17 June 2017 @ 07:25 pm
I really thought I had a copy of this fic saved.

I'm looking for a fic. It is a Wincest AU. Sam is a girl, and has always been a girl. Its amn Old West story. I'm not sure if they are hunters or not. There is sexual tension between Sam and Dean and they ride around on horses, Dean's is called Castiel and Sam has a horse called Ruby. It was fairly lengthy.

I realize this isnt much to go on but maybe someone here can help.

29 November 2016 @ 10:00 pm
Hello! I'm looking for a specific fic.
Concrete details I remember:

-Dean and Sam haven't seen each other in a while
-Dean either takes Sam to see Bobby or Bobby comes to see Sam. Bobby has a good relationship with Dean.
-Dean was with Lisa (and Ben), who left him due to his alcoholism.
-Sam snoops through Dean's things and finds pictures of Lisa and Ben
-Everyone has been asking about Jess and Sam abruptly confesses to Dean that she died
-Dean has a house and Sam starts out in another bedroom but they end up sharing Dean's.
-Sam is attracted to Dean who at first appears to not share his feelings. Dean is disturbed by figuring out that his brother wants to fuck him.
-Sex happens. It is not good for Dean. It continues to happen though.
-In the end, Dean initiates and comes untouched from bottoming.

Details I vaguely remember and might be confusing with another fic:

-Dean is a construction worker
-Dean is nearly or always the bottom during sex
-John is dead and Sam is surprised to learn this years after the fact
-Sam has some guilt about how Jess died
-Sam tries to blow/jack off Dean during sex and Dean has a hard time maintaining an erection/orgasming
-Bobby warns Sam that Dean has had some rough times lately
-Sam clears off Dean's kitchen table and there is something written/scratched in to the surface that upsets Dean so they decide to get rid of it

Thank you!

Found!! It was For Too Long by Hellhoundsprey
02 April 2016 @ 07:36 pm
Hi. I wonder if anyone have any ebooks by [livejournal.com profile] britomart_is? She has written a lot of great Sam/Dean fic, but she doesn't have an AO3 account and I have found only one compilation by her in pdf. I want ebooks to read away from the laptop, preferably ePub, but I'll be happy with other ebook formats too. Thank you!
05 October 2015 @ 04:35 pm
Also looking for wincest fics with a big gap in relationships. For example, Dean and Sam are lovers in first seasons, but then (after Dean's deal or after apocalypse or after something else) they break up. For a few years they try to deal as brothers. And in recent seasons(8, 9, 10, 11) they go back to wincest. Great THANK YOU for badly hurt!Dean in a bunker and Sam trying to cure him with soft wincest.

thanks in advance
21 August 2015 @ 09:24 pm
Hey help me with this

The only thing I remember is this tiny scene in which a young Sam and Dean are in backseat of the Impala. While there Sam pop his knot and became aware of Dean's smell and slides closer and closer to him. Dean doesn't move, he gets hotter and when John realizes what is going he stops the car and separates them.

If anyone knows where this is from, please tell me!!
06 August 2015 @ 12:05 am
Okay, so this may be an odd request, but I'm so in love with Hozier's song, "Work Song" right now and the music video is even more impressive. His entire album is just so filled with love in many different forms and approaches. So impressed and emotional over it right now.

Therefore, that leads me to really wanting to read some slow-burn, epic Sam/Dean fics. I'd love for the focus to be on their relationship as lovers rather than brothers. I want sensual, loving, romantic, etc. Slow-burn means I want it to be a long fic obviously, but also it be realistic. I can't stand fics where one of them wakes up one day (or Heaven forbid in the middle of a sentence...) and just "realizes" they love the other. Ugh. Slow-burning fics show work being put into the relationship, to make it work out. I guess, hence, "Work Song."

