19 August 2017 @ 04:43 pm
hi guys, i'm looking for a fic where sam is raped or sexually abused by john's friend. i think he left sam in his care while he and dean went hunting because sam was moody and acting out, and he assumed that the punishments were military training but his friend was raping sam. sam thought john knew and did it on purpose. at the end john or dean kills him when they find out.

i'm looking for another fic but i'm not sure if it's the same fic i'm looking for. it's wincest and i remember a scene where the guy corners sam in the bathroom and says some terrible things to him while being very close, smelling him and threatening him. i think there's a scene where they go outside and grill together and sam is extremely uncomfortable and tries to avoid him as much as he can. i read it on ao3. thanks in advance :)
Hello! I've recently read Credit in the Straight World, Outside By the Blue, Blue Moon, Brittle, Boy Falling Out of the Sky, The Air Moves In, Invisible Boy series... Basically if you can find it under Sam Winchester/OMC and it's lengthy on AO3, I probably have read it! I'd love more fics though, so I hope you can help!

1. Fics that have Sam exploring his sexuality with a male, with Dean finding out or walking in on it. Bonus for Dean getting super overprotective! Wincest preferred but I'll take gen too. I don't mind what age they are.
2. Hurt! Sam with comfort. Rape, violence, anything.
3. Sam with an eating disorder or self harming Sam.
4. Infantalism as a lifestyle. I'd prefer baby! Sam if that's possible. I've read SailorChibi's works on Ao3 for this too.
5. Protective/Possessive/Jealous! Dean.
6. Dean walking in on Sam getting off.

I'd love everything to end with a happy ending! No death fics, please. I'm looking for Wincest only, no other pairings. I don't mind if it starts out as another pairing as long as it ends in Wincest. I'll take gen too. Thanks so much in advance :D
11 March 2017 @ 06:49 am
Hey. Im looking for a gwnral search on any stories were teen sam or young sam geta sexually abused.
Also any stories were johns friends does it or another hunter.
08 March 2017 @ 08:02 pm
Just a couple general searches.
I really want any stories of young Sam that's been abused. I prefer not by john but I will take it. but defiantly no dean abusing him please.
Also traumatized, kidnapped, nightmares.

Is their any were sam has been kidnapped lost or anything and grows up away from Dean and John. He has a really bad time and gets hurt or something. John and Dean find them in the story and help him/ bring him back to them?
25 February 2017 @ 10:55 pm
I read a story a long time ago but couldn't find it since. I was hoping someone could help me.
I think it was Sam who was a hooker or stripper or something along them lines. He was forced to have sex with the boss because he liked sam the best. I think he has to wear a dildo cat tail at one point.
I think Dean and John found him and took him away from it all after he was hurt and raped.

Also, if you now anymore sad hooker jared/Sam or abused Jared/Sam fics could you mention them as well please.
Any help would be appreciated!
20 February 2017 @ 08:09 pm
Hi, i read a story of sam when he was a teenager getting kidnapped by this creature who caught him and tortured him. He wrote on his thigh that he couldn't talk about it to anyone and that he liked pain instead of pleasure (not too sure if this is accurate). He cant say no to people and sleeps with anyone who asks whether he wants to or not.

When the creature has him, he sees dean walking away but doesn't say anything as he wants to protect him.

It ends up that a religious order have the answer but wont give sam the cure because he is seen as a sinner? I think it ends as Sam/Dean.

I really want to reread it hut cant remember the name of the fic.
Pleaee help me!
I remember reading this fic ages ago that I now of course can't find. I am almost positive it is on AO3, as that's where I predominantly read fics, but I could be wrong.

Basically, during Plucky Pennywhistle's, Dean realizes that Sam was sexually abused by one of the guys who worked there, hence his clown phobia. I'm a little hazy on details, but what I do vividly remember is that Dean tracks the guy down and kills him in the basement of an abandoned house, which he then burns down to hide the evidence. I also remember that he's pretending to be a police officer or FBI agent at the time.

I'm also thinking the fic was a Wincest one, but don't quote me on that. It might have just been gen. I do know that it was a oneshot.

If anyone can help me out, I'd be forever grateful! This one is driving me crazy.

(Also, Mods, I hope I got the tags right. Since I can't remember if it's Wincest or not, I didn't use the pairing tag - hope that was okay! I also couldn't find an episode tag for this one, so maybe one can be created? I saw some other searches for fics based off the episode, but not this specific fic.)
Hello. I have a few general searches I'd appreciate some help with.

