1) Dean is experiencing traumatic PTSD dreams after returning from Hell. He and Sam are sharing a bed.. I don’t think they have an established physical relationship, but Sam is there for comfort. Dean ends up wetting the bed and Sam purposely does the same to reduce Dean’s humiliation. I don’t know if this lead to anything sexual..

2) One of the boys is shaving the other’s face in a hotel bathroom. I believe it was Dean shaving Sam because he had hurt his hand. Beautifully written, very intimate atmosphere, and leads to first-time Wincest. I feel like this was written by a prominent Wincest writer. (Thought it was [livejournal.com profile] runedgirl, but I can’t find it.)
03 October 2017 @ 10:23 am
Hey everyone,

So today I'm interested in reading stories that go into detail about why exactly Jesus is never mentioned or featured in the show. I've always thought it was really weird that during what was almost a full blown apocalypse he was never even idly mentioned as a possible solution to fixing things. The fic can be any pairings, length, etc so long as this theme is mentioned somewhere in it.
Hi I am looking for a fanfic I read a while ago. As far as I remember it was posted on ao3.
The plot is that John is resurrected. The boys already live in the bunker and the detail I remember is, that Sam is kind of scared of John. Because of John's last words (that Dean has to kill Sam if he can't save him) Sam thinks that he might kill him...
This is all I remember about it.
I hope someone can help me to find it :)
13 September 2017 @ 08:36 pm
Hi guys,

Looked everywhere and can't find these; I THINK the first one was "I'm not Giving Up (I'm Just Giving In)," can't remember the second. In the first Sam has a brain tumor and Dean wants to heal him, but he's resigned. Sam finds a cabin they go to; at the end, he falls in the shower and loses his ability to speak.

In the second, Cas visits so Dean can leave the much sicker Sam to take a shower. Cas sits with him.

They MAY be by Beckalooby, but I can't remember, and also have searched her new journal and the old posts and have had no luck. Pleae help!
This was a few years ago but I'm desperate to find this story again. It involved Jared living in the country with Tom (he was a toddler I think) and a lot of women had died of a strange disease that was killing women only. Gen had caught the disease and there was a few flashbacks of Jared nursing her until she died. He was on his own and in touch with Jensen and then Jensen comes to visit him. Jensen stays and they fall for each other and live together with Tom.

It was the 'real' J2 and Supernatural existed but obs it was AU.

I hope someone recognises it from my ramblings!

Found in comments - thank you so much!
22 March 2017 @ 07:30 pm
There was a short fanfiction i ran across once, and it was about Sam being a dying incubus. He was a virgin who was coming of age for an incubus, and it was getting to the point where he would die without sex, but he was with Gabriel, who was human, having just told Sam he thought he was possibly asexual, though he ends up finding out he was wrong.
18 February 2017 @ 11:08 am
Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic and I read it a long time ago so I don't remember hardly anything.

It's probably short and it may have been wincest or gen but I remember Sam went to Stanford as he did but then dean never went to pick him up and I think the story starts with Sam graduating and he says he wants to see Dean.

I may have stopped reading it actually so sorry I don't know anything else... does anyone have any clue because I just remembered and I kind of want to read it and I can't find it
06 January 2017 @ 09:10 pm
I'm looking for an oldie but a goodie. Pertinent details:

  • It's a bit metaphysical in tone

  • Also, pretty short--probably under 1500 words

  • The three Winchester guys are the three billy goats Gruff, and there's a troll under the bridge. And a narrator.

  • The narrator's pretty important to the style of the piece: think "Fractured Fairytales" from Rocky & Bullwinkle

  • The narrator translates what each Winchester says? I think?

  • I'm not sure of the order, but Dean comes last and basically explodes the troll with his too-rich self-sacrificial angst

  • As I recall, the whole thing was very, very funny

Ring any bells? Anyone have a bookmark to share?

FOUND: Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [livejournal.com profile] eloise_bright
04 January 2017 @ 09:14 am
I just read this over the holidays and now can't find it. 99% certain it was on LJ. It was actually two separate stories, posted at the same time. In the first Mary discovers wincest

and gets off on the thoughts of her sons together. I can't remember if she seduces Dean in the first, and then he brings Sam in for a threesome in the second, or if she doesn't become physical with them until the second story, but by the end of the second story, all three of them are together in the bunker.

