 2016 @ 07:05 pm
I'm looking for basically any fic with either J2 or Jensen/Misha as a pairing that deals with them coming out, either to family, friends, or the SPN cast/crew. Doesn't need to be the main focus of the story, but I'd like if it's not dealt with in a half-sentence on the side (though Jared just going "ah, that's not even a surprise" or sth can be fun).
I prefer long fics, but anything is good, really. I think I've pretty much read everything AO3 has to offer under the "coming out" tag. The boys' wives are welcome as part of the fic, but please nothing where they're essentially bashed as jealous witches.
Self-recommendations are welcome, of course, as are WIPs.
Alright, so it has been years since I have posted to spnstoryfinders. I've kept up with the show but tend to only focus on one to two fandoms fic-wise at a time. Writing in the Queer as Folk fandom pulled me away from my other ones for a while but now I am back and ready to read some great stories in this fandom that I may have missed in the past few years. Not a huge fan of Wincest, Sabriel, Samifer (unless it is dubcon or noncon) or complete AU (but am completely fine with canon divergance.) So, if possible, I would rather not have those pairings in the non-AU stories you share.

1. Dean/OMC: Are there any fics where Dean runs into a guy he had a fling with years before? Maybe it was a secret relationship he had in high school or while Sam was away at Stanford. Dean and the OMC could pick things up again or maybe they just catch up and Dean is happy that the OMC has a decent life. It would be great if Sam found out about it but it's not absolutely necessary. Destiel, Dean/OMC, or gen are all okay for this. It can take place any season, but it would be awesome if it took place in season 10, 11, or even after. For some reason I am really craving to read this but if none of you lovely people can find it, I'll just write it instead ;)

2. Dean/Castiel: If you all could rec your favorite Dean/Castiel fics written from 2012 to 2016, that would be awesome! I do love angst, but I also love humor and crack just as much. Of course, I will also take recs to earlier Destiel stories.

3. Awesome!Sam: I would love to read stories about Sam not only supporting Dean (either coming out as bi or his relationship with Cas or an OMC) but also have a storyline of his own, whether it be dramatic, romantic, or otherwise. In other words, I want him to be rooting for his brother's happiness but I want the story to also take Sam's own life into account and for it to cover what he's going through, making him a major and complex character throughout the story.

4. Wedding!Fic: As long as it is not Wincest or Daddycest, this can be any pairing. I am looking for humorous, non-AU wedding fics. Destiel would be lovely but Dean/Lisa, Dean/OMC, Dean/OFC, Dean/Benny, Sam/Jess, Sam/Amelia, Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, Charlie/Dorothy, Charlie/OFC, John/Mary, and Bobby/Ellen would all be great options as well.

5. Depression: Can you all rec stories where Sam, Dean, or Cas are going through severe depression and stay relatively in character throughout it all? Of course, depression can completely distort your normal reactions to day to day life, but I would like them to be recognizable while the other characters grow more and more concerned over something being very wrong.

6. Long shot but...: Are there any stories where Dean is worried how his close friends and family will react to him being bisexual and they literally do not even care because the apocolypse is going on or the mark of Cain made him butcher people and they still love him despite that and that's a lot more concerning than him messing around with dudes. In other words, there are bigger concerns than who Dean sleeps with and now is not the time to fret over something rather trivial in comparison to people dropping like flies.

7. Sam finds out Dean was enrolled or is currently enrolled in college classes: Maybe Dean took them while he was with Lisa or maybe he's taking them online. Sam could find a document containing Dean's research paper, essay, creative writing project, whatever. Or maybe he answers Dean's cellphone and it is Dean's advisor checking in on how he's doing and if he would consider enrolling for the new semester since the advisor sees a lot of potential in him. Either way, I just would like to see Sam finding out and being proud of him, all while asking questions while Dean feels a little embarrassed about taking classes in his mid to late 30s.