AU is fine but I always prefer the series fics. Sam/Dean only please. I'm not picky about anything else. I'd really like to stay away from dark fics for this request. I'm not looking for the trope of them growing closer through a horrific tragedy or rape/murder/kidnapping, etc. I just want that focus to really be on the romantic/sensual side of their relationship.

Thanks in advance!
06 June 2015 @ 12:44 am
Hey folks,

as the subject says, I'm looking for stories where Jensen and/or Jared show self-sacrificing love, basically going off the principle of "your happiness is more important than mine," whether that may be by choosing not to confess in order to keep their friendship, leaving or putting themselves in danger to protect the other, putting up with cheating or bullying, or something else entirely. Top!Jared preferred, but honestly it doesn't really matter to me! Dean/Sam is fine as well.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
15 March 2015 @ 12:20 am
Hello all! I used to be a regular fic reader, but in the past year, my life has gotten super busy and I haven't been reading at all. Now I'm wanting to read fic again, and I seem to have lost my ability to find it. :-)

I'm looking for first time Sam/Dean fics, preferably longer ones and with a NC-17 rating, that have a lot of sexual tension and build up and angst, and have happy endings.

I'd even take some J2 ones of similar descriptions.

Thank you!
Not sure how well I can describe what I'm looking for. You read many, many fanfics, S/D and J2, full of sex: first times, angry sex, makeup sex, etc. Pages and pages of blow-by-blow (pun intended), graphically detailed sex. Every plot point is followed by an extended sex scene. Sometimes I find myself just leafing thru the sex scenes, trying to pick up the plot again.

I'm not opposed to S/D and J2 sexytimes. The sexual tension and expression add depth to the boys' relationship. And I'm not saying sex scenes aren't well-written. But many of them go on too long/too frequently, and they're often too detailed for me to maintain focus on the characterization and the plot. (I don't need to follow the track of EVERY bead of sweat down Sam's back or Dean's abs. . .) So often, the sex scenes do not define the characters more closely -or- advance the plot (kind of like the songs in an old-school Broadway musical, pre-Oklahoma; the play goes on for a while and then - everyone stops and sings a song! Because hey, it's a musical!).

OK, now I'm babbling. Sorry. This is what I'm looking for: Recs for well-written S/D or J2 where the sex reveals something important about the characters or advances the story in some way. Maybe the sex is UST, or implied, or plays out through some metaphor.

I just need a break from all the detail that often doesn't seem to lead anywhere, or provide a new perspective . I'm sure I'll return to them at some point. :-P

Any help is much appreciated. I hope this makes sense.
10 December 2014 @ 10:22 am

Just wanting to find stories where one of the J's is marrying someone else and the other J stops it at the last minute and announce their feelings, or they were in a secret relationship before.

Also are there any stories where the guys start dating and does NOT know the other one is poor. Like they go for expensive meals or outings and the other struggles to pay for it.

Lastly, is there any stories similar to Ambush on FF.Net and Sam gets badly injured and takes ages to recover while still running from the bad guys.

I am open to any style of writing or story type.

Thank you so much
Does anyone remember a story with Sam pinning after Dean with Dean being oblivious? They where both teen-ish and got short on cash (John took too long on a hunt?). So Dean took Sam to a bar with no warning and heavily made out with him for a paying lady to watch. They were posing as not brothers, with Dean 'seducing' a Sam 'younger' than he really was. Later he said it was way quicker this way than Dean on his own (meaning he was doing prostitution-y things regularly). There was lots of Sam angst cause it was no big deal to Dean when Sam was head over heels for him and pretty inexperienced. Can't recall anything else, was quite a while back.

Thanks in advance!

