29 January 2017 @ 04:43 pm
This fic popped into my head the other day and I have had no luck finding it yet, so I'm hoping you guys can help.

In it, Chad and Jensen are in a serious relationship and have been dating for a while, though neither of them are officially out. Jensen is up in Vancouver shooting and has been blowing Chad off who is in LA. Cue angst of Chad putting up with it because he just wants Jensen any ways he can get it. Christian Kane shows up and buddies up with Chad when he see what's going on and how no one is supporting him. Jensen finally gets a clue and there's a confrontation between Chad and him to resolve everything.

Thanks for your help!
30 November 2016 @ 04:03 pm
Helping [livejournal.com profile] 69justpeachy post a search:

Hello. I cannot for the life if me navigate LJ. So, the story I am looking for story: Jared moves in with Chad above his aunt or grandmother. A few other guys live there. Jensen has the couch. Jason Momoa lives there, as well. He and Jared start a romance. But, there is obviously something between Jared & Jensen.
Men are scattered everywhere. Jason has the bottom bunk. I do believe Jason Mann's, Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict live there. I'm not sure of the extra players but I know it was quite a few guys living together. And, Jared had a dog.
21 November 2016 @ 07:05 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a few years ago and can't for the life of me find it again.

It starts with Jensen and Jared in highscool and they're in a serious relationship with each other, to the point where they have tattoos (I think they were 2 J's forming a heart) in place of wedding rings and they made plans to get it filled with color once they got married.  They were at a party and were in a horrible car crash with Chad and Sophia, Sophia died and Jared ended up in a long term coma and Jensen and Chad were pretty much ok.  Jensen was always at Jared's bedside, even when he went to college, but his friends finally talked him into going out with Chris Kane and they end up in a relationship.  After a couple years someone, I think Chad, calls him to let him know that Jared woke up.  After that, the only thing that I really remember is Jared doesn't know Jensen has a boyfriend and Chris shows up drunk at a party for Jared and tells him that he and Jensen are toegther.

I can't remember how it ended, but I would love to get to read it again.  Thank you all in advance for any help!
10 November 2016 @ 05:03 am
I am looking for a story about Jared, who is getting abused by his husband. I think his family made him marry the man because of money. They basically sold Jared to this man. I'm not sure what the husbands name is. The husband is very controlling and abusive. Jared gets sent to a ranch while his husband is away on business or something like that. He is sent there to be watched because the husband is paranoid and doesn't trust Jared. He hires people to keep an eye out for Jared. Jared is an artist, he loves to draw, but he is always told by his husband that he is horrible and should stop wasting time on something that will never amount to anything. Jensen tells Jared that he's an amazing artist. The ranch turns out to be the best place for Jared because he gets more confidence in himself. And he is surrounded by people who care about him. He meets Jensen at the ranch either the first day or the second and later on they start a friendship,but it becomes an affair overtime.The friendship takes time because Jared is very timid and doesn't trust easily anymore. Chad shows up at the ranch with help from Jensen. Chad and Jared haven't seen each other in a long time because Chad and Jared are not allowed to hang out. Jared has been forbidden to see Chad, so they keep it a secret from Jared's husband as long as they can. The husband eventually finds out. At the very end of the story Jared shows up at his house to get stuff. He gets raped and ends up in a fight for his life. Jared either kills his husband or almost kills him, by bashing his head with a lamp or something like that. Jared ends up at the hospital. Jared and Jensen end up together in the end.
Here are some tidbits I remember from the story.
The husband parades Jared in front of his friends. The husband may share Jared I forget. The friends are also are mob related. There's evidence against the husband relating to his shady deals. The man had been grooming Jared for a long time and the minute he turned 18 he asked to marry Jared. The dad said yes and forced Jared to sign papers. Jared's mom is either a drug addict or an alcoholic so she is no help at all. During his stay at the ranch he is made to make multiple calls to his husband. He must tell his husband everything about his day. I think Jensenis the one to find Jared in the house after the attack and blames himself for Jared getting hurt. That's all I remember.

I hope that helps and I hope it wasn't to confusing.
21 March 2016 @ 11:14 pm
I read a story a couple of years ago and I remember so much about it besides the title or author (of course I'd forget the most important part). I remember these things:
1) Jared was in his 20's, Jensen was roughly 12. Jensen called a helpline where Jared answered all of Jensen's sex questions which led to him telling Jensen to finger himself.
2) Jared lived with Chad MM? and had sex with Jensen for the first time in the basement while Jensen wore some kind of kiddy pyjamas.
3) Jensen used the excuse of looking after/feeding Jared's dog to see him/sleep with him.
4) Jared took Jensen on college tours when he was old enough and they were psyched because they could actually act like a couple in public.
5) At some point Jared talked to Mrs Ackles on the street of a block party.