8. Queer as Folk crossover: Since I have written over 20 stories in the Queer as Folk fandom and love the characters ridiculously so, can you all come up with some stories where the boys cross paths with the Liberty Avenue gang? Maybe they are on a case in Pittsburgh and it is directly affecting the characters in QAF? Maybe Brian tries to seduce Dean (and succeeds because I am sure the straightest of men would let themselves be fucked by Brian Kinney) or Emmett takes Cas shopping for more fabulous clothes or Sam gets into passionate discussions with Mel, who is a lawyer. In other words, I would like to see these characters meet and actually get along.
12 January 2016 @ 09:51 pm
I'm looking for a fic that explores the Episode Route 666 (the racist truck) if Cassie were a dude. Basically its focus is on Sam finding out that Dean is bisexual.


"Somebody Holds the Key" by embroiderama
09 September 2015 @ 08:26 am
Read this years ago - long, plotty. Jared and Gen new to small town. Meet Jensen and Danneel at block party? Jensen is a photographer, gay, living kind of in the closet with Danneel (excellent relationship) to help raise their child (son?). Jared is a schoolteacher. He eventually realized his attraction to Jensen - acts on it when he and Jensen's friends go with him for his occasional foray to another town to a gay bar. They fall in love and I think Jared may be deciding to leave Gen but then Gen says she's pregnant. Also Danneel and Tom want to be married. Jensen decides he has to move away - goes to Los Angeles. He meets a man who is understanding about Jensen's love for Jared, they eventually marry. Takes a few years but there is a happy ending. I would love to read this again!

More detail: Jared discovers that Jensen is gay when he finds romantic/adult? photos of men in his rooms - he lives downstairs/separately in his house with Danneel. Turns out Jared's sister has disappeared on the streets, become a hooker taken advantage of by a photographer initially. Jared is horrified to think Jensen is that way too, Jensen eventually explains he's helping out these men by not being that way - and Jared finds out Jensen is gay. Much later, after Jensen has moved and gotten married, Jared asks Jensen to come take family pictures for the Padaleckis - something they haven't done since his sister disappeared. When Jared's brother (mother?) sees one of the photos Jensen took of Jared - just laughing, not knowing he's being photographed - they say "he really loves you."
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific fic that I'll probably feel really silly for forgetting. What I remember:

-The fic takes place during Stanford-era and early Season 1.
- Sam's been secretly in love with Dean all his life, but is unsure whether to consider himself gay as Dean's been the only he loved.
- At Stanford, he gets some advice from a classmate to explore his sexuality a little, and ends up hooking up with said classmate, in a one time friends-with-benefits kind of way.
- Dean accidentally finds out about Sam's sexual exploration. Sam tells Dean his story, minus Dean being his One True Love. Dean is fairly cool with it.
- Dean finds videos/pictures of Sam with other guys on Sam's laptop while searching for things to salvage post-fire Season 1.
- Dean ends up taking Sam's laptop to the bathroom and secretly jerking off to one of the porn videos of Sam - although he gets interrupted by Sam halfway.
Any help would be amazing.

ETA: FOUND by phoenix1966! Desperate Measures by 427-67Impala
20 June 2015 @ 12:23 pm
Hi all, are there any fics out there in which Dean experiences biphobia? Like, he finally admits his attraction to men and people assume it's just a phase, he's joking, or that suddenly his attraction to women is gone and he's fully gay now? Or just anything biphobic at all, really.

I know the fandom itself tends to be pretty biphobic in terms of the whole gay/straight/"What is a bisexual?" binary, but I'd really like to read anything with biphobia in it, even if it's just a small scene in a larger story.

I also would accept any fics in which Dean's attraction to men, specifically, is what is being targeted, rather than just his bisexuality in general - so I guess homophobia works too, as long as Dean is bisexual in the fic.

No Wincest, please. Any other pairings are fine, including gen and Destiel.
07 June 2015 @ 10:21 pm
Hey there! I've done some digging but I haven't found quite what I was looking for. I'm looking for fics where Sam is gay or bisexual.

