23 August 2017 @ 07:45 pm
Hi all

Hoping y'all can help me. I'm looking for a specific fic where Cas was trapped in a Purgatory type place and Dean went after him. I remember Dean disguised himself somehow and teamed up with someone (maybe Gordon?) who led him to a settlement where Cas was tied to a post being tortured. The monsters kept making him manifest somehow and he was pretty far gone. Very animalistic. Dean breaks him loose but it takes time for Cas to even recognize Dean.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? There may have been a train (maybe metaphorical?) that they eventually escape on or I may be blending stories. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi there guys!
It's me again. Im trying to find an AU fic that I read a while ago and then lost. From what I remember of it, Sam had been kidnapped and taken to a remote island full of monsters. Dean found out where he had been taken and went to rescue him. Whilst he is there, he meets Cas who has injured wings and is full on feral (tries to kill Dean and everything). After that I'm a little fuzzy on details, but I think it had a happy ending? I'm also not sure if it was gen or a Dean/Cas pairing. All i know is it was AWESOME.
Sound familiar to anyone?
04 February 2015 @ 10:50 am
I read this story a long time ago, I thought I bookmarked it but I guess I didn't. I don't remember much but

Sam and Dean wanders into a fairy hunt. The fairy leader puts some sort of spell on them. Dean was the Hunter and Sam was the Prey. Dean hunts down sam and wild sex ensues.

I really hope some one can help me find this story :)  
14 October 2014 @ 01:28 am
I am in need of some help from all you lovely experts. I read two really good fics a while back that involved the legend/story of Tarzan and I was wondering if there are more. I'll take any story with even the hint of Tarzan from a retelling to just mentioning/being a part of the story. Any characters either supernatural or supernatural RPF is fine and any gene from gen to romance, any length I will take it all. Any and all help is appreciated.

Ps I went crazy on the tags hope that is okay.
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31 July 2014 @ 11:21 pm
hey guys,
i'm looking for a specific fic that i've been looking for for quite some time. i found it on here a couple years ago but sadly didn't bookmark it and haven't been able to find it since.

i remember the basic plot--dean was on a camping trip with a few friends and got lost or hurt, and sam, who lived alone in a cabin in the woods. i think dean broke his leg. i think sam lived with someone who died recently. basically they stayed in the cabin until dean healed and then he went back to society. sam ended up following him but dean's roommate told him dean didn't care about him, or something like that. sam and dean ended up happy, of course.

i'm pretty sure it was wincest but it also could have been j2. i think sam was feral, or otherwise altered.

thank you so much!!
21 July 2014 @ 11:28 am
The first fic I'm looking for is a Wincest fic. I think it's a comment fic. John found out that Sam is going to Stanford and decides that Sam needs to be brought under control, his control, under his collar. Sam is rather disturbed by this, and Dean is all "Hell no, Sam is mine!" and tells John he knew about Sam leaving and that Sam had Dean's permission to go since Dean was going with him.

The second one was a J2 fic, this one was a longer fic, but my memories are vaguer. They're in some sort of containment center, though Jared's section includes an area outdoors. Jensen ends up in Jared's area because some of the other inmates dumped him there, I think. I know that Jared is feral and someone, the government maybe, is using him as an assassin. Jared latches onto Jensen and everyone is surprised that Jared doesn't kill him. I *think* they have sex, but I'm not sure. Jensen ends up becoming a stabilizing influence on Jared, I think through a mental bond? And then they both end up escaping. That's not quite the end but I don't remember what happens after that. Also, I have read Feral by riyku and while it is a bit similar it is not the fic I'm looking for.
-FOUND! Link is in the comments.

Do either of these fics sound familiar?
I just finished [livejournal.com profile] dachinchilla's Big Bang fic Zoo and it left me with a craving...

Any fic where one or more of the boys are kept in captivity/as animals (can be werewolves, a/b/o or just human), bonus point if they were "bred in captivity." Specifically where the captors in the fic do not view them as people, and they can be treated poorly (like fighting them against others) or treasured (like in a menagerie or "collection").

