02 August 2017 @ 04:46 pm
I´m looking for two diffrent kind of stories

1: Is there anything were Jensen hurts Jared and Jared goes away and Jensen has to work really hard to get Jared back? In many fics Jared forgives Jensen sometimes just because he showed up or after one date. I´m looking for something were Jensen really has to work for it.

2: Any fic were Jensen is a vampire (or were) and turns Jared.

Thank you for your help
21 January 2017 @ 07:14 pm
Looking for the fic where cop!Jensen took down a mobster and was subsequently shot in the head. When he awakens 5 years later, vampires have taken over. Jensen catches Jared's eye when he saves the vampire king during an assassination attempt.
07 January 2017 @ 11:54 pm
Hi there!

I need a help finding an old fanfic. The platform was either AO3 or fanfiction.net, probably the latter.

TW FOR GORE but the plot is Sam made a deal with this man where has has to give some of his blood away to the man once a week to save Dean from hell. The man gives the blood to this vampire, Sam passes out from blood loss in an alley way, Dean finds him, and he goes to a hospital, but plays it off as nothing. Dean follows him giving blood and Lilith shows up.

If anyone has any idea what fic this is, please let me know. Thanks so much <3

FOUND: It's Black Market https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8896691/1/Black-Market
03 January 2017 @ 04:32 pm

I´m looking for a fic where Jensen is a powerful old vampire and falls in love with Jared.

Thank you for your help!!
03 December 2016 @ 11:19 pm
Hello, so I've been looking for a story that I read a long time ago, I thought I knew who wrote it but now I can't find it.
I think it's Jensen/Jared Jensen is a vampire, he watches over Jared, there is something about them together being some sort of prophesy. Chris, Chad, Mike, Tom and JDM are in it as well, I think.
If anyone knows this fic it would be great.
Thanks in advance.
11 November 2016 @ 12:04 am
Hi im looking for a story about Jared and Jensen are vampire's. I really would love long stories but any story will do.
Specific searches, all of these are Gen:

1. A multichapter vampire!Dean fic I'm almost positive is on FFN where, after Sam has convinced Dean not to kill himself, Dean's understandably upset about the whole situation and starts acting out. Sam meets Bobby in a restaurant and Dean comes in, possibly in sunglasses, and starts trying to get a rise of out them by talking about how he wants a steak, nice and bloody, etc.

2. Another vampire!Dean fic (possibly the same one???) where Sam, Dean and Bobby go on a hunt with Jo and Ellen without the latter two knowing he's a vampire now. They mistake Dean holding an unconscious Sam with his fangs out for unrelated reasons as Dean trying to attack Sam.

3. An S4 fic where Dean misses Hell, and takes to locking himself in the bathroom with a heat lamp and a little tin of sulphur. [FOUND: Images of Broken Light]

General searches, still Gen please:

4. Any Gen vampire!Dean or unusual creature!Dean you know of from LJ. I'm pretty sure I've picked Ao3 clean at this point ;)

5. As an extra tragic twist, does Gen creature!John fic even exist...?

6. Would love to see a fic where, after the big S9 argument, Dean leaves. Would be supercool to see one in S8 where Dean runs off to be best buds with Benny- haven't seen one that isn't just slash yet!
Yeah I forgot to bookmark it and can't find it now. Dean is a Vampire, Sam is a hunter and makes a deal where Dean feeds from him like every couple weeks? I remember it's long. And in the second story Dean turns Sam
27 July 2016 @ 01:16 am
So this is probably a long shot, but I remember once reading a fic on one of the communities, either spnkink_meme or blindfold_spn where both the J's were vampires and were in an established relationship, but they were looking to turn Misha into one too, as they loved him. Before they could tell him their secret Misha ends up being stalked by some crazy fan (or something like that) and this makes the J's super protective over him, and they decide not to tell him as he is already under a lot of stress. Long story short, I'm pretty sure the fic ends with this fan actually phyisically attacking Misha and Jared and Jensen saving him, where they reveal their secret and happy sexing ensues (after Misha is turned). ... I think that's the way it ends anyway.

I know this is super long shot but I was wondering if this fic sounds vaguely familiar to anyone and if so if they could please direct me towards it, because I have been searching these two communities for ages and I haven't been able to find it and it's driving me crazy.
Thank you!
26 July 2016 @ 04:22 am
Hey guys, I have literally not been on LiveJournal in over three years, so I hope I'm doing this correctly and not making it awkward. Did I just make it awkward?

I've been binge watching SPN on Netflix as we all do and I was struck with the need to read fic coda S6:Ep5 Live Free or Twi-Hard - specifically anything to do with Dean and the vamp that turned him. The guy that played the old vamp was just so predatory, in both an animalistic and sexual way, and Dean was in my opinion very vulnerable.

Anything to do with those two would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

(once again, mods, i have been away from LJ for over three years, so if i missed something or need to hide something, forgive me.....kindly inform me of my mistake and i will fix it in haste <3)

- Toasty
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27 June 2016 @ 03:39 pm
Can someone remember a fic where Jensen or Dean (I think) is a vampire or werewolf and meets Jared.