Virtual cookies to anyone who can help me find these!

(mods, do we not have a season 12 tag yet?)
Hello! I'm looking for a specific fanfiction that I just can't find anywhere! I think it's based around 9x13 The Purge, after Dean and Sam have their fight, but I can't say for sure. Sam leaves the bunker, and Dean is left heartbroken. Sam goes back to college, gets married, haves a kid I think, and he calls Dean once a month or so. That was until Dean smashed his phone. Cas isn't in this story, and in the end Dean does something terrible, and Sam doesn't find out until 4 months later or something? It could possibly be a one!shot, but I'm not sure. The whole story describes Dean's depression and is very well written. Thanks in advance!

(Found by the lovely person in the comments who knew the title of this amazing story.)
19 December 2016 @ 08:26 pm
It's been years since I've read this fic, probably back to at least '07 or '08. All I can remember was that the boys were on their own when they find out about the 9/11 attacks. I don't remember if John was showed up later or not. I'm almost positive it was between 5,000 and 10,000 words and I read it here on LJ.

Thanks for the help, everyone.
14 November 2016 @ 11:12 pm
Okay, so a while ago I remembered two Sam/Gabriel fics, and wanted to reread them and looked everywere for both with no luck!

1) One of them was a completely human au, and had Gabriel as a nurse or doctor. He met Sam when Sam was hit by car, lost all of his memories, and was basically a child again. With no known family and Sam unable to tell them anything Gabriel takes him home to take care of them.

2)The second one was a short fic, and included Sam as a dying incubus. He was still a virgin in the fic and was coming to the point where he need to have sex or die, but was with Gabriel who just told Sam he was asexual, but they end up having a little bit of fun anyway.

I'm almost 99.9% sure both these fics were on Archiveofourown, and any help would be extremely welcome!

Also,if you have any short Sam/Gabriel, feel free to drop some links to those as well!
11 October 2016 @ 09:40 pm
Hi there,

I'm looking for a story I've read  a few years ago. Unfortunatly I don't remember much from it except that I liked it very much and I want to read it again.

I think it was a one part story (maybe two part) with J2 working in a team together.
I think Jared was the newbie and Jensen was some kind of psychic? On a very high level? His powers prevent him from living a "real" life and in the team he needs someone to anchor him? Or something like that? I'm not sure with everything but I know that nobody expected Jared to care for Jensen.

Does something of this familiar?

Thanks in advance!
28 September 2016 @ 12:58 pm
I am looking for a specific a/b/o story featuring alpha!Jensen and omega!Jared. Since, from what I can recall, Jared (but not Jensen) is underage, I will put what I remember under the cut. I have tagged the story as dub-con only because of a/b/o dynamics.

Read more... )

Found by me. The story has been deleted. Title and author information in comment.
15 September 2016 @ 09:18 am
I cannot recall the title or author of this story. Here's what I remember (as I believe Sam was underage in the story, I will put it below the cut):

Underage non-con )

Thanks for the help!

Found by a helpful soul on Tumblr. Just For Me by [livejournal.com profile] goandgetthegun on Ao3.
13 September 2016 @ 12:54 pm
This is a fic where Sam, Dean, and Amelia go on a hunt. Amelia and Sam get separated from Dean in a tunnel and Sam gets hit on the head, probably has a concussion. I think Dean was freaking out but Amelia knew how to take care of Sam because she's a vet. Lots of

Pretty sure I read it on fanfiction.net

It wasn't that long, maybe a one shot?
11 September 2016 @ 07:59 pm
I stupidly didn't bookmark this fic when I first found it a couple months ago, and now can't figure out the right search terms to find it again. Details:

  • In the aftermath of "The Purge" (I think) Sam decides he needs some outside help figuring stuff out, and goes to a therapist. He goes only once, but keeps a journal and works things out on his own--and is just about ready to talk things through properly with Dean when the season finale happens.

  • I think part of it was from the therapist's POV.

  • Found it on Fanfiction.net

  • Single chapter--don't think it was longer than 5,000 words

Sound familiar to anyone?

ETA: With some advanced Google-fu, eventually found this on my own.

  • Unresolved - Dean's in deep trouble and Sam's ability to help is undermined by the tattered state of their relationship post-Gadreel. Sam takes desperate action: he talks to someone.

