05 July 2017 @ 10:18 pm
Hey community -I need your help again please. I'm looking for a specific fic where Jensen and Jared are mates and I think Jensen is pack alpha. Jared may have been rescued/found and is very insecure. The part I remember clearly is that Danneel shows up after having been away on a mating quest. She and Jensen used to hook up and she is convinced that Jensen is her mate. She says some pretty awful things about Jared which he overhears.
20 January 2017 @ 03:48 pm
I'm looking for a J2 version of Dexter, with Danneel as Deb and Jensen as Dexter. I don't think it has a very happy ending, IIRC. Does anyone remember this one?

I wasn't quite sure what to tag it, since Dexter kills and also works for the police, so I tried to cover my bases.
02 January 2017 @ 04:19 pm
I seem to have lost/forgotten where I read this fic. Jensen was in college and went to a party with Danneel, the college had some kinda taxi service that they called to get back and Jared was the driver. Jared misunderstood the relationship between them and laid into Jensen for her being drunk. I think there was a panic attack in there somewhere? Also Jared may have been famous? I'd love to read this again if anyone knows where I can find it.

I'm looking for a J2 fic where Jensen invites Jared over to spend New Years with him and his family. Danneel shows up unexpectedly. I believe Sandy and Jared had a bad break up. Its got a lot of insecure Jared and Danneel bashing. I have tried every variation of what I can remember from it and can't find it to save my life. Thank you for all the help!

It's been found: http://siouxsmn-3745.livejournal.com/9862.html
I'm looking for a specific fic set in a dystopian city in which all physical contact between people is banned. Jared lives there and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is his father (and a cop I think?) Danneel works as a sort of prostitute and Jensen is her friend. Jared and his friend meet her and Jared's friend goes off with her, but when cops show up Jensen and Jared run to Jensen's apartment. Books and music are also banned, but Jensen's apartment is full of them. They become friends and eventually get together.
24 December 2015 @ 03:29 pm
I'm looking for these 4 stories that I foolishly forgot to save.

#1 Danneel has a diner and believes soup cures everything. Omega!Jensen comes in during astorm with a broken down car. And ends up living with and working for Danneel. Background Jared/Gen. M-preg. FOUND:http://archiveofourown.org/works/986634

#2 Shy pornshop clerk Jared shows Pornstar!Jensen around town in New Orleance during Madi Grass. With Danneel as the shopowner.
FOUND: http://strippedpink.livejournal.com/891131.html

#3 King or price Jared had asked for Proud worrior prince Jensens hand but was turned down. Now he has defeated their country and Jensen is given to him as a prize. Jared tries to woo Jensen and let him beat himself on the trainingsfield again and again. Till Jensen starts to to believe his good intentions.

#4 After a disease kills almost the everyone Jensen, Jared and Gen go on a roadtrip to San Antonio to see if any of Jareds family survived.
Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Jared is raising his young daughter and is fighting for custody of her with Sandy's parents (Sandy's passed away). To save $, he moves into a house with Jensen (a healer/empath massage therapist), heavily tattooed/body-modded Chris Kane, voo-doo priestess Daneel, vampire Genevieve and nudist Misha, who want him to be the "normal" one who will interface with the world for them.

I adore this story and really want to read it again! I know I know the author but can't remember who it is, for the life of me. :(

Found in comments!
09 September 2015 @ 08:26 am
Read this years ago - long, plotty. Jared and Gen new to small town. Meet Jensen and Danneel at block party? Jensen is a photographer, gay, living kind of in the closet with Danneel (excellent relationship) to help raise their child (son?). Jared is a schoolteacher. He eventually realized his attraction to Jensen - acts on it when he and Jensen's friends go with him for his occasional foray to another town to a gay bar. They fall in love and I think Jared may be deciding to leave Gen but then Gen says she's pregnant. Also Danneel and Tom want to be married. Jensen decides he has to move away - goes to Los Angeles. He meets a man who is understanding about Jensen's love for Jared, they eventually marry. Takes a few years but there is a happy ending. I would love to read this again!

