any fics where they are in the middle of sex and someone calls them and they talk on the phone while having sex. or are in the middle of a phone call and start having sex. can be obvious to the person on the phone or they could try and play it off like they are just listening.
I've seen this recc'd multiple times on this site, so I thought people might want to know that the author just posted this:

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be removing this story sometime this week as this is being published as a novel. This was always my intention, it's just come around a little sooner than I anticipated. So if you want to download it, do it now. Also I have no objections to people sharing those files in the future."

I think it's superawesome that she gave us advance warning on this!

Gazes Into Evil: Ex-cop Jensen likes to watch. There's no harm in it. But when the latest object of his obsession disappears, he finds himself getting involved in something that goes way beyond a missing person's case. Can he find Jared and keep him safe while they try to figure out what the hell the kid has gotten himself mixed up in? And without Jared finding out why Jensen is in his life in the first place?   Written for the 2015 SPN_J2_BigBang
25 August 2016 @ 08:19 pm
Hi friends,

I never ever thought I would be asking for this...but well here I am :P

I recently read "Do I seem bulletproof to you?" by [ profile] fleshflutter. It was amazing...

This story has a sizzling hot scene where Jared watches Jensen having sex with someone else...and it's consensual. It's seriously hot and made me want to know if there are other such fics.

I don't want non-con or non-con voyeurism ....threesome...exhibitionism...or public sex.

Can you rec me some fics which have such awesome consensual voyeurism? Someone is watching the boys with their consent?
I've gone through spnkinkmeme and ao3...but didn't find a lot.

Thanx a million in advance

Help me please?
17 April 2015 @ 05:51 pm
So I just read My Hands Around Your Neck by [ profile] spider_stars and I was wondering if there are any fics where one is peeking/spying on the other undressing or doing something. I'm not sure if I should say voyerisum.
I'm still looking for the following story and I'm encouraged by commentors who remember it (but, like me, can't find it either). It's been more than a year since I last asked for help identifying it. Here's a repost of the search:

I've been looking for a pre-series story where Dean leaves his bedroom door cracked and Sam watches him with a girl. I can't remember if it's a series or just separate chapters but the watching occurs more than once and escalates and eventually Dean realizes Sam's watching, starts playing to it, and Sam and Dean eventually have sex as a result.

I thought it was called the Open Door verse or series but there are several stories with variations of that title but this one does not include John or Cas--it's just Sam and Dean and at least one girl. And there are no supernatural elements or cases just Sam and Dean in a rental house while John is away on a hunt. I don't remember John being present at all.

The only additional things I remember is that at first Dean leaves the door cracked open on accident, but as he realizes Sam is watching he purposefully leaves it opened. I hope this jogs someone's memory :)
17 November 2014 @ 12:14 pm
Hi all!

I'm looking for a specific fic. It's ultimately Wincest but began as a threesome. Bela either dared the boys into having a threesome or as payment for a lost bet. I can't remember if she was doing it to get the boys to recognize their feelings for each other, or if it was to make their relationship more complicated. Regardless, they started the threesome and then Bela found herself left out as the boys focused more on each other - which she didn't mind as she was enjoying the view. Ultimately, Bela left the boys passed out on the bed together.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Does anyone remember a story with Sam pinning after Dean with Dean being oblivious? They where both teen-ish and got short on cash (John took too long on a hunt?). So Dean took Sam to a bar with no warning and heavily made out with him for a paying lady to watch. They were posing as not brothers, with Dean 'seducing' a Sam 'younger' than he really was. Later he said it was way quicker this way than Dean on his own (meaning he was doing prostitution-y things regularly). There was lots of Sam angst cause it was no big deal to Dean when Sam was head over heels for him and pretty inexperienced. Can't recall anything else, was quite a while back.

Thanks in advance!

It's 'For love or money' by Gecko. Link:
23 February 2014 @ 07:50 pm
Looking for a specific fic in which Dean (possibly Stanford era, spying on Sam) watches Sam pick up a girl and have sex with her in a dark bar where anyone could technically see. I can't remember the author or the title, but I am 99% sure I read it on the AO3 - I've been back through all the relevant tags and can't find it, and it's driving me nuts. It may also have involved either past or heavily implied past wincest, but a key point is that Sam was unaware of Dean's presence.