It's 'For love or money' by Gecko. Link:http://www.sinful-desire.org/archive/viewstory.php?sid=3087&warning=5
10 July 2014 @ 08:20 pm
I'm at the beach and I'm dying for some stories where the boys (Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby, etc) decide to just throw their hands up and take a vacation. Could be, in a sense, a forced vacation, don't really care how they get there. Settings could be the beach, another country, the mountains, skiing, a cruise, etc. I'll take any pairings and any characters but I prefer wincest (Sam/Dean) as my OTP. I'd just love to see the boys get a chance to do something new and different, for themselves and each other. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Something where the boys (pref Sam and Dean) are actually on the road to falling in love or have some UST or something and the vacation helps them see what's really there would be awesome. :)

I'm hoping that there's someone who could help me find some of these -

1. A specific Wincest fic where Dean is able to sense other people's emotions as colours, particularly Sam's. In the present of the fic he's getting a really bright orange from Sam and is trying to figure out what it means, and we see various times in the past where seeing emotions has helped Dean save them. Ring any bells?? Google has not been my friend :(

2. Any general recs where Sam is going to his prom and Dean is hit by how hot Sam is in his tux/general prom-related UST? :D

3. Any schmoopy recs where Deans is all happily embarrassed by how much Sam is clearly non-verbally saying he loves him? :")

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Hi all.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any long fics where the relationship between Sam and Dean has a slow build? Like maybe over the course of a few years? Lots of UST and pining. It would  be great if you could point me in the direction  of some. Preferably bottom!Dean or switching.

Also, I'm looking for some sweet and fluffy but fairly long 10k+ j2 high school fics or college AU, preferably bottom!jensen. I've already read the reinventing love verse by _[livejournal.com profile] _mournthewicked so what i'm looking for is in the same kind of vicinity as that verse.

Although I said I prefer bottom!Dean  and Jensen, please don't hesitate to recommend fics with bottom!Jared or Sam.

Thanks in advance for your help!
22 March 2014 @ 10:06 am
Hey, I'm looking for a few things:

1) one-sided Dean/Sam where it's just Dean who wants Sam

2) Dean is in a relationship with Sam but Sam is only doing it because he cares so much for Dean (His feelings aren't really romantic at all)

3)Dean/Sam/Castiel where again, Sam is somewhat reluctant (Or just not into Dean like that, but Dean is)

Preferably looking for PG13 but NC-17 is okay too, as long as the main focus point is the story, not the porn (ie, no PWP's) Also, please no AU's (Like collage or high school)

19 March 2014 @ 07:57 pm
Hey, does anyone have any Wincest and/or Weecest dropbox links they'd be willing to share? I especially like first time stories, but any and all Dean/Sam dropboxes would rock my world. I'm new to dropbox and I have no idea how to go about finding fan fic dropboxes, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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Okay, I'm kinda embarrassed as I'm a total Wincest fan but does anyone have any good fics where Dean thinks he can't have Sam so he uses Cas as a Sam substitute, fucking him, calling Cas Sam (or just thinking about Sam while his banging Cas) etc.? Don't want Dean to have any romantic feelings towards Cas, he knows he's using Cas but Cas is willing so it's not really abuse. No non-con please, although slight dub-con is fine. Cas may know Dean is only using him as a substitute or not. Bottom!Cas only, please. I'd like the stories to be graphic, first time or established, although I'd prefer first time. Oh and a happy ending for Sam/Dean is always appreciated. No manpreg, scat, watersports or alpha/omega, please.
13 February 2014 @ 11:29 pm
I thought I had saved this story but I hadn't.

It took place when Sam was about 16 and it was from Dean's point of view. The things I remember were Dean coming home with a girl and seeing Sam mowing the lawn without his shirt on. I also remember that Dean & John had to drug Sam while they stitched him up and Sam came while Dean held him down. At the end of the story they go on a hunt on their own and Dean has to shoot them up, he ends up having sex with Sam and then gives Sam a blow job!

I really liked the descriptive tone of this story! (honest) does anyone remember what it was?

Found in comments - Thank you
19 November 2013 @ 09:41 am
Hey guys just two fics i neeeeed to find haha, one is a series i believe.

