Hello, I'm looking for the a/b/o fics that are just graphic/vivid/something filled with details details details that would impress a biologist. One that comes to mind is usually The Thaw by meus_venator. The writing of the details of the sex and the transformation, especially in the penis, wowee!
18 November 2016 @ 09:42 pm

I'm pretty sure I read this AO3 a while back but can't find it. It's AU RPS, J2. Jared and Jensen are friends, Jared is a werewolf and accidentally bites and turns Jensen. Turned humans are only supposed to be betas but Jensen becomes an omega and gets pregnant, but Jared is kidnapped by people who use him in death matches. Jensen saves him. It's a good story and I would love t reread it. Any pointers much appreciated.

ETA: Fic has been found, thank you hershey_girl! It's Change for the Best from Alycat.

Thank you,
08 November 2016 @ 12:15 am
Hey there! So I've been over in the fandom of Teen Wolf getting my Sterek on and thought it was time for some good ole J2! I'm looking for some fics with Alpha Jensen with Jared as his Omega/Beta and if there is some mpreg then that would be awesome. Would like 20,000+ word count, please. I would appreciate any help you are able to give, I'm up for oldies but goodies and newer fics also. Thanks guys!
29 October 2016 @ 07:40 pm
I have been looking for a nonau abo j2 fic forever. it is called "wait for it" by concernedlily and it has beta jared and alpha jensen in a nonau setting (actors on supernatural) . All the old links to it no longer work and I was wondering if there was a pdf that can be shared/or if the author does not want it shared.

Thank you for your help in advance

Edit **found in comments**
It was set in the future, in space on a ship or space station, some sort of long-term study or mission and J2 were the only ones on board. Whatever their main mission, Jared (alpha) had a secret secondary mission, to get Jensen (omega) pregnant.

I don't recall if they were weres or not.

Found! Fuck Me to the Moon by [livejournal.com profile] thursdaysisters
28 September 2016 @ 12:58 pm
I am looking for a specific a/b/o story featuring alpha!Jensen and omega!Jared. Since, from what I can recall, Jared (but not Jensen) is underage, I will put what I remember under the cut. I have tagged the story as dub-con only because of a/b/o dynamics.

Read more... )

Found by me. The story has been deleted. Title and author information in comment.
14 August 2016 @ 06:40 pm
I read this fic on AO3 a while back and somehow failed to bookmark it. In it Dean is an omega who comes back home because John is dying. Cas is his doctor and an alpha. In this reality omegas are second class citizens and Dean had been assulted in the past because of it. It is a very long fic and there is mpreg in it. I've been looking on AO3 and here but haven't been able to track it down. Thanks in advance.
What I remember from it is Sam wants to Knot Dean but so far Dean hasn't let him. But then he finally does after some very intense sex ?
What I remember from the story was that Jared (omega) was forced to go live with Jensen (alpha) by his stepmother IIRC, in exchange for money or business or something. Jared was given his own room, with an attached sort of bdsm playroom/heat room. Jared was an artist and kept painting scenes of Jensen being killed. Misha was Jensen's butler I believe. Jensen promised not to touch Jared till he asked for it, then waited till he went into heat.

Found! Never Say Never by [livejournal.com profile] tipsy_kitty :D

Any recs along these lines would also be appreciated: J2, A/B/O, forced/arranged mating/marriage.
I remember in this omega/alpha story, Jared met Jensen at a fairly young age, and Alpha!Jeff(Jared's dad) somehow married Omega!Jensen soon after their meeting. Fast forward to high school Jared realized he's in love with Jensen, and believed that Jeff had been ignoring Jensen's sexual needs. Day before Jared's 16th birthday Jared popped his alpha knot, and eventually had sex with Jensen. While Jeff's on business trip, Jared took Jensen to a restaurant and Jensen was in heat during the meal and they ended up having sex in public. The end Jeff was very understanding and decided to move out and let Jared and Jensen enjoy their life together.

Thanks so much for helping!

