Looking for two specific fics:

1) where Sam travels back in time (maybe this is Soulless Sam?), and young Dean is having to turn tricks to support the two of them. Sam has sex with the younger version of Dean and then runs into young Sam outside the motel room.

2) Sam is desperate because Dean is seriously injured and he can't pay the hospital bills or for aftercare and has to turn to hooking. I think Dean is unconscious/unaware of what Sam is doing until later.
10 January 2016 @ 02:53 am

I am looking for a fic I once read. It was like Sam was rich and his friend's took him to a brothel where Dean was forced into prostitution to pay off Jhon Winchester's debts. I remember Dean getting free and meeting Sam but Sam's father attacked him and he gets stabbed. It is later revealed that Sam 's father killed Sam's boyfriend.

Does any one know what story was it ?
25 November 2015 @ 04:39 am

I'm looking for this one specific homeless teen Dean fic. He meets Castiel behind a dumpster behind the Roadhouse (I think?) when he's looking for a place to sleep after he got kicked out by his dad. In the end they both sleep there. They both work as a prostitute, sometimes together. One day Alistair kidnaps Dean and they don't find him for a few days (weeks?). In the end Dean ends up in the hospital and Sam and John are there as well? -->
I lost all my bookmarks so if anyone could rec some longer (preferably at least 10k but if you think a shorter one is amazing too please add as well :) ) fics with these themes that would be great;
- Dark pre-stanford/stanford era. Dean centric.
- Abused!Dean (all the abuse, by everyone, canon or au)
- Abused!Castiel (again all the abuse)
- Abused Sam, but only by Castiel,Dean or John.
- Any other dark stories with Dark!Sam/Dean/Cas
- Any story where John comes back from the dead after season 5.

24 October 2015 @ 12:17 am
Can't remember if it was Dean or Jensen but one was a prostitute and either Sam or Jared was a rich businessman. Jared/Sam was initially embarrassed to find that his soulmate was a prostitute but got over it after some time. Sorry I can remember much else any help is appreciated.

I can't find a soulmate tag so I'll assume it's not there.
30 December 2014 @ 02:43 pm
Hi guys, I have a couple of general themes I'm looking for and would much appreciate the help!

1) I'm looking for Wincest that starts as the boys just "helping each other out" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and becomes a relationship with plenty of angsting by the boys over whether the other feels the same.

2) I'd like any fics of any pairing (characters or RPF), where one of the boys is a shy or low self-esteem stripper/hooker/phone sex operator/etc.

3) Any fic of any pairing where one calls the other "Baby Boy" (obviously lends itself to Wincest or JA/JDM, but any pairing is good)

Thank you!!

(Mods: I can't for the life of me find the "any pairing" tag, could you pretty please add that?)
Hi all, this is an older fic and I'm really vague on the details.

Dean and Sam not raised together. Probably on ff.net. Dean was a prostitute and Sam was being raised by a nice middle class family. I think they had the opportunity to take Dean at the same time but chose not to. At the start of the fic I think Dean somehow escaped/ran away from a 'john' in a hotel with Sam's help? Sam and his family were staying in the hotel too which was really lucky as the bad guy was a planning to kill (he was a serial killer?) Dean. I think they both realise they're long lost brothers. Sam talks his parents into taking Dean back home with them and letting Dean stay with them. I think another (or the same) serial killer/demon starts tracking Dean. Also Dean has a lot of trouble fitting in and Sam's mum has issues with Dean too (possibly guilt? She might have been the one to say no to adopting Dean in the first place). That's all I have. So, thanks in advance.
Hello all,

I can't sleep lately, and I need me some lovely supernatural fanfic to keep me company! :) Two general requests:

1) Hustling Pool/Poker - I love this aspect of the boys in the show. Sigh. The three I've read that have made me want more are fleshflutter's I'll Take My Chance on a Beautiful Stranger, brightly_lit's The Perfect Life, and glorious_spoon's Devil's in the House. Are there more? Do they exist? I adore wincest, but gen or other pairings are fine. Not a big fan of Destiel.

2) Outsider POV Wincest - having recently finished leonidaslion's Fumbling in the Dark, is it any surprise that I'd want more? First time, slowburn, established relationship, whatever.

Thank you all so much. My sleep-deprived brain is ever-grateful.
03 July 2014 @ 01:22 pm
1. Dean/OMC. I don't know why but I suddenly have a craving. The parameters I have for this are; Sam knows (or finds out), canon setting, not pre-series/Stanford and no non-con. Just Dean/OMC, no wincest, but if it ends in destiel instead that's okay. I'm dying to read Dean/OMC set in a later season.