Any help gratefully received! I'm starting to worry that I hallucinated this damn story!
15 December 2013 @ 11:58 pm
Okay so I've been looking for this fic for over a week. I'm 99.9999999% sure it's on spnkink-meme or spn-blindfold but I can't seem to find it and it's driving me crazy.

Okay, so here's what I remember:

To start off with, I'm 95% sure that this was J2. If not, then it's definitely AU because this take place in a classroom setting. So (pretending that this is J2) J1 and J2 are in a established relationship. J1 is teaching a class about pornography (though I think they say they called the class something else so they could teach it at the college). J1 needs to show his class in-depth how everything works so J1 asks if J2 will come to his class to give him a hand. J2 agrees. At one point they do end up fucking in front of the entire class.

There's one scene that I remember vividly and that's just of J1 or 2 dragging a mattress into the middle of the room. Also, that there are two OC's (both boys) who are dating. One of them is taking the class because he wants to get into porn. The other one is taking the class because his boyfriend is.

I could be wrong, but there may have been another person who did J2's job before J2 showed up, but then he quit or something (I think maybe he went to model nude for an art class?) and that's when J1 asked J2 to help out with the class. Though, I may be mixing up 2 stories with that one.

Thank you so much for your help guys!

Edit: Found! The Rim Job

I was wondering if anyone is aware of any fics where either Sam/Dean or Castiel/Dean become intimate while someone else is in the same room? Maybe John Winchester is sleeping in the next hotel bed or driving the impala with the boys in the back seat. Or maybe it's Sam nearby while Cas and Dean are together.

I'm pretty much open to any situation (weecest is fine), length of fic, smut level, WIP, etc. I'm just not having any luck finding many stories with this sort of situation.

Thank you in advance!
19 August 2013 @ 06:59 pm
I got these cravings and I was wondering if you guys could help me find these things:

1. Anything where Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen have sex of some kind in the back of a taxi? And the taxi driver knows and can hear and/or see what's going on? Bonus points for outsider POV!
Under cut for naughty kinks... )
3. Any horror stories. Not like dark, twisted, psychological ones, but actual gory, suspenseful, gripping, edge of your seat horror stories with lots of hot steamy porn thrown in. Wincest or J2.

I'm open to anything except WIP's!
03 August 2013 @ 10:38 pm
Are there any Wincest/J2 stories out there where the boys are in an open relationship? Super extra bonus if they get off on telling each other about previous conquests. 
Hi everyone,

I read this story a while ago and cannot remember the name of it and I have searched this community but cannot find it :(

I cannot remember if it was Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean. I think it was Jared/Jensen. They were both abducted, along with Chad and sent to a sex-slave camp/ring/something. Tom Welling was there, as one of the trainers. Jared and Jensen were kept by 'Mistress' along with a girl named Ghost. Jared is younger than Jensen. Jensen acts very protective of Jared and they eventually start a relationship.

They were all forced to have sexual relations with clients. Eventually the feds are able to free them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
25 April 2013 @ 08:41 pm
I once remember reading a fic where Jo thinks her and Dean are getting together but when she goes to find them she sees him and Cas confess their feelings for each other and I think she also stays and watches them have sex. Does anyone remember the name of the story?
19 April 2013 @ 03:18 pm
I am looking for a couple of specific wincest fics.

1. This fic is set in the early seasons and it is Sam and Dean on the road hunting. Sam starts having sex with random people and writing about these encounters on an online blog. Dean catches him at it and then Sam writes on his blog that it was a turn on having someone watch.

2. Sam is under a sex curse and ends up sleeping with a load of women but he still can't break the curse. Then Sam mentions to Dean that he has slept with men in the past or that he is attracted to men. So they decide that Sam needs to be with a man to break the curse. Dean doesn't want Sam to be on his own, so I remember this scene where Sam is in an alley with a man and Dean is watching from the car.


