07 September 2016 @ 04:54 pm
Hi guys!

Hope you can help me find this story:

In this story Jensen is Jared's prisoner, more like a sex slave. I remember one of the first scenes Jensen is naked and tied and Jared orders the guards to bring dogs so they can smell him and find him if he tries to escape.

I think Jensen had tried to escape before so Jared's guards cut one hand of Jensen's brother (I think was Chris).

I have been looking for this story for days I already looked on slavery tag and abused Jensen tag, and other tags and no luck, hope you can help me.
im looking for a story i read awhile back. here is what i remeber.

Jared and Jensen are together
Jensen gets a job at a club owned by JDM
JDM threaten Jensen with harming Jared if Jensen does not do what Jeffrey say
JDM forces Jensen to have sex with him and his friends.
Jared somehow finds out and pays JDM a visit
Jared used to work for the mob as a Hitman
Christian is also in story he is Jensen friend and also know Jared
as they are both hitman.

I know it pretty vague.

i hope this is okay if not please let me know and i will do my best to fix anything that needs fixing.

thank you for all your help
07 April 2016 @ 06:04 pm
Hello :)

Okay so, there was this certain AU fic that I read ages ago when I first started getting into the J2 pairing that I can no longer seem to find, or even remember the title to.

But I think it had Jared living next door to an omega!Jensen (may have also been a cat boy, I don't remember details), and Mark (Sheppard?) was his owner, and he was quite abusive (physically, sexually, emotionally, the whole nine) to Jensen. And Jared pretty much figured out what the deal was but he felt like he was crossing a line if he interfered but there was one day where Jensen was left out in the cold and hurt pretty bad and Jared couldn't take it anymore and pretty much brought Jensen to live with him/called the cops on Mark.

Does anyone might know what this fic was called? I'm hoping that someone has come across it in this community and loved it as much as I did because I surely can't remember what it was for the life of me.

Please and thank you~
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Hi guys!

Okay, so it's 2:30am, and I'm driving myself INSANE because I can't remember the name of, or find a story!

This is what I remember about it; it was ABO, with Alpha Jared. The Padalecki and Ackles packs weren't really peaceful, and I think Jared wanted to attack the Ackles pack to gain control, but instead, they come up with a compromise; Jared takes Jensen to live with him, and in exchange, the Ackles pack is left alone. There's a lot of protective Ackles family, especially from Josh, since Jensen is an omega, and I think that's part of the reason he agreed to go with Jared. Anyway, Jared starts off mean, and there's a scene when he's drunk and Genevieve hits Jensen and he does nothing to stop it...Sandy is his awesome "housekeeper" of sorts, and she has a soft spot for Jensen. One night Jensen gets sick, and Jared bonds with him...it reads almost like a Beauty and the Beast based fic. There's a cute Christmas scene and Jensen learns that the Padaleckis aren't as bad as he was raised to believe, and there's Jensen being an awesome cook...just before everything can be perfect, he gets kidnapped by some wolves that Jared banished, I think? But eventually, he ends up with Jared after Jared saves him from a cave or something...

Wow, that was long winded! I remember all that, just not the title! Hope its ringing some bells...I don't think I'll sleep until I find it, lol!

Other than that, any top Jared or top Sam with bottom Dean or bottom Jensen, please!! Preferably ones with possessive, jealous Jared/Sam!

Thank y'all!

EDIT: FOUND in comments by the awesome, fantastic moonlight_grrl!! *Happy dance*
Hi there!Sorry if my description of all the vents in the fanfic is very long but I DO LOVE THIS FIC :(

A loooong time ago I read a long j2 AU fanfic here on lj where hooker!Jensen gets booked by a filthy rich man,mystery man Jared. He gets booked for a long period of time and there's a lot of very violent S/M involved.
Jared is from what I recall a sort of drug lord or something and has a big entourage (CW actors are in this story too)
During this time Jensen gets in touch with one of his older clients,an old lady,who tells him that if he ever feels like he's in danger,he can call this number she gives him and wherever he is he'll be found and saved by a sort swat squad.
Everything seems fine but!!! one time Jared hosts a party on his boat and he has sex with Jensen..but he's hurting so bad he can't take it anymore and wanting to leave he calls the "special"number.
Finally they rescue him and he comes home safe and sound leaving his old escort life behind..but after some weeks /months JARED FOUND HIM!Poor Jensen :'((

He's a very deranged man and the author express this exquisitely.
Oh and it turns out (don't remember if jared tells him this at the very end) that Jared knew Jensen since high school,but poor Padabear was a nerdy loser who wanted to impress Jensen with no avail.
In that moment Jay realised that he'd change his image and get a "revenge" on Jensen in the future.

