14 February 2015 @ 03:53 pm
I saw a fic called "Of Forgetting And Remembering" by AussieChick21 on FanFiction recommended on a Delicious account, but unfortunately the fic has been deleted. It sounded like it would be right up my alley, so I was hoping someone has a copy somewhere.

This was the synopsis:
"Sam fears he has damaged their relationship beyond repair when Dean forgets his birthday."

If anyone has it, I would love to read it!
Looking for specific fic with mpreg!Sam and Dean at the roadhouse, Dean planning surprise birthday party for Sam

Surprise )

I can remember the details, but still my google skills fail me. I thought I had it bookmarked, but either I didn't or it was lost. There may have been a sequel or was the first of a verse, unless I'm confusing this with another fic, but I'm sure about all the other facts. Help!!!

Found in comments.
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11 December 2013 @ 04:15 pm
I don't remember much about this fic except one scene.  Sam saw some of Dean's memories.  It was Dean's birthday.  The first one after Sam left for college.  Dean is in a motel by himself and the day is almost over.  No one has called him.  He is playing with his gun and thinking about killing himself.  Bobby calls and invites/orders him to come see him.  
hey guys,

1. I am in the mood for some boy loving. can any body suggest any good schoomy romantic fics, it can be either J2 or Wincest. but please no other pairings. the length of the fic is not important, but should be high lovey-dovey content.
preferably bottom jared/sam please, but bottom jensen/dean are also exceptable

2. hey i was also wondering if there are any fics with J2 making a fuss over the other's birthday or forgetting the other's birthday? if yes then please rec

3. any possessive/protective jensen fics please..

4. any good season 8 fics, again if there are pairings then only Wincest, no destiel or benny/dean or other slash pairings. but general fics will do. preferably full of love between sam and dean (whether brotherly or slash) and hurting and angst.

self recs are welcome and once again, i am not picky on the length of the fics, just the pairings. thanks in advance
Okay, I'm looking for a few different things here.

1. Any fics where Dean's birthday is forgotten. Maybe he grows up not celebrating his birthday, when they always celebrate Sam's birthday. Or when Sam is at Stanford, he has to spend his birthday alone because Sam and John don't remember. OR, after Dean picks Sam up from Stanford up to anywhere in season 8, Sam and/or everyone else forgets Dean's birthday, and Dean is disappointed but doesn't mention anything, and everyone remembers later. I'd rather it be Non-Au.

2. Fics where Dean stops eating because he is stressed, keeps forgetting, someone says something mean about his eating habits (kind of like John in The Illusionist on ff.net), Sam realizes Dean didn't eat enough as a child because he gave it all to Sam, etc. Please, Non-AU.

3. Any fics where maybe Sam realizes Dean puts on a front, but in reality he's really shy or his true personality is like the opposite from what he makes it out to be and he only acts like that because John wanted him to or it was to protect himself. Maybe even Dean brags about being with tons of woman,  but he hasn't and only said that to pacify John or annoy Sam. Or he pretends to be dumb so Sam feels important. Possibly he is cursed to show his true self. Again, Non-Au please.

4. Fics based on the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, where Dean and Sam go looking for the city, and Castiel and the other angels are actually the ancient civilization that live there. Destiel please, and obviously AU is the way to go.

5. Any fics where Sam and Dean climb Mt. Everest for some reason. Possibly they have to go on a journey to find some random artifact or something. Really specific with details on how hard the climb was and what they went through. Non-AU please.

If you could help me with any of these requests, I'd really appreciate it. Have a nice day! :)
12 January 2013 @ 01:49 pm
I was just rewatching "A Very Supernatural Christmas," and it made me wonder if Sam and/or Bobby did anything special for Dean's birthday during the year of his crossroads deal, since technically it would have been Dean's final birthday.  I figure someone must have written some fic about it.

Rating is unimportant.  It can be gen, het or Wincest.  It can be angsty, schmoopy, both (in fact, I'd expect it to be bittersweet, just like the XMas episode), whatever.  I just have a taste for this kind of fic.

Thanks so much.
25 November 2012 @ 09:35 am
#1 Any where Dean's birthday has been forgotten. Preferably with a happy ending.

