12 October 2017 @ 01:30 pm
I remember reading this one story about Sam having been diagnosed with Diabetes while at Stanford but not telling Dean about it after Jess dies. It was during Season 1 and Sam and Dean were on a hunt and skipped dinner to go after a ghost or something then Sam has a hypoglycemic episode causing Dean to find out. Anyone know what story this is?
Hi All,
I was rewatching season 1 the other day, and I couldn't stop wondering what the first season would have been like if Cas was already part of the story. What would he have thought of John, of a younger Dean and Sam? Thus, I am now on the hunt for pre-season 4 fics where Cas is part of the story, whether a canon divergence where Cas shows up early, time travel where an older Cas is thrown back in time, human Cas meeting Dean and/or Sam somewhere in the earlier seasons, Cas being a fellow hunter, basically anything set in season 1-3 where Cas is part of the equation. Destiel or friendship is awesome, thought no Wincest please.
Thanks, dc9
08 May 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Hey guys,

1. I was wondering if there any stories that involve the yellow-eyed(I know his name but I can't spell it) kids that lets them beat the prophetic match or at least they pull one over the yellow eyed one.

2. Or stories that involve the boys becoming more of part of the hunter community, and they don't become hunted

3. BAMF Sam is also apperciated without dean being a dick would be awesome

4. Does anyone have any stories where the boys are dark but still hunters and not insane or demotic.

5. The boys use hoodoo and magic but are not evil

Basically I just want the grey!boys who don't see the world as black and white.
Any length, any paring, and I would prefer complete
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04 December 2016 @ 11:07 pm
I am looking for a fic that starts pre-Season 1, i.e.: the J's meet for the audition, hit it off, film the pilot, then end up in Vancouver for season 1. Jensen & Jared would make plans but somehow Jensen would get sidetracked by Chris, Steve, Mike Rosenbaum and Tom Welling dropping by. Being a new friendship, Jared tried not to make a big deal out of it but his feelings were really hurt. There was one scene where Jared was going back to his hotel and was accosted by fangirls. He tripped over the curb and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. Things get so bad that even Eric mentions something to Jensen. I have looked everywhere for this fic and I cannot find it.

Any ideas?
I'm looking for a story I read several years back. The boys were from the same hometown and had been a couple since 'forever'. They came to LA to chase their acting dream. The story opens with Jensen and Jared in bed getting a call from their agent about landing Supernatural.

Trouble starts when Jared feels that he should hide his sexuality and play it straight. Jensen doesn't want to hide who he is and who he loves. They end up breaking up and Jensen starts dating Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jared starts to date a beard. Much angst ensues and Jared realizes what he lost and all ends up happy. I believe this all took place during season one and is a pretty long story, but it's been a while since I've read it so I may be wrong.

The elements I'm sure on are Jared and Jensen being together before moving to LA, living together when they get the gig, Jensen dating JDM and Jared trying to play it straight.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
15 July 2016 @ 12:43 pm
I'm looking for fics set in the first season, right after Sam kissed Sarah in the episode "Provenance." He's obviously still grieving for Jess, but he's ready to acknowledge his strong attractions to other people, and the possibility that maybe he could move on and love again one day. Are there any fics out there where one of the things he decides to finally explore are feelings he's always had for Dean? Maybe they even have a past history of acting on it? Thanks in advance for any help and/or fics you find.
Hey there everyone! :-)

I hope you'll be able to help me out, 'cause I've been going crazy on my own trying to find this.

So, I am looking for a specific fic. Sadly I don't remember the title or the author, only that it was on AO3. Every chapter was one episode of the show. The author or authors were up to season 8 or something, I think? Basically, it was about a character from every episode mistaking Sam and Dean somehow for a couple, although they aren't together. It was awesome reading how every episode could have some Wincest and the boys reaction to it.

So to recap, every chapter was from a different outsider point of view, it wasn't actual slash, but the outsider always thinks the boys are together, there are many chapters (though the single chapters aren't actually every long) and it's still a work in progress.

Rings any bells? I've no idea how I can't seem to find this on my own...
I'd really be grateful for your help! <3

Edit: Found! It's Fumbling in the Dark by leonidaslion and I've simply got very selective memory concerning the summary and the first chapter.
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15 March 2016 @ 11:07 am
Starts of as preseries but it moves it way into the actual plot of supernatural every now and again going back to preseries.

How it starts is that John and Dean are on a hunt and Dean gets a call from Sam saying that he is cold and can't get warm and his hands hurt real bad. They both rush back to find Sam with his hands turning black, they take him to hospital were he is diagnosed with hypothermia (Frostbite maybe?)

