05 February 2017 @ 02:13 pm
Hello, I am looking for a specific story that I read a while ago and can't find now.
Read more... ) Jared is a god, he is also a statue who is very hung, who will come back to life if someone can take his whole package. Jensen sees the statue and decides he has to ride it, he manages to take the whole thing.
I'm also looking for any and all Jared is hung like a horse stories out there. I mean so large it doesn't fit, I'm good with him forcing it to fit even at the expence of serious damage to Jensen. If Jensen happens to die from loss of blood or all the internal damage that's OK too, or he lives and Jared rapes him over and over causing more damage that's OK too.
One the flip side any where he is seriously hung but takes his time to not hurt Jensen is good too.Read more... )
Only bottom Dean/Jensen please and no underage. Pretty much anything else goes.
Thanks in advance
13 November 2016 @ 11:51 am
I'm looking for a fic where Dean finds a HUGE dildo in Sam's bag. It was possibly a Bad Dragon toy. At the future date, he goes looking for it again, but it's not in Sam's bag. At one point he sees a bulge in Sam's stomach and realizes that Sam's had it inside of him all day. Dean tries to keep cool about it but fails. I may be remembering it wrong, but I think Sam fucks Dean with it at the end.

Not sure if this was on AO3 or LJ, but I'm fairly certain it's rather old.
24 July 2016 @ 10:08 am
Hey everyone, I am looking for two fics that have apparently been deleted. Maybe someone has a pdf or a Word file saved on their computer.

1. Grown by [livejournal.com profile] lylithj2, used to be here.

2. Every Inch by [livejournal.com profile] triciaqaf, used to be here.

They are both Sam/Dean, with size kink and explicit.

Thank you in advance.
14 June 2016 @ 12:39 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I once read where Sam is the king of hell with dean as his mate and Dean was pregnant and when he went in labor he was place in a gyno chair with cameras televising his birth showing his hole which was huge, I think I remember how after giving birth Sam has sex with him.

Does anyone know which one this is?
17 March 2016 @ 06:24 pm
Hello, lovely people!

If you could please help with the following:

1. I read a fic a while ago where Jared was some sort of leader in a community (a chief, I think?) and everyone there could have sex with any of the kids there whenever they wanted. I remember a scene where Jared was sitting on a rock by a stream and Jo was there, underage and wanted to seduce Jared (I think) and Jared was attracted to little Jensen. Jensen's parents I think were outcast and didn't like that everyone was open for the taking and liked to live monogomously.

2. Any fic with any pairing (No Cas/Misha as the focus please) (Prefer J2 or Sam/Dean) where people can just have sex whenever they want with whoever they want, in public or private, doesn't matter. Seeing someone having sex is as normal as seeing someone take their dog out for a walk - no one thinks twice of it unless they want to join. Would love if there was het involved, genderswitch or always a girl, doesn't matter.

19 February 2016 @ 07:41 pm
Hi, all--

I'm looking for a story where I remember... nearly all the details. I think there may have been two (possibly three) parts, and it wasn't an AU so far as I remember. It starts with J2 working out and Jensen pulls a muscle trying to keep up with Jared. They haven't actually gotten together yet, but there's a lot of UST going on. They each shower and are laying on the same bed, sleeping (or pretending to sleep), and when Jensen starts to wake up he realizes that Jared is jerking off next to him. I think there was also something in there about how Jared was worried his dick was too big.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm kind of going nuts trying to find this thing. :)
13 August 2015 @ 02:03 am
I can't remember the name of this fic but Jensen is afraid of huge cock. I remember he tried to have sex with his boyfriend but he couldn’t do it because he eas afraid of his size. Jared comes in later and actually relieves his fear. I think they meet in a diner? I'm unsure. Note: Jensen was not raped. Just bad sex experiences.
09 April 2015 @ 09:37 pm
Hey all!  I have two unrelated things that I am looking for.

