17 September 2017 @ 12:48 am
Parent/Child Incest I read a fic awhile ago featuring younger possible alpha dean/Jensen as son while omega Sam/Jared as father/mother I cant remember name but do know it was finished multi chapter ed and Sam had a baby in the end.Sam's husband was neglectful and abusive to him.
06 September 2017 @ 05:55 pm
[livejournal.com profile] lifelesslyndsey had trouble posting, so I'm posting this for her:

The fic was Sam/dean, weecest I think. I'm fairly certain Sam was 14, Dean was older so it may not have qualified as weecest. John was on a hunt so Sam and Dean were living in a little house. This, I know, is a lot of fic. The one detail that stands out is the neighbor. He was kind of....grooming Sam. I remember him making dinner, grilling. Mentions of a freezer full of steak or pizza, idk. But the creepy grooming neighbor that Dean does not like stands out.
29 August 2017 @ 12:18 am
I'm looking for two specific fics.
1. about dean being de-aged. Can't remember how old he is but he's pretty young. He and Sam was in a relationship and Dean wanted to have sex. They got busted by the police when they were in the act or something. I think the police think that sam is into little boys or something. I can't remember much more.

And 2. A Gift of Release by Flutie4Lifes. Was looking through my reading list and noticed that it was deleted from fanfiction.net. Was wondering if someone had copy or know where I can find it.

Thanks in advance.
30 July 2017 @ 05:36 pm
Hi guys,
I'm looking for two types of recs:

1. Fics where underage!Sam forces Dean into a relationship. Kid or teen Sam, somehow putting Dean in a position he can't say no? Well, I think you get what I mean.

2. Castiel stalking Dean. The creepier the better, but I'm looking for stories where Castiel is very much in love with Dean. So, romantical stalking (which can still be very creepy).

Already tried to look up the tags here, but wasn't much help. Hopefully you awesome ppl can point me in the right direction.
10 July 2017 @ 08:00 pm
Hey guys I need help finding a fic I can't find it goes that Dean or Jensen? Is an alpha but he doesn't like omegas he has a thing for alpha so and then his neighbor Jared/Sam? Is younger but an alpha and likes jensen/dean I remember reading it on ao3 but I can't find it please help
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Please help. Older Dean is home from college. Cas has had a thing for Dean forever and used to watch him kiss girls from afar. Sam agrees to have Castiel over because Castiel is really good at everything except physics, but Sam ditches Cas for his gf or something. Dean is good at physics and gives Cas a hand (he makes him a pb&j sandwich beforehand??) but can't stop obsessing over his luscious lips or whatever. Anyway, hanky panky goes down, Cas is like 16. It's explicit. Thanks.
01 June 2017 @ 12:37 pm
Omega Dean and Alpha Sam became orphans because of a housefire and was put in a facility/orphanage. Alpha Cas was looking for a mate at the facility/orphanage and saw Dean was nursing Sam. Cas wanted only Dean but, Dean told him they come as a package.

Cas only sexually involve with Dean and raising Sam part of obligation/promise with Dean. Dean continue to nurse Sam but Cas also suckle from Dean as part of sexual act.

At the end of the fic Sam go to school and Dean become pregnant. Sam still want to nurse from Dean but his chest was sore so he refused. Cas wanted to wean Sam off because we scared there won't be enough for his soon to be born baby.
09 May 2017 @ 06:15 pm
I can't remember if it was a spn or spn ref fic but jensen/dean is an omega and is friends with the kid next door. When Jensen/dean goes over to visit he doesn't realize that only his friends dad is there. The dad fucks him over the arm of the couch, it wasn't non-con but maybe dub-con. The dad then mates him later w/o his permission.

If this sounds familiar or if you know it please comment, I'm actually starting to think that I hallucinated the whole thing.
I am pretty sure it's Dean/Sam, but they are unrelated in this story.
All I remembered from the story is that it was a series and had more than 3 stories,Dean had a piercing in one of the stories,Sam goes to a dance and Dean shows up,Sam and Dean have sex in Dean's car,Dean took Sams virginity,I'm pretty sure Dean called Sam pet names,one lived with Bobby and one with John, pretty sure Dean is older,there might be jealousy and possessiveness and that's all I remember. Hope someone can find it!!!
The story is told from Jared's POV. I think he's 13. Jensen is Jared's older brother Jeff's best friend and they go to college together. Jensen visits the Padaleckis and Jared has a crush on him. I remember a sort of first time scene between the Js that happened after some party, I think it was New Year's Eve. Also, although it may be my mind trying to trick me, I think Jensen visits them several times, and their relationship evolves.
I remember Jared being very outgoing and having a connection with Jensen, and Jensen liking spending time with Jared even though Jared was only 13.
I'd say it had over 13k words?
It was on Ao3 if that helps, but I couldn't find it there.
Sounds familiar? :)

