Looking for bones crossover (found!)

I read a good bones/supernatural crossover two or three years ago that I can't find again and I don't see in my bookmarks. I thought it was rightous man in the grave but reading that it's not the right one. Could have been there were two with the same title but I don't know and need some help.

What I remember is some guys doing work in the forest (cutting trees?) found Dean's grave. Bones and her team take it to the Jefferson and Bones remarks how the skeleton belonged to the poorest of the poor because of his teeth and bones. Sam is with Ruby I think and they head out to get Dean's body back. Dean is brought back by Cas and the lab is destroyed. Bones and crew are confused about naked Dean in the lab and Booth questions him. Cas tries to talk to Dean and breaks stuff with the noise. Fuzzy on the next bit but Ruby might have seen Cas and told him to look human? Dean gets out somehow and reunites with Sam.

If this sounds familiar please help me out I am going crazy looking for it. Thanks for the help.

Mods I hope I got the tags right forgive me if I didn't.

Crossover Casefics and Post-Season 11

As the subject says, I'm looking for Casefics. Multi-chapter preferred but they don't have to be epic. Post season fics can concentrate on either aspect of the cliffhanger. Also, gen preferred, only canon pairings.

I know I'm not giving many details, but...

The crossovers?

Houdini and Doyle (it can be done somehow)
Super girl
NCIS (original or NOLA)
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
White Color
Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis)
Dark Angel
Harry Potter

Or anything else you think is *really* good

Fusion with Bones and J2 fics

Hi! I'm looking for a fic that has Jensen as Bones and Jared as Booth. What I remember it was a long fic and I believe at the end they get married?

I've read Gun shy and would like to read more if anyone has any.

LF Bones xover fic

I'm looking for a Bones xover fic where Bones makes a comment to Dean about wanting to have his baby because of his good looks/genetics. I think it was set in season 4 or post season 4 SPN. I think Dean was also upset about the request.  Been trying to find it for a couple of days and have not had any luck. I've looked at all the SPN/Bones crossovers mentioned here and have been all over Google. Any help would be appreciated. 

two crossovers and a crack fic

Okay, so these have been bugging me for a while now.

First, I read a Supernatural/Sentinel fic that was set somewhere in Season 4. May or may not have been set after Dean regained his memories of hell. Anyway, Dean awakens as a Sentinel, with Sam as his Guide. It's mostly from Jim's POV, I think, might be some time after the end of Sentinel. Sam got Blair's help by sending a picture to his phone? Something. Anyway, Jim was looking for them and before he found them he saw Sam and Dean's spirit animals. Dean's was a griphon, while Sam's was a dragon. I remember Dean said something about it later, and Sam wanted to know the color of his dragon spirit animal, to look it up or whatever. There was also a second fic, seperate I think, where Jim dreams of the blue jungle, but he goes to the edge and sees a desolate landscape. Dean's griffin is there, chained down and being attacked by something, and Jim helps break one of the chains so the griffin can fight back.

Lot of detail, I know, but without a title or author, I've been SOL.

Second, I don't have as much for. I think it was a crossover with either Criminal Minds or Bones, but I'm not sure. The only thing I really remember is this scene where Sam is in a jail cell, and they're trying to get him to flip on Dean. Sam showed them the scar where Jake stabbed him and tells them that if it weren't for Dean, he'd be dead. Somebody (Reid? I don't know.) said that from the looks of the scar, he should have been either dead or paralyzed.

Third is much more light-hearted. It was taking lines from the episodes and expanding them to be as cracky and wincesty as possible. There was something like a season per chapter and it pulled no stops on the perverted train. I remember in the "improved" lines from Devil's Trap, Dean said something about how he knew that wasn't their father because he hadn't put his hand down Dean's pants. The demon pretty much got disgusted, saying how he thought that was just a weird fantasy, and left.

Edit: Yay! All found!

Looking for a Supernatural/Bones crossover from years ago.

Okay, so this might not even be posted anymore for all I know. I read this fic maybe five years ago now? I'm only remembering it now because I'm going through a Bones rewatch and I remembered that I'd liked the fic. I don't have many memories of it, but here are the hazy memories I do remember:

- Cas wasn't part of Supernatural yet.
- The two groups came together because of some kind of case.
- I think the deaths involved college students and some kind of sacrifices.
- The fic was on the longer side.

I wish I could remember more, but like I said, I read this fic years ago. Any help finding it again would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

ETA - Possibly found. Link in comments.

specific Bones/SPN crossover

I'm looking for a specific Bones/SPN crossover - unfortunately, all I remember about it is that there was some sort of chase through either sewers or a construction site (I think), and that part of it was in the bad guy's POV.  Sorry I can't give you any more to go on, but I really appreciate any help you could offer!

general crossovers search

I have come to be a bit addicted to Supernatural crossovers and have been craving some completely awesome fics where the boys and the supernatural trip into other shows, especially the (semi)procedural cops-like shows. I've been able to find crossovers with NCIS, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Medium, Leverage, Dark Angel, Psych, Bones, ect, but I'm having terrible luck finding crossovers with these awesome shows!
-The Mentalist
-Hawaii 5-0
-NCIS: Los Angeles
-Rizzoli & Isles
I would be super grateful if anyone could find SPN crossovers with any these shows. Gen or Wincest is preferred (or very minor-barely there het), long or short is awesome, and self-recs are welcome.