21 August 2016 @ 10:38 pm
for a story I read not too long ago but now I've forgotten the author. It may have been called "Strange Days" and had "There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised" as its summary. It was a J2 and had strikingly imaginative vision of an alien visitation. Jared was the alien. If you wonderful people could help me out, I'd be much obliged.

First time posting, so please let me know if I've done anything wrong.
This story is probably at least 5 years old and was on fanfiction.net. I believe it was around 10k in length, give or take. It was a gen casefic with Sam and Dean, probably set before season 4 (since there were no angels or demons).

All I remember is they were in a house with at least two spirits, one male and one female. The male spirit attacked Sam and slashed him in the back of his legs with an axe. The female spirit I think helped keep Sam alive with her energy, which was like a glowing ball, while Dean took care of the male spirit's body/whatever was tying him there somewhere outside of the house before returning to check on Sam.

Any help would be appreciated!

Found it for myself...And the Wicked by A-blackwinged-bird on Fanfiction.net
This was a fic I read years ago. It was very short but left a big impression on me. I remember one line was like, 'One day Sam will be in his backyard and he will realize what Dean sacrificed to give him his normal life.'

Another line might have been that Sam was in class one day and he was blindsided as he realized that Dean had taken the abuse from John in place of Sam. It mentions Sam running out of his classroom and throwing up outside. But those could be from two different fics.

I think the title might have been in Latin.
15 March 2016 @ 02:29 pm
I'm looking for this oneshot where Jensen is on set while Jared is recording the audio for a fight scene and Jensen gets all hot and bothered by the sounds he's making... he goes back to his trailer to jerk off and then I think Jared finds him there and they get together. There's also a link to an audio track from tumblr on it.
18 November 2015 @ 11:31 pm
Okay, so for some reason I've been really interested in seeing fics with Cas being emotionally beaten down and defeated, and then comforted by someone else. The cause of his sadness can be his failure to find God, feeling lost after becoming human, being rejected by/having relationship troubles with Dean, you name it. The person doing the comforting is preferably Dean, but Sam, Bobby, and Gabriel work too.

I don't care for AUs, although canon diversions are perfectly fine. Bonus points for anything with Castiel crying (not throughout the whole story like a crybaby, though) and especially for Destiel, either established or at the end. I'll read Sam/Cas too, and Gen is always good.

I rarely read any fics above 10,000 words, and I don't care for fics over 20,000 words, so please do not suggest those. Fics 5,000 words or less would be ideal.

Other than that, please post anything you have with some sad angels and some comfort, and a thousand thanks in advance! :D
07 November 2015 @ 06:26 pm
Hello all, I am working on a new project (or  a few) and nned your expert help. I am looking for 2 kinds of fics that anyone could rec to me.

1. Any short fics (100 - 1,000 words there abouts t start) featuring the characters Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowey, Bobby, Meg, Bell, Jody, Ellen, John, or any characters with long speakig parts in the show and are in the tone/gene/continuation of/missing scene of Supernatural.

2. Any J2 or Sam/Dean (or J3 even) soulmate fics that don't feature Mpreg, non-con/rape, slavery, sex with a dog (or other animal) and no death of the main pairing.

Any help in my quests would be wonderful anf I thank you.

P.s. I hoe my tags are okay....no soulmate/mate tag?
Usually, I'm pretty good at finding stories, but this one is eluding me. Here's what I remember...

I know I read this on fanfiction.net and I don't believe it was longer than 10k, if that. It was set in the early seasons (no angels). It was gen. Sam was kidnapped by vampires (Kate may have been one of them) and kept caged in a basement. Dean and a group of generic hunters come to the rescue. At one point during the fight, Dean opens the cage, but Sam won't step out of it. Dean says something comforting and understanding about Sam wanting to stay safe. What does drive Sam out is when a very young vamp is about to attack Dean. Sam very violently chops the vamp up. Sam later tells Dean he watched them turn the child in front of him.