2. Sam finds out Dean was a hooker during his youth in order to put food on the table/pay for things for Sam. Major Sam guilt please, as much as possible. Bonus points if Dean views it as just one more thing he had to do, and Sam is horrified at Dean's lack of self esteem.

3. Any other guilty Sam fics, any pairing, any subject, but please warn for non-con and other triggers. Bonus points if there's any fics out there about Sam teasing Dean about his eating habits, until Dean admits he eats so much because he starved as a child making sure Sam could eat. The more of a jerk Sam is, the better - as long as Dean stands up for himself and makes Sam work for his forgiveness. I hate stories where Dean just rolls over and takes the abuse in an OOC manner, and then forgives him like it was no big deal.

Please no: Death fics or permanent changes (deafness, boys not brothers etc)

Thanks in advance!
30 June 2014 @ 02:07 pm
So i just finished reading the look by [livejournal.com profile] hunting_ghosts and i was wondering if there are any fics where dean(prostituting) meets a random guy at a bar or whatever and turns out the guy is kind/gentle to dean

I don't mind self recs or jensen instead of dean
I am looking for a specific fic - I really hope that someone can help me! Here is what I can remember:

Sam & Dean are left in a motel room by John while he is off hunting. John does not return. They have to leave the hotel because they have no money. Dean is too worried to call anyone for help. Sam is maybe 10 or 11 and Dean about 15. I seem to remember they had the Impala. Dean ended up prostituting himself for money so they could eat, etc. He didn't look for it on purpose but wasn't able to hustle pool or something and was desperate and someone comes up and offers him money for a blowjob.

Dean is with a guy who is paying him to have sex. They are parked near the woods. Dean tells Sam to go for a walk because he doesn't want Sam to see this happen. But Dean knows as usual that Sam won't go far, only out of sight. But when it's over and Dean calls for Sam he is nowhere to be found. Dean is distraught. Not knowing what to do he goes into town for help and ends up hearing about people going missing in those woods. Following clues he finds out that there are vampires in the woods. He goes back to the woods (of course) to rescue Sam.

Dean ends up finally calling Bobby and admitting what happened. They end up - I think - living at the Roadhouse with Ellen. Years later they find out that John is alive. That he thought the demon was getting close and so he purposely abandoned the boys thinking it was for the best. Obviously Sam and Dean are very pissed off to find this out and really angry with John but they end up hunting together again.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really hope someone is able to help me find this story!

Thank you in advance!
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First, I lost a fic mid-read and can't find it in past searches. Here's what I recall:
hooker Dean and client cas - cas botches their first transaction by treating Dean poorly, so goes back to apologize, starting their relationship. Zachariah is Cas' boss.

My other two searches are general for types of fics:
1) A/O dynamics with Dean/Cas, anything novel ldngth really: I've read everything I could find for the pairing/tags on AO3 and prior searches here, so if folks know of good stories housed onLJ or other sites, that would be fat.

2) I'd love to read a longer story that starts dean/cas and becomes dean/cas/sam. preferrably a non-supernatural AU, but what's important is that they all have to lesrn their way around the relationship- like maybe Cas realizes Dean just can't stand the thought of Sam moving out, unstands why, and guides them all together.

Thanks in advance!
Hi guys,
I absolutely love slave!fics and hooker!fics, but I've read so many I'm having trouble finding more. Can you please rec me any longer fics of these themes? Hopefully there'll be something I haven't read yet! Any pairing is good, be they characters or RPSs.

There's also a specific Jensen/Christian fic I'm looking for that I'm hoping one of you know. Jensen works on the family farm, and Christian is a musician. Christian ends up on the farm for some reason (car crash nearby maybe?) Bits I remember: Christian must be hurt or something, as I remember Jensen watching over him as he sleeps. Christian and Jensen go to a swimming hole together and that's where schmexy stuff happens. Mama Ackles warns Christian to be good to Jensen coz he's kind of a naive farm boy. Christian playing guitar on the porch.