1. Are there any gen stories of Sam being either born a girl or turned into one that is gen or mild het, where Dean is protective of Sam?  Maybe something where Sam realizes that he/she is vulnerable and it kinda freaks him/her out, and Dean is angrily protective and all that?

2. Any stories that emphasize just how large Sam is - using his strength and size to save Dean, intimidate others, that kinda thing?  Sam is just so TALL and broad and it's awesome.  :)

I prefer gen please!  Thank you all so much!!!
08 February 2015 @ 10:17 pm
cut for content )

Thanks in advance
self recs encouraged!

EDIT: I got such an amazing response, thank you all so much!
04 August 2014 @ 11:25 pm
I am searching for a specific fic that I believe to be on either the Kinkmeme or Blindfold. Dean is cursed to be really small (6 inches?). He goes with Sam to a pub and has problems with the beer glasses. He is placed inside a hollow dildo inside Sam. And, possible a different fic, is put onto a sex machine, which is shrunk with him, but them Sam can't get Dean of the machine.
Please help.
11 February 2014 @ 02:17 pm
Does anybody know any stories

1) that have a really butch Dean/Jensen bottom for a rather feminine guy ?
Can be a one-time deal or their usual positions, I just really want there to be an emphasize on their different body shapes and characteristics.

Bonus points if
- Dean/Jensen is also the taller and older one
- He's at ease with being the bottom
- They both get off on the fact that people around them would usually consider Dean/Jensen to be the top

For a visual reference, I'm looking for a body-type difference along the line as it is in this picture. (Semi-Nudity)

2) that are John/Dean, with John being the bottom?

Please for both 1) and 2) no non-/ or dub-con, and no humiliation!kink. Underage is fine as long as they're both over 14. I'd prefer if they were in a relationship, but that's not a must.

Thank you :-)
07 February 2014 @ 11:18 pm
I'm looking for any fics where the main pairing in John/Sam. They should be completely consensual (mild dub-con at the most), and not overly long (just one shot fics 1500-10,000 words), the schmoopier and kinkier the better.

I'm looking for a fic I had bookmarked on my old computer which died last week. It was a j2 non-au fic, I guess it was porn really ;-) As far as I remeber in this fic Jared had a big/proportional cock, Jensen loved to have it inside him, without it he got stressed and nervous, so Jared slept with his cock inside Jensen and slipped inside Jensen during cooking and eating, later he got a dildo made of his cock's cast and gave it to Jensen.
I hope someone can recognise it


Found in comments!
26 December 2013 @ 01:18 am
I'm looking for a specific j2 fic, more like a one shot. Jensen and jared are really close and are teenagers, jared is younger than jensen. One day jared goes to jensens house to spend the night and Jen has a bunch of his guy friends over to watch porn and jerk off in jensens basement. He feels bad telling jared to leave so he invites him to join. During the porn watching everyone starts pairing off and getting off and jared starts to jerk off and jensen realizes jared is BIG so he takes him to the bedroom in his basement and they get off together talking about having sex and jensen being the bottom. Anyone know this story?
16 December 2013 @ 05:52 pm
Does anybody have a copy of 'Appearances are Deceptive by the_dark_lust?
I really want to read it. Thanks! :)
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I've been looking for these for several days, and it was fun because I found a bunch of other great fic that I'd lost, forgotten or never read. But I'm giving up now because I don't think I'm going to find them. My google-fu has actually been pretty good lately, I've found several things (for myself and my girls) by playing with search strings, so I'm a little disappointed I can't find these. However (there's always a however) I know the good people here will help. Seriously, this is the best story-finding com in fandom.

So, first - and I know I had this! - Dean's well endowed, so guys always want him to top or want to suck him, and he can't bring himself to ask for what he really wants, which is to bottom. But Cas knows and shows up and convinces him that it's okay to let himself have what he wants. Hot sex, some cuddling, all good. I need this one back in my folder.

Found: in comments.