1. I think the names are like Kiss me, Lick me, Suck me, Fuck me, but i cant for the life of me find it. Basically its the boys starting to mess around and each new chapter they do something new? Generally by sams coaxing i believe, because dean is very much in denial about loving his brother. I do believe there was a sequal as well?

2. This was a fic i read when i first started reading spn fics. Its Pre!stanford and its kind of non-con, where dean discovers sams intention of leaving for stanford and trys to convince him to stay, sam uses deans willingness to do anything to get him to stay to get dean to start having sex with him (non-con) in the end dean thinks that becase he does this for him he wont leave but he still does and it destroys him. Was posted on ff.net i believe.

Thanks in advance guys
31 August 2013 @ 01:00 pm
I"m looking for some lighthearted nesting fics. Crack fully accepted. I did a search a few weeks ago and got some amazing recs. See http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/8792134.html#/8792134.html. But this time I'm hoping for some funny fics. Looking for a laugh and an "awwwwwwww" moments. I appreciate all your help. Thank you.

List of Pairings from favorite to awesome: Sabriel, Sassy, Wincest, Destiel, J2
I've come across several Sam saves Dean from Hell fics, but none where Dean saves Sam. Are there any of those out there? Also, outside of "The Last Outpost Of All There Is" by Eighth_Horizon, I haven't been able to find any fics in which Dean and Sam are basically the last Humans left (whether in their own world, some alternate world they get sent to, are taken prisoner somewhere with only each other for contact, or whatever else you might think of along those lines) and first time Dean/Sam eventually happens. Although it could be for a lot of reasons (anxiety, desperation, loneliness, or whatever) I would still like to see the love between them. If they are later somehow saved they should stay together by choice, please. For this one, please don't rec me any Gen or established. Longer is better and I like mature ratings but if the fic is good it isn't a necessity. I would like complete or at least regularly updated WIPs, please. Thanks everyone!
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I haven't read many Supernatural crossovers yet, mainly because the Dean/Sam ones I do find have them already in an established relationship. I want first time Dean/Sam crossovers, please, the longer the better! Fandoms I'd Liked To See Supernatural Crossed With Are: Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer, A Nightmare On Elm Street Series, Charmed, Criminal Minds, Die Hard, Harry Potter, L. J. Smith books, Numb3rs, Queer As Folk, Roswell, The Covenent, The Fast And The Furious, The Lost Boys, The Sentinel, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and any others you feel you just HAVE to rec. I am also interested in the types of fics that are sort of a mesh of book/movie/television AUs and crossovers, whatever those are called. Really good Gen or even established Dean/Sam would be okay with me as well. Thank you all!

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Sam is in love with Dean, but Dean has no idea. A siren is luring guys like Sam who feel lost/lonely to their deaths. Details under the cut.

Story Details )

Apparently I forgot to bookmark this or lost it somehow. I don't remember the author, but am pretty sure it was on LJ. Can anyone point me to this story?

Found. Mermaid Verse by sleepypercy
Hello everyone!

This irritates me to no end, but I read a story that featured Sam and Dean providing each other with a helping hand, so to speak, which gradually evolved into more. It involved a lot of misunderstandings, especially concerning how both Sam and Dean managed to get each other into situations where they would have to help each other out. I cannot remember the title, but there was a line used in its teaser and intro that said something similar to; "Sometimes you want another hand touching you, and sometimes the only hand available is your brother's."

In addition, there was mentions of "next time it's my turn," a shower scene in the following chapter, and the looking up of brother!porn featuring others. Could someone please help me find it so I can save it to memories?

EDIT: Found! http://runawaydreamer.livejournal.com/13927.html Thank you so much!
I'm shocked at myself, I thought I'd never ask for anything but straight up Wincest (the Dean/Sam kind) here. But I got a sudden craving so ...