And if you know any cool stories where Jared gets to know Jensen because of him being Jeff's friend then please share too :) especially if it's a less known one

FOUND, it was two different fics:
I'm looking for a story/series that has Dean and Sam in a relationship, but Dean is going away to college and he takes Sam's virginity during a road trip they are on with their parents. In the same series Sam dresses up in drag and visits Dean at school.
That's all I remember.
I'm wondering if anyone has a copy of this story - it was on LJ and it's called Bargaining Chip, by Mercury Alice. I don't have access to it. This was the summary:

War looms as a distant danger on the borders of Anglica. To ensure the kingdoms safety, Lord Zachariah arranges an alliance with a tribal clan known for their unbeatable prowess in battle. Their leader, Dean, can be a hard man to win over - luckily Zachariah’s already thought of the perfect bargaining chip: his sheltered young nephew, Castiel.

Im looking for a Pre-Series Wincest story that was deleted from fanfiction.net, called How Do We Deal? by PoeticallyPathetic19.

In it Sam and Dean are in high school two gunmen come into Sam's class that broke out prison. One of them leaves looking for their kid/daughter. The other guy stays in the class and takes Sam and Dean hostage and makes them make-out and do some other stuff (they both secretly like it but are ashamed/guilty). I'm sure Dean was a senior, and he purposely failed so he could stay in school and keep an eye on Sam.

Offical Summary: An incident at school changes everything for the boys. AU. Wincest.

If anbody knows where this story might be posted elsewhere, or has a copy, I would be extremely grateful!  I've been looking for this fic for weeks, and finally found the name/author only to discover it has been deleted.
11 January 2017 @ 02:55 am
The fic I'm looking for was from Sam's POV and was fairly long. There was a lot of Sam who was in high school pining for Dean who I don't think was. I remember two scenes clearly.

1) Sam and his girlfriend call Dean from the high school bathroom stall they're hiding in because someone's running around the school with a gun. Dean gets to the school and runs in and finds Sam and the OFC in the bathroom. Dean may have fought the shooter, but I can't remember. They all get out safely.

Second scene )
02 January 2017 @ 08:17 pm
Hello I am looking for a copy of the fic called Jingle, I don't know who wrote it. I found a link but it was dead and I haven't been able to find another one. Here is the summary:
Jared knows his 14 year old neighbor Jenny is staying all by herself in their house. Her parents left for the Christmas holidays. That particularly early morning, he knocks on the door to "check up on her" and Jenny opens it, all gorgeous and rumpled in just her overlarge shirt barely covering her legs and ass. The cold is making her nipples erect.

Please let me know if you know the story.
03 November 2016 @ 12:31 pm
anybody know where i can find the fic where jensen i think is in the kitchen talking to his mom on the phone and jared comes in and fingers, rims, and fucks him while he does it?

also does anybody know of the fic where young jensen is friends with even younger jared, who comes to jensens house one night where their friends chris, steve, tom and mike are there and they watch porn together and jensen and jared end up going to his bed together while the others get each other off?

02 November 2016 @ 07:29 pm
I read a story awhile back, but it wasn't finished when I read it. It's a Sam and Dean story. I remember it was Sam getting raped by a demon who impregnated him with twins (boy and girl). It was at Pastor Jim's church. He hated the babies even when he was told they were human. Dean and John were worried of course. Later in the story, it was said that if a human were to have sex with Sam before the birth of the twins they would be born human. So they all agreed that Dean would have sex with Sam. Dean didn't want to hurt Sam, so he made sure Sam was in control of the whole thing. When the babies were born, Dean and Sam agreed that they would want to be in a romantic relationship. When it came time to tell John, he didn't like it. He said something along the lines of 'you think it's best to be in an incestuous relationship?'
23 October 2016 @ 07:09 pm
I've been searching for this fic for hours and it's driving me nuts, so I was hoping someone here could help me out.

Cut for mentions of underage sexual slavery )

EDIT: Found in the comments! :)
I'm looking for a J2 high school fic, where Jared is a shy, mute boy and Jensen is the new kid. He's attracted to Jared immediately, and they begin a relationship. At some point, Jensen gets fed up with all the students and teachers who bully Jared, and he brings a gun to school one day and shoots them. He's arrested, and Jared goes to visit him, but his mom tells him that he can never see Jensen again. The story ends with Jared shooting the rest of the people on Jensen's list so that he can join Jensen in juvie.
29 September 2016 @ 11:22 pm
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me find the following:

1)pagan!sam- i've read two or three fics where sam is pagan, but do you guys have any recs?