Second - Child Services gets Dean and Sam, they get split up, John finds and retrieves Dean but they don't find Sam. Then one night adult Sam walks into a gay bar and is instantly taken by a green-eyed beauty in a micro-mini and a Metallica tee; they have a great night together and the next day or so realize who they are. They hit the road together and eventually decide to be a couple. And John doesn't know about the crossdressing. And Dean has a toned-down version that Sam recognizes as 'work drag', or something along those lines.

Found: in comments.

And Third - this one's a little fuzzier and I'm not sure I've got the details right. I'm going to put it under a cut because it might be triggery.

possible trigger )

Found in comments!

So, that's it. It took me about ten years, I think, to save all the stories and bookmarks I had before my computer crashed, and I'm thinking it may take me that long to find them all again. Or even remember them :-)

Thank you!
06 October 2013 @ 10:42 pm
Good day all!

So I have the hardest time finding fics that have kinks that I enjoy,so if anybody knows of any please let me know!

1.Sensitivity-meaning one of the boys has a sensitive prostate/nipples/anus.

2.Comeplay-obviously there are a ton of fics with comeplay in them but I really would LOVE some with one of the boys pushing come out after they have sex and some with them coming just in the others ass.

3.Spanking-some with hole-spanking would be appreciated and some where the one being spanked comes just from that.

4.Slutty!bottom-what it says on the tin. I want the bottom to be mouthy and moany and even screaming from the pleasure.

5.Size!kink-I prefer Dean to be the one with the size kink and to be the bottom.

22 September 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Guys, I have a terrible desire to read some stories in which Dean isn't proportional *wink wink nudge nudge* and shows why there's a reason nobodies ever disappointed by his sexcapades and skill. Does anybody know any stories where Dean is larger than his lover? I see so many "Sam is huge" stories, but I want "Dean has a monster cock" instead. Wincest, Destiel, /OMC is fine.
31 May 2013 @ 10:06 pm
So a long time ago I read this short J2 fic and I can't seem to find it anymore. Here's what I remember from it:

-Jensen and Jared were both underage (Jensen being older than Jared)
-They knew each other since they were really young (I think their parent were friends?) And Jensen used to babysit/hang out with Jared a lot.
-One night Jared goes to Jensen's house but Jensen has his friends (Misha? defenitly others as well) and they were watching porn. I'm pretty sure they get naked while watching it (or something). Basically, Jared ends up sitting with them to watch the movie (even though Jensen says they could do something else). While the others start making out, Jensen and Jared go into Jensen's room and I think I remember it being top!Jared, possessive!Jared, use of the word "baby" a lot.

I don't know if any one recognizes this fic? I've been searching for it for weeks. Thank you!

EDIT: Found in the comments :)
11 May 2013 @ 11:54 pm
Hey, I've been on the search for fics that focus on Jared/sam having a huge package.
Ideally it to be them kinda embarrassed about it but Jensen/dean thinks its awesome.
06 January 2013 @ 01:06 pm
1) One J can't pay his rent and landlord J says he can pay "another" way, lol. Non-con not really wanted, dub-con is fine though. Doesn't matter which J is which.

2) One J goes in for a physical and ends up getting more physical with doctor J then planned. Also doesn't matter which is which, just again no non-con. :)

3) Size kink fics. By size kink I mean two things. Fics where one of the J's is really big down south OR a fic where Jared is the same height and size but Jensen is a lot smaller than him.

4) Looking for Dean/Castiel fics that include them having sex REALLY early into their first meeting. Like when Castiel is still super awkward and still grabbing ankle for Heaven and starting the Apocalyps earlier. I just read a fic like this where Dean and Castiel have sex in AYTGIMDW during that "You should show me some respect," scene and I though it was really awesome. Bottom!Dean preferred, but bottom!Cas is perfectly fine to :).

5) Lap!sex fics. Doesn't matter who is in which position.

