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I am looking for a story about Jared, who is getting abused by his husband. I think his family made him marry the man because of money. They basically sold Jared to this man. I'm not sure what the husbands name is. The husband is very controlling and abusive. Jared gets sent to a ranch while his husband is away on business or something like that. He is sent there to be watched because the husband is paranoid and doesn't trust Jared. He hires people to keep an eye out for Jared. Jared is an artist, he loves to draw, but he is always told by his husband that he is horrible and should stop wasting time on something that will never amount to anything. Jensen tells Jared that he's an amazing artist. The ranch turns out to be the best place for Jared because he gets more confidence in himself. And he is surrounded by people who care about him. He meets Jensen at the ranch either the first day or the second and later on they start a friendship,but it becomes an affair overtime.The friendship takes time because Jared is very timid and doesn't trust easily anymore. Chad shows up at the ranch with help from Jensen. Chad and Jared haven't seen each other in a long time because Chad and Jared are not allowed to hang out. Jared has been forbidden to see Chad, so they keep it a secret from Jared's husband as long as they can. The husband eventually finds out. At the very end of the story Jared shows up at his house to get stuff. He gets raped and ends up in a fight for his life. Jared either kills his husband or almost kills him, by bashing his head with a lamp or something like that. Jared ends up at the hospital. Jared and Jensen end up together in the end.
Here are some tidbits I remember from the story.
The husband parades Jared in front of his friends. The husband may share Jared I forget. The friends are also are mob related. There's evidence against the husband relating to his shady deals. The man had been grooming Jared for a long time and the minute he turned 18 he asked to marry Jared. The dad said yes and forced Jared to sign papers. Jared's mom is either a drug addict or an alcoholic so she is no help at all. During his stay at the ranch he is made to make multiple calls to his husband. He must tell his husband everything about his day. I think Jensenis the one to find Jared in the house after the attack and blames himself for Jared getting hurt. That's all I remember.

I hope that helps and I hope it wasn't to confusing.
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I'm looking for fics either of the J2 or Sam/Dean variety that feature mpreg and/or omega Jared/Sam. Bonus points for fics where mpreg/omega Jared/Sam fics where he's escaping an abusive past.

I'm also looking for a specifc J2 fic with omega Jared.Its a forced boning fic. I cant remeber if they are fourced together by some outside agency or if they are fourced together by nature i.e. once you meet your mate you cant refuse bonding. I do remember that there is an age difference and Jared is younger, maybe a teenager, while Jensen is an adult. They live together in Jensens home and they don't physically bond at first because Jensen knows Jared is not ready for that.Read more... )
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Hey all,
I'm pretty sure this story is a J2 story. Where Jensen is the Alpha of the Dallas pack and Jared is kind of on the run from his family's pack. I think Jared was trying to register into the Dallas pack or something and I think Chad was there when Jared and Jensen first meet. It's basically an instant attraction between the two. I remember Jared's father being abusive and eventually he has Jared kidnapped and taken back, but by that time Jared is already claimed by Jensen.
Pretty sure either Jensen has to put Jared's father down or he exiles him.

Thanks in advance!
I'm dying to read again an old fic I lost and cannot for the life of me find on google
- it was eventually Sam/Dean
- teen!Sam is kidnapped, tortured and rape by a supernatural creature
- Dean and John never knew he was kidnapped
- Sam is let go by the creature with a curse written in his inner thigh (or something like that I'm not sure) that cause him to constantly seek pain and sex and to be unable to say no
- to break the curse he has to find someone that knows about the curse and love him nonetheless but he can't reveal to anyone what happened
- I remember Sam had sex with a teacher, kissed for the first time a class mate, and met Jen in a bdsm club
- Dean finds out about the curse thanks to the ghost of another victim of the same creature
ETA: FOUND in the comments

And for the general search, I'm starving for Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared fics
with sexually abused Sam or Jared (NOT by Dean or Jensen)
that focus on rape recovery
with Sam-Jared being insecure, having nightmares, PTSD (etc) and Dean-Jensen helping him
novel-length fics are better, but I'll read everything
AU or not AU is the same;
I feel like I've already read every single fic about this topic (including all the ones I could find here) so please help me out!
THANK YOU and sorry for any mistakes: english is not my first language!
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Hello! I remember very little about this fic, but I really hope someone can help me, I really want to re-read this story. So all I remember is Jared was in an abusive relationship and they had a child, when Jared starts dating Jensen, Jensen tells Jareds daughter that if someone bullies her she should fight back, and I remember Jared got mad, because he didn't want her to think violence was okay like her other father did. That is all I remember for sure.
I also may remember that the daughter wasn't really Jareds biological daughter but was the abusive mans daughter, I may be mixing that up from another story though! So I'm looking for anything that even vaguely sounds like this.
Please please please and thank you for any help!
Could you recommend J2 stories in which one J recovers from extreme abuse? the ratio of abuse to recovery time is not important, but it has to be pretty horrific and move towards a better end, even if the fic doesn't end on perfect notes (even death!fics are cool(.