Any characters and any pairings
30 May 2014 @ 07:23 am
Hi! First of all, sorry to the mods. I'm pretty sure my first attempt to post broke just about every rule - and the subsequent attempts havn't been that great!

Can't remember what I was after last time so we're going to go with what I like now - I'm fickle that way!

I would really appreciate links for any of the following (i've gone through the tags on here so if you know of any that might not have been recced all that much that's be awesome too!):

1- boys raised apart - Love love anything to do with this trope! Especially if one of them gets the worse end of the stick (not too fussed who is the one in the bad situation- or what kind of abused). I absolutely loved In Shadow so anything along those lines would be wonderful.

2- feral boys - again, anything at all in this line would be love!

3- Dean post purgatory - Just starting season 8 and I want anything showing dean as a BAMF post purgatory. Or at all really. Dean or Sam being completely bad ass. Yes please!

4- Your personal favourite fic. The one you go back to time and again. I prefer long and plotty and I'm not that keen on wincest but to be honest I'll read anything that's well written.

I'm new to the fandom so any recs you have would be lovely.. Thank you wonderful people!!

(Mods - i've got no idea what i'm doing with tags so hopefully this is tagged ok)
15 December 2013 @ 08:21 pm
Hey guys, it's been a while!

So, I was searching through someone's very delicious Delicious, and found a link to a fic called "Mockingbird Don't Sing" by LJ user [livejournal.com profile] ghostwriter056. When clicking on the link, it tells me the journal has been deleted and purged.

I've checked the deleted authors page, couldn't find the author there, searched for both the author's name and the fic title in the searchbox, got nothing.

Could one of you Lovelies please tell me if the author has authorised sharing of fics, and if so, if anyone has a copy out there somewhere? The summary on Delicious sounded intriguing.

Dean and Sam were taken away from John after Mary died. While John regained custody of Sam, Dean was lost in the system. Sixteen years later, Sam who has dedicated his life to finding his missing brother while John searches for the thing that killed Mary, finds Dean and finds out that people can be as bad as demons.

Edit: Found in comments.
16 November 2013 @ 12:46 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read some time ago about how J1 mates J2 basically raping them but it wasn't his fault, I remember that J2 wants to go to college and J1 will do anything for his mate even if the seperation hurts him. I know that while J2 was at school J1 started getting sick but wouldn't say anything wanting his mate happy, I remember that J2 finds out. Hopefully someone remembers this fic,
23 September 2013 @ 10:54 pm

Hey! So I'm looking for a story where Castiel is feral and lives in the wilderness or something like that, in a shack maybe in the forest. And Dean and Sam gets called to deal with him, but Dean just can't kill Cas no matter what.

Does this sound like anything you've ever read? Thank you so much :)

15 September 2013 @ 09:05 pm
Hey guys! I tried searching tags but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and my Google skills seem to be lacking. I am looking for a moderately specific type of fic. Pergatory!Dean was beyond hot with the whole "it was pure"-savagery-lurking-under-the-surface attitude. So if anyone can rec a fic where either:

Established Relationship but Dean's new almost-darkside lurking brutality changes the dynamic of their sexy times is explored or...

First Time where an almost feral Dean doesn't even flinch about the whole gay incest bit and just gets down to ravishing Sam

I want it rough, and hot, and I want BAMF!Dean and overwhelmed!Sam...and I want it to be because of how purgatory changed Dean. If anyone knows of any fics like this I will be eternally grateful :) 
28 July 2013 @ 04:31 am

