23 August 2017 @ 07:45 pm
Hi all

Hoping y'all can help me. I'm looking for a specific fic where Cas was trapped in a Purgatory type place and Dean went after him. I remember Dean disguised himself somehow and teamed up with someone (maybe Gordon?) who led him to a settlement where Cas was tied to a post being tortured. The monsters kept making him manifest somehow and he was pretty far gone. Very animalistic. Dean breaks him loose but it takes time for Cas to even recognize Dean.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? There may have been a train (maybe metaphorical?) that they eventually escape on or I may be blending stories. Any help is greatly appreciated.
09 February 2017 @ 03:32 pm
1. Looking for any fic where Dean knows he always comes back or doesn't really care and constantly just gives himself up (which he does anyway, obviously), but leaning more towards Sam and Cas just getting plain angry or trying to plead with him to stop.

2. Or any fic where the angels/anyone find out how favored Dean is by God, with God actually getting angry when someone kills or hurts Dean.

(There's a Teen Wolf crossover that was massively long on Ao3 where the whole town, I'm pretty sure, finds out about the supernatural, and Dean dies during a fight, not caring because he knows he can't die at all and he comes back minutes later and if anyone knows that one that'd be awesome)
The latest episode has reminded me of how much I love fics where the Winchesters are just huge BAMFs.
I'm looking for fics that show how actually dangerous Sam and Dean can be, especially against "normal" enemies (i.e. nothing world-ending (although they do kick ass there too)). Can be monster or human related (e.g. law enforcement etc). Outsider POV is always cool for these kind of things, but that's not a requirement.

Can be Sam and/or Dean centric (although I'm more of a Dean!girl *cough*).

Double bonus if you could point me towards "Dean being a dangerous bamf in Hell/ Purgatory" fics

I'd prefer no Wincest, but I'll read it if you think the story is just that good.

Thanks! :)

[Is there no "Hell" tag or did I overlook it?]
Hello, first time posting anywhere so apologies for any mistakes.

I am looking for a fic I read a few years ago. I believe it was Sam/Dean and mpreg. From what I remember Sam was pregnant with Dean's baby while Dean was away (I think in purgatory). The baby doesn't make it and Sam keeps the ashes in a box that he acts sketchy about when Dean returns. Sam seems very depressed, Dean is angry. Dean thinks it's drugs or something bad in the box and dumps out the ashes in a pond...? i don't really remember anything else. Does anyone have any idea what this story might be?
I'm not looking for a specific fic. But any fic that has to do with Dean being traumitized from his time spent in Hell or Purgatory. It could be anywhere from being nonfunctional and not able to be left unsupervised to functioning but with severe PTSD. I really want to read about the emotional, physical, psychological effects of Hell or Purgatory on Dean.

Also they can be AU in that maybe Sam gets Dean out of Hell and angels aren't involved ot it can follow canon.

Also I'm good with both Wincest and Destiel, so if anyone knows any good fics I would be grateful!
05 June 2016 @ 12:22 am
Hello again once more community!

This time I'm looking for fics in which Sam is the one in purgatory instead of Dean and by extension is the one that meets and befriends Benny.

And also I'm looking for fics where the main pairing is Senny, SamxBenny. Any fics, doesn't really matter.

The first and the second can be combined with Sam in purgatory with Senny, in case that wasn't obvious.

Thank you!
31 March 2016 @ 11:41 pm
Hey guys, I'm just wondering if y'all could rec anything for the following:

1) pre-season 8 - any story that deals with sam while dean is in purgatory, but without amelia.

2) meg+sam - stories where meg and sam are friends or act like siblings because of azazel's blood in sam (kind of like their relationship in hell's bells by safiyabat)

3) apologetic!dean - stories where dean genuinely apologizes to sam and tries to make it up to him (canon or otherwise)

I'd prefer these stories be gen or wincest, but I'll take anything (minus destiel).

Hi All,
SO I've been trying to locate this specific Wincest Story I read maybe last year.

I can't remember the title. But this is what I kind of remember:
Dean is back from purgatory with Benny and Sam of course is Jealous and throws a fit or accuse Dean of sleeping with Benny. I think Dean loses it or gets really pissed off and ties Sam up (can't remember if he does or not)

But I do remember Dean asking Benny to hold Sam so he doesn't run away and Benny whispering in Sam ear "looks like you push big brother to far this time, maybe he'll let me share in the fun". I do remember Sam getting scared at this point and Dean actually gets mad at Benny and tells Benny to lay off "I told you to hold him not scare him"

I can't recall if this was a D/S relationship between Dean and Sam or it becomes one because how purgatory has change Dean.