Thanks gang!
06 September 2013 @ 01:17 am

I'm looking for a J2 Fic where Jared is a police officer/FBI agent that has to protect Jensen who was a witness of a crime. Jared had to go to Jensen's house and live there or at least spend a lot of time there. I remember Jensen wore glasses and might have been a grad student - mentions of books in the house. Jared fell in love with Jensen but resisted. It might have a scene where Jensen was attacked at the house. I know it's vague and honestly I cannot remember much more than that.
01 September 2013 @ 10:45 am
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, so bear with me if I make any mistakes. I'm looking for this specific story that my sister told me about that I've been dying to read. I think it was on ff.net (let's hope the cut thing works)
Cut for some details that may make others squeamish )
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I have been going through old stories on my computer recently and found part one of the story which I had saved years ago."Turn the page " by Keeper of the cheese It has a shock end to part one and I have been trying to find the second part for a few days.I know the author is now called ,I think strippedpink.I am pretty sure I read in some random comment a while ago that it was finished and am pretty sure I sent a pm to her asking about it,but that was a while ago and really I dont feel comfortable sending another now because if she wanted people to be able to read it I think I would have found it and I dont want to annoy her.However i would like to know what happened so if anyone read it and can give me an answer or if the story is actually availabe somewhere and I just dont have the skill to find it I'd appreciate the help
I'm looking for a fic I've read quite a few times already. The story is set pre-series and Dean is forced to prostitute himself to support himself and Sam while John's on a hunt. The thing in this fic is that Dean is convinced that John knows what he is doing and actually expects him to do it. John, naturally, is clueless but he eventually does find out. Sound familiar?

If you know fics with a similar premise -- basically, John finds out that Dean sells himself or suffers abuse -- please share them!
Okay, this is my first time posting in this community and I hope you guys will be able to help me find 2 fics today.

Fic 1 Details )
Fic 1 Found: It's Trying to teach an old dog new tricks by [livejournal.com profile] ru_salki99

Earlier Meeting: i don't remember much about this fic, just one scene: Dean has driven to Stanford to see Sam. Castiel either crashes into the back of or crash lands on top of the Impala. Dean comes out to see if Cas is alright; Cas replies that he is fine. Dean turns away from Cas for a second and when he turns back around, Cas has disappeared (flown off since Cas is an angel). I can't recall if Dean ever actually let Sam know that he was there or if Dean just drove off with Sam being none the wiser.
I’m looking for a few (ton of) recs! ') I have my big ones on top, and the last few are general asks, I just figured I'd sneak them there while I was posting already :)
Read more...Lots of requests! )
1.) Not sure if anything like this plot exists, but here’s hoping: After Dean gets Sam from Stanford, first-time Wincest happens. Dean feels insecure about the relationship in some way (his self-esteem issues, he thinks he loves Sam more than Sam loves him, he thinks Sam’s only in it for the sex, etc), and winds up sick soon after, which he hides from Sam. (Or anything that involves Dean suffering from abandonment issues after first time Wincest and doing everything to make Sam happy so he’ll stay) Sam finds out and loving/cuddling/schmoopy comfort ensues. I’d prefer not a ton of smut 
2.) Hunger Games X-over with Destiel (I’ve enjoyed shireberry’s ‘verse) i.e., Dean and Cas meet in the arena.
3.) Protective!John. I’d love anything that involves him comforting Dean, and referring to him and Sam as his boys or his babies. Please no Wincest between John and the boys, just fatherly love. Bonus points for a hurt or sick Dean calling John Daddy. Especially if he’s series!age.
4.) I’ve devoured A Monster By Any Other Name (this is amazing, I recommend it to everyone!), and I’d love recs that are similar to this. (Sam has grown up in a concentration camp for monsters, and *SPOILER* Dean saves him) I’d prefer Dean being the slave/abused one if possible. I’ve also enjoyed Prime, so something similar to that would work as well! Or Alpha/Omega AU’s with Alpha!Sam taking care of an abused Omega!Dean. Graphic hurt/torture/non-con is fine, but if I have the option, I’d rather see more cuddling than sex between Sam and Dean.
5.)Soul mates fic- Wincest or non-sexual life partners Sam and Dean would be wonderful. I’ve read the Wyoming ‘verse and that author’s other lovely curtain!fics already and would enjoy other recs with that feel.
6.)Cas is Dean’s guardian angel! Either Destiel or gen is perfect
[these last few requests are general "would like more to read!]
7.) Sneaking this in there: Bellyrub!fic!! Hoodie_time got me sucked into the kink. Preferably Sam giving, Dean receiving.
8.) Low self esteem!Dean, getting comfort from Cas or Sam.
9.) De-aged Dean is sick and Sam is comforting.
10.)Hooker!Dean fics, where he’s forced to provide for Sam any way he can. Lots of angst is wonderful! I’ve read a few of these, so if there are some more obscure recs, I’d love those!
11.)Wing!fic with Dean getting wings.
12.) Curtain!fics where Sam and Dean settle down together in schmoopy bliss, Wincest or gen

Also, as a last request: As mentioned, I adore Freac Camp ‘verse, and I’m obsessed with the podfic. Are there podfics out there with a similar storyline???
I've been through the tags and searched, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for although I know I've read something along these lines before.

