18 November 2013 @ 11:54 am
Hi, guys! I've got some requests, please give me some recs (or email me at Alexandria.Amorette@gmail.com if you have a story or stories downloaded that fit and are no longer online, but not banned from being shared by the author) that match or at least come close to the list. Length doesn't matter, rating doesn't matter, I prefer complete fics but will take WIPs if they aren't abandoned, and I'll accept Gen, Wincest, Destiel, Sabriel, Wincestiel, Dean/Sam/Gabriel (I don't know what to call that pairing), and Dean/Sam/Castiel/Gabriel (I don't know the name of that pairing either). I'll also take Wincest stories with either Castiel/Gabriel or Castiel/Meg as a side pairing. I prefer first time stories, especially for Wincest and any pairing that include Dean and Sam. Okay, so here's the list:
001) I despise John, absolutely hate him. I'd like stories in which he is in some way abusive to Sam (not Dean, or at least any abuse of Dean should be minor and not the focus of the fic) - verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, etc. I'd like Dean (and Bobby, too, if possible) to find out and rescue Sam. John should either die or get his ass kicked and have his boys leave him permanently.
002) I've read a few stories where Sam didn't stop looking for Dean, someone - Amelia, usually - stopped him and he was too ashamed to tell his brother and also didn't want to burden him with that after Dean just escaped Purgatory. So, I'd like to read fics in which Sam did try to find his brother but was stopped by someone - it doesn't matter who - and after being a total bastard to Sam for a long time Dean somehow discovers the truth and there is Hurt/Comfort.
003) Team Free Will (Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Gabriel) somehow manage to stop the Apocalypse without any of them dying, or have some other adventure. I would love it if they decided to stick together permanently.
004) Time travel fics in which both boys go back, or the one who does tells his brother everything, and the two of them do everything they can to get it right the second time around. John being a hindrance and an asshole would be awesome. Maybe he could even discover that they're from the future (or maybe they tell him, thinking he'd help) and freaks out big time in one way or another - or many ways.
005) I can't seem to find many first time Wincest fics based off the Season 8 Finale, and the ones I have found are pretty short. I'll take any of those that I can get, short or long - although longer would be better.
006) I am a huge fan of three major cliches - the brothers pretending to be a couple for some reason and ending up together for real, fuck or die fics in which both boys have secretly wanted and loved each other and so end up together as a result, and stories in which one or more people (Bobby, Castiel, Gabriel, Charlie, or anyone that is an actual canon character) play matchmaker for Dean and Sam.
007) I've looked all over the net, but I haven't found many really good stories with Creature!Boys and/or Powers!Boys in which they aren't evil. If you know of any good ones where both of them are creatures or have powers, please rec them.
008) I have read Fade To Black and Fortress, but I haven't been able to find any other fics in which one of the boys has become a Demon but still loves the other and I'm hoping ya'll will know of some others. Any recs for these should be Wincest, please.
009) I don't know why, but I love fics where Sam gets seriously hurt or even raped and Dean (or Gabriel, or both of them and Castiel as well) take care of him and help him recover.
010) I have a serious thing for bonding, obsession (loving, not creepy), worship (same), jealousy, possessiveness, protectiveness, chick flick moments, dirty talk, endearments (especially Dean calling Sam 'baby' or 'baby' boy), daddy kink (Dean did pretty much raise Sam by himself, after all), marriage or something similar, the brothers raising a kid or kids together, and/or underage (the younger the better, but older is cool as well). If possible, please include some of these elements in your recs.
Please don't rec me any stories with the following: watersports, scat, crossdressing, genderbending, permanent major character death, permanent major character injury, permanent major character severe mental illness, or infidelity.
Thank you! I know this is a rather large request list, but I'm not having much luck on my own. Please help!
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