Examples or harm include, torture, malnutrition, involuntary body modification, extreme power play that leads to identity and dissociation issues, and of course lots of physical harm. Sexual violence/slavery is cool, but I'd prefer if it was paired with more complex issues.

Bonus for length, world-building, J1 helping J2 recover from JDM (I love me to evil-JDM), and badass!victims that want to get better but need someone to show them how to move past their trauma and love themselves.

Also, the recovering abusee doesn't have to be one of the Js, but one of the Js must contribute to the recovery and (preferably) no J on J violence unless you think its awesome (like in the Desperate Measures verse).

Oh boy. I am a real buzzkill. I have no idea how to tag this except to select everything under the 'warning' tag :-/

Please and thank you
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I read a fic once that wasn't exactly a crossover, but in it I remember that Jared had an abusive relationship with Alexis Bledel (she was abusive towards him) while he was on Gilmore Girls and when he went to work on Supernatural Jensen found out about the abuse when he went to Jared's trailer to get him for a scene or something and found an upset Jared. It was a J2 fic where they ended up together.

Does anyone remember this fic? The GG reunion thing got me thinking about it.

FOUND, link is in comments.
Hi guys, I'm in the mood for a couple of different non-specific J2 stories but I don't think these two things are particularly on any rec lists anywhere or have specific tags but I'm sure you lovely peeps will know of some stories including such things so here goes:

1. Stories where one of the J's was previously married. Maybe it causes them to be extra cautious and afraid of commitment. Maybe the marriage was abusive and very unhappy. Maybe they bump into said ex-hubby and some explaining proceeds afterwards. IDK why this popped into my head but I just think it could lead to some interesting story plots etc wherein a past very serious relationship effects the brand new one they're trying to create. (I've added a few abuse tags. It's not mandatory for this request, but I just thought I'd add some as a warning in case some stories recommended here do include abuse seeing as I have mentioned it.)

2. Stories with unsupportive and judgmental parents. Either Jensen or Jared always being labeled as the disappointment child. Either because they're gay, their career prospects or their life choices in general. You know, the unfortunate, "Did you know your brother got promoted?" "Your sister has just announced her engagement." "You were such a bright boy in school, you could have done so much with that brain of yours." Etc etc. Obviously the other J cheers them up :)
I'm looking for any fics with:

1) abusive/drunk/asshole!john abuses dean in any way.
Bonus for (especially) Sam, or maybe even Bobby (or some other character) intervening on Dean's behalf.

2) fics with Jared/Jensen where either J1 or J2 (or both?) is being abused by their spouse/partner/parent, etc. Especially fics where J1 saves J2 from the situation - lots of hurt/comfort.

If anybody could help me find fics like this... it would make me very happy. <3
For reference, I think I might post fics I've already recced' here as well.

The Recs so Far...
My delicious tags for abuse (I must be a psycho...so many tags):

Recs by [livejournal.com profile] ohwillothewisp

  • Old Ghosts, New Love When Jared and Jensen have their first real fight it brings to light some trauma from Jensen's past.

  • Stealing His Omega Jensen was a thief for hire. He had just not expected to find this priceless treasure in the house he was robbing.

  • Wedding Night  Jared is a young omega who is about to go into his first heat. At the same time, his parents set up an arranged mating to secure a business deal. To Jared's surprise, his alpha isn't interested and instead, ties him to a machine with no synthetic knot or alpha pheremones to satisfy his heat - for who knows how long. Jensen is a thief-for-hire (mid to late 20s), and he's been told the home containing his target should be empty, so he's curious when he hears crying and moaning. When he finds Jared, a clearly unclaimed omega all alone, he knows he's gonna steal a little something for himself as well. Besides, an alpha who doesn't take good care of their omega doesn't deserve to keep them anyways. At first Jared thinks his alpha has returned for him, but he becomes frightened when it becomes clear that some stranger wants to take him away. He desperately wants to be knotted but he doesn't trust this stranger and knows that it's very important to his parents that his marriage works out.

  • The Jester Jensen is the sidekick to one of the world's most respected heroes. A man loved and admired by all. What nobody knows is that the hero in question has been sexually abusing Jensen, since he took the boy in as his ward. Warning Jensen that if he tried to tell anyone the truth of what's been happening, no one would believe him, since everyone would just assume that Jensen had been brainwashed by one of his guardian's enemies. One day, Jensen is hurt in a fight against one of said heroes younger supervillain nemeses, aka Jared. Jensen is more hurt due to something that his mentor did to him, than what the bad guy's did to him.  Jared initially just takes Jensen along, planning to use him as a hostage against his mentor, but then he somehow finds out what the hero has been doing to Jensen. After that Jared becomes immensely protective of Jensen, takes care of him and tries to help him. Only stopping Jensen from going back, because he knows that if Jensen does, he'll just go back to his guardian's abuse. And he knows Jensen only wants to go back because he's scared of what his guardian would do to him if he didn't.