Dean helps Sam upstairs and another hunter holds out a container that has the personal effects of the victims (some of which the other hunters were currently putting down since they'd been turned) and Dean grabs Sam's wallet/phone and his bracelet. I think Kate got away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fic found in comments!
16 September 2015 @ 09:39 am
I encountered this fic via Watchmen fandom many moons ago, so this is probably a bit of a long shot, but here's what I remember:

- It was a one-shot, and I don't think it was very long.
- Posted on LJ.
- It was a crossover where John Winchester and Eddie Blake were the same person, and somehow Dean and Laurie found out, met up, and were talking about him and the ways he'd messed them up.
- At one point they were in a gym.
- I think it was implied that Laurie was going to take up hunting at the end.

Unfortunately I'm a bit hazy on the details, because I didn't know SPN at the time, but I'd like to re-read it with the benefit of knowing both canons. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi! I'm looking for a a couple of specific fics. One is a pwp that I read a while back, in which Dean gets a little bit frustrated by Castiel's reticence during sex and decides to lead by example. Dean and Cas are already in an established relationship, if I recall correctly. Dean tries to explain why he would like it if Cas let himself be more noisy in bed, and Cas doesn't really get it. So Dean decides to dispense with explanations and simply be as noisy as possible, getting Cas to do the same in reaction to him. It's pretty sexy and sweet!

Number two is set in high school, but not an AU. Dean ends up in a Home Economics class somehow, I'm pretty sure he didn't sign up for it purposefully. He starts out bored and spends all class ignoring the teacher and checking out the cute girls, but gets frustrated with them when they bitch about what Dean considers a simple sewing project (he's used to altering Sam's clothes already). They're pretty much classic mean girls. So instead of hooking up with one of them, Dean makes friends with the one not-so-pretty girl in the class who actually knows what she's doing when it comes to cooking and sewing, just like Dean, and they do a project together and totally show up everyone else in the class. Dean even learns some new things and applies them to Sammy's benefit at home.

Any help would be appreciated!
31 August 2015 @ 01:47 am
Hi! I am looking for a specific death fic I read a few years ago.
I really thought the title was something like "the ghost of you" but I can't find anything.
Here's what a can still remember: Sam dies, Dean is devastated and doesn't want to go hunting anymore. But he changes his mind (I am not quite sure but I believe he 'talked' to Ghost Sam) and then tries to live his life as best as he can. He starts hunting again, but settles down some time. In the end Dean dies as an old man surrounded by his family and is finally reunited with Sam as his twenty-something-old self in the Impala.

If someone could help me find this story, I'd be really glad!
25 August 2015 @ 06:28 pm


Specific Destiel Fic

This was a smart Dean fic where Dean accidentally solves an unsolvable math problem. I know it is destiel. I think it was at AO3.


    General Smart Dean fics with some restriction.

    Also if there are any more like this one. I really would like some smart Dean. No wincest not hint or even implications of it. Gen, destiel, and OC are okay woth me but no wincest please. Please tell me if it's a one shot or a long story. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

      From the top of my head I've already read the Cazadore series by Enola Jones

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      Hey all!
      I'm looking for three specific fics and I have a general search. The 3 specific fics are as follows:

      1. This is a drabble/oneshot set after the epiode Skin in season 1 (1x06). It is a very short fic. It is basically about Sam wondering if he was wrong and what he thought was the shapeshifter was actually Dean, and who he thought was Dean was actually the shapeshifter. He tells Dean this and Dean says it doesn't matter, the shifter can download people's memories so he would act the same and he says it would be "a monster's second chance". They go to a bar and Sam keeps bringing up this topic, saying that it must be symbolism that Dean shot himself in the head and Dean tells him he once slept with a guy that looked like Sam and asks if there is any symbolism in that. They then go back to the motel and Sam tells Dean he'd know if it wasn't him and Dean says he wouldn't. The fic ends along these lines.

      2. The second fic is one where Sam is deaged and I can't really remember anything about it (why he was deaged, who did so, etc) except for the ending where Dean asks Sam if he liked him when Sam was a teenager. Sam is quiet for a while and Dean says "Forget it" but Sam then explains that even though Dean was his brother, he kind of acted like a mother to Sam so Sam kind of resented him for it. Sorry for the lack of details, but I really can't remember much more.

      3. The final fic was again, deaged Sam. Sam, Dean & John (I'm not entirely sure John was with them though) are on a hunt together and they get cursed by faeries who de-ages Sam. The curse works a certain way: Sam has to say no a certain amount of times for him to reach his normal age. He starts off as a child and Dean uses flashcards and makes up stories to make Sam repeat the word "No" over and over again. Sam does so and he starts growing older and older. Eventually he reaches the age he was when he was at Stanford and Dean has to explain about Jess to him. Finally Sam becomes his age again.

