25 January 2017 @ 01:11 am
Hi all. I'm looking for a specific fic in which Dean died saving Jess. Jess then became a hunter and went onto a road trip with Sam who was seeking revenge.

I remember how Jess tried to fill gaps Dean left and Sam wouldn't let her. She cannot blame Dean because he was her saviour.

You will.make my day if you can show me where I can read this fic again. Thanks in advance!!!!

I'm looking for a fic I read ages ago. I'm pretty sure it was gen. Dean was hunting solo in a park for some kind of supernatural animal. He gets hurt and then I think he gets back to his car and someone possibly parked near him is concerned. He is taken to hospital and the paramedics and concerned citizens all have the same name as friends and family.

I think Jess goes to see him as a candystriper without knowing who he is and she asks if he has family and he says he doesn't. Jess or Sam find out it's Dean from a picture that Jess discovers of Sam's with Sam and Dean as boys, which I think matches a photo in Dean's personal possessions.

I hope someone remembers this one.
03 March 2013 @ 07:59 pm
I am searching for a fic that is in a third person Jess POV. The story is wincest. Dean is Sam's sub. In the story Jess, Sam, Dean and several of their friends go to a bar. The normally quiet Dean is suddenly cocky and great at pool. When Jess asks about the personality change Sam says it's Dean being Dean. The story was on one of the many memes out there, but I can't locate it.
05 January 2012 @ 12:35 pm
Looking for a specific story I read at least a year ago, it was very long...

Pre-series Standford!era (also Season 1 AU, kinda)

On Christmas Eve, while he's still at Stanford, Sam sees a ghostly image of Dean in a Church graveyard. Superstition states that if this happens it means the person seen will die within the next year (I forget what exactly these omens are called I think it started with f). Sam decides he has to find Dean and prevent his death. Dean is missing, and no one seems to know where he is. All of this compounded by the fact Sam keeps having dreams concerning Dean's death. Jess finally manages to get the truth out of Sam and they set off together to track Dean down. This leads to Jess and Sam discovering they assumed things about each others' goals and wants that weren't true, and their relationship is strengthened. They discover Dean is in love with Sam before they find him (or Sam confesses to Jess that Dean was in love with him, IDK, it's hard to remember). Lot of it is told from Jess' POV, and it concentrates on Sam and Jess' journey. Great story, please help me find it!
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23 December 2010 @ 02:46 pm
Hey, anyone know of any fics with Sam being badass at Stanford? I just really fancy some badass-at-uni fics.

Also, any outside POV fics where some of Sam's Stanford friends notice that Sam's just a little odd (can fight really well, keeps knives, knows Latin, hustles pool, plays poker really well, etcetc), please.
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19 August 2010 @ 06:45 pm
I'm hope all you wonderful people can help me out with your favorite stories in the following categories

1. Stories where Sam finds out John and Dean are in a relationship and throws a fit over it. The longer the better, the story doesn't have to be about John and Dean's relationship just include it. I'd also really like it if the boys are still hunter. Set pre-series or after I'm not fussed

2. Your recs for ConsortDean stories.

and lastly

3. Any good stories of Jess and Sam where Jess notice Sam just isn't your typical student. 

I'm only looking for stories not already in the tags here as I've already read them :D

Thanks for your help

P.S I think I've got all the tags if not please add
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25 August 2009 @ 06:52 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for this pretty short fic I read a while back, a one-shot from Jess' POV. I think it was her birthday and they were at a bar celebrating when Jess decided to con Sam into answering questions about his past. She says he has to answer 5 questions and he agrees, and I know she starts with asking about his parents and she doesn't really believe that they're named John and Mary. I vaguely remember that she thought their names were too generic or something. And she asks about siblings at some point and learns about Dean, etc etc. It wasn't too long but it was a really good piece of writing and I'd love to find it again.

Thanks bunches!

25 April 2009 @ 10:15 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic that I remember came out during the first season of Supernatural. It's basically the progression of Sam and Jess told through her POV until she ends up waiting for him to come home, pinned to the ceiling. I'm so sure it was called "Women of War", but that just has not been enough to help me find it. Does anyone remember this fic or know where it's at?

Thank you, thank you!
13 January 2009 @ 11:13 pm
HEY guys, there's a fic I remembered reading, but I can't find it anywhere! Hopefully somone here has it bookmarked.

It was set before the pilot, when Sam was at Stanford with Jess. Dean drops by, I think just to say hello. He stays with them for about a week I think. The fic is from Jess's POV. The parts I remember are:

- Jess overhears Sam and Dean talking in the kitchen. Sam is patching up one of his shirts and they're talking about when Sam met Jessica's brothers. Sam had pretended to be only okay at pool because her brothers were obviously showing off. Or was it poker?

- She thinks she overhears Sam and Dean making out on the couch but runs back to the bedroom, not wanting to be sure.

- At one point, she wears the nurse outfit for a costume party, and Dean asks Sam if she's done this before. Sam is smug when he says, "Oh yeah" and Dean calls him a lucky son of a bitch.

*crosses fingers*
03 May 2007 @ 02:02 pm
Looking for specific stories this time.

1) It was a Hunted AU. Dean and Sam aren't demonic, but they're a little amoral and they kill Gordon with a knife, I think. It was definitely Wincesty. If I remember correctly, just before they kill him, they have him pinned against a wall and kiss in front of him.

2) I read this a while ago, before Season 2 started, I think. It was Jess' point of view. I think there was something about a box of stuff in Sam's closet, one of the things in the box was a picture of Dean and, when Jess meets Dean in the Pilot, she realizes that Sam loves Dean more.

Anyone recognize these two? *hopeful look*

Edit: Found! thank you!
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08 March 2006 @ 01:55 pm
Hey guys, I'm looking for a Jess Pov where she talks about her relationship with Sam, it's a wincest and she realizes that Sam never really loved her, that she's just a replacement for Dean. I don't remember it really well but in it, she realizes she looks like Dean, same color of hair and eyes.

Hum, I'm also looking for Wincests where Dean seduces Sam, it can be pre-show or after I don't mind. I'd just like to see Dean's power of persuasion used on Sam. *grin*