I'm looking for recs on stalking or kidnapping stories with a happy ending.  Jensen Ackles Doesnt Exist is a good example, but I'm not terribly picky - any pairing, SPN, RPS, Gen, femmeslash or slash are all welcome.

I prefer nothing with extreme underage or non-con between the primary pairing.  Anything else is very welcome.

Any recs would be greatly appreciated!
22 August 2016 @ 10:50 am
(At least im pretty sure it's Destiel...)

From what i remember, Castiel is a detective and becomes convinced that Dean is a killer after a string of his exs die. He starts to follow Dean around and forces him to go see a doctor, Charlie i think, but the entire thing is triggering for Dean while Cas thinks hes being dramatic. I think they end up being mates in the fic and there's confusion about who is the biological father of Cas' niece, Claire.

Someone kidnaps them both towards the end, i think and im pretty sure John rescues them. ...or something. Sorry, it's all jumbled but im pretty surebi read it on AO3.
27 December 2015 @ 11:38 pm
Hey! I'm looking for a specific fic, relatively short, wherein Dean and Cas are abducted together by the baddies--who I think are demons? Anyway, Dean wakes up and finds himself chained up, with Cas trapped nearby and unable to use his powers. Their captors come in and beat Dean up, give him some kind of truth drug, and interrogate him. In order to avoid giving them the information they want, Dean gives in to the urge to tell the truth by confessing his love for Cas. They get angry and beat him up some more, he tells the truth of his love for Cas some more, and Cas goes a little crazy watching this all happen. It's all told from Dean's POV, including a rescue which he doesn't remember much of, Sam driving them to the hospital (with Dean laid down on Cas' lap in the back seat), and Dean being handed over to the doctors whom he doesn't realize are trying to help (he fights them, thinking they're trying to take him away from Sam and Cas). It's awesome, and I can't find it anywhere!
11 July 2015 @ 02:47 am
i am looking for a fic i read a while bac on fanfiction.net its about 15-20 chapters
in the first chapter dean gets shot and sam gets kidnapped
dean survives and goes back to town where he meets a sheriff
sam gets questioned about demon blood and such
then dean gets posessed by a demon and sam is forced to drink his blood (dean gets traumatised)
its not very dean positive
it ends with dean getting thrown off a cliff i think
its gen
thank you
05 December 2014 @ 06:30 am
I'm looking for a specific AU fic. Werewolves are things, and as children Dean and Cas are kidnapped, and they ended up bonding (the friendly kind) while locked in their cages, and one of them is taken away (I think it's Cas) and the other thinks he's dead. Then they get freed and never find out about each other. THEN as adults, kid werewolves are being taken again, and one of them finds the other and they have to work through their past while trying to find the missing kids.
I'm pretty sure this was an abandoned WIP but its an AU, I think pre-series or Stanford!era (or at least Sam is at Stanford), and Dean is called out to help some hunters with a case. It takes place in the desert and Dean is called because he knows Enochian really well. There's like rings around something, and each ring has Enochian guarding it. At one point Dean manages to get through a ring but it brings up (bad) memories; other hunters take bets on who can go farthest (whose the toughest); one of the hunters was Gordon. Anyway as they get closer to the center Dean starts to remember this guy Castiel, whose the love of his life. At some point they get through the rings and Zachariah was the one keeping him trapped (in a cave or below ground?) I remember the place floods but Dean and Cas get out and they end up in the hospital. When Dean wakes up - I think he has the burn on his shoulder and is extremely tired but is otherwise ok - he pushes to get to Cas's room and an OMC hunter tells the doctors to let him.

Other random parts I remember: there was another hunter about Dean's age who Dean used to have a crush on but he's married, and one scene (chapter?) is from his POV thinking about this and that he cares a lot about Dean. (Who I think was called - or he called Dean - Slick or Ace or Lucky.) During the story we find out Dean is in charge of making fake IDs for hunters (this OMC could have been better at it if he had more patience.) (I think he also had an extra insurance card that Cas uses?) I also remember - there may have been two hospital stays - but the OMC is calling all these hunters out (Bobby, Rufus, Jo, Ellen, OCs, etc) to help him rescue Cas and Dean - with his low self-esteem - expresses surprise and the OMC is like "duh, of course, if you love Cas we want to help." (Dean may have tried to call Sam for help and didn't get an answer right before this.) OMC was also worried about this Cas guy being good enough for Dean.

Not 100% sure but I think it was on A03.

Thank you so much for any help!


Found -- You are all that I adore by jenny_wren
I'm looking for two fics:

1) Sam gets captured by lucifer and tortured but castiel offers to switch places with sam (or tries to rescue him and gets caught himself while sam gets away) and gets tortured and probably also raped by lucifer. He's also fed demon blood by him until the boys rescue him

2) This is a domestic fic probably after season 8 with fallen!cas who has ptsd and panic attacks. There's a scene where he gets one in a shoe shop while shopping with dean and people are staring at him until dean gets there and calms him down + gets him out of there. There also a scene where dean is frustrated with cas' situation and punches a tree until his hand bleeds and sam tells him to get it together to help cas get better. It was a wip when i read it but it's probably finished now

Thanks in advance c;
Hey Guys!