      Any help on any of these fics is much appreciated as I am so desperate to read them!

      Thank you heaps in advance!
      Hi, I can't find this fic and I'm really hoping someone can help me:

      It was a relatively short Robo!Sam/Dean noncon story where Sam assaulted Dean in the bathroom of a gas station and they had sex which ended up being pretty much like Sam's sex scene in 6.13 "Unforgiven".

      Would be great if someone knew what I'm talking about. Thanks!
      25 June 2015 @ 09:09 pm
      Hi guys!
      There are two fics I am looking for, and I apologize because my descriptions aren't perfect:

      1) the first one has been killing me for a while, it's a d/s fic and it has a dom Sam and a sub Dean, and the two of them go into this sex shop and the lady is eager to help them out and shows Sam a humbler, and Sam makes Dean put it on in front of the shop and he's really humiliated by the whole scene. Sam buys the humbler and some other things and when they leave the shop Sam asks Dean if he really wants the humbler or not. It was a one-shot (FOUND: push and pull, actually a j2 fic. Thanks flawedteacup!!

      2) the second one, and I apologize in advance for this vagueness: it's an a/b/o fic and the one line which i can remember is something like "jensen's dad told him that tears were an omega's best weapon against an alpha". I think it was a younger Jensen and I apologize that it's so vague! I can't remember if this was a one shot or a multi-chapter one but i think it was multi.
      haha again i mixed up the pairs: this one was wincest, called Biological Meltdown by sdwbf on AO3
      Jensen is pregnant and has a toddler. He goes into labor while doing laundry in the shared laundry of his apartment. Jared, his neighbor, finds him and helps deliver the baby. Its pretty short, i think a one shot. Hope someone can help thanks!

      Edit: mixed up the roles, Jared is the pregnant one. Link in comments
      02 May 2015 @ 12:37 pm
      Dean is in Palo Alto after checking up on Sam when the Impala breaks down a few blocks from his apartment. He meets some of his brother's friends who tell him there's a sort of party going on (I think it was to celebrate his and Jess' engagement) . When they arrive at the apartment, Sam hears them talking about a guy whose Impala broke down and he kinda freaks out but when they arrive there, Dean is gone.
      Non-wincest, has a couple of sequels. In the next one, Sam and Dean meet at a bar, have a pool game, and Sam convinces Dean to stay and have a rematch. The one after that one is an AU in which Sam makes Dean his best man at his wedding and the storry is as if John hadn't disappeared but had the brothers' adventures with Dean.

      ETA: Found by hybrid_cookie!! :D
      Hi! I'm looking for two specific fics.

      The first is omega!Jensen and alpha!Jared. It was in a universe where omegas go to an agency once they got old enough. The agency make them a profile with their personality and talents, but without a picture. Alphas get matched to an omega, without basing their opinion on looks. Jared is a TV actor, who wants to create a better public image for himself. He decides that getting settling down with an omega would make people respect him more. Jared tells he agency that he found an omega he liked, but he cheats--before, he had visited the agency and caught a glimpse of Jensen there. Jared thought Jensen was pretty, so he tells the agency that Jensen's personality matched his.

      Jared and Jensen got married, then they spent their wedding night in a hotel. Jared has sex with Jensen first thing. Jensen has angst, since he had never been kissed and all his alpha wanted to do was knot him. After, they go to live in Jared's mansion. Jared is sexist (is that the toward word?) toward omegas--he ignores Jensen's talents and only used him for sex. I remember there's one scene where Jared takes Jensen shopping to buy him some sexy clothes. There's another scene where Jensen makes a cherry pie (one of his talents) and Jared doesn't want to taste it, he just used it for sex. At some point, a reporter comes by the mansion to make a story about how Jared's life as a married man. The story was a work in progress, and I'm pretty sure it was on a kink meme. I can't remember which meme, though.

      The second fic had Jensen as a shy, awkward high school science teacher and Jared as one of his students. When Jensen came to the school, all the students got awkward because they secretly thought Jensen was so pretty. Jared stays after class and forces Jensen into having sex with him. Jensen wore glasses. This one was on a kink meme, too, but it was completed.