I can't think of any other tags so hopefully I haven't missed anything.
12 January 2016 @ 10:28 pm

I'm looking for a fic that either either zombie-themed or post-apocalyptic. In it, non-AU J2 are apart from each other when the end of times come in the form of a disease that causes people to become violent and overall zombified.

Jensen somehow ends up in a community, as as their unofficial _de facto_ leader, waits for Jared to show up, even though he doesn't have any real evidence that he's still alive. Every one in the camp knows that he's expecting someone, they just don't know who.

One day Jared finally shows up with Chad (IIRC Chad has an amputated arm due to a close encounter of the zombie kind) and every one realizes that he's the one Jensen's been waiting for. However Jared is changed by the harshness of the apocalypse and is no longer the bubbly person he used to be in his Supernatural days.

A slow, but deliberate courtship begins and they make babies, and although things are hard at first, they both acknowledge the feelings they've had all along, and happiness (inasmuch as happiness can exist in a post-apocalyptic world) ensues.

Please, please help. My google-fu fails hard, and I've been searching for this for at least a week ---

Thank you

ETA: Found by [livejournal.com profile] phoenix1966, right here http://archiveofourown.org/works/612790/chapters/1104514
25 September 2015 @ 01:43 pm
I'm really vague on the details here so apologies...Jensen is sent to a ranch for therapy, and Jared owns the ranch. I think Chad and Chris are there and are an on/off couple? Matt later turns up and Jensen get jealous.

I've checked Cowboys/ranchers/counsellors on J2 but had no luck. Any help in finding the story would be greatly appreciated.
I'm looking for Jensen/Jared stories, especially (bot not exclusively) ones with bottom Jared, where Chris Kane is a) a big part of the story; b) very supportive or protective of one or both of the Js, and c), and this is key, lives to the end of the fic. Chad Michael Murray being portrayed positively would be an added bonus. They can be AU or not, and it's also okay if the Js get together for a threesome with someone, I'm not picky as long as they are the main pairing or in the main pairing.

I've had a particularly long run of fics where Kane gets killed off, so I'd kind of like for him to live this time around. (Frankly, I'm feeling kind of bad for the guy with how often he's died nobly on my Kindle.) For that matter, I'd prefer it if neither of the Js dies or is tortured beyond all rational hope of recovery.

17 February 2015 @ 03:49 pm
HI All I want to thank everyone who always help me finding the specific story I need. I am eternally always grateful for your guys help.

I hope once again you can come to my aid. :)

SO here goes, I don't remember the name or writer of this specific J2 fic.
I do remember the story it goes something like this.

Chad had bet Jared he would never get Jensen to have sex with him. For all who knew Jared, he never back down from a bet or challenge and he always won. So he accepted Chad's bet. Thinking it will the easiest 50 bucks he'll win.

Next day on the set he was trying to come up with a plan on how to get Jensen without him knowing. So he comes up with a truth and dare game on the spot thinking this will work and Jensen will fall prey.

Unfortunately it back fires a lot on Jared. Jensen just keeps getting the upper hand on him. To the point where in the end Jared does not know which way is up or down and he finds himself in the back seat of the IMPALA with Jensen seducing him, being very in charge "top" and Jared completely caving in to him and bottoming.

I remember Chad picking up his cell phone the very next day and hearing Jared Saying "fine I'll drop you off the 50 bucks" and Chad gleefully saying " I knew it he rejected your ass" But Jared answering "no actually he likes my ass", then laughs and then finishes "he likes it a lot" and hangs up on Chad before he says anything else.

So does anyone know this fic? I really want to read it again :)
13 February 2015 @ 07:52 pm
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a fic that I read quite recently, but me being me, I forgot to bookmark it.

It was a J2 high school au fic. Jared and Jensen are best friends in high school, and Jensen is secretly in love with Jared. One day, they go to a party and Jensen sees Jared making out with another guy, and he's heartbroken and starts crying. Chad comforts him, and I think Jared sees him crying and makes a comment about how he's never seen Jensen cry (I'm a little fuzzy on that part, don't take my word for it).
Jared goes away for the summer and when he comes back, Jensen is a completely different person, with tattoos and piercings. He's rude, snarky, and hangs out with Chad, a completely different Jensen than the sweet innocent one from the beginning of the summer. Jensen is rude to Jared and refuses to hang out with him and stuff.
There was one scene where Jared goes out to Jensen's house and Donna opens the door and she tells him how Jensen's a completely different person and how she hopes that Jared can change that

I hope someone out there knows which fic I'm talking about!
14 January 2015 @ 01:12 pm
I've looked on J2 recs under 'Marriage of Convenience'but can't find the story I'm looking for.

