11 February 2017 @ 01:13 am
Hi. Does anyone remember an old series about Michael from Seaon 1 Episode 18 Something Wicked meeting up with Dean when he's older and they hunt together and eventually end up together?
Hello All,

I'm looking for the following fanfiction:

Together We Stand Divided We Fall
The Archangel Michael has spent all his time alone since he cast Lucifer out of Heaven. No angels, with an exception of a handful of other Archangels, has set eyes on him since. Dean Winchester is the Righteous Man, destined to house a powerful member of the Host within his body and slay his baby brother. He's desperately fighting Fate, screwing destiny over and fighting for the sole reason that he loves his brother too much. Michael loves his brother too; maybe they're more alike than Dean - or anybody - thinks.

It's by [livejournal.com profile] raindrops1mil and was originally posted on Fanfiction.net, however the link to the story is unfortunately broken. I originally found it on [livejournal.com profile] aceofannwn's rec list for Dean!Michael fanfics. The list can be found here: http://aceofannwn.livejournal.com/20662.html. I would also appreciate any other recs that fall within the theme of Dean being Michael. Thanks for all the help!

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23 November 2013 @ 11:05 pm
I'm looking for a Destiel story where everyone is human, no supernaturals. Michael takes Dean to a strip club after work. When he gets there Dean realizes that it's a male strip club, and being straight, it makes Dean uncomfortable until Castiel appears on the stage. The more Cas touches Dean, he looses his inhibitions. Cas takes Dean into a room for a private dance. There Cas reveals that he has a pheremone that can turn straight men gay. This leads to Dean giving Cas a blowjob, and since Cas' semen contains a large consentration of his pheremones, once Dean swallowed, he became gay permanently.
Hi everyone!
I've been looking for this story everywhere, but I can't find it...
It starts at Stull Cemetery, Dean couldn't bear to lose either of his brothers, so he tried to convince Lucifer and Michael to stop fighting, and when they didn't, he jumped between them and got stabbed. Michael and Lucifer were horrified because they'd never wanted to hurt him. Then, there was a flash of white light, and everyone appeared (dead people like John, Mary, Jess and Gabriel included) and it turned out Dean was actually God's vessel. God talked to everyone about how Dean had been hurt and all that... That's all I remember, except that it was Destiel and Lucifer/Gabriel, I think.
Please help me, I'd love to read it again!
Thank you!
I can't quite remember how the story gets started, but for some reason Sam calls John when he notices demons while at Stanford before Jess dies and Sam and John hunt for the yellow-eyed demon while Dean hunts (possibly with Cas?) by himself as he tries to find John and clean up behind Sam and John.

There is a scene with Dean and Michael where both Sam and John seem to reject him (I think Sam says that he wants to hunt because he's making a difference) and Michael says that isn't Dean tired of coming in second and never being enough for John. And Dean recognizes that his family doesn't value him beyond what he can do for them but he still doesn't say yes, because his job is to protect Sam and protect the family and even if he knows Sam and John don't value him that's what he does.

Any help to find it would be very much appreciated! I think it might be on AO3.
05 June 2013 @ 10:21 pm
Hello All! I hope you are all well,

Ive been trying to remember a fic, which I know I should know who wrote it but I can't remember. I tried looking for key word searches in google, with no luck.

What I remember is Dean being stricken suddendly with pain, and no one knew what was causing it at first... later on, Castiel finds out that it was because of Michael. Dean unknowingly had said yes... kinda.. to him and he was trying to take over Dean's body or something. I dont know if the fic was ever finished, but I want to read it again... can someone help me? I know Bobby was in this fic as well.

Thank you
03 June 2013 @ 08:47 am
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic that unfortunately, I can't remember many of the details, other than the fact that They discover Michael has been hiding inside of Dean the whole time. I believe there's a scene where they encourage Dean to ask internally to see if Michael is there, and he answers, confirming everyone's suspicion. I believe in this fic there are also scenes where Dean allows Michael to take control temporarily to answer various questions, freaking everyone out. I think in this fic Michael also admits that his opinion on humanity has changed by hiding inside of Dean this whole time.

Though similar, this is not "Exceptional Circumstances" by manic_intent.

Anybody know it? Thanks so much!
I believe it was just a one shot. Michael sent Sam back and "fixed" him but Sam is still having problems because of blood loss.
13 March 2013 @ 11:50 am
hi again, I hope you can help me. I'm looking for a story I read a few months ago. the story is set right at the end of season 5, in it Dean Adam Sam and Cas are fighting some monster that transfer Dean to a 4 year old and Adam Sam and Cas go into his memories to try and help Dean. it is Dean/Cas story. I hope someone remember this story, I lost all my bookmarks, and it's a very good story.
16 February 2013 @ 01:26 am
Sorry about this, but I couldn't help myself.

Are there any stories revolving around Micheal, you remeber, that kid from Something Wicked, Jesse the little Anti-Christ boy, Ben, Claire (Jimmy's daughter). fics where they meet each other and join forces, Just watched the episode The End, and the idea of all of them forming their own little resistance group is just too precious for words. But seriously, anybody got anything?

Maybe... maybe something Tribe like (does anyone else remember that show or am I showing my age?), if you have seen it you'll know the sort of thing I mean.
09 January 2013 @ 01:58 am
Hey everyone, I need help with one non specific search and locating a fic I lost.

1. First off I'm looking for any fics that have Lucifer bottoming, whether he is the submissive or he's topping from the bottom doesn't matter. All ratings and kinks are fine. All pairings are good but specifically looking for Samifer, Gabifer, & Mikifer


2. I recently cleared my search history, which was a bad idea, and thus lost the only connection I had to a particular SPN fic I’d found.

