16 February 2017 @ 09:51 pm
Sam and Dean were hired by this rich guy to fix some supernatural problem and he offers to let them stay for a bit. He's impressed by Sam because Sam went to Stanford and he says he can pull some strings to get Sam back in. Meanwhile, he looks down on Dean and sees him as dragging Sam down. Rich guy has a wife and little girl. The little girl loves Dean and he is adorable with her. She convinces him to go play in the pool with her and her mom wants Dean to go in the pool as well because she wants to ogle him.
So rich guy and Sam are talking while Dean plays with the little girl. Rich guy suggests he get Sam back into school or something and says they'll find something else for Dean to do to get him out of the way. Sam stands up for his brother and I think he punches rich guy or pushes him into the pool or something? Later, Sam and Dean are talking and it's revealed that Dean was only staying there for Sam cuz he thought Sam might want to use the rich guy to get back into Stanford. He says it doesn't matter if rich guy looks down on him but Sam says it does and they leave. Also, the story is written from Sam's POV.

Thank you!
11 January 2017 @ 02:55 am
The fic I'm looking for was from Sam's POV and was fairly long. There was a lot of Sam who was in high school pining for Dean who I don't think was. I remember two scenes clearly.

1) Sam and his girlfriend call Dean from the high school bathroom stall they're hiding in because someone's running around the school with a gun. Dean gets to the school and runs in and finds Sam and the OFC in the bathroom. Dean may have fought the shooter, but I can't remember. They all get out safely.

Second scene )
14 November 2016 @ 11:12 pm
Okay, so a while ago I remembered two Sam/Gabriel fics, and wanted to reread them and looked everywere for both with no luck!

1) One of them was a completely human au, and had Gabriel as a nurse or doctor. He met Sam when Sam was hit by car, lost all of his memories, and was basically a child again. With no known family and Sam unable to tell them anything Gabriel takes him home to take care of them.

2)The second one was a short fic, and included Sam as a dying incubus. He was still a virgin in the fic and was coming to the point where he need to have sex or die, but was with Gabriel who just told Sam he was asexual, but they end up having a little bit of fun anyway.

I'm almost 99.9% sure both these fics were on Archiveofourown, and any help would be extremely welcome!

Also,if you have any short Sam/Gabriel, feel free to drop some links to those as well!
15 September 2016 @ 06:19 pm
Greetings and salutations! I'm looking for any and all stories about Dean getting re-souled and still with the Mark of Cain and going after Cole for beating up on Sam. There was one story in particular that I cannot remember all the specifics of but in it a fellow hunter was congratulating Dean on letting go of his super protective streak when it came to Sam, that now all the other hunters knew Dean wasn't going to hurt them for hurting Sam. And Dean is like, really? Well, let's fix that shall we. And I think he went after Cole as a result. That's all I can remember. Gen or wincest, but no dean/castiel please. Any help and all stories will be greatly appreciated! Mods, i would have put a Cole tag, but there doesn't appear to be one. Sorry if I missed it.
11 September 2016 @ 07:59 pm
I stupidly didn't bookmark this fic when I first found it a couple months ago, and now can't figure out the right search terms to find it again. Details:

  • In the aftermath of "The Purge" (I think) Sam decides he needs some outside help figuring stuff out, and goes to a therapist. He goes only once, but keeps a journal and works things out on his own--and is just about ready to talk things through properly with Dean when the season finale happens.

  • I think part of it was from the therapist's POV.

  • Found it on Fanfiction.net

  • Single chapter--don't think it was longer than 5,000 words

Sound familiar to anyone?

ETA: With some advanced Google-fu, eventually found this on my own.

  • Unresolved - Dean's in deep trouble and Sam's ability to help is undermined by the tattered state of their relationship post-Gadreel. Sam takes desperate action: he talks to someone.

Alright, so it has been years since I have posted to spnstoryfinders. I've kept up with the show but tend to only focus on one to two fandoms fic-wise at a time. Writing in the Queer as Folk fandom pulled me away from my other ones for a while but now I am back and ready to read some great stories in this fandom that I may have missed in the past few years. Not a huge fan of Wincest, Sabriel, Samifer (unless it is dubcon or noncon) or complete AU (but am completely fine with canon divergance.) So, if possible, I would rather not have those pairings in the non-AU stories you share.