Jared marries Jensen (who is from a rival family), Jensen's sister has a heart defect I believe and is pregnant. Jared offers to pay healthcare for her as part of the marriage contract.

You later find out that Jensen's sister is pregnant by Jared's horrible brother but Chad adores her and looks after her. JDM is the lawyer for Jared's family and I think we find out later on, that he's actually Jared's father...

Jensen is your cowboy in this, and Jared loves maps (random I know) I think.

I love this story so any help finding it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
I´m searching for a J2 fic.
It is an AU as they are not actors on "Supernatural" but I don´t know what their profession is (though one or both of them may be actors).
It takes place in current time.

Jared and Jensen don´t know each other but Jared dreams or has visions of Jensen. Jared tells a friend (I think Chad) from this.
I´ve got this one scene in my head where Chad sees Jensen (who is out with his friends - Steve? and Tom?) and recognizes him.
I´m not sure if Chad addresses Jensen right away or not.

I´m not sure if Jensen also dreams of Jared.

It´s not
- Orbit Verse (Ours is a Reciprocal Gravitation Orbit / Candied Yams and Sticky Conversations / A Fork in the Road / The Space Between Your Heart and Mine) aka "Husband Tree" from Kaleidoscope Heart (Viridescence)
- The Empty Room by germanjj
- In Paradise from [livejournal.com profile] aelia1980
- Somebody for me out there from [livejournal.com profile] aythia
- Beautiful Dreamer from [livejournal.com profile] crynintherain
- Drifting Through Doorways from Rainywriter
Even though that are also amazing stories!

Thanks for your help!
I'm still a bit shocked that magser deleted her/his journal, I was there only a month ago...

As it says on the tin, I'm looking for "Behind the mask" by magser (tall_tales was the name of the lj) - "Jensen Ackles is in the home stretch...he just has to get through four months at the worst Asylum he has ever seen and he is a fully qualified psychiatrist. What he finds there though is much worse than he ever imagined, and like an old movie playing out in front of his eyes, he finds neglected patients, lazy doctors and an injustice he is determined to put right..."

Since the journal has been purged, I cannot contact the author to ask whether it would be alright to share (maybe someone here knows something?), but I just optimistically assume it's fine and ask if someone saved the story and would be kind enough to send me a copy (and I'd totally bake you virtual christmas cookies!)! :D

Edit: FOUND fantastically fast by kruel_angel. Link in the post.
Specific request first cause its why im still up at midnight on a work night!
Ok folks, this is absolutely doing my head in. I read this not that long ago, have a hankering to re read and I cant find the sodding thing!
What I remember-
Jensen is an actor (pretty sure on supernatural) and meets Jared at a convention (hes a fan). Jensen slips Jared his number during a photo op because he saw him at the bar earlier. They go out, Jensen orders wine and then Jared admits hes only 18 and cant drink it (he was at the bar earlier getting napkins cause a chick had spilled her drink?). Jensens all 'holy shit youre a kid', there is angst but they get together. They talk on Skype alot because of Jensen being away filming. Theres a bit at the end where theyre on a boat and I think get engaged maybe? I think its a pretty long story and theres a sequal that I never got around to reading.
please help!!

Found in time for my morning commute! link in comments

General request - just reiterating my previous cheeky request (cause im posting anyway!) anything and everything where Christian kane is featured heavily. I got some really good recs last time and ive kinda stalked this journals tag page (plus archive of our own) but if anyones got any others id send baskrts of virtual cookies!!
14 September 2014 @ 09:18 pm
I read this fic awhile ago and now I can't seem to find it again.

It was a Jensen/Jared AU, where the world ends (natural disasters and I think they have to stay out of the rain?).  It starts with Jensen being at work in the city when the world ends, and he eventually leaves the city and goes out on his own.  He then meets up with Jeff and Danneel (?), and they stick together and avoid the big cities (because they're unsafe).  Eventually they find a ranch/farm, where they meet Jared, Chad, Misha, Genevieve, etc. and they decided to stay with them for awhile.  Chad's against them staying and generally dislikes Jensen and his group for the whole fic (I think because he liked Jared first, before Jensen showed up and Jared and Jensen started talking).