The fic contains bottom!Lucifer, it’s a gangbang fic where Michael wins and as penance Lucifer is made to be fucked by his brothers, something about bonding all over again…ringing any bells? it has Lucifer/Uriel, Lucifer/Gabriel, Lucifer/Michael, and I believe Lucifer/Raphael

If anybody knows what fic I’m talking about would you please link me?
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06 January 2013 @ 07:31 pm
I lost a fic were Dean was Michael and he confronted Raphael and Raph wasn't all bad, and that he didn't intentionally try to kill Castiel it just happened by accident. I think Raph was trying to heal Cas and overloaded him. that is all I remember.
31 July 2012 @ 08:11 pm
I remember a fic where dean and Sam were both half angel. their mom was an angel, and dean woke up one morning with wings John  freaks out and tries to cut them off. Dean goes to Sam to warn him. when Sam's wings come in, some angels come to kill them. Michael and Uriel I think. they think Sam is evil and try to kill him until, Dean makes his own sword after Sam already had.
does that ring any bells? I think it might be in FF.net
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17 April 2012 @ 07:42 pm
I am looking for any stories where Dean says yes to Michael.  The stories can be slash or gen.  Thank you in advance.
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Hi guys, I was wanting to re-read a fic from a while back, but can't find it for the life of me.

So basically here's what happened: it was an mpreg (or maybe egg!preg) fic with Dean/Castiel and Sam/Gabriel as the main and minor pairings respectively. Dean had gotten pregnant with Castiel's child, but for some reason or another, in order for him to have the child safely, they needed another angel's grace. They needed Michael (who I remember specifically was wearing Adam) and in order for everything to work they all had to have sex.

Is this ringing any bells for anyone? I do remember Dean and Cas sharing a tender moment beforehand and Michael asking if they were 'through with their foreplay' or something like that. Oh! Also, Sam was pregnant as well with Gabriel's child and they needed Lucifer's grace as well.

Any help would be great! I've just been dying to reread it because of the amaaaazing sex scene b/w Dean/Cas/Michael. Thanks in advance!
07 March 2012 @ 10:20 am

I'm looking for 2 Gabriel death fics; more undercut...

Read more... )

Thanks in Advance!

I'm still looking for the 2nd fic but I've managed to find the 1st fic.

1) Goodbye My Brother by Wolph
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17 February 2012 @ 06:30 pm
Alright, posting in this comm seems to be working better than magic, so lets give it another try..

I'm rewatching the first seasons for the umpteenth time, and I was wondering if there's any fics that expand upon the minor characters. Things like 'What happens with [...] after they met the Winchesters', or just the P.O.V of the characters during their actual episode (or thoughts of either Sam or Dean about the character). Can be how they pick up their lives afterwards, can be that they run in to the boys again; anything like that. Can even be that some of them end up hunting themselves.
Lucas from 'Dead in the Water' and Michael and/or his brother from 'Something Wicked' are characters I'd like to see especially. I know that there's a story where Michael runs into the guys again, but it's set in a later season and that bring me to the next point:

Here's the catch; please no stories set in seasons later than season 3, unless they absolutely in no way mention the storyline of the later seasons.
No other restrictions: I'll take AU's, het, gen or slash (wincest included), P.O.V's of both the minor characters or the Winchesters themselves, anything.
Rec away and thanks in advance :)

Mods- I'm a little unsure about the tags here, since it's a kinda vague request and almost none of the characters have got tags of their own. I'll gladly change it if anything's gone wrong.
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21 February 2011 @ 04:29 pm
I'm looking for two things:

1. Any stories (any pairing, Supernatural or RPS) where people think one partner is abusing the other. I don't want there to be any actual abuse, just people thinking there's abuse. I would prefer any recs to be slashy, but I'll take just about anything.

2. Fics where Sam and Dean raise Bobby-John (season 6). And if that doesn't pan out, fics where they raise any child together.
2b. I remember a fic where Lucas and Micheal from season one went to Sam and Dean to learn how to hunt. It was Dean/Sam and Lucas/Michael.
24 July 2009 @ 08:36 am
 Hi!  I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster, so I hope I post correctly.  There are three specific wincest fics I read a long time ago, before I learned to bookmark.

Cut for Spoilers )
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I'm also looking for any J2 recs that deal with the following (wincest is ok too):
1. I've seen a few fics where Jared has DID (or multiple personality disorder), are there any where Jensen has DID?
2. Any fic that deals with depression, addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.), or self-harm
3. Any college or high school fics

Thanks for your help!

ETA:  All of them found.  Links in comments.

Dear SPN Enablers,

My name is Idri and I am apparently an SPN-aholic.

I come to you today with my new, unexpected but definite need to see Dean or Sam in a relationship/one night stand/deep friendship or partnership with any of the male 'saves'. In particular I adore Michael from Something Wicked (Asher's big brother) but also Lucas Barr from Dead in the Water, Andy and more. Clearly Michael and Asher would need to grow up a bit first of it's a romantic type relationship. That probably went without saying right?

However it strikes me there might be other fics out there that deal with the aftermath of the Winchesters rolling through town on a hunt. What happened to Michael after they left, or to Lucas? Did Nicholas from The Kids are Alright miss Dean when he was gone; did he ever remember that guy who taught him how to get his game back?

I'll take gen, Wincest, slash... self-recs, case fics, schmoop, angst, romance, horror, novels, multi-chapters or one-offs but probably not crack.

Halp? I did check the list but can't see any pairings listed for this type of thing. Feel free to correct me if I am missing something!

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter ;)

All the best,

30 December 2008 @ 04:21 pm
Yeah, so fics about Lucas, Michael and Ben, where one of or all of them have a big role. They can be hunters, future fics, stories about the episodes where they came to show... Paring can be anything but preferably not wincest, it's just not my thing...