More detail: Jared discovers that Jensen is gay when he finds romantic/adult? photos of men in his rooms - he lives downstairs/separately in his house with Danneel. Turns out Jared's sister has disappeared on the streets, become a hooker taken advantage of by a photographer initially. Jared is horrified to think Jensen is that way too, Jensen eventually explains he's helping out these men by not being that way - and Jared finds out Jensen is gay. Much later, after Jensen has moved and gotten married, Jared asks Jensen to come take family pictures for the Padaleckis - something they haven't done since his sister disappeared. When Jared's brother (mother?) sees one of the photos Jensen took of Jared - just laughing, not knowing he's being photographed - they say "he really loves you."
15 July 2015 @ 09:20 pm
Ok so I read a fic a while back that had a Jensen/Dean flight attendant and a Jared/Sam pilot. I remember that Jared/Sam kept flirting with Jensen/Dean, who kept shooting him down I think because Jared/Sam had a reputation with flight attendants, Jensen/Dean didn't want to become some kind of cliche, ect. ect. They ended up together in the end. I'm 80% certain this was J2 but if it was wincest there was no hunting involved. I think there may have been a Danneel/Genevieve side pairing but it was not at all central to the fic. I also think it could have been on kink meme but I really have no clue. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or has any other flight attendant aus please help me out. Thanks!
17 May 2015 @ 03:59 pm
Hey everybody, I've always had such a good response when I post so I figured I'll do it again. You guys are so good at finding fics!

I'm looking for 3 specific j2 fics

1) This first one was a oneshot (AU I'm pretty sure). J2 was already in a relationship. It was from the pov of Jeff Padalecki (Jared's brother) and it was about him meeting Jensen at the stereotypical "meet the family dinner" and how he didn't like Jensen at first because he thought that Jensen was going to break Jared's heart just like all the others guys that Jared had dated. I'm pretty sure he and Jensen had a talk where Jensen assured Jeff that he was never going to do that to Jared. It ended with a barbecue/party where Jeff told/thought that Jensen would be a good brother-in-law

2) This second fic was an au and stared with Jared and Jensen as little kids (I think around 8 years old). They were on their way home when a bunch of older guys stopped them and raped Jensen in front of Jared. Jensen doesn't let Jared tell anyone. I'm not quite what happens later on in the story or at the end, but I do know that it deals with both of them growing up. The fic was NOT Misplaced Childhood by [livejournal.com profile] etoile_etiolee

3) This last fic I'm REALLY fuzzy on. I'm not even quite sure if it was AU/Non-au. All I know is that Jensen and Danneel were in a relationship but Jensen was still in love with Jared. Jared kept leaving Jensen voicemails where he called Jensen "Dallas". It ended with Jensen and Jared getting together. So sorry for lack of details on this one >:(

Thank you guys so much in advance! (and I hope I got all the right tags in)
24 March 2015 @ 08:57 am
Hi I'm posting for a friend so I hope someone can help her.

This is the information she gave me, so I hope someone recognises it.

J2 share a house and Jared is pining over Jensen, Jensen is clueless about the way that Jared feels. Jensen starts dating Danneel and Jared walks in on them having breakfast in the kitchen. Jensen and Danneel break up because they want different things.Jensen mentions to Jared that he didn't seem to like her.

So this is all there is to go on. *fingers crossed*

Found link in comments
Not sure there are many stories like this out there, but I figured here's the place to look. Hoping to find pretty much exactly what the subject says, stories involving J2/Daneel or J2/Chris threesomes where Jared is the sub/bottom and the other partners are controlling/directing the situation, either in a hurt/comfort way or in a top/dom fashion. Dub/non-con is okay but warn me? (Am okay with moresomes as well so long as Jared is the bottom/sub.)

The examples I have so far are Two Against One and Two for One (for J2/Daneel) and Hungry as an Archway (for a moresome involving J2/Chris). Would love to find more if they're out there!
04 January 2015 @ 01:30 pm
Hello guys!

I'm trying to recall the title of a specific J2 fic and failing spectacularly. In the story, Jared fall upon hard times financially and moves into a big house with roommates Jensen, Danneel, and Misha. Jensen and Danneel are a couple in the story initially but they don't last long. After a while of living in the house, Jared realizes that something is off with Jensen and he finds out that he has multiple personalities - one being very flamboyant that also makes sure everyone knows about his attraction to Jared. There's another personality who's a bit more reserved and shy that I think had feelings for Misha. Danneel breaks up with Jensen after finding out that Jensen's personality was in control and slept with Jared. And I think Jared felt really guilty about it because he felt as though he raped Jensen since he wasn't in the frame of mind to give consent.

If anyone could help me find this awesome story again, I'd appreciate it greatly! :)

*) Specific/Wincest :

I've this fic I've been going crazy looking for but I can't seem to find it.

The story is about Sam and his life at Stanford, I think he has a half-time job as a waiter. His life is kinda lonely (I don't think he met Jess in that fic)

He still has contact with Dean, they're used to texting each other. One day, Sam realises that he doesn't belong to Palo Alto, he belongs with Dean.