I'm looking for a specific fic that involved a feral Dean being found/rescued by Sam. I had thought that this story was written by ghostwriter056, but when I clicked on a link to the story, the page stated that my access was denied :-(
25 July 2013 @ 10:17 pm
So, every time I read the Wolfpack series by [livejournal.com profile] tabaqui, I ALWAYS want fics like that. Fics where the Winchesters(the entire family) is a bit more dark, a bit more wild, a bit more feral and scary. I LOVE those. It also makes me want fics where John actively encourages Wincest(or, at the very least doesn't discourage it), which I imagine mostly would only show up in the fics that are a bit more dark/wild. So, rec me those fics. Rec me fics where John encourages Wincest(though he doesn't force the boys to do anything. and warning please if the Wincest isn't just between the boys), this is what I mainly wanted when I started writing this(but I love my dark boys, so love those fics as well). Rec me fics where all 3 Winchesters are a bit(or a lot. I'm totally fine if they're a lot) more dark/wild/feral/scary. I imagine, with the way I want the family to be, Sam wouldn't want to leave to go to Stanford. The boys would be possessive over each other, but still extremely charasmatic(especially if they have no problem killing humans, or like killing humans). Pre-series being shown is prefered, but any season is fine. If you've read the Wolfpack series(which, if you haven't I totally suggest you do) really, just fics like that would be AWESOME. Please though, give me warnings on stuff.

Also, totally fine on AU stuff where they're not hunters, though, I don't see John as encouraging Wincest if they grew up normal....
I once read a John/Dean story, and I can't remember the name of the author, but I believe the story was called Feral. John is bitten and turned into a feral, and leaves Dean before feral instincts overwhelm him and he takes Dean as his mate. Sam is at Stanford, and Dean doesn't want to be alone, so he goes to the pack and asks to be turned as well, and voluntarily becomes John's mate. The story's main focus is John's pack stopping another pack of "bad guy" ferals who are turning humans against their will. Near the end, both Sam and Jessica join the story as well.

All I can remember about the John/Ellen story is John is brought back from the dead to help the boys break Dean's crossroads deal, and he does it by helping Sam remember some crucial detail from their childhood. While trying to find his sons, John and Ellen don't exactly fall in love, but they do acknowledge and act on their mutual affection/attraction. There was also an OMC, an African-American named David who turns out to be immortal. Bobby was also in the story -- he's the one who reveals David's supernatural, because he saw the man fall off a cliff to his death once.

Any help finding these stories would be much appreciated.
30 June 2013 @ 11:17 pm

Specific Fics:

1) This involves Sick!Dean. In this fic, Dean has a digestion problem and Sam finds out eventually. There's a scene where Dean explains he went for tests and that he failed the radioactive sandwich test. That's all I can remember at the moment...

2) Gabriel makes a vessel for Castiel; he goes through the trouble of finding the best items to make the vessel. In one case he buys two precious gems for Castiel's eyes and that Gabriel had out priced Crowley for the very same gems (or that he bought them from Crowley).
# Found! Hallelujah!

3) Leviathan is influenced by Castiel's emotions for Dean and they sort of love him in a twisted way. They force Dean to swallow black goo which makes Dean yearn for them; there's a part where it's written that he's thirsty and nothing quenches his thirst.
# Found in the comments!! Yay!

4) Dean goes to hell and comes back as a demon. Sam accepts him however Ellen and Jo don't. I think they managed to exorcise Dean once but he crawls back out again and Sam offers his body as a vessel for Dean because he does not want to be separated from his brother again. Later Ellen and Jo exorcise Dean again however this time Dean and Sam's essence were twisted around each other and they both sank into Hell. I think Sam's body died as well.

General Fics:
a) Catboy Dean or Jensen please. (They can be feral and then tamed, outright shy and have their owner/caretaker be protective over them.)

b) Are there any fics where Jared or Sam get turned into a Moose?

c) Fics with Dean or Jensen turned into dogs (that are not a small or lap breed).

d) Bobby being fatherly with the boys, especially Dean.

e) Dancing Dean/Jensen fics please :D

Gen or slash is fine.
J2, Destiel and Debriel is awesome.
Warn me please if it is Wincest of any kind.

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This was a fic about the boys as hardened versions of themselves. At one point, Sam gets drunk in a bar and tells a producer a little bit about what happened with Jess, and so their lives are now a TV show. Dean (may have been both of them) are really into watching the show, even though they comment on how pansy-ass the TV show version of them is, and how "pretty" they look (none of the scars, etc the real boys have from living the hunting life). One line mentions how the only time Dean actually ever cried was when he had to give up that car. I'm pretty sure this was gen and took place in the early seasons (definitely before S4 at least).