Things I would like:
-pre-series, Sam dealing with coming to terms with liking boys
-pre-series Sammy angst
-sam experimenting in college
-Dean finding out about Sam and another guy and getting possessive/jealous/confused/curious/realizes he has feelings for Sam
-John/Bobby finding out
-I'm not a big John Winchester fan, so anything where he is a jerk or abusive is good
-Fics where instead of Jessica, Sam is dating a guy and Dean meets him when he drops in
-Can be wincest, gen, sam/omc, samstiel, background destiel...basically open to anything. Not a huge fan of Sam/Gabriel or Sam/lucifer

Would also be ok with all of the above, but with Dean instead of Sam. I've already read The Ballad of the Invisible Boy and really loved it (its what set me off on this quest). 

EDITED TO ADD: I'm ok with fics taking place during the series as well.
30 April 2015 @ 03:24 pm
I'm looking for any fics where one of the characters experiences internalized homophobia.

I prefer Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean and Dean/Castiel, but would be open to recs from other pairings, too.
25 April 2015 @ 12:33 am
I remember reading a fic a while ago about Dean being transgender. I'm sure it was on fanfiction.net, and I'm almost positive the title was "Tomcat," but I can't find it anywhere. In the fic, I believe Dean came out as trans when he was an adolescent when some guy was telling him off for checking out his girl and called Dean a lesbian, and Dean got defensive saying he wasn't a girl. John was accepting and told Sam that Dean was his brother now. It ended up being Wincest when Dean and Sam grew up, and when they had sex, Sam asked Dean what he wanted Sam to call his junk and Dean jokingly said Sam should call it a "tomcat" instead of a pussy, but both Sam and Dean ended up getting a kick out of that term.

Now that I think about it, I might be combining two different trans!Dean fics. But please, help me find it.
22 April 2015 @ 10:15 am
Hi, are there any fics out there that focus on Sam finding out about Destiel? Either Sam finds out about their relationship, or they aren't together yet and Sam finds out that Dean or Castiel has feelings for the other?

I'd really like stories focusing on Sam realizing Dean's feelings, and having to come to terms with his brother being bisexual. I'm fine with a right-off-the-go supporting!Sam, or initially dubious, slightly disconcerted!Sam. I don't mind if Sam acts slightly homophobic initially, as long as he's loving and accepting in the end.

I'd especially like stories that focus on Sam realizing that Dean is pining for Castiel, but that Dean doesn't think the angel could ever love him back (either because Cas is an angel so it seems obvious that a male/male relationship would be taboo, or because Dean believes himself to be inherently unloveable), and Sam feeling his big brother's pain and perhaps trying to find out by himself if Cas could actually return Dean's feelings, and tries to set them up.

Basically, I'm kind of looking for a Destiel fic focusing on Destiel from Sam's point of view. Please help?
16 March 2015 @ 08:12 am
I read this fic a while ago. All I remember is that it was Dean's birthday and Sam and Dean were having sex and John walked in on them. I remember that he was actually pretty accepting and onpy told them not to show too much PTA while he was around.

Anybody recognize the story?
02 March 2015 @ 04:08 pm
It was a fic I read awhile ago but somehow lost it.

Sam is frustrated about Dean and Castiel's 'soulful stares' so he decides to do something about it to get them together. (Maybe Gabriel helped? Not sure on that one. I do know that Sam did most of the meddling.) Sam begins to hit on Cas and Dean notices and realizes that he (ie Dean) loves Cas. But, being the self-sacrificing idiot that he is, Dean decides to let Sam and Cas 'be happy together'. Sam sees that his attempts have failed and approach Dean at a diner and say something like, 'Hey, Dean, I realized I'm in love with Cas' and Dean was all "Good luck, I'm happy for you", all the while crying and being jealous inside. Sam then becomes angry and frustrated and says that he lied, that he's not in love with Cas but that Dean is and that Dean should ask Cas out. (Sam's like, "I'm tired of this shit. Do something about it.")