6) Wall!sex. Doesn't matter who is in which position.

7) J2 lawyer fics where they're against each other on a case and end up like having hot, angry sex in the bathroom, lol. I think I've read a couple of these and they never disappoint :P.

8) And finally, fics where their enemies with benefits. They don't hate each other -or at least don't like each other- but they're still physically attracted to each other so they have hate sex. They can end up together happy but it's not a necessity.

Well, that's about it, lol. Figured I'd give you guy's a lot to work with to make things easier while also getting a variety of choices :). Thanks to everyone in advance!
04 January 2013 @ 10:05 am
Hi all,
Can anyone please rec a fic where as kids, a physically larger Dean picked on Sam for being smaller (not actual bullying but friendly teasing)? I'm picturing kid!Dean giving kid!Sammy noogies and just being an older bratty (but still protective and loving) brother, and wee!Sammy being annoyed at being smaller and easily pushed around.

Annd then little Sammy grows up (and grows and grows) and dishes out revenge (be it sexy times or simply returning the noogies).

Can range from sweet platonic teenchesters to wincest with toppy!Sam topping the hell out of Dean (and getting off on how much bigger he is than Dean now). I also welcome a similar plotline with J2! Maybe Jen and Jared grew up together as kids and then *bam*, Jared gets a major growth spurt! (If applicable, would prefer bottom!dean/jen since that kind of goes with the whole idea).

Thanks in advance! <3
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Hey guys! This is my first post ever, so I'm sorry if I've messed something up.

Anyway, I will love you forever if you can rec me lapsex!fic with Dean or Jensen riding Sam or Jared. Also, it'd be great if you could rec me fic with Dean or Jensen knowing how much bigger Sam or Jared are than them, and getting turned on when Sam or Jared manhandle them. 

J2 or Sam/Dean is fine for both, though I'd like bottom!Dean, please.

Thanks heaps in advance!
12 June 2012 @ 01:52 am

i'd really like to read some j2 fics where jared are way more bigger, huge actually, than jensen. and i don't mean by huge just his downstairs, i want whole dude to be big. and what comes to jensen, i want him to be skinny, very thin, almost anorectic. i don't mind if he has even some kind of eating disorder, i just want him to be tiny and maybe weak. and definitely bottom. 

weencest is very welcome too

thaank youu !
17 March 2012 @ 04:06 pm
1. Anything where Dean/Jensen is really tiny (Not underage tiny, though he can be underage, though no younger then fifteen) and his boyfriend Sam or whatever is really huge compared to him.
2. Anything where Dean has a boyfriend who is an OMC. Maybe the boyfriend begins to hunt with him and Sam.
3. Highschool Fics with Jensen/Jared
09 March 2012 @ 02:07 pm
I am in the middle of a rather unusual fic search. A gif came up on my Tumblr today of Misha Collins in Nip Tuck discussing his "tyrannosaurus prick" and I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics in which Castiel is similarly endowed. I am particularly looking for Dean/Castiel, but any pairing is fine. Also, it should be noted that I am not just looking for any pwp fic in which Cas is discribed as being large (lets be honest they always say that) I am talking the kind of the thing where the size of his penis either causes problems or makes Dean nervous. Does anyone know of any?
27 February 2012 @ 05:53 pm
Me again!

Looking for a couple of J2's:

1- Jensen and Jared live in the same house, step-brothers, I think. Jensen's in a relationship with another boy and they have sex in the house and Jared hears them and once the other boyfriend leaves the house, Jensen, who is insatiable, coaxes Jared into his room and sexing ensues. I think they are teens and Jensen is still the older of them but Jensen can't get enough of Jared's size and he loves to bottom.