1. Dean/OMC: Are there any fics where Dean runs into a guy he had a fling with years before? Maybe it was a secret relationship he had in high school or while Sam was away at Stanford. Dean and the OMC could pick things up again or maybe they just catch up and Dean is happy that the OMC has a decent life. It would be great if Sam found out about it but it's not absolutely necessary. Destiel, Dean/OMC, or gen are all okay for this. It can take place any season, but it would be awesome if it took place in season 10, 11, or even after. For some reason I am really craving to read this but if none of you lovely people can find it, I'll just write it instead ;)

2. Dean/Castiel: If you all could rec your favorite Dean/Castiel fics written from 2012 to 2016, that would be awesome! I do love angst, but I also love humor and crack just as much. Of course, I will also take recs to earlier Destiel stories.

3. Awesome!Sam: I would love to read stories about Sam not only supporting Dean (either coming out as bi or his relationship with Cas or an OMC) but also have a storyline of his own, whether it be dramatic, romantic, or otherwise. In other words, I want him to be rooting for his brother's happiness but I want the story to also take Sam's own life into account and for it to cover what he's going through, making him a major and complex character throughout the story.

4. Wedding!Fic: As long as it is not Wincest or Daddycest, this can be any pairing. I am looking for humorous, non-AU wedding fics. Destiel would be lovely but Dean/Lisa, Dean/OMC, Dean/OFC, Dean/Benny, Sam/Jess, Sam/Amelia, Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, Charlie/Dorothy, Charlie/OFC, John/Mary, and Bobby/Ellen would all be great options as well.

5. Depression: Can you all rec stories where Sam, Dean, or Cas are going through severe depression and stay relatively in character throughout it all? Of course, depression can completely distort your normal reactions to day to day life, but I would like them to be recognizable while the other characters grow more and more concerned over something being very wrong.

6. Long shot but...: Are there any stories where Dean is worried how his close friends and family will react to him being bisexual and they literally do not even care because the apocolypse is going on or the mark of Cain made him butcher people and they still love him despite that and that's a lot more concerning than him messing around with dudes. In other words, there are bigger concerns than who Dean sleeps with and now is not the time to fret over something rather trivial in comparison to people dropping like flies.

7. Sam finds out Dean was enrolled or is currently enrolled in college classes: Maybe Dean took them while he was with Lisa or maybe he's taking them online. Sam could find a document containing Dean's research paper, essay, creative writing project, whatever. Or maybe he answers Dean's cellphone and it is Dean's advisor checking in on how he's doing and if he would consider enrolling for the new semester since the advisor sees a lot of potential in him. Either way, I just would like to see Sam finding out and being proud of him, all while asking questions while Dean feels a little embarrassed about taking classes in his mid to late 30s.

8. Queer as Folk crossover: Since I have written over 20 stories in the Queer as Folk fandom and love the characters ridiculously so, can you all come up with some stories where the boys cross paths with the Liberty Avenue gang? Maybe they are on a case in Pittsburgh and it is directly affecting the characters in QAF? Maybe Brian tries to seduce Dean (and succeeds because I am sure the straightest of men would let themselves be fucked by Brian Kinney) or Emmett takes Cas shopping for more fabulous clothes or Sam gets into passionate discussions with Mel, who is a lawyer. In other words, I would like to see these characters meet and actually get along.
22 June 2016 @ 12:15 pm
Hey! Its my first time posting any kind of request and i hope i do it right!

Im looking for a fic that is old. I only remeber bit and pieces of it, hopefully its enough.

1)Sam and dean are young, and Dean used to talk dirty to Sam in the backseat while John was driving. Sam wanted them to have sex but Dean wanted to wait until Sam was an certin age, i think.

2)Jhon captures somekind of creatures kid and tortures him for information. And they catpture Sam and use the same torture for Sam. They send John and Dean a video of Sam being tortures where Sam in morse code tells them where he is held.

3)This other hunter also gives Sam and Dean a knife thats special and says they have a bond, or something like that.

4) And in the end they defeat Azazel by some using the same knife and John finds out about their relationship aswell, and does not really aprove, but bobby does.

Thats all i remember and i hope its enough. I will be forever gratefull if somebody is able to find this fic!!!

I'm looking for a really creepy little fic that told the story of Sam after he'd stopped the trials (I think). He's with Dean and he feels weird - keeps hearing flies buzzing around him - finds stains on the bedding. It turns out that Dean bought Sam's corpse back to life and Sam is sort of living dead (I hope this makes some sense). I've searched and searched to no avail so any help would be awesome!
This was a fic I read years ago. It was very short but left a big impression on me. I remember one line was like, 'One day Sam will be in his backyard and he will realize what Dean sacrificed to give him his normal life.'

Another line might have been that Sam was in class one day and he was blindsided as he realized that Dean had taken the abuse from John in place of Sam. It mentions Sam running out of his classroom and throwing up outside. But those could be from two different fics.