Found - All Your Love and Your Longing Behind
22 July 2015 @ 02:09 am
I'm pretty sure it was a j2 but it might've been wincest. The plot from what I remember was that Jensen thought that Jared didn't want to knot him because idk Jensen had self esteem problems. Meanwhile Jared noticed that Jensen gave off the impression he didn't want to be knotted so he always pulled out. More plot happened between this but I don't remember.

A key point in the fic was that Jensen started to use fake knots and Jared walked in on him using one and got super pissed that Jensen would choose a fake knot over his very real one. Cue the misunderstanding being solved and Jared knotting Jensen during sex and happy ending.
Guys, I had "A Home On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet" by nanoks (here on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/4101562) open in a my browser to be saved. However, when I went to save it today it and all nanoks other fic seems to have been deleted from the archive.

I can't access them on LJ either. Does anyone have a copy of this particular story they'd be willing to share? I'd also appreciate it if anyone can send me any of nanoks other stories if possible too. I know that's a lot of stories but anything you have would be great.

Many thanks

*fingers crossed*


Edit: Thanks for your help guys.
21 June 2015 @ 09:56 pm
I've only recently started reading a/b/o fics because it used to squick me out. But lately I've liked some I've read with some stipulations.

So I'm looking for fics with J2 or Wincest a/b/o, no werewolf talk (just people who are born alpha/omega whatever), porny is good, any length but I love long fics, mating/matchmaking is okay. I love romance and will read light angst. AU or Non-Au.

Please rec me some good fics for a newbie!! Much love xx
Looking for three fics

1. Jared is a Model and Jensen is a Mechanic and they fall in love even with jared being basically a 'demanding' princess, I remember how Jared becomes pregnant and has baby with Jensen and once he goes back to modeling jensen becomes Jealous specially he the scene of the photos and the other model.

2. Jesen suffers a serious injury after finding out Jared was cheating on him.I remember he fell from up high while swinging and that in the end after I think a year Jensen and Jared meet again and in the end get back together again with Jared helping and taking care of Jensen with the resultng pain of the injury.

3. Dean is an Omega and the mate of Alpha Sam who is in Collage and together with Jess who is a Beta when Dean stops to try and get Sam to help him search for their Dad I remember that he was begining his heat and in the end even while resisting he ends up in bed with them and pregnant.
02 May 2015 @ 01:32 pm
I'm looking for destiel fics (established or starting) where some angel custom crops up and causes either problems or confusion. be it nesting, a particular view on the roles of humans and angels in matings, or anything else whatsoever so long as it causes a bump in the road as it were. So if its a fic before they get together it can be about how castiel views them as already together or as dean belonging to him due to the handprint scar or what he's done for dean.

angelic pon farr/nesting/egg!fic

anything not normal/common/expected/... in human relationships.

some good examples of what I'd like are home or clue feathers

no sam/angel pairings other than Lucifer or dean/sam
Hi! I'm looking for two specific fics.

The first is omega!Jensen and alpha!Jared. It was in a universe where omegas go to an agency once they got old enough. The agency make them a profile with their personality and talents, but without a picture. Alphas get matched to an omega, without basing their opinion on looks. Jared is a TV actor, who wants to create a better public image for himself. He decides that getting settling down with an omega would make people respect him more. Jared tells he agency that he found an omega he liked, but he cheats--before, he had visited the agency and caught a glimpse of Jensen there. Jared thought Jensen was pretty, so he tells the agency that Jensen's personality matched his.

Jared and Jensen got married, then they spent their wedding night in a hotel. Jared has sex with Jensen first thing. Jensen has angst, since he had never been kissed and all his alpha wanted to do was knot him. After, they go to live in Jared's mansion. Jared is sexist (is that the toward word?) toward omegas--he ignores Jensen's talents and only used him for sex. I remember there's one scene where Jared takes Jensen shopping to buy him some sexy clothes. There's another scene where Jensen makes a cherry pie (one of his talents) and Jared doesn't want to taste it, he just used it for sex. At some point, a reporter comes by the mansion to make a story about how Jared's life as a married man. The story was a work in progress, and I'm pretty sure it was on a kink meme. I can't remember which meme, though.