---Found: Thursday Night by oselle

Gen 1:

Kind of similar, but stories where the boys, the hunting world, has a much harsher tint to it. Where they are basically psychopaths. (Though to clarify I'm not looking for AUs where they're serial killers.) Basically stories like Wolfpack by tabaqui, where they're barely less scarier than monsters. It can focus on any SPN character and any pairing and any season, but you get a million bonus points if it's during the apocalypse and has Destiel. (I wouldn't mind fics that have the angels even harsher than they are on the show.)

Gen 2:

Kind of similar to the gen request above, but Destiel fics where Cas uses sex and whatever else is needed to control Dean during S4. Where he really is as manipulative as some of the things he does suggests. Basically fics from S4 when Cas knew the whole time how the Angels wanted the Seals to break. It can end heart-breaking or with Cas turning away from that anyways because he loves Dean. I'm also good with AU versions of this theme (like non-supernatural worlds where Cas manipulates Dean into doing what his family wants him to do.)

As always, self-recs and gender-swapped are welcomed. Thank you!! 
25 February 2013 @ 12:19 am
I have just finished reading a story called Raised by Wolves, and in this story they have a newly turned werewolf that is kept in a cage until he learns his place and he can control himself and follow the alphas rules. I was wondering if there was any similar fanfiction out there along these lines with Jensen in them. It can be a violent put him in his place or a softer way. Jared can be in the story but it is not necessary it could be anyone else.
13 February 2013 @ 07:21 pm
I'm looking for J2 fics where one of them is a feral human. Like someone that's been out in the wild and has regressed to animal like qualities from being left out too long without other humans around and Jared ends up taking care of him and nursing him back to health. I don't have any real preferences besides the fact that maybe I'd like Jensen to be the human who is feral.

Specific fic! I can't remember the title but the Winchesters were working together, Papa John was there too, and they had managed to gank the witch I think but she managed to cast a curse on Dean. He woke up the next day the splitting image of his mother and Sam was the one there with him, John was out when the curse struck. 
So Sam freaks out about the lady in the room while Dean doesn't get it until Sam points it out that he's a chick. Dean goes into the bathroom and stays there for loner than usual, silent.
Later John comes in, sees Dean and after an attempt can't ignore how much it just hurts to even look at Dean before he leaves. Dean is crushed, becomes mute and sinks onto the floor because he was the reason why John left. Sam holds him in comfort and Dean still doesn't make a sound when he is shifted back.
The curse was that silence was payment I think....

Found it was! Found it was!! In the first comment below! (screwed up some of the details though...)

A few general requests:
1) Are there stories where Dean is cursed to become female or look like his mother that does not end in Wincest? 
- Dean can remain as a woman or he changes back to manly Dean!
2) Dean was born a woman and gets pregnant (Not through the Winchester men please)
- Dean can choose to keep the baby, give it to someone else or suffer a miscarriage leading to angst
3) Are there any fics that have parental!Ellen towards Dean?
4) Mermaid/merman Dean?
5) Feral Dean

No Wincest please... Or if it is really good (as in disturbing or just plain good), give me a heads up please.
Destiel, Debriel & Dean/omc is a-okay with me!

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31 December 2012 @ 03:26 am
Hi everybody,
            I'm looking for 2 specific fics that i started a long time ago.

    #1: Dean and Sam were taken as kids by a guy and in the beggining it said that Dean made a deal with te guy to let go of Sam and just keep him. Actually, the guy just made it look like he got rid of Sam, but Sam actually is hidden in the basement. The guy abuses both Sam and Dean. John is searching fro them and finds them when Dean is a teen. He finds Dean when he sees Dean walking 'home' from school. I think John is with someone, someone like Caleb or Bobby I don't know for sure when they see Dean. When they get Dean they all realize that Sam was with the guy and Dean the whole time being abused and hidden away. After they rescue Sam and they are somewhere safe I'm pretty sure that Sam won't come out of his room.