I think it was mostly from Sam or Dean's POV, but not too certain on that one. I really don't remember any more, but I remember it was REALLY good and that I loved it.

Does anybody recognize the fic?
01 March 2015 @ 08:28 pm
I'm usually not into Wincest, but I'm compiling a list of read-worthy Wincest fics and I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. I put it on my to-read-again list but I must've misplaced it.

It starts off with Sam and Dean reading the books and Dean going on about how there was no subtext. But then he found a Wincest website and asked the fans which book was the most 'Sam/Dean-y'. And like half of the people said 'Pilot'. And then Sam and Dean encounter a monster which takes the shape of the person they're attracted to the most, and Dean's took the shape of Sam and Sam's took the shape of Dean. Then they defeat the monster, kiss, and have sex. Lots of sex. And more sex. Like, half of the story's just porn. Dean was almost always top. Sam topped once because he wanted to prove to Dean that he can also top.

Does anybody recognize the story?
Hi all!
I'm looking for fics where Sam & Dean have to deal with the practical logistics and social situations of being a couple of sorts.

Like, are they out as 2 brothers? Are they out as a gay couple but don't tell new people/strangers in their lives they are brothers? Do they tell people they DO know they are together or keep it a secret? Or just keep the gay AND brother thing all under wraps.

Any fics dealing with these would be great.
31 October 2014 @ 04:53 pm
I have 2 gen searches

1. Fic dealing with Dean's self worth issues.
In my opinion, there is not enough fic on Dean's self-worth issues considering how major a role it plays in the show's canon. I just want some Dean feeling inadequate or not good enough.

2. Teen!Dean coming out / realizing he likes guys as well. If John finds out, I don't mind if John takes it well or badly.

Please note: NO WINCEST PLEASE. I'm happy with pretty much all other pairings though.

Please post even if you are not 100% if it fits my request, all recommendations are VERY welcome.

Thank you so much for your help - it is very appreciated. :)
27 October 2014 @ 02:46 pm
OK, so I'm basically looking for some hurt!dean - emotional or physical, I'm not fussy :). Any suggestions welcome, but please NO WINCEST in any form, unless its not explicit in the fic. I'm happy with most pairings, but I would prefer it if they are gen.


#1 Dean hiding a physical injury from Sam & John

#2 Dean feeling depressed about the Hell / Heaven situation (preferably Season 5 onwards)

#3 Stanford Era - Dean feeling abandoned

#4 teen!chesters fic - John leaves Dean too little money / goes for a long time and Dean struggling to cope

#5 teen!Dean gets a boyfriend / develops feelings for a guy and John is a homophobic asshole

Thank you for your help :)
11 September 2014 @ 10:21 pm
I am looking for

- an mpreg fic where Dean is pregnant, i hope for something non-au and with more IC as possible.

- a fic about Dean and the "following dads orders, a good little soldier" thing.

- a fic where John or Sam discover that Dean is gay
Hi there :)

I'm looking for wincest/weecest fics featuring queer Sam (not heterosexual and/or not cishet male). Gay, bi, pan, genderqueer, etc. are all welcome. Basically fics where he's not just "gay for Dean but otherwise straight." He doesn't necessarily have to have a relationship with another male character but somewhere in the fic he acknowledges he's queer (either internally or to another character).
Examples include crown and anchor me (http://archiveofourown.org/works/133815) where sam has a relationship with his soccer coach (if I recall correctly), and the beggars would ride 'verse where fem!sam is a lesbian (http://archiveofourown.org/works/9289). Gencest/preslash recs are also welcome.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much!
Hey Guys!

