I'm looking for these two stories, if anyone knows what they are?

The first fic is about Dean and Sam being left behind by John or something, and they spend months in this shack on the outskirts of this town before assuming he's dead. Dean lies about his age and gets a job, and eventually he's promoted to manager or something along those lines, and he supports him and Sam.

The second one is about Dean when Sam blows him off when Dean first comes to Stanford, so Dean goes and tries to find John on their own. It's a Destiel fic, and I remember this one part where Sam(still with Jess-she didn't die) is confronted by the police because they're trying to find leads on Dean's location, and Sam has no idea about anything they're asking.

And I'd love Dean-centric recs... This is what I was thinking?

-Avengers crossovers
-ANGST(like, Dean homeless, or Dean being too thin, or unappreciated, or something?)
-Smart Dean. Or Jensen? That applies to the other ones as well, except for the specific fics
-Really cute and adorable or beautiful Dean
-Dean is a maid/butler/housekeeper/nanny or whatever
-Or just any really amazing Dean/Jensen centric fics please

Thank you!
20 April 2014 @ 10:01 am
As is writ on the packet, I'm looking for any fics in which Jensen babysits Jared's kids, or maybe even teaching/tutoring them?

Nothing too dark and twisty, just good ol' kiddies bringing them together.

Any help is much appreciated!
06 October 2013 @ 07:33 pm
Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic I read waaaay back when, that had Jared as a Manny for Jensen's kids. Jensen may or may not have been a crime boss, but was certainly somebody with influence, and with questionable morals. Um, Jensen falls for Jared and I think Jared resists at first but ultimately gives in. That's all I can recall unfortunately :( *goldfish memory*

Sorry for being so vague. Hopefully it'll ring some bells for some of y'all!
Thanks in advance xxx
25 June 2012 @ 07:20 am

I checked the nanny tag, but there is only one entry and not what I'm looking for. It's pretty simple- I want Dean, Castiel, Jensen or Misha being a manny, or male nanny. It is definitely preferred to the manny being the caretaker of the other character's children, but not required.

I've read cloudyjenn and swingset's manny verses, so no need to rec those.

Thanks for your help. Hope I got the tags right!