That's pretty much it.
It's a fantastic story,compelling and it'll get you all paranoid!!trust me!It'd be a great thriller on screen,yeeppp.

I hope someone can help me finding this precious jem!
08 October 2015 @ 12:12 pm
Hi, I accidentally deleted a fic from my delicious page and I can't seem to find it again. It was a kink meme fill, though I can't remember if it was from the spn-kink-meme or blindfold-spn.

The plot: Jared is a hunter. A fellow hunter takes him back to this place after a hunt to have a drink or something. It turns out this hunter has been keeping vampire!Jensen as a slave. He's been physically and sexually abusing Jensen. Jared is disgusted and about to leave, but sees the hunter raping Jensen and can't help himself from going back and rescuing Jensen.

Jared takes Jensen with him and keeps him chained up, because he doesn't want him to hurt anyone. He can't bring himself to kill Jensen because Jensen is so weak and abused and can't defend himself. Jensen offers himself up sexually, and Jared turns him down.

It turns out that Jensen got turned against his will and was living on his own in the woods or something near the nest of the vamp that turned him when the hunter captured him. He's never drank from a human before, he survives off of animal blood. Jared hunts a deer or something for him. Slowly, Jensen (who had been starved by the other hunter) gets back his strength.

In the end, the other hunter captures Jared and hurts him. I can't remember if he was gonna take Jensen back, or kill Jensen and take Jared as his new slave. Jensen saves Jared, and in the end, Jensen and Jared get together and Jared realizes that Jensen isn't a dangerous monster.
03 October 2015 @ 06:51 pm
HI...long time no requests :) I come for you with a couple of searches and I will be eternely in your dept if you could help me find them, they are quite famouse and I know most of you will be surprised that I couldn't find them but please any help will be appreciated:

1- in this fic Jensen/Jared is known in the set but they break up I think because Gen told Jared she was pregnant. then comes Robert Downy Jr. and offers the role of Captain America to Jensen. later on they meet again.

2- in this fic also Jensen/Jared but I think Jared breaks up with Jensen because he was afraid his career will suffer. later on you see Jensen moving on with Daniel and getting married and I think he wins an acting prize and invites Jared to his farm, I remember he has a little girl wearing ballerina's clothes and a small boy.

3- what I remember of this is Jensen kidnapped and tortured in a house and every one is looking for him, I think JDM came too to look for him, Jensen was giving the vibe of being vulnerable and every one wanted to protect him

4- I think this one was called Iowa, Jensen was molested when he was a kid and he is not on good terms with his family, I think there was a scene where he was in the swimming pool with JDM making a move on him because he was lonely or feeling worthless.

please help me find them
13 September 2015 @ 01:49 am
Hi all, I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. I'm not sure if it belongs under a cut or not, so I'll put it under one just in case....

Hidden, triggery stuff )

If you find it for me you get 100 awesome points.
30 April 2015 @ 11:27 am
Hey guys!

I'm seriously addicted to J2 at the moment, and hoping you guys can point me in the direction of some awesome fics. Please, let them all be bottom!Jensen and preferably no hurt!Jared. Ideally, I'd love:

1) Any hurt!Jensen and protective!Jared fics. Jared can be a good or a bad guy, as long as he doesn't hurt Jensen himself.

2) Any fics where Jensen gets hurt protecting Jared, and Jared gets all mother-hen and protective over Jensen.

3) ANY possessive!Jared and jealous!Jared stories are beyond epic.

4) Any abused!Jensen fics where Jared tries to help him heal and is very protective of him. Bonus if there's a confrontation with Jensen's abuser.

5) Any fics where Jared tries to woo Jensen, who believes he isn't worth it.

6) Any kidnapped!Jensen fics where Jared's racing against the clock to get to him and Jensen is hurt during the interim.

A lot to ask, I know, but I'd love to see what fics I might have missed!

