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Hello everyone,
I've been reading this marvelous comm for years, this is my first post... Details under the cut, just to be safe.

the request )

Well, I hope this was clear and that I followed all the posting rules ;)

Mods, there doesn't seem to be a somnophilia tag (I remember reading posts with searches on this term but couldn't find them today).

Thank you all for all the wonderful recs :)
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Yesterday I was dragged to a friends house to watch wrestle mania and wrestling is not my thing. But watching some of those matches and how close they are to each other and how tight and scantily clothed some of the costumes are it got me thinking to what an spn slash fic would be like about the guys as professional wrestlers. I'm looking for either J2 AU or AU wincest where the boys are brothers but they are wrestlers and not hunters. Does anything like that exist?
I'm picturing something like where they get matched together and one of the guys develop feelings for the other and starts having a hard time hiding it when they are so close to each other in spandex and enjoy being manhandled...
Originally a one shot and then a sequel. I can't remember what the first fic was and what the second was but I'm looking for two specific fics where S/D are already in an established relationship. They fall asleep at a motel but when Dean wakes up he finds that he traveled back in time to a younger Sam. It's before Sam ever told Dean he liked him but he talks to older/current Dean about it. It's younger Sam's first time with Dean.

In the other fic younger Dean (17?) is swapped to the current time. Sam finds him at a bar and brings him back to the motel (I think it's a little BDSM, some spanking). This fic is younger Dean's first time with Sam.

So, overall, one fic tells current Dean's experience of the time swap and the other fic is about older Sam's experience with younger Dean.

I think it's on someone's tumblr and I don't know if it was ever posted anywhere else. It's driving me crazy. I tried searching the tags and googling and nothing comes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FOUND!: After hours of searching my friend found it

Dean's POV

Sam's POV
Hi, I'm looking for a specific story that had been on ff.net. It's possibly been deleted... I think it was called Sam, Sammy, Samantha. It was maybe 7 or 8 chapters.. ??

Dean was travelling by himself and stopped for coffee at a diner. The waitress there drugged his coffee and followed him in a van. Out on the road, Dean ended up passing out and the waitress kidnapped him, leaving the impala along the side of the road. I remember a specific scene where Dean came to and found he was blindfolded and hanging naked from the ceiling. The waitress said something that made Dean lash out and kick her, so she drugged him again. While he was unconscious, she washed him with a soapy sponge, prepping him to be sold. Dean was oiled, injected *down there* and put on display.

This was not a true Brotherhood AU story, but Caleb was in it, who sensed Dean was in trouble. Dean ended up being sold, handcuffed and put in a black body bag. Caleb, John, Bobby and Mac came to the rescue just as the man was dragging the body bag away, containing an unconscious Dean.

I'd been thinking of this story and wanted to read it again, but now I can't find it. Thank you in advance!
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I'm looking for an old dean/tentacle creature fic.

in this one dean gets taken while on a hunt by the creature but ends up liking it. and when he realizes that its driven by a breeding urge but can't acturally reproduce he goes back every year at the right time.

there was something about him having missed a season due to going to hell??
Hi, I can't find this fic and I'm really hoping someone can help me:

It was a relatively short Robo!Sam/Dean noncon story where Sam assaulted Dean in the bathroom of a gas station and they had sex which ended up being pretty much like Sam's sex scene in 6.13 "Unforgiven".

Would be great if someone knew what I'm talking about. Thanks!
09 July 2015 @ 10:57 pm
They were in an established relationship and sam made dean wear a vibrating butt plug. 2 scenes i remember well entailed dean coming in his pants before they even left the motel room, gripping the side of the counter as it passed, and sam turning it on when dean was eyeballing an old car at the gas staion
Hi! I'm looking for two specific fics.

The first is omega!Jensen and alpha!Jared. It was in a universe where omegas go to an agency once they got old enough. The agency make them a profile with their personality and talents, but without a picture. Alphas get matched to an omega, without basing their opinion on looks. Jared is a TV actor, who wants to create a better public image for himself. He decides that getting settling down with an omega would make people respect him more. Jared tells he agency that he found an omega he liked, but he cheats--before, he had visited the agency and caught a glimpse of Jensen there. Jared thought Jensen was pretty, so he tells the agency that Jensen's personality matched his.

