05 September 2017 @ 06:48 pm
Hi everyone, looking for 2 fics I read a few weeks ago on archive of our own.

The first one, Sam and dean find cas being tortured by some guy. The guy has carved Enochian sigils on cas so his wings manifest physically against his will and can be seen.
Cas keeps freaking out when brothers have to or accidentally touch his wings. He compares his wings being forced to manifest and then touched/seen without his permission was like rape. Sam and dean look after him and Eventually becomes okay with dean touching his wings. May have been gen or Destiel.

The second fic has cas suddenly appearing in the bunker. Sam and dean have to go through cas's important memory to keep him alive. They are able to feel cas emotions and find out how much he cared/admired them for the start.
One example I remember was them realising when cas first met Sam and called him boy with demon blood he actually didn't mean to be offensive he was actually happy to meet Sam and greatly admired him.
I am looking for 2 general types of fics

1. Fics where Sam really needs or wants Dean. For example, Sam is in trouble and he knows Dean can make it all better because he's Dean. Either Dean actually is there and Sam is glad he is or Sam wishes his brother were there.

2. Fics that show Sam prioritizing Dean as most important over other people (like John). For example, I read this one where Dean and John split up in the woods to go look for a monster while Sam stayed behind. Dean gets caught in some kind of barbed wire trap. Sam heard something (or something like that) and thought one of them was in trouble, but he didn't know which one and he decides to go after Dean instead of John. If anyone knows that fic or any fics like that one, that would be great.

Basically, I'm looking for fics where Sam is shown to really appreciate/love his brother. Thank you!
03 April 2017 @ 01:36 pm
Here's what I remember ( I only read it once, so there isn't much to go on):

It was an au fiction, where Dean was apparently killed during an explosion at the end of some battle that averted the apocalypse. Dean's body was never found. Sam went to live with Amy (or Amelia?). At some point, Sam had dreams (or something) and left Amelia to search for Dean, and found him in Mexico (or South America?), living in a convent. Dean thought his own name is Sammy, and his behavior suggests brain damage. Sam brings Dean home to Amelia, and in the end, it turns out that Dean wasn't brain damaged at all. It was just severe memory loss...

That's the bare bones of it. If you've read it and know the name of it, I'd greatly appreciate it.
16 February 2017 @ 09:51 pm
Sam and Dean were hired by this rich guy to fix some supernatural problem and he offers to let them stay for a bit. He's impressed by Sam because Sam went to Stanford and he says he can pull some strings to get Sam back in. Meanwhile, he looks down on Dean and sees him as dragging Sam down. Rich guy has a wife and little girl. The little girl loves Dean and he is adorable with her. She convinces him to go play in the pool with her and her mom wants Dean to go in the pool as well because she wants to ogle him.
So rich guy and Sam are talking while Dean plays with the little girl. Rich guy suggests he get Sam back into school or something and says they'll find something else for Dean to do to get him out of the way. Sam stands up for his brother and I think he punches rich guy or pushes him into the pool or something? Later, Sam and Dean are talking and it's revealed that Dean was only staying there for Sam cuz he thought Sam might want to use the rich guy to get back into Stanford. He says it doesn't matter if rich guy looks down on him but Sam says it does and they leave. Also, the story is written from Sam's POV.

Thank you!
04 January 2017 @ 10:45 am
Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fic I read about Cas' time being controlled. Unfortunately, all I can remember is there's a part where Dean's observing Cas, and notices that his eye looks strange (ie irritated, red, bruised, like something had been inserted into it, etc. I don't remember specifically how it was described).

And in general, I'd dearly love any fics dealing with what Cas endured under Naomi and the "lobotomy," (as seen in flashbacks here). I'd also be very happy reading any fic surrounding the angels who captured him in season 11, the ones who used those creepy head contraptions. Honestly, any fic surrounding these or related subjects would be fantastic. Aftermath is good, too! I'm a sucker for hurt!cas, caring/comforting!Dean and/or Sam, others. Can be gen or slash.

I hope some part of that drivel makes even a bit of sense; I'm afraid I am not very articulate at the moment.

Thank you all so much!
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Happy New Year!

I know in the past I have looked for stories where Sam realizes all that Dean has sacrificed throughout their lives but now I am looking for stories where Sam knows how much Dean sacrifices for him and all that Dean does for everyone else that he does something significant for Dean to show him that he appreciates him. Can be something as simple as Sam giving Dean a thoughtful gift or as big as planning a birthday party with their Hunter"family".

I'm also looking for stories where Sam defends Dean or even brags about him. Stories where Sam points out how smart Dean is to either their dad or other hunters. Where he points out the EMF meter that Dean made or how Dean figures out patterns on cases quicker and better than other hunters. Even stories where he brags about Dean to his Stanford friends and tells them that it was Dean who raised him.

Gen and wincest are fine. Please no WIPs. Self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer.

I'm searching for some fic recs that deal with Sam & Dean's Childhood.

  1. Either fics that are set in or partly set in their childhoods. Not HighSchool AU, I mean fics that could be set canon.

  2. Or fics set in canon time, ie from season 1-12, that have Sam and Dean dealing with the scars their childhood left behind. Focussing on Sam recognizing how much Dean was there for him and how much Dean took on the caring / nuturing role eventhough he was just 4 years older.