Thank you!!! ;-)
26 April 2015 @ 11:34 pm
I'm looking for a specific series I read just a little bit ago, but can't find. I believe it was called something like the "Summer Days" verse. The first fic was about Jared staying in a hotel. He goes out to the motel pool and Jensen is there too. Jensen can't swim, so Jared teaches him. They like each other, and eventually make out. Jensen confides that he does porn with older men, and has been doing it since he was about twelve. He has some missing teeth and pockmarks all up his arm from heroin.

All of the next installments are of many years later. Jared has been looking for Jensen for a long time, and became a lawyer or something to help people like Jensen. His PIs have finally found Jensen, who is working as a prostitute in a terrible area and is known as "White Boy" because he never takes off the white velvet jacket that Jared gave him when they first met. Jensen is really bad off, but Jared takes him away to the hospital, then back home to live with him. Jensen is very sick and has AIDS, and the doctors only give him six months to live. Jensen spends the rest of it with Jared. It's a sad ending.

Please help!

EDIT: FOUND http://redrum669.livejournal.com/17029.html
25 April 2015 @ 02:37 pm
I'm looking for a SPN RPS fic that I think was from a kink meme. In it, Jared and Jensen have an established relationship, but Jared doesn't know that Jensen had an abusive boyfriend before. This relationship makes him think that he needs to appease Jared with sex.

At some point Jared finds out about this and they both take a no-sex vow until Jared can make Jensen believe that he doesn't need sex to make the relationship work.

Any of this ring a bell? I might be getting some of the details wrong.
21 April 2015 @ 12:19 pm
Hey guys, I'm looking for some stories where Dean or Jensen is just fucked up. I'm looking for some high quality angst in a Dean or Jensen centered story. I'm not pick about the length, and my preferred ships are J2, Wincest, DeanCas, and Cockles. I also prefer bottom!Dean and bottom!Jensen, so let me know otherwise, please. If it's RPS, please no wife-hate!
Thank you!!
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I found a little bit ago. It's a non-AU RPF, in which Jensen's uncle or cousin dies and he gets really off his game... Jared can tell that something's wrong, and later he finds out that both Jensen and his cousin were sexually abused by Jensen's uncle as children. I can't remember if it was the uncle dying naturally, or if the cousin committed suicide, but I know it was one of them. Specifically, I think I remember the uncle victim-blaming Jensen by telling him he was asking for it since he was modeling. Please help me find it!

On that same subject, I'm also looking for any non-AU RPF in which Jared finds out that Jensen has been sexually abused, either as a child or as an adult. I'd love painful discovery and hurt/comfort. J2 is not necessary, but not unwelcome. I would especially love any fics in which Jensen has been abused by his manager or casting agents, anything like Mismanaged (http://mis-managed.livejournal.com/3755.html), but with Jensen being the victim. I'm alright with Jared having a negative reaction to discovery in the beginning, as long as he later comes to his senses and there is plenty of guilt and comfort!
04 January 2015 @ 01:30 pm
Hello guys!

I'm trying to recall the title of a specific J2 fic and failing spectacularly. In the story, Jared fall upon hard times financially and moves into a big house with roommates Jensen, Danneel, and Misha. Jensen and Danneel are a couple in the story initially but they don't last long. After a while of living in the house, Jared realizes that something is off with Jensen and he finds out that he has multiple personalities - one being very flamboyant that also makes sure everyone knows about his attraction to Jared. There's another personality who's a bit more reserved and shy that I think had feelings for Misha. Danneel breaks up with Jensen after finding out that Jensen's personality was in control and slept with Jared. And I think Jared felt really guilty about it because he felt as though he raped Jensen since he wasn't in the frame of mind to give consent.

If anyone could help me find this awesome story again, I'd appreciate it greatly! :)
I know I would be a real jerk asking for this but I just can't help it, so please don't hate me, I do love Sam myself :sob:

I'm hunting for stories in which Sam (or Cas, or anyone else but preferable Sam) loves so see Dean's tears, so he says harsh and mean words just to make Dean tears up, no physical abuse though.

Also, I'm looking for stories with NON-AU Dean or Jensen being in an abusive relationship with Sam or Jared (or Cas/Misha).
I have been searching for these for like 9 months and still couldn't find anythinhg :(

Oh and Bottom!Dean only please. Thank you! :x

Edit: Just remember a specific lost fic: Sam and Dean get three wishes from Santa (?) and use one to kill all the bad things on the world (monster, creatures, demons...). I'm mostly sure that it's Wincest. Please let me know if you bookmarked this one :x
18 November 2014 @ 10:59 pm
Hey y'all I need some help.