Just as the subject line says, I am on the look out for some Gen stories with Sam being homosexual only. Stories where Sam is going through the normal homosexuality conflicts and Dean being an awesome big brother and helping him through. I more specifically want stories where Sam comes out to Dean and all of the fluffy stuff that comes with it.

Doesn't even matter what AU it's in. Just want a plotty Gen story where Sam is gay and where Dean is an awesome brother about it. Maybe OCs in the story when Sam starts dating and Dean starts being the overprotective brother and giving the boy the "If you hurt my brother..." talk.

If it can be avoided, I would like the story not to be heavy in sexual content. Both if the story is very close to the request, Rec away!

No Wincest for this request (Gasp, I can't believe I said that!)

Thanks in advance! :)
01 May 2014 @ 08:15 pm
The specific story I'm looking for is an AU rockstar J2 story.  It's a rather lengthy story, possibly posted in 2 parts.  Jared and Jensen were in a band together and dating...When the band broke up, Jared and Jensen broke up, too, because Jensen refused to come out.  Years later, Jared sneaks in to see Jensen perform, and Jensen sees him.  Jensen tracks Jared down and wants another shot.  Jared doesn't give in because Jensen still refuses to come out, acknowledge the fact that Jared would be more than just a friend.  I remember a part where Jensen bangs on Jared's door, and Jared stays in his room, crying, refusing to let Jensen in.  Eventually, Jared turns on the TV to see Jensen giving an interview where he comes out. Someone, please, help me find this story.

EDIT: Story has been found and link can be found in comments.
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01 May 2014 @ 04:48 pm
Are there any tics where Dean comes out to Sam? It can be about Cas or just in general. Thank you!!
17 April 2014 @ 02:11 pm
So I'm trying to find any stories that have one of the boys (was thinking Jared) as a yoga teacher and the other comes an starts taking classes trying to find a girl to date, but ends up hooking up with the yoga teacher. Searched through the tags and didnt see anything regarding a fitness/trainer career. Don't know if anything like this exist. A story line just popped into my head today in yoga.
thanks for your help everyone!
07 March 2014 @ 08:32 pm
Like the header says. I'm looking for one general fic type/theme; I've been looking for something with a certain feel and having no luck. Is there anything where Jensen is gay and Jared is straight and Jared defends/protects Jensen (even only verbally), when he comes out or just for being gay in general. Gen or slash, I would just like to read a story/scene based on that. Please, no a/o, slavery, bdsm, and no WIPs, though if the author posts regularly and the story is close to being finished, I'll thank you and give it a try. Thank you all :-) (I have no clue how to tag this)
02 February 2014 @ 12:38 pm
Ok, so I'm looking for two kinds of fics:

1. A drug fic where someone, preferably Dean, smokes weed. I've seen a lot of drug fics that are super angsty and dark but I really want one where they just get goofy and dumb. Can be Dean, Sam, Cas, or really any side character (Bobby or Garth would be hilarious), Destiel would be awesome, and no Wincest, RPF, or WIPs.

2. I've seen a lot of Dean coming out fics that involve specifically John but I was really hoping to find one that focused on Dean's interactions with other characters either after he's come out or while he's having his big gay freakout. I'm thinking characters like Benny, Becky, Jodie, Kevin, Garth, Charlie, Rufus, Pastor Jim, Joe, Ellen, Ash, or Adam (uh... pretty much any side character). The reactions can be positive or negative. Destiel would be cool or Dean/OMC, no Wincest, RPF, or WIPs.
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21 October 2013 @ 12:51 pm
Hi guys,

 1. I'm looking for fics were one of the J's was or still is in fostercare and had a rough childhood (physical, mental abuse etc.). I'd love to read something along the lines of Brand New Start.