ETA: the first fic has been found
18 March 2013 @ 09:30 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic. It might have included Sam/Dean, but I'm not sure. I do know that Sam seemed to have a crying!kink, and he watched Dean have sex with (an older woman, if I remember correctly) a woman at least once. The woman used a dildo on Dean.

If anyone can find this for me, I'd be very happy. :)
11 March 2013 @ 10:57 pm
I was wondering if you guys can link me to fics where Cas analyzes the Winchester's relationship. I would rather not have any Wincestiel or Destiel involvement in the fics. It should be about Sam/Dean-- and Cas watching or analyzing? Does that make sense?
10 February 2013 @ 04:14 pm

I'm looking for J2 or Wincest fics that fit the list below. Any rating, either AU or non, any kink except non-con, mpreg or scat/watersports. Details under the cut.

Read more... )
15 January 2013 @ 01:44 pm
1. Dean/Castiel. It was an AU where Cas is a mute drifter taken in by Bobby and Ellen. He hasn't spoken since his twin brother, Jimmy, died. There is a scene in the fic where Cas sits on the roof outside his window at Bobby & Ellen's. I think Dean climbs out there and sits with him. There's another scene where Dean finds a newspaper clipping in Cas' stuff about the death of his brother. - Dream As If You'll Live Forever by [ profile] commodoresexual.

2. Sam/Dean. All I can remember about it is that Sam and Dean pick up an OC in a bar and take him back to their motel room so that the OC can watch them have sex. Sam tops and at the end, Dean tells the OC that Sam is his younger brother. - Libido by [ profile] poisontaster


ETA: Added more details to #1.
05 January 2013 @ 04:51 pm
Hi all! I'm looking for a J2 fic. It's very similar to Miss_Lv's story called 'Safe and Sound'. Jensen runs away to a circus, I think he had an abusive guardian. Anyways he ends up taking care of a wolf (Jared), and is the only one that can get near the wolf. They grow close, duh, and end up mates. I'm not sure if Jared was a werewolf or not, but Jensen gets pregnant at the end. Jensen and Jared perform for the 'adult circus' at night as well. Can't remember how young Jensen was and I also can't remember if there was knotting or not.
I've been looking high and low all over Google to try and find it and I'm very desperate. Please help!!!!!! Thanks. :D

Mods: First time poster here, hope I got the tags right.

FOUND! Thanks everyone!!!!!
FOUND! Link in comments.

I believe the story starts out with Sam and Dean in a bar, but they leave and some guys from the bar follow them.  I think the Impala breaks down or for some other reason Sam and Dean stop on the side of the road and the guys from the bar catch up to them.  They force Sam and Dean to have sex...I think it was Dean forced to rape Sam and he gave in because it was either him or the other men and Sam asked/begged for Dean to do it.

Afterward, once they've gotten away and are in a motel room Dean makes sure Sam is okay then he calls John and tells him that he raped Sam, not mentioning the reason he did it or that Sam was...sorta?...willing.  John goes to the motel ready to defend Sam from Dean only to learn the actual story.  He later goes to the same bar his sons had been at and overhears the men bragging.  Somehow he gets them alone, lets them know he's their victims' father, and gets revenge on them...I'd like to say he kills some, if not all, of them but I'm not sure.

It may have led into a continued relationship or have simply included implied prior non-brotherly feelings between Sam and Dean or possibly it had neither.  And I think it had at least two chapters but could also have been a oneshot.
I thought it was on, Sinful Desire, or Sam/Dean Slash Archive but have been unable to find it...unless I'm just missing it.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows it and where to find it.
17 August 2012 @ 10:40 pm
Hey, all!

I know that what I'm looking for is a fairly popular fic, but since I can't remember the title or any quote snippets to google, I don't really have a way to track it down. In the fic, Dean gets camcorder and starts documenting things. Actually, now that I think of it, my memory of this fic is super hazy, but I do know that at one point Sam figures out that Dean's feeling less-than-platonic videos for him when he finds Dean watching a video that Dean took of Sam while he was getting ready in the morning; also at the end Sam basically puts on a show for Dean while Dean records it, and Sam talks about how badly Dean probably wants to touch Sam but won't let himself, etc.

