05 January 2016 @ 04:41 pm
Looking for a story I read a while back, kinda long. It started with Dean in bed frustrated that he couldn't get himself off so Sam wakes up and helps him by giving him a hand job. Further chapters escalate into kissing, fingering, rimming, and eventually sex. They are both in denial and are just "helping" each other out but eventually both get a clue that they love each other. Really hot and want to read it again.
24 May 2014 @ 03:01 am
So my computer is fried and I'm using my moms,but since it's out of commission I lost everything. Including bookmarked fics -.-

I'm hoping someone out there has this story I'm looking for bookmarked/saved.

What I remember:
-Sam and Dean were working a case,I want to say a werewolf praying on teens at a make out point.

-They played pretend couple in the back of the Impala to lure it out.

-There was grinding and maybe kissing I can't quite remember but Sam came and Dean killed the creature and something was said along the lines of 'at least you got to come' or something like that.

-Generally just first time Wincest frottage in the back of the Impala on a case.

If anyone has this fic saved/bookmarked I will give you brownies. Thank you ^.^
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28 December 2013 @ 09:28 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a fic, where Sam and Dean get trapped under a bed or something like that, and they can't move.I think Dean was on top of Sam. They try to reach a phone in order to call Bobby for help and things get interesting.

Thanks very much!!!
12 November 2013 @ 06:33 pm
Hi, I'm looking for any fic that could be inspired these awesome pictures by badbastion
And I would also be happy if you recommended some awkward first time wincest.
Thank you.


1, I'm looking for a specific fic I read ages ago and I have no idea where (probably Sam/Dean archive, but I had no luck with finding it again). It was about a young (I think underage, about 15 or so) Sammy who is still a virgin, and Dean decides that his brother has to get laid already, so he takes him to a brothel. Sam doesn't really like the idea, he is very uncomfortable and shy, and doesn't seem to be interested in the girl, but then Dean starts to demonstrate things with the girl himself :), and then makes Sam take his turn, and talks to him all the time, stands behind him, touches him... and THAT starts to make Sam horny... the girl gets the picture, and leaves the two of them alone, so they can have sex with each other. I think there is also something about the girls in the brothel knowing John, and also that Sam and Dean are brothers...

2, other stories where Dean is teaching / instructing young / inexperienced Sam how to get himself off / please the girls (boys, whatever) (either just talking, or demonstrating, with or without a third person) are also welcome, as long as they end with Sam/Dean having hot sex with each other / in the case of a threesome, the focus is on the two of them, and the third person is just helping them along with discovering their wincest-y desires :)

3, I discovered that I... uhm... might have a thing for the boys creaming themselves...  The more details about how it feels is the better... if the person coming in his boxers/jeans, and/ or his partner really likes it (dirty talk, hot teasing, stroking, licking, whatever) is even better. If it starts with fondling, mouthing, licking through underwear / pants, that is also a bonus :) This is a solo one, bot hot nevertheless:
(edited: this one is totally OK with Jared/Jensen of course, AU or non-AU!)

Thanks for helping!