I know the show touches upon their messed up chilhood and the unhealthy dynamic it created, but they always kinda stay on the surface. Also it is usuall very Sam focussed and how unhappy he was and how much he hated the life and it usually glosses over how much Dean sacrificed to let Sam be a child. When they do go there in the show, Dean usually just shrugs Sam's desire to talk away. So I'm hoping some wonderful fanwriters felt the need to fill in that gap :).

Some Remarks:

  • no wincest

  • Pairing-wise I'm a Dean/Castiel girl, but I also enjoy reading GEN.

  • I usually read Dean or Castiel centric / POV fics, but I'm not anti Sam I enjoy his character. I just think he has a blind spot when it comes to their chilhood and the role Dean had to take on.

  • John as a dad. Not a fan of Evil!John. I think he was a crappy dad, but more in an absent, both physically and emotionally, than I'm purposely hurting you. He was a bad parent, but he wasn't evil incarneted.

Thanks in advance
01 September 2016 @ 01:44 am
I'm on a bit of a bad-father!John kick at the moment (mostly because I love the angsty h/c it causes for the boys), hence my two requests:

1. Are there any fics out there where John mistreats or abuses Sam (physical, mental, etc.), yet when Sam tells Dean about it Dean doesn't believe him (at least initially)?

2. Conversely, are there any fics where John is hard on Dean or treats him unfairly and Sam protects him/stands up for him? This can be physically or verbally protecting Dean from John's actions, or just backing Dean up when John pushes too hard. Not looking for age-regression fics. I've seen this theme come up in deaged!Dean fics, but never in scenarios where their ages are kept unchanged.

Really appreciate any recs you send my way! Any pairing and timeline are accepted. 
14 August 2016 @ 10:48 pm
Hello, everybody!

I read a cheater!Dean fic recently, and it gave me something of a taste, so I was hoping you kind people had some recs. I'd prefer non-AU if possible, and a happy reconciliation by the end because I'm soppy like that.

But I also would love to ready any fluffy Sastiel or Mishalecki fics you had to recommend. Especially if Sam and Jared are all protective of their respective angels. Not adverse to some light hurt/comfort. Also perfectly okay with gen instead of slash.

Thanks in advance.
I'm not looking for a specific fic. But any fic that has to do with Dean being traumitized from his time spent in Hell or Purgatory. It could be anywhere from being nonfunctional and not able to be left unsupervised to functioning but with severe PTSD. I really want to read about the emotional, physical, psychological effects of Hell or Purgatory on Dean.

Also they can be AU in that maybe Sam gets Dean out of Hell and angels aren't involved ot it can follow canon.

Also I'm good with both Wincest and Destiel, so if anyone knows any good fics I would be grateful!

Hey I was wondering if you guys can tell me the name of this fic. All i remember about it was the Dean was being abused by his dad and he meets Sam at school and they become a couple and Sam finds Dean beat up in his house and gets him to the hospital. If you guys can me find this fic or others like it that would be great thank you. I remembered that Dean was a football player and Sam went to Notre Dam after Graduating.(Edited)


1. I am looking for a story where Dean is beat up by a bunch of guys from his school who are on the football team, he goes to Bobbie's to get help. He's pretty beat up and it turns out that most, if not all of them, were possessed. Bobby comments how it is amazing that he survived. At one point John and Sam arrive , discuss the situation ( it has something to do with Sam's power) they leave Dean alone at Bobby's where I think he gets attacked again. No pairing.

2. A deaged Dean fiction where Dean is 13 -17. Everyone , mostly Sam but Bobby a little too, wants him to stay young but Dean remembered how hard it was to be so pretty at that age. Sam forces him to go to school but he is sexually assaulted by his classmates. Sam has difficulty realizing that Dean is used to being strong and invulnerable . I think the witch that cursed him lives or hangs out on the beach. He eventually finds her.
Found!: The Do-Over

I saw this fic not too long ago and forgot to bookmark it.

It's Gen and fairly short - in it, Dean and Sam (with Crowley's help?) both make some sort of soul bond to Castiel to anchor him when they evict Lucifer from his body. When Castiel comes to, he immediately feels the connection and is surprised that the brothers would do such a thing for him.

Please help me find it - I'm obsessing over it lol
I'm requesting this here because apparently google and other other search engines on fanfic sites don't seem to understanf my request for some to be protective OF Gabriel, not protective!Gabriel.

Just, any fics where Sam, Dean or Cas (or all of them, or maybe the other arcangels or someone!) looks out for Gabriel. I would love to see something where they are protective of him from his older brothers, but I'll take what I can get. (there was a cool AU fic where John Winchester was all protective of Gabriel in a scene where his mother was trying to guilt him into something, and making him feel bad, because Gabriel was Castiel's brother and therefore family)

I've already read the awesome one where he's hurt by a Black dog while humanish and all three of them are all caring and adorable towards him.