The second fic had Jensen as a shy, awkward high school science teacher and Jared as one of his students. When Jensen came to the school, all the students got awkward because they secretly thought Jensen was so pretty. Jared stays after class and forces Jensen into having sex with him. Jensen wore glasses. This one was on a kink meme, too, but it was completed.

Anyone recognize these? :)

EDIT: Both have been found in the comments:
Pretty is As Pretty Does - http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/45297.html?thread=11300081
Out of Syllabus - http://archiveofourown.org/works/668777/chapters/1221856
Good Afternoon All,
I hope you are all having a nice Tuesday. I come once again asking for help in finding Two A/B/O fics I read a while back. I look in all the Supernatural A/B/O tags. But also no luck, so I am hoping one of ya'll recognizes them.

1. Dean/Sam are in establish relationship, but Dean is yet to Knot Sam because Sam is scared because of a stupid video he saw in college where it shows that knotting a painful and bloody. Dean is really patient with Sam and ask him to trust him its not like the video at all. Does this ring a bell?

2.Dean/Sam they were on a hunt and they got turned. Dean is an Alpha and Sam cant remember if he's Beta or Omega. But I remember they are on the run from the pack they were hunting and Dean is trying to keep Sam safe, can't remember if he's hurt or going into his first heat. But he gets and idea and find a where they can hole up it's either a cave or an abandon mining shaft that still has silver ore in in the walls and floor. HE purposely takes Sam in deep so that their scent can be hidden from who ever is hunting them. I think Sam was going into heat, because I remember reading Dean thinking he has to mask Sam's heat? I remember him laying down sleeping bag and giving his jacket to Sam while he scouts the area. Also the silver does make them a bit sick but they can take it/its not that bad.
Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Well thank you all for your kindness and I hope someone's memory sparks :)
11 February 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Hi all,

I am looking for a story where Jensen was a product tester for sex toys, and was usually unimpressed by them. He uses a knotted one and loves it though. It turns out it was a cast of Jared's, who was a werewolf. Hot smexing ensues. The author also had links to a sextoy website embedded in the story.

Thanks for your help!
27 January 2015 @ 09:32 am
Hey just saw "emily_ani" request for a certain a/b/o fic about Alpha Jared being turn into an Omega by Alpha Jensen and it was found it was called

"A Soul that's Tasted Death" by kinkyheels in AO3.

This was such a delicious read I was wondering were there any other like this one? Jared/Sam being originally an Alpha and then being turn into an Omega or beta? It could be by Jensen/Dean or higher elders or anything else.

Just as long its Jared/Sam being turned.

26 January 2015 @ 01:09 pm
I went to kinkmeme to read the Bottle It Up and (De)scent Into Madness but they seem to have been deleted. Anyone know where they can be found or have them saved somewhere?

Original prompt:
A way for an omega to ward off unwanted attention from Alphas is to smell like they're already mated. Science has come up with a way for this to be possible. Sperm donation. An Omega gets a spray and he will then smell like he's been mated. It's been working fine for years. Except once in while there is a mix up or two, and instead of the alpha's donation being sent to a different country it stays local. This is how Omega Jared comes face to face with 'his' alpha.
Jensen knows he's never seen Jared before, he'd remember. And he'd most definitely remember mating with him. Yet Jensen's scent is all over him and it's driving him crazy! He knows better, but the alpha part of is brain is being a possessive fucker and screaming MINE! (Luckily for the both of them Jared has fallen in love with his alpha in a bottle).
19 January 2015 @ 05:26 pm
Hi again from thej2library. I've never read any of the specific requests we got, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1. Jared was writing in like a diary and he was completely in love with jensen but he never like went through with it. He married gen because jensen got engaged with Danneel and he got like really sad and he divorced gen.

2. Jensen moves into the street Jared lives on, and he's a fair bit older and helps out with jobs around Jensen's place and Jared's friends make fun of him every now and then, and I love it but I can't remember the name of it.

3. i cant remember the name of this fic but its top!jared and they have kids and the kids knock on the bedroom door while they're having sex and jared carries on going, and the kids think they're fighting and jared's winning.