As Sam gets older he suffers really bad with hand tremors and pain when it gets really cold and Dean is all over protective always insisting that Sam wears his gloves. Sam gets angry because all the gloves are two bulky for him to shoot a gun.

In one chapter it talks about Sam standing the in cod after he bought Dean a birthday present - cassette tapes?
27 December 2015 @ 01:58 pm
Hey, I'm looking for an author that had many SPN fics.

I remember that one fic of hers dealt with Brady talking to Jessica before her death and another fic dealt with the little kid from the third episode of the first season, Lucas, I think, drawing the Impala and his mom thinking that the Impala was flying and Lucas knowing that it,Sam, and Dean were falling. Sorry that I can't be more specific.
Story has been found here: Spectrum (in 4 parts), by [livejournal.com profile] tbrook.  The conclusion is here: Jumping at Shadows.  Thank you for the help, all you commenters!  :D

This is an old specific story I'm looking for.  It starts right where the series starts, just before Jess's death.  Sam passes through his own doorway on which somebody carved a cursed sigil, and he basically loses his mind.  The story is written in a very distinct stream-of-consciousness style from a third person Sam perspective, and I believe this moment is described as "the whole world took a step to the left."

Jess dies the same way she did in the series, and Dean shows up after Sam calls him incoherently from the kitchen floor.  Dean tells him to stay put, because he was already almost there.  The rest of the story is basically an insane Sam-styled warped perspective on the beginning of the series.  Dean is looking for their father, but his search has been completely disrupted because Sam is incoherent.  He can speak, but the things he says are often uninterpretable without any perspective on the things he's hallucinating.  Sam frequently begins screaming for reasons completely incomprehensible to Dean.  Once at a gas station he starts screaming because he is afraid he will fall into the sky.  He keeps seeing a man in a trenchcoat following them.  The television looks like an eye watching him.

I think the story is in 5 parts or so.  I read it on livejournal, and the author had a blue background.  Sadly, that is all I can remember, and keyword searches have gotten me nowhere.  The story is gen, no pairings.  It's implied that the man in the coat is Castiel, but this is never said outright, and I think Bobby shows up at one point, but other than that it's just Dean and Sam.  The style is the most distictive feature.  It read almost like poetry-prose.  And it would be at least 4 years old, probably more.  If anyone can help me find this, I would be so grateful.  It was an amazing story, and I'd love to read it again!
29 November 2015 @ 07:44 pm
First time posting so I hopefully do this right!

I read this fic ages ago, I know it was on AO3 but I can't find it in my history which is a little strange. It had multiple chapters based on Sam's life after he was blinded on a hunt (either by a witch or a werewolf), it had time stamps from when he was younger in school and when he is older hunting with Dean, sure it's set between pre-series, season one and two and it's not Wincest though it contains cute brotherly moments!

In one chapter Dean had been hustling pool and the guys accused him of cheating and he ran out of the bar with Sam but they are cornered outside the bar, cue BAMF!Sam though he is blind he can kick some serious ass! There is another chapter where Dean his kidnapped by Gordon and Sam saves him and there is another one where the boys end up switch like Dean is blind and not Sam and it gives Dean an insight on what Sam goes through on a daily basics.

Hope that's enough info and I hope you magical people find it!
05 September 2015 @ 10:04 pm
(Mods, I'm not sure if this is allowed, but thought I'd try.  If it's not, just let me know)

I'm looking for a list of Sam/Dean recs that was on someone's livejournal that I've now lost the link to.  Given the age of the stories I remember being on that list, I'm guessing it was made sometime before 2009.  The rec list was just a list of names of stories, with no descriptions or other information.  There was a lot astolat on the list.

I know it's a longshot to ask for help here, but there are a lot of stories on that list that I haven't saved the link to elsewhere, so I'm worried I'll never be able to find them again without that list.

Thank you for your help.
Hey all!
I'm looking for three specific fics and I have a general search. The 3 specific fics are as follows:

  1. This is a drabble/oneshot set after the epiode Skin in season 1 (1x06). It is a very short fic. It is basically about Sam wondering if he was wrong and what he thought was the shapeshifter was actually Dean, and who he thought was Dean was actually the shapeshifter. He tells Dean this and Dean says it doesn't matter, the shifter can download people's memories so he would act the same and he says it would be "a monster's second chance". They go to a bar and Sam keeps bringing up this topic, saying that it must be symbolism that Dean shot himself in the head and Dean tells him he once slept with a guy that looked like Sam and asks if there is any symbolism in that. They then go back to the motel and Sam tells Dean he'd know if it wasn't him and Dean says he wouldn't. The fic ends along these lines.