I have a feeling this sort of thing might come more under Dean/Gabriel... but I'm not very familiar with the pairing. Any pairing bar incest is fine with me. thank you.
29 February 2016 @ 03:16 am
I am hoping someone can help me find a specific bonded boys fic. Sam and Dean are young. John leaves them alone while on a hunt. Dean becomes sick and Sam gets scared because he doesn't know how to take care of his brother. Grown up Sam appears in place of young Sam to take care of his brother when young Sam makes a wish that he would know how to help his brother. Once Dean is getting better then young Sam is back. This continues that Grown Sam shows up during times that Dean needs him. I remember one was when John, Sam and Dean were staying in a apartment complex/hotel? where I think a haunting was happening and at some point the spirit has Dean cornered and Grown Sam appears to save him. John witnesses the transformation. The story continues on with part of it involving Bobby.

Thank you in advance!
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26 February 2016 @ 12:19 am
Looking for fic that has Sam start drinking Demon blood again behind Dean's back. If he has powers cool if he's doing this to some how protect Dean, even better! Wincest would be great, but gen is fine too! :)
08 February 2016 @ 11:22 pm
I read this fic a while back and I loved it but I forgot to bookmark it. I remember that Sam was super protective/possesive over Dean, it's a Wincest story, I think it was a spell that made Dean a girl, Castiel appears in it, Ruby turns out to be Meg, Dean gets bitten by a snake or something and I think it was on AO3?
Also there might have been the real FBI in it at some point and nuns but I'm not sure on those two???
Now found- link in the comments
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Hello wonderful people. Hope the new year is treating you well.

I am looking for a specific story. Can't remember if its actually Wincest or not but Dean becomes pregnant but I can't remember if its solely from a spell or if its a spell that worked because of wincest. All I remember is that Dean almost dies during delivery and then later the YED or other demon comes for the baby when it is six months old. I do remember other hunters (the usual, Caleb, Jim, Bobby and Ellen) gather to help the Winchesters protect the baby. During the attack, Dean is pinned to the ceiling and his stomach slashed just like what happened to Mary.

Thank you so much in advance if you can help locate this story. I've really been wanting to re-read it.

(note added) I remembered a little bit more of the story and wanted to add it in case it helps someone remember it. The boys know the demon is coming and Dean makes Sam promise that no matter what happens, he is to protect the baby...not worry about Dean...protect the baby at all costs. Hope this helps. I really, really want to read this story again. Thank you!

FOUND! http://samdean.archive.nu/viewstory.php?sid=347&textsize=0&chapter=1
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25 January 2016 @ 06:33 am
Relatively recently someone had searched for a story in which Sam was kind of obsessed with Dean. It was a Djinn fic where Sam was hit by the Djinn [sorry, I can't find that particular entry].

The story was Better Elsewhere by Veronamay http://archiveofourown.org/works/1190469/chapters/2429007

It's a fun read. But I kind of crave something different now because of it.
In the fic "real world" Sam was in love with "real world" Dean but Dean was in denial. Then Sam got hit by the Djinn.
In the Djinn world, Djinn-world!Sam had a bit of a psychotic break due to his obsession with Dean and was placed in an institution. The story followed Djinn-world!Dean who eventually returns Sam's affections.

I'd love to know if there are fic in which Sam is obsessed with Dean, but Dean DOES NOT return Sam's infatuation. He loves Sam, but only in terms of brothers. Like, Sam might be even kind of creepy and Dean has to try to instill hard-line boundaries to stop Sam from just kind of consuming him. Or Dean makes sure to not be totally alone with Sam because Sam is mostly fine/normal...but that can't always be trusted.
Or Sam is constantly pushing boundaries, Dean continues to love him platonicly and tries to cope.

I'm fine with rape, assault, dub-con, just pushing Dean till he has to push back, or being creepy and suggestive without anything more happening.
21 December 2015 @ 02:42 am
Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I read a looong time ago that I've really been struggling to recover. I think it was quite short and it dealt with Sam and Dean's souls mixing slighlty so they each acquired some of the other's personality traits. I think this mixing might've occured as a consequence of trying to save Dean from hell or something like that.

It might've been deleted, but if anyone knows where I can find it I would be eternally grateful!

10 December 2015 @ 12:34 am
I'm looking for any protective!Dean fics where he is protective OVER Sam. Or Sam over Dean if you have them.

If not... Any Protective!J2? 🙏🏼

I saw this gifset and suddenly need to read any fics like this! :) http://twoidgits-oneassbutt.tumblr.com/post/134906036850/winterchesters-protectivedean-in-11x09
07 December 2015 @ 09:06 am
Hi. I was wondering if there are any stories out there where Sam or Jared is a superhero, and Dean or Jensen is a cop/firefighter/doctor/soldier or some kind of hero in his own right, and the two of them have the same kind of guardian angel relationship that you usually see between Superman and Lois Lane.

I really like Sam/Dean, but there are some great RP and gen stories out there, too, so I'll take whatever you've got.

29 November 2015 @ 07:44 pm
First time posting so I hopefully do this right!

I read this fic ages ago, I know it was on AO3 but I can't find it in my history which is a little strange. It had multiple chapters based on Sam's life after he was blinded on a hunt (either by a witch or a werewolf), it had time stamps from when he was younger in school and when he is older hunting with Dean, sure it's set between pre-series, season one and two and it's not Wincest though it contains cute brotherly moments!

