02 August 2017 @ 11:04 pm
Hi guys!
I would like to read some non!au or slightly!au j2 fics, like where boys are still actors, working on the show, have the same backstory as in real life. Mabybe with the side of pining and first time with each other. Also, big bonus if its big and slow burn and something up to last seasons timeline (not a must).
02 August 2017 @ 04:46 pm
I´m looking for two diffrent kind of stories

1: Is there anything were Jensen hurts Jared and Jared goes away and Jensen has to work really hard to get Jared back? In many fics Jared forgives Jensen sometimes just because he showed up or after one date. I´m looking for something were Jensen really has to work for it.

2: Any fic were Jensen is a vampire (or were) and turns Jared.

Thank you for your help
I've been looking for fics like this one http://lostt1.livejournal.com/316410.html
"Jensen has been in love with Jared for years. The problem: Jared is his best friend's little brother. The solution: Jensen moves to California and writes songs for popular pop artists. Every song is about Jared. But what happens when Jensen finds himself living with Jared after six years apart? Will the balance he's found fall apart or will he finally get the one thing he's always wanted?"

So, in short, fics that have one of the Js writing songs about the other, or fics that have the one of them being older than the other (high school, college) and pining.

Hello! I have a few requests that I hope some of you can help me with.

  1. Fics where Dean gets it on with older hunters or men in general that highlight his daddy issues. Even better if they happen to be men John knows and there's a fair amount of Dean/John subtext. An example of what I'm looking for is Yellow Couch by Janissa11.

  2. Fics that explore the idea that Sam has romantic and sexual feelings for his brother while Dean doesn't feel the same way. My personal favorite take on the trope is when Dean tries to give Sam what he wants anyway or uses sex as a tool. But I'm also open to stories where it doesn't get any further than pining!Sam or Dean rejecting him.

  3. Fics that generally address Dean's instrumental perception of his body and the fact that he tends to use sex as a weapon.

  4. Casefics that stood out to you because the author was really good at evoking a creepy mood. Additionally, casefics where the setting plays an important part in the story. Especially if the story happens to be set in the woods.

I'm cool with gen or any pairing involving Dean. Just please don't recommend anything that has hurt!Sam unless Dean is also similarly hurt.
10 May 2017 @ 09:14 am
I'm looking for a j2 werewolf fic where jensen's family raises jared as their son too but when they are older they become attracted to each other and eventually become mates.
08 May 2017 @ 09:19 pm
Hey guys, it's been a while and I'm back with an unusual request. I'm usually all wincest all the time but lately I've been slowly moving into J2. So now I'm looking for fics where Jared is the one pining for Jensen or maybe something happens that makes him insecure in/about their relationship, preferably au/first time. I love the a/b/o fics and mpreg and especially where Jared is younger by a lot.

I'm also wondering if anyone has copies of Jassy's fics. She was one of my favorites on the samdean archive and with it down I've lost a lot of my favorite fics like Finding Home, Learning to Breathe, and It's Just a Jump to the Left.

Thanks so much for any help!!
It was non-au, Jensen was helping Jared renovate his house, he was painting a wall and slipped and fell down the stairs. After Jensen was signed off from hospital, Jared took him to his house and took care of him. I remember that Jared furnished a room for Jensen specifically, so he could have his own room. I'm pretty sure Jensen was pining.

15 March 2017 @ 12:24 am
Hi guys!
I am looking for specific wincest fic, i kinda don't remember a lot from the actual plot (cause that thing might have been a pwp) where sam and dean were pretty young, pre stanford era, and Sam was highly fascinated with Dean, i do remember clearly there was a scene of Dean, erm, trimming his pubic hair and Sam wanted to watch? Or he thought about that? Or something like that. Long story short Sam was pining for Dean and i think there was some sexy times in the end. Help? Thanks!
Hi guys, I've been in such a bad mood lately... Hope you can help me out :)
I'm just looking for some stories that feature either (or all of??)
#1 Sam and Dean having to pretend to be boyfriends/husbands for whatever reason. I probably already read some of them but surely not all.

#2 Sam and Dean being mistaken for a couple? I love this trope as much as the pretend couple one. Just Sam and Dean being mistaken for boyfriends, maybe going along with it or put up a fight at first...? Just about anything.