What I want is stories where Dean prostitutes himself because they need the money, for food, rent, bills, whatever. I'd like canon, I don't care if John or Sam know (or encourage) or if it was in the past. The longer the better, gen or het or slash.

Thanks, guys :)

Mods; since I don't have many specifics I didn't use many tags. I'd be happy to change that as needed.
01 May 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Hallo everyone,

it's so stupid. I read this story a few weeks ago and probably even saved it on my harddrive but I can't find it anymore (facepalm)!
Here is what I remember:
Jensen is a hooker and Jared his rich client. Jared loves to hurt and control Jensen. I remember that Jensen had to kiss/lick Jared's feet. Jared tied Jensen up and really hurt him (whipping his dick etc.) and Jensen cried and pleaded. The next day Jared was sorry and apologised. They took a shower together and Jensen was really exhausted but Jared talked him into having sex again. Jensen was pretty poor and kept hooking up with Jared for the money although he could barely handle their sessions. The story was probably part of a kinkmeme but I'm not sure about that.
The summary was sth. along the lines: Jared likes to have control and Jensen doesn't know how to say no.

Any ideas?
Thanks so much in advance ronjamaus

Found: Link in the comments!
11 February 2013 @ 12:24 am
I'm looking for a story that has Dean and Sam coming back as adults to an area they had lived in for a while as kids. When they were kids and John would leave them alone for periods of time they'd get short on cash and there was a guy waiting around for the time when Dean would be desperate enough to turn tricks. Also, it's near woods. There is something going in the woods. Sam hits it off with a vegan chick in the woods or near the woods or something. I seriously remember nothing else other than that it was good. I think there was logging, in it.

1. I keep thinking about this fic I read a long time ago and I don't remember a lot, but hopefully someone will be able to remember it.
In it Sam, Dean, and John were on a hunt (not sure if it was au or set during season 1... Or maybe it could have been late pre-series?).
John was being his typical need to know self about certain facts of the case including that the victims were always couples one of whom would kill their spouse/etc. Not aware that his sons are doin' the nasty, he thinks that they'll all be safe, but Sam ends up turning on Dean and trying to kill him.

2. I'd like something that goes into the fact that Dean hasn't had the ability to process, deal with, heal from the assorted traumas he keeps experiencing and so each one compounds the others until he can't function anymore. Particularly other people noticing this, whether it's Sam, Cas, Bobby etc, and having to come to the realization that things aren't hunky dory and have to change would be great.

3. Any new hooker!jensen or hooker!dean fics that have come out in the last year

*** I haven't seen any episodes since they killed Bobby, so preferably nothing that goes beyond that doesn't require a lot of knowledge of what's been happening if it does 
11 December 2012 @ 12:41 pm
Looking for specific destiel fic. Castiel meets hooker!Dean(I think he was going by 'Michael' or similar) and pays him spend a weekend at his beach house(which Cas barely uses). Theres connection so they still meet up after, romance etc. I think Dean is saving money so uses a lot of public transport instead of using cash Cas gives him for taxis. Dean goes to a work party with Sam and is introduced to Sam's boss who is Cas. They try to pretend they never met(no one knows of Hooker/John relationship) and I can't remember much else. I think there was one-shot after from Sam's POV how Dean keeps going on dates and one morning Sam's boss is at deans place in the morning. Ring any bells?
28 November 2012 @ 12:12 am
Hello, I'm looking for a story where Sam discovers Dean is turning tricks (by walking in on him, I think) and he gets really angry and possessive, telling him he'll kill the next man he finds him with.
I remember in the end they get coffee and it's not very good but they have to settle because from now on they'll have less money to spend.  I hope I'm not mixing two stories, thanks in advance!
28 September 2012 @ 02:40 pm
Looking for a story that has John coming back from a hunt(overdue again)he comes back to find Sammy looking good, but Dean thin. Also in the story is :John finding out that dean has been leaving Sam alone & that he has been working the streets when money has been running low. John also tries to give Sammy a phone, but to have the phone Sam has to call John if Dean goes out. John also find the money that Dean has Made. Dean runs away but John finds him & makes Dean Promise to call Bobby if he is ever late coming back from a hunt. John test Dean By leaving just often Money for a short time then calls and tell him that he will be longer. John stays in town and watches to see if Dean does the right thing or goes back on the street to make money or will he call for help. This was a great story but I can not find it. Thanks.
13 September 2012 @ 06:06 pm
Looking for a Wincest and/or J2 AU that features one of the boys as a cowboy and the other as a hooker. Big bangs, if you have 'em. I don't think it particularly matters who's the cowboy and who's the hooker. I know it's kind of specific, but can anyone help me out?
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that's it, basically. love me some hooker!dean. what i'd really love would be something where dean's the target of some nasty on a hunt that has it out for sex workers or something, and john and sam finding out what dean does to keep food on their table, and subsequently suffering through immense amounts of guilt etc. no wincest please! though if any dean/cas somehow magically sneaks in there that would be awesome.