1) Any fics dealing with the torture Sam went through at the hands of Michael and Lucifer whilst stuck in the cage.

2) Fics about Sam (either set in or similar to season 7) dealing with Lucifer banging up his noggin.

3) Possible AU's where Sam actually was still stuck in the cage and Lucifer was just messing with his head, rather than Sam just being crazy.

4) Any alpha/omega style fics where Dean/Cas/Sam are omegas and have abusive alphas, with some hurt/comfort in there of course.

5) Fics where Cas has somehow become human and turns to Sam and Dean for help, but Dean (or Sam) decides they can't forgive him for the things he's done and abuses him in secret. (And I've already read Repent Of Your Sins (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1178489), which is what got me onto this in the first place.

I'd appreciate the help. Thanks guys.
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Hello, me again.

Specific fic: There's this alpha/omega style fic I started reading a week ago but forgot to bookmark, I think it may have been on AO3, and it had Dean, Cas, Charlie and I think someone named Gilda(?) where they were at some sort of omega resort, and Cas and Dean were in a relationship that their alphas' didn't know about. I think I got up to the point where Cas reveals his alpha has taken him off of birth control and Dean kinda freaks out a bit. That's all I can remember.

General searches:
1) Any alpha/omega style fics where Dean/Cas/Sam are omegas and have abusive alphas, with some hurt/comfort in there of course.

2) Fics where Cas has somehow become human and turns to Sam and Dean for help, but Dean (or Sam) decides they can't forgive him for the things he's done and abuses him in secret. (And I've already read Repent Of Your Sins (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1178489), which is what got me onto this in the first place.

I'd appreciate the help. Thanks guys.
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24 October 2016 @ 02:21 pm
I'm looking for fics either of the J2 or Sam/Dean variety that feature mpreg and/or omega Jared/Sam. Bonus points for fics where mpreg/omega Jared/Sam fics where he's escaping an abusive past.

I'm also looking for a specifc J2 fic with omega Jared.Its a forced boning fic. I cant remeber if they are fourced together by some outside agency or if they are fourced together by nature i.e. once you meet your mate you cant refuse bonding. I do remember that there is an age difference and Jared is younger, maybe a teenager, while Jensen is an adult. They live together in Jensens home and they don't physically bond at first because Jensen knows Jared is not ready for that.Read more... )
I'm dying to read again an old fic I lost and cannot for the life of me find on google
- it was eventually Sam/Dean
- teen!Sam is kidnapped, tortured and rape by a supernatural creature
- Dean and John never knew he was kidnapped
- Sam is let go by the creature with a curse written in his inner thigh (or something like that I'm not sure) that cause him to constantly seek pain and sex and to be unable to say no
- to break the curse he has to find someone that knows about the curse and love him nonetheless but he can't reveal to anyone what happened
- I remember Sam had sex with a teacher, kissed for the first time a class mate, and met Jen in a bdsm club
- Dean finds out about the curse thanks to the ghost of another victim of the same creature
ETA: FOUND in the comments

And for the general search, I'm starving for Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared fics
with sexually abused Sam or Jared (NOT by Dean or Jensen)
that focus on rape recovery
with Sam-Jared being insecure, having nightmares, PTSD (etc) and Dean-Jensen helping him
novel-length fics are better, but I'll read everything
AU or not AU is the same;
I feel like I've already read every single fic about this topic (including all the ones I could find here) so please help me out!
THANK YOU and sorry for any mistakes: english is not my first language!
17 February 2016 @ 04:23 pm
i'm looking for a specific fic that i started reading and never got to finish...

so sam and dean work a case (for money, i think) and the guy finds out that sam is psychic. he's an old dude. and he gets someone to kidnap sam and keeps him as a slave.

bela gave the dude the information to find sam... thought sam was dead. she is invited to a party where she sees sam is being held as a slave. um... i think he has a broken ankle from trying to escape once by that point.

the old dude performs a spell to bond sam to him. i turns sam's hair blond?