I read a fic awhile back. J2 with damaged Jensen. What I remember was that is was fairy tale-ish, like Jensen was "asleep", like he closed himself off emotionally because Jensen had been abused as a kid and Jared woke him up.

I think Jensen was a drummer in a band and Jared was trying out for bassist or something. Either way he got the spot and he and Jensen hooked up, but it was instantly HEA there was some drama then the HEA.

I hope one of y'all can help me.

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16 September 2014 @ 08:52 pm
Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific fic I read before I started bookmarking, so I imagine it's at least a couple of years old. Here's what I remember.

It's a J2 college!fic. Jensen had been assaulted when he was younger and it had screwed up his ability to make romantic attachments. Instead he turned into a massive slut. Jared is walking home from a party one night when a guy he'd never met before (Jensen) pushes him up against a wall and goes down on him and leaves as quickly as he appeared. The Js meet again somehow and start to fall for each other, but Jensen's inability to form attachments causes mega-angst. Christian Kane features quite heavily as Jensen's best friend who hates that he sluts around.

The general fics I'm looking for are:
I love the fic Waves and I think what I love about it is:
a) Dean's homophobia and fear of being out of the closet means he publicly denies Castiel in a really humiliating way, absolutely crushing Castiel;
b) How Castiel self-destructs afterwards; and
c) How there's a crap-ton of angst as Dean slowly has to win Cas back

So fics with any or all of these themes would be much appreciated. Any M/M pairing is good, I ship 'em all. I don't like WIPS or A/B/O.

Thanks guys, you're the best!
Found super fast!!!


I've been racking my brains to try and find this fic again but no joy - so hoping you wonderful people can help!

its an RPS, with Jensen having to deal with (I think) someone from the studio stalking him, and Michael is a good guy in this fic and comes in to help (the issue Jensen had was also on Dark Angel). I think it was jared/jensen but can't be too sure.

sorry, I know it's not a lot to go on but it was such a fantastic fic, and I know there aren't that many fics out there that have a Michael as a good guy that the short summary might jog your memory.

virtual cookies for anyone who can help x

thanks :)

Mods: I've tagged it as a search for a crossover as they're's a small part of the fic that is in the genre, but there isn't a tag for Michael? 
27 August 2014 @ 05:35 am
I read a story a long time ago (more than a year) that was a game of thrones AU in which Jared and Jensen were new Crow recruits.  Further description under a cut.

Read more... )

I read this story before I watched Game of Thrones, but now that I've seen it I've been wanting to read the story again.  Help (or similar stories) would be greatly appreciated!

So, I'm looking for a specific fic, For the Love of Jensen Ackles, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. The web address for the links I've found on other LJ posts doesn't seem to work anymore and I'd really love to read it.

Also, if there are any other J2 fics that feature Jensen being bullied by Jared/Chad/whomever (like Pretty Enough) or Destiel where Dean is being bullied, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago.

Here is what I remember:
-J2; Jensen was a hooker, Jared was his pimp (though we don't find out til later on that he is actually a cop); starts out with dark!Jared though I think he turns good at the end
-It started with Jensen being taken to Jared's house (perhaps he didn't bring in enough money?)
- Jared makes a deal with some club so Jensen has to go work there
-Jared has a strict no drug policy; the new club they are at force Jensen and the other hookers to take something

I don't remember much else but hopefully someone can find this for me!

Also looking for any other abused!Jensen stories and/or hooker!Jensen? Any recs are appreciated!

Thank you!
23 June 2014 @ 08:12 pm
Jensen gets contracted/assigned to JDM, who he doesn't want to be with and who doesn't treat him well. (I can't remember whether Jensen's there to have his children or if it's just for sex, and whether it's officially arranged or some sort of debt was owed to JDM..?) Jared works for JDM and doesn't like the way he treats Jensen and, in the end, helps him escape with assistance from Jensen's mother.