Jared and Jensen got married, then they spent their wedding night in a hotel. Jared has sex with Jensen first thing. Jensen has angst, since he had never been kissed and all his alpha wanted to do was knot him. After, they go to live in Jared's mansion. Jared is sexist (is that the toward word?) toward omegas--he ignores Jensen's talents and only used him for sex. I remember there's one scene where Jared takes Jensen shopping to buy him some sexy clothes. There's another scene where Jensen makes a cherry pie (one of his talents) and Jared doesn't want to taste it, he just used it for sex. At some point, a reporter comes by the mansion to make a story about how Jared's life as a married man. The story was a work in progress, and I'm pretty sure it was on a kink meme. I can't remember which meme, though.

The second fic had Jensen as a shy, awkward high school science teacher and Jared as one of his students. When Jensen came to the school, all the students got awkward because they secretly thought Jensen was so pretty. Jared stays after class and forces Jensen into having sex with him. Jensen wore glasses. This one was on a kink meme, too, but it was completed.

Anyone recognize these? :)

EDIT: Both have been found in the comments:
Pretty is As Pretty Does - http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/45297.html?thread=11300081
Out of Syllabus - http://archiveofourown.org/works/668777/chapters/1221856
Hello again my lovelies!

You have all been so helpful to me in the past, so I was hoping you'd be able to help once more! I searched everywhere but couldn't find the fic I am looking for. I believe it was (or had tones of) Sam/Dean (but it had Sam/Jess in there too). Sam ran away from home to go to Stanford after years of living with a possessive and overprotective Dean and John. They literally killed for Sam (even though he was horrified). At one point they find him at Stanford and guilt Sam while attacking Jess much to Sam's dismay. He knows that if he hurts himself, they'll stop because they only care about him, and he uses it to his advantage at one point.

Thank you so much in advance!!
I was reading some cool teenchester fics, where Sam who is bi or gay gets asked out by guys what ever high school he is attending.

But are there any fics where Sam does not swing that way and is clueless , that when a guy asked him out it's not because he just wants to hang out as friends but because he's really interested in Sam. Dean is always aware of these guys, and always tries to warn Sam , something like " Sam dude is hitting on you" and Sam just scoffed it off as Dean being stupid or why does everything has to be about sex to Dean.
And then later Sam realizes that Dean was right especially when he's alone with the guy and he tries to make a move on him.

The guy gets angry, because of Sam rejection and tries to rape Sam. Cue in Big Brother Dean to the rescue, because he had a hunch or gut feeling about that guy.

So yeah does anyone know any stories along those lines? Could be gen or it could start out as gen but turns to wincest when Dean rescues Sam, because Sam is not gay for guys just Dean.

High school ages Sam is 14-18 and Dean is 18-22 or even later like season one ages?

Well I hope there are more than two fics like this? Praying and keeping fingers crossed.
thanks guys!
17 February 2015 @ 03:49 pm
HI All I want to thank everyone who always help me finding the specific story I need. I am eternally always grateful for your guys help.

I hope once again you can come to my aid. :)

SO here goes, I don't remember the name or writer of this specific J2 fic.
I do remember the story it goes something like this.

Chad had bet Jared he would never get Jensen to have sex with him. For all who knew Jared, he never back down from a bet or challenge and he always won. So he accepted Chad's bet. Thinking it will the easiest 50 bucks he'll win.

Next day on the set he was trying to come up with a plan on how to get Jensen without him knowing. So he comes up with a truth and dare game on the spot thinking this will work and Jensen will fall prey.

Unfortunately it back fires a lot on Jared. Jensen just keeps getting the upper hand on him. To the point where in the end Jared does not know which way is up or down and he finds himself in the back seat of the IMPALA with Jensen seducing him, being very in charge "top" and Jared completely caving in to him and bottoming.

I remember Chad picking up his cell phone the very next day and hearing Jared Saying "fine I'll drop you off the 50 bucks" and Chad gleefully saying " I knew it he rejected your ass" But Jared answering "no actually he likes my ass", then laughs and then finishes "he likes it a lot" and hangs up on Chad before he says anything else.

So does anyone know this fic? I really want to read it again :)

Hello everyone,
I remembered parts of a story I've read some time ago but I can't seem to find it in my bookmarks. Here is what I remember:

Dean was in hospital but the doctors didn't know what was wrong with him. They put him in quarantine and wore masks and special clothing when being in contact with him. Dean was pretty much out of it. He might have had flashbacks of hell (I'm not sure about that aspect), because they kept manhandling him. At one point they took a sample of his spinal fluid I think and Dean was panicking.