I remember that Sam stole a car, but it broke down and he went on walking on the road and it was raining and suddenly Dean was there and shmoopy kisses ensued and everything was perfect.

*) General/Wincest :

Also, do you know some fics where Jessica is not the lovely girl Sam fell in love with ? Like she's hiding smth or is playing with Sam ? I'd like Wincest but Gen is also fine =D

*) General, J2 :

Is there any non-AU fics where J2 are taking care of their children together ? Like they're divorced from their wife, and have custody for their child(ren) ? Please I don't like Gen! or Danni! bashing unless it's very well done ! ^^
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14 September 2014 @ 09:18 pm
I read this fic awhile ago and now I can't seem to find it again.

It was a Jensen/Jared AU, where the world ends (natural disasters and I think they have to stay out of the rain?).  It starts with Jensen being at work in the city when the world ends, and he eventually leaves the city and goes out on his own.  He then meets up with Jeff and Danneel (?), and they stick together and avoid the big cities (because they're unsafe).  Eventually they find a ranch/farm, where they meet Jared, Chad, Misha, Genevieve, etc. and they decided to stay with them for awhile.  Chad's against them staying and generally dislikes Jensen and his group for the whole fic (I think because he liked Jared first, before Jensen showed up and Jared and Jensen started talking).

I remember Jensen was unsure about starting anything with Jared because Jared was still kind of young (in college) and he didn't have a chance to explore his sexuality properly.  One night, Jared and Jensen share a moment on the couch when Jared cries to Jensen because he doesn't know what he's doing, even though everyone looks to him as their de facto leader because of his knowledge/ownership of the ranch.  Eventually, Jensen and Jared get together and are able to share a bed together in the attic, I think.  Jeff and Danneel also get together.  And at the end, Chad and some of the other people at the ranch decide to leave to try to reach a settlement/base toward the West or something.

If anyone could help me find this fic, I would greatly appreciate it!  I've been wanting to re-read it.  Thanks!
24 July 2014 @ 09:02 pm
Hello! Ok here we go....

Jensen is a stripper at a club that serves to both men and women. Danneel is also a stripper at the same club. Jared gets dragged there by his friends (possibly Gen was one of said friends?) and falls in love with Jensen. I remember Danneel danced to Fairy wears combat boots by Black Sabbath and then another time I believe Pony by Ginuine. I believe Jensen at one point danced to a Depeche Mode song. Any who Jared and Jensen get together and happy times ensue! I hope somebody can find this fic with what little information I gave!

Thank you!!
15 July 2014 @ 02:06 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a specific fic i read a long time ago, I don't remember the name or the author, but i do remember the basic plot: Jared and Jensen are friends/neighbors, and Jared also has a crush on Jensen. Jensen is short on cash and he's worried because he's in debt. Jared offers to pay off all of Jensen's debt (I think Jared's rich) and in return Jensen will have sex with Jared. Jensen is straight and not interested in this idea, but he really needs the money so he caves. It ends happily with Jensen falling in love with Jared.

Found: A Kiss To Build A Dream
09 May 2014 @ 08:24 pm
Hello, I'm looking for a story in which Jared, Jensen, and Daneel are friends from childhood, and each other's only family, and end up moving in together at the end, or at least telling Daneel that she'll always have a room in their house.
I think Jared was a drug addict, Jensen was a wealthy constructor (?) and Daneel was a model or an actress.  As you can tell the details I remember are very sketchy.  Found in comments.

My second request is for your favorite stories where one of the boys suffers form an alcohol or drug addiction.
Thanks in advance!
11 December 2013 @ 02:18 am
Hey so I read this J2 story a while ago. I can't find it so I'm leaving myself at your capable fingers =) In this story Jensen is part of a dream experiment and until he is like in late twenties I think he has a life in his mind and wakes up to find everything nothing but figment of his imagination. In the dream he is married to Jared. Also Jeffery Dean Morgan is Jensen's caregiver and after the experiment he helps him build a life. And guess who Jensen meets for real when he moves in to his new apartment? Jared =) many CW people are in this story. it was heartbreaking but sweet, so if you could help me find it I'll love you for ever and Santa will give you Jensen and Jared =) well I hope he does at least. p.s. Merry Christmas everyone.