the guy who works for the old dude is part of a larger human trade organization and is planning (behind the old dude's back) to sell sam to someone else.
14 February 2016 @ 06:04 pm
This was an AU where John Winchester believed in the supernatural but it was not real. He, Dean and Sam lived on Camp Chitaqua along with Castiel and one other person(Chuck?). I remember that John and Dean were together and that Chuck was abusing Sam but Sam did not want to tell Dean. I also remember that they were trying to exorcize Meg or Ruby and they ended up killing her in a storage shed. I think Sam had to clean it. Gabriel was an FBI agent who was investigating John. There was a shoot out and John, Dean, and Castiel ended up dying. It ended up with Gabriel and Sam getting together after like 5 years of Sam being in foster care and being abused. Gabriel was a professor at a university. I hope someone remembers this story because it has been bugging me.
06 January 2016 @ 09:21 pm
This fic pops into my mind every now and again and I'd really love to read it - however, it appears that the authors account had been friend locked. It's been a few months and if they are still active have not friended in return. I've lurked through and found other posts looking for this fic and have messaged users individually without much luck.

So, I was just wondering, if anyone has this fic on hand would they be willing to send it to me? To XxLilKonekoxX@gmail.com

What Doesn't Kill Us by Kroki_Refur

25 November 2015 @ 04:39 am

I'm looking for this one specific homeless teen Dean fic. He meets Castiel behind a dumpster behind the Roadhouse (I think?) when he's looking for a place to sleep after he got kicked out by his dad. In the end they both sleep there. They both work as a prostitute, sometimes together. One day Alistair kidnaps Dean and they don't find him for a few days (weeks?). In the end Dean ends up in the hospital and Sam and John are there as well? -->
I lost all my bookmarks so if anyone could rec some longer (preferably at least 10k but if you think a shorter one is amazing too please add as well :) ) fics with these themes that would be great;
- Dark pre-stanford/stanford era. Dean centric.
- Abused!Dean (all the abuse, by everyone, canon or au)
- Abused!Castiel (again all the abuse)
- Abused Sam, but only by Castiel,Dean or John.
- Any other dark stories with Dark!Sam/Dean/Cas
- Any story where John comes back from the dead after season 5.


1-Specific fic:
I've been looking for a fic I read a while ago (I'm pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net).
Here is what I remember:
Sam was staying at a motel and almost got raped (By the manager I think?). In the present time all three Winchesters are driving and John and Dean speaks: Dean confides in John that the guy that tried to attack Sammy came onto Dean a few days prior to Sam's attack. But Dean didn't really mind, as long as he left Sam alone.
I also remember a scene where Dean is seeing weird "rashes" on Sam's body and freaks out when he realizes that the rashes are hickeys.
I think Sam is a teenager in this (14-15 years old?). And it's gen.
I'am also pretty sure that John kidnaps the guy and hurts or kills him.
I really, really, really, would like to read it again (I don't remember how it ends), so if anyone can help me, please, I'd appreciate it.

2-General Search:
If anyone can recommend me stories like that, I'm all for it. Self-rec are welcomed. I would prefer gen, but if the story is really good Wincest can also be fine.

3-Staying in the subject of non-con: I'm also looking for any story where Sam was sexually abused in the past and Dean finds out years later. (Gen prefered but Wincest is fine again)

Thank you all in advance. 
14 November 2015 @ 11:28 pm
So, I read these two stories a long time ago and now I can't find them. Any help is appreciated!

1. Sam was sexually abused by a fellow hunter as a minor. Dean didn't know but I'm pretty sure Bobby did. Anyway, the Hunter comes back around asking for help on a case and Sam tries to act normal so that Dean doesn't find out. I think the ending involved Sam telling Dean that he needed to tell him something. (I'm pretty sure I read it on FF)

2. Adam grew up with the Winchester's and at one school his teacher makes him stay after school for tutoring but Adam ends up getting repeatedly sexually assaulted by the teacher instead. Adam then developed an eating disorder to cope. I specifically remember a scene when Sam catches Adam bingeing and purging late at night. They try to put Adam in counseling but he refuses and purposefully scratches the impala. Adam eventually confesses to the assault. (I read this on FF as well)

Thanks so much! :-)
26 October 2015 @ 11:01 am

Looking for stories with Omega Sam...where he is hurt and abused for his status. Any paring or AUs just looking for angst with happy ending. Mpreg always good bonus.

25 October 2015 @ 04:40 pm
There are a surfit of fics that feature Dean taking abuse (sexual and/or physical) to spare Sam, and a far lesser number that feature Sam doing something similar, but I can't seem to find many that have both of them in a bad situation.