Sam didn't know where Dean was at first. Finally he made it to the hospital and rescued Dean by disguising himself as a doctor or nurse. He dropped some kind of smoke bomb in Dean's treatment room, so everybody fled. Sam took Dean from the hospital but Dean was very weak and had problems with his legs, because Sam moved him to early after the spinal fluid extraction.

I can't remember what was wrong with Dean in the end. Maybe some kind of supernatural illness.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance

Edit: Found! Link in comments.

1. I have recently discovered that I have this massive manhandling!kink, particularly when it comes to bottom!dean. So please give me all the fics in this trope that you have. I particularly like submissive!dean (it doesn't have to be in the BDSM sense, so long as it's clear that Sam's the dominant one in the relationship). No non-con please!

2. Any fics (pwp or otherwise) where the main focus is Sam lavishing attention on Dean's body, or where he makes sure that his main role is to make Dean feel good?

3.I would also, if possible like fics focused on Dean's features and how 'pretty' Sam thinks he is (whether or not he admits it to Dean)

Basically, all bottom!dean fics please, and please no non-con!
27 January 2015 @ 09:32 am
Hey just saw "emily_ani" request for a certain a/b/o fic about Alpha Jared being turn into an Omega by Alpha Jensen and it was found it was called

"A Soul that's Tasted Death" by kinkyheels in AO3.

This was such a delicious read I was wondering were there any other like this one? Jared/Sam being originally an Alpha and then being turn into an Omega or beta? It could be by Jensen/Dean or higher elders or anything else.

Just as long its Jared/Sam being turned.

Greeting everyone :)
I was wondering does anyone know if any one ever wrote a Fifty shade of Gray but with the character of Jensen and Jared or Dean and Sam?

Of course Jensen or Dean in the character of Christian Grey.

thanks again for all your help!
06 January 2015 @ 01:45 pm
Happy New year to Everyone in the Supernatural fandom! Wishing you all the best in 2015!!

I am looking for any fics when Jensen and Jared meet for the first time for roles of Dean and Sam Winchester, and its love at first sight or even lust at first sight. But they are unsure if the other feels the same.

I would preferred it to be between season 1 thru 3, it could be a slow build or one shot, or I will accept W.I.P and also definitely self- rec's welcome.

Also if Jensen could be the more experience/confident one in this and Jared in-experience, shy, nervous.

Please bottom Jared Only!!!

Thank you.
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] zoetron56 at In search of a Dean/Cas fic where Dean is trapped in an alternate universe with barbaric angels.
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] zoetron56 at In search of a Dean/Cas fanfic where Dean is trapped in an alternate universe with barbaric angels.
I humbly beg help in locating a fanfiction which I somehow misplaced on my computer!  I do not know the title or the author.  I can describe the plot as much as I can remember however.  After Sam left for Stanford, and John, of course, abandoned Dean, showing all the red flags of a lifetime of unforgivable neglect and emotional abuse against his firstborn.  Dean decides to continue hunting by himself with only Bobby as occasional step-father and research assistant.
    When he winds up tracking through the country in pursuit of some monsters or creature, he finds himself in another dimension, with no way of finding his way out.  After much retracing his steps, he gives up the quest for the magical doorway and starts thinking about day-to-day survival on this alien landscape. He then reverts to his training and tries to blend in with the alien society that he has absolutely no place existing within. Reduced to recons and snatch and grabs for food and concealing clothing, he can't help noticing everyone here possess rather large sets of angelic wings.  Dean also notices a rudimentary two-caste system to the angel's culture (if it could be called one).  The winged angels are the warrior upper-class, while the servants, field hands (a.k.a. slaves), and any other "undesirables" no longer possess those winged appendages.  These "lower castes" are treated beyond the bounds of cruelty, and Dean could only too well guess the sadism required to repeatedly hack a persons feathered limbs off to desecrate and humiliate  them to these pitiful creatures.
    Nauseating recon over, Dean took the only sane course of action, and ran far, far away from these sickos. While trying to steal some food from a isolated farmhouse, Dean is overpowered by a gorgeous black-winged angel called Castiel.  After the mutual, "What the F**" are you?" by both parties, the shit storm became readily apparent, that if anyone other than the two of them ever found out about Dean's differences.
Castiel decided to stash Dean in his upstairs apartments, in an attempt to hide him from everyone else.  Castiel brought him food and companionship.  They learned each others words, and described each of their respective realities.  Dean repeatedly expressed horror over the fact that if a warrior angle lost sparring combat three times, his wings would be hacked off and would only be useful in working in the fields.  After many talkings-to by Dean to Cas over the complete insanity of such atrocities, Dean finally convinces Castiel to come home to his reality, where far from perfect, but would offer him the opportunity to truly be a righteous warrior fighting real evil and not following demented brothers butchering those they don't consider worthy.