  2. The second fic is one where Sam is deaged and I can't really remember anything about it (why he was deaged, who did so, etc) except for the ending where Dean asks Sam if he liked him when Sam was a teenager. Sam is quiet for a while and Dean says "Forget it" but Sam then explains that even though Dean was his brother, he kind of acted like a mother to Sam so Sam kind of resented him for it. Sorry for the lack of details, but I really can't remember much more.

  3. The final fic was again, deaged Sam. Sam, Dean & John (I'm not entirely sure John was with them though) are on a hunt together and they get cursed by faeries who de-ages Sam. The curse works a certain way: Sam has to say no a certain amount of times for him to reach his normal age. He starts off as a child and Dean uses flashcards and makes up stories to make Sam repeat the word "No" over and over again. Sam does so and he starts growing older and older. Eventually he reaches the age he was when he was at Stanford and Dean has to explain about Jess to him. Finally Sam becomes his age again.

Any help on any of these fics is much appreciated as I am so desperate to read them!

Thank you heaps in advance!
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific fic that I'll probably feel really silly for forgetting. What I remember:

-The fic takes place during Stanford-era and early Season 1.
- Sam's been secretly in love with Dean all his life, but is unsure whether to consider himself gay as Dean's been the only he loved.
- At Stanford, he gets some advice from a classmate to explore his sexuality a little, and ends up hooking up with said classmate, in a one time friends-with-benefits kind of way.
- Dean accidentally finds out about Sam's sexual exploration. Sam tells Dean his story, minus Dean being his One True Love. Dean is fairly cool with it.
- Dean finds videos/pictures of Sam with other guys on Sam's laptop while searching for things to salvage post-fire Season 1.
- Dean ends up taking Sam's laptop to the bathroom and secretly jerking off to one of the porn videos of Sam - although he gets interrupted by Sam halfway.
Any help would be amazing.

ETA: FOUND by phoenix1966! Desperate Measures by 427-67Impala
Looking for two stories that I read and want to reread. One I have fairly good info for, the other one is much more vague. Here's hoping that you can help me out.

1 - The boys meet up with Mothman. The Mothman is appearing to Dean and giving warnings of a terrible event. The boys are stuck in a small town after the Mothman causes Dean to drive off the road, and they realize that they weren't supposed to go to Point Pleasant, instead the Mothman lead them to this specific town.

2 - This is very vague and I may be mixing up stories, but here goes: Gen story, Season 1ish. I seem to recall that Xmas carols were a theme. Sam and Dean are trying to get down a moutain and things keep happening. There may have been a Star involved, but it turns out to be a billboard or sign.  Help!
24 May 2015 @ 11:44 pm
like the subject line says. I've read a few fics that do alternate takes on the Sam and Shifter!Dean from Skin. I want to read fics where Sam is the one being copied. Anyone know of some fics like that?

I'm kinda looking for fics along the same vein as Shifting by TazzyJan

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30 April 2015 @ 10:44 pm
Hey Guys, I have two requests:
1.I'm looking for some fics that are similar to The Road Begins by ElvisRose
Where Dean already went to Hell whilst Sam was at Stanford. Castiel must be in it. So basically Dean gets sent to Hell and is rescued by Cas while Sam was at Stanford and Sam notices his brother isn't quite how he remembers what with the PTSD and all. Also if u haven't already I reccomend you read The Road Begins its so good :)

2. Any fics that Deans PTSD is featured in would be great. Be it PTSD from the military or Hell.

Pairings wise I'm up for both Gen and Destiel but absolutely no Wincest.

Thanks Guys
Hi All,
I miss season One stories about the boys. Especially the ones after being pick up from Stanford Sam keeps making mistakes in hunting with Dean.

He trying to get his bearings or footing, but it's been 4 years-where he did not have to hold a gun/knife or weapons or watch out for things that go bumps in the night. And Dean is having to rescue his ass but being really patient with him.

So any of you favorite stories basically where Sam keeps screwing up in the beginning and Dean rescuing and also re- teaching him the basics?
17 February 2015 @ 03:49 pm
HI All I want to thank everyone who always help me finding the specific story I need. I am eternally always grateful for your guys help.

I hope once again you can come to my aid. :)

SO here goes, I don't remember the name or writer of this specific J2 fic.
I do remember the story it goes something like this.

Chad had bet Jared he would never get Jensen to have sex with him. For all who knew Jared, he never back down from a bet or challenge and he always won. So he accepted Chad's bet. Thinking it will the easiest 50 bucks he'll win.

Next day on the set he was trying to come up with a plan on how to get Jensen without him knowing. So he comes up with a truth and dare game on the spot thinking this will work and Jensen will fall prey.

Unfortunately it back fires a lot on Jared. Jensen just keeps getting the upper hand on him. To the point where in the end Jared does not know which way is up or down and he finds himself in the back seat of the IMPALA with Jensen seducing him, being very in charge "top" and Jared completely caving in to him and bottoming.

