Hey guys it's that time of the month! I was hoping y'all knew where to find any of the following:

1) sam+benny - sam makes a deal with benny to save dean from purgatory. in exchange, he lets benny drink his blood. benny gets addicted and starts draining sam too much. dean eventually catches them. [FOUND]

2) suicidal!sam - it's a season 5 fic where sam is trying to kill himself in an attempt to keep lucifer from using him as a vessel. it never works but the damage he causes in his attempts starts to come back with him when he's resurrected.

3) wincest - any first time wincest/weecest that is super fluffy/sweet/romantic. as long as there's no angst, it's good.

Thanks for any help!

Call me a hopeless romantic but I am looking to find stories where J2 are werewolves where Jensen either fights for his right to mate with Jarod or to protect Jarod and he is injured and after the battle there is much love/admiration and comfort in the care and returning Jensen back to health. I am looking for schmoop people...where they are all heart eyes for one another and just know they were meant to be together and you can almost "feel" the love between the two of them.

And now that I am thinking about it....they don't have to be Were stories, just Jensen in the role of Knight in Shining Armor protecting and saving the love of his life with a healthy (or should that be unhealthy) amount of hurt Jensen and love and care from Jared.

Thank you so much in advance. (Please no WIP's - they break my heart....). Self Recs are always welcomed.

Thank you again.
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Hi - I am looking for a specific fic and I think it was by someone called the Meglosaurus or something similar.

It was Season 9 after Sam had been drained of blood by the vampires in 'Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann' and Dean takes him back to the bunker. While he is trying to get Sam ready for a blood transfusion he finds that Sam has been tattooing himself with protective sigils to stop from anyone else possessing him. It was an awesome story with a really telling last paragraph and some serious brother talking.

Can anyone help me please?

Found in comments - thank you so much

I'm looking for a specific fic I read in the last year on Ao3 or fanfiction.com I think. John winchester goes on a hunt, takes the car. I think the boys run low on money and decide to live in a shack. Sam is in elementary/junior high, wants to join soccer. A monster is around their shack and they decide to fight it (maybe a wendigo?). Dean gets injured badly and Bobby shows up at the last minute to help. I think it was about 10 chapters, gen, like a pre-series case fic. Thanks!!!
11 September 2014 @ 10:49 pm
I'm looking for a specific pre-series fic - in it the boys are hunting with John during a really bad storm. They are going up against a warlock or wizard who has his lackeys armed with guns. The Winchesters are able to escape, and in the car Sam tries to get John and Dean's attention, but they tell him to wait while they try to get away from the warlock's lakeys in a car chase. They get away by blowing up a bridge. It turns out Sam got shot in the abdomen, and since they have to hole up in a safehouse to ride out the storm they don't have access to a hospital. John does his best to treat the wound, but infection sets in. As the night progresses Sam's condition starts to deteriorate and John has to make a desperate call to the Warlock he was fighting earlier to save his son. The Warlock promises to help Sam if the older Winchesters leave him alone with the youngest Winchester. Dean of course refuses to leave. Some sort of dark ritual is performed to save Sam (involving Ruby?) and Dean witnesses it.

It was a really good fic, and for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. I think it was on LiveJournal. 
Season 9 spoilers in request:

I'm looking for a specific fic taking place in early season 9. Sam knows something strange is going on but he doesn't know about Ezekiel, he thinks that his demon blood is overtaking him (or Lucifer, I can't quite remember).

He does a ritual to test himself that involves taking a lot of his blood. The ritual is negative, he thinks he might have done something wrong so he takes more blood and does it again. He keeps doing it again and again until he passes out from blood loss.

I think at that point Ezekiel takes over and tries to get help from Dean.
Does anyone remember this fic?

03 September 2014 @ 01:21 pm
Hello!  I am lookiing for recs that have either Jensen or Dean in a car accident and talking to Jared/Sam over the phone or J/S makes it to the scene of the accident and is there for J/D to keep him alive/awake until help comes.  Perhaps this is the time they confess their love for one another.  Just looking for J/D to be stuck in the car and needing J/S to get through it.  Maybe both J's or D/S are in the accident together but J/D is trapped or worse off and J/S keeps him awake until help arrives. Maybe the J's fight and Jensen goes for a ride to cool down and then gets into an accident and Jared calls him to apologize and realizes that Jensen is hurt. All those years driving on the back roads, Dean must have been in an accident well before the one with the semi and caused by a demon. Any stories you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.  Gen, slash, Wincest is fine.  Thank you in advance.
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So I'm looking for some recs and one specific fic, please.

First, the recs.

Does anybody know of any stories where the boys are werewolves, but Castiel is still heavily featured? Maybe they've been wolves from the outset, but everything else happened the same way. Or maybe they both get turned, and turn the situation to their advantage, leaving Castiel with two boisterous Winchester!wolves to contend with.