Recs by [livejournal.com profile] casey679

  • * Bring Me to Life: Jared’s a shy young man, whose life has never been easy. His father hates him, his mother drinks her sorrows away and his husband Paul condescendingly treats him like he is nothing more than a beautiful toy. When his husband has to go away on a business trip to Europe for two months, he sends Jared away to a ranch in the middle of nowhere to keep him under control. There, Jared meets people who show him what love, friendship and loyalty mean for the first time in his life. Can he escape his life and finally find some love and happiness for himself?

  • * Stars Fall In: Growing up next door to each other in Calvary, Tennessee, Jared has known Jensen practically their entire lives. He knows almost everything there is to know about Jensen, harbors all of Jensen’s secrets. And that’s why Jared is hellbent on getting Jensen out of there, before it’s too late.

  • * The Best Gift of All: Sam runs away from and abusive relationship, taking his daughter with him. On the road and trying to get as far as possible on limited funds, his car breaks down. Against his better judgment, Dean, a mostly retired hunter and the town mechanic, offers to let them stay with him until repairs can be made. Together, they find a way to comfort and heal each other.

  • * Shouting Out Loud: "Jensen and Jared are college students who are nothing alike and meet for the first time when they both enroll in an acting seminar. They are cast as the leads in an experimental 2-man play dealing with domestic violence."

  • * Fight for What's Yours: Jensen has to deal with a lot of things: the fact that he's in love with Jared is one. But when Chris asks Jared out, everything changes. Tiny trembles were felt as I pressed him closer and it was clear he was fighting the rising tears. Those beautiful eyes peered up through lashes damp with moisture and his broken voice whispered, 'Can I stay?' 'Oh, Jay…' I murmured, tugging him along the couch until he was practically in my lap and sliding my arms firmly around his torso, giving him the support he needed.

  • * Mismanaged: Jared has a secret that he hides from everyone. The only family he has left, his manager, has been manipulating him, forcing him to audition the old-fashioned way: on his knees. When he meets Jensen, he knows his secret is in jeopardy. When Jensen finds out, will he listen or will he break Jared's heart.

  • * Us Against The World: At the age of 10, Jensen had a car accident that caused brain injury, changing his life forever. Now at the age of 30 he is trying to branch out on his own for the first time. Jared is abused and mistreated by his widowed father. Friendless and alone, he meets Jensen when the older man moves into one of his father’s apartments. Can Jensen and Jared change their lives? Together they have a chance.

Recs by [livejournal.com profile] elwarre

  • Dangerous Waters by [livejournal.com profile] virtualpersonal: "Two decades ago, Dean Winchester was betrayed and left for dead by his own father. Now, the so-called Pirate King is poised to take revenge on the father who cast him out, and the brother who took his rightful place and has been living the high life. When Sam Winchester sets sail to collect a bride that he does not want, his journey is cut short and he finds himself at the mercy of a hard, bastard of a pirate who hates him and orders him to his bed. Inexplicably drawn to this mercurial and sometimes cruel man who holds the power of life or death over him, Sam walks a dangerous tightrope using everything in his arsenal to convince Dean to change course and see him as partner and ally rather than as his pawn and victim."

Bonus:Recs by [livejournal.com profile] rainbowglowing

  • Gunpoint by [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco: Jensen got his childhood stolen away from him when he was ten years old. Along with his memory, his voice and every emotion that wasn’t fear, hatred or anger. Question is, can Jared help him get any of it back? And more importantly, does Jensen really want him to?

I'm looking for a story I was halfway finished reading... I stupidly managed to push a button that simultaneously deleted all my tabs on my iphone and ipad and also the history. Yikes. xP
The fic featured Jared/Jensen with both of them just starting Supernatural together. In the very beginning of the fic, Jared is being beaten (presumably by his father) -- the fic then fast forwards to Jensen at a party where Jared is a server. They get along famously before Jared's manager Alex calls (or something like that) and "his face drains of color'...blah blah. Later on, Jensen's friends Tom and Mike talk about how much they hate Jared because they heard he slept for his part in Gilmore Girls and every other movie.
Long story short, his manager makes him sleep with someone from Supernatural (I think he finds out later that the guy he slept with to get the gig wasn't affiliated with the show at all - it was just his sleazy manager getting rid of an owed favor).
Jared is a nervous wreck through all this, trying to support his family and living with the guilt of how he came to get his acting gigs (or how he thought he got them -- turns out his acting was a thousand times better than he knew them to be)
Sound familiar to anyone?

