28 June 2013 @ 03:42 am
Hey everyone,

There is a (I believe) Untitled fic that I think was done for a meme somewhere that was extremely kinky and dark and potentially trigger-y that was J2 + JDM and also Misha. Because it's trigger-y I'm posting the everything I remember behind a cut so read at your own risk!Read more... )

Thanks in advance!! :)
27 March 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Hi guys! last time I posted someone found that fic right away, so I'm hoping this time is the same.

I read somewhere a fic where J2 is a couple and they like Misha, but he's being abused by a director or a writer.
Jensen finds out and that leads to hurt!Misha being comforted by Jensen and Jared.

It might have been a WIP, but I'm no sure. I think it had 2 chapters or something like that.

I hope that's enough for someone (oh, dear someone how I will love you) to remember.

FOUND!! Link in the comments
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OMG, you guys; I have been looking all over for this fic. It's driving ME INSANE!
Pairing: Jared/Misha/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Knotting and heat kink
What I remember:
Okay, what I remember in this fanfic is that Jared (Alpha) is a doctor that gets Jensen (Beta, I think) as a patient, with Misha (Omega) watching over him as his mate (Sitting by Jensen's bed, comfort, ect). Jared and Misha get to know each other by talking, and after some issues getting worked out, they end up in a threesome with ending porn of Misha being taken care of in heat. XD The ending was also cute in that Jensen went into heat right after. (Can't say I feel too sorry for Jared, to be honest.) I do remember that Misha had been hurt (Abused, I think) in the past as one of the issues.

Sigh. I'll try to remember more if that's not enough.

On that note, could anyone reccomend some good fics with Misha or Castiel in the Alpha/Beta/Omega society, and/or knotting, and/or heat (smelling good, passionate sex, ect.) kink. Doesn't have to be porn, it's just a fun subject to explore! I do prefer bottom!Misha and bottom!Castiel, but I will honestly love anything you can give me!

Okay; I hope I did this alright. Thank you for reading this post!

FOUND:  'Dirty Words' by Gedry
http://gedry.livejournal.com/231971.html THANK YOU!!!
11 October 2011 @ 03:25 pm
Hey guys! I just finished reading A Monster By Any Other Name (http://freac-camp.livejournal.com/517.html) which features a totally and completely broken Sam. I've also read Bait (http://maz-kazama.livejournal.com/tag/bait) which has totally broken Dean.

I'm looking for other fics where one of the boys (Sam, Dean, Jensen, Jared, even Castiel or Misha) has been totally and systematically abused (mental, physical, sexual, anything) and is, basically, now somewhat of a basket case. They're just completely terrified and scared and constantly expecting pain. And I want the other to be desperately trying to make it all better. Basically I was extreme hurt/comfort guys!

Keep in mind I have read a TON of J2. I've read all of leonidasden's fics. NC-17, AU, gen, slash, wincest, its all totally fine. So are self-recs. WIPs I can handle as well. Just give me the most gut wrenching hurt/comfort out there. Thanks in advance!