So, anyone know of any fanfics where both Sam and Dean are being abused? Don't care by whom, but happy endings are preferred. Its also cool if the abuse is all in the past. Maybe they each thought they were the only one being hurt and it comes out years later that they both were?

Also, I'm interested in any fics that might feature Sam or Dean in an abusive relationship in the Stanford era. And maybe finally calling their sibling for help when it finally goes too far, or Sam or Dean being contacted by the hospital when their siblings abuser nearly kills them? Does that exist?

And I'm REALLY interested in all of the above featuring end game Destiel and/or Sabriel. Or gen. (Mpreg and a/b/o stuff doesn't bother me either, but I'm not really into worlds where omegas are seen as lesser beings.)

Please NO wincest, non supernatural AUs, or RPF. (I realize that probably cuts my options down but its just not my thing.)

Thank you!!!

Note: I really had to fight with my tablet to hit the right tags, sorry in advance if I missed one or hit a wrong one.
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27 July 2015 @ 08:11 pm
I'm looking for stories where Sam is being hurt,tortured, raped, etc and Dean (maybe John) is forced to watch. It'd be even better if the story goes into what happens after they escape/are rescued. I just ask no deathfic please! Thanks!
09 June 2015 @ 06:16 pm
I'm looking for fics that feature Hurt!Sam and Guilty!/Protective!Dean, preferably in the first two seasons or teenchesters, but other seasons are ok too. Wincest is ok, though I prefer gen, non slash stuff. No pwp please. No Death!fics please. Destiel is also ok as long as the fic isn't Destiel centric, I'd prefer it to be mostly about the brothers/Sam. There are a few things I'd like to see specifically, so I'll list them here.

- Sam and Dean are in the middle of a brawl and are for the most part holding their own until Sam gets caught off guard, maybe seriously hurt, Dean sees and tries to get to him but is outnumbered. Limp!Sam, H/C ensues.

- Sam is a teenager and gets in an argument with either Dean or John or both, so decides to clear his head with a walk/run/storms out of the house. Everything is fine at first until Sam gets hurt. Could be attacked, kidnapped, hit by a car, doesn't especially matter as long as Dean finds him unconscious and hurt and has to take care of him, while trying not to lose it over guilt and worry.

under cut for possible triggers

-Sam does something that pisses John off and so John sends Dean off for solo hunts or hunts with Caleb or Bobby, in order to focus on Sam and give him concentrated, isolated training. At first there's a lot of sparring and wearing Sam down with running etc. But one day John gets drunk, and beats/rapes Sam. The next day Sam is in extreme pain and John doesn't remember the night before, so forces Sam to keep running laps, and train, regardless of his pain. This happens a few times over the years, but Sam pushes through it and keeps it to himself. Dean finds out later.

Amendment: Nothing Graphic, I don't want to hear about the abuse itself, more the recovery process/Dean finding out. I want to see how the brothers handle that situation. (Ie. Sam sharing something that absolutely scares him to share, and no doubt still has him really messes up, and sharing it in spite of the fact he knows that their opinion of john is a HUGE bone of contention between the brothers. Dean realizing his hero worship has blinded him to how much john really has hurt Sam, and also having to face what that means.) I REPEAT this isn't about the act of abuse, please lave that out- it's about the effect, and the recovery, and the impact on Sam and Dean.

Any fics with a focus on Sam recovering, and Dean coming to terms with his role/blindness of abuse are welcome.

- Sam is angry with Dean for some reason, and gets distracted on a hunt for a witch. While casting a spell to kill the witch, Sam loses focus and puts the wrong ingredients into the ritual or says the wrong words, throwing him into a different dimension, where he can see/hear Dean, but can't talk to him or be seen. Dean freaks out and tries to get him back.

So let me know if y'all know any fics like this. Thanks in advance. :)
29 May 2015 @ 04:13 pm
Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me locate a story read quite a while back.

Dean and Sam are in some small town and get captured after Dean hustles some guys at a game of pool and refuses to give the money back.  They're held captive and basically used as sex slaves.  Dean ends up getting them out and he tries burning all the tapes that had been made (the men were filming and selling the videos of the Dean and Sam), but knew he didn't get all of them.  The story deals with them both trying to come to terms with what happened to them and try to heal from it. I remember that they do run into John and I think he implies to Dean that he saw one of the videos.  I think I also remember Dean beating a hotel manager after he finds him watching a video of Sam.  It was eventual Dean/Sam.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but I really hope someone out there knows this story.