I think the title might have been in Latin.
Story has been found here: Spectrum (in 4 parts), by [livejournal.com profile] tbrook.  The conclusion is here: Jumping at Shadows.  Thank you for the help, all you commenters!  :D

This is an old specific story I'm looking for.  It starts right where the series starts, just before Jess's death.  Sam passes through his own doorway on which somebody carved a cursed sigil, and he basically loses his mind.  The story is written in a very distinct stream-of-consciousness style from a third person Sam perspective, and I believe this moment is described as "the whole world took a step to the left."

Jess dies the same way she did in the series, and Dean shows up after Sam calls him incoherently from the kitchen floor.  Dean tells him to stay put, because he was already almost there.  The rest of the story is basically an insane Sam-styled warped perspective on the beginning of the series.  Dean is looking for their father, but his search has been completely disrupted because Sam is incoherent.  He can speak, but the things he says are often uninterpretable without any perspective on the things he's hallucinating.  Sam frequently begins screaming for reasons completely incomprehensible to Dean.  Once at a gas station he starts screaming because he is afraid he will fall into the sky.  He keeps seeing a man in a trenchcoat following them.  The television looks like an eye watching him.

I think the story is in 5 parts or so.  I read it on livejournal, and the author had a blue background.  Sadly, that is all I can remember, and keyword searches have gotten me nowhere.  The story is gen, no pairings.  It's implied that the man in the coat is Castiel, but this is never said outright, and I think Bobby shows up at one point, but other than that it's just Dean and Sam.  The style is the most distictive feature.  It read almost like poetry-prose.  And it would be at least 4 years old, probably more.  If anyone can help me find this, I would be so grateful.  It was an amazing story, and I'd love to read it again!
21 November 2015 @ 10:20 pm
I'm looking for two fics.

Edit: It's below in the comments.
The first one I read awhile ago, but I can't find it now. In the fic the Winchester tradition of making deals with demons is continued with preseries Sam. John, Dean, and Sam were staying somewhere really cold in winter and Dean had an accident ( maybe he fell on freezing water? Can't remember.) and was hospitalized. Doctors said that Dean was going to die. A demon offered Sam that he/she would save Dean if Sam just did a little thing for it.Sam was desperate and made the deal. The demon saved Dean and made the Winchesters forget the whole thing. Now in season four, Ruby reveals to Sam, while taking him to free Lucifer, that if Sam doesn't say yes to the Devil, Dean will die. (and maybe go back to hell? Not sure.) I think it was gen.
The fic was in archiveofourown.

Second request.
I found a rec from http://ao3feed-j2.tumblr.com/post/85933549480/the-eye-of-the-beholder, but the fic was deleted. It's name was The Eye of the Beholder by nanoks. I haven't been able to read so if anyone knows somewhere it might be, please tell me.

Synopsis: an SPN RPF re-telling of the classic Twilight Zone episode, “The eye of the beholder.” Jensen Ackles, a young man, lays in a hospital bed, his face wrapped in bandages, awaiting the outcome of a surgical procedure performed by the State in a last-ditch attempt to make him look “normal”. Will it be a success or a failure? Will he be able to stay in the city, or will he be exiled to the ‘village’ to live with Jared Padalecki, a man who is, by the beauty of the world’s standers, hideous and ugly?

Words: 9110, Chapters: 4/4, Language: English

Fandoms: Supernatural RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins
Relationships: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Future Fic, Mutant Society, Discrimination, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Friendship/Love, Sexual Content, True Love

Thank you!
08 September 2015 @ 11:21 am
Hi y'all!
I'm looking for a specific hurt!dean fic that I read some time ago. I was actually sure it was by wave obscura, but i've searched their masterlist and can't find it. I'm certain it was by an author that writes a lot of hurt dean, tho.
Anyway, the fic itself was a one-shot set sometime in season 1. It was Sam pov, and in it Dean gets clawed by some kind of nasty, but the main point of it is that Sam, who has been away at Stanford, is not used to sewing up his brother anymore, and is kind of freaking out insisting they should go to a hospital while Dean insists that it's really not that bad, just sew me up Sammy I'll be fine.
I think that Sam was freaking out so badly (or maybe was just out of practice) that they couldn't give any painkillers to Dean until they were done because he had to walk Sam through stitching him up. Oh, and one random detail I remember is that Dean is like "ok you should put a spare sheet under me so I don't mess up the bed" and Sam kind of hysterically asks "do you really think I care about the bed right now!" only to realize after he's done that he really should have used one because now he has to move a semi-conscious dean to the non-wet bed.
The main thing I remember is that it was a really intense fic, not shying away at all from the horror of the whole stitching-up-your-brother-in-a-motel-room-when-he-should-REALLY-be-in-a-hospital. It felt very emotionally real and I think ended with Sam kind of thinking that he could not believe that he used to consider this just a part of life.
I know its kind of a meandering description, but I would really like to read this fic again, so if you have any ideas please let me know!
21 July 2015 @ 07:26 pm
Hi, I am looking for an old fic that I believe was on fanfiction.net. Sam was at Stanford and something happened causing him to be trapped in some sort of well like location, injured with no food and no hope. Meanwhile Dean is on some sort of ritual hunt that John had gone on. He ends up locating the creature he needs to and receives some sort of special ability due to his actions. Somehow he figures out that Sam is in trouble and he saves him. That is all that I can remember about this fic so please help.
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22 April 2015 @ 10:15 am
Hi, are there any fics out there that focus on Sam finding out about Destiel? Either Sam finds out about their relationship, or they aren't together yet and Sam finds out that Dean or Castiel has feelings for the other?

