29 November 2016 @ 10:00 pm
Hello! I'm looking for a specific fic.
Concrete details I remember:

-Dean and Sam haven't seen each other in a while
-Dean either takes Sam to see Bobby or Bobby comes to see Sam. Bobby has a good relationship with Dean.
-Dean was with Lisa (and Ben), who left him due to his alcoholism.
-Sam snoops through Dean's things and finds pictures of Lisa and Ben
-Everyone has been asking about Jess and Sam abruptly confesses to Dean that she died
-Dean has a house and Sam starts out in another bedroom but they end up sharing Dean's.
-Sam is attracted to Dean who at first appears to not share his feelings. Dean is disturbed by figuring out that his brother wants to fuck him.
-Sex happens. It is not good for Dean. It continues to happen though.
-In the end, Dean initiates and comes untouched from bottoming.

Details I vaguely remember and might be confusing with another fic:

-Dean is a construction worker
-Dean is nearly or always the bottom during sex
-John is dead and Sam is surprised to learn this years after the fact
-Sam has some guilt about how Jess died
-Sam tries to blow/jack off Dean during sex and Dean has a hard time maintaining an erection/orgasming
-Bobby warns Sam that Dean has had some rough times lately
-Sam clears off Dean's kitchen table and there is something written/scratched in to the surface that upsets Dean so they decide to get rid of it

Thank you!

Found!! It was For Too Long by Hellhoundsprey
I'm searching:

1. OlderBro Sam & YoungerBro Dean in Canon Universe. They are canonical biological brothers and still hunters. NOT de-age fic or Time/Dimension Travel fic. Preferly just Gen. But I love wincest too as long as not just PWP. Canon pair (Sam/Jess) accepted as long as they are not the main story. Example: The road always goes on and on

2. Female Dean with Canon Male Sam. Still canonical siblings, and hunters. Not Magic/Curse/Science turn Dean into Female. Dean BORN Female. Preferly just Gen. But I love wincest too as long as not just PWP. Canon pair (Sam/Jess) accepted as long as they are not the main story. I have no example for this one, so I need help.
Hello! A few requests because I definitely don't have finals to be studying for.

1) Specific fic – Fairly certain I read this on ao3 but tag searching is failing me. Wincest, set far enough in the seasons to be at the bunker I’m 95% sure. One of the brothers got back from a solo hunt and had been back for a week or so, but Sam didn’t really react. Dean was pissed because he felt ignored. Sam takes him to Vegas for vacation to make up for it? They had a dom/sub relationship and I think Dean’s leg was permanently injured. There was a scene where Sam takes Dean to a club to show him off and pulls a knife on a guy who gets too close.

2) Specific fic - This one is… kinda graphic. Age reversal where Dean’s the baby brother and Sam is the angry dark overprotective brother. Dean was taken and strung up in a sewer by a monster and he was hanging there with at least one other victim, who ends up getting her abdomen shredded. There’re pretty intense descriptions of that. Dean had this thing that never got explained about how he would always see these eyes, like tons of pairs of eyes and there was some kind of significance about the color of them.

3) General – Rec me all the at-least-mostly-happy bunker fics. Gen or wincest, don’t care, but no other overt pairings otherwise preferably... because BROTHERS. I just get warm happy feelings about the brothers being all domestic in the bunker and Dean cooking or Sam being in love with all the books in the library. I will read pretty much anything that has the word "nesting" in the description honestly.

Thank you. ☺
23 October 2014 @ 07:40 pm
Hi friends!!
Can you please rec me some fics where Sam is the older brother? I am looking for wincest Sam/Dean stories, but well written general ones are welcome as well if they have an older Sam and younger Dean.

Thanx a million in advance
10 May 2014 @ 10:20 pm
Hi friends!
I have this sudden craving for stories in which Sam is Dean's older brother. So long I have read plenty of amazing fics where there is an awesome big brother Dean and little brother Sammy. I want to read stories where tables are turned, and it's Sam who looks after his little brother Dean.I'm not really looking for AGE REGRESSION fics..because I have read a lot of them. Can you please rec me AU stories where it's Sam who is Dean's big brother from the beginning? I would love to see Sam playing a parental role and going through hardships in bringing up his little brother. Any pairing is welcome as long as there's no wincest.