In one chapter Dean had been hustling pool and the guys accused him of cheating and he ran out of the bar with Sam but they are cornered outside the bar, cue BAMF!Sam though he is blind he can kick some serious ass! There is another chapter where Dean his kidnapped by Gordon and Sam saves him and there is another one where the boys end up switch like Dean is blind and not Sam and it gives Dean an insight on what Sam goes through on a daily basics.

Hope that's enough info and I hope you magical people find it!
15 November 2015 @ 06:19 pm
Hey, looking for a story I read years ago on fanfiction where Dean is abducted by aliens. (NOT SEASON 6)
I'm pretty sure it was set in either season 1 or 2 and the brothers are working a case about people getting abducted. I remember a certain amount are abducted by aliens and I think its the last one who they return.
The brothers go to the place where the last abduction took place, even though I don't think they believe its aliens. When the spaceship turns up Sam tells Dean its here and Dean's like 'really? I hadn't noticed'. Dean gets abducted and Sam goes back to see someone who had previously been taken & they tell Sam that Dean will return on a certain day in the place where he was taken and when Sam goes back to that place he finds Dean who is traumatised. I'm sure the aliens have tentacles or something and abuse Dean, and they continue to traumatise him even when he's asleep and safe with Sam.
I'm also sure John turns up at some point and tries to help his son.

Hopefully someone recognizes it, would love to read it again.
10 November 2015 @ 02:40 am
I remember this fic rather vividly but I cant find it anywhere.

It started out with Dean being exiled from his pack/family because he was different in that he was a male who could give birth. Be is picked up by Alistair who has another mercreature(I'm not sure if they actually use the word mermaid or not), who I think was Azazel. Azazel figured out that Dean had an eggsac like a female and raped him, causing him to get pregnant with two eggs I believe.

Eventually he is rescued by Castiel and his crew, who are marine biologists of some sort, and they take Dean to nurse him back to health. Merman!Sam is already there and realizes immediately that Dean is his mate. But Cas wont let him in with Dean beauase Sam fought with another Merman, Lucifer.

Anyways the last time I read it they were trying to catch Dean so they can give him an exam and he was terrified, trying to swim away from the divers and Sam breaks out of his tank and drags himself over to Dean's. He blocks the divers from getting to Dean and when they leave he goes to comfort Dean and he finds out that Dean's eggs are making him sick.
This is quite an old one, but hopefully someone will remember it.

Sam becomes King of Hell, not sure how. He isn't evil but he is very dark. Naturally, Dean is with him, and Castiel too - I think because he wouldn't leave Dean with Sam (or possibly to avoid being taken by Heaven, or both). But now he's reliant on Dean for protection from Sam. (Possible Dean gets powers in this due to being Sam's brother and consort).

I do remember Castiel being scared of Sam and having to play it very carefully.

There are three scenes that have stuck in my mind:

1) Sam follows Castiel into a room and Cas wants to leave but thinks Sam won't let him pass - he does though.

2) Sam is in a relationship with Dean, but wants Cas too - a combination of actually wanting Cas for his own sake, and because he's an angel, and because he's a little jealous of how Dean still cares for Cas. I remember Cas drawing a promise from Sam not to hurt him, and having to remind him of it a few times because while Sam isn't rough he isn't gentle either. Dean's there to support Cas through it and make sure Sam reigns it in.

3)The Host show up to negotiate / deal with Sam, and it ends up with Sam, Dean and Cas on one side of the table and I think Michael and Zachariah on the other. They want to take Castiel back, and claim that Sam is holding him against his will. Sam disputes this, and says Cas is free to go anytime, but I think he gets a few barbs in about how he's treated Castiel better than they ever did. Michael and Zachariah tell Cas his place is in Heaven with them, not in Hell with the Winchesters, but Cas says he'd prefer to stay. (I think he says something like he'd rather serve in Hell than in Heaven). Which pisses them off and I think they threaten to take Cas, but Sam tells them Cas has made his choice and if they try to grab him Sam will just turn them and their armies back at the gates. I remember Cas being quite stunned at Sam being so protective of him.

Thanks in advance!
02 September 2015 @ 09:50 am
Hello wonderful Community. I am in search of fics where Dean is his usual self sacrificing, over protective, caring, thoughtful self but also features Sam knowing all of the sacrifices and protectiveness that Dean shows him. Fics where Sam acknowledges everything that Dean has ever done for him. Perhaps Dean is injured on a hunt and refuses to rest but Sam pushes back and tells Dean to rest, let him take care of things for once. Stories where Sam tells Dean in an uncharacteristic chick flick moment how much he appreciates what Dean has done for him. Stories where Sam might do things for Dean that are subtle that he feels are little kindnesses that he can give back to Dean (making sure he always gets first shower, or he uses fabric softener just for Dean's clothes or anything thoughtful like that). Basically stories where Sam knows what Dean does for him and he tries to give some of that back. Would be considered a bonus if Sam stands up to John and tells him how great Dean is (protective, cooks, cares and provides for Sam better than John does. That Dean did everything right on the hunt that it was John that messed up). Please no WIPs. Pre-series are definitely welcomed, so are gen, wincest and self recs! Thank you in advance!
30 August 2015 @ 10:09 am
I have two general requests which are fairly similar to each other.