thanks in advance! :) char
13 May 2012 @ 09:10 pm
Hi guys.
I tried to post this the other day but i was on my phone and the tags weren't working right (sorry mods)
Anyway, my request is simple. I want some sam/dean or jared/jensen fics where one of the boys is a hooker. I don't really care who (although hooker jared is always welcome!) angsty, schmoopy, pwp, it's all good. Happy ever afters only though please!

Hit me with your favourite hooker fics.
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11 May 2012 @ 11:04 pm
I am looking for a Dean/Castiel fic, where Dean is a waiter by day and a hooker at night to earn money to pay for rehab for Sam, who was badly hurt during a hunt. Cas accidentally gets him fired from his waiter job and tries to make it up to Dean by paying for Sam's medical bills? I think he was still an angel, but was cut off from heaven for some reason and became a wealthy businessman on earth. He doesn't want Dean to find out, so he can't just heal Sam even though he wants to.

I might be confusing two stories, but if someone could help me find it/them, I would be forever grateful :)

FOUND link in comments

I've read a lot of fics in which hunter!Dean finds hooker!Sam and takes him off the streets, but I was really wondering if there are any stories out there in which Dean is the one 'hooking' and Sam is the badass hunter who turns his world around.

They can be long lost brothers, separated a long time ago, or they can be unrelated when they meet. Sam could be following up on a case, with Dean being the victim, or they could simply come together in a non-hunting scenario. The only requirement is for Sam to be a hunter, even if he's not currently on a job. Maybe Sam sees that Dean is being abused by one of his clients and comes to the rescue.

They meet, they sleep together and they fall in love. Any genre is fine with me, and any kind of kink. Self-recs are more than welcome.
No Dean/Cas, please, only Sam/Dean as the main pairing (or Dean/Sam, any one of them can bottom) and the usual Dean/OMCs that his profession entails.

Please rec me anything that rings a bell. Thank you in advance! :D
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20 December 2011 @ 01:09 am
It's a pretty long story that's from sam or dean's point of view(maybe?) that shows Castiel trying new things and learning how to live like a human because he is slowly losing his grace, but it takes the boys a while to realize that's why he is doing it.

One scene that I remember really well is Gabriel taking Cas to a chocolate fair or something and Cas being on a major sugar rush. Dean tells him that he should be bouncing off the walls not vibrating himself into oblivion and Gabriel said that Cas would take the house down if he started bouncing.

Thank You so much in advance.
19 November 2011 @ 09:07 pm
I'm looking for a couple of specific fics and a general request.

1.  I'm looking for a specific fic that I think was a 5 times fic. The only one I remember had Sam & Dean running away from CPS and ending up freezing to death in an alley.

2.  Any fic where Sam and Dean are living on the streets (both underage).

3.  Any fics roughly based on WIAWSNB or alternate realities.  I don't care if it's Sam or Dean who go and I don't care if the "other side" is evil or apple pie or somewhere in between.  I just want to read some "fish out of water."

4.  The two specific fics are one that had Dean stuck in WIAWSNB reality and Sam shows up as Dean's daughter's (son's??) teacher.  The other one has Dean going to an alternate reality where his counterpart is dead and he decides to stay with the other Sam because his Sam is dead too.  Then he discovers that the alternate Sam is evil.

Any help with any of these would be greatly appreciated.
13 November 2011 @ 02:01 am
I am looking for a fic that I read a long time ago and really want to read again but cannot find it anywhere! I've searched, gone through my bookmarks - I'm hoping someone can help me.