4. It was an ABO verse, and Omega!Jared was Alpha!Jensen's father. Jared was initially married to Jen's father (JDM, I think) but JDM cheated on him. So they got divorced, JDM has a new wife/spouse with kids, and Jared and JDM share joint custody with Jensen. But Jensen hates JDM, but he's in love with Jared. So, while Jensen is at JDM's house, JDM tries to make small talk with him, but ends up telling him that Jared is at his house with another alpha. So Jensen gets all possessive alpha, leaves JDM's house, drives back home and barges in between Jared and the other guy before they can even get to the good part. Then Jared and Jensen have sex, basically.

5. Any cute J2 marriage proposal fics? Or fics that have cute marriage proposals in them?
13 December 2014 @ 01:31 pm
Okay this is silly. I just read this fic a couple days ago or so and now I can't find it again.

Jared was Alpha of a pride of werecats and he was off in the country running. His pride was there as well and they came across Jensen who was in their territory. Jensen didn't have a pride and eventually Jensen joined Jared's pride. Because Jensen was living in his car Jared took him back to his apartment. Because Jensen was new to the pride and didn't know what being pride Beta would mean Jared didn't want to mate/knot him. Jensen thought Jared didn't want him and went out with Justin a couple of times. Jared got jealous and claimed Jensen for himself.

Anyone out there know the title of this fic?
Okay, I'm actually looking for a couple different things:

1. Any fics where Dean/Jensen THINKS he is being rejected and it devastates him

2. A/B/O fics where Dean/Jensen bonds with his mate and is rejected, causing Dean/Jensen pain or other physical/mental symptoms
3. Any fics where there is a huge misunderstanding (i.e. suspected cheating, etc.) but happy ending!

4. Your favorite soulmate/soulbond fics!

I welcome Destiel, Wincest, and J2 so if anyone could rec me links to fics with these things in them, I'd really appreciate it! :)
10 November 2014 @ 02:26 pm
I have trying to find a fic that I read a year or so ago. In the fic Alphas and Omegas are required to be matched together by the government when they reach a certain age. Jensen with the help of his friend Misha,who is a doctor, has managed to stay unmatched. It gets to a point where Misha has to report him to get matched. He gets matched with Jared, who is eighteen I believe. His parents hired someone that helped Jared and two of his friends find matches ( Chad and a girl thats name i can not remember). After they are married Jared goes to live with Jensen. Jensen owns a business where he sells flowers. He has a picture of a tree hanging above in the house. any more information and I will be spoiling the story.I hope that is enough to identify what I am looking for.
Many thanks to anyone that knows what I am looking for.
I unfortunately haven't been able to find this fic. In it,
-Jared is on a roadtrip and stops at a gas station or restaurant.
-he gets ran in to by Jensen who says he's his mate
-they consummate their mating on top of Jared's car who thinks about the face that the car is warm and why the act is happening to him.
-Jeff is around while it's happening and trying to keep Jensen from shifting in to a wolf while with Jared.
-jensen tells jared he'll turn in to an omega and have kids
-Jeff tells Jared that their pack treats omegas well.
-there was knitting and it was dubcon
-it's a one shot.

This is all I remember, if you could help me locate this I would truly appreciate it.
Thank you.
07 October 2014 @ 02:19 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Omega Dean adopted his son Castiel which is thought he is an omega and is raised that way and later Castiel and Dean find out he is an Alpha and they mate tho I remember how Dean has some problems taking an alpha because of problems with his biology.
04 October 2014 @ 02:26 pm
I'm gonna feel like an idiot when someone is able to point me to the fic I'm looking for. It's a story I've read a few times by an author I probably know, but right now I'm drawing a complete blank on both.

In the fic Jensen is blind and living alone in a cabin. Chris brings him supplies every so often. Jared is a were who knows Jensen is his mate. He ingratiates himself into Jensen's life and they mate while Jared is still in his wolf form.

I remember that he lived in a religious sort-of-cult and presented as omega which was seen as a devious sinful thing because it tempted alphas beyond their control. He's walking in the rain and decides to run in front of a truck - which just so happens to be Jared's. Jared brings Jensen into the city and they end up mated even though I think it was semi-illegal because of their age gap.