Hello everyone,

it's me again. I can't find two specific stories. They're pretty porny so I'll put the descriptions under a cut.

Read more... )

Any ideas?

Thank for your help in advance

Found!! Links in comments

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I was almost sure I saved it but apparently not. :(

-- I think I remember that Jared was an omega and his parents (might have?) disowned him because of it. So he finds himself in this bar, maybe eating a burger or something before he decides what to do next.

Jensen is also there and it's (his birthday maybe??) I remember that someone -- potentially Chad -- puts something in Jensen's drink to make him loosen up and have fun, but instead it triggers jensen into full on Alpha-Mode. He turns almost feral in his mindlessness to mate and grabs a girl, intending to do the dirty.

Meanwhile, Jared thinks his life is pointless/worthless anyway and decides to 'sacrifice' himself to be knotted instead.

Jensen is pretty rough but when he comes back to himself, he's horrified at what he's done and surprisingly turns out to be a nice guy.

Ring any bells? D: My google-foo is WEAK. :/

This is it! (:
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Infantilism: the persistence of infantile characteristics or behaviors in adult life. Adult-size cribs, changing tables, diapers, bottles, etc. + infant behavior which sometimes morphs into actual mental age regression.

Sometimes, it's a kink, sometimes a lifestyle. I'm looking for non-sexual infantilism involving the boys. It's pretty slim pickings in the SPN fandom.

Daddy's Boy by SailorChibi is the AU fic (currently 10k+ WIP) that got me hooked on something like this. But it's updated once a week or every two weeks and I was hoping to find other fics to keep me reading in the meantime. College student Dean is kidnapped by Sam and Cas, who have wanted a baby forever.

A Bundle of Bricks is also amazing. It's a 6k complete work about Sam not taking care of himself, and Dean taking charge as a parent/big brother.

The Swing Set verse is also pretty good. Mostly about Cas being the parent to Sam and Dean, though they aren't always in their infant roles.

J2 recs has an infantilism page, but most of those fics are sexual, and most of them squick me out as a result. Though of the ones I read, the Snow verse at the bottom of the list was pretty good.

Anyhow, are there any more non-sexual infantilism fics out there? I've been through most of the relating AO3 tags, but otherwise haven't explored too much. I've half a mind to write a lengthy non-sexual infantilism fic myself just to widen the selection pool. Thank you!
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a specific fic, set very soon after Cas appears for the first time, where Cas gets all 'bitch you cn't tell me what to do i could squish you' and then fucks Dean against the fridge/floor/counter in Bobby's kitchen

It's not a new one - at least a year or two old.

Thanks in advance everyone!
I'm on the hunt for drugged!fics and manhandling fics. They usually go hand-in-hand. Any rating, any pairing, any type of romance (gen/slash).

I'm looking for fics that have more than just two sentences worth of grogginess. Not the kidnapped via needle and 'felt groggy for two seconds and shook it off' type stuff, but the fics where the character is trying to figure things out for a while. Preferably with some manhandling by whoever drugged them. (Manhandling is a kink? Who knew?) Drugged for surgery or after surgery is fine too, but I'm looking less for humor, more in need of rescue.

Here are some fics like the ones I'm looking for:

Melted by Your Touch
Me and My Shadow
The Family You Choose
Monster Stuff
Will You Still Need Me When I'm Six-Feet-Four

And sure, I'll rec my own:

Because Sam Needs Dean

These are all drugged!Sam, but I'm sure other people would love drugged!Dean too if you have any recs for either Winchester. Or Cas.

I love one-shots or long stories, but please, if you rec a long story, link to or mention the drugged chapter. Sometimes 100,000 words is overwhelming when searching for just one type of situation. Thanks all!
17 January 2014 @ 09:40 pm
I really want to read a fic (or several) that has Dean or Jensen hurt or injured or sick in anyway that requiers Sam/Jared or Cas or Crowley (basically anyone close to him) to take care of him, manhandling him and they are struck by how small, beatiful Dean/Jensen is compared to them making them overprotective or possesive?
A big plus if anyone can find a sport fic with theese elements!!