I would really, really love to read some complete (or regularly updated wip), first/time NC-17 fan fictions in which Dean hooks up with Castiel and Sam hooks up with Gabriel (around the same time, please no fics with only Castiel/Dean or Gabriel/Sam, I want them both to hook up with the Angels, not just one of them). I'd also like to read some Castiel/Gabriel (they can be an established couple if necessary - oh and it would be cool if they played matchmakers for Dean/Sam (first times only please with these two). Last but not least, I'd like to read some first time Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam fic.

I'd prefer longer stories and I don't want them only focused on the smut. I wanna see how they get together, how they make it work, that sort of thing. I hope there is fic like that out there ... if there is, please please please rec me your favorites. Thank you so much! *HUGS*
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22 April 2013 @ 06:08 pm
hey im looking for a couple of fics
1 any crossovers with Hansel & Gretel: witch hunters i would like a Dean/Hansel paring but it doesn't have to be.
2 benny is either one or both the boys makers, the boys don't have to be related Dean/Benny or Sam/benny or all three, vampire boys or at least one of the boys is a vampire au is ok.
3 dean/benny fic set after purgatory.
4 benny/dean blood kink or biting kink

im fine with any thing just give me the links ill check it out i love my slash
please and thank you
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13 April 2013 @ 09:01 am
(1) I just read Sam Winchester's Helpful Hints For Stopping The Apocalypse and absolutely LOVED it, and it got me craving more Wincest fics with Cas and Gabe as strong supporting characters, maybe even paired with each other but no foursomes please. I prefer first time, complete fics and the longer they are the better, although a WIP is fine as long as it isn't abandoned. I don't really care about rating as long as the story is well-written and interesting, although I do love smut like any other girl. No major AUs please (like the boys growing up seperate or not hunters or something big like that).<br><br>(2) Also, what are ya'll's favorite long, complete first time Wincest fics that are on FanFiction.Net, or anywhere else but not widely recced? Again, I'd prefer smut with my fic but as long as it's well-written that isn't necessary. No major AU's on this one either please!<br><br>So ya'll have an idea of what I like, my favorite things to see in Wincest fic are 'fuck-or-die', 'pretend couple' (although I'm pretty sure I've read all of those), 'bonding/mating', 'mpreg', 'jealousy', 'boys with powers', 'boys as creatures', 'post-apocolypse', 'hurt/comfort', 'humor' (like laugh out loud humor), 'fic about fic' (like Stranger Than Fiction), 'amnesiac', 'curtain', 'marraige', and really good 'case' fic. I don't care for 'crossdressing', 'infidelity', 'mental illness', 'genderbending/genderswapping', 'permanent major character death', 'watersports/scat', 'permanent injury', 'boys mean to or hurting each other' (like purposefully), or 'evil boys'. I only want recs with happy endings, please, and only bottom!Sam or boys switching it up. Weecest is cool with me, I don't have a favorite season, and future fic is fine too as long as the guys aren't TOO old. Well, thanks everyone! I hope ya'll come up with some good recs for me! :)
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Alright, as much time as I spent reading this fic, I really should have bookmarked it, but...

My memory of the details is a little fuzzy. All I really remember is that this fic had several parts, but they weren't a continuity of each other. It was sort of a verse. I'm pretty sure it was mostly seen from John's POV. Basically all I remember from the beginning is Sam/Dean being overly affectionate/sexual in the back of the Impala and the fic was mostly centered around how they had all this sexual tension and no way to take care of it because John was always there and they were always in the Impala going somewhere. I'm pretty sure John knew something was going on and I think he confronted them in one of the later parts? Idk, the fic was mostly sex with quite a bit of pining for each other.

Sorry the details are so fuzzy... I'm hoping at least one person knows what I'm talking about!
18 March 2013 @ 09:30 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic. It might have included Sam/Dean, but I'm not sure. I do know that Sam seemed to have a crying!kink, and he watched Dean have sex with (an older woman, if I remember correctly) a woman at least once. The woman used a dildo on Dean.