First, I would like pre-series fics where Dean is hurt by someone (someone preferable to something) and John hunts down the someone and causes them great pain and suffering. I prefer the story be from Dean's pov as opposed to John's, but I'll take whatever you have.

Second, along those same lines but instead of John "avenging" Dean, it's Sam. This one doesn't have to be pre-series.

I'll also take fics where no avenging happens but Sam takes care of Dean after the someone hurts him.

The angstier the better :)

Thanks so much, guys!
21 August 2015 @ 12:21 am
I recently read The Wild Ones and I loved how protective Sam was of Castiel. I have two general searches:

1. Sam protecting, or taking care of Castiel. I haven't read a lot with Sam taking care of Castiel and I would really love to see more of it.

2. Anyone protecting, or taking care of Castiel. I would just love Castiel getting some love and comfort for a change. Nothing is too fluffy, or too angsty, as long as Castiel is taken care of.

I tagged for the main pairings with Castiel, but I'm not trying to limit it. I'm open to gen or any pairing, and I have no top/bottom preference. I'm good with almost anything (de-aging, AU, non-au, infantilism etc). Please no (permanent) major character death, non-con between the main pairing, or unhappy endings.

Self-recs and WIPs are welcome, any recs of this nature would be very much appreciated! Poor Castiel has had such a hard time, he really just needs someone to take care of him. :)
02 June 2015 @ 12:00 am

Hello everyone! :D

I'm looking for any H/C fics (Wincest or Gen, NO Destiel or any other ship) where:

-Sam (preferibly) or Dean gets an embarrassing problem and he's too ashamed to let the other know about it until it gets serious or the other one notice it. (I've already read The Nutcracker by Jasmineisland :) )

-Sam develops a condition (brain injury, illness, temporary or permanent wound, spell, whatever!) that leaves him unable to do even basic daily activities without the assistance of Dean (eating, dressing, bathing, ect) - I have already read Trialculosis Sam, thanks :)

-Sam is soaked and messy (feel free to choose what kind of mess) and Dean helps him to clean himself up.

I'm a die hard H/C fan and situations like these make me squee!

Thanks!! <3

26 May 2015 @ 01:52 pm
Hey guys!

Since everyone here was so amazingly helpful the last time I was in dire needs of fic recs, I've returned to tentatively ask for more help!

After reading the amazing Home is Relative by jsymo on AO3, I've been amazingly obsessed with finding wincest or Sam/Dean stories where Sam is the older one and Dean is younger. I'd like any story- AR's where the boys are brothers, or completely AU's where they're not related at all- just so long as Sam is older and Dean is younger. I'd love for there to be some hurt!Dean in there too, and Protective!Sam, but not hurt!Sam. And only bottom!Dean, please!

Thank you!
19 May 2015 @ 10:32 pm

I'm looking for original case Fics (aka Fics that revolve around a case that was not in the TV series), where Dean gets injured/hurt/is in danger, and there's protective Sam/John/Bobby/OMC.

I'm fine with gen or Wincest, but only bottom!Dean if it's Wincest please :)

Here are some really good ones I've read:
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down!
Strangers and Angels Verse
Open, Shut
Hi everyone.
I'm looking for two specific Fics:
what I remember of it , dean warned everyone about a bomb or explosion and then when it happened, he got cut off in that and had been trapped in some basement with some officer(maybe) that he thought dean is criminal and set a explosion,he cursed him before he dies.there were so much smokes on there that when bobby and his friend find Dean, they said that they should quickly transport him to the hospital.I remember the friend of bobby said something about the smoke was Toxic and dean should stop breathing any seconds which he did in the end.

I think dean trapped under the stones in some basement with Victor Henriksen and he couldn't move. Henriksen still thinks dean is criminal and doesn't pay attention to his injuries.there was some ghost on there that tried to kill them and Henriksen with dean's help fight it and in the end believe in the supernatural things.

Any fics that Dean is too much hurt that he can't protect himself and Sam should do that for him.

Any fics that dean and sam trapped somewhere without a help and dean's the one that bleeding or dying and Sam tried his best to protect him.

I prefer Gen.no slash or Wincest please.

Thanks for your help.
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05 May 2015 @ 10:12 pm
I've been reading some Sam angst recently but now I'd like some that is focused on Dean. Fics featuring Depressed or suicidal or self-harming are what I'm looking for. No death fics, please. Happy endings are a must, and plenty of caring and protective Sam. Nothing too long (I can only take angst in small doses)20,000-ish words, and preferably no Castiel. No fics that feature John being an asshole. Gen or Wincest is fine, bottom!Dean if there is any sex.
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I'm looking for a specific fic, don't remember a lot of details, mostly just the end, likely takes place around S2. Sam got caught up in the YED's contest, might have been separated from Dean for a bit, I think they meet up again because Dean is kidnapped by other of the YED's special kids and Sam rescues him (or maybe Sam kidnaps him to keep him safe from the others). The story ends I think in Lawrence, there's some kind of show down outside a church, Sam didn't want Dean to be there, Dean kinda doesn't trust Sam not to slip if he's not there, one of the kids, maybe a back from the dead Andy, is using his powers to get Dean to leave the safety of the church and walk into some sort of wall of flame, or something like that. It's not apocalypse-fic, I don't think. Wincest almost certainly. Any help much appreciated!