2- The next fic is somewhat a reversal though Jared is still the top, but Jensen is the shy one though very curious about Jared and finding himself attracted to him. Knowing this, Jared flaunts his sexuality around the house, even goes so far as leaving the bathroom door open while he's showering so Jensen can sneak a peek, though Jared knows. I don't believe Jared's gay but he thinks his step-brother is hot and he's curious. I'm sorta remembering some of Jared's friends were over in his room at one point but I can't recall if they were nice to Jensen or not, or if some of them thought Jared's step-brother was do-able, if you get my drift.

Anywho. I think both fics are pretty short. Any thoughts?
26 February 2012 @ 02:05 am
any fics where jared and jensen are brothers
, half brother, step brothers, blood brothers;  exc,
and jared is falling in love with jensen. but jensen
 is at first freaked out by jared's feelings and fights aganist
them.   jareds like a dog with a bone he wont let go 

i want jared to be ok with falling in love with jensen  maybe at first he's sneaky ,
or aggressive or mean. to get what he wants. but changes his approach to a more softer one
that involves wooing, courting, sweeping jensen off his feet.

non-con or dub-con  is ok 
bottom jensen
shy jensen 
jensen being man handled    
 self recs are ok

and this is a very long shot but i have to try.
 are there any crossover fics with supernatrual/heros.
 like syler going after dean sexuly
and maybe deans a little creeped out.
non-con or dub-con with sam saves the day ( deans ass). 
07 February 2012 @ 07:33 pm
I'm looking for a couple of fics from the dark time in my life before I knew what bookmarking was.

1. Fairly early in the series. One of the boys (I think Sam?) was into being submissive for BDSM. Dean really wasn't into BDSM at all, but agreed to give it a try for Sam's sake. Cue Sam getting excited, buying the various bits of equipment he needed for his fantasy, while Dean looked on in apprehension. And somewhere in the middle of the sex, I remember Dean inwardly freaking out a little because he didn't get what Sam found so awesome about being tied up and used. One vivid, irrelevant detail I seem to recall was of Dean looking at the gag cutting into the corner of Sam's mouth and thinking that it looked like it was chafing too much...?

2. The summary prominently included the line "Sam is cock proud" or something very close to it. Sam had a large cock, couldn't always get it all the way into girls, and... there was some size play with Dean?

EDIT: Both found! Thank you so much, guys!
06 February 2012 @ 09:04 pm
Hi, I'm looking for two specific stories which I cannot find after looking thru all of my favorite authors' stories. Thus, I need help, please.

- One is Weecest where Sam is 14 years old I guess and comes home upset because guys made fun of him, more precisely his penis, in the locker room. And Dean of course wants to look at it and tells Sam that his cock is pretty and ends up either jerking or sucking him off. He hesitates to kiss Sam, but Sam kisses him in the end. It wasn't very long but really cute.
- In the second one they are both adults, Sam is hit with a curse and wants to have sex constantly. He prefers sex with Dean, but he hits on other people too. I remember that they were in the Impala and driving but Sam suddenly undressed and they ended up having sex in the backseat. Dean felt really guilty, because he wanted Sam without being hit by the curse. At one point Dean goes into a super market and when he comes back a guy is already on top of Sam in the backseat of the Impala. He yanks the guy off Sam and Sam says something like he has to look for somebody else when Dean doesn't want to take care of him. They drive to Bobby and Dean feels really guilty because they end up having sex (or at least jerking each other off) a couple of times. When they arrive at Bobby's, Sam hugs him and grinds against him. Bobby of course is appalled. When Bobby turns away Sam and Dean are kissing and he says something like 'Christ, can't I turn my back on you for a second.' Bobby manages to reverse the spell and Sam is normal again. That's when Bobby realizes, that Dean wasn't hit by the curse and has done everything willingly. Dean feels so guilty that he leaves. Sam is angry at Dean and tries to call him and leaves him messages. He says something like 'Come back you pussy.' He really said pussy, I'm sure about that. Bobby says to Sam 'Boy, you should have heard the filth coming out of your mouth.' or something similar when he tries to explain to him in what state he had been. Dean goes to bar to drown his sorrow and hooks up with a guy who looks like Sam. I believe his name started with an M, maybe Martin, but I could be wrong. They end up having sex and one part of Dean wants to keep the guy, because he is handsome, shy and nice just like Sam, but the other part is disgusted so he leaves the Motel while the guy still sleeps.