I've been on the look for this story that had Dean in this biker gang (or maybe some other type of gang?). Anyways, he meets Castiel who is a libarian (I am not entirely sure about that detail though). I think that they end up hooking up, maybe at a bar or something and get into a relationship.

Something Castiel gets kidnapped by one of Dean's gang rivals, Alistair I think, and when they finally rescue him he isn't the same. Soon, it turns out that the abuse the Alistair put Castiel through change him and his way of coping through it was violence.

I wasn't like normal domestic violence because in this case it was mutual. Castiel copes with his abuse by being more rough and aggressive with in all facets of there relationship, especially sexually. Castiel would urge Dean to be as rough as possible with him during sex leaving bruises and hand prints over his body, slamming each other against the walls and even hitting each other sometimes. Dean was initially against being that rough with Castiel, but he was slowly losing him so he went along with it.

Dean's friends start to notice this change in there relationship when they start seeing Castiel with bruises and hand prints over his neck, initially believing that Dean is abusing him. Several times during the story they make comments to both Dean and Castiel about how they are abusing each other.

Other than that, I do believe that Dean ended up getting locked up because he got framed for murdering someone he didn't actually murder.

There is also a small possibility that this story could have been J2
I recall reading this on Archive of Our Own (It might be on LJ as well) and this story also had a verse and was complete or at least this part of the verse was.
And also, I am 100% that this was completely top!dean with no switching present, or at least written.

Thanks in advance!
(Couldn't find the Abuse tag)
07 August 2014 @ 11:25 am
Okay so i remember a lot from the specific fic which is why it annoys me so that i lost it :/

1) It's set after the season 8 finale and cas is still in the forest where he gets captured by other fallen angels (or demons? though i'm sure it's angels) who torture him in his human state. Meanwhile sam and dean gave up hope that cas is alive (they don't know that he got kidnapped) and team up with two other hunters. An older man and a young woman who could be tracy bell but i'm not sure. The two see a lot in black and white when it comes to hunting which is why the boys don't get along well with them.
The rest I remember is a little bit further in the story so i'm putting it in a cut

More )

2) Also are there any fics where cas is falling and slowly loses his knowledge and abilities? So not just his memories (but that too) but also things like talking and other stuff.

Thanks in advance!
(I'm not sure if the cut is working so really sorry if it isn't)
10 March 2014 @ 07:59 pm
New to all of this so hope I am doing this correctly.  Just got into Supernatural and have been reading a lot of stories but now cannot find one that I really liked.

Castiel was either recently human or in the process of becoming human.  He was alone and picked up by Ruby.  She took him to LA to find the guys.  Castiel wakes up in a motel and discovers Ruby is gone. He thinks she tricked him and leaves only to be captured by demons who need a virgin for a spell.  When Dean and Sam find him, Cas is tied up and pretty much being molested in the middle of an orgy. Castiel is rescued and it turns out Ruby had not been tricking him. 

Anybody recognize this story?  Thanks.
15 October 2013 @ 09:32 pm
Hello guys!
So, I'm looking for fics where Dean/Cas fall in love in hopeless situations, such as one being a cop and the other is a criminal, one being a kidnapper and the other being the kidnapped, mutual family hate, one is a high school bully and the other is bullied, that kind of thing. I'm an angst whore! But I need the happy ending, please. :)
Thanks in advance!
17 June 2013 @ 10:37 am

1. im trying to find some stories in which Sam and Cas are bonding or consider each other to be friends.

2. Cas and Sam hugging for any reason really.
(An example for the first two is I Would Hug You )

3. Any de-aged Dean or Cas stories, ive read most of the ones on fanfiction.net and quite a few on A03, so i really want to find some on LJ.

4. Sam and Cas saving each other. (An example would be The Other Guardian in which Sam gets taken and Cas is the one to find him).

5. I really want to find some delicious accounts surrounding Cas!whump and people being there for him.
16 June 2013 @ 09:43 pm
Umm this might be a bit ... vague ... or specific ... but are there any Dean/Cas fics out there that have Cas unable to reach/help Dean because he's trapped inside a circle of holy fire? Or Dean's the one trapped?? Preferably no hurt!Cas but I'll take what I can!

A+++ if Dean steps through the fire to get to Cas :D
29 May 2013 @ 03:11 pm
1.I don't remember much of this fanfic, so bear with me xD

I remember it was Destiel, and really, really long.
For some reason Cas went missing, or someone took him.
Dean goes off to find him, and he ends up in a different universe, or somewhere in between.

To get him back Dean sacrifices himself, and makes a deal to never leave the in-between place.

In the end, though, I think it was unclear whether or not Cas was actually released.