I'd really like stories focusing on Sam realizing Dean's feelings, and having to come to terms with his brother being bisexual. I'm fine with a right-off-the-go supporting!Sam, or initially dubious, slightly disconcerted!Sam. I don't mind if Sam acts slightly homophobic initially, as long as he's loving and accepting in the end.

I'd especially like stories that focus on Sam realizing that Dean is pining for Castiel, but that Dean doesn't think the angel could ever love him back (either because Cas is an angel so it seems obvious that a male/male relationship would be taboo, or because Dean believes himself to be inherently unloveable), and Sam feeling his big brother's pain and perhaps trying to find out by himself if Cas could actually return Dean's feelings, and tries to set them up.

Basically, I'm kind of looking for a Destiel fic focusing on Destiel from Sam's point of view. Please help?
1) Stanford-era fics where Sam notices that Dean didn't take very good care of himself while they were apart. (Not eating properly, not getting enough sleep, running himself ragged on hunts, not treating injuries well enough/"toughing it out", scars from crude patch jobs where he couldn't reach well enough to do the stitches etc.)

2) My second is for the boys running out of food or money, Dean having to work multiple part time jobs and considering dropping out of school to keep them out of trouble (While John is on a hunt - maybe he didn't leave enough or was gone longer than they expected)
Especially if Sam is unaware of what Dean's going though.

I'd also like to exclude any fics featuring the boys and prostitution because non-con and dub-con kinda squick me out. :P Wincest is great though!
17 April 2015 @ 03:40 am
I would love some fic with Destiel from Sam's point of view.
Or just any destiel fic with an awesome in-character Sam.
I've been looking for fics similar to this one, where Dean visits Sam at Stanford and Sam's friends notice some quirky things about them. It could be something like noticing that Sam and Dean have a knack for hustling pool or that Dean is packing ammunition in the trunk of the Impala. Maybe Sam sleeps better when Dean is around. It doesn't really matter what, but the fic has to has to include one of Sam's friends or a roommate commenting on it. The fic doesn't have to be entirely from their point of view, however. Bonus points if Sam's psychic powers are involved.

I don't read Wincest fics, but if it's extremely minimal, I don't mind it.
02 March 2015 @ 04:08 pm
It was a fic I read awhile ago but somehow lost it.

Sam is frustrated about Dean and Castiel's 'soulful stares' so he decides to do something about it to get them together. (Maybe Gabriel helped? Not sure on that one. I do know that Sam did most of the meddling.) Sam begins to hit on Cas and Dean notices and realizes that he (ie Dean) loves Cas. But, being the self-sacrificing idiot that he is, Dean decides to let Sam and Cas 'be happy together'. Sam sees that his attempts have failed and approach Dean at a diner and say something like, 'Hey, Dean, I realized I'm in love with Cas' and Dean was all "Good luck, I'm happy for you", all the while crying and being jealous inside. Sam then becomes angry and frustrated and says that he lied, that he's not in love with Cas but that Dean is and that Dean should ask Cas out. (Sam's like, "I'm tired of this shit. Do something about it.")

I think it was mostly from Sam or Dean's POV, but not too certain on that one. I really don't remember any more, but I remember it was REALLY good and that I loved it.

Does anybody recognize the fic?
24 February 2015 @ 08:16 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm going to put my request under a cut, because it contains spoilers for season 9 (in case somebody didn't watch it yet).

Read more... )

Thanks in advance!