Thanx a million in advance
05 May 2014 @ 08:43 pm
Summary: Sam is 20 Dean is 16. so the roles are reversed, Sam went off to college at 18 and left Dean behind with John who verbally abuses Dean until Sam comes back 2 years later.

It was titled Damaged and it was on fanfiction.net but now I can't find it.  The link I have is broken.  Does anyone know where else I can find this fic?  On another site or maybe a PDF version?  I believe the story was around 7000 words long.
14 February 2014 @ 12:55 pm
Hi! I hope you can help me with this :)

I am lokking for fics where:

1. Dean does not follow John unconditionaly, takes Sam's side in aguments and so on.

2. Dean grows up being different, where he has powers, is highly intelligent or maybe not human.

3. Sam realize how much Dean does for him.

4. Dean does not come and get Sam in the pilot, either John does or Dean only comes much later.

5. There is a much bigger age difference between the two broters.

6. Dean is the youngest brother

I am also looking for a specific fic. It is a crossover, Dean is very young (i think deaged?), and Sam is an adult. Dean gets kidnapped, beats the kidnapper and sends Sam a text, and Sam and the police comes pick them up.

I am sorry for any spelling mistakes, and thank in advance!
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Hi, this is my first post on this community. I hope to do everything ok.

I'm searching for fics in which there is a BDSM relationship focused on discipline and punishment from the Dom to the bad Sub. I'd prefer if there is strong love between Dom and Sub, so the punishments are not for pleasure, only for learning a lesson. guilty!Sub willing to accept whatever the Master decides because he knows that he's been bad. Emotional!Sub scared to be sent away for his mistakes. The trasgression is not important (disrespect, brattiness, forget the rules ecc) and not specific punishments, too. I prefer spanking, caning, CBT and similar, painful but with no lasting damages. Whatever punishment can be effective on the emotional side of the Sub is okay, too. No safewording, no blood. I wish to see aftercare, even if it arrives after a couple of days to stuck the lesson better. Nothing is too harsh, so don't worry about it. Crying!Sub it's ok, for guilty, fear (not of Master but to be sent away) or pain.
Other than BDSM realtionship, it's ok A/B/O realtionship and puppy!play with the puppy punished.
I prefer J2 or Destiel (no preference for top or bottom between J2; in Destiel, bottom!Cas is better but i'll take bottom!Dean, too), but I gladly take Dean/Sam, Sam/Castiel (top!Castiel) and Dean/Sam/Castiel, too. No Samifer or Sabriel, please.

Other fics that i'd be glad to read are the ones with a bad Dom/Alpha and a damaged Sub/Omega who thinks to be useless and craves to serve another Dom/Alpha better. I'd prefer a slow relationship between the two, with Dom/Alpha caring and loving and Sub/Omega slowly becoming more confident. Discipline is good, too, but nothing harsh that could ruin the Sub/Omega's progresses. Dom/Alpha has to know his boy's limits.
I'd prefer only J2 for this (with Sub/Omega!Jensen, if it's possible and caring Dom/Alpha!Jared) or Dean/Sam relationship.

Third type is lighter. I'd love to see Sam as the big brother for once, so deaged!Dean fics. No loss of memories, Dean conscious to be the big brother but willing (after some time or right away) to be taken care of by Sam.