Ring any bells ? O:

I would read any other fics where they're disowned for one reason or another - mpreg (kicked out for being pregnant), for being gay, for being omega --- etc. While the other J takes them in or somethimg.
Anybody have a copy of the J2 story Temptation Comes but Once to a Man by [livejournal.com profile] sloeginfizzle? The link I have doesn't seem to work anymore. :(

Found! Links in comments.
19 August 2014 @ 08:14 pm
I'm looking for:
1. Specific Sam Winchester fic - Where Mary is alive and Sam remembers his life as a hunter. Sam while a teenager now has continued to hunt monsters, one of which attacked him making it look like suicide. So his parents now don't trust him, his brother is worried and decides to follow him out the window after he made his escape through it yet again (he does this quite a bit I think). I think eventually Dean starts to believe him and they start to hunt together (but again I'm not sure)

I'm also looking for some other fics that I've posted before - but didn't really get a response for -

General Wincest/J2 fics - looking for any: (I like bottom Jared/Sam more, although I won't say no to bottom Jensen/Dean)
2. Mpreg, A/O/B, Werewolf/Knotting - the longer the better, but I'll take anything,
3. Time Travel - fics like - The Time-Traveler's Brother by gretazreta but any is fine,
4. Merman - where one or both boys have/get tails,
5. Tron - any fic but more along the lines of Tron Legacy,
6. Sam with wings - growing wings (nothing to do with Lucifer) &

7. AU fics that include Jess dying and Dean not coming to Stanford like he did in the pilot.

I know this is a lot but If anyone can help me find some of these that would be great, Thanks in advance.

Hi, all!

So I'm looking for a fic where I think Jensen was sold/given to Jared. Here are the snippets I remember:

1. Jared and his friends came home drunk when Jensen was in the kitchen making a sandwhich. They scared him. He broke a glass. The next day, Jared had a hangover and didn't really remember what happened.

2. At some point in the fic, Jensen gets really sick. Like vomit on his clothes, needs-to-be-changed and get his fever down, call the doctor in the middle of the night sick.

3. Throughout the whole fic, Jensen is terrified of being good for nothing but baby-making. He and Jared go to a party and he's terrified to see all the pregnant omegas.

4. Finally, at one point, Jensen is kidnapped and dragged into the woods, though they question if he ran away at first.

I really hate myself for losing the fic, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'd also love to hear of any fics where an omega's heat comes on, but they unexpectedly run out of suppressants or something. Like, they're desperate and the alpha takes pity on them (without being too lustful about it). Thanks!

I already went through almost all the tags, but I am looking for a story where I only remember two certain scenes and nothing else. But I know the story exist :)

Scene 1: Dean/Jensen bring Sam/Jared and himself to another pack where Alpha Misha/Castiel only accepts them if Dean submits to him, which does happen just to give Sam/Jared a safe pack to stay in. Sam eventually mates with an older wolf/leopard...something.

Scene 2: Dean/Jensen and Misha/Castiel find out Dean/Jensen can get pregnant, but when they find out it's too late and he loses the baby/cub. It takes awhile before he becomes pregnant again.

I know it isn't much, but I hope someone recognizes it and can give me either the link to the story or author or title.

Found http://highermagic.livejournal.com/17862.html

Thanks in advance.

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I was almost sure I saved it but apparently not. :(

-- I think I remember that Jared was an omega and his parents (might have?) disowned him because of it. So he finds himself in this bar, maybe eating a burger or something before he decides what to do next.

Jensen is also there and it's (his birthday maybe??) I remember that someone -- potentially Chad -- puts something in Jensen's drink to make him loosen up and have fun, but instead it triggers jensen into full on Alpha-Mode. He turns almost feral in his mindlessness to mate and grabs a girl, intending to do the dirty.

Meanwhile, Jared thinks his life is pointless/worthless anyway and decides to 'sacrifice' himself to be knotted instead.

Jensen is pretty rough but when he comes back to himself, he's horrified at what he's done and surprisingly turns out to be a nice guy.