      Anyone recognize these? :)

      EDIT: Both have been found in the comments:
      Pretty is As Pretty Does - http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/45297.html?thread=11300081
      Out of Syllabus - http://archiveofourown.org/works/668777/chapters/1221856
      12 March 2015 @ 08:46 pm
      Looking for a specific Sam/Gabriel fic. The only thing I remember is that Sam and Gabriel were talking and somehow Gabriel reveals that he is in love with Sam. Gabriel then says morosely and self-deprecatingly, "I know, foolish me for falling for a human." It was something along the lines of Gabriel never deserving to be loved.

      Help anybody?
      21 February 2015 @ 04:08 pm
      After Stanford, Sam goes to work for Wolfram & Hart.  Dean gets caught/imprisoned by him, and Sam has to fuck him in some sort of ceremony to ensure Dean's survival.

      Thanks for your guys' help!

      11 February 2015 @ 02:25 pm
      Trying to find a fic in Sam's POV where Dean starts saying stuff that's really smart/educated and Sam's observing it and ends up getting really turned on by Dean's intelligence.

      Thanks for your help guys!

      FOUND!  See comments!
      08 February 2015 @ 08:44 pm
      This is a relatively short oneshot which begins with Sam waking up to "Asia" playing in the background. Dean begins to choke, and he reaches for Sam for help, but Sam just holds him in his arms until he dies, saying something like "Shhh, it's ok. It will all be over soon." Eventually, Sam figures that if he is stuck in a timeloop, then the only way of breaking out of it is by hanging himself. Sam gets Dean out of the way by asking him to find a restaurant. Just before Sam dies, Dean finds him and tells him that suicide is not the answer.
      24 January 2015 @ 05:17 pm
      I read a fic about two years ago I really liked but didn't bookmark and have now forgotten the name and author of, so hoping to get help finding it again. I believe it was of FF.net but I could be wrong. Here is what I remember (which isn't much)....

      It started when Dean and Sam are little and the story progresses to them being adults. I think it was Dean's point of view or Dean centric. The start has Dean handing down the gun John taught him to shoot with to Sam and teaching him and being proud when Sam does well, as they grow Dean protects Sam and gives in to the thing he wants which cumulate in wincest. There may have been a driving lesson in there too in which Dean rewards Sam with Kisses. It ends when Sam leaves for college I was sure. It wasn't a long story a few chapters and it was complete.

      Any help would be great, and I know I am asking for a long shot. Also any recs to similar stories would be cool too. Thanks so much for all the help.

      Hope I got the tag right, so sorry if I didn't.
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      Hi there, third time is hopefully the charm looking for this story.

      I read this a couple of years ago, I'm pretty sure on a meme of somekind, maybe Blindfold? It's a J2 AU where Jensen has won 'the Lottery' and is rich, living in a hotel. But he doesn't want anyone to know he's a lottery winner. He ends up meeting Jared and they fall in love

      The reason he keeps the lottery a secret is that he's signed up to die in exchange for a short amount of time fabulously wealthy and with no love in his life he thought why not. Then of course he meets Jared. Jared desperately rationalizes that they still have 3 or so months together before Jen dies. And it ends there.
      It's a beautifully written, quite short story and I can't for the life of me find it...

      ARGHHH anyone know this fic? Any and all help appreciated.
      This was definitely on Archive of our Own. Basically, Sam is suicidal, but can't flat out kill himself (duty to his family, maybe?), and instead, while going around checking the salt lines, etc., he prays to god, or a deity or an angel or someone to have a monster come and kill him. Dean overhears him praying, and they get all emotional and comforty and stuff.
      Thank you!
      Hey guys! So I was just wondering if any of you had read any fics that were crossovers with the TV series Psych. Timothy Omundson (who plays Cain on SPN and Carlton Laisster on Psych) is one of my favorite actors and I'd really love to read any avaliable fics that combine these two shows in such a way. If there aren't any fics that specifically focus on Cain, idk, possessing Carlton or something, then just Psych crossover fics in general would be fun. Kurt Fuller (who played Zachariah) also stared as a main character on Psych, so it would be funny to see if some people connected those two characters in their fic(s) as well.

      I don't care what pairings the fic might include, and short/long fics are just fine. WIP's are okay too!