I am looking for a specific fic on ao3. It involved Sam being out with this guy, just something simple, nothing serious. The fic starts where the guy is driving Sam back to wherever the Winchesters are staying. When they are parked, either the guy kisses Sam, or something else happens. Sam can kinda see Dean or someone on the front porch, or can kind of sense it (I'm a little hazy on details), but the guy insists on walking Sam up to the front door, where Dean is sitting. Dean kind of a gives a terrifying shovel talk speech that's really more just threatening the guy to stay the hell away from Sam. And Dean also had a gun. Or several. He was just super possessive and protective of Sam. Needless to say, the guy runs away, and then Sam gets kind of pissed off, and I think the fic just kind of ends there. I tagged this as wincest because I feel like I remember seeing that tag for this fic, but Sam and Dean never actually interact in a physically romantic manner. Again, this was definitely on AO3.
Thank you so much!
02 November 2014 @ 10:39 am
I remember it was on lj and it was Wincest with bottom Sam. I remember that after the first time they had sex, Dean started opening the doors for Sam, pulling out the chairs for him and basically doing gentlemanly stuff. Sam started freaking out a bit and thought he was the girl of the relationship. A part I really liked was when Sam was ordering coffee and said out loud "oh God, I'm doomed" and the barista said something along the lines would you like coffe with your impending destruction, or something like that. If you know what it is, please, please tell me, I really want to read it!!!!

Thanks in advance.
Hey guys it's me again. I've been going crazy trying to find this fic and I hope you can help me.

Details under the cut... )

Umm..that's it. I hope you can help me find this fic because I so want to read it again.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: FOUND in comments!
04 September 2014 @ 09:17 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a certain Destiel fic and here's what I remeber about it:
1. The boys and Cas are investigating a town where people suddenly start singing their secrets/feelings
2. Dean sings a version of "Halo" to Cas
3. It's told from Sam's POV, but it's not first person
4. It's part of series
5. Pretty sure I read it on LJ
If someone could at least give me the title, I'd be thankful. An actual link would be even better.
29 August 2014 @ 11:33 am
I'm moving house and it is super stressful, so I'm looking for upbeat fics with happy endings to read in my fleeting moments of spare time.
I'm after casefics where BAMF!Dean saves the day using his smarts. Doesn't have to be extremely long fic or purely casefic. Bonus points if its scenarios that are very close to canon, like noticing patterns other hunters don't, and sneaky stuff like tricking Eve into biting him etc... I think I've read too much hurt!Dean fic lately and I really need aggressive protective Dean. I'm cool with angst and show-levels of pain etc, but the happy endings are an absolute must. Nothing ambiguous, no 'happy if you squint' etc. Stories which really highlight how intelligent, cunning and skilled Dean is. Other character's POV (Sam, Bobby, Cas etc) on Dean is great, as is outside POV, cos we all know Dean doesn't see that in himself. Self recs are a-okay with me!
Please no: permanent injury, death!fic, blind/deaf/illiterate!Dean, non-canon AUs (canon-divergence is fine)
I strongly prefer slash of the Destiel variety, but will happily take Wincest or Gen fics too. Please no het fics, but mention of ex-girlfriends and whatnot is fine. For any fics which include sex: top!Dean only please.
07 June 2014 @ 02:47 am
I just read an older fic by runedgirl called The Outlaw Dean Winchester where the story is told exclusively from Sam’s point of view and he worships Dean—his green eyes, his lips, his muscles (you get the idea). I’m in the mood for more of this Dean worship. It doesn’t have to be AU, it just has to have Sam totally in love/lust with Dean and obsessed with his appearance, his personality, his strength, or any of the other awesome traits that make Dean so loveable and sexy.

I prefer longer fics and Sam/Dean.       
I could've sworn I had this bookmarked, but it looks like not.

It's basically what it says on the tin: mid-season-four Dean has been regressed to roughly the age of 5, but he still remembers Hell and has nightmares about it; Sam tries to comfort him.  I'm pretty sure it was before the revelation about what really happened in Hell, but child!Dean doesn't express himself quite well enough for Sam to figure it out.  I recall that one of the things Dean says is that Alastair wouldn't let him "have a name" until he said yes, and also claimed that he wanted to torture people, which Dean vehemently (if incoherently) denies.

Any takers?  I am about 75% sure that the author's LJ name began with H, if that helps...
17 April 2014 @ 09:32 pm
Haven't posted on here in forever so hope this is right.

Anyway season 9 as been leaving me cold, especial the way Sam is getting treated.

So I'm in desperate need of some Sam POV/Sam centered story's.

* It can be set in any season BUT bonus point's if it's in later season's or season 9.

* Pairings aren't needed but Wincest is fine, NO Destiel.

* If any stories are set in later season's, no Charlie or Benny.