Thank you,
18 April 2015 @ 12:48 am
Hey all!  So I've been searching for two stories that I remember reading once that I simply cannot find now.

1. Sam is in high school, I believe, while he's still really small.  He is shoved in a bin or something by bullies while on his way home and I think Dean eventually finds him in there.  Am I making this up or is this a real fic?

2. Dean was trapped in a well for like 6 days or something and Sam finds him but he's not recovering well.  Sam realizes that Dean needs more touch.  I believe it was gen, despite the increased amount of touchy-feely-ness between the two.

As for my general search, I was wondering if there are any fics where Dean comes back from hell and Sam isn't on demon blood - like AUs for what happened to Sam while Dean was gone.  Maybe everyone thinks Sam is dead (nothing where he's actually dead though, please!), maybe he's just missing, maybe he was a really good hunter but scary as heck (please no outright evil Sam though), maybe he broke (though preferably not completely, like mental illness or needing a psych ward).  Even just where he barely managed to cope (still no demon blood though).  Anything like that?

I do prefer gen.  Thanks so much!
09 April 2015 @ 09:37 pm
Hey all!  I have two unrelated things that I am looking for.

1. Are there any gen stories of Sam being either born a girl or turned into one that is gen or mild het, where Dean is protective of Sam?  Maybe something where Sam realizes that he/she is vulnerable and it kinda freaks him/her out, and Dean is angrily protective and all that?

2. Any stories that emphasize just how large Sam is - using his strength and size to save Dean, intimidate others, that kinda thing?  Sam is just so TALL and broad and it's awesome.  :)

I prefer gen please!  Thank you all so much!!!
So it's a common theme that when they were growing up, Dean did things for Sam (covered for him, sacrificed things for him, etc.) that Sam wasn't aware of or didn't fully appreciate until they were older. I was wondering if there were any where the roles were switched? Where Sam supported Dean in ways Dean hadn't realized? Any recs would be greatly appreciated!
27 February 2015 @ 10:30 pm
Hi all!!
I'm really in the mood for some fics were Jared/Sam suddenly starts to think that Jensen/Dean is fragile.
Maybe Jensen/Dean gets hurt, faints, lost some weight or are just simply exhausted and Jared/Sam takes care of him.

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I'm looking for any fics with:

1) abusive/drunk/asshole!john abuses dean in any way.
Bonus for (especially) Sam, or maybe even Bobby (or some other character) intervening on Dean's behalf.

2) fics with Jared/Jensen where either J1 or J2 (or both?) is being abused by their spouse/partner/parent, etc. Especially fics where J1 saves J2 from the situation - lots of hurt/comfort.

If anybody could help me find fics like this... it would make me very happy. <3
For reference, I think I might post fics I've already recced' here as well.

The Recs so Far...
My delicious tags for abuse (I must be a psycho...so many tags):

Recs by [livejournal.com profile] ohwillothewisp

  • Old Ghosts, New Love When Jared and Jensen have their first real fight it brings to light some trauma from Jensen's past.

  • Stealing His Omega Jensen was a thief for hire. He had just not expected to find this priceless treasure in the house he was robbing.

  • Wedding Night  Jared is a young omega who is about to go into his first heat. At the same time, his parents set up an arranged mating to secure a business deal. To Jared's surprise, his alpha isn't interested and instead, ties him to a machine with no synthetic knot or alpha pheremones to satisfy his heat - for who knows how long. Jensen is a thief-for-hire (mid to late 20s), and he's been told the home containing his target should be empty, so he's curious when he hears crying and moaning. When he finds Jared, a clearly unclaimed omega all alone, he knows he's gonna steal a little something for himself as well. Besides, an alpha who doesn't take good care of their omega doesn't deserve to keep them anyways. At first Jared thinks his alpha has returned for him, but he becomes frightened when it becomes clear that some stranger wants to take him away. He desperately wants to be knotted but he doesn't trust this stranger and knows that it's very important to his parents that his marriage works out.

  • The Jester Jensen is the sidekick to one of the world's most respected heroes. A man loved and admired by all. What nobody knows is that the hero in question has been sexually abusing Jensen, since he took the boy in as his ward. Warning Jensen that if he tried to tell anyone the truth of what's been happening, no one would believe him, since everyone would just assume that Jensen had been brainwashed by one of his guardian's enemies. One day, Jensen is hurt in a fight against one of said heroes younger supervillain nemeses, aka Jared. Jensen is more hurt due to something that his mentor did to him, than what the bad guy's did to him.  Jared initially just takes Jensen along, planning to use him as a hostage against his mentor, but then he somehow finds out what the hero has been doing to Jensen. After that Jared becomes immensely protective of Jensen, takes care of him and tries to help him. Only stopping Jensen from going back, because he knows that if Jensen does, he'll just go back to his guardian's abuse. And he knows Jensen only wants to go back because he's scared of what his guardian would do to him if he didn't.