Also, if you guys have any recs for lengthy, dealing with the aftermat,non-con with Sam being the one attacked, I would love to read them.

Thank you for all the help! :)
19 May 2015 @ 08:53 pm
I'm looking for some fics. I hope you guys can help me.

#1. Any good J2 or Wincest fics. Bottom Jared/Sam is preferred. Any length is okay, but the longer the better. I don't care of it's AU

#2. Any J2 or Wincest fics where Jensen/Dean cheat on Jared/Sam. Any ending is okay

#3. Any hurt, sick, abused (in any way) Jared/Sam fics. It can be J2, Wincest or Gen, I don't care.

Thanks for your help.
Ok like I ligit remember LINES from the fic but I can't remember the name to save my life.

It starts out with Sam being controlled by a witch and raped in front of Dean. Dean's under some sort of spell, Dean somehow manages to break free of it and kill the witch.

The fic focuses mainly on the recovery and I really, REALLY remember how Dean grabs Sam and he just starts screaming and Dean's begging him to stop screaming and to come to him and Sam crawls over to him.

I'm pretty sure it's two parts and the first part is Sam thinking Dean hates him or something and the second part is Deans side and how he thought Sam hated him because he couldn't stop the witch.

Please help me, I can't believe I keep losing this fic. Honestly I've read it about a thousand times but there's just something about it.

(NOTE: It is NOT "The Missing" by Menthol Pixie, I know it does sound like it a bit. It is also NOT "Secrets of South Carolina" (I forget who it's by.)

Anyways I love all of you and thanks so much for dealing with me :D xoxox
12 April 2015 @ 05:44 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago that was centered around Sam and Dean dealing with Sam being raped.
This is all I remember from it: Dean and Sam retire from hunting from what I remember and they buy a house and Dean takes the bath out because for some reason baths are triggering for Sam. Sam had been kidnapped and raped by some creature that reminded me of and alligator-monster. And Sam has messed up feet from torture. The first part is in Sam's pov but there's and add-on that is in Dean's
I'm sorry I suck at summaries but if you can help, it's greatly appreciated!
06 April 2015 @ 11:14 am

Looking for a story were Dean leaves John and Sam and joins the military. He left so John would start taking care of Sam. That didn't work and CPS gets in touch with Dean and he has to care for Sam. Dean has a house with other members of his unit. I think Sam had Aids as well.

So I found a fic on someones delicious account that I would really really like to read;

My Heart Yearns
"Sam said he was going away to Stanford, but he actually never got into college. He just needed a reason to run away from his unnatural feelings for Dean. Two years later, Dean comes looking for him in Palo Alto, but they have no record of Sam Winchester as a student. Dean tracks Sam down to a sex house in San Francisco where the owner keeps the working boys high on a dangerous cocktail of drugs to make them more compliant to customers' strange demands. Dean has to pose as a client to get close to Sam. Sam seduces him." (comment fic)

it doesn't say anywhere what comment fic meme it was in :/


love you all xoxox
02 March 2015 @ 11:25 pm
Hi guys, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago.

Sam had been raised by the YED and had escaped and I think was working as a prostitute? Dean and John had found him and were keeping him at Bobby's place. I think he had a pet rat, and there was a scene where he threw up after they made him eat meat.

Thanks in advance!
10 November 2014 @ 12:15 am
Hey guys! I love this site and how you're so eager to help.

Anyway, I'm about to go crazy since my laptop with all my favorites, broke down and now I can't find one fic I started reading, I've looked through the tags in here a long time before finally admitting to myself that no, nobody searched this before me. Preatty Please, could y'all help a guy out?

Anyway, so here I go, trying to explain it;

1. It's Dean's POV and he has some big issues with Sam and we get to see Sam, like in the bathtub, saying stuff like: "Dad will find out." and "He'll know." Later on, at the end of the story, it's understood that Dean did molest Sam and John knew it, or found out somehow after Sam left for Stanford, saying to Dean he failed Sammy.

Does that ring any bells? Please, I'm going crazy over here!

And for the General search, I really want slow build-up wincest stories and actual kissing, a lot, before the first time between our boys.

Can anyone help me out finding the first one? I'll give you my soul for it! Thanks beforehand! Ps. Only bottom!Sam, please. But if they switch, it can be Dean bottoming too, but mostly Sam. ;)
30 October 2014 @ 10:31 am
Are there any fics that delve into Sam's fear or clowns? I remember a few coming out after this ep. One might have had to do with Sam being molested one time he was left there as a kid?