#3 Sam and Dean in couples' therapy (or any therapy, really) as long as there's Wincest as the endgame. It can be something inspired by the episode 5.11 "Sam, Interrupted" or a case fic... I don't really care. I read Couples' Counseling by [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze a while ago and absolutely loved it. So if you have anything similar to this.

#4 Anything that has at least a bit of a humor and light in it and ends with Wincest? I'm not really a fan of established-relationship but if you think it's good, I'll read it. I don't mind angst but happy ending is a must :)

Hey guys! So I read this wincest fic where Sam was either in Stanford or working as a lawyer in the Palo Alto area. In this fic Sam lives with Jess (who doesn't die) and Dean works as a firefighter in town. Dean lives close enough that he sees Sam often and even sneaks money for Sam and Jess' rent into their mailbox and he's been pining after Sam all the while. Anyway Dean gets sick and stops showing up at work and starts missing hang out sessions with Sam and it turns out that he's been cursed by some creature similar to a succubus/incubus that's been visiting him in his dreams and invariably draining him of all his energy in the real world. The succubus (incubus?) takes on the appearance of Sam and gives him what the real Sam doesn't so Dean starts to sleep more and more. Sam gets concerned and does his research and falls into Deans dream world to rescue him. When he realizes that Dean has been pining after him he reveals his feelings and they leave the dream world together?? Any help??
31 January 2017 @ 10:40 am
I'm in the mood for some Wincest Dean POV fics. Seems most out there are Sam POV with Sam silently pining away.

If not Dean POV then a clearly pining Dean where Sam isn't making a move. The longer the better and angst and pining slow builds would be awesome.

Some I've already read:
All stories by candle_beck
Summer Blackout by nutkin (and everything else by them)
Two Queens by belyste (more humor but at least Dean POV)
And indeed there will be time by Greta
And the Devil Makes Three by Killa (and sequel)
Milestones by intrepidheart

Pining!Dean but from oblivious!Sam POV:
Crush by BewareTheIdes15

If you know of others to rec or know of complied lists that include Dean POV/pining Dean as a tag, let me know. I have looked through the tags here but did not find much...
29 November 2016 @ 10:00 pm
Hello! I'm looking for a specific fic.
Concrete details I remember:

-Dean and Sam haven't seen each other in a while
-Dean either takes Sam to see Bobby or Bobby comes to see Sam. Bobby has a good relationship with Dean.
-Dean was with Lisa (and Ben), who left him due to his alcoholism.
-Sam snoops through Dean's things and finds pictures of Lisa and Ben
-Everyone has been asking about Jess and Sam abruptly confesses to Dean that she died
-Dean has a house and Sam starts out in another bedroom but they end up sharing Dean's.
-Sam is attracted to Dean who at first appears to not share his feelings. Dean is disturbed by figuring out that his brother wants to fuck him.
-Sex happens. It is not good for Dean. It continues to happen though.
-In the end, Dean initiates and comes untouched from bottoming.

Details I vaguely remember and might be confusing with another fic:

-Dean is a construction worker
-Dean is nearly or always the bottom during sex
-John is dead and Sam is surprised to learn this years after the fact
-Sam has some guilt about how Jess died
-Sam tries to blow/jack off Dean during sex and Dean has a hard time maintaining an erection/orgasming
-Bobby warns Sam that Dean has had some rough times lately
-Sam clears off Dean's kitchen table and there is something written/scratched in to the surface that upsets Dean so they decide to get rid of it

Thank you!

Found!! It was For Too Long by Hellhoundsprey
25 November 2016 @ 01:50 pm
Hi all,

Just like the title says I have been in the mood for any and all fics were Jensen secretly pines for Jared and Jared is oblivious. I am hoping that there are fics out there where Jensen pines for what he thinks is a straight Jared but then out of the blue Jared starts dating a guy which gets Jensen really upset. Jared has no idea that Jensen secretly loves him. Maybe the story features Chris and Steve as Jensen's Friends. I'm kind of hoping for more Non AU fics where Jensen and Jared are actors on Supernatural but if you can rec me any oblivious Jared pining Jensen fics I will be happy.

Thanks in advance!