I remember Jensen was unsure about starting anything with Jared because Jared was still kind of young (in college) and he didn't have a chance to explore his sexuality properly.  One night, Jared and Jensen share a moment on the couch when Jared cries to Jensen because he doesn't know what he's doing, even though everyone looks to him as their de facto leader because of his knowledge/ownership of the ranch.  Eventually, Jensen and Jared get together and are able to share a bed together in the attic, I think.  Jeff and Danneel also get together.  And at the end, Chad and some of the other people at the ranch decide to leave to try to reach a settlement/base toward the West or something.

If anyone could help me find this fic, I would greatly appreciate it!  I've been wanting to re-read it.  Thanks!
Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I was almost sure I saved it but apparently not. :(

-- I think I remember that Jared was an omega and his parents (might have?) disowned him because of it. So he finds himself in this bar, maybe eating a burger or something before he decides what to do next.

Jensen is also there and it's (his birthday maybe??) I remember that someone -- potentially Chad -- puts something in Jensen's drink to make him loosen up and have fun, but instead it triggers jensen into full on Alpha-Mode. He turns almost feral in his mindlessness to mate and grabs a girl, intending to do the dirty.

Meanwhile, Jared thinks his life is pointless/worthless anyway and decides to 'sacrifice' himself to be knotted instead.

Jensen is pretty rough but when he comes back to himself, he's horrified at what he's done and surprisingly turns out to be a nice guy.

Ring any bells? D: My google-foo is WEAK. :/

This is it! (:
22 May 2014 @ 09:52 pm
So, I read this amazing fic the other day and in it was Chad, but not just the dorky, sarcastic guy that I usually see portrayed. This Chad was an awesome friend who definitely was the sarcastic guy but also knew when to step back and be serious and supportive.
So what I am looking for is any and all fic where Chad is the awesome friend to both Jared and Jensen, or just one of them, and if he happens to bond with Christian Kane all that much better.
J2 pairing preferred, slash is wonderful, I don't really like gen. I will take secondary pairings like Chris/Steve or Chris/Chad. Self recs, absolutely! There is not a whole lot that squicks me, so rec away.

Thanks in advance

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] chellexxx and [livejournal.com profile] catnthecradle for the awesome recs.
I am always open for more.
10 March 2014 @ 10:14 pm
Hi all, I'm looking for a specific hooker!fic that I'm pretty sure was J2, as I think it had Chad in it. It's a historical fic (1800s? Early 1900s?), where Jensen is working in a brothel and Chad leads the normally straight-laced Jared for a night of debauchery. Jared keeps turning up to see Jensen, and attends a masquerade-type party there, where the brothel girls dress Jared up. I think at the end there was some sort of street protest against the brothel and Jared sided with Jensen. I'm sorry I don't remember very clearly, that's about all I've got. I'm not even 100% that it was J2, could possibly be Destiel. Thanks guys.

Found! Second City Sin
28 February 2014 @ 11:05 am
Hi y'all, I'm looking for some non specifics:

1) First time wincest, John knows and approves.

2) Father figure!Bobby finds out and approves after a bit.

3) Sassy D/s Cas giving Sam what he needs.

4) Bottom!Gabriel. Sabriel, team freewillin and all pairing within that.

5) J2 fics where Chad was more than the douchey best friend. (over protective brother role, ex-boyfriend to one of the J's, matchmaker etc....)

6) Chad loving. I really like threesomes with the Chad. lol Chris/Chad etc... I just really want to see a fic where he gets taken care of too. It can be in conjunction with the previous number too.

Thank you for all the help you give me!
20 February 2014 @ 02:45 am
I believe the story is called "Fuck n' Fries" though I'm not sure, it's where Chad wakes up to find Jensen's head in his lap, and when he goes to the bathroom, he finds that he has a bunch of marks and bruises on his body that indicate that and Jensen had sex the night before. It turns out that Jensen and Danneel broke up and Jensen was drinking away his misery, and Chad help him out.
16 February 2014 @ 03:01 pm
I'm not sure if this is okay to request this here, but I'm looking for two Jensen/Chad fics:

1) Jared gets hurt and is sent to the hospital. Chad arrives and ends up staying at Jared & Jensen's place. Jensen ends up getting drunk and inadvertently reveals to Chad that he has feelings for Jared and kisses Chad, believing that he was Jared. The next morning, Jensen and Chad argue about what happened last night, and they end up having sex. They keep repeatedly have sex for the remainder of the time Jared is in the hospital. Jensen believing it's nohing but hate sex, not knowing Chad has fallen for him. Jared comes home, finds out what's been going on, and knocks some sense into Jensen. Jensen visits Chad in LA to make things right, and they end up having sex again. I'm pretty sure this fic is only 2 chapters. *Found*

