31 May 2014 @ 11:51 pm

Ok I've officially driven myself crazy!

I CAN NOT seem to find this story, I can't remember the title, but from what I can remember Jared lives in a world where if you are a omega, when you go into heat you go into a public gang bang/mating, and if you don't find your mate in X amount of days or something like that, you'll die. Jared is disgusted by this fact, but when Jensen goes into heat he jumps on the bandwagon! They mate, but then Jensen gets sick, then Jared gets sick, then they figure out its Jared's fault because he didn't mate Jensen enough or something like that! I remember Sebastian Roche, and either JDM or Jim Beaver was in it and he was the doctor that saw over Jared and Jensen after their initial mating!

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

06 April 2014 @ 12:43 pm
After seeing the J2 & Seb kiss picture I developed an obsession for the threesome. If anybody could point me to the good fic with it I'd be very appreciative. I prefer Seb in a bottom or middle position and J2 as a main pairing. Seb could join them on an occasion.
07 August 2013 @ 02:05 am
Hey, so I was wondering if any of you could help me with this. :)

1. Any Jensen Ackles/Chad Michael Murray? Preferably not Jared/Jensen/Chad or Jared/Chad. But if the fic is good, and you think I'll like it, go ahead and rec it. :)

2. Sebastian/Misha? The fics are always so small, so I was wondering if any y'all knew a long one, or a really cute one. Any will work.

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3. And the last request. Any Wincest fics where Dean self-harms or has an eating disorder. Actually, any j2 fics with Jensen like that would also be really great. (I put this under a cut because this may be sensitive for some readers)

Thank you!
17 May 2012 @ 10:54 pm
hi mates,

im looking for any kind of fics with few unusual parings. first at all, i'd love to read richard / rob benedict stories ( forever otp ) ! then i'd read also parings like

- misha / mark pellegrino
- jensen / rob
- misha / sebastian ( cas / balthy is welcome as well )
- misha / matt
- cas / gabriel
- sebastian / anybody
- misha / rob
- and just chuck / some of the angels. plus stories where rob is in

i know there's not much fics with these ships so if you just know any, i'd be greatful if you link it !
thanks !
Ok, so I don't know what's wrong with me but I can not find this anywhere! I was reading this fic just a couple of days ago and I have been looking for it again ever since I accidently closed the tab... Seb gets Jensen a pleasure slave for his birthday and Jensen is excited until he finds out that Jared is only 17 and joins Misha who is an abolitionist fighting for slave rights. Seb tries to force Jared to have sex with him later on and Jensen beats him up and throws him out but that is as far as I remember. I'm not sure if it was a WIP or not...

Also, today is my birthday so any other birthday fics you could rec me would be awesome! The higher the rating the better and any kink goes! My only requirement is that it's Wincest or J2 and I would prefer top!Jensen/Dean but top!Jared would be ok too... just no top!Sam please! :D
11 March 2012 @ 12:53 am
I want some fic with Misha in it? Misha/Jared, specifically since the only things I ever seem to see are Misha/Jensen. Also; does Misha/JDM. I've never even seen it before but I want that shit to exist. Even Misha/Sebastian or Misha/Richard. Any length/rating/kink/whatever is good, although preferably not WIPs. I like PWP just as much as I love epics - although in this case, somewhere between 20 and 25k should be the maximum. Give me everything! 
22 January 2012 @ 07:42 pm
I'm looking for an au where misha is in an acting school in france. he's staying with sebastian. he hooks up with jensen.
02 October 2011 @ 05:53 pm
It was a continuation of another fanfic, and the main pairing of that fic was j2. It was AU, and Jensen and Misha were betas/omegas. Misha was chosen by Sebastian Roche, and at first he was really against it. He thought Sebastian was too old, and he had been previously abused. 

Later on, Misha accepts Sebastian and they try to have kids, but it takes them a few years. (I think that was them... it might have been Jensen and Jared  xD)

Sound familiar anyone??

Thanks ♥

PS. I hoped I tagged this right... it was hard xD
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Hey! Does anyone know of any fics that 

1. feature Misha/Sebastian Roche?

2. feature Castiel/Balthazar?

3. have Dean leaving Sam (but prefferably coming back, and prefferably wincest.)?

4. have Misha as a dom? (with Jensen, Jared, or Jake as a sub, prefferably. I'd also take dom!Cas fics, if they exist.)

Any help would be appreciated, and self recs are most definately welcome!

(And mods, can we get a person: Sebastian Roche tag? Pretty please?)