18 April 2016 @ 07:10 pm
So I read this story a couple of weeks ago, closed my browser window and now I can't find it again. I can't remember the title, and I believe it was on FF.net. The story took place when Dead was still a demon. He beat Sam up, and then he killed Cain instead of Sam, or maybe he killed Death. I think towards the end Castiel is there. And by killing which ever one he did, it took away the mark of cain.
Hey guys! So I was just wondering if any of you had read any fics that were crossovers with the TV series Psych. Timothy Omundson (who plays Cain on SPN and Carlton Laisster on Psych) is one of my favorite actors and I'd really love to read any avaliable fics that combine these two shows in such a way. If there aren't any fics that specifically focus on Cain, idk, possessing Carlton or something, then just Psych crossover fics in general would be fun. Kurt Fuller (who played Zachariah) also stared as a main character on Psych, so it would be funny to see if some people connected those two characters in their fic(s) as well.

I don't care what pairings the fic might include, and short/long fics are just fine. WIP's are okay too!

Thanks! :)