Okay, so I've been looking for this fic for approximately ever and I have never been able to refind it. It's set pre-series, immediately after Sam leaves for Stanford, and it follows John and Dean for the days or weeks after Sam left. It's in John's POV.

Dean is kind of mid-breakdown about the whole thing, but John is kind of refusing to acknowledge it. He's kind of in denial and thinks Dean is doing pretty okay, or doesn't want to have to deal with how not-okay Dean is. Then they hunt something that they both KNOW has been throwing people off cliffs and he sees Dean follow it up onto the clifftop anyway and nearly get himself killed, and then he's like "holy shit I think he just tried to commit suicide by hunting." Dean, of course, doesn't cop to it.

I don't think the story is explicity Wincest, but iirc there are definitely implications. I think at one point John mentally compares how Dean is handling Sam leaving to how he behaved after Mary died.

Sound familiar to anyone? I've honestly been trying to find it for over a year, so any help is much appreciated.

26 October 2016 @ 12:01 am
I love Sastiel, and so I was wondering if there were any fics where Sam is in love with Cas but thinks that there is no way that Cas would ever be interested in him because he's 'unworthy', or even better; because he thinks that Cas is in love with Dean, and he doesn't want to get 'in the way' of their happiness (even though that's not true)? Happy endings preferable please!
13 September 2016 @ 03:21 pm
Ok so I'm new here and I absolutely love this site. Ya'll are so quick with responses! Ok this time I'm not looking for a specific fic, just a specific type of fic(s). I LOVE "First Time" fics. If you guys could rec a few that would be great! Here are a few things I look for:

1. I like for it to be more Sam pining for Dean and Dean has no idea.

2. I like when Dean is reluctant to proceed with the relationship once he finds out what Sam wants.

3. If its a Dean pining for Sam fic I like it when Sam takes the first move because he kinda already knows Dean wants him.

4. I like a slow build because I like to "feel" the pining before the happy ending lol

I'm listing a few stories as a reference as well. Like I said, I'm new so I have no idea how to tag a link so here are a few of my faves.

1. Last Day on Earth by Candle_Beck (IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE THIS WRITER IS PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE THE WORK IS AMAZING) In this one Sam gets hit with poisonous monster blood and he thinks he has only one day to live. The only thing he wants to do on his last day on Earth is kiss Dean...

2. With Resemblance to Sense by BewaresTheIdes15 - This is one where Dean becomes obsessed with getting Sam's cherry popped once he finds out that he's a virgin. One night Dean brings a girl back to the motel for Sam...and...well...

3. Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe by queenklu - This is one where Dean hasn't seen Sam for a while because he thinks Sam wants nothing to do with him. He decides to visit Sam at Stanford on Christmas and is a little bitter the whole time until he finds out that Sam left him a really embarassing voicemail on one of his phone that he never listened to.

Sorry this is a little long but I appreciate you guys taking time to help!
12 September 2016 @ 05:02 pm
Anyone got fics where Jensen is in love with Jared but Jared is so oblivious? I already read the one based on Superbad so dont rec please.

And if there are any fics where Jensen starts dating someone else and Jared gets jealous please recommend
Hey y'all!
Looking for a specific fic where Sam is a thief. What I can recall is he left because he was pining after Dean and wanted to get out of the life of hunting. He became a hotshot thief, and somehow gets reunited with Dean. Turns out Dean returns Sam's affections. Smexy times ensue.
02 June 2016 @ 09:08 pm

Hello Everybody:

I wanted to ask for your help, because I can't find a story about Dean, Sam and Cas living together. I don't remember that much, but these are my clues (or semi-clues) :

1) Sam and Dean were soulmates, I don't remember if it started whith their relationship being established and then Cas joined them, or if it was first Destiel and then become wincestiel. But I do remember Sam trying to woo Cas, taking him out on dates and Dean making fun of Sam because He dressed more stylish while Cas truly really appreciated the visual of Sam in tigh jeans and shirt XDD

2) They settle down in a big house.

3) I think Castiel gave up his grace to help the boys.

4)Sam had powers, some of them were of the healing kind, so He used them to help hunters at the house.

5) At some point of the story, they gave housing to a witch who tried to kill them. The girl was not very accepting of their relationship, specially because of the incest part of it.

6) Crowley was infatued with Castiel and tried to kidnap him a few times.