I remember Chad picking up his cell phone the very next day and hearing Jared Saying "fine I'll drop you off the 50 bucks" and Chad gleefully saying " I knew it he rejected your ass" But Jared answering "no actually he likes my ass", then laughs and then finishes "he likes it a lot" and hangs up on Chad before he says anything else.

So does anyone know this fic? I really want to read it again :)
14 February 2015 @ 03:53 pm
I saw a fic called "Of Forgetting And Remembering" by AussieChick21 on FanFiction recommended on a Delicious account, but unfortunately the fic has been deleted. It sounded like it would be right up my alley, so I was hoping someone has a copy somewhere.

This was the synopsis:
"Sam fears he has damaged their relationship beyond repair when Dean forgets his birthday."

If anyone has it, I would love to read it!
08 February 2015 @ 11:02 pm
Hi! My sis mentioned there is a fic about Marshall Grant's brother wanting to take a revenge for his brother's death. This is from Season 1, Faith.

Thank you in advance!
02 February 2015 @ 04:49 pm
Hey, I'm looking for a fic in which, for some reason, after Sam leaves for Stanford he joins the Marines. It may be Wincest, but I don't remember.

Thanks in advance for your help!
06 January 2015 @ 01:45 pm
Happy New year to Everyone in the Supernatural fandom! Wishing you all the best in 2015!!

I am looking for any fics when Jensen and Jared meet for the first time for roles of Dean and Sam Winchester, and its love at first sight or even lust at first sight. But they are unsure if the other feels the same.

I would preferred it to be between season 1 thru 3, it could be a slow build or one shot, or I will accept W.I.P and also definitely self- rec's welcome.

Also if Jensen could be the more experience/confident one in this and Jared in-experience, shy, nervous.

Please bottom Jared Only!!!

Thank you.
Hey guys :)

1. I've been watching the early seasons of Supernatural again, and that's got me nostalgic for some good old fahioned old school wincest. Preferably from season's one and two. I just want some wincest fics that are uncomplicated by all the drama that happens during the later seasons. When the boys were all young and carefree and innocent. What are your guys favourite fics on this?

2. Probabaly one of the oldest tropes in the fandom, but fics where John and Mary get divorced, the boys get seperated, they reunite every once in a while and use that time to start an illicit relationship with each other? (I told you I was feeling nostalgic). Or really, any fics where the boys are seperated (but still know about each other!), but still get together despite being apart. I know I've read a couple of them, but for the life of me, I can't remember where I read them!

So..help please?
25 November 2014 @ 08:08 pm
I'm looking a novelization of Supernatural tv. And no, not SPN novels, but retelling of SPN from pilot episode to the lastest episode.
Is there someone who made this kind of fic? Please help me!
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02 November 2014 @ 12:39 am
Hi everyone,
Looking for a late S1 fic where Dean finds out John's been mistreating Sam (verbal and/or physical abuse) when he overhears them having an argument outside the motel room, mostly one-sided and involving John blaming Sam for something. (Dean might have been injured?) Also explains Sam's departure for Stanford as either because of John's abuse or because John ordered him to leave. Possibly slash (John not reacting well to discovery of Wincest), though I might be mixing up different fics.
I'd appreciate any and all help!

FOUND: Sins and Tragedies by cottonmouth
28 September 2014 @ 04:22 am
hi i was wondering if anyone has heard of an old wincest fic where dean also had power's like sam but where sam had visions and telekinesis, dean was telepathic. i remember they used deans power to track demons and that it was actually super useful. it was wincest i think and i cant remember the website. mind you this quite some time ago i read this fic. i was in high school still i believe and now im 23 and working, but if anyone remembers this fic please tell, or something similiar. i remember one scene was were dean's telepathy allowed him to hear a demons thoughts in cloud form, and that at one point dean was able to hear a whole group of demons thatb was on there way to them in there black cloud bodies??? or whatever there form is considered. it was a good read and chaptered and finished i just dont remember the name of the story or the site, please help.
04 August 2014 @ 11:37 am
I've just gotten my brother into the show long-distance (he lives in CT and I'm in FL). I don't think he even knows fanfic exists, but he does love the show.

What I'm asking for are stories you absolutely love: either with the brothers' relationship or the hunt, whatever. I would prefer to give him something not really arc-heavy, but something someone who is just watching the first time via re-runs on TNT. That puts him only up to season 6. Honestly, I'm not sure how much of the earlier seasons he managed to watch, I think it may be a little spotty so maybe nothing involving the deal. If you want to rec something like that, mark it and I can save it for later.

Thanks in advance!