***FOUND: ally-fics.livejournal.com/29175.html "Something Real" by alienat
thank you froggyfun365 and kaitlyn0612 for your help you guys rock xox
10 December 2013 @ 10:35 pm
Okay can I please have some help? There was this fic that I read a while back and it was J2 and it was about Jared and Jensen having a secret “casual” sexual relationship (That’s what Jensen called it; Jared was in love) but one day Jensen said that they had to call it off because he was getting married to Danneel, and Jared let him go. Two years later Jensen was back in town directing something and Jared found out when he was being interviewed on TV and Chad was his agent and Jared hadn't gotten over Jensen but wanted to see him and the story was based of the “Someone Like You” song by Adele, and can someone find me the link? Or give me a PDF version? The link that I have is broken and I don’t know if the author removed it, because I scoured Google for it and couldn't find it. I don’t know the title and I don’t know the author but can someone please help me?

Status: Found
06 November 2013 @ 04:55 pm
Okay I've only recently started bookmarking stories I like so I've been going back and finding the stories. Well except for one I can't find ANYWHERE! It was J2 and this is what I remember:

1.Jared was a professional baseball player.

2.Jensen was underage,like maybe 15?(give or take),and had gotten a job as ballboy?

3.They start an affair that lasts until Jensen is 18 and then they go public.


5.Danneel was there and started a relationship with Chris.

Please help find this? It's been driving me insane!!

Thank you!
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20 October 2013 @ 01:50 am
OK I am pretty sure I asked for this a year or so ago. And you guys found it. But I went through all of the tags I could think of and still can't find it. So here goes.

I think that Jared and Jensen were together but broke up and don't get along.

The boys are with Daneel and Genevieve. Daneel knows she's a cover but Genevieve thinks its real. Someone leaks photos or a tape (I can't remember) of J2 back when they were together. The boys publicists decide that in order to save their careers J2 will have to pretend to be together. That its the romance of the century. They struggle to pretend but in the end it works out.

I would appreciate any help you can give me.
19 October 2013 @ 02:27 pm
Ok so I am looking for a fic that has jared getting hurt I think and Sandy goes behind his back to try and get more money out of supernatural. Jared moves out of their LA house while she's away, Tom and Mike help jared and Jensen move, also daneel shows up at the ackles house while Jared is there. If anyone knows where I can find this please help me out!!
21 September 2013 @ 10:08 pm
I read this fic a long time ago and thought I had bookmarked it, but I guess not.

Jared grew up always loving wolves, so much so that he considered himself a nerd when it came to them. When he got to college he ended meeting a pack (though at the time he didn't know they were werewolves) and always staying over at their house instead of in his dorm room. Jensen is the alpha of the pack and is kind of feral. Something happens and the pack has to leave, and Jared is heartbroken but he tries to move on. (try being the operative word) The pack come back and it ends up being J2 in the end with Jensen turning Jared. The whole CW cast is involved and so is Chris Pine.

I would really appreciate the help!!!

16 September 2013 @ 01:58 pm

The story I am looking for is comprised of one-shots I believe that has Jensen breaking up with Jared so he can marry Danneel to have a "normal" life.

Jared is hurt and sadden and I think stops talking to Jensen on & off set except for when they are doing scenes. I think Jensen still invites Jared to be his best man, but Jared never shows up. The fic progresses with the aftermath of the wedding and how Jensen misses Jared.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

30 July 2013 @ 07:18 am
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a J2 fic where Jared and Jensen meet as kids at a summer camp and become a couple, then Jared gives Jensen his number but Jensen loses it so they don't meet again until college.

Jensen plays Lacrosse on a scholarship and is together with Danneel (or Sophia) but it's just so no one realizes he's gay cause he's afraid he'll lose his scholarship otherwise.

Jared recognizes him right away but Jensen doesn't.

Please help!
ETA: found in comments! thank you so much!
Hi guys, it's been a while, and again I NEED YOUR HELP! lOl this time is about a fic that i read a couple of years ago, for what i can remember, the story is set a few years after the end of the show, (I'm not sure) Jensen and Danneel were married and had a daughter, and they were really happy, until Danneel died and Jensen was devastated and didn't know what to do with his life anymore and his poor daughter was missing his mom and though his family tried to help him, he wanted some time to himself and his daughter,or something like that,??? on the other hand Jared, well, Jared followed his acting career, and can't remember if he was successful or not??? but at some point he had decided to run from this life, and goes to texas to try to take some time for himself??? bcuz i don't know but he considers himself as a failure??? so, he returns to the house of his parents and finds out Jensen's misfortune and decides to try to rebuild their friendship and help his friend, but in the course of the story he falls for Jensen and his daughter, who is impressed by his size and kindness, and he decides he doesn't want to return to his former life and didn't want to leave Jensen, but at some point his agent called giving excellent news about a role that could be the big break of his life but Jared is reluctant to return to LA, until Jensen finds out and forces him to consider this opportunity but Jared doesn't want to leave his family not when he just discovered these feelings.