Ring any bells? D: My google-foo is WEAK. :/

This is it! (:
Looking for a Castiel/Dean AU fic where the boys are in a relationship, and Castiel accidentally knots Dean, which either means he's now a werewolf (or possibly pregnant? Or both?). Castiel gives a vague explanation, but then disappears. Castiel's pack/family figures out what's going on and bring Dean to live in their compound. 99% sure it's on AO3, but I haven't had any luck with searches.

Was there a Supernatural RPF where Jared is completely oblivious that he has Omega DNA/Trait because he never went into heat at the age they are suppose to. So he thinks as well as his family believes for him to be 100% human (since there has been no"ware" DANA in their family for 4/5 generations?) and Male Omegas are extremely rare, in fact there has not been one in a long time I believe it was more than a century? Female omegas were plenty.

Now he 24 yrs old and finally hired at a prestige law firm (junior executive?) after interning for 1 full year at the firm, but never met all three Owners? (Morgan/Singer/Ackles- name of the law firm) life is pretty awesome for him and he is in love ready to propose to his college sweetheart of 4 years (Sandy?)

Then the shoe drops when he finally meets Jensen (I can't remember if in passing to copier or they are at a board meeting and Jared is presenting) Jared start to feel a bit flush and thinks it's the flu excuses himself leaves for the day to rest because that night is the big night to propose to Sandy I think they are in a classy Restaurant/bar place, he woke only feeling a bit warm but everything else has relax inside of him?? Chad and him are BFF since kindergarten. Chad went with him for support and to hit on girls at the bar, Chad does has "Ware" DNA I think he was a Beta or Alpha too?
And I remember Chris, Steve and Jensen were going there for drinks and catching up on Firm business and Pack territories/borders business- you find out Jensen is High Alpha of a very large pack bordering three states (south west or east?), plus 50% co-owner of the law firm. Jensen Ackles of course is a billionaire (old Money). while Jensen and Company enjoy drinks, Jared has the waiter come over with the valet cupcake with ring on top for Sandy, then Sandy notice a slight sheen of sweat on Jared forehead,leans over to touch and asked him if he is okay simultaneously Chad head snap ups from the present conversation with a girl looks sniff the air and looks back toward Jared huge eyes and turns his head toward Jensen and company subtlety -they are laughing still, he gets up excuse himself from said girl ans walk casually to Jared as he looks back one more time he sees Jensen eyes narrow and sits up and dashes towards Jared interrupting as soon as the cupcake is place down
Does any of this ring a bell to any one?
01 July 2014 @ 12:12 pm
does anyone know of any fics where one of the boys is knotted by a female alpha? basically a female with a cock and knott and the boys bottom for them. j2 or wincest and any pairing. i do prefer that its just a porn ficlet, dont want a huge long story but whatever is fine. thanks!
Looking for a fic about Werewolf Alpha Jared and his son Omega Jensen where I think Jensen loves his dad and want to mate him so he ask him for his dad to bathe him (wolf tongue bath) and in the end Jared wash Jensen backside where it escalades from there. I think there's even a part where to complete the mating Jared needs to fuck Jensen in wolf form.
13 June 2014 @ 04:54 pm
I am call on help after my google-fu has failed me...to be fair I had thought I had bookmarked one of the fics I am looking for, the other had a deleted link. So I am asking all your super people out there for help. I think one of the fics was on fanfiction.net and I have looked all over and found some new favorites but not the one I lost. The other was on LJ and might have been in a challange, not to sure though but it was a WIP when I read it and it's over a year old.

1. Dean and Sam get ?cursed? and are turned into cats. They manage to call Bobby for help and he comes and gets them as they are trapped in the impala. Bobby takes them home and Dean still tries to take care of Sam (licking him clean). Sam gets attacked by a ?dog/coyote? but Dean saves him. They turn back human eventually but I think Dean still had the urge to lick Sam (don't think it was sexual). I could have swarn part of the title had tom cat blues or something like that but I can't find anything by that title. I think this fic was on fanfiction.net.