Please and thank you!!!
Hi! I've been trying to find this fic for a while. Basically, Cas had died and Dean was taking it really well. Sam kept waiting for him to have a break-down or something until they meet God(maybe?) and Dean asks how long until Cas comes back. Dean says he's only asking because it's taking longer than usual and Sam realizes that Dean had thought Cas was going to be resurrected, that's why he wasn't upset. I don't even remember if I liked this fic or not but I've been wanting to re-read it and it's driving me nuts! Any help would be amazing. Thanks!
Not looking for anything specific... just new fics with:
- John being an asshole / horrible father.
- Dean falling apart after Sam leaves.
- Hurt/Sick/Depressed Dean

I would prefer wincest (Sam/Dean) - No John/Dean unless it's included in a dub-con/non-con situation which would go with John being an asshole.
(* Although just Gen fics are fine too!)

Anything where Dean shows up bloody or battered at Sam's door or where someone calls Sam and he finds out how bad Dean really is since he left.
I feel like Dean is (despite his anti-chick flick attitude) a total nurturer and would probably be lost for what to do with himself after Sam is gone.

TLDR; Pre!Series/ Stanford-Era Hurt-comfort with Sam and Dean and maybe some asshole!John.

:P Just another excuse for Dean whumpage.
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22 February 2014 @ 07:29 pm
Hey! I´m looking for a 3 specific fics, pairing Dean/Cas. I looked everywhere for them, I just can´t find them... I think they are in livejournal, but I´m not sure.

1 - I remember very little of this story, only that is after Lucifer defeat and that Cas takes Dean to a motel, puts him to bed and holds him until Dean stomach starts to growl. It´s a Cas taking care of Dean, he evens "mojo" Dean bladder so he can rest... Can´t recall anything else, but I know that it´s more to the fic than just that!

2 - This one I remember a bit more! =) It´s a AU, in which Dean is self-loathing, and finds a job as a secretary for Cas. Cas can´t keep secretaries because when they make a mistake he spanks them. Dean really likes, to his surprise, of being spanked, because it gives him a sense of what his doing right or what his doing wrong. Dean slowly falls in love with Cas, and Cas thinking that he´s not the right person for Dean fires him. Dean depress and goes back to Cas and doesn´t move, by Cas comand, for 2 days I think, even when his father and his brother try to make him leave. In the end Cas takes Dean home.

3 - Another one I don´t really remember the story, just the final part. Dean tells Sam that he and Cas are together and Sam only really sees that they are in love when he hears them talking in hushed sounds and intimately. And Sam also realizes that Cas is good for Dean because they´re making plans for founding a house and stop hunting.

I really hope someone knows at least one of this fics, because this is making me crazy!! I´ve been looking forever!!! Thank you, in advance, for your help! =)
OK so as far as I can remember it's from Sam's POV. He and Dean are very drunk and as Sam goes to walk out the room he hears Dean call Cas and tell him that he is in love with him. The next morning, Cas flies over to Bobby's and gives Dean a freshly baked pie and Dean jokingly says he loves Cas for it, having forgotten the previous night's confession. Cas is so deliriously happy that Sam can't bear to tell Cas the truth.

Everything is good until some girl tries to flirt with Dean and Cas, of course, becomes all jealous and possessive. The truth is revealed, Cas acts like a kicked puppy and then runs off for a few weeks. Dean has to try and win him back.
22 September 2013 @ 05:20 am
Hey guys, driving me crazy trying to find a specific fic, so please help! The sad thing is I remember it really well, just not the title or author and googling isn't helping. It's been around for a while, so I'm sure someone will recognise it :)

Basically, it starts off that Cas has been infected by an incubus. Sam is freaking out and is all "what are we going to do, Dean? We can't get him a hooker!" and Dean's like "of course we're not going to get him a hooker! I'll take care of it!" and Sam's all "what?" and Cas says "I thought you were going to tell him!" and Dean's all "he already knows!".

We then flash back to five times that Dean and Cas were together right under Sam's nose, but he was too clueless to work out what was going on. So there was one time he caught them in the shower together and Dean told him that he was teaching Cas how to wash. And the first time after they had sex, Cas comes by for breakfast and Sam thinks Dean ditched him at the bar to go sleep with a random chick and he's all outraged, but Cas misunderstands and says "yes, Dean "ditched" me last night, so now we are having breakfast together".

Anyway, it's an awesome fic, really cute and funny and I could basically recite it line by line, but Google hates me and won't find it and I can't remember the author, title or site I found it on. My bookmarks need someone serious work.

But in the meantime, please tell me someone recognises it??
16 September 2013 @ 10:42 pm
Can anyone offer me recs for Sam POV of the Dean/Cas relationship developing.