#2 Where Dean is forgotten somewhere by John and/or Sam.

#3 John realizes how much Dean has done for him and Sam.

Absolutely NO wincest

Pre-series would be best
Hello friends!
I have three very simple requests. I'm down with flu and really want something to read.
I really hope you can help me:) NO SLASH PLEASE.
1)Any fic where Sam uses his puppy dog eyes of doom on Dean to get him to do something or make him listen to Sam?

2)Really funny fics filled with brotherly banter between the boys?

3)Fics where either of the boys give each other special gifts on their's birthdays? It can be weechesters, teenchesters or grown up Sam and Dean.

Thanks a lot in advance
hey guys...
I'm looking for 3 specific story

1. This is an AU story. Jensen was a paramedic while Jared was a policeman. There's a serial killing that was going on and Jared was on that case with his partner, Chad. The killer cut his victims' hair short and wear them green lenses. Jared felt that the victim looks familiar but he didn't realize until Chad point out that all the victims looks like Jensen.Oh and the killer also leave a letter for Jared with each victims.  PRICE TO PAY

2. I think Jared was obsess with Jensen ass so,during Jared birthday, Jensen was allowing him to do what ever he like to him (his ass). I think there's a lot of kinky things that Jared do to Jensen.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JARED

3. This one is wincest. During 'Phantom Traveller' Sam got back to his room to find Dean asleep on his stomach. I don't really remember specific summary but after dean fall asleep again, Sam started to play with Dean's ass. I think that they are in relationship.   PHANTOM TRAVELER DELETED SCENE

4. Lastly can anyone recommended me some Genius!Dean, mpreg!Dean/Jensen, hurt!dean and Dean/omc story (preferrably bottom!dean)

wheau that's alot to ask but...
thank guys (^_^)v

Hi all! Title says it all.
I honestly can't remember if this was a full fic or a short comment-meme-fic, and I can't find it in my bookmarks (if I ever bookmarked it at all).

Basically, Jensen hates surprise parties, but of course Jared throws one for him anyway and he gets wasted. I think the story started out with the morning after, with Jared being woken up by a pissed Jensen.
That's the most I can remember.

Any help appreciated!!!

19 July 2012 @ 05:09 am
Since it's Jared's birthday, I'm in the mood for fics that deal with that. *cheeky* That's about it. Obviously, no horror or death-fic, but otherwise, I'm all for it. I've not read any birthday fics that are RP, not SPN.

I'm hunting more for the slash, laser-focused on J2, but I'll take any pairing, including Gen and gen. :)
16 June 2012 @ 11:26 am
Hi guys!
I am searching for a specific Sam/Dean fic. It was not an AU as far as I remember. Sam was still in high school, though, so it is a pre-series fic. Sam and Dean were living at Bobby's , and John was away on a hunt. The only thing I remember clearly was a scene of Dean and Sam in the kitchen kissing after a long UST buildup. It was Sam's birthday. A cake of sorts was involved. And a trip to a town, like a date maybe?
I know it's not a lot to go by, but can you guys please, help me find it?
Thank you!
15 April 2012 @ 09:02 pm
Hi Friends!
I have two requests.
1)I am looking for some awesome sick Sammy fics. Sam can be of any age group as long as he is sick or hurt and gets looked after by a great big bro Dean.Please rec me some great fics.No slash please.
2)I am also dying to read some fics where it's Dean or Sam's birthday and either of the brother wants to make it special. The stories can be of any genre as long as they are good to read. No slash please.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Ok, so I don't know what's wrong with me but I can not find this anywhere! I was reading this fic just a couple of days ago and I have been looking for it again ever since I accidently closed the tab... Seb gets Jensen a pleasure slave for his birthday and Jensen is excited until he finds out that Jared is only 17 and joins Misha who is an abolitionist fighting for slave rights. Seb tries to force Jared to have sex with him later on and Jensen beats him up and throws him out but that is as far as I remember. I'm not sure if it was a WIP or not...

Also, today is my birthday so any other birthday fics you could rec me would be awesome! The higher the rating the better and any kink goes! My only requirement is that it's Wincest or J2 and I would prefer top!Jensen/Dean but top!Jared would be ok too... just no top!Sam please! :D