I think I have all the tags...
I read two fanfic before but can't find it now, hoping anyone can help me!><

A)John find out the brothers having sex, then he fuck Sam to warn him don't do that gain with Dean, is anyone know about this fic?

B)John sex abuse Sam, blame Mary's dead on Sam, during the sex, John humiliate Sam, said Dean will feel disgust if he find out Sam seduce hid father, and make Sam say thank you to him, like thank you for make me useful blah blah, can't remember if Dean find out later.

C)John and Dean sex abuse Sam, make him become their bitch, cockslut fucktoy ...etc

And any fanfics like these two is very very welcome!!! Please please please! Only bottom!Sam, underage and dirty talk, spanking, bdsm, bondage is very okay, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!
23 August 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Are there any stories where Mary is not the loving, nurturing sacrificing, devoted mother? I will take anything except Wincest or Slash.

Also, are there any stories where both John and Dean blame Sam for Mary dying? I would love to see them be really abusive towards Sam throughout his life but I will take anything.

Thanks in advance!!!!
02 July 2014 @ 10:12 pm
I'm going crazy looking for this one fic and all I can remember is that Sam was screaming after Dean had touched him or something and Dean was pleading with him to stop screaming. I'm pretty sure it was a two part fic with one in Sams POV and one in Deans.

Thank you! xoxoxox
14 June 2014 @ 10:51 pm
Hi, I'm looking for fic where Sam or Jared used to be in a past abusive relationship (any type of abuse, can be canon character or OMC) and while they're dating, Dean/Jensen finds out? (Would love for there to be some focus on Dean/Jensen being gentle with Sam/Jared, or Sam/Jared being hesitant over everything as well, but still trusting.) I remember coming across at least one fic like this but I've lost it, so anything like this would be really great thanks. 
Hi friends,
this is the third time I am searching for this particular fic. Hope I get lucky this time:) PLEASE..PLEASE..HELP ME??
It's a Dean/Sam slash that I read in Sam Dean slash archive.
This is what I remember about it.

(i)Dean gets a call from Bobby that Sam is doing badly in Stanford. Bobby probably brought Sam to his own home where he tried to kill himself a number of times.

(ii) It's from Bobby and (maybe) Sam that Dean learns about Sam's tragic past. Not only was Sam sexually abused by his professor in University, he was regularly abused by John as a child whenever Dean turned his back.Sam suffered greatly at the hands of John who was a very mean man.

(iii)Dean brings Sam with him to his motel room with an aim of curing him. But Sam by then had become an intensely suicidal, chronically depressed man who cut himself daily with blades or razors. He also had an eating disorder .

(iv) One day Dean catches him while cutting himself. He locks everything in impala's trunk.But somehow Sam gets hold of a knife and tries to cut himself again.Dean stops him and tells Sam to cut him instead as it would hurt less.

(v) Sam also tried to shoot himself with a gun. But Dean catches him on time. They have sex. There's a happy ending...

I hope there's someone who knows the story.

Thanx a million
22 May 2014 @ 02:14 pm
I have had a REALLY bad 4 months and I need LOTS of cheering up. What you can do to help with that is to recommend as many h/c, angst Sam (or Jared) stories you know (gen only please but I will take any and all ratings)!!! Share with me the ones where Sam is SO injured, you don't know how he is going to survive. Share the stories where your heart is breaking apart right along with his. Recommend all the abused Sam stories you keep reading over and over again. My motto is the more Sam hurts (physically and/or emotionally) the happier I am!!! Also the longer the story is the happier I am!!!

I am sure I have read a lot of your recs but please rec away. It is always good to re-read great fics over again. Also self-recs are welcome (I don't know why anyone would have a problem with self-recs). Bonus points for Dean (Jensen) being an AWESOME big brother (at least by the end of the story)

So start reccing!!! THANKS!!!
30 April 2014 @ 09:59 pm
Sam and Dean were both still teenagers, but in an established relationship. One night, while Dean was playing pool at a bar, Sam was kidnapped by his teacher whom had an obsession with him. There was some pretty intense torture/rape and possibly a branding, and Dean and John/Bobby (can't remember which) went on a road trip searching for Sam.