Found in comments!
hi guys,

I am looking for a fic I read long back and cant find it anymore. Jensen and Jared are on set when someone from Jensen's past acting career or Jared's friend comes and spreads rumours about Jensen being involved with everyone in his career before....I remember mention of smallville and also he tries to capture and kill Jensen in the end....i dunno I could be mixing two fics but please ...... help!!!!
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30 May 2014 @ 03:28 pm
I'm looking for several J2 recs

1. Jensen is being abused and Jared helps him.

2. Jensen has an eating disorder

3. Jensen commits suicide or is doing self-harm

4. Shy!Jensen fics

5. Jensen is addicted to drugs or forced to take drugs

6. High school fics

I would prefer bottom!Jensen fics but bottom!Jared fics are fine too
Hi Everyone,

My computer recently bit the dust, so I am trying to find some of my favorite stories that I no longer have bookmarks for. I've tried searching for the, but am not having much luck. It is a bit of a varied list...

1. Supernatural/NCIS crossover fic - This fic opens with Sam and Dean meeting Tony DiNozzo who has been kidnapped by 'terrorists' who are possessed by demons. It was a long fic that progressed with parallel stories of the NCIS team coming up with legitimate reasons for why Sam and Dean do what they do and the Sam and Dean story of them trying to protect the NCIS team from demons. I believe that I read it on fanfiction.net - (Found in Comments)

2. This fic deals with the long-term effects of Dean having been possessed by Meg and having a head injury during this possession (I believe he was struck in the head by a piece of concrete). It opens with Sam caring for Dean while he is still in a coma. It moves on to follow their progress as Dean wakes and has to relearn even the most basic tasks. Eventually, Meg and the demons return to make their lives difficult, but there is a happy ending (though Dean never heals fully). (Found in Comments)

Four J2 Fics
3. Dragon Fic - In this, Jared is a mechanist and Jensen is a dragon on the run from a guild that harvests his scales for materials. Jensen is in the form of a human when they meet and Jared doesn't learn that he is a dragon til near the end. (Found in Comments)

4. J2 where Jensen's cousin commits suicide. He begins to implode, struggling with drinking and depression and it is eventually discovered that his uncle had abused both Jensen and his cousin when they were children. (Found in Comments)

5. A/B/O fic - Jensen is the omega of Jared's neighbor (Mark, I think?). Jared meets them as he is considering an omega of his own, however he is concerned about how Jensen is being treated. He eventually discovers Jensen chained in the backyard, in the snow, and rescues him. The story goes on from there... (Found in Comments)

6. Last one is a story where Jensen has left acting after Supernatural and is now a driver in an extreme car racing series. The races involve lots of danger, relatively high risk of death, and to complicate the issue, someone is sabotaging the races and seems to be focused on Jensen. (Found in Comments)

Ok, this was super long! Thanks for your help in advance!!
I read the fic this year a couple months ago. I forgot the title and the author but I remember a few details about it. Explicit and contains beastiality, so details are under the cut.

Details )
Anyway this fic was medium length (I think) and I have been searching for a week. I hope the details help!
31 March 2014 @ 10:26 pm
Okay so I feel kinda nervous looking for a particular kinky J2 fic, it's at least a year old and when I started it was a WIP. All the links I had for it stoped working and I am not sure if it was deleted or not. I put the details under the cut for it's kinkyness but I hoping someone will be able to help me find it.

Hope I got all the tags right, I wnet a little crazy on them.

kink ahead )
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I'm looking for three stories. Maybe you guys can help me...

1) The first story is Wincest. Sam and Dean live in the Men of Letters bunker. Dean has a beard. Sam wants him to shave it off, because he looks like John and it's just weird when they are in bed together.
Edit: FOUND! Links in comments

Becaus of possible triggers I put the next two requests under a cut:
Read more... )

Any ideas where I can find these stories?
Sorry for the mistakes, English ist not my first language ;)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: All three stories found in record time!!! Thank you so much!

I love reading fairytales retold as J2 or Sam/Dean and I have saved many, but my computer crashed and I have to reassemble some of my saved stories. I have one I loved but can't find so I was hoping for help. What I remember... It was in a community for J2 fairy tales or fables (can't find the right one there either). It was a take on Cinderella with Jared as the prince and Jensen as Cinderella. I am pretty sure that the step siblings were Alexis and Milo from Gilmore Girls, and Tom amd Mike from Smallville were friends? of Jared. I am sure Jensen had been abused in all ways but was so shy everyone thought him fine. Of course Jared saves the day, but not with fighting? I believe Chad had a role in it too as maybe Jensen's friend? I had made a personal PDF as it was just posted to a journal and I can't remember the author or the title. If anyone knows this fic, where to find it (or the fourn it was in) or has a copy I can have I would be greatful.