Specific fic is a spanking fic. I seem to recall that the boys were in a relationship and Sam made a mess in the hotel room he and Dean were staying while his brother was gone, and he didn't put the salt lines, so when Dean came back, he spaked him and at one point he handcuffed him for something (struggle or because he told him to stay quite and he didn't) and Sam started to cry while getting the handcuffs because he hated to be handcuffed. I also remember that Dean tells Sam something like "If you wanted a spanking, you could have ask instead of made such a mess" after punishment is over. I thought to have it bookmarked, but obviously i was wrong >.<

Sorry for bad english, i'm italian and i did the best i could! Hope you guys can help me! Thanks in advance!
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29 October 2013 @ 08:47 pm
Hi Friends!
I have three requests and really hope you can help me:))

1)Runaway Sam Stories- Can you rec me stories where Sam runs away (or tries to run away) because he had a fight with Dean or John, and Dean brings him back? Any story is welcome if it has a happy ending.

2)Awesome John Stories-I've had enough stories with mean, irresponsible and cruel John in them. Can you please rec me some really good stories with an awesome dad John in them?

3) Stories with Sam as the older brother- I am looking for any AU story where Sam is the older brother of Dean . Any storyline is fine if it has a caring and protective older brother Sam and younger Dean. Please rec me some?

No Slash please:)

Thanx a million in advance.
22 June 2013 @ 12:34 am
I mainly have general request for anything you guys can throw at me.
Any fics can be gen, Destiel, or anything!, please just no Winest or J2

1) girl!Dean Fics! I have exhausted the search on ff.net and AO3 and can be born-as-a-girl or changed into one, but I would like them to be where Dean stays a girl in the long run. I would really like this to be Destiel.

1.5) Dean(na) has a kid with Cas or Gabriel would be awesome!

2) wee/teen!chesters I will bake you cookies if you throw me a fic that has John and maybe Sam realizing just how much Dean does after he is hurt. Please no death!fics, I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

3) Any fic where Dean is raised by Bobby for whatever reason, Sam can also be raised by him. Also if Dean is somehow disabled in some of these, but is still able to hunt would be amazing!

4) Any Destiel fics dealing with the fallout of season 8.

5) powers!Dean where he is also the younger brother would be amazing!

6) Gabriel, I love his snarky butt and love pairing him with Dean. (1) can also be Dean/Gabriel.

Thanks! I have a great need for fics right now! Also any fics can be mixed and matched! Self-recs are accepted! Also would be appreciated if Bobby were in the fics! (He is my spirit creature)
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14 June 2013 @ 08:23 am
Hey guys I have two requests today so without further adieu

1.anybody know of the j2 fic that's a non-au and the boys are living together and best friends and they are always touching each other and have become so close and then they go and visit chad and Kenzie for a party and they sit together with Jared's hand on jensens knee and when Jensen goes into the kitchen, Kenzie comments on how they are soulmates? That's really all I remember but I love that kinda fic, any fic where they are very touchy and together-like before they actually get together. So if anyone knows that fic or any j2 or wincest fic like that that would be great!

2.any wincest fics where dean is the younger brother? De-aged dean is fine too but I feel like I've read them all hahah. So yeah any wincest fics where dean is the younger brother.

Thanks guys!
13 June 2013 @ 05:20 pm
1. Btvs or Ats crossover where dean either becomes a souled vampire or a slayer

2. X-men crossover where dean is a feral mutant, like dean or sabertooth , memory loss and adamantium is preferd but not needed. 20k or longer

3. Harry potter is a angel or a fallen angel or nephilim, longer than 20k plz

4. Dean is the younger brother, has the demon blood, goes to colladge is the rebel son, has powers and drinks demon blood from ruby and sets free lucifer and is bookish and smart, while Sam takes deans place in the show.

5. Dean is the son of an angel

6. Dean and Sam are twins have demon blood, powers ect.

Absolutely NO WINCEST!
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29 April 2013 @ 08:38 am
hey! i just want to know if there are any fics with dean an younger brother and he also has powers...
thanx in advance
17 March 2013 @ 01:38 pm
Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a specific story, however I can't remember the name and never bookmarked it. Usually when this happens I'm able find it by searching through past tags/posts here, however I've had no luck doing that this time. Here are some of the specifics of the story that I can recall:

Dean is the younger brother, by more than 4 years. Older brother Sam leaves, to go to college I assume, thinking all is well. Similar to the series, they don't hear from him for a few years. In this interim time, John has become abusive to Dean. I'm pretty sure that John tells Dean lies about why Sam didn't stay in contact with him. I can't remember exactly how Sam comes back into the picture, but he does. Dean is now a teenager. He's angry and mistrustful of Sam. Sam works on rebuilding their relationship & convincing Dean that he didn't abandon him and does love him (again, not 100% sure on the details of this). Sam learns about the abuse and confronts John about it, but eventually he takes Dean away from their father.

Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone? I'd love to re-read it! Thanks in advance for the help.
19 December 2012 @ 01:48 pm
Hey, I'm looking for any fiction that has Sam as the older one and Dean as the younger one (J2 is okay, too). I'd prefer slash, but gen is fine as well. Also, if it is slash, I want Dean to top. And if it's gen, I'd like Dean to be very protective and tries to keep Sam safe, but Sam kinda thwarts this by protecting Dean instead.

I don't want Sam protecting cute little Dean. I want Dean as the younger one still being Dean. I also would prefer that Dean is not younger than 18 (but he can be older than that so long as he's younger than Sam). Non-brother AU is preferred but not necessary.

Oh, and HUGE bonus points if Sam already has a boyfriend and Dean works to change that. :)

10 July 2012 @ 07:42 pm
I'm looking for a couple different types of fics, but mainly I want something centered around Dean where he's hurt, kidnapped, depressed, and Sam looks out for him.  So you could recommend anything really!
But here is what I'm mainly looking for:

1. Depressed/self-harming Dean- where Sam doesn't find out until much later and has to help Dean before it's too late.

2. De-aged Dean- where something happens to Dean that he gets younger and Bobby/Sam/John don't know how to change him back, so they try to deal with him the best they can.  I would preferably like Dean to be aware and still himself- just in a younger body.

3. Boys Separated or raised separately- In which Dean gets the bad end of the stick and has a lot of issues.  The boys find each other and Sam tries to help him.

4. Younger brother Dean- I would looove to read any good stories where Dean is younger than Sam.  Possibly where Sam had abandoned Dean and went to college.  But any fic would do.

I would prefer it to be gen fics, but if there are slash or pairings, I don't mind- As long as the pairings DO NOT include an OC.  Also, I will take Jensen and Jared fics.  I love those.

Thank you everyone! I am so excited!
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07 April 2012 @ 05:11 pm
I'm a really big fan of Dean but I especially love stories where someone takes care of Dean for a change, especially when that person is Sam. So I was wondering if anybody can recommend some fics that can fix this itch.

I'm looking for wincest fics especially and I would love some protective/possessive Sam and even De-aged Dean fics or fics where Dean is the younger brother. I also like fics where Dean deals with self esteem issues and Sam helps him through it. If its an angsty fic Id really appreciate a happy ending and it can be a knotting fic, can involve some BDSM elements or be complete fluff I don't mind as long as Deans being taken care of.

And also if there is sex (which would I would really love)it must be bottom!dean .

Would really appreciate the recs thank you!
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26 February 2012 @ 11:58 pm
I am having a horrible year. I need something I can disappear into. However, I am not craving romance. I am in need of Gen fic, long and enveloping with Dean as the focus. Can be any time frame, AU, crossover, kid!fic, or whatever. I just need something I can ignore reality for a few hours, please!
07 November 2011 @ 09:27 pm
Okay, so I don't quite remember all the details, however, I am pretty sure Dean was sliding through different variations of lives. I also don't really remember a lot of details about the lives except for one where Sam is the older brother. In that version, their dad was supposed to see them and he cancelled. Sam was pissed that their dad let Dean down again and apologized for it. I am pretty sure at first Dean was a little freaked out by the switching in ages, but right before he was forced into another timeline/dimension he really wanted to stay in that world longer.

It was a wincest story I am pretty sure.