I think I covered all the tags.
      I humbly beg help locating a fan faction which i somehow misplaced on my computer!  I do not know the title or the author.  I can describe the plot as much as I can remember, however.  After Sam left for Stanford, and John, of course, abandoned Dean, waving all the red flags of a lifetime of unforgivable neglect and emotional abuse against his firstborn.  Dean decides to continue hunting under the tutelage of his some-time stepfather, and full-time research assistant Bobby Singer.
      When Dean winds up tracking through the countryside, in pursuit of some creature or other, he quickly deduces that he has shifted into another dimension, with no clue as how to return home.  After retracing his steps, and no visible yellow brick road signs, Dean is left with the survival training his father beat into him at a young age.  Reduced to distant recons and nightly raids for clothing and food scraps, Dean realized everybody here possesses rather large wing-like appendages.  Furthermore, Dean's brief recons have uncovered a very dark picture of a "culture" comprised of a two-caste system.  The winged people are the "upper class" warriors, while those without those appendages are at the lowest of lower class (a.k.a. slaves), doing all manual labor in the fields, and serving in houses, and maintenance in towns. These lower castes appear to have had their wings brutally hacked-off by warrior sadists during some sort of ceremony to empress upon them their new lot in life.
    Nauseating recon totally over, Dean hauls ass away from these mutilating sickos.  While trying to quietly steal some provisions from a isolated manor far, far, away from that disturbing village, Dean is overpowered by a black-winged and totally hot homeowner called Castiel.  After the "What the F*** are you? questions and manhandling inspections, the reality of the shit storm hits.  Castiel seems to be a rather intrigued, enlightened, and chill angel, who would never tattle on Dean's alien differences.
     Since Castiel is something of a eccentric hermit to his own kind, he decides to hide Dean in his upstairs apartment, providing him with food, clothing, and a bed until everything can be sorted out.  With no one else to interact with, Dean and Castiel become closer, sharing stories of their lives and adventures from their different realities.  Dean expresses his horrific shock when he learns that the "slaves" are in fact warriors who were bested three times in combat and mutilated to prove they are worthless to Michael's armies.  After many talkings-to Castiel about the needless cruelty and sadism of such practices, Castiel agrees with Dean that these practices are atrocities.
    After much planning Dean convinces Castiel to travel back to his reality, where life is far from perfect, but still better than this bullsh*t! Even so, neither man knows the direct route back to the field Dean crossed over through, so they enlist Castiel's brother Gabriel to gather intel on areas strange animals are spotted roaming.  When they have the nearest coordinates, Michael decides he wants to challenge Castiel to blood combat to prove who's the better warrior.  Dean, of course, is of the school of "screw this noise" but Castiel cannot back down without loosing face.  Castiel looses to Michael two times and almost lost a wing on the third before Dean's message sunk through his thick angel head.  He hauls ass after Dean to his reality and leaves all that pointless deadly pea cocking reality behind.  Time to start a new life where being a warrior means actually battling evil and protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Castiel can find true self-respect with a smoking hot righteous man!
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] zoetron56 at In search of a Dean/Cas fic where Dean is trapped in an alternate universe with barbaric angels.
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] zoetron56 at In search of a Dean/Cas fanfic where Dean is trapped in an alternate universe with barbaric angels.
I humbly beg help in locating a fanfiction which I somehow misplaced on my computer!  I do not know the title or the author.  I can describe the plot as much as I can remember however.  After Sam left for Stanford, and John, of course, abandoned Dean, showing all the red flags of a lifetime of unforgivable neglect and emotional abuse against his firstborn.  Dean decides to continue hunting by himself with only Bobby as occasional step-father and research assistant.
    When he winds up tracking through the country in pursuit of some monsters or creature, he finds himself in another dimension, with no way of finding his way out.  After much retracing his steps, he gives up the quest for the magical doorway and starts thinking about day-to-day survival on this alien landscape. He then reverts to his training and tries to blend in with the alien society that he has absolutely no place existing within. Reduced to recons and snatch and grabs for food and concealing clothing, he can't help noticing everyone here possess rather large sets of angelic wings.  Dean also notices a rudimentary two-caste system to the angel's culture (if it could be called one).  The winged angels are the warrior upper-class, while the servants, field hands (a.k.a. slaves), and any other "undesirables" no longer possess those winged appendages.  These "lower castes" are treated beyond the bounds of cruelty, and Dean could only too well guess the sadism required to repeatedly hack a persons feathered limbs off to desecrate and humiliate  them to these pitiful creatures.
    Nauseating recon over, Dean took the only sane course of action, and ran far, far away from these sickos. While trying to steal some food from a isolated farmhouse, Dean is overpowered by a gorgeous black-winged angel called Castiel.  After the mutual, "What the F**" are you?" by both parties, the shit storm became readily apparent, that if anyone other than the two of them ever found out about Dean's differences.
Castiel decided to stash Dean in his upstairs apartments, in an attempt to hide him from everyone else.  Castiel brought him food and companionship.  They learned each others words, and described each of their respective realities.  Dean repeatedly expressed horror over the fact that if a warrior angle lost sparring combat three times, his wings would be hacked off and would only be useful in working in the fields.  After many talkings-to by Dean to Cas over the complete insanity of such atrocities, Dean finally convinces Castiel to come home to his reality, where far from perfect, but would offer him the opportunity to truly be a righteous warrior fighting real evil and not following demented brothers butchering those they don't consider worthy.
30 July 2014 @ 01:50 am
Hey guys. I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago and forgot to bookmark. =(