They fall in love but Jared doesn´t want to be turned.

Help please.
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27 May 2016 @ 01:00 am

I'm trying to remember a fic where Jensen is an werewolf that finds human Jared and they are connected because he found his mate. Later he returns for him and Jared starts living with Jensen's pack before making the decision to turn into an werewolf as well. The world is full of Vampires, and people protect themselves at night in houses specially build for that. Jared's father is actually he engineer that designed those special houses. There are at least 3 fics to this verse.

thanks guys :)
Hello there,

I read this a while ago on Archive of our own.
Vampires and Werewolfs are known, but are not fond of each others, each are hunted by hunters.
Vampire Jensen and Werewolf Jared (I think is is J/J not Dean/Sam) are locked together in a cellar, and expected to kill each other to insure that the vampires and werewolfs go to war.
LOTs of sass, evil henchmen and plot - To-cool-for-school Jensen
It is a really good story, but been though all the tags on Archive with out luck - so can anybody tell me where to find it?

Thank you
Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Jared is raising his young daughter and is fighting for custody of her with Sandy's parents (Sandy's passed away). To save $, he moves into a house with Jensen (a healer/empath massage therapist), heavily tattooed/body-modded Chris Kane, voo-doo priestess Daneel, vampire Genevieve and nudist Misha, who want him to be the "normal" one who will interface with the world for them.

I adore this story and really want to read it again! I know I know the author but can't remember who it is, for the life of me. :(

Found in comments!
Gen for all of these.

1. Specific fic: Sam and Dean become trapped in an endless series of rooms. Each is more horrific than the last, but there is no way to go but forward. I don't recall there being a happy ending.

2. Usually when I see Dean demonstrate his torture expertise, sadism, etc., it's after the whole roadside confession. Show me something where the big secret comes out in a decidedly less pleasant manner.

3. So..... Any good Halloween commentfic memes I missed? I'd love links to those in general but in particular I'm looking for any new creature!fics. Dean or both boys. Vampires are my favorite.
01 November 2015 @ 11:10 pm
Stories where the BOYS (or only Dean) loose their humanity and just go rouge by becoming monsters (by whatever means). Make me scared with the hoplessness by finding out that they liking it or finding out that there is no way out so they just goes with it.

Lets go further with Dean facing his dark side. (Imagine along the lines of Persona 4)

Just Gen it or some stories without sex.
Usually, I'm pretty good at finding stories, but this one is eluding me. Here's what I remember...

I know I read this on fanfiction.net and I don't believe it was longer than 10k, if that. It was set in the early seasons (no angels). It was gen. Sam was kidnapped by vampires (Kate may have been one of them) and kept caged in a basement. Dean and a group of generic hunters come to the rescue. At one point during the fight, Dean opens the cage, but Sam won't step out of it. Dean says something comforting and understanding about Sam wanting to stay safe. What does drive Sam out is when a very young vamp is about to attack Dean. Sam very violently chops the vamp up. Sam later tells Dean he watched them turn the child in front of him.

Dean helps Sam upstairs and another hunter holds out a container that has the personal effects of the victims (some of which the other hunters were currently putting down since they'd been turned) and Dean grabs Sam's wallet/phone and his bracelet. I think Kate got away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fic found in comments!
13 July 2015 @ 10:44 pm
Hoping someone can help me with a specific fic from pretty far back. It was set Stanford era, John gets turned into a vampire and Dean can't bring himself to kill him. I remember it being dub-con. I wish I could remember the author!
09 June 2015 @ 07:44 pm
Hey guys! How’s it going?
I’m hoping y’all can help me out.

I’d like some fics with the following themes if possible. I’ll take long or short fics it doesn’t really matter.

J2 are my main pairing.. Why? Because they’re awesome, that’s why. >.>

I’d prefer top Jensen with Bottom Jared but I’ll take switching and Bottom Jensen as long as he’s not made out to be weak or feminized. Bottom Jensen is something that I try to avoid but if the fic is good enough I’ll read it.

No death fics please and happy endings would be awesome because I’m a grown ass man and don’t want to be caught bawling my eyes out. Okay… maybe a single man-tear will do.


I’d love some fics with the boys as cops or doctors.
If there any cheating fics out there I’d like to read them. Extra cookies if it’s Jared who cheats on Jensen.

Any fcs with Jensen as a vampire (although I’ll take Jared as one too.(

Any fics with transgender boys?
Any fics with vampire Jensen?
Any fics in which one of the boys is gay, comes out to the other and the other at first doesn't take it well?
any fics with Jared being an ass at first?
Are there any fics where one of the boys is a porn star and the other isn’t?

I’ll probably be back at some point for some more at some point because I know how awesome y’all are when it comes to finding fics.

I’d also take Dean and Sam and sell recs are more than welcome.

Thanks again guys.

Oh and please excuse any typos or mistakes in this, I use a text to speech program on my pc which is currently being a pain in the ass. I’ll fix everything as soon as I can.