Hopefully there is anything like this out there!
Sorry for the bad language!!

Thanks in advance!!

Hi everyone,
I love this fandom, and every last one of it fans! I need help finding a fic. that I read a long time ago, and can't seem to find.

Jensen has been abused in one way or another during his time on every TV show he's been on (emotionally, physically, sexually). He has severe PTSD, and uses drugs, and other self-harming tactics to cope, and to deal with his past abuse.

When he joins the SPN cast and meets Jared feelings develop between the J's, but Jensen is severely damaged but wants to be a stronger, and better person for Jared and eventually tells Jared about all the abuse. I remember Jared feeling overwhelmed, and torn between being happy that Jensen finally starts to tell him his painful past, and physically ill from Jensen's sometimes awkward, and sudden outburst of all the ugly things he went through.

I also remember that Jensen actually believed he wasn't worthy of love, friendship, or even being in Jared's company, and that he was very vulnerable and the story made me cry.

Oh, and Jared has a fight outside of a movie rental place with an old abuser of Jensen's, because the CW star starts calling Jensen a whore, and slut. I think the old abuser actually was with another CW star that he was currently dating, and Jared felt sorry for the new boyfriend and eventually helped that actor out of his abusive relationship with the unknown abuser. If I remember correctly Jensen and the other abused CW star both end up living with Jared. Also, Jared gets physically, and emotional ill himself from neglecting his own needs and putting Jensen's first all the time.

I hope someone remembers this story because I can't find it:-D

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Okay, so I read this fic a while ago. It was about Jensen having to go to prison -I can't remember why- and he ended up in an alpha prison even though he was an omega because -I think so anyways- he had always pretended for a long time that he was an alpha so the prison system/courts never checked. On his first day -or maybe a couple days into it, I don't remember for sure- Jensen goes into heat and all the alphas, realizing he's actually an omega, gather around needy Jensen and start fingering him and saying how they wanna have sex with him first. Jared -basically a psychopath in this fic- says that Jensen is his but one inmate doesn't listen and tries to fuck Jensen.

Because of this I'm pretty sure Jared killed him -or at least seriously wounded him- and proceeded to take Jensen for himself. The fic ends with Jared telling Jensen that he'll protect him if Jensen becomes his property, but if he says no Jared will let the other inmates have him. Jensen makes a comment about how he wishes Jared would just kill him -not seriously- and Jared says he will if Jensen wants him to. Obviously Jensen doesn't, so he agrees to become his property.

So, any ideas you guys? Thanks a ton in advance! :)
24 July 2013 @ 11:39 pm
I'm looking for fics in which Gabriel and another character interact with either powerplay (e.g. manhandling, angelic powers, etc.) or some kind of D/s -- anywhere from softly spoken commands to complete and total control. It doesn't have to be BDSM, but I'll gladly take BDSM too.

I'll take any pairing or threesome+, male or female, canon character or OC. I'd prefer Sam, Dean, and/or Castiel, but I'm pretty open to anything and anyone. Gabriel can be the dom/top or he could be submitting to someone else (human or not). It doesn't have to be the focus of the fic, and Gabriel doesn't have to be a main character in the fic.

I'll take any length fic, any season, AU or canon. Crossovers and self-recs are welcome. Gabriel can be genderswapped or have lost his angel powers. I have no squicks, and I like a huge variety of kinks. I'd prefer no WIP unless it's a really good fic or one that's actively being updated.

Mods: Since I'm open to a wide range of things, I didn't use many tags, but I'll add more if necessary.
17 July 2013 @ 03:32 pm
It also had Sam and Victor and Benny. Cas is Dean's sub and Dean likes to share with his friends. The fic is all about Sam and Victor and Benny using Cas while Dean's also there, cooking dinner and watching movies and stuff, keeping his guests entertained. But at the end, Dean puts Cas to bed and Cas gets a little pushy, without anybody else around.
05 June 2013 @ 03:20 pm
01. Any fics where Sam comes out as gay/bisexual to his brother and father? Any reaction is fine, and I'm all for wincest or Sam/omc etc.

02. Alpha/beta/omega fics with Sam or Jared as an omega - I'm always on the look out for these! Knotting and mpreg are a bonus!

03. Any fics where Jared/Jensen/Sam/Dean are bikers? There's not enough on these, and since I'm working on a biker!verse of my own I thought I'd see what you guys can turn up! Bottom!sam/jared only please.