It was set in season one, episode 9 Home. I remember that Dean and Sam had to vanquish the spirit of their mother who was still haunting their old house (I don't remember if she was evil or not). She was trying to keep them with her in the house or something (maybe kill them so they would be with her?). Dean was extremely broken by the whole situation.

I do remember at the end when they finally did rid the house of her spirit, John found out and pretty much lost it and yelled at Dean. Dean was a mess and there was a good bit of sobbing and hurt!Dean and Sam comforting him. I'm not really sure how the fic ended.

If anyone remembers this fic and has a link, I'd appreciate the share. Thanks in advance <3

08 July 2014 @ 07:40 pm
I know I've read this particular story at least twice but it never made it to my Delicious list.

I think it's set around Christmas - the main action at the end takes place in the town square and has to do with lighting the tree. The reason the boys are there in the first place has me a little mixed up. It's either due to Sam's visions or just a regular hunt. I think at one point there is a rescue of a boy that fell into a river. There might also have been a mass rescue of kidnapped children. Also, I think it's early, maybe season 1-3?

The bit with the tree is what I really remember. I checked the Christmas tags and didn't see it.

Thanks in advance!

Foreseen by PL Wynter. No mass-rescue of kids but there is a river rescue. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_cookie
Here again from thewincestlibrary, any help in finding these requests would be great :)

1. Any wincest coffee shop aus?

2. Your favorite fics/one shots set before season 3? I.E. seasons 1 and 2, not preseries.

3. I have been looking for a certain fic for a long time and i just can't find it! I was wondering if you have any idea: Sam and Dean were driving around the country like normal, but they were running from the FBI, i think it was in season 2, It would go to the point of view of the FBI sometimes, Sam always wanted to kiss Dean in public and they were in a diner and Dean looked like a homophobe so Sam kissed him and they like made-out, impala sex... ringing any bells? it was bottom!sam! idk...

4. I was wondering if you could help me find a fic I have forgotten the name of? It involved Sam suffering from anxiety after hell (maybe after his wall broke, I forgot). Dean and Sam move in to a neighborhood and Sam gets a job as a mechanic. Dean always makes him sandwiches and drops them off for him. There is also a scene where they go to a Superbowl party and Sam has a panic attack that Dean helps him through. No worries if you can't find it. Thank you so much!

5. I was looking for a fic i read a while back. It was BDSM with dean as the dominant one. Dean can't really tie sammy down for safety reasons and possible monsters finding them so he uses stuff like a belt and lays if gently across sammy's arms and makes sam pretend. idk really. it was hot.

Thanks so much again!
13 April 2014 @ 07:24 pm
Are there any crossovers with Criminal Minds or similar related to the Season 1 episode 'Skin'? I've seen a few mentions of it, of course, but that usually has the team trying to profile Dean based on the skinwalker's actions, which isn't quite what I'm looking for. I'm wondering if there is anything out there where the BAU is called in for the case, and profiles the skinwalker without having any idea it's not human, and obviously without the preconception of 'It was Dean Winchester all along.'

Related, are there any fics showing how things might have been different later on if Dean wasn't blamed for the murders? For one thing, they wouldn't have had Henricksen looking for them at the bank with the other skinwalker. How would it change things if Dean wasn't a wanted criminal/legally dead?
11 April 2014 @ 08:51 pm
Sam/John fics set during Stanford or Season 1. No non-con fics please.

Though I want Sam/John as the main pairing / one of the main pairings, I don't mind if there are also side pairings that also include Sam or John.
29 March 2014 @ 12:16 am
So my brother's been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately, and I  got to thinking. There are a ton of crossovers with CM out there, but as far as I can tell most of them are set relatively late in SPN canon--earliest I can think of off the top of my head is one in Season 4. If anyone could rec something a little earlier that would be great.

One thing that bothers me, though, is St. Louis. A shapeshifter taking the form of women's significant others while they're out of town and torturing them to death? Take out the shapeshifter angle and that case would be right out of CM, so why hasn't anyone put them there?