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? if it does can you please rec it to me??

Also while on the subject does any one have any good Purgatory Dean Recs. I mean where the writer actually explore Dean total 180 change his new skills he aquired. I mean remember how he could hunt down the monsters easily while he was in Purgatory and smell a lie easily (interrogating that guy in Jail). and Sam's reaction/feeling to this whole new Dean. I mean Dean was a good hunter before but now, he is Scary Bad-Ass better. It could be Wincest or Gen. if it is Wincest I preferred Bottom Sam. I mean after 1 year in Purgatory Dean is more likely all Alpha and Dominant.
17 April 2015 @ 08:38 pm
I'm looking for any fics which explain why Sam didn't search for Dean when he was in purgatory. Maybe he had cancer or an illness, just something that prevented Sam from being able to search. I love Wincest and gen, but I'll take any pairing except Dean/Cas. Thanks!
This is my second favorite wincest fic aND I LOVE IT :(

PLEASE HELP!! Dean came back from purgatory and he treats Sam really bad because he thinks Sam jut stayed with Amelia, when really, Sam had tried to commit suicide and Sam's baby (with Dean) had died. He now kept the cremation (??) of his unborn kid n a box that he never let Dean touch. I remember that Dean dumped the contents of the box into the lake and Sam sat by the lake and cried for a long time (than went to the dumpsters to try to find some of his box). Sam calls his "kid" Box.

Dean eventually finds out what Box was and they (after a while) become a messed up family with Box as their kid, although Sam is really hesitant to let Dean touch box.
30 May 2014 @ 07:23 am
Hi! First of all, sorry to the mods. I'm pretty sure my first attempt to post broke just about every rule - and the subsequent attempts havn't been that great!

Can't remember what I was after last time so we're going to go with what I like now - I'm fickle that way!

I would really appreciate links for any of the following (i've gone through the tags on here so if you know of any that might not have been recced all that much that's be awesome too!):

1- boys raised apart - Love love anything to do with this trope! Especially if one of them gets the worse end of the stick (not too fussed who is the one in the bad situation- or what kind of abused). I absolutely loved In Shadow so anything along those lines would be wonderful.

2- feral boys - again, anything at all in this line would be love!

3- Dean post purgatory - Just starting season 8 and I want anything showing dean as a BAMF post purgatory. Or at all really. Dean or Sam being completely bad ass. Yes please!

4- Your personal favourite fic. The one you go back to time and again. I prefer long and plotty and I'm not that keen on wincest but to be honest I'll read anything that's well written.

I'm new to the fandom so any recs you have would be lovely.. Thank you wonderful people!!

(Mods - i've got no idea what i'm doing with tags so hopefully this is tagged ok)
31 August 2013 @ 09:47 am
I loved Dean’s flashback scenes of Purgatory, but the screen time was too short. That’s where fanfic comes into play, right? I’m looking for any non-slash stories about Dean’s time in Purgatory. Not necessarily Dean centric. Thank you, all :-)
19 August 2013 @ 01:54 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago but can't seem to find anymore. I remember it was post-purgatory, Dean was really angry at Sam and decided to let him go for good. I remember there was scene with Dean having sex with Benny in a motel and Sam walking in on them and then running away. Then something happened (to Sam? Can't remember) and Benny was helping Dean figure out how to fix things and advocating Dean get back together with Sam again. I think Benny died in the end, somehow sacrificing himself for the brothers. I think there was also a scene where Benny was injured, having taken a shot for Dean or Sam, and needed to drink from the brothers to heal.

Please, if any of this rings a bell, could you nudge me in the right direction? Going nuts here trying to find it!
What I'm looking for are fics where Sam is the one who rescues Dean from Hell. I'm sort of intrigued by the idea of the pre-angel era Supernatural at the moment.

Also - any fics where Dean rescues Sam from the pit or Sam rescues Dean from Purgatory are welcome as well.