It was mismanaged by [livejournal.com profile] macbyrne or [livejournal.com profile] miss_managed
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I remember pretty much everything about this fic since I read it several times, but I can't find it anymore. It's about how Jared's parents died when he was a kid and he went into the foster system, where he was abused by several different sets of foster parents. He then gets put into the care of the Ackles family, who work on a farm. I think it was split into two different parts, the first one with Jared settling into life on the ranch and getting caught in a flash flood after running away, and the second beginning with Jared attempting to kill himself after Jensen gets mad at him, finishing with him and Jensen finally becoming an official couple at the end around Christmas.
30 December 2014 @ 10:38 am
I'm looking for a specific fic that I thought I saved in my bookmarks, but I guess nont.

From what I remember, Jared and Jensen used to date in high school (or maybe college), but went their separate ways. I think Jared left without much of an explanation and Jensen was heartbroken.

Few years later, Jensen runs into Jared in the city and he's not the same. He seems withdrawn and he's not happy to see Jensen at all. Turns out Sandy is blackmailing Jared into a relationship with her. Can't remember what her leverage was, but Jared agreed to keep Jensen safe. Sandy is really mean to Jared emotionally/mentally. Jensen finds out what goes on and helps Jared leave.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for your help!

FOUND This is There's a Hole in Me, Just About the Size of You
I started reading this story a few months ago and then my computer crashed and I lost the location of the story :( Jensen and Jared were an item when they were younger, then Jared moved away and married a man who became abusive. Jared had 2 sons (twins) with Jensen. Jared escaped with the boys and moved back to his hometown, where Jensen was a cop. Jared and Jensen became involved again, but then Jared's husband shows up and messes everything up.

FOUND in comments!
I'm still a bit shocked that magser deleted her/his journal, I was there only a month ago...

As it says on the tin, I'm looking for "Behind the mask" by magser (tall_tales was the name of the lj) - "Jensen Ackles is in the home stretch...he just has to get through four months at the worst Asylum he has ever seen and he is a fully qualified psychiatrist. What he finds there though is much worse than he ever imagined, and like an old movie playing out in front of his eyes, he finds neglected patients, lazy doctors and an injustice he is determined to put right..."

Since the journal has been purged, I cannot contact the author to ask whether it would be alright to share (maybe someone here knows something?), but I just optimistically assume it's fine and ask if someone saved the story and would be kind enough to send me a copy (and I'd totally bake you virtual christmas cookies!)! :D

Edit: FOUND fantastically fast by kruel_angel. Link in the post.
02 December 2014 @ 07:44 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago, Jared is committed to a mental institution (by his mother to control his inheritance or something similar) and he's abused and kept in the basement of the facility. Jensen finds and rescues him. If anyone knows where I can find this fic that would be amazing!

Thanks :)
Hi people!

So I'm looking for a fic that I can't remember the name of at all, or the writer, but basically:
Jared is the second breeder of his master in a very unpleasant world. His kids (called pups), unlike the first breeder's, are destined for sale rather than staying in the family. He's submitted to abuse daily, and when he goes into labor at the same time as the first breeder, he's punished and left alone for not being able to take care of the first breeder. Half the babies he delivers (with Jensen's help) are dead, the other three are masters. (his market value rises after that so at some point his first master sells his kid and first breeder to buy Jared back)
Jensen is a very mysterious doctor who really seems to dislike Jared but SPOILER he's actually made a deal with a space witch when Jared died in a previous life, to give them another chance. He's in pain at seeing Jared in his new life and feels very guilty ( he can remember their past but Jared can't, he was actually born again in that world.) In the end it turns out that the witch set them up for failure, she put JAred in that dimension because she thought it was 'fun' to see their struggle because their love was real.
In any case they end up together, Jared has to stay with someone else on a farm (like a house in the country) before that. His owner then (maybe Ty?) doesn't think Jensen won't be a good owner because Jensen refuses to discipline Jared by whipping him and stuff. Eventually he does get Jared. One thing that I remember from Jared's POV is that he thought to himself that his hips were naturally wide so he could accommodate his Master in between them. Also Jared rreeeeaaalllyyy wants to get pregnant but he loses his baby with Jen at least once.
-An important character is Misha, primarily as friend of Jensen. He hooks up with the other breeder who was at the farm with Jared.
-Second breeders can't come, so when Jensen gets Jared he has to flip the switch (I think it was some sort of chip) to first breeder. Jensen sees the controls digitally projected in his head.
-When Jared is with Jensen they pretend the other breeder from the farm is Jensen's second breeder, and two other breeders try to murder Jared (and kill his unborn baby) by poison because Jared is much less experienced as the other farm- breeder and they didn't think it was right.
- Way at the end they manage to escape that world. there's a control room with some sort of veins that lead to other worlds and Jared does something so travel between those worlds would become very hard in there.
much much more but I hope this was enough details. Thanks so much for reading!!
26 June 2014 @ 12:16 am
So this is a fic that I've read several times that I wanted to read again, but it's been deleted. It was called You're the Light In My Stormy Seas by beckalooby, where Jared is in an abusive relationship and Jensen runs a call centre that helps gay abuse victims.
22 May 2014 @ 02:14 pm
I have had a REALLY bad 4 months and I need LOTS of cheering up. What you can do to help with that is to recommend as many h/c, angst Sam (or Jared) stories you know (gen only please but I will take any and all ratings)!!! Share with me the ones where Sam is SO injured, you don't know how he is going to survive. Share the stories where your heart is breaking apart right along with his. Recommend all the abused Sam stories you keep reading over and over again. My motto is the more Sam hurts (physically and/or emotionally) the happier I am!!! Also the longer the story is the happier I am!!!

