19 October 2014 @ 01:36 am
I'm looking for a story where Sam and Dean are together and one of the other characters are jealous. It could be Cas, Cassie, Jess, Jo or maybe someone else. It would be a delicious bonus if the character/characters try to split them up. It doesn't really matter if it's an AU or something else.

I hope storys like this exist.
04 July 2014 @ 09:06 pm
Helloo Wayward Sons (And daughters) ;3

I seek the lovely and beautiful fanfic art they call Wincest. Yup, yup. So here we go my brothers and sisters.

1) What I'm trying to find here is a fic where Sam is jealous of Dean's relationship with Cassie, Jo or Castiel, just characters that we know (And love). Dean isn't doing any funny buisness with any one of them but Sam thinks so, or maybe he's just has low self esteem. I don't really care if he gets mad or sad just get him upset and emo ;3 (Bonus point if he cries.)

2) Dean get's freaked out over him and Sam's relationship and runs away. Yearh.. That's it. Simple right? ;3 (Make little Sammy cry, I'm a sucker for Sam's tears)

Please, please help a sister in need.. Thanks.. ;p
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23 January 2014 @ 04:07 pm
Specific fic I read a while ago. I can't remember what it was called or where I read it. It started pre-Sranford years, where Sam and Dean were staying in this small town while John was on a hunt. Dean got a job helping out the local mechanic. I think he was around 16 at the time? I remember the towns people told him to stay away from the man, but Dean thought he was pretty nice - there was a lot of small-town type homophobia. Dean comes back a few times during Stanford years and him and the man become really good friends (with sex. Kind of like an open relationship?). There was also Dean/Cassie in there. I think the man used to be in the army. The town kind of becomes Dean's home and the people there know him by name. The omc finds out about the supernatural because there's a case in his town that effects friends of his.
It stretches all the way through to season 4. There were a few scenes at the end with Castiel in them that kind of had a pre Dean/Cas vibe.
I've been looking through all my bookmarks and can't find this story anywhere; I'm not sure whether its still online. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'd greatly appreciate help finding it.
Lots of random stuff:

1. Stories about Mary and John from around the time Dean was born to around the time Sam was born.

2. Pre-series stories from John's POV (or Mary's if it's an AU) about the kids, specifically Dean. I'm looking for fics about more when they were kids than right before the Pilot.

3. I lost the majority of my bookmarks for Sam/Jess/Dean. I've found a lot of them at this point, but I figure this way I'll either find the ones I'm missing or I'll get new ones, so any Sam/Jess/Dean you have. I've gone through the tags here so if you've recced it before I've probably seen it, but feel free to do so again.

4. Any good a/b/o verses? Specifically Cas/Dean but I'm open to any/all pairings. (I've probably come across all the Cas/Dean ones on A03 at this point, but feel free to rec them just in case I missed it.)

5. And I'm looking for any of the following rare!pairs:

Bobby/Rufus/Ellen, Bobby/Rufus, Rufus/Ellen
Sam/Sarah, Sam/Sarah/Jess
Claire/Krissy/Josephine, Krissy/Josephine
Kevin/any of the 2nd generation kids (Lucas, Michael, Ben, Claire, Jesse, Krissy, Josephine, etc), Kevin/Channing
Jo/Anna, Jo/Anna/Ruby
Cas/Ruby - though I'd much rather fics that focus on friendships between them (with, say, Destiel and Sam/Ruby background), I'd be open to ones that are more than friendship

oh and 6. Inception crossovers/fusions?

I'll take any cis-swaps, self-recs, etc.

Thank you so much!!! (And sorry for the long and not really connected list!)
S8 season arc spoilers )

3. Any character study pieces on Abaddon or Naomi or Linda Tran? (Or if the fics have a lot to do with one or all of them.) *

4. Also, I'm always looking for good Dean/Cassie and Bobby/Rufus or Bobby/Rufus/Ellen or Rufus/Ellen if you have any of those.

Thanks! Self-recs and cis-swaps always welcomed.