7) It was really long and well written story.

I hope you can help me.

Take care!!

Found: http://archiveofourown.org/series/44502

27 April 2016 @ 09:23 am

I'm looking for a fiction where Dean stays with Lisa even after Sam gets out of hell. The premise of the story is one sided Wincest. Castel knows of Sam's pining. The last one Sam is hunting and a tree falls on him.

When I first started reading fics about year ago I didn't even thought about bookmarking them and now I'm at complete loss how to find them. So if any fic that is J2 | NON AU | 10k words and more comes to your mind, please leave a link! :) Even the most classic ones, the most popular ones, doesn't matter :) :) I remember that a lot of them had Js living together and pining. Thank you!
Hi! So I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. They live together, I think it's non au. Jared broke up with Sandy not so long ago and Jensen finds list of kinks or something they like in Jared's drawer that he and Sandy once made. Then he uses it to make Jared fall for him. I think there was something on the list like "I like seeing the person in my clothes" or "I like when the person touches my neck", that kind of things.
28 March 2016 @ 08:36 pm

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you could help find a j2 story I read a few years ago, this is what I remember:

It was an AU where Jared didn't have a Jensen in his world, but He kept dreaming about him and missing him . I Think the fates create this universe on purpose, so Jared could accept his feelings for Jensen, beause in multiple parralel universes He never did.

There was an scene where jared's dogs keep barking and looking for someone(jensen) and Jared said something like "you miss him too".

In any case, thanks beforehand.


26 March 2016 @ 05:42 pm
Hi Im new to the community. I am looking for fics that have any of the following critieria. It can be jared/jensen or sam/dean

I am looking for stories that fall in one of these categories.

-Jared/Jensen-Friends that turn out to fall in love with each other (It can be one avoidng the other friend when they realize they themselves are in love and thought they were straight before
-Jared/Jensen- Married either fight or divorce due to cheating but happy ending
-Jared/Jensen- Dont like each other either because the person being an ass is in love with the other and thats their way of coping.Or they fall in love later. Please dont include The Play Nice Provisio. I've already read it. Thanks :)
- Stories like True Colors---where someone is mentally handicapped or handicapped in some other way and they fall in love.
-Jared Jensen/Sam Dean Pretending to be a couple but fall in love
Sam/Dean-- High School--no younger than 15/16 either one. But I prefer stories where the older one tries fighting the feelings first or has an issue with it because they are brothers.
So I am totally in the mood for some angsty (not too much though) fics where J2 are best friends, or becoming friends or something, and one realizes they are falling in love with the other but feels like it is hopeless and it will never happen, maybe there is another person that one of the J's is interested in or something, and the other J just feels like its too much and maybe starts avoiding the other J or thinks their friendship cant survive it or something. of course with a happy ending, them ending up together, they find out they both love each other, etc. i prefer bottom jensen if there is sex, or as close to it as possible.

also any fics where they break up for a little bit or the one expresses their love for the other and they other doesnt return it or cant return it at the time or something and then one of the J's just avoids the other and wallows and everyone is like "wow he is so sad, you can just tell" and then in the end happiness of course. again prefer bottom Jensen or as close to it as possible.

non-au or au works for me.

no dub-con, non-con, BDSM.

Hey guys, I'm just wondering if y'all could rec anything for the following:

1) misunderstandings - a slight or extreme misunderstanding (preferably between sam and dean) leads to hurt!sam

2) john winchester's a+ parenting - sam-centric stories dealing with john's less than stellar parenting (canon or exaggerated)

3) pining!sam - there's tons of fics with pining!dean but i'd really like some fics dealing with sam pining over someone (preferably dean)

22 January 2016 @ 06:47 am
I am looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure is set after Sam gets out of hell. Sam's been pining for Dean for years but has kept it hidden. After getting out of the Cage he's decided to just stay on his own, he's sure Dean would never feel the same and he doesn't want to try with anyone else. But Dean keeps trying to push Sam into getting back out there so to get Dean off his back Sam tells Dean that he no longer feels any sexual desire.
Howdy! Or if you prefer, hey hey! WHAT’S UP?