What I want from you is to help me find this fic, Please.....*puppy eyes* and please do not tell me that the author closed his account! and don't want to share his stories with anyone, because at this point I'd settle even with a PDF! lOl and don't send me to this page [livejournal.com profile] j2_recs because I've been there and the result was really frustrating :( this is my email levana84@hotmail.com just in case someone has this story and want to share it with me! :)

Found it in comments= Finding Ourselves
Hello, guys! So, my request here is pretty straight forward. I'd like the longest, multi-chapter het you'd be so kind as to give me.

Pairing wise, I'm particularly fond of Sam/Jess, Sam/Jo, Dean/Jo, Jared/Gen or Jensen/Daneel. I'll also take het wincest like girl!Sam/Dean or Sam/girl!Dean. Menage a trois pairings like Sam/Jo/Dean, Sam/Jess/Dean, Jared/Genevieve/Jensen or Jared/Daneel/Jensen (if that exists) are A okay too. And finally, I'll also take Sam/OC and Dean/OC stories.

I don't mind WIPs, but I'd prefer completed. I'll also accept one-shots that are more than 10,000 words.

The longer the better! <3 Extra points if it's on AO3 cos then I get to immortalize the fics as mobi files on my Kindle. :P

26 March 2013 @ 09:29 pm
Hey y'all! Okay so today I am lookin for any long, good j2 fics that feature all our favorite characters. Any cw actor or just other actors that we know and love and tend to throw in when we write about our boys! I love Tom and mike, especially Tom/mike, Chris, Steve, sandy, chad, Sophia, danneel, Kristin kruek, Brock anybody seriously. If it does feature dani, sandy and Genevieve I would like it to be more of an au setting where they didnt date the boys, maybe best friends cause I do love them. On that note I also love fics where the ackles and padaleckis whole families are present and play big parts.

Focus on the j2 relationship definitely but with the added couples and friends thrown in. Also I'll take au and non au love em both! If you could do bottom Jensen only fics that would be great but if there is no sex that's fine and if it is bottom Jared just lemme know so I can skip those parts.

Thanks guys!
25 March 2013 @ 08:30 pm
Hi friends!
I have the following requests:)

SPECIFIC FIC WHERE DEAN WATCHES EXORCIST- I remember reading a very funny gen story where Sam and Dean are watching Exorcist and Dean is bored. He thinks it's ridiculous and funny and that he could deal with the girl in the film better . I probably read it in ff.net. Do you know the fic?

FOUND BY [livejournal.com profile] avryspnxmas. It's Butter Loaded Salty Goodness by Charli. Thanks a million!

SPECIFIC J2 FIC WHERE JENSEN FAKES HANGOVER TO TALK TO BARISTA/BARTENDER JARED I read a wonderfully schoompy fic where shy Jensen fakes hangover to meet Jared who's a bartender or barista. Daneel was Jen's best friend. Can you please help me find the story?
FOUND BY [livejournal.com profile] avryspnxmas again:) It's Love Struck by brokenhighways. Thank you!

ANY FIC SURROUNDING SAM AND DEAN AND THEIR LOVE FOR FOOD Please rec me any funny fic which concentrates on Dean and Sam's love for food and differences in their food preferences? NO SLASH PLEASE

THANKS TO [livejournal.com profile] innie_darling for her awesome rec :)

ANY FUNNY SCHOOMPY J2 ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP STORY Any funny story where Jared and Jen are already in a relationship? I'm really looking for funny sweet romantic J2 stories with minimal angst.

THANKS to [livejournal.com profile] sasha_dragon ,[livejournal.com profile] 4everkizuna and [livejournal.com profile] marlowe78 for amazing recs:)
15 March 2013 @ 01:17 pm
I am looking for some specific fics.

1. Defend us in battle (sam/dean)

(found) 2. This story is set after the cage where lucifer is in Sams head.  I remember Sam got something burned on his hand with the holy trinity and started doing things in three's.  Also, crowley kidnaps him and drops a book onto the floor while he tortued Sam and all Sam kept saying was for him to pick it up.

3.  A j2 story.  I do not know the title, but I know that one part I remember is that Jensen marries Danneel, or they move in together but she keeps getting on his nerves and he don't know why.  She tries everything to make him happy, but he's not and one night they are laying in bed and she tells him to give her a reason or anything to keep trying and he can't.  He may or may not know he is in love with Jared.