Also if anyone has any recs for good fairy tale/fabe rewrites I would love to read them, any pairing or rating or story base  or any persons (J2 or Supernatural characters)

Thank you so much for any help.

p.s. I hope I got all the tags I went a little nuts.
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09 March 2014 @ 09:59 pm
This has been bugging me for a while now because I could've sworn I found it on here before but that was a long time ago. I tried to look for it earlier but the search came up to nada. Things I remember:

It was definitely j2.
In the past Jensen was raped or something.
In the beginning of the story it started off like some fairy tale. The 'once upon a time' thing.
He met Jared somewhere (i forgot) but he was on top because he had issues giving up control.
I think Jared was new, moving into an apartment, starting college? that sort of thing.
As the story unfolded, Jared slowly found out about Jensen's past and such.
Near the end Jensen tells him that a relative raped him or something.
I'm also pretty sure this has bottom!Jensen in it somewhere as well.

That's all I can remember. Does this seem familiar to anyone?

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15 February 2014 @ 04:48 pm
Anything with the general theme of Jensen being coerced/forced into porn and a couple of specific ones:

1. Jensen takes a job not knowing it's for hardcore porn (he was taken there by his agent who owes the company money or something). Some of the porn is J2, some J3. (I may be mixing this next part up with another fic..) In between filming days, Jensen is kept under lock and key by Jared who plays hardcore sex games with him whether he wants to or not. (This one found in comments!)

2. All I remember of this one is one scene where they bring Jensen into a warehouse with a manky filming scene set up in the middle of it and he really doesn't want to do it. Maybe it involved dogs? Or multiple men? I don't remember what Jared's involvement was in this one, whether he was part of it or made it easier for Jensen or took him away or what.

He may or may not have been underage in either one, I don't recall, but I added the tag just in case.
09 February 2014 @ 05:15 pm
Okay so I am either blind or an idiot and am in need of some help looking for a fic I have lost. I have checked tags and tried goole but to no ends (my google-fu sucks). What I remember of the fic is that it's J2.

The boys meet for Supernatural and Jared likes Jensen and slowly tries to get Jensen to see him as a love interest. Jensen is scared that he likes Jared because he was abused in the past by an uncle. Jensen slowly lets Jared in and a relationship forms, then Jensen takes Jared home (or Jared shows up?). Lots of Jensen's family is over including the uncle who makes jabs at Jensen. Jared makes a scene and at the same time outs them to Jensen's family who don't agree to their relationship and want to support the uncle. Josh later says he was suspicious of the uncle and would leave Jensen with him on fishing? trips to do other stuff not thinking the uncle would do things to Jensen. The uncle's wife is pregnant with a boy and finally decides to believe Jensen and leaves the uncle who then tries to kill Jensen and Jared by running them off the road bu instead goes off the road and dies himself. I think there was a tree house too at Jensen's house he used to hide in and Jared confronts him there when he visits.

I am pretty sure this was on LJ somewhere not AO3 or fanfic.net but I am not 100% positive. I have read other fics close to this where Jensen was abused (a priest?) and Jared helps him while working on a relationship but I am sure of the uncle one. Any help in finding this again would be great. Thanks in advance fo any help.

p.s. any other fics along these lines would be cool too now that I am thinking about it.

p.p.s I hope I got all the tags right, sorry if I missed one.
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28 December 2013 @ 10:59 pm
I'm looking for J2 fics where one of the boys is conditioned and trained for most of their life to be a soldier or some type of warrior without choice. Something like In retrospect (I’d rather have been a poet. Or a farmer.) by . Maybe J1 was physically as well as mentally abused? Completed stories only, please. Lots of angst, but please warn me for death fics. Thanks! 
23 December 2013 @ 05:56 pm
I have an unusual request. Now normally I tend to read gen stories but I've always been a huge slash fan. For this request, I'd like good Jensen/Dean bottom stories. Um to be more specific, I'm looking for stories where he thinks he's a top but turns out to really like being the bottom. So bottoming for the first time recs really. Top This by leonidaslion http://archiveofourown.org/works/181717 is a good example if it helps. It's wincest in case anyone was wondering. My favorite pairings are wincest, j2, destiel, jensen/misha and I don't mind wincest/castiel, j3, or j2/misha either.

