26 July 2017 @ 03:55 pm

Sam is dean's mom and Sam has to have sex with him because of Dean's an alpha, and it's a thing in the family where they mate one another. Dean calls him mom, and i think John is the dad.

The story "The Snow Covers Over My Footsteps" (sometimes mis-titled "The Snow Covers My Footsteps") was a prompt fill over at spnkink-meme. This is an 18+ / fetish / non-con story.

The first 7 parts can still be found on the original comment thread (WARNING 18+), but when the author, loneredsock, deleted their journal, the rest of the story (parts 8 - 29) was taken down with it.

I've tried searching strings taken from the parts that are available but I have been unable to find this story posted anywhere else. Neither this story nor the author are listed on the deleted page for this community.

Someone's gotta have it!


nicky69 did have it! Hooray! I've tidied up the file and uploaded it to my drive:

26 February 2017 @ 02:20 am
I read a fic years ago, in which Sam gets off from having his hair pulled by Dean. I'm specifically looking for a fic in which Dean pulls Sam's hair while riding him. It's not the one by latentfunction/keysmash--that one is great but the one I'd like to read again doesn't have d/s overtones.

Any other recs you might have with hairpulling would also be appreciated! 
25 February 2017 @ 10:24 pm
Hey chicks and dudes,

I read a fic a while back about Jensen being sold to a dog kennel and Jared is his trainer. I know JDM was mentioned briefly as the owner of the kennel i believe.

15 November 2016 @ 04:17 am
I'm trying to find a fic from quite early on (pre-Cas/Apocalypse/etc):

Cut for kink- enema )
Anybody recognise this?
13 November 2016 @ 11:51 am
I'm looking for a fic where Dean finds a HUGE dildo in Sam's bag. It was possibly a Bad Dragon toy. At the future date, he goes looking for it again, but it's not in Sam's bag. At one point he sees a bulge in Sam's stomach and realizes that Sam's had it inside of him all day. Dean tries to keep cool about it but fails. I may be remembering it wrong, but I think Sam fucks Dean with it at the end.

Not sure if this was on AO3 or LJ, but I'm fairly certain it's rather old.
27 October 2016 @ 01:28 pm
I'm looking for a particular fic I read quite a while ago where Jensen is a tattoo artist, and Jared is his favorite canvas. Many details are fuzzy, and I'm sure that I'm conflating some from other stories, but the one I'm looking for features a rather possessive Jensen who doesn't want Jared getting tattooed by anyone else. In one scene, Jared has Chris (I think) tattoo him so that he can surprise Jensen, and Jensen gets jealous at first, but then thinks it's hot. I'm pretty sure they have sex in front of Chris while Chris is tattooing Jared. Like I said, the details are fuzzy but maybe someone recognizes the fic I'm thinking of.

Edit: Found in comments. Thanks!
19 October 2016 @ 01:07 pm
This is basically a request and a question. First of all, does anyone have any good watersports recs? I know I'll probably get a bunch I've read, but it's been awhile since I was active in SPN fandom so I'm hoping there's even more now. :P Sam/Dean, please.

Secondly, I thought there used to be a watersports tag on the community, and I was going to use it to see if anyone else has searched this, but I can't find it anymore? (Do I need to ask for that tag to be added?)

Thank you!
22 March 2016 @ 08:00 pm
I'm looking for an old dean/tentacle creature fic.

in this one dean gets taken while on a hunt by the creature but ends up liking it. and when he realizes that its driven by a breeding urge but can't acturally reproduce he goes back every year at the right time.

there was something about him having missed a season due to going to hell??
Hi Friends,
Can you please rec me fics where Jared and Jensen are in some sort of forbidden relationship..like incest/pseudo-incest or such?
I've read 'Family First' by [livejournal.com profile] miss_lv, 'Project Get Jared Banged' by Soulmatecest and most of the 'incest' tag of [livejournal.com profile] j2_recs.

