Back again! I read a fic a few months back where Castiel and Uriel got into an argument over whether Sam and Dean being together was a sin. Uriel said it was, but Castiel maintained that it was love and that they were soulmates, which made it okay.

So it became this kind of get-Job-to-curse-me-and-die challenge where Cas allowed Uriel to put the Winchesters into alternate universes and see if they would find each other and fall in love, or if what they had was just lust. 

In one universe Dean was a truck driver and Sam was a hitchhiker, in another Dean was a rebel fighter and Sam was a reporter covering his story. One was cop!Dean and cat-burglar!Sam, and one was based off the Jen/Fuzzy storyline in Ten Inch Hero. There was even one where Dean was in the role of Denny from Grey's Anatomy and Sam was his Izzie. 

It was a really great fic, but I cannot find it anywhere! Does anyone happen to know where I might locate it?

Update: FOUND! 100% Reason to Remember.
17 January 2012 @ 03:58 am
I've been trying to find this story for several days with no success, and I'm started to think that maybe I imagined it!. What I remember is that Trucker!Jared kidnaps Jensen (who was traveling with some friends or something like that). At first, Jensen is understandingly angry and tries to escape several times, but ends falling in love with Jared (Stockholm syndrome maybe?). Details may be wrong or I may be fusing two stories, or maybe it was another fandom altogether. I've read too many fics!

It's not "Keep On Truckin'", though I remembered about the older one while reading it.

Many thanks in advance!
13 August 2011 @ 01:43 am
I just got back from a road trip and I'm REALLY craving J2 AU fic where they are truckers. *laughs* Does anyone know of any such fic? ^__^
11 January 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Are there any stories where John becomes a trucker to keep the family moving around or interacting with people working those kinds of jobs (trucks, trains, and other transport modes)?