Erg, that's a lot more vague than I realized. If anyone could help me out, I'd give you my love!

I'm looking for a specific fic, which I read not a long time ago, and I was absolutely positive that it was on spn kink meme, but now it seems it wasn't (or at least I tried to find it with all possible tags that could fit, and failed) :( It's basically pwp, and it goes like:

grandmas and other nice, unsuspecting innocent people, please don't click here! :) )

Thanks! :)
10 August 2012 @ 08:25 pm
Hey all y'alls!

So I just read little miss mimi's fic Drowning in the Rising Tide ( and it's got me craving some pegging fic.
A few requirements though.
Bottom!Dean is a must
No boys as girls
And I don't want just Dean/OFC, I want Sam (or some other male character) watching

In addition I'll gladly take any and all reluctant!bottoming Dean recs (basically Dean denying he wants to bottom and needing to be convinced). No non-con though slight dub-con is ok and Dean should enjoy it although discomfort at first is totally A-OK with me :) 

Thanks muches!
07 August 2012 @ 10:57 pm
I read this a while ago and thought I had put it in my memories but no such luck!

The premise was that Levi Sam and Dean are having sex on tape and 'real' Dean is watching it and getting off on it (although he is in self denial). I believe Sam had gone off but returned to find Dean watching and getting off on said tape.

I hope that is enough for someone to help me!!

Found in comments - thank you!!
04 August 2012 @ 06:26 pm
I am looking for two specific fics. Possibly three.

Fic one: Sam and Dean are the reincarnations of two Civil War-era men who built a house in the Carolinas; Sam starts discovering this when he and the Stanford friend whose family owns the house spend some time there. I thought it was by [ profile] rei_c but I can't find it on Rei's fic list. ETA: Found!

this one, or maybe two, isn't worksafe ) ETA: It's one fic, and it's found!
22 May 2012 @ 09:41 pm
I'm looking for specific types of voyeurism fics please.

J2 (non-AU) fics where the boys either spy on each other; or they're getting down and dirty *knowing* they're being watched and getting off on it. I've checked [ profile] j2_recs so am looking for specific recs please.

Thank you! :)
I'm trying to track down two specific fics, both are Sam/Dean first-time:

1.  Dean admits to Sam that he always wanted to try bondage, but knew it was too dangerous to try it with a stranger.  Sam, being the awesome brother he is, finds a website and signs up Dean to meet up with guys/girls to do the deed.  Of course, Sam will hang out during the sex to be sure his brother is safe.  In the end, one of the guys is late showing up, so Sam takes matters into his own hands.  :)

2. This one I remember less of... Something happened to Dean and he can't stand to be away from Sam for too long, which makes hooking up kind of hard to do.  Once Dean was with a girl in a bathroom of a bar, while Sam was with her friend and Dean had to come get Sam to come in with them while they had sex.  Another time Dean hooked up with a guy and they went back to his place and he insisted Sam come too, Sam only watched.

General Rec: Thinking about these two fics, I realized there's a bit of a theme going on.  One of the guys watching the other having sex (for one reason or another) and realizing that they are really hot and want some too.  I would love some recs for more fics like this, I would perfer Sam/Dean, but am willing to branch out some.  I've never read Cas/Dean....maybe something like this would get me to convert.  :)


Both fics found, see comments.
04 May 2012 @ 05:09 pm
Hi guys! I'm looking for two different kinds of fic. I've perused tags and haven't found anything exactly like I'm looking for.

1. Wincest as witnessed by Cas. It can be the Dean/Sam relationship as a whole or him literally watching them have sex. i don't necessarily want a threesome, but if he (in a minor way) gets involved, that's okay, too.