So, here’s my case. I've never successfully managed to post a comment to this community, maybe because I've always been too busy to take the time to read the instructions of how to post and do it correctly, but I've just had a go at that today seeing as I’m on vacation and now I'm hoping that I'll manage to get one through. It's one of my New Year's resolutions! :D

Here's my request :

(ETA : I tried to put a LJ cut here, but it was a fail)

I'm looking for works of ‘fiction’ where Jared is hopelessly devoted in mind and soul to Jensen, but he doesn't let it show because he doesn't think Jensen could possibly return his feelings. To make things worse, they play brothers on TV. When Jensen finds out, he doesn't get angry. He's surprised, and it takes him a little time to adjust. But, he loves Jared, so there’s greatness that ensues.

I love it when one or the other is scared.

I'm seeking stories that are J² non AU stories.

Plot is everything to me. So, basically, I really don't want to read any PWPs. I’ve already had my fair share of those in the past.

Examples of stories that I've read recently and that kind of follow along those lines are : I Can Feel You Tremble When We Touch and The Jared Padalecki Untitled Project

I love it when there's misunderstandings and fights, but they work it out in the end because they're mature adults and they love each other like crazy. So, because they love each other, they find a way to work it out (… short term, not long term). I also read a story once where Jared called Jensen a coward because he wasn't coming to terms fast enough with it. It drove me a little crazy.

Basically, I want Jared and Jensen to be together in a way which isn't so far-fetched... Because, I know that they're very « business as usual ».

If you start to alterate them in ways that change who they are (their favorite meal, their favorite color, the things they can’t live without...), then we fall into the whole category of J² AU stories, and I find them hard to follow because we're following what the author likes and not what Jensen and Jared like. Of course, the only thing that's to be changed IMO is their heterosexuality.

Anything set around SEASON 5 is adored.

Unfortunely, babies scare me. Once they started having babies IRL, there came this roadblock in my mind. See, commitment to that degree freaks me out, and I’m so not at that stage in my life. Whenever I think of babies, I start to think that I need to hit up the GYM again and get out my sneekers so I can perfect my cardio and therefore the art of running away. Also, I'm allergic to assholes... So, please save me the infeditely because I don't want that.

I’ve been digging here and there on a bunch of sites, but these stories are not easy to find. Most stories are either HET or J² AU stories.

P.S.- I love Sandra McCoy, Danneel Harris, Katie Cassidy, Alona Tal... And, it never hurts to have a touch of femininity here and there in a fic...

P.S.S.- Tornadoes fascinate me and terrify me. So, stories with natural disasters like this...

12 December 2015 @ 05:56 pm
Hello, all. Do you mind sharing your favorite Sam/Dean stories where Dean pines after an oblivious Sam (pining!Jensen works just as well)? Most of what I read is the other way around (or has both secretly pining), and I'm looking to expand my horizons. Happy ending or unrequited heartbreak - either is fine with me. I have no top/bottom preference, no content concerns, and I'm happy to read stories from any season, pre-series, post-series, or complete AUs.

Thank you!
So today I find myself hankering for...

1. Soulmate fics, specifically ones where soulmates have matching soulmarks or are colorblind until meeting their match, etc. Only wincest or J2, with bottom!Dean or bottom!Jensen, please.

2. pining!selfsacrificing!Jensen. Fics where he pines for Jared (who's oblivious and believes himself to be straight) and, since he's given up hope of the two of them ever happening, makes it his mission in life to make sure Jared's happy (being supportive, helping him with his relationship problems, offering him a shoulder to cry on, etc). Only bottom!Jensen, please, and I'd love happy endings (but angsty ones are alright as well, if you warn for them!).
12 November 2015 @ 08:34 pm
Look for 2 types of fics, can you please help?
1) Sam and Dean get together but Dean keeps going out and sleeping with girls
2) Slutty! Jensen - maybe Jared pines, maybe Jensen is cheating on Jared, I'm not fussy what the plot is as long as it's slutty!Jensen

Thanks guys, you rule!
01 November 2015 @ 07:13 pm
I was inspired by this gifset I saw today, where Sam gets fries for Dean, and Dean looks so delightfully surprised by it, and decided I wanted more.

I've read the opposite. Like fics where Deans is the one to do the 'wooing', buying Sam his fancy coffees, and taking him to nice places, and I'd like to see it the other way around because I think Dean is such an easy person to please. One little nice gesture from Sam and he'd go all sappy.