If anyone can find this for me, I'd be very happy. :)
18 January 2013 @ 04:43 pm
Okay so for the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about a couple of stories and I cant seem to find them? I have a feeling they might have been deleted or removed but I figured if anybody you guys would know about them. Here we go...

1. FOUND! http://archive.worldofslash.com/viewstory.php?sid=31&ageconsent=ok&warning=4 It was a sam and dean are rescue swimmers (kinda au). I found it on FanFiction. Dean had always wanted to be a rescue swimmer and they had to go through the process of becoming them in order to help the government track down a ghost (ship?) that was killing people.It was VERY subtle wincest; that was building as the story went on. I know when I left it it was incomplete but it was GINORMOUS. If anybody knows were it is or has a copy I would appreciate it.

2. FOUND!! (AND ADJUSTED) http://samdean.archive.nu/series.php?seriesid=95 his one has sam going back in time to change the past. I dont remember what he changed exactly but because of it Dean was able to get out of hunting and settle down with Cassie. I think there was a period of time that Sam was dating/sleeping with Ash. Then Dean has a kid and Sam winds up coming back into his life. I dont remember if they were in danger or if it was a conicidence. Sam has feeling for his brother and I believe he is trying to stay away so that dean can have his happy normal life. Something happens to Cassie and Dean leaves with Sam to go back to the Roadhouse, where Sam has been building an army of the psychic kids. Sam and Dean wind up rekindling thier relationship and Sam tries to take care of Deans son. I believe the story is broken up into parts and is also incomplete but I cant find it anywhere so anything would help. The author was really talented and had a lot of other stories that I liked but for some reason I cant find them.

Okay thats it. If anybody knows where to find these stories or a way to contact the author I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the help!!
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04 December 2012 @ 09:15 am
This is my first time posting here, so I hope I did this correctly.

adult themed material )

I hope I got all of the tags right.

*First story found*
21 November 2012 @ 09:12 pm
Hi, guys!

I'm looking for UST fics. UST college-AU with J2 or ust pre-stanford and wincest.
Thank you!
12 November 2012 @ 05:52 pm
Hi ya'll, I'm on a serious weecest kick and I was hoping ya'll would rec me your faves, especially if they aren't well-known. Must be hot sex, please, and first time! It can be a WIP as long as it is still updated regualarly.

I also really want some Dean/Sam daddy!kink stories (Like Won't You Treat Him Right). Bottom!Sam please! Thanks!
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29 October 2012 @ 01:18 am
1)So there's this vid on youtube that I love and its basically sam and dean constantly drinking and then doing each other. To me it seems like the brothers are basically getting drunk so that they can use the alcohol as an excuse to bang. lol That said, after watching it about ten thousand times I decided, I NEED A STORY OF THIS!

So what I am looking for is any fic (the longer the better) where it is kind of their unspoken thing to drink and then fool around or have sex, only they both kind of know what they are doing, they just haven't faced it yet. It would be amazing if their relationship progressed further than that and even more amazing if their first time together is also in the story. Please rec me anything along those lines! :D

2)Also, in the midst of moving across country, there were a couple days I spent in hotels and on couches while waiting for my apartment to be ready for me to move in and it kind of hit me that technically I was homeless for a few days there. D: so weird! (Obviously its not the same as actually being homeless but still) Of course, that led me to wanting some homeless Jared stories.

I really prefer homeless Jared over Jensen please and also only J2 for this request. I have read a lot of homeless Jared before so there is a good chance I'll have read the common ones but still, please rec me anything and everything!