Dean and Sam are young, Dean is maybe 16 I think, they do have the Impala. John leaves on a hunt and never returns. The boys have to fend for themselves. At one point they have no money and Dean is pimping himself out so he can feed Sammy. He doesn't want Sam to see him doing this, they are parked on the side of the roads by the woods or something, so he sends Sam to stand in the woods where he can't easily see or hear what is going on but still close enough for Dean to watch out for him. Sam disappears and it turns out that he has been taken by vampires. Dean is frantic and it takes him a couple days to find him but he does and is able to rescue him before he is turned or killed. They end up living with Ellen at the Roadhouse and she raises them. Years later they discovered that John was still alive and somehow they ended up back with him. He deserted the boys because he thought it was safer, the demon was on his trail or something. There is naturally a ton of anger and resentment. Once they are both older (don't remember if both were over 18) Dean and Sam did start a sexual relationship. Eventually John and Ellen both found out about it and had different reactions.

Can't remember if Bobby was in this story. There was Ellen, Jo, and Ash.

I appreciate any help that anyone can give I would LOVE to read this story again. It was so well written and really struck a lot of chords with me on how I feel about the characters.


FOUND in comments! Thanks, exactly the story I wanted!
02 November 2011 @ 09:13 am
1.Any fic with bar scenes: Wincest, Gen, Het, Slash, Any pairing or no pairing.

Hustling in a bar.
Just getting a beer and hanging out.
Picking up girls(or guys).
Getting in a fight.

Bonus: If it's Dean hanging out in bar where college students frequent while Sam is in Stanford. The bar can be or not be near Stanford.

2.Specific fic: I remember reading a summary about a Casper like SPN fic. I didn't have the time to read it and I lost the link so if anyone point me to the right direction. The story is SamnDean or Sam/Dean. Not sure. But one of them is a ghost. FOUND I just found it myself XP using FF.Net search feature. I'm getting way too dependent on this site oTL.

Whipstaff - Sam is a spirit who has wandered the halls of Whipstaff Manor for over a century, desperate for someone to talk to. Dean is a young man who is tired of the hardships hunting with his father brings. The story of 'Casper' Winchester style.
18 October 2011 @ 02:15 pm
1. Sam and Dean are not brothers. Sam ans his uncle run a hotel/apartment building and Dean is a guest there. Sam is about 16 ys old and Dean is about 20. Dean is a hunter who was raised by Bobby and Sam is a orphan. They fall in love and there is some D/s. When Dean is ready to leave Sam wants to go with but Dean doesn't want that life for him.

2.I don't really remember the specifics of this one, but I do remember a scene where Dean wins money from hustling pool and uses the money to get a motel room for him and Sam. They later go back to the pool hall and the guy Dean hustled is there and wants his money back. They get into a fight and Dean is proud of Sam for beating up the other guy. Sound familar?

Hello, all!

Recently very specific scene in certain fic was suddenly popped in my head and have refused to go away.

Read more... )

I've tried to find that certain fic for a few days, but maybe because what I am finding is too specific, research was harder than I thought. Just hope somebody can recognize the scene and help me to find the story;) 

[Found] Dear Lovey Hart

Thank you so much!
 Hi people, 

1. I really like to read fics where Dean is acknowledged for his awesomeness such as his capacity to love, protect humanity and  his loyalty. I want people ( including angels, demons or hunters that know Dean) to be in awe of him. Basically I just want to see Dean being pampered with love, respect and every happy emotion! 

Gen and slash of any pairings are fine but no het please. All ratings are accepted too.

2. I want stories where there are 2 or more parties fighting for Dean or Jensen's love ! Love me a little competition in romance :) All pairings are accepted and also no het please.

Thanks y'all! I can't wait to get my hands on these fics :DDD
21 July 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Hello again! :)

I am read now a lot J2 storie and of cource I love them but now I miss wincest storie. Can you rec me your favorite fic? I love long fic :) And I also like Dean/Castiel pairing, so you can also rec about that pairing. I really like that Sam is control and bottomDean ;)

I like more;

1. protectiveSam

2. hustlerDean

3. MPregDean (Love that!! I am already read few MPregDean but I am looking more..)

4. AbusedDean

5. Fic where somebody rape Dean. (That kind of fic is very hard to find!)

6. And also I really like to read fic where Dean is slave and bottomDean. I am read few fic where Sam is slave and Dean is master but is there fic where Dean is slave?