Bonus points if it includes teenchesters (though its not necessary) and poor little Sam naively thinking, that he's already at an disadvantage (with him not being a girl and all) so he must try extra hard.

I'm sorry if this sounds to specific, I just want Sam trying to get Dean's attention+affection by doing nice things for him.

Thank you all :)
15 October 2015 @ 11:38 pm
Hi all,
Can you please recommend for me fics where Boy 1 is pining for Boy 2. Boy 2 sleeps with Boy 1, but is also sleeping with other boys not realising how much he is hurting Boy 1. Loads of angst with a happy ending please!

Extra love given out for college fics.

I ship any pairing, but especially J2, Destiel and Wincest. I'm not really into alpha/beta/omega or mpreg. Thank you!
Okay, so I believe that these are two separate specific fics that I am looking for, but I could be wrong. Both are set pre-series, after Sam leaves for Stanford and are more or less from John's POV focusing on Dean and how he's handling his brother leaving (hint: not well). Both are Wincest, maybe only in implication, I can't 100% remember. I think both are oneshots/under 10k. The details I remember are below:

1. Dean is really not handling Sam leaving well and John is kind of refusing to acknowledge it, with kind of an attitude of "he's doing pretty okay" but then they hunt something that they both KNOW has been throwing people off cliffs and he sees Dean follow it up onto a clifface anyway and nearly get himself killed and then he's like "holy shit I think he just tried to commit suicide by hunting." Dean, of course, doesn't cop to it, but I think things get moderately better after they talk about it a little.

2. I remember even less detail about the second fic, but what stands out in my memory is a scene where Dean has just drunk himself dumb and is just sitting on the floor in the bathroom being intermittently sick while John witnesses. They may kind of discuss in this scene that Dean is losing it now that Sam's gone, and I think John might even draw a comparison to how he reacted to losing Mary.

I'm not quite sure that "John Finds Out" is the right genre to categorize this, but there is definitely acknowledgement from John in both of them that there was something more significant about his sons' bond than he initially realized. Take that as you will. I remember them both being subtle and very sad.

Thanks for your help!
06 August 2015 @ 07:43 pm

The fic I'm looking for is in the fic Jensen and Misha are housemates. And Misha likes to have loud sex with his girlfriend, and it really annoys Jensen.

One day, Jensen invites Jared (who he has a crush on) to study at his house, and they overheard Misha in the next room. When Jensen mention that Misha doesn't care that people heard him, and won't stop even though Jensen had asked him to, Jared suggests retaliation by having loud sex themselves. I remembered it was bottom!Jensen.

If anybody know it,I'd like to read it again.
06 August 2015 @ 12:05 am
Okay, so this may be an odd request, but I'm so in love with Hozier's song, "Work Song" right now and the music video is even more impressive. His entire album is just so filled with love in many different forms and approaches. So impressed and emotional over it right now.

Therefore, that leads me to really wanting to read some slow-burn, epic Sam/Dean fics. I'd love for the focus to be on their relationship as lovers rather than brothers. I want sensual, loving, romantic, etc. Slow-burn means I want it to be a long fic obviously, but also it be realistic. I can't stand fics where one of them wakes up one day (or Heaven forbid in the middle of a sentence...) and just "realizes" they love the other. Ugh. Slow-burning fics show work being put into the relationship, to make it work out. I guess, hence, "Work Song."

AU is fine but I always prefer the series fics. Sam/Dean only please. I'm not picky about anything else. I'd really like to stay away from dark fics for this request. I'm not looking for the trope of them growing closer through a horrific tragedy or rape/murder/kidnapping, etc. I just want that focus to really be on the romantic/sensual side of their relationship.

Thanks in advance!
15 July 2015 @ 08:31 am
Hi, all,

Looking for a particular fic that's been driving me nuts!
It's a first time Wincest fic, I believe set in seasons 1 or 2? It features a really angsty, self-loathing Dean, and he and Sam hook up/admit their feelings in an old timey carriage after hunting a ghost, I think. Bottom Dean for sure.
I don't think John's dead yet, I think I recall him calling the boys after the kiss or have sex for the first time and Dean freaking??
Not a lot to go one, I know! :/

Additionally, any recs for similar stories? First time Wincest featuring freaking out/self-loathing bottom Dean, hurt/comfort, caring!Sam? I'm already familiar with Leonisdaslion's fics. I tend to prefer more angst, slow burn, and h/c to lots of smut :) Bonus points for seasons 3 or hell trauma.