Recs by [livejournal.com profile] casey679

  • * Bring Me to Life: Jared’s a shy young man, whose life has never been easy. His father hates him, his mother drinks her sorrows away and his husband Paul condescendingly treats him like he is nothing more than a beautiful toy. When his husband has to go away on a business trip to Europe for two months, he sends Jared away to a ranch in the middle of nowhere to keep him under control. There, Jared meets people who show him what love, friendship and loyalty mean for the first time in his life. Can he escape his life and finally find some love and happiness for himself?

  • * Stars Fall In: Growing up next door to each other in Calvary, Tennessee, Jared has known Jensen practically their entire lives. He knows almost everything there is to know about Jensen, harbors all of Jensen’s secrets. And that’s why Jared is hellbent on getting Jensen out of there, before it’s too late.

  • * The Best Gift of All: Sam runs away from and abusive relationship, taking his daughter with him. On the road and trying to get as far as possible on limited funds, his car breaks down. Against his better judgment, Dean, a mostly retired hunter and the town mechanic, offers to let them stay with him until repairs can be made. Together, they find a way to comfort and heal each other.

  • * Shouting Out Loud: "Jensen and Jared are college students who are nothing alike and meet for the first time when they both enroll in an acting seminar. They are cast as the leads in an experimental 2-man play dealing with domestic violence."

  • * Fight for What's Yours: Jensen has to deal with a lot of things: the fact that he's in love with Jared is one. But when Chris asks Jared out, everything changes. Tiny trembles were felt as I pressed him closer and it was clear he was fighting the rising tears. Those beautiful eyes peered up through lashes damp with moisture and his broken voice whispered, 'Can I stay?' 'Oh, Jay…' I murmured, tugging him along the couch until he was practically in my lap and sliding my arms firmly around his torso, giving him the support he needed.

  • * Mismanaged: Jared has a secret that he hides from everyone. The only family he has left, his manager, has been manipulating him, forcing him to audition the old-fashioned way: on his knees. When he meets Jensen, he knows his secret is in jeopardy. When Jensen finds out, will he listen or will he break Jared's heart.

  • * Us Against The World: At the age of 10, Jensen had a car accident that caused brain injury, changing his life forever. Now at the age of 30 he is trying to branch out on his own for the first time. Jared is abused and mistreated by his widowed father. Friendless and alone, he meets Jensen when the older man moves into one of his father’s apartments. Can Jensen and Jared change their lives? Together they have a chance.

Recs by [livejournal.com profile] elwarre

  • Dangerous Waters by [livejournal.com profile] virtualpersonal: "Two decades ago, Dean Winchester was betrayed and left for dead by his own father. Now, the so-called Pirate King is poised to take revenge on the father who cast him out, and the brother who took his rightful place and has been living the high life. When Sam Winchester sets sail to collect a bride that he does not want, his journey is cut short and he finds himself at the mercy of a hard, bastard of a pirate who hates him and orders him to his bed. Inexplicably drawn to this mercurial and sometimes cruel man who holds the power of life or death over him, Sam walks a dangerous tightrope using everything in his arsenal to convince Dean to change course and see him as partner and ally rather than as his pawn and victim."

Bonus:Recs by [livejournal.com profile] rainbowglowing

  • Gunpoint by [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco: Jensen got his childhood stolen away from him when he was ten years old. Along with his memory, his voice and every emotion that wasn’t fear, hatred or anger. Question is, can Jared help him get any of it back? And more importantly, does Jensen really want him to?

09 February 2015 @ 11:25 am
Hi friends,
I have these following requests and I seriously hope you can help me.

(1)Any story where Sam is taking care of Dean?- I'm not lookin after 'deaged' Dean fics but where Sam is looking after Dean in any way. Any story with sweet, schoompy , brotherly fluff and banter is welcome.

(2) Stories where Dean and Sam are in their teens and they fight over something? I am craving to read stories where the brothers(preferably in teens) clash over something, but it gets resolved in the end. Stories with lots of teen angst, sibling rivalry and a happy ending. K Hanna Korossy , Authoressnebula, Marianna Morgan and Scribble2Much are my favorite authors and I've read all their stories. I really wanna read more. Help me please?

(3) Any story where Sam is working and Dean hating it? Most of the stories we come through have Dean working to earn money and looking after Sam. Can you rec me fics where Sam is working for a change and Dean not really liking it because it's his job as a big brother? I recently read the amazing A Crash Course in Road Safety by Skagtrendy and wanna read more stories of this genre.

No wincest please.

Thanx a million in advance

Hello everyone,
I remembered parts of a story I've read some time ago but I can't seem to find it in my bookmarks. Here is what I remember:

Dean was in hospital but the doctors didn't know what was wrong with him. They put him in quarantine and wore masks and special clothing when being in contact with him. Dean was pretty much out of it. He might have had flashbacks of hell (I'm not sure about that aspect), because they kept manhandling him. At one point they took a sample of his spinal fluid I think and Dean was panicking.

Sam didn't know where Dean was at first. Finally he made it to the hospital and rescued Dean by disguising himself as a doctor or nurse. He dropped some kind of smoke bomb in Dean's treatment room, so everybody fled. Sam took Dean from the hospital but Dean was very weak and had problems with his legs, because Sam moved him to early after the spinal fluid extraction.