Is there any more fics out there that escaped my notice? I'm welcome to anything except extreme underage stories. Only happy ending please!

Thanx a million in advance

P.S - Since this is my last post before Christmas...I want to wish a Merry Christmas to the owners of this amazing community and all its members! I hope your life is filled with lots of love, light and laughter.
I am looking for wincest/weecest fics that are a bit dubconny. Bottom/sub/omega/whatever!Sam. I want Dean in charge.

Somnophilia, drug use (consensual or non), altered mind-states, omega heat, spells, potions, whatever... to get Sam hot and ready for Dean to take advantage of.
28 November 2015 @ 08:14 pm
if i am remembering this right, Castiel and Dean enter a BDSM relationship. Castiel is a lawyer or a Fed, I think... As time goes by Dean notices that Cas is working on a case that may put Alistair and friends in jail. but Cas and family/co-workers are having troubles finding witnesses willing to speak up. eventually Dean admits to knowing Alistair and later willing to testify for the D.A. ... Alistair and company get wind of this and Alistair almost succeeds in making Dean look as if he was taking his own life... I remember clearly that Dean was drugged and in the bath tub and he was crying saying he was sorry. and Alistair comforts him even as he slits Dean's wrist or thigh...

I think i read it on AO3 and it may have been as recent as last year?

any help in finding this fic would be appreciated.
thank you,

FOUND - ORPHEUS by sysrae
15 October 2015 @ 08:10 pm
This is a little odd and embarassing... but are there stories about Dean has some kinky make out or having car sex, I mean LITERARY car sex, I mean he's making out or having sex with car (could with his baby or with a random car)?

And I'm also wondering if anyone knew fics where he's doing that with Sampala (Sam who turned into impala by Gabriel)?
08 October 2015 @ 11:50 pm
So I didn't think I was ready for Christmas already, but apparently my brain is. I remember reading these fics but can't remember where to find them!

First, I'm looking for fics where Jared dressed up like Santa has sex with very underaged Jensen. I think there are two I've read, I know there was one in a hospital and I think there was one in a mall. I know one of them had a sequel where Jared meets an older Jensen. Any links or recs for Santa!Jared/underaged!Jensen are welcome. :)

Second, I'm looking for fics where Jensen is one of Santa's elves. I know there was one where Jensen was sent to earth to find his mate and had only a certain amount of time to get a kiss before he was sent back. I know he spent some time in a jail in that one. I'm also looking for one in which elf!Jensen has an unusually-shaped penis. Any Santa's elf!Jensen fics are welcome. :)

05 September 2015 @ 03:42 am
I was looking through the stories and tags here and now I am looking for stories where Dean does porn, either films or photo shoots. I am NOT looking for him as a hooker/stripper. Maybe he does the porn for the money because John didn't leave enough for them when he went out hunting, maybe he just enjoys it and finds it fun, maybe someone blackmails him by threatening to do something to Sam, maybe even undercover on a case he does by himself. I would love any story with Dean doing porn for whatever reason. Bonus points if he had been keeping it a secret and someone finds out like Sam, Bobby or even John or Ellen. All stories welcome, long or short, het or slash, happy or sad ending AU or Canon, any kinks.

Thanks for the recs!, I hope I got all the tags right.
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15 August 2015 @ 01:54 pm
I'm looking for a fic with Omega Crowley. As in Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics - demons have those dynamics, I'm not sure if humans do (though I doubt it). Anyway, each time an Omega goes into heat, several Alpha-demons basically gang-rape him. The same has always been with Crowley, and he dealt with it as his Heat came.

In this fic Crowley is the King of Hell. And with his new Status, his Heat attracted a whole lot more attention than just the usual several demons. Think an army of demons. Hundreds. All horny and willing to rip Crowley apart just to get a piece of him.