06 July 2015 @ 04:11 am
Can anyone recommend me any fics where Jensen is in love with Jared and you feel really bad for him because he is lonely, sad, etc. I just really want some angsty jensen fics. Those fics that make you want to hold him 😭

Deleted fic that I can't find.
Wake Me Up Before You Go by dollydolittle.
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific fic that I'll probably feel really silly for forgetting. What I remember:

-The fic takes place during Stanford-era and early Season 1.
- Sam's been secretly in love with Dean all his life, but is unsure whether to consider himself gay as Dean's been the only he loved.
- At Stanford, he gets some advice from a classmate to explore his sexuality a little, and ends up hooking up with said classmate, in a one time friends-with-benefits kind of way.
- Dean accidentally finds out about Sam's sexual exploration. Sam tells Dean his story, minus Dean being his One True Love. Dean is fairly cool with it.
- Dean finds videos/pictures of Sam with other guys on Sam's laptop while searching for things to salvage post-fire Season 1.
- Dean ends up taking Sam's laptop to the bathroom and secretly jerking off to one of the porn videos of Sam - although he gets interrupted by Sam halfway.
Any help would be amazing.

ETA: FOUND by phoenix1966! Desperate Measures by 427-67Impala
18 June 2015 @ 08:51 pm
Hi y'all,
may be a long shot, but here goes:

this is a short-ish fic set at the bunker at some non-specific time post-Castiel's fall. Beautifully sparse language. Castiel POV.

The main thrust is how very careful Dean is with Castiel, not wanting to push anything, not even his own company, on Castiel: there's a recurring sort of theme in Dean's comments to Cas: We could do this, if you want to... We could do that, if you'd like.

It's less than not a lot, I know, but I'm going out of my head here. It's just a very quiet and achy and beautiful fic and I really hope someone knows what I'm talking about. <3 Thank you!
06 June 2015 @ 12:44 am
Hey folks,

as the subject says, I'm looking for stories where Jensen and/or Jared show self-sacrificing love, basically going off the principle of "your happiness is more important than mine," whether that may be by choosing not to confess in order to keep their friendship, leaving or putting themselves in danger to protect the other, putting up with cheating or bullying, or something else entirely. Top!Jared preferred, but honestly it doesn't really matter to me! Dean/Sam is fine as well.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
23 May 2015 @ 10:22 pm
Hi, everyone:)
I´m looking for some good wincest stories:

1. Any good case fics with protective Dean and hurt Sam
2. Any slow burn fics with the boys pining for each other
3. Any fics with blind Sam and Dean helping him deal and taking care of him

please all bottom Sam or switching, also prefer long stories 20Kwords and more

thank you all in advance:)
08 May 2015 @ 08:35 am
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a specific fic that's wincest and teenchesters. Sam had to go to a prep school because of a case and they were staying in the headmasters pool house, I think his name was Gary. Kids at the prep school were using sex magic to get what they want and some things happen and Dean has to end up enrolling in the school and he and Sam end up having to pretend to be boyfriends and both seem really ok with that :) that's as far as I got before I lost it, thank you so much for your help in advance! Oh and Dean had to wear a kilt to school
05 May 2015 @ 12:44 am
I'm looking for this specific J2 story but I can't locate it. Maybe someone can help. This is what I remember about it:

Jensen and Jared are together, but then Jensen thinks Jared betrayed him in some way (I don't remember the circumstances, but I think he thinks Jared cheated on him). He leaves for college, not knowing that Jared is innocent and waiting to be able to meet up with him in college. When Jared follows him to college several years later, Jensen has become an asshole player who only has one night stands. When Jared finds him again, Jensen sleeps with him to get revenge and treats him badly afterwards. He somehow finds out that Jared did not betray him and he feels bad that he treated Jared so badly - especially when he discovers that it was Jared's first time because he had waited for him.