04. Any slutty!Sam fics? Can be girl!sam, but I'd love to see a version of him where he loves getting fucked. Would be awesome if Dean found out about it and there was eventual wincest, but I'd take anything where bottom!sam is a little bit of a slut. Underage is fine. Bonus for him getting off on rough sex and being manhandled. Dubcon elements are fine. Will also be happy to receive slutty!Jared recs :)

05. Possessive Dean/Jensen. I seriously can't get enough of these, so please rec your favourites!

06. Hurt/sick Sam or Jared. Would particularly love something where Sam/Jared finds out that they have a serious illness and tries to hide it from Dean/Jensen. I think I've read most of these, but I'm desperate to turn up some new ones!

07. Sam with a medical assistance dog of some kind? Would also love ones where Jared has a dog for this reason, but Sam ones are hard to find and I'd really appreciate people tossing a few my way. Doesn't matter if it's for an emotional/psychological reason (such as ptsd) or physical.

08. Fics where Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean meet in college?

09. Fics where Sam/Jared thinks he's worthless, or has low self esteem? Or has an eating disorder?

I think that's all for now, but I'll likely be back with a few more requests soon enough! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
1. I am looking for stories where Dean/Jensen want or need Sam/Jared to be very brutal when they top him. I'm looking for stories where Dean/Jensen absolutely love the fact that Sam/Jared is bigger, stronger and can be super ruff with them. Stories where Dean/Jensen like to fight Jared and get off on loosing the fight and having to bottom for Sam/Jared. Obviously Top Sam/Jared, Bottom Dean/Jensen only please.

2. Stories were Sam/Jared has given up and just wants to die, or does not care if he gets hurt. Dean/Jensen realizes that his treating Sam/Jared badly has caused this and works really hard to fix it. Also stories where Dean/Jensen does something bad on purpose or not to Jared/Sam that cause him to have to work really, really hard on getting forgiveness. If Wincest Top Sam/Jared only please.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
01 May 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Hallo everyone,

it's so stupid. I read this story a few weeks ago and probably even saved it on my harddrive but I can't find it anymore (facepalm)!
Here is what I remember:
Jensen is a hooker and Jared his rich client. Jared loves to hurt and control Jensen. I remember that Jensen had to kiss/lick Jared's feet. Jared tied Jensen up and really hurt him (whipping his dick etc.) and Jensen cried and pleaded. The next day Jared was sorry and apologised. They took a shower together and Jensen was really exhausted but Jared talked him into having sex again. Jensen was pretty poor and kept hooking up with Jared for the money although he could barely handle their sessions. The story was probably part of a kinkmeme but I'm not sure about that.
The summary was sth. along the lines: Jared likes to have control and Jensen doesn't know how to say no.

Any ideas?
Thanks so much in advance ronjamaus

Found: Link in the comments!
21 April 2013 @ 06:14 pm
Hello everyone,

it's me again with another request ;)
What I remember of this specific story is this:
Jensen had a very domineering personality but liked to give up control for once in a while (or he had a rape fantasy or sth. like that). So he hired Jared to kidnap him, tie him up and have his way with him. They discussed their deal in a restaurant and then Jared kidnapped Jensen in the parking lot and put him in the trunk of his car. I remember Jared blinding Jensen with a lamp so he couldn't see (and probably using a blindfold and a gag for the rest of the fic).
Jared had to check constantly if Jensen's bonds were still holding because otherwise Jensen would instantly take  control over the situation. At the end Jensen actually was able to free himself and immediately told Jared what to do next.
Overall the fic was pretty violent and descriptive and was probably told from Jared's pov.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Edit: Found! Link in comments. Thank you!
09 April 2013 @ 03:00 pm
So, with the memory of WrestleMania 29 fresh in my system, is there any good fic with J2 being wrestlers? Half naked and oiled up, c'mon... it has be something like that out there!

Or hell, I'll even go for one of the J2's having a crush on one of the WWE Superstars. Jensen/The Rock maybe? Just, gimme wrestling fic!
04 April 2013 @ 01:55 pm

So I read this PWP a while back and now I have no clue where it went. Um, Dean is the Wolf and Cas is Red Riding hood. Dean loves the way Cas smells and stalks him back to his place. There's a brief part where Dean is talking to a neighbour and charms her like the a sociopath (all sweet smiles but ill intent). I think Cas did/said something and Dean was pissed. OH! Um, he promised to kiss Dean if he left him alone, and Cas tricks him, or something along those lines.