Understandably, Crowley runs. He runs to Bobby, cause he has the best wards against the barrage of aggressively horny demons. Except Bobby doesn't really understand the dynamic and forces Crowley to leave the safety of the house. Heartbroken, Crowley does, and Bobby goes to read a bit on Omega!demons. When he read about what happens during Heat, he realised that he essentially threw Crowley out to be raped by a hundred demons.

Bobby to the rescue, and he manages to get the demons off of Crowley and to drag him back into the house. Bobby tries to take care of Crowley, sticking him in a shower I think, but, as this is kinky fanfiction, they end up bonking. And mating. When they woke up the next morning, Crowley's scent changed to indicate he's mated to Bobby, and Bobby takes his responsibility seriously.
I'm looking for any fics (perferrably less than 100,000 words) that involve sub!Dean, bondage, and anal plugs. It doesn't matter which forum. Thanks!
31 July 2015 @ 11:56 pm
Help! I'm looking for a fic where jensen has a series of dreams involving him and jared. I think jared knew or something. I think jared knew they were bonded? but in the dreams there are cliches like them as gladiators/greeks? I think they might werewolves as well? But it only happens when Jensen falls asleep.
I'm pretty sure this was a fill for the kink meme. And I thought it was by tehdirtiestsock, or spiders_stars, but I've read through their stuff and alas...

So, young-ish Jensen is on a camping trip, that he didn't really want to go on in the first place; and he's being bullied by some of the older boys on the trip. In the night (or maybe while they're hiking) he runs from the group and comes upon recluse/hermit Jared's cottage. Jared takes him in and is kind/caring to him. IIRC Jared keeps Jensen (willingly) in the end.
Guys, I had "A Home On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet" by nanoks (here on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/4101562) open in a my browser to be saved. However, when I went to save it today it and all nanoks other fic seems to have been deleted from the archive.

I can't access them on LJ either. Does anyone have a copy of this particular story they'd be willing to share? I'd also appreciate it if anyone can send me any of nanoks other stories if possible too. I know that's a lot of stories but anything you have would be great.

Many thanks

*fingers crossed*


Edit: Thanks for your help guys.
06 June 2015 @ 08:31 pm

General request: anything where Dean asks a former hook-up not to terminate a pregnancy and to let him have custody...or just where he raises his child. I'd like a focus on him preparing to change his life and provide for a child.

The specific fic is fairly kinky.

I read it ages ago. I can't recall who was in it. It was probably wincest or AU J2.

It had one character who would self-harm. The other character didn't have any desire or inclination toward hurting the first character, but took over the responsibility of harming, so to speak, so that the first character wouldn't end up doing permanent damage. If I recall, I don't think it was a traditional d/s story. I remember it being described tenderly that there was a lot of love between the two, and the harming was seen as selfless to give the first character what he needed. I cannot remember which character was which.
28 May 2015 @ 04:09 pm
looking for a beastiality fic where jared and wife genevieve hire jensen (i think a stripper or a dancer) to fuck harley and they got off at the same time while watching them. then at the end, jensen asks if he could do it again with harley on a regular basis.
sound familiar?
it might have been sandy instead of genevieve, but i dont think it was.
22 May 2015 @ 03:51 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a specific story here wherein one of them is pregnant and they had sex in front of the obgyn who didn't seem bothered. I think they have sex everywhere. And then they got a printout of the ultrasound of the babies and the pregnant one fucked himself in front of the print out or tv with the dildo that is the size of the partner's penis. I'm not sure if this is a Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen and who's pregnant but I'm pretty sure with the dildo part. :)

Also, if you have hot recs of them using dildo while having sex. It would be awesome, especially if they're having pregnant sex.

Thank you!
This has been bothering me for a while, but I'm looking for a story where Jared and Jensen are a couple, and Jared's sex drive is far greater than Jensen's. Jensen, despite this, is creative in attempting to make Jared sexually happy, even when he himself can't perform. He uses toys and other creative ways to do it. I definitely remember it ending around the time where Jared pointed out that, while he has a high sex drive, being with Jensen was what kept him happy.