2. I adored the Strangers and Angels verse especially how the relationship between the brothers and Jo's family is protrayed. So I'm wondering if there are other good stories like that out there, that deal with the boys being welcomed into a family. (I already looked through older, similar searches and I am now looking for additional stories)

3. Are there any stories were the Js or Sam and Dean are scuba divers, or just scuba dive in their free time? I don't think I've come across a story like that, and I came up empty googling it so.... recs plez if you got any :-)

4. And last but not least. Does anyone know if there is a story out there that is based on the movie "Shelter" by Jonah Markowitz? I just loved the atmosphere and tone of the movie and was wondering if anyone has written something based on it.

Thx everyone in advance!
 Hi guys,

I'm looking for a fic that I read quite a while back and can't find anymore.

The fic features Sam and Dean in a bar where, by chance, they meet an old friend who Sam knows from Stanford.
The guy is really flirty with Sam (but nothing happens except for flirting).

Afterwards in the car Dean tells Sam that he's way too nice and that the guy was all over him and Sam basically just let it happen.
Sam then tells him that he and the guy were more than friends at Stanford, but that it didn't work out (the relationship was pre-Jessica I think).
Dean freaks a little bit, because he's so surprised, but he's cool with it. He makes a smartass remark whether Sam pitches or catches.

Anyone know that fic? Thanks in advance!
FOUND: http://archiveofourown.org/works/637592/chapters/1155362
This Circus We're in by SillyBlue

I cannot believe that I totally forgot to update this entry with the link to this story.

Looking for: gender issues-transgender Dean or Castiel...

Read more... )

I am looking for any recommendations Stories that have either Castiel/Jimmy or Dean having gender identity issues. They really think of themselves as female but were born male. or were born female but think of themselves as male.

Destiel or Gen would be appreciated.

No Wincest please

thank you

tags: story recommendations, genre: AU, affliction: gender-identity/transgender, attribute: gender-identity/transgender, genre: orientation discovery, pairing: Dean/Castiel, genre: gen - no pairing, genre: high school, genre: first time, genre: angst, genre: college, genre: episode au, genre: pre-series, genre: slash, character: dean, character: castiel, character: jimmy, human!castiel.
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16 July 2013 @ 03:59 pm
I really want fics where Sam Dean or Cas are queer. They can be about coming out, anything, but please warn if they are triggers!! Gen is perfectly okay so is wincest, sastiel or destiel!!
25 June 2013 @ 11:46 am
I have a few requests now that I am getting the hang out this site now.

1) Any stories where Jensen/Dean has a girlfriend before meeting Jared/Sam. Is confused about is attraction to him and is in denial. More specifically I want to see how Jensen/Dean struggles with his growing attraction to Jared/Sam. He can't even be intimate with his girlfriend anymore without thinking about Jared/Sam. I want his girlfriend to realize this and is sad about the revelation, but loves Jensen/Dean to much to let this continue. I want to see Jensen taking every measure possible to make the relationship work because he loves his girlfriend. In the end I do want to see Jared and Jensen together though. And possibly with a friendship with his girlfriend. No cheating!

2) Jared ruins Jensen sex life with everyone else. (everyone else sucks now that he's been with Jared)

3)High school Nerdy/Geeky Jensen and Popular Jared. Jensen is secretly crushing on Jared and he won't him one glance. He basically doesn't exist. Somehow Jensen finds some adorable and cheesy way to get Jared's attention. And Jared finally decides to give him a chance.

4) High School Nerdy/Geeky Virgin Jensen/Dean and Popular Jared/Sam. Jared/Sam is surprised by how much Jensen/Dean blows his mind in the bedroom. Mature stuff... )

And I have I preference towards bottom Sam/Jared in my stories...
Basically any destiel story or Dean centric story where Sam finds out Dean is gay/bi/basically just into guys and Sam had no idea, or maybe had an idea but never knew what to think of it. Fics where Sam figures out Dean and Cas are together are a plus too.

No wincest please!
or any incest please!