If anyone knows what fic this is, I'd really appreciate it!
19 April 2014 @ 06:54 pm
Hey, I'm looking for two types of fics!

1) I was wondering if anyone has come across a fic where, after the cage, Sam is awesome in bed. Like Lucifer taught him in the cage (whether it was non-con or not) and it just blows the mind of whomever (Dean, Cas, ext...) is in bed with him. Any pairing is fine, I just really want to read something like that.

2) Also if anyone knows any fics where post-cage Sam, totally messed up from what Lucifer (or Michael) did to him, abuses someone but doesn't really see a problem with it because it was just part of his life in the cage for so long. Any kind of abuse is fine, it doesn't even have to have a pairing in it.

07 March 2014 @ 11:04 am
They're playing "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" on TNT right now, and it has me wondering about Sam's fear of clowns. That, along with how Dean apparently left Sam alone at this place while he hooked up, makes me wonder if something happened to Sam there.

Has anyone written as story about Sam being molested or raped by a clown? Maybe even a fic where somehow Dean finds out, and they have to deal with that?

Since I'm asking for a story about the sexual abuse of a child, I can't claim that very much squicks me. I will say that I'm fine with Wincest, any other slash pairing, or gen.

27 February 2014 @ 09:28 pm
Read on AO3 about 6 months ago; I thought I had bookmarked the work but apparently not.

After the scene in 2x2 when Dean takes a crowbar to the Impala, the story goes AU with Dean/Sam dub-con in Bobby's garage. The remainder of the story is the two of them trying to continue working together after that, with Sam trying to convince Dean that he did want it, and Dean hating himself for it.

Later, Dean goes out to a bar and basically asks a guy to rape him; the guy leaves him bloody and battered in the back room of the bar. The owner finds him and helps him to the Impala, and Dean drives himself back to the motel. Sam finds him and goes ballistic, tracking down the guy who did it and beating him until he finds out that Dean had asked the guy to do what he did.

EDIT: I figured it out! It was Nishkawolf's The End and The Beginning, but it seems that they've deleted it from AO3. Sad day.
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15 February 2014 @ 12:43 am
Hello! I have a few requests, none specific, mainly with a Sam focus. If another character isn't mentioned, presume I mean the request is a fic like that involving Sam! Any pairing or rating is fine. I think I have done this request right, please let me know if I need to amend anything.

1. Language fics. Where at least Sam, if not Dean and others, speak two or more languages, and the use of extra languages is some sort of plot point. Can be real or made up languages.

Examples would be Sam picking up Enochian from Lucifer, or Sam and Dean with their own private language, or well, anything.

2. Powers!Sam. - I know there are hundreds of fics out there with this theme, but I would like to be recommended the best of them, hidden ones that you feel don't get enough readers. Any type of power is great.

3. Crossovers. With Naruto, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Star Trek(Any Star Trek series), True Blood, Game of Thrones(Even good, well written others which aren't listed here). In fact, I was re-watching some of TNG recently, with how the Q flick in and out and can seemingly bring anything they want into existence, I've always had it in my head that they are some renegade faction of angels, possibly following in Gabriels footsteps(And thusly failing, just pretty much staying how angels tend to be). Please don't tell me that I'm not the only one who had this thought, and please let there be some fic exploring it! Any characters in this

4. Missouri fic? I miss her. She was great.

5. Abused!Sam. Any at all, I have checked through the tags, but I am interested in more, please! (Would love if it were combined with any of my previous requests, particularly the language)

6. Drugs! Drug use. Sam preferred, but also by anyone else.
11 December 2013 @ 12:30 pm
Heyy guys,
I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net. I thought I knew the title but when I went to look for it it turned out the story I thought it was, was something else. So, this story is about Sam when he is younger/a teenager. He is kidnapped buy a couple (a man and woman) and they both abuse physically him physically and sexually. The part that I really remember is the couple move out of the house/run away and leave Sam and their dog behind at their house. An animal rescue worker goes to the house because of reports of a dog and finds Sam upstairs in the house beaten and half conscious on a dirty mattress and nothing else. I can't remember a whole lot that happens before or after that but if you can help that would be awesome. Please and thank you.
14 November 2013 @ 06:42 pm
I'm looking for an AU where Sam grew up alone with John, Dean supposedly dead, only he has an imaginary friend who happens to be creature!Dean, a Prince of Faery. When John leaves Sam with a man who gives him the bad touch, Dean spirits Sam away to Faery.