I DO know it was a one-shot and that Jared bottomed during it. Can someone please help me find it? Thank you in advance!

EDIT: found in the comments!
19 April 2015 @ 09:21 pm
I feel kind of dumb posting this here, because the works in question I know the titles and summaries of----because I wrote them. Started writing them, anyway, and then lost the links to finish filling them. They are for prompts over on http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/ . One is called Little Lambs, and tells about how Sam has a thing for kids----a sexual thing. So Ruby starts possessing children and bringing them to Sam to do what he pleases with. The second is called He Is Risen, and it's Wincest in which after Dean went to Hell, he was brought back as a baby with no memories of his past life as an adult. Sam is trying to raise him so he can have a fresh start this time around and have a good, happy childhood.

I'd really like to finish filling these, so if anyone has links to them please let me know!  I should mention that they're both in the underage prompt posts---but I have no idea for which month or even if they're from the same month. 
17 April 2015 @ 05:51 pm
So I just read My Hands Around Your Neck by [livejournal.com profile] spider_stars and I was wondering if there are any fics where one is peeking/spying on the other undressing or doing something. I'm not sure if I should say voyerisum.
13 April 2015 @ 02:01 am
So I just finished watch 30 rock and one of the girls' character has a boyfriend who crossdresses. I was wondering if there's any fics where the crossdresser tops the other? Im not sure if you get my meaning but top!Crossdresser
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02 April 2015 @ 09:08 pm
I've been looking to find an old destiel a/o fic back that I read ages ago and really want to reread!!!
In it alpha cas works at home (restoring manuscript? translating them?) and the Winchesters move in next door. apparently when dean was discovered as an omega the family got money as there is some organization that looks after omegas and (unbeknownst to the alphas) the omegas are actually in control of who gets mated and who doesn't.
dean falls for Cas but cas sees himself as far too old and john doesn't like dean's new attitude and all. especially when dean starts reading after something cas said and starts to learn the rules.
later there is a fire in which john and mary die and Cas manages to save sam and dean and then goes crazy on one of the emergency workers who tries to intervene to look at the boys and dean has to calm him down. henrickson later turns up sent by the omega organization to check on them and see that dean is being treated okay.

Please help!!
17 March 2015 @ 04:28 pm
Hi everyone,
could you link me some good fics with medical kink? Any pairing is fine.
Thanks a lot!
01 March 2015 @ 08:28 pm
I'm usually not into Wincest, but I'm compiling a list of read-worthy Wincest fics and I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. I put it on my to-read-again list but I must've misplaced it.

It starts off with Sam and Dean reading the books and Dean going on about how there was no subtext. But then he found a Wincest website and asked the fans which book was the most 'Sam/Dean-y'. And like half of the people said 'Pilot'. And then Sam and Dean encounter a monster which takes the shape of the person they're attracted to the most, and Dean's took the shape of Sam and Sam's took the shape of Dean. Then they defeat the monster, kiss, and have sex. Lots of sex. And more sex. Like, half of the story's just porn. Dean was almost always top. Sam topped once because he wanted to prove to Dean that he can also top.

Does anybody recognize the story?
I'm looking for a specific fic that's I'm almost positive was called "Cherished," with de-aged!Dean/Sam, that I use to have a copy of on my kindle (which has since sadly died) from Ao3--its summary had something along the lines of Dean gets de-aged and Sam just can't keep his hand out of the cookie jar. cut for details )

The story seems to have entirely disappeared, though, since I downloaded it. anyone know where to find it, have a copy or even just know what happened to it?
30 December 2014 @ 12:47 am
So Jared tends to sweat a lot in real life. Even just standing still at a con or event, he can get drenched in sweat (while Jensen never seems to perspire, ever).

Any recs incorporating this into a fic? Like Jensen LOVES when he sweats and wants to lick it up, or maybe Jensen hates his constant sweating EXCEPT when they're in bed.