I know it sounds convoluted because I don't remember a lot of details, but hopefully it's enough to jog someone's memory.
22 April 2015 @ 10:15 am
Hi, are there any fics out there that focus on Sam finding out about Destiel? Either Sam finds out about their relationship, or they aren't together yet and Sam finds out that Dean or Castiel has feelings for the other?

I'd really like stories focusing on Sam realizing Dean's feelings, and having to come to terms with his brother being bisexual. I'm fine with a right-off-the-go supporting!Sam, or initially dubious, slightly disconcerted!Sam. I don't mind if Sam acts slightly homophobic initially, as long as he's loving and accepting in the end.

I'd especially like stories that focus on Sam realizing that Dean is pining for Castiel, but that Dean doesn't think the angel could ever love him back (either because Cas is an angel so it seems obvious that a male/male relationship would be taboo, or because Dean believes himself to be inherently unloveable), and Sam feeling his big brother's pain and perhaps trying to find out by himself if Cas could actually return Dean's feelings, and tries to set them up.

Basically, I'm kind of looking for a Destiel fic focusing on Destiel from Sam's point of view. Please help?
14 April 2015 @ 09:53 pm
Based off an old prompt on this comm. I was wondering if there were any fics where Dean is in love with Sam but is sad because (he thinks?) Sam doesn't love him back? I'd especially like fics where despite that, Dean does everything in his power to make Sam happy and protect him because he loves him so much (but it's not a must). Can lead to eventual wincest, or can be unrequited, I'm not too picky. Just as long as it's along those lines.
30 March 2015 @ 11:31 pm
I've been looking for this story where Sam and Dean start a relationship before Sam goes to Stanford but Dean breaks things off because he thinks Sam's using him to get back at John. Dean had found the Stanford acceptance letter, and Sam keeps starting things when John could catch them. Fast forward to after Stanford, Sam wants to start things again, but Dean still thinks Sam doesn't love him.

Thank you!
30 March 2015 @ 12:14 am
so i saw a post on tumblr today about jareds friendship with stephen amell, so i was wondering if there are any fics where jensen, jared and stephen arent married with kids or anything and jensen gets jealous and depressed because jared is all of a sudden so close to and best friends with stephen and he is so used to being jareds best friend and he is in love with jared and all that jazz. could be that they are just friends and seeing him with stephen makes him sad and makes him feel left out and then eventually they get together or it could be already established j2 with jensen still getting upset about jared being so close to stephen. bottom jensen only please.
1. So basically, I was wondering if there were any fics where Sam and Dean were in a relationship before Sam broke it off and headed for Stanford, leaving a heartbroken Dean behind? Or any fics where Dean was in love with Sam, but never told him (or where Sam didn't return those feelings/or he did, but was afraid of them?) when he left for Standord?
Basically, I'm looking for pining!heartbroken!dean, who can't bear the thought that the love of his life left him behind. (I would love, love, LOVE if there was mpreg somehow incorporated into one of these stories; maybe Sam gets Dean pregnant before he leaves?), but it's not a must.

2. Sort of along the same lines but basically, any (wincest) story where Dean gets his heart broken by Sam. Maybe he tells Sam that he loves him but Sam is horrified and pushes him away (unhappy endings are fine). Fics where they fight and Sam tells him that he wants nothing to do with him again and Dean believes it (because we all know that this would be the greatest punishment that Sam could give to Dean). Fics where Dean for some reason believes that sam doesn't love him anymore? A/b/o, Sam cutting off his mating bonds? Literally, anything really, I'm just looking for lost of angst and heartbreak on Dean's side. (Happy endings are preferred, but angsty, unhappy ones are fine too!)

Thank you! :)
I'm looking for a fic where Jared was insecure about his collection of what all the other dragons considered "junk". While everyone else collected gold and jewels, Jared liked to collect My Little Pony figurines.

Found! Treasure Troves and Flights of Fancy over at spnkink_meme



Jared is insecure about being unmated. The submissives build nests and the dominants (maybe) fight to stake a claim on their chosen mate. Nobody has chosen Jared, even though his nest is spectacular this season.


Both areDragon!Fics and both are J2. I may be mixing together Fics but I loved them... So if anything sounds familiar, please let me know!

Found! Fancy Rained Like Grace by [livejournal.com profile] salire