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06 June 2013 @ 09:22 pm
Hey! I looking for four kinds of fanfics
1) A fanfic where Sam, Dean and Cas they travel to another universe where everything is the same except all the genders are switched! Bonus if Fem!Dean and fem!Cas are dating, but i don't care if its wincest or any other ship!
2) Either Sam or Dean start reading slash supernatural's fanfic, i rather Destiel, but again, any ship goes.
3) A fake relationship where Dean has to pretend to be castiel (or sam) boyfriend
4) Dean is Gay/Bisexual and somehow John discovers and is homofobic (Bonus for Destiel!)
Thank you all!
26 May 2013 @ 12:24 pm
I don't really know how to start this, so I'm just going to jump in. Fair warning, this list is long. Also, I'd just like non-Wincest fics.

1. crying!Dean fics. I don't care why he's crying, I just want him crying and Sam or John comforting him.
2. Dean or John is deaged and Same has to take care of them.
3. blind, deaf, hurt, or sick!Dean with Sam taking care of him. I don't care if how hard the injury is or how sick Dean is, if he's been blind or deaf since birth, if it's permanent or just part of a curse.
4. protective or smart!Sam. Just something where Dean or John realize that Sammy isn't little anymore.
5. girl!Sam. Because I'd bet she'd be awesome, I'd prefer Dean is still a boy, unless
6. doctor!Sam. At least have taken some classes, and how'd that would affect their hunts.
7. Crossovers with Criminal Minds (with a focus on Sam and Reid) or SuperWhoLock crossovers. Any kind. Though a focus on Sam, the Elventh Doctor, and Sherlock would be loved.
8. Sam as teenaged father please, or Sam with a daughter.
9. Sam realizing he's gay or bi, and John and Dean's reactions
10. Sam going back just mentally and impressing everyone with his knowledge, or physically and everyone wondering what the hell happened to make him like this.
11. abused!Dean. Any kind, but I'd like the main on it to focus on his recovery.
12. teen!Sam getting addicted to any kind of drugs or starts cutting.
13. teen!Dean getting an eating disorder or being raped and a focus on his recovery.
14. Basically any Castiel/Sam fics that don't meet any of these requirements. No porn unless it's part of a much larger story.

Hi guys

I just started readin a great J² AU story with dragon riders (Here's the link for the masterpost: http://pekodragon.livejournal.com/3463.html ; )
Unfortunately, the chapter nine is missing and the PDF was on megaupload ... which means, it's gone - -

It's an amazing story, in which Jared and Jensen meet in a small village because they were both sent away from their families because they're gay. But they both receive letters to by candidate to become dragonriders (4 years apart) in separate ennemy countries  and we follow their life, hardship and training. I haven't read further than chapter 8, of course, I'm hoping someone will be able to help.

As the chapters are quite long, missing one means missing a huge part of the story and, as I really like it, I was really hoping that someone had the PDF and could send it to me ?

So, if you're out there and you know what I'm talking about, here's my e-mail: koalavoyageur@hotmail.com

Thank you ^^
Can you recommend me any stories with a transgender character, a character with intersexual characteristics, someone facing problems because of their gender identity,

... or stories with a (pansexual) character, who deliberately ignores the gender binary and sexual orientation categories?

RPF with J2 would be good, though I would be fine with any pairing or Gen.
Preferrably AU and completed fics.

I really hope that you can help me out! I've been looking in a lot of places, but most stories were Winchester, Wincest or just cross-dressing fics.

Thank you so much in advance!

Example: "Oh, My Queen!" by [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte
11 March 2013 @ 11:33 pm
Oddly, lately I've been in the mood for femslash stories. But as I've never read any before, I have no idea where to start. So if anyone's read any good f/f themed fics, or a good fic with a f/f relationship in the background. I'm not picky on pairings, but it would be cool if Bela, Jo or Anna were in it. The only thing I ask is nothing with explicit sex scenes in it.
Both canon and au stories are welcome.
Thank you!
EDIT: Found in comments!

