17 December 2012 @ 10:27 am
Are there any fics out there where John has to awkwardly give the sex talk to Dean and/or Sam? Or walks in on/overhears Dean giving the sex talk to Sam? The lulzier the better, and no bastard!John. Gen please, though hints of wincest are fine too.

Also, are there any fics where Colin Ford, Brock Kelly, any of the other guests who played wee!Sam-and-Dean, or Jake Abel play a part in getting Jared and Jensen together? Or assume they already are together because of all the UST and pining and make some comment that pulls J2's heads' out of their asses? For this I don't mind an AU with J2 not as actors and Brock/Colin/Jake/etc. involved in the shenanigans otherwise.
(note: I'm odd and like to know the J's positions beforehand please, as I prefer bottom!Jared, but will usually read either)
05 April 2012 @ 08:04 pm
Hey All,
I am looking for any fics in which Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen has an eating disorder, Dean/Jensen is prefered but I am not too fussed either way. Also if there is some Adam one out there I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it :)
It can have a pairing or not, but if it does I would rather it be Wincest or J2
Thanks in adavance :)
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17 October 2010 @ 10:37 am
Howdy! Two things I been pondering...

1. Is there any Jake Abel RPS out there?? Would love any and all, and I do mean ANY and ALL! I don't care about pairings or kinks (i kinda like het, *ducks*)or like anything, it can be Gen or crack or porn (i am partial to the porn but I am just on a Jake kick)...

2. What is with Chad? I mean, ever story paints him as this HUGE COLLOSSAL dick, which, okay, I get it, dude's a dick. Are there any stories where he's like.. delved into a little more? Doesn't have to be the main focus of the story but like, maybe the dickness is like a defense or IDEK, just... I would like some Chad being Not such a dick? (Does it exist?) and barring that, any good stories where Chad gets his comeuppance? *imagines Jared taking it out of his ass or Jensen spanking him like a little brat* Anyone? Anything?? I am not picky!

Much thanks ahead of time!!!
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