(found) 4. Another sam/dean, but I don't know the title.  Sam is in stanford when his roomate watches a porn with dean in it and sam starts to want dean.  When he and dean meet up again he finds out that dean was raped.  Sam finds out that dean can't feel any sexual stimulation when he and dean have sex, and he tries to help dean.  Eventually dean becomes to secluded and only will see sam, so sam leaves to force dean to get better.  When he comes back a year or more later dean is living with a woman who was also raped and sam tries to win him back.
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I remember reading this fic some time ago but I cannot find it again. It had Jared working at some sort of photo hut where he finds pictures of nekkid Jensen on a beach. Then Jensen walks into the store/hut and there's some awkwardness/blushing/stuttering/ect. I think there were mentions of Danneel as a photography student and Jensen admitting that the pictures were a setup to get Jared to notice him or something like that.

Anyone know this fic?   
06 March 2013 @ 06:59 pm
I'm looking for three fics and all help is welcome, sorry I don't remember much of each fic but here it goes!

1. This one was posted recently. Alpha!Dean and omega!Sam. John is very cold towards Sam because he's just not happy about having an omega for a child. Sam, when he was fed demon blood as a baby became an omega because the plan was for him to mate a demon and have to obey them. Sam dresses like a girl sometimes and Dean, to help him feel more comfortable sexually starts to show him porn. The porn Sam sees has an omega cumming untouched and he learns how to do the same with Dean's help. ~ FOUND

2. Jared was a porn star or had been involved with Jensen's company taking pornographic bondage pictures. They set him up for a shot about how much abuse an ass can take and he goes to Jensen and explains that he doesn't want to do the shot because he's never actually had sex and didn't want his first time to be on camera. The two end up doing it in Jensen's office. ~ FOUND

3. Jared and Jensen were married and Jared found out he was pregnant and left Jensen because Jensen didn't want children. He returns home and has a set of twin boys, one he names Dmitri and somehow Jensen finds out and becomes a part of their lives. It ends with the three of them living with Jensen in his home and Jared and Jensen have another baby. ~ FOUND

4. Jared is a pack alpha who mates with an omega from another pack to join the packs together. She gets pregnant and hides her den. It turns out it was an act so her pack could come in, take over and kill Jared. When it fails she kills all their pups except the runt which turns out to be Jensen. Jared raised him as a single father and later the two mate and have puppies. ~ FOUND

5. Jared is a pimp and everyone knows him as 'moose.' Matt, Danneel and Jensen are his hookers, they are all omegas. He ends up taking Jensen home one night because Jensen offers himself up in order to protect his friends. They end up mating and lots of angst happens after that. I think someone heavily abuses Jensen, I think Jim might be the one who hurts him, beats him really bad. It was a WIP the last time I saw it. ~ FOUND

6. Jared was hurt as a child, he has a limp and has to wear a leg brace. His father arranges a marriage with Jensen's father. The two talk online and through chats for a few years but never meet face to face. When they meet and get married Jared finds out Jensen is a playboy. He doesn't want to settle down and Jensen thinks that Jared will consider himself lucky that Jared wants to even be with him, even though he has the issue with his leg. They go on a honeymoon but leave early, after a while Jensen sees the light and the fact that he loves Jared. He also gets a letter from one of his one nightstands explaining that he's a father and she wants nothing to do with the baby. ~ FOUND

Thank you so much for any help!
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25 February 2013 @ 04:59 pm

I might get a few details wrong but just bear with me. I remember Jensen and Daneel were about to get married and at Jensen's bachelor party, him and Misha start making out. Things are kinda tense between Misha and Jensen but they eventually get together. I remember this one part where Jensen and Daneel go to Jensen's parents house and Jensen tells his parents about him and Misha. At one point it somehow gets out that Jensen and Misha were seeing eachother and Jensen writes a letter to the public about how him and Misha are dating. Please and thank you!

24 February 2013 @ 03:24 pm
Hi everyone,

Do you happen to know of any fics where one of the J's leaves his wife (or girlfriend, I suppose, depending on when the story was written) to be with the other J, and his wife, though heartbroken, tries to be as understanding and amiable about it as possible?

In the spirit of this post, please no Danneel or Genevieve bashing. I'm an adult.

Top!Jensen preferred. Thanks!
27 January 2013 @ 06:54 am
Can someone rec me some fics where Jared and Jensen are JUST best friends? Preferably where they are with Gen and Danneel as well.
26 December 2012 @ 03:34 pm
I'm new to LJ, looking for a fic I heard about with Jensen and Jared as a couple, living in Vancouver, married with the wives as "beards." It's focuses on the gala event in September of 2011. I heard it's very schmoopy and romantic, and I'd love to read it!