2. The other fanfic is also Destiel. Dean and Cas settle down after everything is over.
One of the angels comes to collect Cas, because he has to receive punishment for the crimes he committed during the war.
I think God tells him that he won't see Dean for somewhere between 15-50 years, but it ends up being closer to 15.

They somehow have a son together, too.
22 May 2013 @ 09:24 am
I'm searching for a specific fic I'm whic Cas has fallen and is blind. He lives alone and has psychic visions ehich he uses to help hunters including at one point Dean when Sam goes missing on a hunt. I think he was also kidnaped by a gang or some drug dealers to get some information from him.
Ok, so I was watching the latest episode and was put in the mood for some general genre fics;

1. Hurt!Cas, and Dean and Sam look after him. I would prefer Dean/Cas only please if there is a pairing, but I'm fine with gen fics.
2. Dean and Cas fight, either a drag down knockout fight, or just an arguement, Cas leaves and Dean has to find him and apologise, or Cas gets hurt and is in need of rescue.
3. Dean is an ass towards Cas, whether he means to be or not, and Cas is left feeling hurt and then Dean has to apologise to him and make everything all right (Bonus if yu can find me fics where Sam is telling Dean he's bein an asshole)
4. Cas feels like a third wheel, because hey The Winchesters, where the hell does he really fit, and being made to realise he is part of the family

5. A specific fic. I can only remember one bit, but Cas goes to Dean to try and tell him something, Dean is either tired, or pissed off, and tells him to come back later... only Cas can't and Dean only learns later that Cas has gone and sacraficed himself.

Thank you all.
08 March 2013 @ 12:00 am
I have searched and searched for this fic and I cannot find it! I didn't actually read it because I wasn't interested in AU's at the time, but I would like to read it.

Dean is a cop, I'm not sure if cas was as well, but the summary was basically that Dean is trying to catch a serial killer, but then Castiel gets kidnapped and it's a race against time to find him before he ends up dead as well.

And does anyone have some Dean as a cop fics, I'd prefer some destiel pairing if possible, but Cas does not have to be a cop, he can be a tag along writer, or genius mathematician, or whatever.
Hello there!
I'm looking for fics that deal with Stockholm syndrome and/or kidnapping. The angstier, the better. I only ask for a happy ending.
I love Dean/Cas so that would be my preference, though I read J2 as well.
PS: Mods, I couldn't find any other tags that matched, so if I'm doing this wrong, please let me know.
18 November 2012 @ 11:52 am
Hey everyone,

I've been posting lots of requests lately - thanks for your patience and help!  I tried running some searches of the comm using the LJseek tool, but just got a blank page, so I'm assuming that means no hits. I'm also checking the tags for some possibly likely crossovers.

I'm hoping you can help me find fics according to that always-fun plot device where our heroes (the boys) accidentally(?) stumble onto a top secret nefarious government/large-scale-corporate experiment of some type - some super-secret project (think like Area 51 or the Pretender's The Centre, etc). Or maybe the Project learns about Sam's or Cas' abilities somehow and wants to use them somehow.  They then get captured and held by the org's security and/or have to hide from them. Experiments/whump!  Anything more or less along those lines. Would be extra great if Cas were involved but unable to magically rescue them for whatever reason.

Given how common this plot device has been in other fandoms I've frequented, I'm hoping that there are fics out there for SPN.  Any thoughts/ideas?  I'd prefer gen or destiel, but any non-incestuous pairing would be fine as long as the plot is strong.  Don't mind crossovers for well-known shows, but would prefer that the Supernatural part not be very AU (eg. I'd rather not always-human Cas, dramatically different society, etc etc).  I don't read incest or RPF so if you rec it for future searchers, please mark it clearly.

Thanks again!  you guys are awesome.
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14 October 2012 @ 01:48 pm
I'm looking for a fic in which Cas is kidnapped by someone/something in order to use him to create an army of nephilim.
When Dean finds him, the angel is tied with chains that would only open after his climax, but Castiel can't be aroused.
Until Dean tries to, naturally...

Thank you!
16 July 2012 @ 02:29 pm
I've found a new "Cas" kick again! They beginning to A Reason To Fall had me thinking about Cas being in a Hospital with no memory or with and how he would react. Would he call Bobby, Dean, Sam, or would he just get up and go? Then I went on a side trip to him being Kidnapped. Either by bad guys or good guys (as in one of his brothers trying to keep him safe etc.) But Alas! I can't find very many! So I would love your guy's help! If you have any Favs related to this as well please rec those too!

-Cas Kidnapped or in a Hospital
-Him haveing to get help
-I love comfort and hurt to go along with it
-if you have any fatherly!Bobby I would love you!

Thanks to any who can help!

(Mods- I couldn't find a Cas-kidnapped but one for each of the boys. I would love if you could add Cas to the list as well ;) Thanks!)

Edit: Help! I still want more :p I suck I know but I would love more it you guys got them! Thanks!
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