     #2: Dean was taken when he was young and when Sam finds him and he is feral. Sam finds him in a dark basement and I beleive that Sam killed who hurt Dean. Dean is in his mid-20's and he can't see well or talk well and he repeats what people say. Sam did not go to Satnford either.

That is all I remember from both of the fics, thanks in advance!
26 August 2012 @ 08:49 pm
I've been collecting a lot of wolf pictures to make a friend's Christmas present and I found so many goregous pictures. And of course, being the huge fanfic fan that I am, I keep picturing the J2 boys (and friends) as wolves in a wolf pack. Or Sam and Dean in a wolf pack. Now, I know these fics exist but for the life of me, I can't remember any. So I'd really appreciate it if my fellow wolf lovers can post fics. I'd like slash, please, and if at all possible, I prefer bottom!Jensen or bottom!Dean. Thanks so much!
23 May 2012 @ 11:18 pm

Does anyone know of any fics where Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen is bitten by a rabid animal and contracts the virus?

Wincest/j2/general is acceptable

thank you!

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14 May 2012 @ 03:14 pm
I have two general fic requests and I'm not very picky about them, so don't hesitate to rec anything that comes to mind:

I was wondering if there are any fics where Sam and Dean are still younger and an older student or a teacher takes a special interest in Sam either because he's smart or simply because they're intrigued and Dean gets jealous and possessive as a result 'cause he feels his 'older brother' position is threatened. I'm pretty sure I read a story like that once (Sam was thirteen and an older student, who was Dean's age, thought Sam was amazing and a genius, not to mention adorable and Dean got possessive as hell because "Sam already had an awesome older brother, he didn't need another one".), but I can't find it anywhere, so anything that vaguely resembles this would be welcome. I'd prefer it if this wasn't sexual in any way and pre-Stanford, though.

Also, are there any fics out there where Sam was born as a were-cat or any other cat-like creature and how this would affect the Winchesters and the whole Supernatural storyline? What I'm looking for is, basically, an AU where Sam is born a cat-like creature and a bit feral and animalistic as a result, but I'd appreciate any fics with Sam a were-cat, even if he wasn't born that way. Here, I'd actually prefer wincest for the pairing, but anything else is fine, too. I already read "Purrrfect Mate" by virtualpersonal, http://virtualpersonal.livejournal.com/236282.html, for anyone who's interested.
I remember everything about this fic except the title which would let me find it in my history...

It's a gen Bobby POV, with a dual storyline, in Season 5 and Stanford-era (leading up to Bobby running John off with a shotgun). More... )
I searched and searched but... No luck! So...

Read more... )

Hum... There was some of the cast, others too(like Chris, Chad, the families and..Oh yeah!! The Baldwin Brothers! I don't think they were featured much in this fandom...), it was a really good story that I will reread with pleasure With a big sorry for my awful grammar and great hope for you to help me...Thanks!

10 April 2012 @ 10:04 pm
My memory is a bit hazy on this one but from what I remember, Sam was turned into a werewolf or some sort of feral creature. Originally, they thought Dean was unaffected but it turns out he's in...heat? He also starts menstruating, and remains oblivious to his changed nature while Sam is aware that Dean is "fit for breeding".

I remember Sam was exhibiting possessive behavior and constantly asserted his dominance over Dean in wolf form (such as knocking him onto the ground). I think it might have been a WIP, and the last part of the fic was Sam drugging Dean and taking him to a remote area so he could finally take Dean for himself. A little detail I remember is that Sam removed all the doors to the house/cabin they were staying at.

Googling, various delicious and pinboard archives and LJ communites have failed me :(. Hopefully I have better luck here!

Thank you!

Edit: Found! Link in comments.
Hi! I'm looking for a few different types of fics.