Self harming Dean

Hey, second time here first time went great! Anyways, I'm looking for a pretty broad spectem of things:
1. Dean has an eating disorder, any eating disorder
2. Dean self-harms, cutting. Burning himself...stuff like that.
3. Anything PWPish with Dean as a bottom
4. Suicide, whether Dean goes through with it, attempts it and is injured or stopped or decides not to.
5. Dean is taking drugs.
6. Crossovers with the eleventh doctor and any season of bones
7 highschool and college fics
8. fics where Dean is deaf, mute or blind
Basically anything with angsty Dean. I like happy happy though!
From any season.

bones retelling

Hi everyone!

Recently I've read a ficlet - J2 AU, Bones universe, Jensen as Dr Brennan, Jared as Seeley Booth - and liked it very much! Unfortunately I forgot the title as well as the author's nickname. :(

I just remember the beginning, it was something like that: "Sweets is such a pain in the ass", and then Sweets tried to convince Jared that his feelings to Jensen were totally normal.

Any ideas? :))

Thanks in advance.

SPN Bones crossover Angel vs. Brennan

Hey, I was just wondering if there are any stories out there where and angel (preferably Castiel or Gabriel) meet Temperance Brennan and have an "discussion" about wither or not God exists.
Winchesters is a plus
And it can just be a small section of the story
Does not have to be the whole thing.
Thanks ya'll

the evil that men do

Does anyone have a copy or a link to the Bones/Spn story The Evil That Men Do?  I have heard it's good but I can't find it. Please and thanks.

Law Enforcement Crossovers

I was wondering if anyone had any Delicious lists or  master lists  or know of any good archive sites?  I've gone through the tags on spn-xovers com  and the tags can be cumbersome to use plus I KNOW there are more stories out there.

thank you thank you thank you!!

Bones Supernatural story

I'm looking for a story I  read a while back.  It was an au of both Supernatural and Bones -- the Supernatural characters in the Bones world.  Dean was Booth -- FBI agent with a song.  Castiel was Bones -- socially awkward anthropologist.  The other characters from Supernatural were on the team.  It was a Dean/Cas fic, and they ended up together in the end.  I think the case they were working on was alien related?  They investigated a murder in a crop circle?

Looking for a deleted fic

Hi everyone, I just went to re-read one of my favorite fics, and discovered that the author has taken it down. I'm hoping that there's still a working link to it out there somewhere.

"The Evil That Men Do" by Lisaroquin http://amothea.slashcity.com/db/viewstory.php?sid=1020

Entry tags:

Bones AU

Looking for a J2 AU that I read a little while ago that had Jensen as the bones character and Jared as the Booth one. It was really good, and I liked it, and can't seem to find it again.

Please and thanks!
Entry tags:

Bones/SPN x-overs?

A friend just got me into Bones and I'm
dying to know if there's any crossover fic. Any

4 different searches..

First time searching and bundling together different types of what I’d like to find and then read..
1)    in „Heart” Sam had to kill a more or less human being, are there stories where Dean has to do it/where he chooses to do it so Sam wouldn’t have to (Different version of Heart or some completely different story). Or anything dealing with first time killing, because as some say – killing changes you.
2)    I’ve read many stories where Sam has headaches (vision related or not) and Dean helps or at least tries to help him. But there must be stories where they are in reversed situation, right?
3)    Just domestic fics – they can never be too many. Better if they are pre-series but they can be in the series time as well.
Please no wincest..

And on a side note – I’ve noticed that most crossover fics never get finished ( the only exceptions being one-shots). I have read 2 SPN/Bones crossovers both rather long, and at leas this [ asylums.insanejournal.com/lisaroquin_fic/tag/fic:+the+evil+that+men+do ] was finished. So I was wondering are the more SPN/Bones crossovers, which are completed [one shots or chaptered]. I would prefer if they would be gen, but I could go for tame wincest as well, as long the plot takes more prominent part in the story.
so -
4)   SPN/BONES crossover.

Thank you!!

Sam/Dean Story Search

I was wondering if any one remembered reading any Supernatural stories that had similar story lines to It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol in which Sam sees what Dean's life would have been like had Sam never been born.  They may or may not be Christmas-themed or wincest-related. 

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: All links to suggested stories under the comments.  I also found: One Word, which is very good.  It is a SPN/Angel/Bones crossover.

Long J2 fics please...

*waves* Hi everyone. I'm a bit of a lurker, and have never posted here before, but now I come asking for help. I'm having surgery on my knee in two days, so I'll be out of commission for awhile, and probably unable to sit comfortably enough to be on the computer for a few days. Thus, I'm looking for something to print and read while immobilized. I've been reading fic in the SPN fandom for about a year now, and have read close to 300 stories (the authors in this fandom are the most talented of any fandom I've ever been a part of. seriously). So hopefully there is still something out there for me to read. ;) I don't have anything really specific in mind, so anything matching these guidelines is welcomed:

- J2 only. Side pairings are okay. Being with someone else before getting together is okay.
- Long. By long I mean at least 25k. Extra cookies and hugs if it hits/goes past 100k.
- No Big Bang stories, as I've already read almost all of those.
- Good grammar/spelling.
- Preferably completed. If a wip, one that is long, please.
- There is a greater chance that I haven't read it if it was completed before January of last year, or if it wasn't/isn't posted at PadacklesRPS (I troll that community daily).

Alternately, the other day I had a sudden hankering for a Bones/SPN crossover. Any good Bones/SPN is welcomed. Bonus points if one of the boys hooks up with Brennen. ;)

Thank you so much!