2. Jensen was a werewolf but the blood line was so weak he couldn't turn he just had extra sharp senses and was affected by silver. Jared was a really old werewolf who had a human form and a wolf form and a third form like the old classic wolfman movie (shape of a man but all furry with paws and tail and snout?). Jensen was a beta or something and could go into heat and doesn't know till it happens. Jensen is almost raped by other werewolves until Jared saves him. Jared will have sex with Jensen to keep his heat under control but won't mate him and Jensen tricks him into mating him. Jensen's mom is crazy and hates werewolves and (she or someone she knows?) calls the cops who enter Jared's house after Jensen right after they finish mating. Jensen has to stay with Jared and he wants to and his mom is sent away and the media finds out? It was a WIP about a year ago and was on LJ.

Any help in finding these would be so awesome and I would be very happy. Thanks for anyone who knows what these are and can tell me.

Also I went overboard on the tags just in case, I think I got them all but if I missed one sorry.
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29 May 2014 @ 02:40 pm

First time posting so I hope I do this right

I'm looking for:
1. Specific Sampala fic - Dean figures out his brother has been turned into the impala (again?) Sam on the other hand really likes it when his brother gets under the hood or in his trunk. Going as far as to makes excuses to get Dean there.
He tries to hide the fact that even though he's a car he's still turned on, leaking oil and such, which makes Dean more worried that something's wrong. Sam eventually gets back to normal (not sure if this was by Gabriel's doing or not, also I think Sam tells Dean what was going on about his time as a car) which leads them to having sex.

update: FOUND in comments

General Wincest/J2 fics - looking for any: (I like bottom Jared/Sam more, although I won't say no to bottom Jensen/Dean)

2. Mpreg, A/O/B, Werewolf/Knotting - the longer the better, but I'll take anything,

3. Time Travel - fics like - The Time-Traveler's Brother by gretazreta but any is fine,

4. Merman - where one or both boys have/get tails,

5. Tron - any fic but more along the lines of Tron Legacy,

6. Sam with wings - growing wings (nothing to do with Lucifer) &

7. AU fics that include Jess dying and Dean not coming to Stanford like he did in the pilot.

I know this is a lot but If anyone can help me find some of these that would be great, Thanks in advance.

19 May 2014 @ 08:02 pm
I'm looking for a story that is J2 I'm almost positive. Not sure if it was mpreg or if there was knotting but since they were wolves I would think so.

The only thing I can remember is that one of them and I think it was Jared was found under the tree (Christmas tree) in the other one's yard.

I read it a long time ago and I've not been able to find it since. It's seriously driving me nuts. I'm sure there were several secondary characters but I'm not sure which ones. I think there was even a sequel or timestamps.
13 May 2014 @ 02:02 pm
There is this story in the deep crevices of my brain that I just can't recall for some reason.
What I do know is that the story was in a college setting possibly/ or maybe Jared and Jensen at least lived in the same apartment (Jared and Jensen both respectively having there on place).

It is a A/B/O story
Jensen was an Alpha and Jared an Omega.

There was this party or maybe just a gathering some friends? And they end up meeting there.
I don't think it was publically known that Jared was an Omega because so takes suppressants to mask his scent.
I maybe wrong but, I believe Jared's suppressants screw up and he tries to get away from everyone because they smell his heat. (For some reason the image of Jared going to a Laundry room to hide comes to mind. I'm not 100% sure though) Jensen ends up finding him somehow (Maybe he caught the scent and followed him?) They end up mating

Jensen knots Jared up against the wall, unprotected. Jensen is completely overwhelmed and turned on by Jared. I remember Jared being in controlled for majority of the sex. Telling him what to do, giving him commands, the usual stuff.

This story would obviously be Top Jensen and Bottom Jared

Now if anyone is able to find this story with these very hazy details, I will be VERY happy.

Now, predicting that this would probably be extremely difficult to find I have another request of a similar sort.

Does anybody know of any stories where it was assumed that Jared would be an Alpha, but he turns out being an Omega instead? Same thing with Jensen, everyone expecting him to be an Omega, but is completely blindsided when he has a knot.
Would like to read stories about the boy struggling with there roles, not wanting to be labeled with stereotypes.