And along those lines if there are any stories where the boys either knowingly go through different lifetimes/dimensions/timelines (or unknowingly do it because some higher force wants to see how it all pans out) I'd be interested in that too.
23 September 2011 @ 10:22 pm
I'm looking for any fics that have Dean as the younger brother, I've become addicted after reading the proverbs verse and would love to find more :)
09 August 2011 @ 05:23 pm
So I've got a craving for a couple different kinds of fic right now, please help me out!

1) I'm looking for wincest fics. I want established relationship case!fics, like the Yes, Dean, There Is A Christmas by [livejournal.com profile] charsfic & [livejournal.com profile] anyothergirl415 or Pins and Needles by [livejournal.com profile] selecasharp. I will love you forever if the fic is bottom!Sam, but bottom!Dean is ok too.

2) Any fic where Sam is a dad. It could be that Dean was de-aged and now Sam is his dad, or it could be something else, I just want Sam to have a kid. I think he would be a pretty good parent. Just, no antichrist babies with Ruby, please. I would actually prefer if this kind of fic was gen, but wincest is ok too. Anything that has Sam interacting with kids, like that one Faye Dartmouth story in the museum, would be good too.

3) Crossovers with Doctor Who that focus on the Doctor interacting with Sam. I think they would be a great pair. I would love it if Sam was the Doctors companion, especially if it was just the Doctor and Sam. Dean could come eventually, but mostly I want Sam and the Doctor.

That's my list! Thanks to anyone who finds anything! ^_^
03 June 2011 @ 07:32 pm
1. Dean is a demon, but not possessed. Like those stories where Dean turns into a demon while he's in the Pit. :D I prefer Wincest, but Dean/Castiel is great too.

2. Fics wherein Dean and/or Sam has to deal with alternate versions of themselves. I've already read 'What Is and What Should Never Be' (I forgot who the author was, but I know it had robot!Sam and robot!Dean, werewolf!Dean, and a bunch of other!Sams and other!Deans), Intimations of Morality by [livejournal.com profile] vorpalblades which I really loved and Never Be (IDK the author of this too.) There was that one Big Bang fic too, and it had emphasis on Dean's time running out. And then there was that D/C fic that involved mirrors.

I'd just really love to see more fics of this.

3. Sam and Dean's lives being reversed, in a way, but their personalities are the same. Like, older brother!Sam who's the vessel of Michael or something like that.
25 December 2010 @ 11:54 am
Hello all, I have a couple of requests here.

01. older!sam and younger!firefighter!dean

02. any mentions of dean's amulet/necklace
it could be a symbol of possession that dean belongs to sam or just anything, as long as there is a significant mention of the amulet.
It could be gen or sam/dean (bottom!dean only, please.)

Thank you in advance!
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of this fic.

It's basically a born-a-girl!Jared fic. But Jensen and girl!Jared are still doing Supernatural just, y'know, with a Samantha instead of a Sam. Anyway, Jensen falls for girl!Jared. The one thing I remember about it though is that girl!Jared wasn't pretty - like stupidly hot or anything - she was what you'd expect Jared to look like if he had been born a girl. She had broad shoulders for a girl, and was pretty tall and slim and didn't have massive boobs or anything. Plotwise I don't remember much other than I don't think it was explicit and Jensen came to realise he was in love with her pretty gradually.

Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. [ETA: Found in comments]

Oh and if anyone has any Stamford era Sam stories from an outside POV about how Sam wan't quite what anyone expected (could fight, hustle pool, knew Latin etcetc) that would be awesome. Though I'd rather there was no wincest.
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06 September 2010 @ 04:00 pm
I have been really itching for some Sam/Dean goodness in the form of AU where either the boys are raised apart, where they aren't brothers, where they aren't hunters, or anything like that. I've been reading ones that are set in the Supernatural world and they've been awesome, but I really want something AUish.


For my second request are there any must read Established Relationships between Sam and Dean during the seasons [preferably during the early seasons] where their relationship is mentioned, shown a little bit, but its mostly weaving into canon already.

Third, how about some really great ones where Sam is the older brother. I would like these to be set in canon where the boys are hunters.