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23 December 2011 @ 12:57 am
Hi, I looking for a specific non-AU J2 fic.
Jared and Jensen live together and they're fuck buddies, no real relationship.  One morning, Jensen wears Jared's T-shirt by mistake ('cause he's pre-coffee, of course!) which is rather big for him, and seeing him adorably blushing turns toppy Jared all possessive so he has to claim Jensen in their kitchen and make Jensen his! :)

Does anyone know this fic?  I loved this but completely forgot to bookmark....

Found!!: Come on get closer by lazy-daze
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04 December 2011 @ 10:58 pm
1. I'd like some sex or just story that shows Dean smaller then Sam.
2. I'm in a cuddly mood! Cuddles and Love for all! I want a story that shows love and sweet affection. Wincest or Gen, just lovey dovey! lol. Long or short, PWP or long plotty novel, whatever. Just sweet.
23 November 2011 @ 12:43 am
Hello :3
I’m looking for any au fic where Jared is kind of uncivilized and Jensen is high class (Tarzan plot maybe?). Or stories where Jensen is delicate (though he won’t admit to it) and Jared is an outlaw or a barbarian. I’d really appreciate any results and although I love me some PWP I’m looking for something with at least a little more plot. 
I’ll take any rating just please no sad endings 
Mpreg? Dub-con? Underage? WIP? Self-Rec? 
Bring it!
Ps. This post inspired my request: Hi, i'm the post
And I’ve read all those already so please take a sec to look at them so you don’t re-link them♥ Mucho Love and Thank you’s in advance ^•w•^
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20 November 2011 @ 10:34 pm
I've just started Game of Thrones and between that and the latest fill on the kink_meme (the one with Outlaw!Jared) I'm craving some Barbarian Jared (Kahl Drago-esque) who woos pretty and civilized Jensen. Not really specific about the details (length, rating, etc). There can be sexytimes or no sexytimes as long as the two fit these roles.

Thanks in advance guys!
20 November 2011 @ 09:10 pm
*Sigh* I am have searched long and hard and now I am about to punch a wall, lol. This fic had Top!Dean and Bottom!Sam in an on and off relationship with a Bottom!OMC with an small penis, which both boys found sexy. It was in the OMC's POV and followed through from high schoolish  through Stanford and when Sam rejoins Dean. I would really appreciate some help!
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13 November 2011 @ 03:46 pm
looking for another general search.
1. John abuses Dean, or someone else abuses Dean, Sexual and Physial are loved,even more if he's remembering it as an adult. Maybe he ends up telling
Bobby or Sam. Maybe he tells Castiel
2. Dean is sick, he finds out he had cancer or such or he's blind, deaf or an amputee.
3. Dean is a god, a pagan god or something like that.
4. Dean is scared of something or someone.
5. Dean drinking Demon or human blood and Sam catches him.
7. Dean is a demon or angel. or possessed
8.Dean in college, AU with sam(or without) or him going after averting the
apocolypse or before. Him with friends or as an outsider. Love any as long as its Dean(I'll accept Jensen as long, it would be cool if Jensen met Jared in college) or even highschool
9. Dean cuddling after sex or just Cuddling with Castiel, Sam whoever!
10. A drunk Dean spilling something
about his past to Crowley or Ruby or one of the angels making them see something different about him.
11.Dean tries to kill himself, hurt himself or do/does/is addicted to drugs or has an eating disorder, noncon and dubcon welcome
12. Dean with a size kink, he has to be bottom though.
13.Dean mentally ill.
14. Virgin Dean. Whether with guys or just in general.
15. Anything where Dean's homophobic but really gay/bi
and into Sam, Cas, crowley (Someone, anyone) or no one at all.