I am sure I have read a lot of your recs but please rec away. It is always good to re-read great fics over again. Also self-recs are welcome (I don't know why anyone would have a problem with self-recs). Bonus points for Dean (Jensen) being an AWESOME big brother (at least by the end of the story)

So start reccing!!! THANKS!!!
19 May 2014 @ 01:57 am
Was in the middle of reading a fic & internet rebooted !! Jensen & Christian are detectives & had to go in hiding at "Hide Ranch". Jared was sent there by his abusive/controlling husband (Paul) & David Borenza is spying on Jared, reporting to Jared's husband.



FOUND in comments :)
There's a fic I read a long time back, so not sure if it's still around. It had Jared in a relationship with a rich OMC who is physically abusing him. Jared is an artist and the OMC makes him paint all day to earn money from selling the paintings. By memory they move into a beautiful house by the beach, and Jared has a room that is just for him to paint in. I don't recall how the Js meet, but they do and eventually happy ending and all. Sorry, it's not much to go on!

It's not Shouting Out Loud (though that is also Abused!Artist!Jared and incredible, I highly recommend it).

Also, do you know any fics of any pairings where one character is with someone that is abusing them and they have an affair before abused!character leaves the abuser? I would especially like if the abused character is super shy. I love Bring Me To Life, so similar fics would be very much appreciated! Or if you know of any abused!Jensen, since I think I've only read abused!Jared fics. But really, any combination of characters, I ship them all.

28 December 2013 @ 10:59 pm
I'm looking for J2 fics where one of the boys is conditioned and trained for most of their life to be a soldier or some type of warrior without choice. Something like In retrospect (I’d rather have been a poet. Or a farmer.) by . Maybe J1 was physically as well as mentally abused? Completed stories only, please. Lots of angst, but please warn me for death fics. Thanks! 
21 October 2013 @ 12:51 pm
Hi guys,

 1. I'm looking for fics were one of the J's was or still is in fostercare and had a rough childhood (physical, mental abuse etc.). I'd love to read something along the lines of Brand New Start.

2. I adored the Strangers and Angels verse especially how the relationship between the brothers and Jo's family is protrayed. So I'm wondering if there are other good stories like that out there, that deal with the boys being welcomed into a family. (I already looked through older, similar searches and I am now looking for additional stories)

3. Are there any stories were the Js or Sam and Dean are scuba divers, or just scuba dive in their free time? I don't think I've come across a story like that, and I came up empty googling it so.... recs plez if you got any :-)

4. And last but not least. Does anyone know if there is a story out there that is based on the movie "Shelter" by Jonah Markowitz? I just loved the atmosphere and tone of the movie and was wondering if anyone has written something based on it.

Thx everyone in advance!
13 October 2013 @ 11:16 pm
I read the summery of a RPF.
Jared was in an abusive relation ship with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and ran away. JDM hired Jensen an PI(?) to find Jared and bring him back. Jensen finds Jared and falls in love with him. I think he helps Jared to get/stay away from JDM. I don´t know how it ends.

Can someone help me? Please
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Hi everyone,
I love this fandom, and every last one of it fans! I need help finding a fic. that I read a long time ago, and can't seem to find.

Jensen has been abused in one way or another during his time on every TV show he's been on (emotionally, physically, sexually). He has severe PTSD, and uses drugs, and other self-harming tactics to cope, and to deal with his past abuse.

When he joins the SPN cast and meets Jared feelings develop between the J's, but Jensen is severely damaged but wants to be a stronger, and better person for Jared and eventually tells Jared about all the abuse. I remember Jared feeling overwhelmed, and torn between being happy that Jensen finally starts to tell him his painful past, and physically ill from Jensen's sometimes awkward, and sudden outburst of all the ugly things he went through.