Basically, I would love it if someone could point out a crossover with CM set in the SPN episode 'Skin' or any other fic set in the early seasons of Supernatural.
I'm looking for a fic that went AU during the pilot if I remember correctly. During the first season at least.
The demon comes for them in a motel (with ugly flowers on the wallpaper that are creeping them out, which is an odd detail to remember...). Sam bonds himself to Dean with a ritual that just comes to him out of the blue. It makes him Dean's, means he has to obey his orders. He tries to hide that from Dean for a while, who is not thrilled when he finds out. The bond can somehow differentiate between suggestions and real orders, and also means the demon can't have him, because he already belongs to Dean.
24 February 2014 @ 09:04 pm
Hi, I would like to ask for twi things:

1. Any good gen or het SPN fics (not J2), from season 1 (or pre-series), any genre, warning or length.

2. Any and all fics by [livejournal.com profile] incompletework2, especially the Jared/Chris pieces. You can either comment, link, PM or send me an e-mail at:
denig 37 @ azet . sk

Thank you!
31 December 2013 @ 05:37 pm
I just started watching Supernatural this year. I am trying to read some of the older fics, but I know that I have missed a lot. So I would like your recs of fics that were written before Season 2 aired. I am a Dean girl, so I would prefer he have a big part, but I am not picky about pairings. Just please no gender-bender. Thanks.
15 November 2013 @ 10:09 pm
So I just started rewatching from the beginning of the series (again), and now I'm wondering if there are any fics out there that either:

1. Are AU/AR or AU-ish with Cas appearing sometime before Season 4 (Season 1-3 or pre-series)


2. Involve Cas learning about how the events of those earlier years, either by it coming up somehow or by needing to time-travel back to that time, or any reason really. The brothers had all sorts of issues those early years, especially over Sam's resentment of Dean, that were mostly smoothed over (or buried) by the time Cas came around, so anything that shows him addressing any of that sort of thing.

Any rating, any warning, is fine.
I'd prefer Dean/Cas or Gen. Please no Wincest.
24 October 2013 @ 08:17 pm
Hi I am new to the SPN famdom, I am only current to the end of season 2 in watching episodes. I also never posted in any communities, so if I make a mistake I'm sorry and I'll do my best to correct it. I have no idea where or what to start reading there are so many options! I usually start off reading a famdom by taking a look at the newbieguide on livejournal but their page just overwhelmed me. I like to read mostly slash but I  also like a good het fic as well. I usually am not, into incest but I'm willing to give it a shot. So does anyone have any fics to convert me?

Also crossover fics I'm not sure if I should list all the famdoms that I know? If it crosses over into a famdom I don't know I'll give it a shot and see. Please give me any fics that are based in season 1 & 2 and are  fics you would want to read, when your new to Supernatural.

Thanks so much to anyone who responds.
10 October 2013 @ 11:49 pm
I'm looking for any story where Dean is possessed and hurts Sam; there's one I specifically remember reading that I can't find and I really want to read it again.  It was set during season 1 I think, and when Dean 'woke up' from his possession he was in the Impala on the side of the road.  He called Sam and left a message saying he thought he had been raped because he was bloody in certain areas and when he got back to the motel he found Sam tied to the bed and terrified of Dean because possessed!Dean raped him.  Anything like that I would love to read though I would prefer if it had a happy ending!

Um second, anything with hurt/sick!Sam and protective!Castiel/Gabriel or any other angel if you can find it.
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The two fics I'm looking for are hurt!Sam(obviously) and I hope someone can help me ifnd them quickly.  I've been looking for them for a long time and if you help me I will love you forever.

1) I don't remember what season it was in but I think it was season 2.  Anyway Sam was kidnapped by a monster(don't remember what) and he was tied up in a basement that had a bad leek and it was storming.  When Dean and Bobby find him the water is high eough that he almost drowns and that is pretty much all I remember.  Oh and it also contained awesome!Dean and Bobby with hurt!and-possibly-sick!Sam

2) Set in either season 1 or 2.  Sam fell down a mine shaft on a hunt(I'm thinking it was for a wendigo) and ended up with a concussion.  It took Dean a long time to find him and Sam was out of it and possibly sick.  I honestly don't remember much more so I hope someone can help.

3) Sam got hit by a car and was left on the side of the road.  Dean found him and he knew Sam was dying so he stayed with him and cuddled right there on the side of the road.  After Sam dies he comes back (temporarily) as a ghost to talk to Dean before he moves on.

Sorry if any of these are really vague but I haven't read any of them for a while.

Oh and please recommend any hurt/sick!Sam from either season 1 or 2!
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I'm looking for two specific fics this time!