Thanks to anyone who knows where to find it :D
22 October 2012 @ 04:01 pm
Hi Y'all,
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I think Jared was an actor or PA and Jensen was either his co-star or director. Jensen has powers magical or other wise but keeps it secret. Danneel is his cousin i think. Jared finds out about the power and ends up having a problem of sorts with it. Danneel get mad at Jared and tells him that Jensen is on "trial" for Jared finding out and now has to fight to keep them although there is really is no trial.

Hope someone recognizes it.

ETA: FOUND in comments.
21 October 2012 @ 12:30 am
I've been trying in vain to remember a fic I read a long time ago. At the beginning, Jared drives into town during a rainstorm and his car breaks down, and Jensen tells him to come into the bar he owns to wait out the storm. I think Jared moved to town because he had a job as a doctor or a vet or something medical, but it turns out they knew each other from way back when and they ended up having sex on a pool table, and later in the story Danneel (who also works at the bar) makes reference about it to Jared. Dudes, this is where I start to get confused because I'm not sure if I'm remembering two different stories, but I think they knew each other as teenagers (I definitely remember a reference to Jared being 14 when Jensen was 18) but that they drifted apart because Jensen thought he was bad for Jared. At some point, there's a flashback to one of their birthdays when they were hanging out on a rooftop for one of their birthdays.
Anyone recognise these? Virtual cupcakes to anyone who does because seriously, it's driving me crackers!
(Mods, I'm not sure if I've over-tagged or under-tagged, bu these seemed to be the only ones that fitted!)
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14 October 2012 @ 07:42 pm
1. Jensen was new the hospital staff and I believe he even walks in with a coffee stain on his shirt and they all think he's a mental patient. Misha is in his office with Danneel playing a video game and somewhere down the line, Chad or Jensen bets wearing women's panties?

2. Rec me all your firefighters/nurses/doctors J2 fics!
13 October 2012 @ 09:51 pm
Okay, so first of all, this is a request for a friend of mine. She's not really in the fandom and doesn't know where to look, so I said I'd check here for her.

Does anyone know of any Supernatural/Buffy crossover fics that involve Angel as a major part of the story? Preferably Gen, if possible, although I'm not sure they exist, lol.

And, second, I'm looking for a specific fic. I had it open in my browser, ready to read, then I had a systems crash and now I can't find it.

It's a J2 AU, and in the fic, both of the boys were divorced from Gen and Danneel, but I think Jared was still friends with Gen and Jensen was very much estranged from Danneel. One of the boys had custody of their child, as far as I can remember, but I don't know which one or if the child was a boy or a girl. It definitely wasn't Mpreg, though.

I'm PRETTY sure it was a Big Bang fic, but I know there were a lot of timestamps, some of which dealt with the collapse of their marriages and were prequels to the main fic.

Any help would be really, really great.
11 October 2012 @ 03:03 pm
Hey, so I'm looking for a specific j2 fic I read a while back based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In it Jensen was Buffy and Jared was Angel, and I think Misha and Daneel and Chris were their friends, with Sandy being another vampire and an old flame of Jared that shows up for a little bit of the story. It kind of follows the episodes storyline of the first season. In one particular bit I remember all the characters became the costumes they were wearing for halloween and Jensen was dressed as a hooker. Oh, and Misha had a huge crush on Jensen. Okay, so been searching for this for an agee, so any help would be super appreciated! Thanks guys :)

Found in comments :)
05 October 2012 @ 05:53 pm

I am looking for two specific J2 fics that I read probably a year to two years:

1.) Jared and Jensen in high school and in love. Jared has the opportunity to go to college and internship at somewhere really good, but is thinking about staying behind to be with Jensen. Jensen doesn't want that to happen so he cheats on Jared with Justin (possibly in a shed) knowing that he will get caught and Jared will leave. Several years later, Jared receives a call from Sandy (a good friend from his teenage years) who he hasn't spoken to in awhile and invites he back home, possibly she is getting married.

I know it ends up being a ploy so she can see him again, because she is dying and doesn't want to let him know. 

I know that Danneel and Tom are also in the story. I think Jared ends up running into Justin at one point at a party, but Justin doesn't know that Jensen used him to cheat on Jared..I think!

2.) Similar to the story above Jared and Jensen were together. So were Tom and Michael and Steve and Chris. Something happens that Michael, Jensen, and Chris all break up with Jared, Steve and Tom because of something. Years later, Jared and his friend Chad are US Marshals and are called to investigate a crime back in Jared's old town and ends up dealing with Jensen and his friends former boyfriends.