And fourth, [three and four could've gone with one, really, except I am good with them being gen] A third sibling, it could be Adam or it could be another brother. I would prefer it not being a sister, but if the story is really excellent then I will give it a chance. I would also like it if the third siblings didn't really steal either of the boys' thunder [for instance Sam stays the psychic sibling and Dean still be the super charming one].

Side note: self-recs, old fics, new fics... heck just about anything is welcome. And thanks before hand because you guys are just awesome, and I love ya!
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29 June 2010 @ 11:06 pm
Hello! I was wondering if I could get and recomendations on fics where Dean is de-aged and Sam has to take care of him / raise him while he ends up growing up to an adult again? Preferably if Dean still has his memories from before he is de-aged. Lengthy fics are very appreciated.  :)

Also any fic's where Dean is the younger brother?

Thanks all for your help! :) :) :)
11 March 2010 @ 01:58 pm
Hi! I'm hoping someone can rec me to fics with these themes.

1. Any wincest fanfics where Sam is the older brother. Most of what I've found has been gen (like with the Proverbs!verse), but I'm dying to see this with Sam/Dean. Any length and rating is okay with me. :]

2. I'm also looking for any fics where Sam is given (by anyone, idc) some kind of date-rape drug or sex pollen? I'm kind of hoping for pre-series recs, but anything would be great. D: Wincest or regular h/c gen, or even any where John is the one to find him?

Thank so much!
by the way I'm confused about the tags, so I didn't add any, but will if necessary! ;;
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07 October 2009 @ 05:55 pm
Hello from France!

1- I'm looking for stories with only Dean and John (slash would be prefered but no-non con, I want a willing relationship). I don't want any Sam in the story., no apparition, no references! (hard I know, but I can't stand 'Sammy is God' anymore.)

2- I want a reaaaally good Sam bashing where John/someone else to really put him in his place for being the selfish prick that he is especially with Dean. (I'm mad at him for the moment!)

3- I don't know if stories like that exists but is there any fic where Dean is John's son but not Sam. And he's like either not in the story or just someone else. (Dean/John centric fics, please!)

4- JDM/Jensen with Jared bashing because he's mean with Jensen (don't scream, it's just like that...)

5- I already read a good bunch of younger-Dean stories but is there any new one? 
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28 June 2009 @ 01:24 pm
    First time posting (Kind of nervous).I was wondering if perhaps someone might be able to help me.
See I'm rather new to this fandom so uh maybe someone can help me find these types of fanfics.

1. Is there any fics out there where both John and Sam actually treat Dean with the respect and care
he deserves.

2. Fics where Sam is the oldest.

3. Fics where Mary runs away with Dean .(I've read two fics where she ran away with Sam)but are there any where
she runs away with a toddler Dean?.

4.Any AU fics where they are not hunters or brothers .

5.Any RPS fics where Jensen's in an abusive relationship.

6.Basically anything Long and Slashy be it Wincest or J2 no het please I don't mind gen but not het I don't like het very much.

I hope someone's able to help me in my searches.

P.S I don't know how to tag this so perhaps the mods would be kind enough to help me.
          thank you.
14 June 2009 @ 11:50 pm
Okay, so I'm back again, with another 3 searches! You know, all my searches are Dean-focused...I just love him.

1) Hermaphrodite!Dean. Are there any fics with Dean born as a hermaphrodite? It can be Gen, Wincest, or Slash (of the non-wincest variety. No non-con or dub-con UNLESS is wincest).

2) Any fics with Girl!Virgin!Dean. I just read Beyond All Recognition in which Dean is turned into a chick, and she/he has to sleep with John (cause Sammy's gone to Stanford) in order to change back. And I found that to be unbearably hot! So any fics where Dean's turned into a girl (preferably one that looks like Jess or Mary) and is also a virgin. Uhm...size!kink? please and thank you :-D (any pairing is welcomes; daddy!cest, wincest! Bring it on!)