For example:
- Sam thinks they're together, but they aren't
- Sam finds out they're together
- Sam notices they're very close/ observes a romance developing

Humour is preferable. Any timeframe. Other outside observations of Dean/Cas would also be nice. Dean/Cas or gen.

Thanks :)
02 August 2013 @ 08:25 pm
Hi guys! I'm looking for a few different types of fics:

1.) Fics where there is an emphasis on Dean being a guardian towards Sam, whether it be in a legal sense, supernatural sense, brotherly sense, etc.

2.) Fics where Sam thinks Dean is dead, and Dean lets Sam believe it.

3.) (Goes along with #2) Dean follows Sam around after he is believed to be dead, watching over Sam and making sure he doesn't get too injured. It'd be cool if eventually the secret got out that he was actually alive.

4.) Any fics where Dean dies and gets sent back to the past (maybe as an angel or as himself) to either raise or act as a guardian to his younger self and/or Sam.

5.) This request is kind of long, but are there any fics where Dean decides to leave John's crusade to enlist (in the army, marines, etc.), promising Sammy that he will stay safe and return to get Sam away from a now furious John? One where he seemingly keeps his promise until his entire squadron goes MIA overseas and is then presumed dead. (Maybe some from Sam's POV about hearing the news and his reactions and grief) And Dean, however, is not dean and instead spends years fighting to lead his remaining comrades home.

I prefer longer fics, but any fic length is good. I'd prefer gen., but some slash is okay as long as the story is good! Thanks guys!
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I had this story printed out and I can't find it anywhere!

Sam and Dean are hunting with Benny and it is hinted that Benny is feeding from Dean and it is vaguely sexual.

Sam and Dean have been together at one point but that has changed since purgatory. They are hunting vampires and they fall down into a cave or hole or something and they have desperate sex. When Benny gets them out Dean has to go to hospital and Sam flees.

I hope that makes sense and someone finds this cause I really liked it and would like to print it out again!!
Basically any destiel story or Dean centric story where Sam finds out Dean is gay/bi/basically just into guys and Sam had no idea, or maybe had an idea but never knew what to think of it. Fics where Sam figures out Dean and Cas are together are a plus too.

No wincest please!
or any incest please!

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03 June 2013 @ 03:41 pm
A female Sam (Samantha) and Dean (Deanna? Dinah?) are roommates in college. They begin as friends and become more as the story progresses.
Alternate universe. Sam's POV.

Sorry I can't give more description for this one.
30 May 2013 @ 08:38 pm
Hey, y'all.  I'm looking for fics that deal with Sam being soulless.  No specifcs, preferably Wincest if a ship is involved.  The point of view written isn't a big deal.

I'm open for all kinds of recs so throw them at me!  Thank you!
I'm looking for a fic where Sam and Dean are on a hunt in a graveyard (I believe they were after a ghost) when Sam is thrown and hits his head really hard. The story is told in third person from Sam's POV and for a bit he doesn't really know what is going on. He starts to throw up at one point and Dean has to help him before he chokes.
29 April 2013 @ 10:47 pm
Hey guys!

I really hope y'all can help me, I'm looking for a stanford era ficlet that I read last year, forgot to mem and have been looking for ever since *headdesk*

I remember it was from Sam's perspective and he was the main focus. It had a really wistful feel to it and the last line was about how whenever Sam hears the song Boys Of Summer , he thinks of Dean. It was a one shot.
Think it was implied wincest but not 100% sure.
I’m looking for 2 specific Sam/Dean fics that I read several years ago.

The first is a genderswap story where teenaged/early-20’s Dean gets changed into a girl permanently/semi-permanently.  He and Sam were together before Dean got changed into a girl, but refuses to sleep with her afterwards, not because he isn’t attracted to her, but because it somehow feels more wrong.  I believe the fic started out when Dean was already a girl, and he’s adjusted to it surprisingly well…painting her toenails and wearing short skirts, and going out to bars to flirt with guys.  Which eventually prompts Sam to get over his hang-ups and get back together with Dean. Still looking for this one...

The second fic I’m looking for took place during season 4.  It was Sam POV and had Sam thinking about how Dean wasn’t strong enough after Hell to stop the apocalypse, not like Sam was.  But it was more like Sam wanting Dean to just stop and let Sam take care of things and admit how weak he was so that Sam could protect him.  In the end I think there was some crossdressing where Sam got Dean to dress in women’s clothes so that he could see how delicate and fragile he was, though I don’t remember if it was a full dress or just underwear.  I don’t think it was dark!Sam exactly, but as I recall he had a somewhat unbalanced feel to him.  I think there was a lot of guilt for not saving Dean from hell and needing to protect him now.  I have no idea if it was an established relationship or first time. FOUND! Link in comments.