Thank you!! :)
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18 July 2011 @ 12:50 pm
 I just lost my Bank card. It fell into a muesum donation box...please don't laugh at me

As a result:

1)  Boys with any kind of bank/credit card problem
2) Same for money problems
3)Needing to make money doing chores/illegal things/etc.

I would prefer a happy ending, and I love to read slash (J2, Wincest, Destiel) or gen is fine too.
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06 July 2011 @ 01:15 am
I'd love to read anything where Dean was a hustler and he hooks up with Cas, especially if Cas is a client, but I'd read any other fics with Hustler!Dean hooking up with Cas. I'd prefer it if they fell in love, but I'd totally read PWP.
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19 June 2011 @ 10:03 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a Dean/Cas Au that was posted sometime last year.  It was multi chaptered and I think the author had a black background and other Dean/Cas and Jensen/Misha stories.  Anyhoo the story was about prostitute!Dean and Cas meeting up, I don't think they got round to having any sort of fun before they were arrested.  Dean called Sam, who was a lawyer and came and bailed him out and took him to live with him and Jess in their lovely house.  Later Dean and Cas met up again and started a slowburn relationship.  I think Cas had cats.  It was a lovely story and I don't particularly like that pairing! Any help would be appreciated.
Hello all!

I'm looking for two fics and i was hoping you could help me out.

The first fic was an AU:
Dean and Sam and been taken by CPS when John was arrested and put in prison. The couple wanted Sam but not Dean so they sent him back to the group home. Dean was adopted by a man who pimped him out until he ran away. Years later Dean met Sam running from a john who wanted to kill him after he raped him. Sam's family took him in and he went to a private school and was friends with this girl Angela who he called Ange because Angie reminded him of that rolling stone song. I remember YED visited John in prison and so did Dean.

Found by [livejournal.com profile] tigriswolf :
In Shadow by Unholy Muse

The second fic/series i'm looking for is a copy of the Piss!Verse. which i've found on several rec lists but still have not laid eyes on :( annabeth had removed the story because she had no intention of finishing it and gave  her blessing for it to be shared amongst fandom if there was a copy of it out there.

now i am DESPERATE to read both fics and cant stop thinking about them
Looking for a fic I read… ages ago, before I was really in the fandom, and thus failed to bookmark.

It was definitely gen, and told from an outsider POV--one of Sam's classmates, I believe. Sam went to a bar with friends, and Dean showed up. Sam didn't clue in his friends as to who Dean was, but he was noticeably aggressive toward him, and it was clear that there was some kind of history.

I can't quite recall whether one or both of the brothers was actually hustling pool, but they played against each other for money, and the atmosphere got progressively tenser as the competition heated up. At the last moment, Dean threw the game so that Sam had enough money to buy books for the semester.

I'm pretty sure I read this on LJ. It was a one-shot.

Bless anyone who knows what this fic is!

Edit: Found in the comments: Devil's in the House, by [livejournal.com profile] glorious_spoon
30 May 2011 @ 03:01 pm
 Lately, I've really been wanting to read fics where the boys (j2 or wincest, but if wincest preferably NOT related) have at least a 10 year age difference. Like Jared's 15, and Jensen is 25, or Sam is 16 and Dean is 26. But, not in a creepy, rape-y relationship. A true, sweet relationship just with a big age difference. I'm being incredibly vague but in all 800 of my memories I've never come across more than one that stayed as a relationship, instead of an one night stand. I don't mind if the younger is homeless or a prostitute if they eventually are taken in by the older man.  I hope you all can help me, and thanks in advance!
30 March 2011 @ 07:37 pm
Apparently I'm totally addicted to spnstoryfinders. So far, it's been the most reliable source to ANY thing I wanna read. Spn fandom is wicked awesome! At the moment, I am reeeeeeally wanting to read some fics that have cute, shy, little Sammeh! Weechest, Weecest, hurt/comfort, horror, schmoop, anything is fine really, just particularly wanting the boys to be under 20 and shy!adorable!little Sammy is the BEST! 'Specially if he gets picked on, cuz  that results in angry!protective!Dean. XD And Jared and Jensen totally work too. ;D

Oh and hey! Another request if anyone knows of any. Where the boys are hookers? Strippers? Anything like that? I fricken love hurt and/or bottom Sam/Jared, so if it has that? I will squish you hard enough to crack ribs...which might not be all that pleasant..for YOU! Muahahaha! 
05 February 2011 @ 09:51 am

I'm looking for a young Winchesters AU fic. All I remember is that John dissapeared or someting happend to him, and Dean is selling himself for money and for lifts while he is taking Sam somewhere. I'm sure that they get to live with Ellen and for a long while nobody knows what Dean did to get them there.