2. Behind cut for season 7 spoiler )

Just FYI- I much prefer Dean on top, but I'll take anything I can get! Thanks! :)
09 April 2012 @ 12:17 am
Looking for one-shot that seems based on Farscape universe where Castiel is a sentient spaceship that was wandering space and is now inhabited by Dean, Sam, John, and rest of spn crew. Part of the story is from Sam's point of view where he questions if ship!Castiel can feel emotions and why shipCas! seems to be obsessed with Dean. I remember Cas went against John's orders to save Dean. Also the fic ended with a showerscene with Dean and Cas where the ship spazzes when Dean "kisses" Cas ;)
Does this ring any bells?
I've been looking everywhere but can't find a story by 'waiting4noexit' - it's called "Bound" and it's an Escort!Dean/Client!Cas AU. Dean is paid to provide a specific service to certain kinky clients, he takes Cas to a club bathroom - there's heavy bdsm in public, voyeurism, and a brief OMC interaction.

It's saying 'deleted journal', so I was wondering if anyone knows if the author has moved journals, is under a new name, or wishes their stories to be shared/not shared?

Forgive me if I've missed a post about this already, but I can't find anything in the deleted journal/story sticky posts, so I thought I'd ask.

Hope someone can help!
20 March 2012 @ 04:03 pm
Hey guys, I've been looking for this one fic for days, it was the first smutty Wincest fic I read, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Basically it involves Sam wanting Dean, so he starts making a habit of sleeping with girls right after Dean has slept with them, for the thrill of 'being where his brother has been' or whatever.

I'm almost sure it starts with a flashback of them younger and one of Dean's conquests making out with Sam in front of Dean, trying to make Dean angry (which didn't work obviously, cos it was a one night stand, etc) and Sam got off on the fact that he could taste Dean on her mouth. I think eventually Dean finds out about this and sets things up so that he has sex with a girl and then has her meet up with Sam in the car. And there's bits at night when Dean jacks off and then Sam licks his hand clean afterwards, but they don't talk about those things happening. 

Obviously eventual Wincest. 

The story was two parts long, I think, and I definitely read it on LJ. 
Hope you guys can help me out and thanks in advance! :)


12 February 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Looking for any kind of fics where the two mains are in an established relationship and then are put in the fuck or die situation. I'll take any pairings/kinks/whatever, but I'm looking for the effects(or lack thereof) that the trope has on the existing relationship.

Not sure how common this particular subset of the trope is, but if there are any where the baddies specifically force the two characters to have sex while the bad guys watch or something, I'll offer up many cookies and virtual thank yous. Or, alternately, possession!fic, where one of the participants is possessed at some point after the start of the relationship, and sex ensues. Don't care if the other partner ever finds out, but I'd love to read something in that vein.

I tagged the boys(Dean, Sam, and Cas), but I'll take pretty much any het or slash pairing.
16 November 2011 @ 09:12 am
I'm pretty sure the fic I'm looking for is pretty short and may be from the kink meme. Jared and Jensen are neighbors and Jared constantly spies on Jensen fucking/being fucked while Jensen makes it progressively easier for Jared to watch. They don't know each other, though.
05 November 2011 @ 12:34 am

Hey, so, I just got a sudden urge for fics about artistic nudes. I would love something where Jensen is an artist and he has Jared model for him for some reason (for a high school or college art class would be awesome) and he becomes obsessed with drawing Jared and they end up getting together. Something along those lines? I'm OK with Jared being the artist and Jensen being the model.

I've also been wanting to read stalker fics. Anything with one J stalking the other for any reason. Creepy psycho stalker and socially awkward stalker or any other kind of stalker is all fine as long as it has a happy ending with them ending up together. I have a thing for voyeurism so that's always a bonus.

Mods: There is a a way we could get a model career tag? Right now the closest thing to model is porn star and I see that as very different even if it is a nude model. Could we also get a voyeurism kink tag and something for stalking maybe?

Looking for a specific fic featuring High School Sam/OFC with eventual wincest.

Cut for spoilers )
Also, any and all fic with Jared/ChadMM fic please.

Oh! and if you guys know of any good voyeurism fics out there, i feel like reading some of those too, any pairing will do

Thanks guys


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