2) Chad is pregnant with Jensen's baby and the pregnancy is making Chad horny all the time, which freaks Jared out a bit. Jensen comes home to relieve Chad's pent-up horniness. This is defintely a one-shot. *Found*
31 January 2014 @ 08:00 pm
I think the story is called "Starting Over" Jared is in a custody battle for his son, who was abused by his ex's boyfriend, which left Jared's son mute. He meets Jensen and has an instant attraction to the other man. Jensen has reservations about pursuing a relationship. Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty are a couple in the story. Jensen has a twin brother named Dean who is in a relationship with Misha in the story as well.
10 December 2013 @ 10:35 pm
Okay can I please have some help? There was this fic that I read a while back and it was J2 and it was about Jared and Jensen having a secret “casual” sexual relationship (That’s what Jensen called it; Jared was in love) but one day Jensen said that they had to call it off because he was getting married to Danneel, and Jared let him go. Two years later Jensen was back in town directing something and Jared found out when he was being interviewed on TV and Chad was his agent and Jared hadn't gotten over Jensen but wanted to see him and the story was based of the “Someone Like You” song by Adele, and can someone find me the link? Or give me a PDF version? The link that I have is broken and I don’t know if the author removed it, because I scoured Google for it and couldn't find it. I don’t know the title and I don’t know the author but can someone please help me?

Status: Found
08 December 2013 @ 06:02 pm
I'm looking for a Jensen/Jared story. It's about Jared coming out to his family and they don't take it well. Jared meets Jensen and they click right away. Jared's parents do everything they can to keep them apart, but fail. It turns out that Jensen and his family is rich, and the actions of Jared's family cause him to move in with Jensen, all the while Jared gets crap from everyone at school. While away visiting Jensen's family, Jensen and Jared's house is vandalized led by Jared's brother and his former friends, ultimately leading to his arrest. Sometime later Jensen's family offers Jared a place in the family's company. Enraged that nothing is going according to plan, Jared's mother plots to have Jared killed to get the money that Jensen's family gave Jared. Her plot is foiled by Chad who didn't want to be a part of the situation anymore. Jared's mother is caught and sentenced to 44 years in prison.

The story is incomplete I believe. I think the story is called "Dealing with Life" but I'm not certain. I do know that the story is posted on livejournal.
01 December 2013 @ 01:18 pm
Hi guys,
So I've been searching all morning and can't seem to find a fic I had bookmarked a while ago.
The fic starts out with Jensen and Jared in high school and Jensen is a little chubby, and to get into his older brother's good graces, Jared starts dating Jensen on a dare. Turns out he really falls in love with Jensen but Jensen finds out about the dare and leaves early for college. Jared is devastated and Jeff turns around and helps Jared try to get Jensen back. J2 meet again in college, and Jensen takes advantage of Jared wanting him back and sleeps with him before leaving him. Jensen has turned into someone who sleeps with lots of guys before leaving them. It all turns out good in the end, but is a nice angsty fic the whole way through.

Fic also contains really big douche-bag Chad, as well as Seth and Ryan from the OC being good friends of Jared's.

Any help would really be appreciated!!!
30 November 2013 @ 02:56 pm
Any fics where j2 are the main pairing but there is a side pairing of Jared/chad. Could be them growing up as friends and experimenting together, could be they were in a relationship first. Anything really. I just want j2 to be the main pairing that end up together in the end, maybe with chad ending up with someone else too. And if possible no bottom jared. Thanks!

Okay,I've just spent like an hour looking for this story with no results so maybe someone else could help me. There is this story that starts off with Chad/Jared as childhood friends. They've hooked up in the past and it was forgotten (kind of). Now they are friends in college (room mates I believe), when Jared meets Jensen, sparks fly and I think that Chad gets jealous and doesn't like Jensen. I remember this scene where Jensen was trying to call Jared and had picked up the phone instead. I don't remember the exact conversation, but I remember that Chads not so nice. I also remember Jensen/Jared's relationship not going so well so Jared goes back home to Chad and they end up hooking up again (in the shower, I believe. w/ Chad as the top if that helps any). Basically, the story features J2 and Chad/Jared, with Jared having trouble deciding between being with Jensen or Chad. In the end, he choses to be with Jensen, Chad's heartbroken, and decides to move out to get some space, and eventually he comes back and things are happy again.

02 November 2013 @ 11:36 pm
Hey guys, I'm looking for a fic in which J2 were both criminals(serial killers maybe). Jensen was caught and sent to prison but Jared managed to rescued him, so now they needed to escape to Maxico. On their way, J2 kidnapped Chad & his friends as hostages and idk they might have killed some of them.
I've forgot how zombies(or some monsters alike) were brought into the whole plot, but in the end J2 & Chad fought against zombies together.