On the opposite end, I would also like stories where Jared is an Omega and is completely confident about it. No Angst or negative feeling about it at all. He enjoys the attention from the Alpha.

Any stories you can find can be J2, Wincest. Destiel is not exactly preferred but if it perfectly fits the criteria, don't care.

The universe the story is in doesn't matter.


Thanks in advance! :)
01 May 2014 @ 09:53 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read awhile back. In it Jared is a werewolf and Jensen is his best friend. After a night of drunken sex Jensen is turned into a werewolf and soon after finds out he's also pregnant. I think it was called "The Breath you Take" or something like that. I don't know the name of the sequel or if it was finished (it was a WIP last I knew)

Can someone point me to these fics again?

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I read the fic this year a couple months ago. I forgot the title and the author but I remember a few details about it. Explicit and contains beastiality, so details are under the cut.

Details )
Anyway this fic was medium length (I think) and I have been searching for a week. I hope the details help!
01 April 2014 @ 05:02 am
I found this fic on spnstoryfinders, and though I have searched, I cannot find it again, so I'm that person who asks for a fic that is clearly already on the com.

King (maybe Prince?) Jensen is cured to bear an heir for his kingdom, so every year his council holds a tournament for all the eligible royals in the region. Every year the winner tries to get him pregnant, but it never catches. Meanwhile, Jared is the leader of this destitute nomad tribe who everyone on the continent hates because however many generations back they made a deal with some magic wolves or something and now have certain wolf traits; one of which is impressive fertility, this is where the knotting comes in. Jared goes to ask if his tribe can stay in this valley with streams for a few weeks that is on Jensen's land, because they're all starving because they get run out of everywhere and no one will trade with them. However, he accidentally gets sucked into this year's tournament.

Someone please I love this fic endlessly. *kowtows*

FOUND: http://morrezela.livejournal.com/107912.html
(and of course it's morrezela, as are most good things in life)
15 February 2014 @ 04:48 pm
Anything with the general theme of Jensen being coerced/forced into porn and a couple of specific ones:

1. Jensen takes a job not knowing it's for hardcore porn (he was taken there by his agent who owes the company money or something). Some of the porn is J2, some J3. (I may be mixing this next part up with another fic..) In between filming days, Jensen is kept under lock and key by Jared who plays hardcore sex games with him whether he wants to or not. (This one found in comments!)

2. All I remember of this one is one scene where they bring Jensen into a warehouse with a manky filming scene set up in the middle of it and he really doesn't want to do it. Maybe it involved dogs? Or multiple men? I don't remember what Jared's involvement was in this one, whether he was part of it or made it easier for Jensen or took him away or what.

He may or may not have been underage in either one, I don't recall, but I added the tag just in case.
30 December 2013 @ 03:44 am
So I've been looking for this fic and I can't find it so... Well, that's why I'm here

It was an A/B/O fic and I read it on AO3 (Don't know if it's somewhere else, if it is, I couldn't find it). I don't remember much about the begining but eventually one of the J's was kidnapped and kept in some sort of room. He was abused and forced to spend his heat tied up without an Alpha to take care of him.

There's a group of detectives or cops or something of sorts that are looking for kidnapped Omegas and I remember that when they found J1 they had to cover him with a blanket or something like that and J2 told the guys that were with him that if they couldn't keep themselves under control they should leave because it could stress the Omega out or something like tht.

Also, J2's job was something special, like a doctor but it had an spefic name, and all Alphas that occupied that charge couldn't have mates or whatever.

I also remember that when they got J1 out of the place they placed something around his eyes so that he couldn't see and J2 pretended to knot him to get him down from his heat-fever with a dildo or a fake cock.
J2 was like a cop and at one point I think he said something about not being able to be with anybody else because of his job, but that he wanted to help J1 and was getting kind of attached to him, so he was going to quit. A partner of J2 wasn't happy with this and I think they had (I believe this partner was a girl but I don't really remember) feelings for J2.
I think the author said they would continue the fic and/or make a series with it, but when I tried to look for it again I couldn't find it so yeah...

Thanks in advance