Just basically anything with Jared!sweat :D
I bet having secks with Jared is a very intense, sweaty event. The sheets must be like dumping buckets of water on the bed when he's done.
06 November 2014 @ 08:02 am
I think Jared was the omega and Jensen was the alpha. Jensen is Jared's son. I can't remember where Jensen was, but he was away from Jared and he found out Jared had an alpha over so he drove back home (listening to the song Think Twice) and claimed Jared.

Other details I remember: the alpha with Jared ran when Jensen came I think?
29 September 2014 @ 01:12 am
Ok so i just finished Quills Encyclopedia of Perversions by antarshakes and i was wondering if there are any fics out there related to kinks, sex, etc being impure or sinful?
No bottom jared sorry
27 August 2014 @ 08:36 pm
Hi so i've got 2 VERY different searches - oddly both are things i've been craving to read for awhile now but i'm pretty sure they couldn't get any further apart! Am after both in either RPF or SPN fic- I'm on an RPF kick though so J2 would be especially loved.

1- I'm after kid fic but not baby fic. I guess i'm after something along the lines of 'surprise you have a child you were never told about, here, take care of it' - not going to say a specific age but say over 4ish? So a kid, not a baby. If it's SPN id prefer not wincest but no real aversion to anything.

2- this is the kinky request. I just read TKO (I can't link but if you find it read - awesome!) and am after more BDSM fic. But more focus on the power play dynamic rather than just kinky sex (not that I have anything against kinky sex... love the kinky sexing!). Again, SPN/J2/RPF.. whatever is all cool.

Oooh, and a bonus request if I may? People here recently got me hooked on leverage and as i'm now hooked on RPF I was wondering if there were any nice long fics where Christian Kane was the other part of the main couple - either with Jensen or Jared? Or any J2 fics where he's featured heavily?

I prefer long fic but will read anything and any length (seriously, this fandom has basically made me read everything - 'I don't read Alpha/Omega fic'... ooh, interesting ABO fic... and now I read ABO. 'I don't read RPF'.... ooh, interesting RPF fic... and now I read RPF. Seriously - Destroyed all my previous limits.. tis awesome and there is so much fic around!!) although i have a special love for the angsty angstness.

Many thanks x
27 August 2014 @ 12:37 pm
I've looked through the tags and can't quite find what I'm looking for.
I'm after fics where Sam hooks up with a dominatrix? If that's around?
Whether he brings her back to his room not knowing that's what she is, or if it's a prank by Dean or anything.
Thank you!
17 August 2014 @ 10:43 pm
All I want is some fics where Dean/Jensen just worships Sam/Jared's ass. I'll take anything. The smuttier the better ;)

(I'm also open to weecest and underage but please only ones where Sam/Jared is at least 13...I mean like unless they're REALLY good and I should deff consider reading them...)

Thanks a bunch!
Love you guys! ~Michelle xoxoxox
21 June 2014 @ 11:28 pm
I read a fic but now I can't find it, but any fics with weecest where Sam is too young to actually come so when Dean brings him off Sam isn't sure what it is except it feels really good. Any fics with this would be awesome!!!
I saw a VERY recent SPNStoryfinders entry with the title: "Looking for some specific blindfold_spn fics!"
The author had been looking for some blindfold _spn kink meme fics that they found on someone's delicious account. One of the commentator had told them that they just needed to join the community to be able to read the fics that they searched for. One of the searches was:
Sam gets de-aged to around 13 with his memories intact. Dean's reluctant to continue their relationship at first, but can't resist Sam.

So, I looked up that fic, read it and came back to the post to look at the summaries of the other fics they were searching for but the entry was deleted. I read the summary of all the fics before the entry was gone and I was really interested in finding them but, I don't exactly remember the summaries. So, if any of you remember the summaries or if you are the author that posted the entry, could be give the summaries mentioned in the post? I would really love to read the fics.
I remember that most of the fics (there were 5 or 6) were wincest (weecest, specifically) and most of them were bottom!Sam and sounded like PWP, if that helps?