Does it ring any bells? If someone knows about this fic please let me know!

Thanks guys!
(And since english's not my mother tongue, so apologies for any language mistakes!)
21 October 2013 @ 12:58 am
I'm looking for a Jensen/Jared/Chad series of fics where the three of them are in a poly relationship. I think it takes place in the Whole 'verse. It's an AU series where the three of them are not actors. I can't for the life of me remember where the stories were posted, but I found it very enjoyable to read.
17 October 2013 @ 01:13 pm
Hi all,

I lost a J2 fic that I thought I'd bookmarked, and I can't seem to remember the title. I've googled and looked in the "knotting" tag, but couldn't find it. In the story, teenage Jensen is picked up by wealthy alpha Jared. They spend the weekend together and end up mating. Jared is not prepared for this and Jensen is upset, telling Jared that he won't hear from him other than when he goes into heat again. Jensen eventually does and goes to Jared's house, only to find he isn't home. He calls Jared, desperate, and Jared tries to calm him down as he rushes home.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Chad may also be briefly in the story as one of Jared's coworkers, but I may be confusing that with another fic.

Thank you in advance!
30 September 2013 @ 11:46 pm
hey so only a week left to a new episode and to fill time i decided to reread a story that i lost. All i remember is that there is a serial killer on the loose and Jared is after him as a cop or a FBI not sure. the specific thing about this story is though the victims. each victim is more like Jensen. the killer dies the victims hair, puts in green contacts and such. and until a very important point they don't realize the victims look like Jensen. maybe it was chad who made the connection?
I would love thee person who finds this. bye and thanks

thanks to awesome avirt75 , whiteted and adyamber13 it is found!

The story: Price to Pay by krisjean

23 September 2013 @ 12:42 pm
I am looking for a J2 non-au fic where jensen and jared are living together i think but arent together yet. i know they go to a party at chad and kenzie's house and while jared is telling a story, jensen notices that they are always touching in some way and how whenever they tell a story it always includes the both of them. and then jensen goes into the kitchen and kenzie says how she thinks it is nice to see two people find their soulmates but how it isnt someone they are in love with just someone who is there best friend. and then they end up together in the end. can anyone help?? thanks!
21 September 2013 @ 10:08 pm
I read this fic a long time ago and thought I had bookmarked it, but I guess not.

Jared grew up always loving wolves, so much so that he considered himself a nerd when it came to them. When he got to college he ended meeting a pack (though at the time he didn't know they were werewolves) and always staying over at their house instead of in his dorm room. Jensen is the alpha of the pack and is kind of feral. Something happens and the pack has to leave, and Jared is heartbroken but he tries to move on. (try being the operative word) The pack come back and it ends up being J2 in the end with Jensen turning Jared. The whole CW cast is involved and so is Chris Pine.

I would really appreciate the help!!!

I remember reading an AU fic about model Jared.
Jensen was his employer or maybe owned a modelling agency. I'm not sure.
Jensen has this pool party, where everybody bangs the hell out of a very willing Jared.
[should I have put that in the cut? I haven't gotten the hang of how things work here. So, my apologies in advance.]
Jared first pretends like he doesn't want it, bu he secretly does, and winks at Jensen to let him to know that he's enjoying himself.
Details! )
The possibility of a romantic J2 relationship in the future was hinted at.
Anybody have a clue which fic I'm talking about?
And if you aren't familiar with the story, anything similar you'd like to recommend?
22 June 2013 @ 10:45 pm
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows of some fic with Jared and Jensen in a relationship and Jared and Chad are best friend but Chad is in love with Jared. Bonus if it has super jealous/possessive Jensen. That really thee only requirements, it can be any length and any rating. 
Hi all, this has been driving me nuts and i can't believe I didn't save the story as I save nearly everything... please help!

Jensen and Jared grew up besties, Jensen's gay, Jared isn't (at first). Jensen is a firefighter and Chris is a musician who once went out with Sophia who is now married to a very pissy Chad, who has been serving overseas.

Jensen is called to a house fire which turns out to be Chris' and he finds Chris stabbed and he gets hurt when he gets pushed down the stairs. People blame Chad, after Chris and Chad argued at Chad's coming home BBQ.

Jared helps Jensen cope with Chris' murder and of course they end up together. Steve is also in the story but I can't remember if Misha or Mike or Tom or the girls are. J&J play basketball at the beginning.