Also, any stories where Cas is finding the boys a bit of a handful and confides in his brothers or Bobby over how hard it is to keep them safe and in line.

And now the specific fic. I think the angels were fighting a major battle, and Castiel took a hit for Uriel. Badly injured, he went on instinct to Dean, and Dean has a major panic and yells on Uriel. There's a tense moment when Uriel pours some kind of healing liquid onto Castiel's wound and I think he stopped breathing before he got better. But with the battle still raging, Uriel leaves Cas with Dean and orders him to look after Cas. This goes on for a couple of weeks I think, and Cas ends up geek bonding with Sam which bugs Dean.
Hey all! I'm looking for fics where a doctor visits Sam or Dean, or Jared or Jensen at home. Preferably set in modern day, because it's so rare. Blizzards, other bad weather, or simply refusal to go to the hospital might bring the doctor to them. I've found a couple:

The Raven - a doctor who's actually a ghost or dead guy visits sick Sam when he and Dean are investigating the history of a hotel. It's pouring outside, roads are flooding, that sort of thing. The doctor is supposedly on-call for the hotel. One of the first things Dean says when he opens the door is, “You’re a doctor? What, from the eighteen hundreds?"

Growing Pains - a doctor is fetched for injured Sam in Chapter 11 of this pre-series story. John stays with Sam while Jim goes to find a doctor and bring him to the motel. (Dean in otherwise injured and thus, temporarily out of the picture). One of the first things the doctor mutters in way of a self-introduction is, "Hal Birdstrom, freshly kidnapped from County General. Is this my patient?"

There was also one I can't seem to find in my bookmarks wherein Sam and Dean were both injured and broke into some kind of animal hospital or something. Pre-series, I think. It was from the "doctor's" POV. Sam was stitched up on the table first, while Dean held the doctor at gunpoint. True, it's not exactly a home visit, but it was a unique situation and I liked it. I get tired of reading about normal clinic/hospital/office visits.

Other situations might have: mob doctors, doctors that "won't ask any questions", field doctors, mad scientist doctors, EMT park rangers, Jared or Jensen as the doctor (outside a hospital setting), and more.

Any other fics like these out there? Any rating, wincest or not, self-recs, Jared and Jensen fics welcome. I'm open to pretty much anything. Thanks!
03 January 2014 @ 02:14 pm
I am looking for a story where Sam agrees to let the Alpha Vamp drink his blood for a set amount of time (maybe 30 days?) in exchange for his help in getting Dean out of purgatory. The Alpha Vamp has a young boy who takes care of Sam between feedings.

Hallo everyone,

I can't find two fics I'd really like to read again. Here is what I remember:

1) I have this vague memory of a fic I've read some time ago (or maybe I've listened to it as a podfic). Dean exorcised a little girl, bu she died during the process although Dean performed CPR on her. Her father blamed Dean and hunted him and Sam down. I think Dean got shot and Sam had to leave him in a cabin, so he could get help for his brother. On the way back to the Impala, Sam ran into the angry father again and had to kill him. FOUND! Link in comments.

2) Then I remembered a fic, in which Jeff and Jensen were an item. But they occasionally liked to bring a third party in. They asked Jared to join them and in the beginning it was all about the sex. But then they developed feelings for each other. I seem to remember, that Jensen or Jeff was Jared's teacher at college...
Edit: I remember some more details: Jared was working at a bar. Jeff came to him to arrange their next meeting. I think in the end Jared's parents tossed him out and he asked Jeff and Jensen for help. FOUND! Link in the comments.

Any ideas where I can find these fics?

I am also looking for a copy of a fic called junkyard!verse. The author put it offline, but he/she said it could be shared (http://ianthe-aveira.livejournal.com/). Does someone has a copy of it? FOUND! Link in comments.

Thanks in advance

27 August 2013 @ 12:08 am
Hello there,
A while ago-I want to say perhaps more than a year-I read a wonderful fic where Dean and Castiel are involved in a heavy battle against demons. Castiel is seriously injured, I believe trying to save Dean, and Dean then has to get them both to shelter to keep them safe. Castiel is looking less and less likely to make it, and Dean has just about given up hope when Uriel surprisingly appears and saves Castiel's life. While I'm quite certain of the plot, I'm only about 55% positive of the setting-the battle may have taken place in an open field, and the shelter was some sort of cave cut into a rock. That, however, may be negotiable.
I adored the story, but sadly when my old laptop died I lost all the files I'd saved on it, and this fic was one of them. I don't even have a title or an author's name to give, unfortunately. Any help whatsoever would be much appreciated. Thank you!
01 May 2013 @ 06:10 pm
I was just looking for a bunch of fics with Sam where he gets depressed or tries to run away or exhausted and severely sad or something and ends up breaking down, and John sort of calms him down and reassures him of his place in the family or something along those lines. Anything from drinking to bullying to sam hiding an injury cause it's "his fault" to suicide is fine (as long as it's not a death fic)
I'd prefer in character stories, so no complete asshole John but he can be nasty.
Any big brother cute Dean stories too are fine.
I really just want any teak jerker sam fics, and maybe some wee!chester "I should've died instead of mom" sam with good john and dean.
26 November 2012 @ 04:26 pm

I'm looking for two stories.