1. Any fic where Sam is king of hell or something similar, like maybe not the king but somebody very powerful in hell. I'd prefer if Sam wasn't evil and the fic included Dean. Something like Sam is the rightful king of hell and he and Dean live in hell, but Sam shouldn't be cruel or anything. I once found a fic somewhere where I think Sam was king of hell and Cas was his and Dean's servant, but they weren't evil or cruel to him. I'm okay with any pairing. Just anything with non-evil boyking!Sam, really.

2. One of the boys tries to commit suicide but lives, preferably with lots of hurt/comfort. Or one of the boys finds out the other is self-harming for what ever reason. Can be gen or wincest.

3. Idk if this even exists but it's worth a shot. Any fic where the boys aren't brothers, and one of the boys is a non-evil monster who is found by the other. I'm currently following A Monster by any Other Name, which is kind of what I'm looking for. Whether Dean (or Sam) is on a hunt and finds that Sam (or Dean) is the monster he's hunting, or if it's completely AU like AMBAON, or what ever. I'd like if they ended up together, or at least friends. I just want some non-evil monster!Sam or Dean.

4. Anything with feral Dean or Sam. I once read one fic that had Dean kidnapped at a young age and kept in a basement or somewhere isolated for a really long amount of time, and when Sam and John got him back he didn't know how to communicate or act normal, basically he was wild. Anything like that, whether one of the boys was kidnapped or they aren't even brothers or what ever, I don't care if it's Sam or Dean who is feral.

I'm fine with gen or wincest (or other pairings as long as Sam and Dean are still the focus of the story), I'm okay with any stories involving non-con/dub-con, short or long stories, and I like sweet h/c fics but anything that fits these descriptions works for me. Thanks! (:
11 March 2012 @ 05:19 am

Yeah, so I suck. I've lost 5 fics I was lovin, so if ya'll could help a gal out?

1) Short J2, where Jared spanks Jensen for his improper use of grammar, I think during an interview? FOUND by [info]equally_dour. It's "Here Endeth The Lesson" by [info]lazy_daze

2) Sam was killed, or a wish-gone-wrong, or something, and was reincarnated as a baby to a woman. He has very vague memories of Dean and John and whatnot (he seems scared of the dark, and I think his bear's name is Dean), and I want to say his mother was a waitress. I remember him stealing salt shakers all the time. It was one of the first AU fics I ever read, and I can't find it now. :/ 85% sure it's a gen story. FOUND by[info]ceedeeandco! It's "Somewhen I Was Meant To Be"

3) Teen-Sam got his wisdom teeth out, and Dean's taking care of him, and his loopy-on-pain-meds-self. Sam keeps going on about how Gremlins are trying to get into the room, so he shoved all the socks in the bathtub (for some insane reason), and how baking soda repelled Gremlins, and yeah.  Gen. FOUND by the totally awesomely amazing [livejournal.com profile] roserlee!! it's "The Pains Of Being Sam Winchester"

4) Sam takes up knitting after the Wall incident. I remember Dean saying something along the lines of "Sam, that yarn has glitter. Don't touch it. No.... damnit."  It was short, and I'm leaning more towards gen, but you could see slash if you squinted. FOUND by [info]equally_dour. It's "In Time" by [info]lazy_daze

5) Jared takes in feral-omega-Jensen. It was a WIP last I recall, and it started off in the present, with Jared coming home and letting Jensen out of his cage (where he preferred to be, feeling safe), and then went back in time to when Jensen came into the rescue that Jared and Jeff ran. It was really good, but I've totally misplaced the bookmark. Help? EDIT: FOUND BY . "Rehabilitation" IS STILL A WIP THOUGH.

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Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating whatever holidays they celebrate and I sincerely hope that in this new year you all do even better than last year!!! :)

Now, for my inquiry...

1. I've been watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and just got to thinking... What if Dean and Castiel were like Buffy and Angel? You know, Angel turns into the Evil Angelus when he experiences a moment of pure happiness (like his first time with Buffy). Are there any stories like that with Dean and Cass? It doesn't matter if it's Dean who turns bad (Deanus?) or Cass (can we say Godstiel, again?). It can be temporary (as in they find a cure), it can be caused by a curse or by the fact that Cass is an angel/Dean is The Righteous Man. It can be part of a mating ritual, whatever!!!