2)preseries!wincest- it's a first time story where sam and dean are camping but discover they're being watched by a supernatural creature that they have to hunt

Thanks for any help!
28 September 2016 @ 12:58 pm
I am looking for a specific a/b/o story featuring alpha!Jensen and omega!Jared. Since, from what I can recall, Jared (but not Jensen) is underage, I will put what I remember under the cut. I have tagged the story as dub-con only because of a/b/o dynamics.

Read more... )

Found by me. The story has been deleted. Title and author information in comment.
15 September 2016 @ 09:18 am
I cannot recall the title or author of this story. Here's what I remember (as I believe Sam was underage in the story, I will put it below the cut):

Underage non-con )

Thanks for the help!

Found by a helpful soul on Tumblr. Just For Me by [livejournal.com profile] goandgetthegun on Ao3.
I'm dying to read again an old fic I lost and cannot for the life of me find on google
- it was eventually Sam/Dean
- teen!Sam is kidnapped, tortured and rape by a supernatural creature
- Dean and John never knew he was kidnapped
- Sam is let go by the creature with a curse written in his inner thigh (or something like that I'm not sure) that cause him to constantly seek pain and sex and to be unable to say no
- to break the curse he has to find someone that knows about the curse and love him nonetheless but he can't reveal to anyone what happened
- I remember Sam had sex with a teacher, kissed for the first time a class mate, and met Jen in a bdsm club
- Dean finds out about the curse thanks to the ghost of another victim of the same creature
ETA: FOUND in the comments

And for the general search, I'm starving for Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared fics
with sexually abused Sam or Jared (NOT by Dean or Jensen)
that focus on rape recovery
with Sam-Jared being insecure, having nightmares, PTSD (etc) and Dean-Jensen helping him
novel-length fics are better, but I'll read everything
AU or not AU is the same;
I feel like I've already read every single fic about this topic (including all the ones I could find here) so please help me out!
THANK YOU and sorry for any mistakes: english is not my first language!
16 August 2016 @ 08:57 pm
This is what I'm looking for 6. Not Gonna by fantamae - Weecest- Dean’s taught Sam how to kiss and give a good BJ, but there’s no way he’s going to go all the way with his little brother.
If you also gave recs similar share please!
31 July 2016 @ 10:04 pm
so today I am looking for fics where

* Jared has an abusive past, could be scared of touch, i don't care, just as long as Jensen is there and is sweet and comforting. Really anything involving Jared being shy and Jensen helping him out of his bubble

* Hurt non-Au Jared fics. or any non-Au fics where Jared bottoms

* Fics taking place before Dean goes to hell and shows how Sam is dealing

* Dean hurting sam unintentionally and feeling guilty afterwards

* any underage fics where sam is coming to terms with his sexuality

* Fics where sam gets hurt and John is protective

Self recs are more than welcome :)

please only bottom!sam or Jared

Thank you all so much.
25 April 2016 @ 02:12 pm
I've read this fic multiple times but I just can't seem to remember the title.I know there is this though :

Sam and Dean are together
John finds out and rapes sam in the impala.
Dean finds out. sam gets really sick and Dean ends up carrying him out of the hotel room, seeing John, and confronting him.

Please help me find it /:
21 April 2016 @ 05:01 pm
I don't remember much from the story but Jensen was a girl who lived in the neighborhood and Jeff and Jared were some kind of criminals/crime bosses and she came over and the fucked her, there were other people in the room(i'm pretty sure she was underage). And I remember Jeff asked for her name and she said that her name was Jensen and he made a comment about people naming their kids weird names.Jensen may have been a cheerleader but I'm not sure.

Please comment if you think you know what story i'm talking about.
31 March 2016 @ 02:01 am
I'm trying find a wincest fic where the boys where like 13/17 or something like that and they're fooling around on a bed and Sam gets off and then he kinda just folds to his knees by the side of the bed and says "use my mouth, dean"... It was super hot and well written! I know this is vague but any suggestions would be appreciated!!
21 March 2016 @ 11:14 pm
I read a story a couple of years ago and I remember so much about it besides the title or author (of course I'd forget the most important part). I remember these things:
1) Jared was in his 20's, Jensen was roughly 12. Jensen called a helpline where Jared answered all of Jensen's sex questions which led to him telling Jensen to finger himself.
2) Jared lived with Chad MM? and had sex with Jensen for the first time in the basement while Jensen wore some kind of kiddy pyjamas.
3) Jensen used the excuse of looking after/feeding Jared's dog to see him/sleep with him.
4) Jared took Jensen on college tours when he was old enough and they were psyched because they could actually act like a couple in public.
5) At some point Jared talked to Mrs Ackles on the street of a block party.