I know it's not much , but I hope somebody recognizes it.
31 January 2011 @ 09:03 pm

I'm looking for In Shadow, a story where Dean and Sam are separated and John ends up in Prison; Dean ends up prostituting himself and Sam ends up with a good family. I've read most of it already, I was just wondering if the author had updated it at all? Can't seem to find it! Thanks in advance ya'all!

11 January 2011 @ 02:46 am

So I'm madly in love with all of you. I requested a fic the other day and got an overwhelming number of replies so here I am requesting another:

Basically, what I'm looking for is two kinds of (gen) fics that deals with Sam finding out some truths that about Dean that he didn't know before.

1) If you've got any that deals with him finding out that Dean used to hustle himself for money when they were kids, or what (physical abuse) really happened after Flagstaff, or (ESPECIALLY) how many nights Dean went hungry when they were kids, or so on. I'm madly in love with all those fics where Sam is absolutely shamed by the love and loyalty and lengths that Dean is always willing to share and go for his family. So obviously this is whump!Dean heavy, but that makes me happy for whatever reason. OH. Also any fics where Dean takes a super hard beating during a case and Sam is completely oblivious (ie. Dean hides it from him until it's impossible to ignore any longer).

2) Another type of fic I'm looking for that deals with Sam finding secrets involves him discovering that Dean did well in high school. Any fics where he finds out that Dean got high SAT scores, applied to University, got into University...so on so forth. I especially love when Sam realizes why Dean stayed. Again, love, loyalty, lengths...yada yada. Double kudos if Sam confronts Dean with what he finds, and Dean gets pissed at Sam for not understanding why he stayed behind.

I really want a brother-centric story, but if there's some wincest in there, I don't mind. So long as the main focus is on Sam discovering, and coming to terms, with these things he never knew about Dean's past.

Thanks ahead of time!
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10 January 2011 @ 12:26 am

So I am looking for three specific fics that I have been bugging the heck out of me . I have been trying for the past couple days to find them, but apparently me and google right now are not seeing eye to eye. So without any further adieu:

1. Dean and Sam have a normal family. John and Mary are both alive there is no hunting, but there is wincest. I think Dean is married to Carmen, but he really wants to be with Sam.  Also, I believe Dean to be in his 30s while Sam is a 16, possibly. I think Carmen and Dean are getting a divorce, but some how she finds out about them and threatens to tell John and Mary, which I think she eventually does. So Dean and Sam both head to Canada, because Sam has a friend who he met on the internet who was in a similar situation, which ends up being Jensen and Jared.  I remember there was a lot of sexual tension because Sam and Dean couldn't always be together and they need to hide from their parents.  FOUND in comments

2. I am looking for a fic that has a Dean/Jensen/Jared/Sam pairing .It was definitely a long fic that I believe is still WIP. I think the premise goes something like Dean finds out he has a twin brother named Jensen who sent away as a baby.  I think Jensen may have had rough time and there was lots of angst and as well as incest, between the 4 of them.  It is very AU and there is no hunting and I believe the boys are in there late teens? And they both end up meeting twin brothers Sam and Jared who I believe are 25 years old. I know the last chapter I read had Dean thinking that he might get away for awhile and it was very angsty. I swear the title had to deal with "of whirlpools or washing machines" something along those lines.  I remember too, the banner was of a picture of a younger Jensen wearing a black sweater or long sleeve shirt with possible piercings or eyeliner and eye shadows. I may have just made those two things up, with what little brain cells I have left, but who knows.  FOUND in comments

3. This is on FF.net , but i forgot to save it. I believe Dean was a hooker. It was AU and the boys were not related. Sam had been tailing him because the guys Dean picked up may have been demons (something supernatural) and were going to kill him. I know Sam saves him, Dean is grateful. They have go back to Dean's apartment and they end up having a relationship. I think Dean joins Sam on the hunts, but he mostly stays in the motel and I know the last chapter deals with both of them getting into a fight because Dean wants Sam to teach him how to fight so he can help out. I know it ends up with Sam telling him he will teach him different fightong tecniques, but Dean must always follow Sam's lead.  FOUND in comments

Thanks in advace for all of the wonderful help!

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08 January 2011 @ 05:04 am
Looking for a hooker Dean fic, way back from season one. I think Dean was checking up on Sam when he was away at Stanford, or maybe Sam was on a roadtrip with his friends for the summer when...

details under the cut )