I remember how the story ends but I don't want to ruin it for others. Please someone help me! Google is not being my friend!
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14 June 2013 @ 08:23 am
Hey guys I have two requests today so without further adieu

1.anybody know of the j2 fic that's a non-au and the boys are living together and best friends and they are always touching each other and have become so close and then they go and visit chad and Kenzie for a party and they sit together with Jared's hand on jensens knee and when Jensen goes into the kitchen, Kenzie comments on how they are soulmates? That's really all I remember but I love that kinda fic, any fic where they are very touchy and together-like before they actually get together. So if anyone knows that fic or any j2 or wincest fic like that that would be great!

2.any wincest fics where dean is the younger brother? De-aged dean is fine too but I feel like I've read them all hahah. So yeah any wincest fics where dean is the younger brother.

Thanks guys!
13 June 2013 @ 06:50 pm
Hey all,
I'm looking for two different j2 fusions:
1) J2 CSI fusion where Jensen has taken over Gil's job and Jared is a struggling actor mixed up in murder (guest spot CMM)
2) J2 Dead Like Me- Jared is recently deceased, tripped over his shoe laces(rainbow)& is a new reaper. JDM has the Rube role and I think Sandy is there too. Jensen is the mysterious reaper of the bunch whom Jared falls for.
Any and all help is appreciated.
ETA: found! Thanks. xoxoxo
05 June 2013 @ 12:59 pm
Hey anybody know of the j2 fic that's a non-au and the boys are living together and best friends and they are always touching each other and have become so close and then they go and visit chad and Kenzie for a party and they sit together with Jared's hand on jensens knee and when Jensen goes into the kitchen, Kenzie comments on how they are soulmates? That's really all I remember but I love that kinda fic, any fic where they are very touchy and together-like before they actually get together. So if anyone knows that fic or any j2 or wincest fic like that that would be great! Thanks!
24 May 2013 @ 05:22 pm
A few years ago I read a RPS crossover fic in which Dean is somehow transported into RL. Here's what I remember:

story specs )
Hi guys

I just started readin a great J² AU story with dragon riders (Here's the link for the masterpost: http://pekodragon.livejournal.com/3463.html ; )
Unfortunately, the chapter nine is missing and the PDF was on megaupload ... which means, it's gone - -

It's an amazing story, in which Jared and Jensen meet in a small village because they were both sent away from their families because they're gay. But they both receive letters to by candidate to become dragonriders (4 years apart) in separate ennemy countries  and we follow their life, hardship and training. I haven't read further than chapter 8, of course, I'm hoping someone will be able to help.

As the chapters are quite long, missing one means missing a huge part of the story and, as I really like it, I was really hoping that someone had the PDF and could send it to me ?

So, if you're out there and you know what I'm talking about, here's my e-mail: koalavoyageur@hotmail.com

Thank you ^^
06 May 2013 @ 11:42 am
1) FOUND! The first one I'm looking for is one I know I've read several times, but no matter how much I search I can't remember what it's called or find it. Basically, Jared and Jensen are in a relationship and the only one who doesn't realize it is Jensen. It kind of slowly falls into place for him.  I remember Chad called and Jensen answered and Chad said something along the lines of "I need to talk to your boyfriend" and that's when it started clicking a little in Jensen's head.

2) FOUND! Second one is kinda PWP, Jensen woke up next to Misha. They had passed out after a party or something I think. Jared walks in, climbs into bed, and starts doing all kinds of wonderfully dirty thing to Jensen. Jensen's into it, but nervous because he desperately doesn't want to wake Misha.

i'm fairly certain they were both non-au. Thanks for any suggestions!
I'm pretty sure Jensen is in witness protection and he has a shop of sorts? And Jared has a chocolate/bakery? I think Steve has a music shop and Chad owns a new age shop, sorry details are a bit murky. Jensen doesn't realise that Jared, Steve, Chad etc are undercover cops (checked J2 Recs under Undercover cops but couldn't see this story).

08 April 2013 @ 03:12 pm
I'm looking for a fic where Jeff is stalking Jensen. Jeff has been stalking Jensen for a while, he always turns up when Jensen is out with friends and Jared. His friends are very protective of him. One night Jensen is attacked at home. Other facts: Jensen is with Jared, they live together ; everybody is in it including Aldis, Chris, and Chad ; in one scene, Aldis asks "who is the creepy old dude".


Found: The one worth suffering for by cillasstuff
26 March 2013 @ 09:29 pm
Hey y'all! Okay so today I am lookin for any long, good j2 fics that feature all our favorite characters. Any cw actor or just other actors that we know and love and tend to throw in when we write about our boys! I love Tom and mike, especially Tom/mike, Chris, Steve, sandy, chad, Sophia, danneel, Kristin kruek, Brock anybody seriously. If it does feature dani, sandy and Genevieve I would like it to be more of an au setting where they didnt date the boys, maybe best friends cause I do love them. On that note I also love fics where the ackles and padaleckis whole families are present and play big parts.