1) Jensen and Jared are kidnapped by a crazy fan that thinks they are Sam and Dean.  I remember that he makes Jensen carve his name into Jared's arm and rub salt into it so that they can get food and water but the cut I THINK ends up getting infected and Jared almost dies before the police find them.  This was J2 and I'm pretty sure it was a journal.

2) Sam and Dean get in a fight-don't remember what about-and Sam walks off to cool down.  It's winter or something and their stuck in a blizzard.  Sam ends up getting attacked and raped.  He tries to make it back to their motel but can't and Dean goes to look for him.  When he finds Sam he has hypothermia and since they can't get back to their motel he takes them to a shelter.  I can't remember much else but I', pretty sure it's gen and on fanfiction.net.

3) Anything where Sam or Jared has an allergic reaction to something or has hypothermia!  Wincest J2 or Gen are fine with me.

Edit: Stories 1&2 are found!  Links in the comments!

I also am looking for a new story but I'm too lazy to make another entry so I'll just add it here.

It was on ff.net and their was no pairing.  It was set in late season 1.  Sam comes back to the motel alone and hurt when he had been investigating with John.  The two had been attacked and John was almost killed but Sam used his powers and saved John.  John left him to go to a bar and I think Sam had to walk back to the hotel with broken ribs.  When John comes back he and Dean get in a fight in which John calls Sam a freak and Sam hears...I can't remember much else.  Oh and if there are any other stories where John says/does something to hurt Sam then feels guilty about it I would love to know about them!  I don't however want stories where John is a bad dad and intentionally hurts Sam!  I just want guilty!John and hurt!Sam fluff!
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21 June 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Hi! My request this time will be placed under a cut...

Bottom!Sam search )

Thank you for any help!
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13 June 2013 @ 02:58 pm
I'm looking for two specific stories and one general search...I hope you all can help me out! I don't remember a lot about the fics but I hope it's enough for someone to find...

1) Sam and Dean are squatting in an abandoned house in the desert and Dean leaves Sam to go to the town nearby(I'm not sure but I think Sam had a cold or something)and Sam ends up getting attacked by a dessert gang who are looking for the guns in the Impala. They end up leaving him out in the sun without water and he either gets heatstroke or sunstroke I'm not sure which...The only other thing I remember is Dean coming to find Sam in the desert and taking him back to town to get a motel room. This one is Gen.

2) I don't remember a lot about this story just that after a storm the equipment on the set stops working right or something and they're doing a stunt when just Jared I THINK was thrown across the room but something happened and he ended up tangled up in wires with one around his neck cutting off his breathing. It starts cutting into his neck and Jensen starts screaming to get him down while trying to reassure Jared. That's all I remember. This one I think is Gen but it might be J2.

3) Last I have a general search where either Jared or Sam has claustrophobia and Jensen/Dean find out?

By the way there is no tag for Heatstroke or Claustrophobia...That I saw.

*Number 2 found! Link in the comments!
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20 April 2013 @ 02:48 am
I read this story few weeks ago on lj...it had sam wetting the bed after a nightmare and dean then cleaned him up..they next night sam fell asleep while a movie and dean put a pull up on him while he slept...next day sam freaked out when he saw the diaper but in the end dean convinces him to use diapers and to rely on him and let him take care of him...it was set in season 1

Also any other story of adult sam wetting the bed and dean cleaning him up later would also be great :D

Thanks in advance!
This is my first time posting in this community but I am looking for a specific fic that I read years ago that I can't find anymore.
I think it was set pre-season 1 or it was sort of an AU set in season 1 where John came back and was hunting with the boys again. There was a demon that attacked Dean and he was injured and was in hospital. I think the story was called "Shrine 9" or "Shine 9" - it was on fanfiction.net but it doesn't seem to be there anymore.

Does anyone know if it was posted on livejournal or anywhere else?

FOUND; thank you [livejournal.com profile] juppschmitz for finding me the story Shine 9
24 March 2013 @ 12:21 pm
A while ago, I read this short fic. I'm pretty sure it was on ff.net. Anyway, it's set sometime after Stanford, and Sam is patching Dean up from something or other. He notices all the scars Dean has gained in their time apart, and starts tracing each one. Dean tells him where they came from until he gets to some kind of claw marks on Dean's arm. Dean grins and says some girl's name.

The second one was longer, and I'm pretty sure it was on Livejournal. What I remember is that at the beginning, Sam and Dean are trying to kill this witch, but nothing is working. So finally, Dean gets a hold of one of those trucks that have part of a house on them and dumps it on her. I think Sam pointed out that water would probably have worked, and Dean grinned and said this way was more fun. I thought I'd saved it, but it wasn't in my memories, so obviously not.