I can't remember what was wrong with Dean in the end. Maybe some kind of supernatural illness.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance

Edit: Found! Link in comments.

I'm looking for a specific story that I read (I think it was here on lj somewhere) a while back. I can't remember the title or author. Here are the details I remember -

The story is gen. No pairings.

It mostly takes place in the desert.

Sam uses power (either his own, or a spell, I can't remember) to open a gate in the desert to get Dean out.

He is found by a Native American child near, or outside a reservation after the ritual beside a sacred spring. He stays with the girl and her family for a while. They think he's a spirit, or god, or someone special, and they help him heal before he moves on.

Dean knows Sam did something, and tries to find him, but Sam doesn't want to be found. The boys are separated for a good chunk of the story.

There is a scientist, or group of scientists that see rocks move or float(?) in relation to Sam's ritual. one of them sees Sam himself, but Sam tells him he's dreaming before disappearing.

I think it turns out, by the time Dean tracks Sam down and gets the story out of him, that Sam made some kind of deal with an entity and has to go through [something?...] in order to keep Dean free. Dean and Sam go back tot eh village where Sam stayed and Dean waits with Sam while the ritual is completed.

Hope that's enough info! I'd really appreciate if anyone knows which story this is. I really enjoyed it, but my bookmark for it got deleted or something, and I can't find it!

15 January 2015 @ 08:26 pm
Hello guys!
So I'm a huuuuuuuge Dean girl. Basically everything I read is heavily Dean!centric. But... I left the fandom for a while and then when I came back I was like, wtf, everywhere is sick/hurt!Sam/Cas. Geez... it's just a matter of personal taste really but I just can't read anything like that! When I catched up on the TV episodes, just watching those sick/hurt!Sam scenes is a total torture to me.
So... any good bottom!Dean fics? If it also features a hurt!Dean would be great!
Prefer Destiel, but wincest will do, too. I'm not that picky as long as it has Dean's sweet ass effectively used :)
I'd love to read some long fics, but any length is OK.
Please rec me with Dean!centric fics! Also please no any kind of vulnerale/sick/hurt/insecure!Sam. That makes me kinda lose interest in everything... no offense. It's just not my thing. Same goes to Cas, too. I'd really love them being the BAMF and over-protective ones.

Thanks in advance!
Hi everyone - I'm looking for a specific fic that I read a few years ago. Sam & Dean grew up in the slums that was predominately African American. I remember a scene where some gang member called Dean a pretty white boy or something like that. Sam and Dean grew up away from John because John etiher abandoned them or died, and the boys weren't hunters although it's implied that John was. Dean slept with someone in charge of a gang - it was very dubcon-y - and Sam later rescues Dean (I think). They later grow to be powerful leaders of a powerful gang/mafia.



1) I am searching for fics in which Sam is protective of children, is a teacher or a mentor. Something like The Sam Winchester School Of Hunting? I really love this verse and would love to read more fics like that.

2) I'm falling in love with Sastiel rn and I just search long, good fics with the pairing. I don't really care in which Season but please no Non-Hunting-AUs.

3) Aand I'd love to read some fics with asshole!Dean and hurt!Sam but not because Dean is a Demon but maybe because he doesn't really realize what an asshole he is or unintentional (emotional) abuse. Guilty!Dean is welcome too. Gen and every pairing but Destiel is fine.

I don't mind WIPs (as long as they're not abandoned) or self-recs.

Thank you so much for your help!

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27 November 2014 @ 05:31 pm

I'm in the mood for possessiveJared/Sam!

Like Sam/Jared realising how good-looking Dean/Jensen is, he gets jealous and possessive and protective as he notice other people looking at Dean/Jensen.

Please help!!

Hope I got the tags correct!
We all know Dean is a badass when it comes to those he cares about. I would like to read stories here Sam or Jared is the one who goes BAMF when it's necessary. Gen or slash doesn't matter, nor does length. Crossovers are fine, I just want them to get their 'Don't mess with me or mine' on. Thanks so much everyone
02 November 2014 @ 09:58 pm
1. Hey, looking for a story i read years ago on fanfiction. I think it was called second chance and it was an AU after season 3. Instead of Dean dying, he was severly wounded and badly scarred and i think he lost an arm too. I remember Sam eventually gets Dean a prosthesis and he uses it to slap a waitress who was previously rude to him when they went to a diner earlier in the story.
Not much but hope its enough for someone to recognise it.

2. Looking for other stories where Dean or jensen has to deal with some sort of facial scarring or the loss of a limb or something along those lines. And Sam, Bobby, Jared or Misha has to help him deal with it.
Can be any pairing- Gen, Dean/Sam, J2, Jensen/Misha. As long as Jensen or Dean is the one with scarring and injury.

3. Any stories where either Dean & Sam, or Jensen & Jared start with a prank war, but a prank goes wrong and either Dean or Jensen ends up injured and Sam or Jared ends up feeling guilty about it.

4. Any stories where Dean & Sam end up running into some of Sam's friends from college and treat Dean as if he's an idiot, either because he dropped out of school or because hes 'pretty', which in their eyes means stupid.