I also remember that Jensen actually believed he wasn't worthy of love, friendship, or even being in Jared's company, and that he was very vulnerable and the story made me cry.

Oh, and Jared has a fight outside of a movie rental place with an old abuser of Jensen's, because the CW star starts calling Jensen a whore, and slut. I think the old abuser actually was with another CW star that he was currently dating, and Jared felt sorry for the new boyfriend and eventually helped that actor out of his abusive relationship with the unknown abuser. If I remember correctly Jensen and the other abused CW star both end up living with Jared. Also, Jared gets physically, and emotional ill himself from neglecting his own needs and putting Jensen's first all the time.

I hope someone remembers this story because I can't find it:-D

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Hi ,

1. It's a story i read a long ago and i believe it was WIP back then.  It was J2 and arranged marriage? . J1 is looking for a husband for public or something like that and go to some agency and find offer with J2. Everything is arranged and they marry. But J2 thought that it wold be like fairytale but J1 only sleeps with him , barley talk to him etc. For J1 he is just fuck toy or something. Thats all i remember. Maybe that was alpha/beta/omega AU but I'm not certain.

2. It's demon!sam and demon!dean with other demons attack some angel facility and find young innocent angel castiel in library.

3. This is gen request - any fic with J2 where they are friends but J1 is love with J2 but J2 is complete moron and doesn't notice it and start dating some girl. This girl however are more aware of J1 filings and do all to end friendship between J2. Generally I want bitch girlfriend/finance who want to ruin J2 friendship. Maybe they fall apart for few years or couple days i don't care only with happy ending.

4. Another gen - J1 hurt J2 in any way (mentally, neglect etc.) and then try and apologize. Something like that.

5. Any J2 fic with homophobia in it. I would like it very sad like J must run from home becouse his parents disown him or something like that.

I like long story but good short one wold be fine. WIP if it updated
regularly. I don't mind alpha/beta/omega or mpreg or AU.
25 August 2013 @ 02:36 pm
I can't remember how I stumbled across my first request, or why I appear to have not saved it, but now looking for it here has lead to a second request.

1) It was a WIP , not sure if it was abandoned or has since been updated, or not updated yet. In it there were special soliders who take on wolves as partners to make themselves stronger and give them their abilities. The wolf has to pick the person and Jensen was chosen by a female wolf.Last I read the Js hadn't even met yet in the fic. I hope its not abandoned cause it was really good already, and I'm hoping there is more to read now.

2) This is so silly, but while I was looking for that on here I thought I saw a post that mentioned a J2 story about Jared being an omega who nobody wanted cause there was something wrong with his body and he didn't like sex or couldn't have sex because of it? And Jensen somehow met him & picked him anyway and was willing to work him thru it. I thought I saved it, but can't find it, and re-searched thru the knotting kink and the alpha/beta/omega tag on here and CANNOT find it again! Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover how I feel right now.

So if some one can help me find these, or heck, send me the link for the post I found the second one on, I'd be eternally greatful and give you my first born cyber baby. Please please please help!!!

PS, mods I tried getting the tags right the 1st thime on my phone, but some I was guessing at & probably got in teh wrong order. Sorry.
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20 June 2013 @ 10:09 pm
Hi friends:)

 Can you please rec me  any fic where either Jared or Jensen were abused in their previous relationships, before they met each other? Any story where horrible experiences with ex lover leads one of the boys to have trust issues or hidden scars..that the other manages to heal?

I am up for any story as long as its well written and doesn't have extreme underage in it.

Thanx a million in advance
Hi everyone,

I read this story a while ago and cannot remember the name of it and I have searched this community but cannot find it :(

I cannot remember if it was Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean. I think it was Jared/Jensen. They were both abducted, along with Chad and sent to a sex-slave camp/ring/something. Tom Welling was there, as one of the trainers. Jared and Jensen were kept by 'Mistress' along with a girl named Ghost. Jared is younger than Jensen. Jensen acts very protective of Jared and they eventually start a relationship.

They were all forced to have sexual relations with clients. Eventually the feds are able to free them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Hey guys,

I started reading a fic a while ago, but then I lost it, and it's driving me insane now!

From what I remember of the summary and the little bit I read, the story was about Jared who married (I want to say the husband's name was Mark, but not sure) young. His husband is kind of controlling and won't let him take a job as a teacher, even though Jared wants to. Jared's best friends with Chris who calls him to meet him at his friend's bar, which ends up being Jensen. I remember Jared drove a motorcycle in this fic. Also, Jared's husband was drinking increasingly more which had Jared worried.

I hope I gave enough details.

Thanks in advance, guys
28 March 2013 @ 01:59 am
Hi guys!