It ends up with a really dub-con situation with spanking and the works.

27 March 2013 @ 09:22 pm
This request is completely made of porn, so I'll put it under a cut just to be safe.

Here be kinky porn. )

Thanks in advance!
15 March 2013 @ 05:01 pm
Okay, I read a story a long time ago and really enjoyed it but when I went to find it again I realized I never bookmarked it.

In the fic Dean and Cas are hunting together (I believe) and (once again, I believe) are in a established relationship. The fic takes place when Cas stops off to visit Sam, and he and Sam wind up hooking up. I remember there being some really great manhandling and I think it was implied that it might have happened before but they would never tell Dean about it.

I wish I could remember more details, but does anyone know what I'm talking about?

ETA: Found (I Might Be Wrong by ekbe_vile)
01 March 2013 @ 01:36 am
Ok, I feel a little awkward doing this. but I'm not having any luck on my own... so here goes.

Sub/Bottom Castiel only.

1) Gagged Castiel. For any reason.
2) A fic where someone uses sextoys on Cas, fully consensual or dub-con fine.
3) A fic where someone punishes Castiel (ideally I'd love one where he breaks some kind of rule someone has put in place because they don't trust him, or because of the nature of their relationship D/s maybe, and he is punished for it, but whoever is punishing him doesn't reach the "forgiving" stage because they're too angry, are distracted by a hunt, or just assume Cas knows he's forgiven once the punishment is over, only to have to comfort him later when they realise he's been really hurting over it... I think people call it sub drop aftercare or something)
4) A fic where Castiel is an unwilling participant in a D/s relationship, would majorly love some public bondage.

and lastly, a slightly different (but still sorta the same)

5) Any fics where Castiel's wings are restrained. I'm talking actual tethering, maybe special demonic chains that don't let him uncurl his wings. Can be consensual (Maybe Cas does it to show his willingness to submit to them) or non/dub-con.
There was a pair of stories where somehow Jared & Sam unknowingly switched places with each other, I think Dean calls Bobby for help but I'm not sure.  Established couples for both, but Sam's wall is still broken from Cas.  I think Jared & Jensen are at Jensen's house while Sam & Dear are in a hotel.  While Jared likes to be manhandled, Jensen realizes Sam needs to be treated with kid gloves.  Dean has sex with Jared & Jensen makes love with Sam before the guys are switched back.

Also there was another fic where Sam went to prison & Jensen was the 'fresh meat' that came along.  Sam takes Jensen to his bunk after Jensen gets roughed up and I know they get out of prison after a while, but I can't remember too much about it.  I think the author ended it that Dean wasn't with Sam in prison because he was the one who would get Sam out.

Sorry for the spotty information, I still hope someone can help. Thanks!
06 January 2013 @ 01:06 pm
1) One J can't pay his rent and landlord J says he can pay "another" way, lol. Non-con not really wanted, dub-con is fine though. Doesn't matter which J is which.

2) One J goes in for a physical and ends up getting more physical with doctor J then planned. Also doesn't matter which is which, just again no non-con. :)

3) Size kink fics. By size kink I mean two things. Fics where one of the J's is really big down south OR a fic where Jared is the same height and size but Jensen is a lot smaller than him.

4) Looking for Dean/Castiel fics that include them having sex REALLY early into their first meeting. Like when Castiel is still super awkward and still grabbing ankle for Heaven and starting the Apocalyps earlier. I just read a fic like this where Dean and Castiel have sex in AYTGIMDW during that "You should show me some respect," scene and I though it was really awesome. Bottom!Dean preferred, but bottom!Cas is perfectly fine to :).

5) Lap!sex fics. Doesn't matter who is in which position.

6) Wall!sex. Doesn't matter who is in which position.

7) J2 lawyer fics where they're against each other on a case and end up like having hot, angry sex in the bathroom, lol. I think I've read a couple of these and they never disappoint :P.

8) And finally, fics where their enemies with benefits. They don't hate each other -or at least don't like each other- but they're still physically attracted to each other so they have hate sex. They can end up together happy but it's not a necessity.