Mods: I've have a problem in which all the tags I choose for my post disappear after you've approved the post. I brought this to your notice and kruel_angel told me that it's because I'm using a plus account. I was asked to leave a note at the bottom of my post. So here goes...
Also, you'll notice that this is weird entry. And I didn't know how exactly to tag them. So, if guys think I should add some more tags or use different ones, please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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31 May 2014 @ 11:51 pm

Ok I've officially driven myself crazy!

I CAN NOT seem to find this story, I can't remember the title, but from what I can remember Jared lives in a world where if you are a omega, when you go into heat you go into a public gang bang/mating, and if you don't find your mate in X amount of days or something like that, you'll die. Jared is disgusted by this fact, but when Jensen goes into heat he jumps on the bandwagon! They mate, but then Jensen gets sick, then Jared gets sick, then they figure out its Jared's fault because he didn't mate Jensen enough or something like that! I remember Sebastian Roche, and either JDM or Jim Beaver was in it and he was the doctor that saw over Jared and Jensen after their initial mating!

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

24 May 2014 @ 04:55 pm
Looking for a werewolf fic with Jensen and Jared. It has art. There's a war between the humans and the wolves and Jared, who is Jensen's Beta, is captured. The humans tie Jared to a machine of some kind. Jensen does save him and when Jared regains consciousness, he is home. I know I've left pieces out. I have searched the attributes here and gone thru all my saved fics. I just cant find it!! Any help appreciated.

22 May 2014 @ 02:32 am
I'm looking for a Wincest story I read aaaaaages ago where Sam is obsessed with the taste of Dean's come. I think it starts when Sam is young and a girl kissed him who had just given Dean a blowjob. Dean figures it out and it leads to Wincest (although I think they never actually directly have sex).

Any ideas?

Edit: Found! :D
Hi friends!
Can you please rec me J2 fics with angry sex or make-up sex in them? I am not looking for PWPs but for plotty stories where the boys are in a romantic relationship when they have a fight and end up having sex in the middle or end of it. Happy ending is a must. All fics are welcome except those with non-con (between the boys) and underage themes in them.

I hope you can help me ..
Thanks a lot in advance
18 April 2014 @ 06:11 pm
Hey again, I'm looking for fics that have Master/Slave themes, BUT I DO NOT like the ones that are vicious or overly dom/sub. I'm thinking more like Heart in a Riot. Pairings can be Destiel, Dabriel, or Sabriel but no others please. I'll take fics like Angel Training, or Pet!Verse types but please please no extreme non-con. I'm perfectly okay with objectification, animal characteristics, and all that jazz but refuse to read stuff where the master/owner is abusive. I hate rape or non-con, and dub-con. None of that please.

Hopefully someone can help.
03 April 2014 @ 08:47 pm
I'm searching for a link to No Hiding Place Down Here by [livejournal.com profile] dreamlittleyo. Her journal states that all fic should be posted on AO3, but I couldn't find it there.

Here's a link to a cross-post on [livejournal.com profile] sn_fic with the story description if that may help at all: http://sn-fic.livejournal.com/3053128.html

I did post a comment on the author's journal, but I saw the same question right above my comment that hadn't been answered yet.

EDIT: Found! See link in comments.
20 March 2014 @ 09:50 am
I'm in a mood, and want to read some tentacle porn. What are your favorites?

Mods, I couldn't find a tentacle tag in the kink section, so I didn't know what other tags to use.
04 March 2014 @ 08:39 pm
I'm looking for a specific J2 story, possibly a verse.  I don't remember much other than it being D/s, where Jensen is a very sought-after dom, and Jared spends several hours (going back repeatedly, if I'm not mistaken) on his knees, waiting for Jensen to notice him.

Sorry I don't remember more than that.

EDIT: FOUND! For The taking by veronamay
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