::Before I forget, fics with Dean born as a girl is welcome as well, but in this case, I would prefer only Wincest of the Sam/Dean variety::

and Lastly, 3) Fics with Dean born as a younger brother, but is still super dedicated to Sammy. Would greatly enjoy wincest. no daddy!cest, please. OR if Dean is the older sister, but younger Sam is the one who starts the wincest-y-ness and Big Sister Dean(?) just can't say no. Dub-con and non-con is welcomes.
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11 June 2009 @ 02:03 am
I'm looking for fics where Sam is the the older brother and Dean the younger. Wincest please. 
Fav. when Dean was always the younger brother.
Probaly protective/possesive!Sam and size!kink

Angsty, dark, con or something sweet ^^

Thanks for any help you can give.
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29 January 2009 @ 11:30 pm
I looked through all the age-regressed posts so far but for the life of me couldn't find this particular story:

Dean, still a teenager and on the road with John and Sam, starts getting younger. It later turns out he drank from some special cursed water bottle or something. And Sam gets very protective the smaller Dean gets. There is one part where he tries to get his "little" brother into diapers and Dean throws a tantrum.

If anybody can help me with that, you have my eternal gratitude.

Found:  <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/spn_summergen/9909.html">here</a>
1. I'm looking for fics where Sam takes care of a younger Dean.

What I've read -
  • The Starting Over 'verse by [livejournal.com profile] iamstealthyone, which I loved, where in saving Dean's soul from Hell, he's reborn as an infant, and Sam raises him (+funny Bobby helping moments). - WIP
  • Also Under a Haystack, which was good, but dealt more with Sam trying to change Dean back, than many daily moments of taking care of a child.
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was fun, with Dean de-aging to 4, but he kept his adult mind, and I'm looking for something a little more childlike.

2. In a similar theme, any fics where one or both of the boys de-age into babies/toddlers.
13 October 2008 @ 07:42 pm

Hi people.
  1. I just buy The Great Escape in DVD yesterday and I was wondering if there is any J2 fic out there with the boys in situation like in the movie. (Extra cookie if Jensen plays Hilts.)
  2. I wanted a fic where Jensen had some kind of nevrosis (OCD, autism...) but still a J2 fic.
  3. Any fic where Jensen/Dean is younger than Jared/Sam. (And Dean has the visions and powers.)
  4. Any fic where Jensen/Dean is really intelligent, maybe a genius, and Jared/Sam just belittle him but John/anyone else put him in place by showing how Jen/Dean is brilliant.
Thanks you all!
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12 April 2008 @ 12:58 am

I'm looking for this AU fic where Dean is younger than Sam. I've checked the two posts under the "Dean as the younger brother" tag but the story i'm looking for isn't mentioned there. Unfortunately I only remember that the fic had this banner with a picture of Jensen and Jared and I think it wasn't a recent story. 
Thanks in advance for the help =)
03 April 2008 @ 04:31 pm
I think I looked through every post and tag on here.

I'm looking for a story where Dean doesn't get out of the deal. I read one on sinful desires, it was one where Sam worked at an occult shop and Dean finds him, but that's not the one. It's a future!fic. The only thing I can remember is that I think Sam lives in Lawrence and I think he's a professor at a college. It has Dean remembering snapshots of his previous life as Sam's older brother. I know that's not a lot to go on but this comm is so amazing. Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: found. Heaven Can Wait by:[livejournal.com profile] mf_luder_xf Thank you [livejournal.com profile] liz_sumeragi for finding it. And the fic I was talking about in here is in the comments. Thank you!
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Hey guys I'm looking for stories where...

1. The Brothers interact during Sam's year at Stanford, or its after Stanford and their still working out the issues.

2. And where Dean is the younger brother (I loved the Proverbs verse).

Thanks in advance, and hope you guys got all your Christmas wished granted!
21 December 2007 @ 06:49 pm
Hi.  I'm looking for a fic with Dean as the younger brother.  Jessica still dies and at the funeral, her dad has to remind Sam to take care of Dean.  Sorry I don't have more details than that, but I have confidence in you all. 

Found!! It's the Proverbs Verse: http://community.livejournal.com/verse17_17/