Well, that's about it, lol. Figured I'd give you guy's a lot to work with to make things easier while also getting a variety of choices :). Thanks to everyone in advance!
28 November 2012 @ 12:12 am
Hello, I'm looking for a story where Sam discovers Dean is turning tricks (by walking in on him, I think) and he gets really angry and possessive, telling him he'll kill the next man he finds him with.
I remember in the end they get coffee and it's not very good but they have to settle because from now on they'll have less money to spend.  I hope I'm not mixing two stories, thanks in advance!
11 November 2012 @ 09:05 pm
I would love to read any stories with a very possessive, dominating, cave-man type Sam and a sweet, demure and compliant Dean. Sam must be dominant even outside the bedroom, as in their day-to-day lives. I don't want any non-con, though dub-con is fine. Also, I don't want Sam to be actively cruel or malicious, but jealous and possessive!Sam is just great. I would also like it if Sam called Dean pretty, lovely or by any other adjectives traditionally used for women, but that is entirely optional.

Thanks in advance! :)
29 October 2012 @ 10:18 pm
I'm looking for a story where Jared and Jen are in a relationship but Jared keeps going to Chad to be treated roughly. Jensen finds out and decided he can do it for Jared better. Give him the domination he needs without beating him and humiliating him. He tells Jared they will do it his way and Jensen will take care of him. He forces him to orgasm a few times before fucking him and then they have a bath together with Jensen taking care of Jared. At the end, Jared thinks that Jensen wants him to leave but Jensen talks him into staying. Sound familiar?
17 August 2012 @ 11:54 am
Hey guys you've been a great help to me in the past, so I was wonder if you can help me find this amazing story I read.

From what I remember

Jensen is living by himself in the woods in this remote cabin, his boyfriend had just dumped him, and he's feeling all insecure.Que knock on door and its Jared who is a criminal in this fic and is running from the law chooses Jensen’s place to hide out. However once he sees Jensen, Jared can't keep his hand to himself and its starts out slightly dub-con but then Jensen gets into it. I believe there was sequel to in which Jared invites the ex-boyfriend calls to says he wants to start over with Jensen and Jared invites him over and beats him up. 
I'm so sorry thats all I remember but it was such a great story and i would love you guys tons if you can find it for me.  

07 August 2012 @ 10:57 pm
I read this a while ago and thought I had put it in my memories but no such luck!

The premise was that Levi Sam and Dean are having sex on tape and 'real' Dean is watching it and getting off on it (although he is in self denial). I believe Sam had gone off but returned to find Dean watching and getting off on said tape.

I hope that is enough for someone to help me!!

Found in comments - thank you!!
12 June 2012 @ 09:54 am
I'm looking for stories where Sam is sort of obsessed with Dean as in an unrequited, more than a brother love, kind of thing that eventually escalates to borderline non-con. Like he sort of can't stop himself but Dean is definitely not interested and stays that way and wants him to stop. I read Unholy by Isolde13 on ff.net and that story was almost perfect. I especially like how Sam was slipping sleeping pills into Dean's drink so he could indulge himself at night with out Dean knowing at all. Kudos if you could find stories with those sort of elements. Or just stories were Sam rugs Dean with out his consent period, come to think of it

I'm really looking for stories where Dean is solidly not interested and Sam can not reconcile himself to silently pining and eventually (intentional or not) acts on it.

Pre-series fics are fine too.

First time requester on here so I've saved up quite the list of stuff I'd like to see. Hope noone minds. XD

Cut for length cause I'm a needy little monster. ^_^ )

And that will have to be enough for now otherwise you guys will probably start throwing sharp pointy things at me. XD
A really big Thankyou and hug in advance to anyone who can help me out. I'd bake cupcakes but they don't travel well.

EDIT: Found the specific fic I'm looking for. ^_^ Wow you guys are fast! XD And awesome. But you already knew that.
16 May 2012 @ 04:39 am
Found= Inheritance

Okay, the only thing I can really remember is that Jared and Jensen were mating in (Jared's?) house and in the middle of it all the police bust through the door. Those that understand werewolf mentality back off because Jensen is getting scared and Jared is getting protective. (I remember there was a kinda dumb policeman/swat/FBI guy w/e who wasn't really getting the memo). Eventually they go with the police and I believe the reason was because they were in danger from someone?? Them getting in the car is all I really remember after that. Not sure why I didn't save the story. Maybe it wasn't updated in a long time? Not sure, but I'd really like to find it again. Btw, it was definitely bottom!Jensen and Jared was kinda fucking him on every surface. I think Jensen was actually eating while they were doing it if that get's my point across lol.

P.S. It could have been a Sam/Dean fic instead of J2, but I don't think so.