Hope the information above can jog someone's memory! Thanks so much in advance!
16 September 2012 @ 01:06 pm
I remember reading this story a while ago and I really loved it but my old computer crashed and I lost everything I saved.

The story is about Jared and Jensen in high school. Jared is deaf and wears a hearing aid to help him but he still can't really hear that well. They become friends somehow and start to get pretty close. Jensens voice is low enough that Jared hears him much better than he can hear other people. There is one point where that have a fight I think and Jensen shows up at Jared house, he goes into Jared bedroom while he's taking a nap and starts talking to him. Jared hears him talking and realizes he doesn't have his hearing aid in but can still hear Jensens voice.

I'm pretty sure that this next part is part of the same story but it might be from something else: Danneel finds out Jensen is friends with Jared (the deaf kid) and wants to be friends with him too. I remember Jared is a painter and he is painting this picture of and eye but it's really creepy and good. While he's in the art room painting, him and Danneel are writing notes back and forth. I'm pretty sure the painting has something to do with Jared being abused at home by his dad.

So.. it's all kinda jumbled in my head but I think if anyone knows the story, they'll get what I mean.

Please and Thanks guys.
15 September 2012 @ 03:15 am
Hi ^^
I have been trying to find this story for quit a long time. I tried my
Delicious account but I most have forgot to add it there. I hope you guys can help me out, It's a story that I really want to read again...

This is what I remember about it

- Jensen was dating Danneel.
- Jared was thinking maybe he had a stalker, he thought he was just being paranoid. So he didn't told anything to anyone
- Jared got really drunk in a bar and Jensen as to leave Danneel to go get him
- Danneel complains a lot because Jensen gives more attention to Jared
- Jensen was having a romantic diner with Danneel in a restaurant when Jared called, Danneel told him for him not to pick up
- After the dinner Jared's neighbor calls Jensen saying something about Jared dogs
- Jensen and Danneel go there to find out that Jared had been kidnapped.
- Jensen notice that he as a new voice message, it turns out it is from Jared saying he thinks someone is in the house.
- Jensen feels guilty knowing if he had picked up the phone he would be there in time to save is friend.

That is about it. I can't seem to remeber what happaned after. I remember more then I thought to be honest.

well, I hope anyone knows what I'm talking about.

Found it (in comment)

Thanks ^^
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25 August 2012 @ 03:06 pm
I'm looking for:

1.Any fics where one of the Js (preferably Jared) takes care/is there for the other J while pregnant with another man's baby.

2. Threesomes (Jared/Jensen/Danneel) or foursomes (J2/Danneel/Genevieve) also bonus points for one of the girls felching from the other!
20 August 2012 @ 07:31 pm
Looking for an AU, 2-part J2 story in which they were best friends growing up, and then moved in together during college. Jensen dated Danneel and Jared was out, and accidentally kissed Jensen as they play-wrestled at a party. And of course Jensen has a big gay epiphany. There was much angst with a sweet happy ending. Any ideas?? Driving me nuts today thinking about it!

Edit: FOUND!

I have two general requests for either Wincest or J2

1) Riding or Bottoming from the top. I don't care who tops, and it can be either Wincest or J2. I just want smutty riding fics with the boys looking at each other. Bonus if the one riding is super slutty about it. Dirty talk is also very welcome.

2) Long, plotty (but also possibly porny) J2 fics. Preferably non-AU, but I'll read some AU if they're good- but no SPN-style AUs with monsters and magic and stuff. The biggest thing with this request is that if Genevieve/Danneel are involved, it be in a friendly, helpful, supportive manner. (I prefer Genevieve, but Sandy's fine too.) It feels like in every J2 I read, the only conflict comes from they guys' relationship with the girls. (I'll also take fics where the girls just aren't involved at all.) Basically- Long J2 with no conflict from Gen/Sandy/Danneel. 

15 June 2012 @ 03:45 am
Not sure if this is out there, but it would make my heart so happy if it is. :) Stumbled across a description about "Morning in the Ackles-Padalecki-Harris-Cortese household", and I'm such a J2 fan, my mind instantly figured it was this:

Jared and Jensen are together, Danneel and Gen are together, but Jensen has married Danneel and Jared married Gen, so it's all 'legit' and 'up-and-up', and they just live in one big ol' household.

It wound up being poly, which I'll take also, but are there any of the above scenarios? Perfect 'cover' for both couples.

Kay, thanks, bye.