Jericho Crossover

Recently started watching Jericho for the first time and remembered a SPN/Jericho crossover that I 'd read. It was mostly Sam and Gabriel in Jericho after the apocalypse with a couple of other refugees.They end up on one of the farms that is on the show, and Gabriel is tucked away inside his vessel because he is really weak. There was a scene with Dean at the end, but he wasn't really in it at all

It made a point about the fact that Richard Speight also played a character on Jericho, bringing in some Norse mythology and family stuff for Gabriel. Really elaborating on his background and how he became a trickster and chose his vessel. I have a feeling it was a Big Bang because it was kind of long and there was a Sam/Gabriel relationship throughout the whole thing.

And if there are any other Jericho crossovers I would love to see them!

Thank you in advance!

Jericho/SPN x-over

I know I saw a posting here or on Groped by an Angel that was a Jericho/SPN x-over. Hadn't seen Jericho, so I skipped it, but now that I've seen the show, I'd really like to read it or other Jericho x-overs.  Anyone know any good ones?

If you find some Dean/Cas stories, I will have no choice but to name my firstborn after you.  But I'm good with gen or other pairings also.