The mods keep sending it back! Wahh!!! Ah well, I think I got it right this time :)
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11 November 2011 @ 01:29 pm
Hi everyone,

My Google-fu seems to have failed me, so I'm hoping you can help me track down a specific fic I read a while back. It was a Wincest AU fic in which Dean was some sort of pagan god, and in order to be summoned his followers basically had to hold a vast orgy. I remember he had a high priestess, and he gives his favorite followers a special mark which brings quite a bit of prestige.

Cut for adult content )

Any ideas? I thought it was a fun (not to mention hot!) read, so I wanted to take a look at it again. Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: Found! Link in comments.
03 October 2011 @ 04:12 pm
1. I'm looking for fics where one person is doing "boyfriend" type stuff for someone else without knowing it. Maybe he's holding the door open for them or maybe he's giving them cute little gifts, etc.

The problem is these two people aren't dating/together. They're just doing it subconsciously. Both people are oblivious until someone or something brings it to light. This should end in first time/get together fics.

So basically fics where two people are "dating" without actually dating.

Pairings: Wincest of the Sam/Dean variety, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, maybe Balthazar/Sam(if it exists), Jared/Jensen. If it leads to sex involving Dean(which everyone loves), I'd prefer to see bottom!Dean or bottom!Jensen, but I will take top!Dean/Jensen as a last resort.

2. Could I get some Michael/Adam fic please? I've asked this before, but I'm hoping some new fic has come out.

3.. Look Behind the Curtain for Kinkiness )
04 September 2011 @ 12:18 am
Hello Everybody!

I was wondering if y'all could point out the direction to fics with these general plots:

01. Dean thinks Sam is pretty vanila in bed, but he has a great surprise. Brownie points if Dean is a bottom!

02. Jealous!possessive!Jensen. The more, the better ;) .

03. Jared gets hurting during filming. Id like Jensen watching it happening, but Im not picky.

04. Any fic that deals with Jensen reaction to Jared's/fan's c*ck sock comment.

Thanks in advance ;D
30 July 2011 @ 07:23 pm
Hey everyone,

Lately I've been reading a lot of fics to do with one of the boys having animal traits, been a werewolf, Alpha etc. It has come to my attention that these types of fics aren't always that easy to find so I was wondering if anyone had any links and suggestions of fics that involve:

1. both or one of the boys (Sam, Dean, Jared, Jensen, Cas etc) having animalistic traits and some possessiveness.
2. I love fics with knotting so as many as possible would be appreciated.
3. Involving mpreg would be great too.

Slash would be appreciated no Gen fics thnx. Almost forgot I only read Bottom!Sam & Jared...so NO Bottom!Dean or Jensen thnx. Any pairings involving Jared/Sam are accepted. Fics with Cas would be awesome too :D Crossovers are accepted too, Thank you.
13 July 2011 @ 07:44 pm
 Ya'll are always so great with recs!
I'm looking for a dominating!jared. Not D/s but hes rough in bed, but normally sweet. I'd love to see some breathplay. And maybe Jensen surprises Jared with how dirty/imaginative he can be. Or just surprises Jensen with how much he likes it. No non-con, but dub-con is alright. 

id also like a fic where:
1) jared or jensen buy a house that is haunted and the other helps get rid of the ghost.
2) jared and jensen are a couple and end up buying a haunted house. bad things begin to happen so they go for outside help. no happy ending required.
3) truly scary fics where jensen and jared are the couple and bad things are happening
4) friendly/helpful ghost fic.
5) maybe one of the boys is a stalker, or jensen is getting stalked and jared tries to protect either as a friend or a cop. 

all well written of course :)

thanks guys!
09 June 2011 @ 06:03 am
I've lost an extraordinarily filthy story again. It was Dean/minotaur. -facepalm-

cut for description )
Found in comments! :D