I'm also looking for very good rape aftermath/recovery stories (with Dean/Jensen being the victim only please). I'm really strict in that request. Only Dean/Jensen. Thanks.

Now I don't mind top!dean or top!jensen stories so long as the plot focuses on him more. Like Monster and the sequel to it Not Waving But Drowning by [livejournal.com profile] redrum669. http://redrum669.livejournal.com/7862.html

The final request I have is somewhat like the first one but a bit more specific still. I'd like it so that Jensen/Dean are strong characters at first like how he is in the series, where he takes care of everyone. Then something happens that makes him changed. Like in The Doors of Time by [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco http://felisblanco.livejournal.com/1090487.html or [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator's Prime
http://archiveofourown.org/works/304757/chapters/487269. ObsidianRomance's Follow You Down http://archiveofourown.org/works/998452/chapters/1976485

I hope I've been specific enough and that people have some recs I haven't already read before. If it helps I probably haven't read as much livejournal stories I have on AO3. Thank you guys!
A man keeps following Jensen around everywhere he goes. One day, he follows him home and rapes him. Jensen is a virgin when this happens. Cop Jared feels drawn to Jensen since the first time he lays eyes on him in the hospital bed. The rapist gets caught because while Jensen might have been blind, all the other people that saw the man follow Jensen around aren't. The fic had a happy ending.
If you don't know the exact fic, maybe something similar?
So, this is a general request and any fic along those lines is welcome.
But I'm actually looking for a specific story. Jensen and Jared have been best friends since forever.
One day, on their way home, some men jump them and rape Jensen in front of Jared. Jensen makes Jared promise not to tell anyone. When they grow up, Jared goes to this shop and the shopkeeper [probably Misha?] gives him a protection charm or something. My memory's hazy. Turns out, he now has to go to this tree in the forest on Thursdays or the new moon now to pay tribute to this horse/stallion god.
And Jared has to shift into a stallion every once in a while. He also develops abilities. One of them being able to smell other supernatural creatures. They can smell him too. He also got approached in a bar by a werewolf [Chris, I think] .
This other wolf tried to rape/assault Jensen, but Jared and Chris save the day.
The first time Jensen lets Jared take him, he cries. Not because it hurts, but because it doesn't. He says something along these lines, with tears rolling down his distraught face--> "Doesn't hurt, Jay. Feels good. Too good....but it shouldn't right? It should hurt! It's because I've already been fu....it's because I'm not a virgin, isn't it?";
And there were cuddles and comforting and Jared telling Jensen that this was his first time in all ways that counted.

The dialogue under the cut, totally paraphrased. So don't bother trying to google it.
Similar fics?

Hi everyone,
I love this fandom, and every last one of it fans! I need help finding a fic. that I read a long time ago, and can't seem to find.

Jensen has been abused in one way or another during his time on every TV show he's been on (emotionally, physically, sexually). He has severe PTSD, and uses drugs, and other self-harming tactics to cope, and to deal with his past abuse.

When he joins the SPN cast and meets Jared feelings develop between the J's, but Jensen is severely damaged but wants to be a stronger, and better person for Jared and eventually tells Jared about all the abuse. I remember Jared feeling overwhelmed, and torn between being happy that Jensen finally starts to tell him his painful past, and physically ill from Jensen's sometimes awkward, and sudden outburst of all the ugly things he went through.

I also remember that Jensen actually believed he wasn't worthy of love, friendship, or even being in Jared's company, and that he was very vulnerable and the story made me cry.

Oh, and Jared has a fight outside of a movie rental place with an old abuser of Jensen's, because the CW star starts calling Jensen a whore, and slut. I think the old abuser actually was with another CW star that he was currently dating, and Jared felt sorry for the new boyfriend and eventually helped that actor out of his abusive relationship with the unknown abuser. If I remember correctly Jensen and the other abused CW star both end up living with Jared. Also, Jared gets physically, and emotional ill himself from neglecting his own needs and putting Jensen's first all the time.