I can't remember the title or author of this fic, all I remember is that Jared overhears Jensen talking on the phone to his dad and Jensen is crying and telling his dad "he's in deep." Jared can't imagine what could possibly make Jensen sound like that, little does he know its because Jensen has fallen in love with him. I'm not sure, but I think maybe Jensen thought he was straight until Jared. I remember Jensen's dad tries to comfort Jensen by telling him he's a good man and he'll figure out the right thing to do or something like that.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of a story I believe is by [livejournal.com profile] karfraegh (it was originally under her other pen name, garvaldmains) where Jensen kidnaps doctor Jared and forces Jared to go with him to a special hideout. Jensen's daughter was kidnapped or something and Jensen had been in jail. Jensen is hurt and Jared patches him and slowly grows to believe in Jensen's innocence or something like that. I tried friending her, but apparently the journal has been untouched for nearly a year and I guess I'm out of luck with that avenue.

Thanks in advance for the help.
I would like to find some fics with with Dean/Castiel with Dean having, or having had in the past, issues with his sexuality.

Also, I would like to find Jensen/Misha fics with issues of one of their bi- or homosexuality, but in this case, I don't care if it's Jensen or Misha who are having or have had those issues.

Thank you in advance!!
07 January 2013 @ 09:49 am
Hi, me again :) If anyone can help me out with any of the following, that would be very much appreciated as always.

1) I've recently discovered a love for non-AU orientation discovery fics, (I guess you could call them that), but the majority I've read were set in Jensen's point of view, with the exception of The Play-Nice Proviso (a beautiful read, by the way) which featured some points of view from Jared as well. Well, I'm looking for non-AU discoveries where it's mainly focused on Jared as the person who figures out he's falling for his co-star and tracks his feelings and doubts about it. If anyone has happened to come across this kind of fic, please send it my way :)

2) My friend sent me this edited picture of Jensen and it got me set off on a search for any fics where Jensen is in drag. I've come across a transgendered Jared fic so I figured drag!Jensen should exist as well.

3) any fics where either Jared or Jensen a) is dyslexic and the other J helps him out with reading and stuff b) has autism c) is deaf or mute

4) in need of some schmooptastic pre-slash wincest or spn gen that focuses mainly or solely on Sam and Dean's codependency. Can be 3rd person or outsider pov.

Completed fics with working pdf links are preferred but anything will do. Thanks so much in advance! <3
31 December 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Basically I'm looking for fics where
  • the boys are strangers or are barely acquainted (ie. friends of friends, ride the same subway, work in the same giant corporation, you get the idea)
  • one or both of the boys has never been intimate with a guy
    • maybe he's bi/gay-curious
    • doesn't matter if he's "heterosexually active" or completely virginal
  • the boys randomly meet up at a bar, a club, a party, a concert, somewhere with excessive alcohol consumption
  • one or both of the boys have heavily imbibed
  • they hook up
Simple as that. 

I would prefer a story that builds from there, but I suppose I can live with PWP.  :P

  • no AU
  • no knotting
  • no creatures (ie. incubus, vampire, were-whatever)
  • no magic or mind-control
  • no mpreg
  • no dub/non-con
11 December 2012 @ 09:06 pm
Heyy! i have looked for some gay!sam fics but they are almost ALL gay!dean!!! (whats up with that?) so i was hoping you could send me all of the gen. gay!sam fics. sam coming out, just talking about it, sleeping with guys, being caught sleeping with guys, etc... NO pairings with canon characters please. dean is okay, awesome, confused about it, he can be awkward or angry at first but then comes to terms with it and is okay. he could already know and is just waiting for sam to tell him. (like kurt from glee coming out to his dad.) john can be fine with it or not. maybe he kicks sam out and dean stays with sam or somethin'. or sam cuts because he's gay. if there is sex, or they talk about it i would prefer bottom!sam, but not necessary. self recs are good. teen!chester or not, but please nothing in season 3 or 4. and NO au's please, or mpreg. THANK YOU!!! <3
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