One is a Frontierland tag where its has an AU ending with Sam getting shot before the time traveling part.

The other one is a The Song Remains the Same tag where Michael heals Sam but not completely so he starts to feel the effects of blood loss.

Thank you for the help!

EDIT: Both links for the  stories can be found in  the comments
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18 September 2012 @ 11:14 pm
Heyy! well i read a certain specific fic where sam is 14 and he is alone in the motel bathrrom and he is cutting. but he doesn't realize how far he went until he passes out. dean comes home and brakes down the door and sees sam lying in a pool of his own blood with a hunting knife and wrist bleeding. but he knows sam did try to commit suicide he just went too far. so he takes care of the wounds and sam wakes up on the bed and dean asks why and thats all i remember. so please can you find this one? and others like it? i lvove stories where sam cuts and Dean catches him and sam cries and dean is supportive and stuff! yeah... especially teen!chester(not necassary) 
also are there any teen!chester stories where dean kissed the top of sams head or sam's forehead. or any fics like http://m.fanfiction.net/s/6365336/1/  -Shower by WaitingForNoExit I love it!!! when they are so close and sam is cute and dean is sturdy but wavering and he kissed sam's forehead not wincesty! yeah, any fics like those. any at all.
Gen. no slash or het of any kind. unless its just Dean getting laid by some anonymous hot chick. yeah. only season 1,2 and Teens. sam 14 or older. no stanford. thanks :) 
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13 July 2012 @ 11:30 pm
Hey everyone :)
I remember this (gen) fic was on FF.net and had all three Winchesters in it and I think it was Sam's first hunt maybe? I can't remember what they were hunting but I remember they were in the sewers or something. I think they split off and Sam came face to face with the monster and he killed it but not before it got to him; I think it maybe stabbed him in the chest or something? I wish I could remember more about it :(

Anyways, if anyone has a clue as to what on earth I just wrote about I would love you forever? :D

I've tried to tag appropriately, but it was pretty difficult in this case...

EDIT: Found! It's http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7758303/1/A_Heart_for_a_Heart; thanks to everyone who suggested :D
28 March 2012 @ 02:01 pm

I'm a solid hurt!dean fan and I've almost totally exhausted what the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_time comm has to offer. So now I'm looking for other stories that deal with Dean going into shock from bloodloss (especially by vampires) or his having heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

One of my absolute favorites is  Blood Work by [livejournal.com profile] adrenalineshots. In It Dean and Sam get captured by Gordon and his buddies as revenge for letting him "stew in his own juices" in Bloodlust and he decides that he's going to teach the boys a lesson about treating monsters the way they should be treated as well.

Dean ends up baking in the sun for most of the day until in the evening they loose a half starved vampire at him. Because he's tied down, he can't save himself and Sam can only partially help. Gordon eventually takes it away when Dean is going into shock from the blood loss.

Her characters' voices are spot on and the whole thing is deliciously angsty. (This is basically a rec I guess). That story is what got me hooked on the rest of her work actually.

Another story I read takes place a little after Asylum I think. Sam was wondering why Dean was so pissy at him if he insist that he doesn't blame Sam for what he did under Ellicot's influence. Eventually he realizes its because of the observations about Dean that he had written in the psych file.

They go hunting with Dean pissed at him like that despite knowing better and when they split ways Dean ends up locked in an old refrigerator (they were in a junk yard) during the heat of the day.

By the time Sam finds him he's unconscious from heat stroke. I can't remember the name of that story but I wouldn't mind reading it again actually.

Any other stories where Dean bleeds alot or he over heats externally would be lovely.
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15 October 2009 @ 12:29 am
Gaaaaaaah, this is killing me.  I read an awesome fic a while ago and now I can't remember the name or author.

It takes place right after BUABS and I think it is a multi-chap fic.  The beginning opens with Sam and Dean in the car after leaving Bobby's.  Dean has been hiding the extent of his injury from Guilty!Sam.  They stop for gas and Dean is all woozy from blood loss, etc.  There is a line in the story here that says, "Dean walked up and pushed on a door that said pull",  When Dean goes into the gas station he passes out on the floor.  When Sam races in to him and tries to pick him up, Dean flinches. 

Its a great story, I'd love to find it.  Please help!

FOUND!!! by ariadnes-string
The story is Between the Sand and the Stone by [info]katriel1987

Thank you again, this is such a wonderful community!  : D