02 July 2014 @ 04:55 pm
hey guys, am lookin' for a specfic fic, which gabriel's alive but lost his memories(maybe his grace also) after encounter w/ lucifer . he particularly worked as a pizza delivery guy, and durin' the pizza delivery he ran into winchester boys. boys thought he's doubleganger/sth, had ran several tests to make sure(thing like holy oil). that's all i can remember. thanks in advice, guys.

oh, and some more gabriel-centred/bottom!gabe(/richard) fic recs pls, there isnt enough in communtity right now. thanks
07 June 2014 @ 04:44 am
OK, I just want what anyone can give me.
All I want is fics with bottom Gabriel and where Gabriel and who ever he is with to be the focus of the fic and for the pairing to be M/M. that's it. I don't care if the story is AU, kink based, crossover, etc., please give me anything you got.
but to make things easier to read
1. Sam/Gabriel
5.Any other male character/Gabriel
28 February 2014 @ 11:05 am
Hi y'all, I'm looking for some non specifics:

1) First time wincest, John knows and approves.

2) Father figure!Bobby finds out and approves after a bit.

3) Sassy D/s Cas giving Sam what he needs.

4) Bottom!Gabriel. Sabriel, team freewillin and all pairing within that.

5) J2 fics where Chad was more than the douchey best friend. (over protective brother role, ex-boyfriend to one of the J's, matchmaker etc....)

6) Chad loving. I really like threesomes with the Chad. lol Chris/Chad etc... I just really want to see a fic where he gets taken care of too. It can be in conjunction with the previous number too.

Thank you for all the help you give me!
Hiya guys!
So recently I've been dying to read some good Sub/Bottom Gabriel and Sub/BottomSam. I do have a few things I want to avoid though...
1. Sub/Bottom Gabriel - NO Debriel please unless it's a 'switch fic' where is starts off Debriel and ends with Sabriel. That's pretty much my only squick there. Sabriel is my favourite though. Slavery, dub/non con, soulless Sam, Boy King Sam and/or evil/demon Sam etc is great. BDSM gets bonus points. Also, I love the Consort Gabriel 'verse by madwriter223 but please don't rec that one as I've already read it. (Here's the link if you wanna read it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6237606/1/The-Consort-Gabriel-Verse )
2. Sub/Bottom Sam - NO Sabriel where Sam is bottom/sub please. Also no John/Sam or Bobby/Sam. Sam/Dean wincest (or non related) is great though. Again slavery, dub/non con, Boy King Sam etc are good and BDSM is a plus (I really wanna read a fic where Sam is Boy King and submissive in bed but I don't actually think it exists :( )
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04 December 2012 @ 10:18 pm
Hi everyone, as it's coming up to christmas now I'm looking for some good christmas fics to get me in the xmas spirit! Does anyone know of any? I'd prefer slash; Wincest (Top Dean only please), Sabriel (Top Sam only please) and Destiel would be amazing. NO Debriel please. NC-17 would be a bonus too. Thanks and Merry Christmas for when it arrives. :D
29 November 2012 @ 12:52 pm
Hello everyone!! So I'm looking for slash fics where the top or dom has actual mind control powers over his bottom or sub. I perfer NC-17 but will take any rating. Dub con and non con are fine. I'd only like specific pairing types though so here's a list:
  • Wincest (Dean/Sam) - Top or Dom Dean only please.
  • Sabriel - Top or Dom Sam only please
  • Destiel - Preferably top or dom Castiel but I'll take either, Godstiel would also be good.
  • Sassy/Sastiel (Castiel/Sam) - Top or Dom Castiel only please
  • Castiel/Gabriel - Top or Dom Castiel only please

Please don't rec any Debriel.
Thanks everyone!!

17 November 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Hello everyone!! So I've been writing a Castiel/Gabriel fic of own and it's really got me in the mood to read a few. So does anyone know of any good Castiel/Gabriel slash with Bottom!Gabriel?
Non con is fine and I prefer NC-17 but will pretty much take anything in that pairing as long as Gabriel is sub. Thanks!