09 June 2014 @ 04:38 am
Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone knows the title of this story.

Cas shows up with chocolates for dean on Valentine's day and dean is a bit shocked as he had told cas how he felt but cas had left I think to go build a nest.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks :D 
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Hey guys!

1. Are there any fluffy, romantic valentine fics for bottom!Sam/Jared & Dean/Jensen fics? Fics where Dean/Jensen does something romantic for Sam/Jared to celebrate valentines day?

2. Are there fics where Dean/Jensen doesn't want to celebrate valentine's day but Sam/Jared does and after seeing how important it is to Sam/Jared, makes a romantic gesture?

3. Any fics where Dean/Jensen forget Valentine's Day?


Thanks guys!
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Hey again!

My last request got a good amount of responses so I'm gonna give it another shot :)

1. Are there any wincest fics about dean/sam where Sam feels neglected and Dean tries to make him feel special so that Sam can see how important he is to Dean? (Valentine fics works as well)

2. Are there any wincest fics about Dean/Sam that have Dean trying to woo Sam? Fics that have Dean taking Sam out on dates?

I've already read
"Idiot's guide to saving the world and wooing Sam" by reality0junkie:

"A bit of a pickle" by cherie_morte:
Dean Winchester is trying to woo his brother. Things are not going well.

"How to date your brother" series (part of the Blow Me verse, can stand alone) by rockstarpeach:

"I am never without it" by ratherastory:

3. Are there any fics that have Dean cheating on Sam and Dean trying to win him back? I've already read Imperfect Love by freaknout


Thanks guys! :)
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18 September 2012 @ 08:02 pm

Found: Love, love, love by janice_lester

Summary: Castiel has been demoted. He's not fond of his new duties, though he seems not to have a problem with the uniform.
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thank you 
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13 March 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Please help, I would love to read it again!!!
I read this fic a while ago probably 2008 early 2009, an SPN crossover with Dark Angel, with Ben & Alec as clones of Dean.
They eat a lot of Funyons & there is such an adorable interaction between both brothers & the twins/clones... Dean tells them a story to get them to sleep... Sam wants them to be "normal". I know I read it both on LJ & ff.net. It is a gen story.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I lost my hardrive & have no access to my favorites.... rebuilding it one by one.

ETA: Found, link in comments - it's the Wellspring Verse!
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19 February 2012 @ 08:41 pm
1. Sam with bipolar disorder or depression. I only want Sam here, not Dean.

2. Wincest, season seven stories, especially after the episode that just aired.

2.5 Any stories where Dean kills Cas for what he did to Sam. Or shows Cas how much he hates him for doing what he did. No destiel here whatsoever okay.

3. Wincest stories based off of "The River", "Once upon a Time" or "Scrubs".

4. Stanford era Wincest stories where Sam has cancer. It can be a happy ending or sad ending. No Sam/Jess pairing in this please. I'd like for Dean not too know right away even though Sam's been calling him to tell him but if there's nothing like that, that's fine

5. J2 stories that take place on Valentines day, in either high school or college.

6. J2 stories based off of Scrubs.

Mods- I tried my best with tags but my iPod cuts off more than half of my selection so I could only write the ones I remembered. If it's not enough, let me know and I'll wait until I can get a computer