What's fine: humor, guest spots of other angels and demons, Sam being a good brother, AU that completely ignores season 6 and/or 7, dub-con, angst, romance, a happy ending, a long story, self-recs!!

What's NOT fine: Wincest (sorry, I can handle it in small doses or if it's one-sided or a crack!fic), non-con

2. Also, I've read a couple stories where Gabriel is something of a guardian/surrogate parent to Cass (I'll try to look them up if anyone's interested) so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any more stories like that. Extra hugs and kisses if there's a story where Gabriel really IS Cass' father (maybe Cass is a half-angel?). Drama, angst, humor all allowed! If there's a slash pairing (squee) Destiel and Sabriel are great. Imagine how the boys would react to realizing that Dean is sleeping with Sam's "stepson"!

Thanx in advance!!! And remember: Self-recs are AWESOME

I tried to not overdo the tags so sorry if I did! -_-;;
31 December 2011 @ 01:06 am
I have been looking for this fic for what feels like forever. I've looked for a few days now and I've finally decided to ask for help.

It was either J2 or Wincest, but I'm pretty sure it was J2.

Jared was kept locked in a cage at a carnival as a side show attraction. He was a feral man, I think. He can't speak. He was mistreated and abused and Jensen visits the carnival one day and breaks him out. Jensen takes Jared back to his home and is trying to get Jared used to people again. Jared's also badly injured and Jensen's trying to get him healthy again. Alona Tal is mentioned in the fic.

I also remember a smoking hot scene where Jensen gives Jared a bath and ends up giving him a handjob, which results in Jared's first orgasm.

I desperately need help or else it might drive me insane. I think I know who the author is, but I've searched her archives and I haven't found it. :(
02 December 2011 @ 07:33 am
Just what subject line says. I'm partial to feral!sam/Jared. But ill take feral!dean/Jensen. Thank you
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 Hello people! I keep on trying to find my old bookmarks after the collapse of my computer two weeks ago. I've already re-fround a lot, but I just can't put my fingers on this particular one. 

It was an AU, where Sam never went to Strandfort, because the three winchester are completely co-dependant of each other. John actually encouraged his sons to have sex with each other, because that would "stay into the family" instead of making them depend on someone "exterior". Other hunters are admirative but wary of the winchester : there was a part of the story from Ellen's POV, when she compared them to "a pack of wolfs" (she remembered Sam and Dean being kids, and Dean was - already- inappropriately protective of his brother). Maybe I'm confounding two stories, but I think I remember a scene : At Ellen's bar, Sam and Dean have a  excessively inappropriate (read : sexual) behaviour, the others patrons are quite shocked, and Ellen realized, horrified, that John obviously didn't see what's wrong, and is even amused...

If someone has others fics that depict the Winchesters as a pack (pack's mentality, living together up to the point of having an organic symbiose), or feral!boys, please could you link them? 

Thanks in advance for your help!
04 December 2010 @ 11:06 pm
I've never used this before, but I poke around for new reading occasionally and I'm having a craving for a certain kind of fic wondered if anyone could help :).

I've been told that I should hide the content beneath a cut, so all I can say is that I'm in the mood for wincest and it's spoilery for recent episodes and S6.

Spoilery specifics under the cut :) )

I've always preferred first-time fics, but honestly, I'll take whatever you have, if there is anything. I swear I've been going crazy looking!

I think I tagged correctly. I threw some extra tags in for things I don't mind. Tears get me every time and I love a long fic, but if it doesn't work that way, feel free to yell at me/ fix it :).
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01 December 2010 @ 07:09 pm
Howdy everyone!