Thanks guys! :D

(link to the video I mentioned if anyone is interested= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ6ZfYHuJx8)
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28 October 2012 @ 12:05 am
It was post Mystery Spot, and Dean noticed that Sam new all the hunts they did, and he had scars that hadn't been there before. Dean finally forced him to tell all. Oh, and I believe they were on a vampire hunt and Sam told Dean to go to the wrong place and went and killed all the vampires himself. Anybody know this? Thanks!
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26 October 2012 @ 02:50 am
Hi guys, could ya'll please rec me your favorite long, complete, nc-17 rated first time Wincest AUs? Either boys raised apart, or boys raised together but not hunters. No non-brother AUs though, please! Well, thanks!
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26 September 2012 @ 12:49 am
So, I was hoping you guys might have some recs for first time Wincest fics in which the boys are still brothers and hunters, but something happens and one or both of the boys go dark or become demons, but still love each other no matter what. I prefer my fics complete, with smut. Oh, and I'm a BIG fan of barebacking and bloodplay. Thank you all!
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You guys have been so helpful with helping me find awesome fics so I thought I would post here again.

I would love any super angsty Wincest with lots of UST. Preferably from Sam's POV with him feeling super guilty about being in love with Dean. I would also prefer if Dean was in love with Sam too and Sam just never knew. Or if Dean starts to realize he does really love Sam. No pre-series or noncon, please. Any rating or genre is fine with me. I would prefer if it had a happy ending.

My other request for any first time Wincest fics that happen anytime after Season 6 started. I have a slight preference for bottom!Sam, but honest it doesn't matter I'm good with both.

Thanks! :) I hope I tagged everything properly.
20 September 2012 @ 12:59 pm
I REALLY wanna read Goddamn Witches by clwright2 but I can't find a working link anywhere. Does anybody know one or have a copy? I'd really appreciate it - it looks like a really good story. Thanks!
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16 September 2012 @ 07:11 pm
Hi guys, I'm still pretty new to this fandom but already I'm having a hard time finding good, complete nc 17 wincest stories, mostly because I'm picky. I have looked through tags and done google searches and checked out the Sam/Dean Slash Archive as well as Archive Of Our Own. I'm still looking, even, it's just slow going. So I was hoping you guys might have a few recs for me or can direct me to rec lists. Here's what I'm looking for:

Under Cut )
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13 September 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Hi, could ya'll please rec me some good first time stories that are either weecest or written in the six and seventh seasons? No soulless Sam though, please, and the smuttier the better. Thanks!
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27 August 2012 @ 03:34 pm
In the story I'm looking for Sam's memories have been altered to include wincest in his past. He and Dean don't realise this until Sam gets fed up with Dean's flirting and kisses Dean. Dean is convinced his memories are real and tells Sam "don't worry we'll fix this" and heads over to Bobby. Meanwhile, Sam is also convinced his memories are the real thing
25 August 2012 @ 01:59 am
Hi, I actually haven't come across many creature fics in this fandom - I will be looking at the tags here later - and I was hoping you all would rec me some of your favorites. My only requirements are that the fics are first time wincest and complete, or if not complete then still being updated regularly. I would also love to read some fics in which the boys somehow end up in a threesome with a woman and realize that they're more into each other than they are into her. Pretend couple. fuck or die, and cursed fics are always awesome, too. Domestic fics in which the boys still hunt or still help other hunters are great too. I also have a huge jealousy/possessiveness kink. Once again, only first times that are either complete or regularly updated, please. And no AUs! Thanks for your help!
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21 August 2012 @ 03:58 pm
So everybody knows how the brothers often get mistaken for lovers in canon, right? I'd really like to see a fic where that happens with John around. I've never seen that before but I think it would be really interesting! I don't care if its gen or if there is wincest going on, its all good with me. Hope someone can help!
15 August 2012 @ 07:19 pm
Hi, I'm having a hard time lately finding long complete first time non-au Wincest recs rated nc-17 that I haven't already read, and I was hoping you guys could help me out some. I've been going through the tags here, and I've read pretty much everything at the Sam/Dean slash archive. So I was hoping maybe ya'll might have some recs of good fics that just aren't as widely known. I was also hoping that anyone with downloads to stories (that the author gave permission to give out, of course) that match this request will send them to me. Just let me know if you have one or more and I'll give you my email. Also if you know of any other communities that would be great too. Thank you guys a lot!
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