      Thanks! :)
      26 October 2014 @ 01:09 pm
      Jensen and Jared were married (or in a long-term established relationship). Jared slips into a coma and is there for a long time.


      Found in comments

      NOTE: Story is not short in length. Clicked the wrong tab on accident. I've tried to remove it, but for some reason it stays.
      20 October 2014 @ 05:08 pm

      The fic I'm looking for was set at the end of season 6 or the beginning of season 7. I seem to remember there was mention of Cas as god, but it could have been before all that went down. I do know it was about Sam's wall crumbling, and he basically never came out of the coma. Dean carried on looking after him at Bobby's, basically giving up on everything. It starts with Dean being hopeful that Sam will come out of it, but as Sam deteriorates so does Dean. There were pretty in depth scenes of Dean washing Sam and treating bed sores etc. In the end Sam dies in one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever read. If memory serves, Dean shoots him because he knows Sam wouldn't want to be stuck like that but I'm a little hazy there. There may have been some sort of communication between the brothers, with Sam asking Dean to put him out of his misery. However it comes about, Dean just gives up. He basically goes to bed and wills himself to die, and Bobby can't do anything to stop it and has to watch as Dean dies of a broken heart.

      The last scene is Dean waking up in Heaven, in the Impala and Sam comes to get him, and Mary is on the porch waving at them or something similar. It is one of the saddest and most beautiful things I have ever read and although it ends with them both dead, it kind of has a happy ending too.

      I'm pretty sure this was a oneshot, and I'm pretty sure it was Gen and not Wincest, but I'm not positive about that. I'm scouring the big bang and the mini bangs in search of it as well as my story favs, bookmarks etc but so far, no luck.

      Any suggestions? Sound familiar? Chuck, I hope so!
      24 September 2014 @ 11:10 pm
      Can't for the life of me find this fic, but I'm hoping I can get some help here!

      I'm looking for a oneshot high school AU with the typecast Castiel as the trodden-on outcast, and Dean as the popular asshole jock who bullies him. It was in Cas's POV, and Dean often made extremely homophobic jokes at Castiel's expense. Gabriel was in it, too, to stick up for his little brother and commiserate with Cas about how Dean is definitely a doodyhead poopstain.

      Then Cas gets an invite to meet some place at school(I think the locker room?), either from Dean explicitly, or from—I am more sure, but not 100%, that it was this one—a secret admirer(who turns out to be Dean). Cas figures out that it's Dean in advance, though, and shows up to make a fool of him, thinking that Dean is just being a prick about Cas being gay, so Cas may as well return the favor.

      Then it turns out Dean never realized how terrible he was being, and all the bullying was the only way he knew how to get Cas's attention, and his feelings for Cas were sincere. So Cas breaks Deans fragile little heart, but, happy end for Destiel, Castiel somehow finds it in himself to forgive Dean, and they hook up(I think. Maybe they ended up as friends, but the fic definitely ended on a positive note.).

      If it helps, I remember that at the time that I read this on LJ, I seem to recall that the author's journal's theme was predominantly an eye-searing yellow(I think?) with pink highlights(I think?).
      27 August 2014 @ 11:44 pm
      I can't remember much about it because I read it so long ago. I think Sam and Dean got into some sort of fight about something and Dean freaked out and punched Sam. Sam got upset and went for a walk but accidentally gets hit by a car and dies alone on the side of the road. I think there was a second chapter that expanded on Dean's reaction, and Tessa was somehow involved at the end, but that's really all I remember about the story. Is this ringing any bells for anyone?
      16 August 2014 @ 12:31 am
      So I read this fic (and then promptly lost it) awhile back. It was a one-shot, with Sam saying yes and Lucifer taking him over, except it turned out Sam was much stronger than everyone gave him credit for, so he was able to retain control and push Lucifer away. I think it was gen, but I can't be sure.

      Anyone remember which one it is?
      09 August 2014 @ 03:01 am
      I'm looking for a specific hot like fire Dean/Jo fic. Here's what I can remember:

      • Pre-series

      • AU where they possibly (??) knew each other growing up

      • Sort of dub-conny

      • Jo POV (not 100% sure on this one)

      Dirty details! )

      This is my first time posting to the comm, so I hope everything's right!

      I found it completely on accident! It's "The One with Jo in a Skirt" by beckaandzac.