Focus on the j2 relationship definitely but with the added couples and friends thrown in. Also I'll take au and non au love em both! If you could do bottom Jensen only fics that would be great but if there is no sex that's fine and if it is bottom Jared just lemme know so I can skip those parts.

Thanks guys!
15 March 2013 @ 06:42 pm

I'm looking for four stories

1. Jensen and Jared are in high school and Jared stutters very badly. They go to different schools and end up being paired up as partners on an online project. They become very close and when Jensen starts acting to meet Jared. Jared freaks and stops talking to him online. At some point Jensen just goes to Jared's school and they meet. ~ FOUND

2. The two are getting ready to go to college and Jensen changes his relationship status on FB from in a relationship to single. I think Jared and Jensen break up in a coffee shop because I remember Jared throwing ice coffee at Jensen. Then when Jared gets to school he finds out Jensen is his roommate. The whole roommate confusion was a setup by Jensen and Chad to get Jared to start talking to Jensen again. ~ FOUND

3. Dean is in love with Sam while Sam is at Stanford. The whole story was a series of letters and postcards. Dean considers killing himself because he thinks he's so messed up in the head for being in love with his brother. The only thing I remember for sure was a picture of a letter with blood dripped on it saying ... "You can say this to your brother?!" ~ FOUND

4. Sam stops talking at the age of 5. He can talk but decides not too, he and Dean and very close. John ends up trying to send Sam to a boarding school to give the boys some distance and Dean freaks out. He and Sam run away together and end up lovers. In the squeal Dean becomes blind on a hunt and John, he and Sam all make up. This story was from a long time ago so I don't remember much. >.< ~ FOUND

Thanks so much!
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I'm looking for two specific J2(Jared/Jensen) alternative universe stories.

1. Jared is a prince. In this world every royal has to have a werewolf/shape-shifter guardian. The wolves can't shift into human form before reaching 20~something; and come in Alpha, Beta and Omega (flavour ;D ). Jeff(Jared's brother) has one - an Alpha.
When Jared was young and about to meet his omega wolf he was complaining to his mother that he didn't want a omega wolf but an alpha like Jeff. Another person broth Jensen in - white omega wolf - and they become best friends. I think Jared was a little older than Jensen.
Later in the story when Jensen can transform, I remember that the two of them were practising with swords. Jensen got hurt at one point. At the end of the story Jensen mentions to Jared that as an omega he can cary children.

2. long story. read it a few years ago.
backstory: Gerald, Allen and Donna were friends or something. Both Gerald and Allen wanted Donna; she chose Allen. They moved to a ranch.
Gerald owned an oil company or something like that; and because of envy wanted to destroy Donna and Allen's lives.
story: fast forward - Mac (Jensen's sister) is in love with Chad but is pregnant with Jeff's baby (I think).
Jared uses that knowledge to blackmail Jensen to marry him in exchange for money since the Ackles ranch is close to ruin. Jared is antagonistic towards Jensen at first since he believes that the Ackles were the ones that brought his father to death but slowly comes around to the truth and to loving Jensen for real. Jeff is the main antagonist, trying to kill them.
There was a fight in a bar or restaurant with some guys picking a fight with Jared while he and the Ackles family were eating there; Jensen calls one of their attackers "Buba" or something. And I think there was a fire at the ranch, with both Jared and Jensen running in there to get the horses.

Thank you!

I read this fic a while ago and can't seem to find it on Google. The story line involves Chad knocking Sophia up and tricking Jensen into believing he won a ticket to some kind of vacation. When Jensen gets there he realizes it's a one-way ticket and he can't afford a ticket back home. He meets Alexander Skarsgard and Jared there and tries to loan money from Jared. Jared doesn't help him out until Jensen lies about being Alexander(who is Jared's old friend)'s boyfriend. Alexander and Jared have a complicated semi-platonic relationship with Genevieve, who is also a childhood friend. When Jensen gets home he finds out that Chad and Sophia sold his house so they can afford to raise their baby. That's pretty much all I remember about this fic.

Any help with this would be great, thanks!
06 February 2013 @ 08:16 pm
I only remember small details but here it goes: J2 went to the same school where you graduated at 15 and there was a really long ceremony where each person got their soulmate and I think Sophia was paired with Chad, but Jensen and Jared didn't really know one another but they were paired together. I remember Jared had 2 dads. Also couples were given a child when the baby was so many months old. I think there was going to be a sequel where the J's got their jobs or something, but I'm not sure.

I hope someone recognizes it! Thanks