So, I'm looking for your favorite Dean-centric post-Hell AUs. I love anything
with feral!Dean, where his time in hell has made him animalistic, traumatised in
a more outward-showing manner than cannon, etc. Lots and lots of angst, please!
Gen and slash are good, but no het please. Self-pimping is fine, any rating
welcome. :)

Mostly I'm looking for new recs, but there is one in particular I'd like to find
as well, in which I believe Dean was super sensitive to temperature, afraid of
heat and loved the cold. He walked around with a fan and would drink water until
he was sick. If anyone could find that for me, I'd be pleased. :)

I'm looking forward to your recs, thanks in advance! cold_waste

28 November 2010 @ 02:57 pm
So I've read a couple of feral!Jared fics & want more! Also, I'd love to read feral!Jensen, feral!Sam, or feral!Dean! :D

12 September 2010 @ 04:29 pm
Hi ^^

I'm looking for 2 types of fics :

1) Fics with wild!boy or feral!boy.
One of the boys (or both of them) has animal DNA, or is an alien, or a mermaid/werewolf/vampire/..., or was raised by wolves... anything as long as they have a wild side.
(bonus if there is a heat period =D )

2) any crossover with Firefly/Serenity, Buffy, Roswell, Harry Potter, Stargate/Atlantis/Universe, Star Trek (TOS or Reboot), Dark Angel orTrue Blood.

Wincest or J² as the main pairing, and happy ending please !
(I prefer long fic, between 20k and 50k but I'll take smaller ones two)
(and NC-17 or R if possible)

Thank you ^^
28 May 2010 @ 08:31 pm
I think this was from at least a year or so ago; it was certainly not 5.16 based. It may have been recced at some point on Crack Impala or one of the other reccing communities.  I may be remembering some details wrong; the denouement is under the cut.  

Dean was in heaven.  He was bored. There was a wall along the border of heaven. story details ) 

Does that ring any bells for anyone?

Thanks in advance.

ETA:  found in comment!  Only the Good Die Young, by [livejournal.com profile] smallcaps .
22 May 2010 @ 03:46 pm
So I love reading fiction about someone adapting to a situation they're not use to, and I was wondering if anyone had written any fics about Jared/Sam or Dean/Jensen having being isolated from the world, either by force (ie locked away) or by accident (sort of like Annie's fic about a feral!jared). I'm looking for socially inept!boys.

19 October 2009 @ 02:33 pm
Okay so I had this idea pop into my head a while ago and wondered if there are any Dean or Jensen fics out there that have them being a "wild child"/Feral for some reason having had little to no human contact where he acts more animal then human; But later being found/rescued.
can be au, canon, au/canon, wincest, j2, No het or daddy!cest please.
And self rec's are more then welcome.

~Much Future Thanks & Luv Delight~

P.S. Mods are welcome to add any other tags that would help.

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10 April 2009 @ 02:30 pm
Somehow, using this comm more than once a week feels like I'm abusing it. Meh.

I was reading a fic and it had this one line in it that made me think 'That'd be an awesome type of fic to read!'
The line was, "He's panting like a damn animal in heat." and, "It is a less than reassuring thought to realize that an animal in heat is a pretty apt description for his current state."**

I looked at the tags regarding plot-device made them do it, and feral boys and such. But to no avail.
So, are there any fics in which one of the boys (Js or S, D) goes into heat in a fashion.
Either, he goes into heat but kind of isn't aware of it, but his scent just drives everyone around him wild.
Or, he goes into heat, is aware of it and would really love to get some, and his scent drives people wild.

Essentially one of the guys puts out "come fuck me, I need it" scent/vibes/etc. And is either cognizant of his scent or not, but people respond.

Could be dub-con, non-con, wincest, J2, OMC/boys, schmoopy, angsty, I 'm up for pretty much anything. It could be AU:cat!boys! for all I care ^_^
I prefer Dean or Jensen being all "in heat" but since this is more of an exploratory request, I'd be happy to learn about any fics that fit this.

Oh, and I have already read (many times) Onelittlesleep's "The Look on Your Face Yanks my Neck on the Chain" [which is in the vein of what I'd like].
**(For those interested, those quotes come from this fic)
03 February 2009 @ 11:04 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic were Jensen get thrown into a AU where there is a jungle and a somewhat Feral!Jared.

OR any other Tarzan/Jungle/Feral related fics...

Wincest welcome as well!