18 May 2012 @ 09:09 pm
Exams finish in less than a month and, other than moving house and a week-long camping trip with my bestest boys, I have little in the way of plans for the two months following, so! STORY SEARCH.

1) It's been done a hundred times before, but I'm doing it again in the hopes that it'll turn up something new: alpha-beta/omega fics. ONLY ones where Jensen/Dean is the alpha and Jared/Sam is a beta or omega. Extra awesome if there's some needy Jared/Sam, vulnerable Jared/Sam, hurt!Jared/Sam or generally tactile behaviour with some protective or possessive!Jensen/Dean. Mpreg is fine, but J2 or Wincest only.

3) J2 or Wincest fics with mpreg!Sam/Jared and protective or possessive Jensen/Dean. Some nesting, scared!Sam/Jared and generally adorable boys.

2) J2 or Wincest fics with mpreg!Sam where something goes wrong - I'd rather that its something that threatens Sam/Jared more than the baby (like, the baby's delivered but there's some complications) and Dean/Jensen are worried and protective perhaps even feeling a little bit guilty (I'd love if they didn't want to see the baby until they knew that Sam/Jared was going to be alright. . However,  I will also accept any fics where both Sam/Jared and the baby are in danger (even miscarriage fics).

2) Fics where, as a teen something happens to Sam (mental health issues, an injury [though I'd rather there was nothing like he's permanently paralysed or has a body part amputated or something] abuse, anything) and Dean takes primary custody of him.  

3) Your favourite ever hurt!Sam/Jared or sick!Sam/Jared fics. Can be flu, cold or something more serious like cancer or diabetes.

4) Your favourite schmoopy J2/Wincest fics with lots of cuddles and snuggles. I LOVE sleepy boys. Seriously. 

Thanks a lot!
05 April 2012 @ 10:58 pm
You guys are always so amazing so I was wondering if you knew of any stories were any of the boys (Jared, Jensen, Dean, Sam, Cas etc) had diabetes. It could be the main part of the story or just a snip.

Any stories with any combinations (Wincest and J2 etc).

Thanks in advanced.
08 February 2012 @ 03:42 am
Well after quite a night with my little brother (he's diabetic, his blood sugar dropped to severely low levels, suddenly lost coherency, then nearly lost consciousness- essentially made me a nervous wreck) I'm looking for some fics where Dean has diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, heck even asthma! Anything where something he has causes a medically life threatening event. Bonus if Sam is the one taking care of him/helping him!

Forgive me if none of that made sense, my brain is still kinda fried from all the panic it went through and I'm simply looking for something to read to calm me down a bit.
21 September 2011 @ 08:14 pm
Dean sneaked into a clinic to get Sam some pills because he was sick but the old doc running the clinic thinks he's breaking in for not very nice reasons and ends up shooting Dean in the head. It's just a graze but it knocks Dean on his ass for a while and he and Sam stay in the clinic for a day or two while the doc fixes them both up.

I forgot to bookmark like a moron.

FOUND in comments.
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Hi fellas! Three kinda random requests: (no wincest please. Or maybe I'll take soft-core wincest if it's good phenomenal)

1) Fics where Jared or Sam (but I'm not picky, I'll take Jensen or Dean too) have diabetes and have to inject insulin. Especially if it involves a bit of drama, like someone being grossed out by it or a missed injection resulting in hospital or something =)

2) I'm headed to Uni in a month and I'd like college fics!! I've already read millions but throw them all my way anyway =D SPN or RPF is fine =D

3) Also, fics where Sam dates Chris or Steve? Or Dean does, maybe. Or Chris and Steve feature somehow.

The longer the better, the less porn the better, and if it comes in audiobook or ebook form, I'll love you forever =D