I can't think of any other tags so hopefully I haven't missed anything.
19 March 2016 @ 11:40 pm
I'm trying to find a specific fic where j2 are in a relationship and one of the boys is underage and there is an age gap between them like jared/jensen in his twenties and Jensen/jared early teens. I cant remember who is older lol but there is an instance where the younger J gets jealous and insecure because the older J is talking to a another teen boy (just casually talking as they pass in the street, nothing sexual at all, because he is devoted to the younger J) and he worries that he isn't enough anymore.
17 March 2016 @ 06:24 pm
Hello, lovely people!

If you could please help with the following:

1. I read a fic a while ago where Jared was some sort of leader in a community (a chief, I think?) and everyone there could have sex with any of the kids there whenever they wanted. I remember a scene where Jared was sitting on a rock by a stream and Jo was there, underage and wanted to seduce Jared (I think) and Jared was attracted to little Jensen. Jensen's parents I think were outcast and didn't like that everyone was open for the taking and liked to live monogomously.

2. Any fic with any pairing (No Cas/Misha as the focus please) (Prefer J2 or Sam/Dean) where people can just have sex whenever they want with whoever they want, in public or private, doesn't matter. Seeing someone having sex is as normal as seeing someone take their dog out for a walk - no one thinks twice of it unless they want to join. Would love if there was het involved, genderswitch or always a girl, doesn't matter.

Hi guys!

Okay, so it's 2:30am, and I'm driving myself INSANE because I can't remember the name of, or find a story!

This is what I remember about it; it was ABO, with Alpha Jared. The Padalecki and Ackles packs weren't really peaceful, and I think Jared wanted to attack the Ackles pack to gain control, but instead, they come up with a compromise; Jared takes Jensen to live with him, and in exchange, the Ackles pack is left alone. There's a lot of protective Ackles family, especially from Josh, since Jensen is an omega, and I think that's part of the reason he agreed to go with Jared. Anyway, Jared starts off mean, and there's a scene when he's drunk and Genevieve hits Jensen and he does nothing to stop it...Sandy is his awesome "housekeeper" of sorts, and she has a soft spot for Jensen. One night Jensen gets sick, and Jared bonds with him...it reads almost like a Beauty and the Beast based fic. There's a cute Christmas scene and Jensen learns that the Padaleckis aren't as bad as he was raised to believe, and there's Jensen being an awesome cook...just before everything can be perfect, he gets kidnapped by some wolves that Jared banished, I think? But eventually, he ends up with Jared after Jared saves him from a cave or something...

Wow, that was long winded! I remember all that, just not the title! Hope its ringing some bells...I don't think I'll sleep until I find it, lol!

Other than that, any top Jared or top Sam with bottom Dean or bottom Jensen, please!! Preferably ones with possessive, jealous Jared/Sam!

Thank y'all!

EDIT: FOUND in comments by the awesome, fantastic moonlight_grrl!! *Happy dance*
01 March 2016 @ 12:03 am
I'm looking for a specific story that meets the following criteria (under the cut):

Read more... )

Thanks in advance for your help! I've been looking for this story for several days.

FOUND: Demons Took Them Away by lipah (Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] nicky69 for the find!)
25 February 2016 @ 02:34 pm
1. I read this awhile ago but can't remember where.

2. Sam and Dean are super possessive of each other. There the only one for one another. Dean will do anything for Sam.

3. They run away young. I know dean kills and they live in an abandoned building for awhile.

4. I know dean tries to provide for Sam by killing people.

5. I remember Bobby or Crowley I forget. He comes in the building with an offer for them to work for him.

6. They follow him to his base and his assistant (?) thinks Sam is easy prey.

7. Sam turns him into his pet.

8. Sam and dean are trained and become dangerous Assasins/Hitmen.(World Class)

9. Sam makes friends (?) with the bomb specialist.

Pretty much all I remember. Looking for it.
14 February 2016 @ 06:04 pm
This was an AU where John Winchester believed in the supernatural but it was not real. He, Dean and Sam lived on Camp Chitaqua along with Castiel and one other person(Chuck?). I remember that John and Dean were together and that Chuck was abusing Sam but Sam did not want to tell Dean. I also remember that they were trying to exorcize Meg or Ruby and they ended up killing her in a storage shed. I think Sam had to clean it. Gabriel was an FBI agent who was investigating John. There was a shoot out and John, Dean, and Castiel ended up dying. It ended up with Gabriel and Sam getting together after like 5 years of Sam being in foster care and being abused. Gabriel was a professor at a university. I hope someone remembers this story because it has been bugging me.
30 January 2016 @ 11:56 pm
I'd love fics where Sam and Dean are in a relationship, but Sam doesn't actually want to, but is only doing it for Dean, maybe because he thinks Dean will leave if he doesn't or because he still feels guilty over Ruby/Purgatory etc.
Dear friends hi,
I am looking for a fic that I read ages ago and i can't find for the life of me! The plot is somewhat the following:

Jensen is an underage model (16-17) and he lives with his single mother who is of dubious morals and motives. He starts working with photographer Jared and they fall in love. When his mother finds out she tries to blackmail Jared for ?money ?more jobs for Jensen. That's all I remember. It had for sure a happy ending but I don't remember it. Every help will be appreciated.


08 October 2015 @ 11:50 pm
So I didn't think I was ready for Christmas already, but apparently my brain is. I remember reading these fics but can't remember where to find them!

First, I'm looking for fics where Jared dressed up like Santa has sex with very underaged Jensen. I think there are two I've read, I know there was one in a hospital and I think there was one in a mall. I know one of them had a sequel where Jared meets an older Jensen. Any links or recs for Santa!Jared/underaged!Jensen are welcome. :)

Second, I'm looking for fics where Jensen is one of Santa's elves. I know there was one where Jensen was sent to earth to find his mate and had only a certain amount of time to get a kiss before he was sent back. I know he spent some time in a jail in that one. I'm also looking for one in which elf!Jensen has an unusually-shaped penis. Any Santa's elf!Jensen fics are welcome. :)

27 September 2015 @ 12:42 am
Hi, looking for helping finding a story I read two years ago I think

Dean was maybe 16 years old and kidnapped by an older OMC. He thought Dean was very pretty so named him that, but would call him Prete (pret?) a french name that sounded similar in front of other people. I am pretty sure Dean refused to eat at first and was either fed via IV line or tube fed. I think at the end Sam called child protective services on their dad after they got dean back. Havnt had much luck finding this one again, would really appreciate some help!
Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I remember reading a while back - it was destiel endgame, I believe, with Dean as a child in the foster care system and Castiel working to adopt him. I'm pretty sure Castiel was a professor, and at some point Dean went to watch him give a lecture. It was a dark fic, with Dean as a child/teenager and Castiel was an adult and Castiel essentially manipulating him into doing what he wants. I'm pretty sure prior to Castiel Dean lived with Ellen and Jo, and I think Gabriel was involved with the foster agency or something and was trying to help find Dean a family. I thought the fic was called Compass Antiphone, or something like that, and I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3, but I can't find anything by that name or description on there anymore. Any help would be appreciated!
01 September 2015 @ 11:39 pm
Hey guys.

I've been trying to locate this specific wincest fic which I never got to finish reading but I really want to. It was an au that took place somewhere in the 1930's'ish. Sam and Dean were brothers, who lived on a farm I think, and it followed their progression from kids to teenagers and as they fall in love. Of course homosexual relationships (as well as incest obviously), are frowned upon, so they have to hide their relationship. Then I think what happens is that when Dean gets older, he's drafted to the war, and poor Sam is left behind waiting for him. Angst ensues. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
If possible, I'm also looking for any fics similarly along this vein please (as in historical au's focused around the war?)

Thank you! :)

30 August 2015 @ 08:47 pm
Looking for two fics.
the first one is where sam made a deal and made it to where he was never born into the winchester. He retained all memories of what happened dean wasn't suppose to but did. Also dean had a sister that flirted with sam mary lived and it took place in lawrence.
The other one is a wincest weecest one one i pretty much just remember the in the ending where sam and dean both go to sandford sam in school and dean working at a bike shop.I also remember that dean took sam to a hotel for his prom night.
Hi all, I read this fic awhile ago and now I cannot find it again.
I'm pretty sure I found it on http://pinboard.in/u:spnkink_meme/t:pairing:jensen%252fjared/. I went through all the tags I could think of but nothing.

Story: A/B/O world, Jared is an older pack alpha and in a pack war kills Jensen's (he's about 16 or so) dad who's alpha of his own pack. Jared originaly wanted to kill Jensen too but then gives him the ultimatum to either mate with him or get killed, so scared/hurt!Jensen opts to mate with Jared (dub-con/non-con).
I have no idea how it continues.

Thanks in advance!

edit: found here http://insane-songbird.livejournal.com/152868.html