I was hoping you guys could help me out. I've been following this community for a long time and finally got a account. I've been in search of this one fanfic that I vaguely remember so I apologize in advance. I know it was a Jared/Jensen fic where Jared has Jensen come to meet his family. During the process Jensen finds out that Jared was abused by his father(?). I remember this one scene where Jared is in his bedroom and is talking to his brother who knows of the abuse and is wondering why Jared came back or something like that and Jensen walks into the conversation. It was a long fic and a really good one!

Again I'm sorry for the lack of info! If you guys have any other fanfics where Jensen finds out about some kind of family related abuse to Jared that would be great as well!! Self recs are welcome!
21 March 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Hi I'm looking for some fics where
1. Dean intentionally being mean to Sam or hurt him (emotionally/physically ect)but didn't realize or expect it to do that much damage (maybe Sam already feels the cracks and pressure/guilt, and what Dean said literally broke him)

2. Similar to number one request but more of a sexual nature. Read more )

Wincest or J2 with Sam/Jared as bottom or really good Genfic(for number 1)
09 March 2013 @ 09:26 pm
I have 2 fics I've read before and can't find them. (I actually had one more I wanted to ask about but I can't remember what it was, I'll probably post it later.) Anywho...

1. I remember this was a weird mix up of I think Cas, Dean, and Jared. Dean and Cas were a couple who had an apartment together. One day Jared sneaks in their apartment and Dean finds him and "keeps" him. Jared ran away from home because his dad was mean to him, he had a disorder that made his really clumsy. It's not my usual type of story but it was so cute.

2. This one is a little more vague. It involved Sam, Dean and John. They boys are younger/teens. I just remember Sam being taken by a group of guys who drug him so that he is still concious but can't maove his body. They take him to an ally and try to rape him. I remember they were trying to videotape it but John and Dean get there in time and save the day. I remember Sam just laying there trying to see what was going on but he couldn't move to see everything.

Can anyone help?
17 February 2013 @ 12:01 am
Okay so I've been trying and utterly failing at my google skills to find this fic for the past couple hours...

In the fic Jared and Tom started dating and Jensen was really protective of Jared, he didn't want him involved with Tom at all.

Tom became abusive (starting with emotional abuse then to sexual and physical) and Jensen helped Jared to leave.

I think there was a sequel to this also.

Hope someone can help!
08 January 2013 @ 11:37 am
Hi and happy new year to you all!

I´m looking for some stories where Dean/Jensen are in a relationship Jared/Sam but Dean/Jensen hurts (starts hurting) Sam/Jared. All together with a lot h/c or suicede or drugs or selfharm. I think you get the picture...

Second I´m looking for fics where Sam/Jared is kidnaped or realy bad abused and takes on revange in the end. H/C from Dean/Jensen is more than wellcomed

Thank you for your help.
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30 December 2012 @ 02:55 am
Hi. I'm looking for any fics where one of J's suffers some sort of childhood abuse and the other finds out and helps him, or fics where the J's are adult and one of them finds out about he others past childhood abuse. The abuse can be emotional, physical or sexual. Thank You.
02 December 2012 @ 07:59 pm
Hi All!

I'm looking for fics where Jensen is a complete asshole to Jared while they're together.  This could manifest in any way (cheating, yelling, abuse).  It could even lead to Jared ending up with someone else.

Bottom!Jared only please!.

29 October 2012 @ 10:18 pm
I'm looking for a story where Jared and Jen are in a relationship but Jared keeps going to Chad to be treated roughly. Jensen finds out and decided he can do it for Jared better. Give him the domination he needs without beating him and humiliating him. He tells Jared they will do it his way and Jensen will take care of him. He forces him to orgasm a few times before fucking him and then they have a bath together with Jensen taking care of Jared. At the end, Jared thinks that Jensen wants him to leave but Jensen talks him into staying. Sound familiar?
28 October 2012 @ 06:37 pm
Hi everyone!

1) I'm looking for a story that I read a while ago and don't remember a whole lot about it. It was a D/s themed story where Jensen was a sub recovering from abuse of his old Dom. He's best friends were Vicki (who was a dom) and Misha (who was her sub). In comes Jared who starts to try and train Jensen to enjoy doing things for his Dom for the pleasure rather then out of fear of a punishment. I know Vicki was pretty protective of Jensen and when they would go out she would have Jensen wear a bracelet so other Dons would think he was claimed and let him alone. ~ FOUND

2) Jensen is hosting a party and Jared comes with his Dom. His dom collared him that night without telling him what it meant and ends up abusing him in the basement. Jensen realizes what's going on and puts a stop to it. ~ FOUND

3) All the abused sub!Jensen or abused sub!Jared stories you have. I've read Wrapped in Chains, which I love and it doesn't matter who bottoms but I am only looking for J2 fics. I'd like the other J to be the Dom teaching them the new better way of life, not the abuser.