(*Mods: There's no character tags for either of them.)
06 June 2013 @ 09:22 pm
Hey! I looking for four kinds of fanfics
1) A fanfic where Sam, Dean and Cas they travel to another universe where everything is the same except all the genders are switched! Bonus if Fem!Dean and fem!Cas are dating, but i don't care if its wincest or any other ship!
2) Either Sam or Dean start reading slash supernatural's fanfic, i rather Destiel, but again, any ship goes.
3) A fake relationship where Dean has to pretend to be castiel (or sam) boyfriend
4) Dean is Gay/Bisexual and somehow John discovers and is homofobic (Bonus for Destiel!)
Thank you all!
18 January 2013 @ 04:43 pm
Okay so for the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about a couple of stories and I cant seem to find them? I have a feeling they might have been deleted or removed but I figured if anybody you guys would know about them. Here we go...

1. FOUND! http://archive.worldofslash.com/viewstory.php?sid=31&ageconsent=ok&warning=4 It was a sam and dean are rescue swimmers (kinda au). I found it on FanFiction. Dean had always wanted to be a rescue swimmer and they had to go through the process of becoming them in order to help the government track down a ghost (ship?) that was killing people.It was VERY subtle wincest; that was building as the story went on. I know when I left it it was incomplete but it was GINORMOUS. If anybody knows were it is or has a copy I would appreciate it.

2. FOUND!! (AND ADJUSTED) http://samdean.archive.nu/series.php?seriesid=95 his one has sam going back in time to change the past. I dont remember what he changed exactly but because of it Dean was able to get out of hunting and settle down with Cassie. I think there was a period of time that Sam was dating/sleeping with Ash. Then Dean has a kid and Sam winds up coming back into his life. I dont remember if they were in danger or if it was a conicidence. Sam has feeling for his brother and I believe he is trying to stay away so that dean can have his happy normal life. Something happens to Cassie and Dean leaves with Sam to go back to the Roadhouse, where Sam has been building an army of the psychic kids. Sam and Dean wind up rekindling thier relationship and Sam tries to take care of Deans son. I believe the story is broken up into parts and is also incomplete but I cant find it anywhere so anything would help. The author was really talented and had a lot of other stories that I liked but for some reason I cant find them.

Okay thats it. If anybody knows where to find these stories or a way to contact the author I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the help!!
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19 December 2012 @ 12:19 pm
Are there any fics where 'survivors' of the MotW get together, for any reason. Whether it be to have someone else who understands what they've been through, to talk to (as the subject line suggests, a support group). Or some of them band together and become hunters.

Mods: I'm gonna try to tag this; I'm just not sure quite which tags to use.
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28 October 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Hi! This is my first time ever making a post, but I have been using this community forever to find great fics!
Unfortunately, I can't find one of these fics, but I remember part of it. Sam and Dean have been flirting slightly, and one night Sam thinks they are going to do something about it. They stop at the Roadhouse, where they encounter Jo and a trained and professional hunter Cassie, both who are flirting with Dean, and Dean seems to be interested in both of them. Sam, feeling that he has misunderstood Dean's intentions, goes back to the motel dejected. I am not quite sure what happens from there, but I'm pretty sure it was a happy ending.
Thanks for helping!
Hi, umm today I'm looking for bottom!Sam Sastiel fics. That may be a strange request, and I really don't know why I'm requesting it since I love Wincest. So yeah. Bottom!Sam, Sassy fics. NO bottom!Cas at all please.

My next request is for Wincest fics that feature Cassie whatever-her-last-name-was. Jealous!Sam would be great. I've already read the Regrets Verse... I think it's called that. Bottom!Sam for this one too please.ONLY BOTTOM!SAM for BOTH requests!
Dean can be a real meanie and leave Sam for Cassie or maybe Dean and Cassie aren't even in a relationship. I don't care.

I just want Sassy and Cassie.

I rhymed. Tagging time!
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Basically I'm looking for fics that deal with race/racism in some way or form. It doesn't have to be what the whole fic is about, but a good majority or a major mention of it. It could be in dealing with a canon POC (person of color) character (esp Cassie or Victor) or in one of those stories where the author changes a character's race (like Comiendo Entra la Gana by almadeamia) or what it means for the boys/John to have ties to white militia groups. I would especially love stories of some of the POC angels - like Uriel - being subjected to racism.

Any pairing or gen, any length, any character POV. Self-recs always welcomed. Thank you!