I hope someone remembers this story because I can't find it:-D

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Any fic along those lines would be great, but I'm also looking for this specific story I forgot to bookmark.
I don't remember much, but here goes.
Click to read details. )

Please someone find me this fic. I'm going out of my mind. And to tide me over until we find it, anything remotely similar [hurt-comfort] you people can recommend?
Okay, so I read this fic a while ago. It was about Jensen having to go to prison -I can't remember why- and he ended up in an alpha prison even though he was an omega because -I think so anyways- he had always pretended for a long time that he was an alpha so the prison system/courts never checked. On his first day -or maybe a couple days into it, I don't remember for sure- Jensen goes into heat and all the alphas, realizing he's actually an omega, gather around needy Jensen and start fingering him and saying how they wanna have sex with him first. Jared -basically a psychopath in this fic- says that Jensen is his but one inmate doesn't listen and tries to fuck Jensen.

Because of this I'm pretty sure Jared killed him -or at least seriously wounded him- and proceeded to take Jensen for himself. The fic ends with Jared telling Jensen that he'll protect him if Jensen becomes his property, but if he says no Jared will let the other inmates have him. Jensen makes a comment about how he wishes Jared would just kill him -not seriously- and Jared says he will if Jensen wants him to. Obviously Jensen doesn't, so he agrees to become his property.

So, any ideas you guys? Thanks a ton in advance! :)
Hi! I am looking for two specific stories that I read a while ago.

1) I think this was actually a comment fic but I have no idea where I read it. Jensen is taking self defense classes and meets Jared. Jared is a cop who is running the classes. Jensen and Jared start hanging out because they like each other. One day in class, Jared asks Jensen to come up so he can show a move to the class. Jensen has a flashback to a night when he was sexually assaulted by a group of guys. We learn that this is the reason why he started taking self defense classes.

#1 FOUND: link in comments

2) This one is Sam/Dean. Sam is married to Jess but cheats on her with Dean. Jess goes out of town and so Dean comes over to Sam's house and they hook-up. At one point, Jess calls Sam while Dean is in the kitchen and Dean gets angry. I remember that Dean starts banging pots around and Jess hears it. I think Sam tells her it's the TV.

I hope these sound familiar to someone!
I am flying to Prauge in 2 weeks and would love some fics to read on the plane and since i dont have internet on the flight i would like fics that are in pdf form so i can download them.

So give me your favorite hurt!dean, sick!dean, hurt!jensen, abused!jensen or sick!jensen fics, preferably longer ones. If they have protective!jared or sam in them, that is a huge plus:)
thanks guys!
15 April 2013 @ 04:03 pm
Hi everyone!

I Know you guys are wonderful and always find whatever is lost. Some time ago I read a fic and I want to read it again. Could you help me?

Here is what I remember:

1. It was at the SPN KINK MEME but I don´t remember which one.
2. It was Jensen Ackles/ Jeffrey Dean Morgan
3. They were working at Supernatural
4. They got the permission to film a non-con scene in which John Winchester was waiting for Dean at the motel room
5. Jeff then cut Jensen underwear and did it while jensen was crying.
6. Jeff told Jensen that he had been waiting for a long time for this.

I hope you guys know which story is this.

Thank you very much.

ETA: found in comments. Thank you. You are amazing people!
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29 January 2013 @ 08:16 pm
Can anyone rec some good rapre recovery fics. Preferrably with Jensen being the one who was raped?

J2 and bottom!Jensen only please.
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Hi everyone, this is my first post here,I hope I'll do it right. 
I have two requests

1) fics that deal with the aftermath of abuse dean/sam or J2 . Please <i>no</i> Destiel. 

2) This is a specific fic that I read two years ago and I can't find, it was a gen fic, set in Season 2 after Heart and it became AU. After the events of Heart Dean and Sam took time off, to deal with the aftermath of Sam killing Madison. The scene I remember the most is Sam saying to Dean that he understood now why he was so hesitant to say yes to his request to killing him and Dean angrily telling him that the two things didn't even compare or something to this effect. 

Thank you in advance!

To the mods: I added all the tags I could think of!!:)
30 December 2012 @ 02:55 am
Hi. I'm looking for any fics where one of J's suffers some sort of childhood abuse and the other finds out and helps him, or fics where the J's are adult and one of them finds out about he others past childhood abuse. The abuse can be emotional, physical or sexual. Thank You.
15 December 2012 @ 10:26 pm
I was wondering if there is any stories where Jared abuses Jensen; how he abuses him is up to you ( physical or sexual)
I really can't find many with Jared being the bad guy. I would perfer non AU if possible but would take AU also.

I was also looking for some good fics where Jensen is pregnant, with whoever being the father. I have run out of good stories to read.