Do either of these sound familiar to anyone?
20 April 2013 @ 09:40 am
1. I'm looking for any fics where Dean and Cas are having a moment e.g. a serious discussion about feelings, or just a silent stare down, and Sam is an interrupting interrupter who interupts either by walking in on them, or because he was already in the room and is getting uncomfortable, or doesn't realise they are having a moment.

Any season, gen or Dean/Cas

2.Season 8 spoilers )
Thank you.

No wincest please.
10 March 2013 @ 03:32 pm

Hi All,

I was hoping somebody could help me. I'm looking for two Sam/Dean fics that are set after Swan Song.

They're about 6000w each, and they're a Sam pov and a Dean pov. I think Sam has a glamour on himself to make him look different and he becomes friends with Dean after Swan Song.

I know that's really vague but I would love anyone forever if they could help.

Thanks in Advance!

23 February 2013 @ 09:34 pm
I read this fic awhile ago and I can't find it again. Basically, Sam was in the cage and Lucifer was torturing him. Sam remembers Dean, and Lucifer says something like, "Oh so that's why you're being disobedient today... that's the first time you've thought of Dean in awhile, by name anyways."

I read it on Fanfiction.net, but it might be on Livejournal too so any link to it would be awesome! Thanks!
16 November 2012 @ 05:29 pm
Found in the comments
Hey everybody. I'm looking for a fic, but the things I remember all fall under the 'I think' category, so googling for it has been a pain. The premise is that Dean and Cas have been together for a while and Sam totally notices they are acting strange but doesn't catch on.
  • I think it was a 5 times type of fic, aka 5 times Sam caught Dean and Cas and one time he caught on.
  • I think he caught on when sex pollen was involved and Dean and Cas were all, well that's no problem, we'll take care of it (I think it was Cas that was hit it with it, but it could have been Dean)
  • Cas was all 'Dean I thought you told him', and Dean was convinced Sam knew, because Sam caught them showering together.
I hope someone can help me with this, it drives me crazy when I fondly remember a fic and then can't find it anymore.

Other DeanCas fic where Sam is oblivious is always welcome, or DeanCas fic from Sams POV and him being awesome :)
Hey everyone! Hopefully you can help me find this one, it's driving my a little crazy...

So, from what I remember, Sam and Dean have been 'together together' for about a year. I think it starts out with Sam and Dean finishing a hunt. One night not too long afterward, Dean gets up in the middle of the night, when he thinks Sam is asleep and comes back before Sam wakes up. He does this several times and this, coupled with some other suspicious behavior on Dean's part, leads Sam to believe that Dean is cheating on him.

When Sam has finally had enough and his suspicions kind of spill out, he comes to find out that what Dean has really been doing when he sneaks around is having a bracelet/wrist cuff made for Sam as a 1 year anniversary present, the anniversary that Sam forgot was coming up. I believe the wrist cuff is made out of the hide of the monster they killed at the beginning of the fic (something snake-like I think).

Cue sad Dean, horrified, guilty Sam, chick flick moment, make-up sex, happy ending. Thanks guys!

Found! Link in comments!
You guys have been so helpful with helping me find awesome fics so I thought I would post here again.

I would love any super angsty Wincest with lots of UST. Preferably from Sam's POV with him feeling super guilty about being in love with Dean. I would also prefer if Dean was in love with Sam too and Sam just never knew. Or if Dean starts to realize he does really love Sam. No pre-series or noncon, please. Any rating or genre is fine with me. I would prefer if it had a happy ending.

My other request for any first time Wincest fics that happen anytime after Season 6 started. I have a slight preference for bottom!Sam, but honest it doesn't matter I'm good with both.

Thanks! :) I hope I tagged everything properly.
04 September 2012 @ 07:46 pm

I'm looking for a Dean/Cas fic that is told from Sam's point of view. Dean and Cas are living together (I think Cas is human but I'm not sure) and Sam and John visit them. Sam doesn't realise that Dean and Cas are in a relationship for most of the story. I think he gets kind of annoyed because he thinks Cas is intruding on his time with Dean because he thinks Cas is only a room-mate. John knew about Dean and Cas and I think that Jess was with Sam. I hope someone can remember this story from the muddle of information I remember!


12 July 2012 @ 11:59 am
       Okay, I'm not really sure if this exists, but I'd love to read a story where Cas brought Sam back in Season six with his soul, but he wasn't able to get Sam's body right, and Sam ended up still in the body of a teenager.  Then Dean ends up raising Ben and Sam together, or any other variation like that.  
       Anything where Dean ends up raising Sam would be great though.  
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