4) The last is very limited when it comes to what I remember. Jensen was dating someone, not Jared maybe Jeff. The man is a Dom but does not take good care of Jensen. The only think I remember was that he allowed other men to use Jensen and he would beat Jensen into subspace but then just leave him alone. No aftercare at all and Jensen would wake up alone.

Thank you for any help!
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11 October 2012 @ 08:29 pm
This might have been floating around one of the comment fic memes, I honestly don't remember where I found it. What I do remember is that Jared is Jensen's estranged nephew. When Jared's mother dies his father (Jensen's brother) is contacted. No one in the family knows what to do with the boy and they all want to avoid a scandal so eventually Jensen takes Jared in to live with him.

The juicy details are here :) )
Thank you guys so much in advance!!!
03 September 2012 @ 12:13 am
Okay, I know it is right in front of my face and I just can't see it. It is driving me crazy ... It was a 17 year old very badly abused Jared and his idol musician Jensen. Jared runs away from home for a few start which begins with traveling to another state to see Jensen's concert. He ends up passing out, due to injuries from the abuse he was running from and Jensen later offers him a job on his tour. He handles the merchandise table and Jensen's blog, talks with a therapist over the phone and slowly but surely he and Jensen fall for one another. Jared is scared because he doesn't know if he can label himself as gay and isn't sure if Jensen can accept this. Thank you for any help!
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Hey guys! I'm looking for some very basic requests today.

1. I'm looking for fics where Jared has to face homophobic people. Whether that be strangers, friends, family members etc. with a very protective/comforting Jensen. I usually see the reverse and I'm curious for Jared being the one facing it. Jared/Jensen please!

2. Situations where Dean has to either watch Sam being tortured or hurt. Doesn't matter what season or context. I just want to see Dean having to watch Sam being tortured or hurt. Can be Gen or Wincest for this one. I don't mind.

3. I know I've read probably all there is to read in this department but I thought I might give it a try. I'm looking for fics where Jared is being abused by a husband or boyfriend and than meets Jensen and Jensen becomes protect of him and they become a couple etc. Jared/Jensen for this obviously.

And that's it! Hope to find some fics to read.
19 July 2012 @ 06:03 pm
Since it is Jared's birthday today, I am in the mood for traumatized Sam/Jarded fics.  He can be traumatized for any reason, be any age and the longer and in depth the fic the better.  I would like to see Dean/Jensen do major comforting but it is not necessary (he can be the reason for the trauma agaist Sam/Jared).  Please no slash or Wincest,  anything else is ok.  Thank~you!!!! 
Hey guys I'm looking for some simple requests here:

1. Any and all stories where Dean watches Sam sleep or watches over him while he does sleep. Can be Wincest or Gen

2. Any stories where Jared is abused or was previously abused whether by a boyfriend, husband or family member. J2 for this one only. I prefer bottom!Jared but I am not picky.

3. Dean protecting Sam from Angels or Hunters. Either or is fine with me. Wincest or Gen.

And that's about it! Thanks.
I'm looking for a fic where both J's were working as high priced escorts.  I think Samantha Ferris was the boss of the company that they worked for. They also lived together. In this story, Jared had this one client that hurt him physically and emotionally.  Jensen was very protective of Jared in this fic.  Does anyone know who the author is or where I can read the story?  

The fic that I am looking for features Jensen as the son of a local pastor who tries to befriend new-kid Jared, who just moved to area. Jensen is religous but not narrow-minded, Jared is a hurt, emotionally abused mess. He is living with his "uncle" JDM since getting kicked out of his home by homophobic parents. The relationship is slow to develop.
It is a wonderful fic and I would appreciate any help finding it.

ETA: FOUND: Happy Plastic People by anyothergirl415 on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/289305/chapters/461912

Thanks for the help, guys. It is appreciated.
20 May 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for any fics with domestic abuse. Jared being the victim please. I DON'T want Jensen to be the abuser please. Gen or slash but I'd prefer Bottom!Jared.
Rec me anything you think will fit :) Just no WIP's please.

Thanks in advance :)


I've turned in my bb and anxiously waiting for artist picking to start, so I thought I'd do some marathon J2 fic reading. ;)  IHopefully y'all can rec me some good stuff that I've missed while I had my head buried in writing for 4 months. :D

For some reason my current phase seems to be focused on the following two kinks: band!fic & emotionally abused!jared (adult please)

read expanded explanation & examples )
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29 April 2012 @ 12:21 pm

I'm looking for deleted fic: ”The hunter and his prey” by cas_desespere. I'd appreciate it if somebody could help me find this fic or send me a copy?
My email: falca_00@hotmail.com

Link in comments