Wincest preferred, although I'll also read gen or Dean/Lisa .  No Destiel, Dean/Benny or Sam/Amelia please.
Hi All

1. I'm looking for a Sam/Dean fic set after Dean goes to Hell. Dean is in hell but he doesn't realize it. In his hell he lives life all over again. First he is in foster care and no matter how good he tries to be his foster parents don't want to keep him. I remember he gets upset and kicks the woman's pet when she tells his social worker he's creepy. Later when he is an adult is is working a miserable dead end office job. He finds a picture of an Impala and puts it up near his desk but the next day his boss has had it taken down. Pretty much anytime Deann finds any reason to be hopeful it is crushed. Then one day Sam begins working in Dean's office with him. I don't remember how but eventually Sam helps Dean remember who he is and they escape hell. Does this sound familiar to anyone

2. Also I'm looking for good season 8 story recs please. I prefer long but I'll take whatever I can get.Gen,  Wincest and Destiel all welcome.

thanks in advance

ETA: Specific Fic Found Link in Comments
29 January 2013 @ 06:31 pm
I'm hoping this goes through this time--I tried posting this before but it never showed up, nor did I receive a rejection notice, so maybe I just did something wrong.

Anyway, I'm new here and looking for fics that take place between seasons 7 and 8; specifically Purgatory fics with Dean and Cas. Slash or friendship is fine, and friendship with Benny is fine, too. I'm more partial to plotty fic than PWP, though, but I do like D/C slash. AUs are fine (i.e., written before season 8 came along and jossed people's ideas) as are fics written after the start of season 8. I'm caught up so I don't care about spoilers. Long or short fic is fine.

I'm almost done with the absolutely lovely Redemption Road, and fics along those lines are great, too.

Many thanks!
23 December 2012 @ 04:05 am
Hello everyone!

I wondered if there was any slash out there with Dean and Benny where Dean was born as a girl and is a FTM. And a, well, really surprised Benny. I'll even take fics where Dean was always a girl. A manly girl, but a still girl. It doesn't matter waht Benny's reaction is.

Is there something out there? Thanks to all!
21 November 2012 @ 08:11 pm
Hello everyone. I hope you are all enjoying Thanksgiving (or just life), and I was wondering if you all could help me out?

I'm looking for fics that mention Dean's scars. Either as a main plot point, or as a side tangent. Anything scars. Maybe Dean hates his scars and avoids mirrors. Maybe his scars are disfiguring and he avoids people. Maybe Sam notices his scars, and realizes how hard the Stanford years or Purgatory was on Dean. Maybe outsiders comment on his scars. Maybe something about how Dean's identity/history is in his scars. Maybe Dean sees his scars as hunting mistakes. Maybe something supernatural sees his scars as marks of a warrior. Maybe his scars are just briefly mentioned.

AU, non-AU, Wincest, Gen, Destiel, OFC, I am not picky. Anything at all vaguely scar related, I would really be grateful to read.

Thank you all!
Best regards!
Heya guys!
I'm looking for a supernatural fic that sets place at the end of season 7. Sam is trying to get Dean out of purgatory with the help of the alpha vampire, and Dean is meeting with up with his father and the rest of the gang. In the the end Sam is able to pull Dean, his father and his mother out of purgatory.
So if anyone is able to help me out...
1. Young angels fluff - especially young Lucifer teaching little Gabriel and generally the two being cute, before everything went wrong. Not bad if it's a flashback going on during HotG. But other bb!angels are welcome too. Or nesting.

2. Any angsty/tragic fics where Balthazar is in love with Cas but Cas doesn't know/only has eyes for Dean. Death is preferred, canon or not.

3. Just throw the best Purgatory fics on me, as tragic as they come.
20 May 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Hi guys,

A while back I read a great fic where Sam is trapped in Purgatory...I think it was Purgatory. I don't remember why, but I remember there was an angel that tortured him there, and then decided to defend him. Dean went after him and found him, and Sam had a piece of metal that kept his tongue down, I recall. I don't remember if it was Wincest or not...help!
I read a specific fic about a year ago where Dean and Castiel were in Purgatory.  I think it was post-season six and Dean had to go to Purgatory to save Castiel.  I don't think Sam was there.

When Dean was in Purgatory, he got help from some past dead SPN characters, including Lenore and Madison.

I think it was posted on LJ to the deancastiel comm.

Sorry, I can't remember anything else.  I think Purgatory was this dark wood and Dean was running around trying not to get killed by monsters while he looked for Cas.  In the end he found him and they both got out.

This was definitely Dean/Cas, but I think it was pre-slash.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. I'm sure most of you can guess why I want to read it again!

FOUND: Hearts and Grace Entwined by Wolfing
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kestrel1966
18 May 2012 @ 10:56 pm
I need something about purgatory! anything, any type

pretty please? :-)