I've added all the tags that I can find... sorry mods if I've missed any.
Hey guys. I'm looking for a specific fic where Dean and John are turned into vampires but Sam becomes something completely different. It's called 'A Daisy if you Do' by mortified1 and from what I can tell it's been taken down from all the places that I know of, and looking through the other entries all those have been taken down as well.

If someone knows if it went to a different site or anyone knows where it can be downloaded thank you so much.
08 April 2015 @ 07:50 pm
Hello, very helpful people! I have searched through lots of the vampire tags and don't see this fic...If I missed it, I apologize!

I'm almost positive it's J2 and not Sam/Dean. Anyway, Jensen is a vampire and Jared is a college student. Jensen meets Jared and knows they are soul mates. It seems like I remember some angst about Jared being angry at not knowing at first that Jensen is a vampire. Chad is Jared's friend and I'm pretty sure Chris ends up being his soul mate. I can't remember a lot about it, and I'm not understanding why I didn't bookmark it...ugh!

If anyone can tell me what this one is, I'd be really appreciative!

Thanks everyone! =}

Edit: found, in comments by mind readers! I'm wondering if I should change the tags...it's werewolves, not vampires, and OMC with Chad, not Chris! Duh!
1. I love M*A*S*H, but I've only ever come across three SPN crossovers- those lonely, woefully short two in the ff.net category, and a short snippet on Ao3 with vessel!Klinger. Gen or het, please- (We all know having both Hawkeye AND Dean in the same fic makes a story without womanizing a pretty hard bargain... :p) I prefer it to take place during, not after M*A*S*H, but I'll take anything you've got at this point.

2. tir_synni's Dream a Little Dream has given me a THIRST for fics where a fresh-outta-Hell-and-traumatized Dean is sent back in time to when he was still hunting with John and Sam, but it's abandoned, unfortunately, and I've not found anything like it. I'll take anything from h/c to 'holy shit why is Dean so ruthless all of a sudden'.

3. I'd really like to see John actually deal with a creature!Dean instead of, you know, just shooting him in the face. I like almost anything but werewolves, and vampires are loved. Non-evil!Dean, please. John-angst and h/c is what I'm after.

4. I want to see Dean transformed into something... Lovecraftian. Horrible, powerful, and not-quite-Dean; can't quite communicate properly anymore. The kind of thing that scares the shit out of you even when it's trying to "protect" you. It would be cool if it was either an unusual or unnamed monster. Maybe Dean's been missing and it turns out that this freaky thing that's been killing things/following Sam or whoever is actually Dean. (still gen, please...!)
06 March 2015 @ 11:19 pm
Hey guys, I know it's kind of cliched, and I'm totally embarrassed, but I'm looking for any J2 or Wincest vampire fics, where one of the boys is a vampire and the other seduces him and turns him. I know I've read heaps of these fics....I just can't remember them (I really need to start bookmarking fics).
Hi everyone! Looking for a few things, hoping for your help just like all previous times you wonderful folk you :)

1) Specific: I feel like I've looked everywhere and it's driving me crazy. What I remember: early season 8 (before any Trials, Dean still treats Sam like crap). At some point somehow Sam leaves, Dean thinks he's decided to bail for good and doesn't even think to look for him. Amelia seeks Dean out. Turns out Sam made a deal with the Alpha Vampire for Dean's return from Purgatory, and as per that deal every few months Sam had to go to the Alpha, who proceeded to drink from him (I think) and just generally use Sam as a punching bag because there's something about his pain being "addictive" or some such??? Of course a rescue happens, I think Benny was also involved in it? Any ideas? Anybody?

ETA: FOUND thanks to [livejournal.com profile] crucis01 - Persephone Deal by CeCe Away

2) General: don't really care how, don't really care why, but Sam is the proud/bewildered owner of a hellhound puppy or several. I just want all the shmoopy, feel-good, rot-your-teeth-out-of-your-head-sweet fic of Sam cuddling hellhound puppies and giving them tummy rubs and just generally being a completely awesome dog-loving dork and the pups snuggling all over him and being all drool-in-your-face ridiculously adorable for Sam, but don't let that fool you, because they're still hellhounds, and they're not shy about letting anyone who so much as breathes funny around Sam know this. Bonus points for Dean being leery of them at first - "they're Hellhounds, Sam!" - but slowly warming up to them (they're dang useful on a hunt! ...and, okay, kinda cute in a feral kind of way) and sneaking them treats UWU

3) As a sort of side-order on the above, Sam as any kind of pet owner, really, whether mundane or supernatural.

Please and thank you: no animal deaths. No evil Sam.
19 January 2015 @ 03:39 pm
Looking again for a fic I asked about a few months ago, but none found were the right one...

I hardly remember much, but I loved it. I think Jared (or Sam) was young, maybe 18 or so, and Jensen (or Dean) is a vampire that lives in a cave. I think maybe he was asleep (for a long time?) in the cave and Jared found him. Seems like maybe Jared accidentally wakes Jensen by going into the cave? I kinda recall Jared keeps going back to see Jensen, who doesn't venture out or at least very far. I don't know that there was any sex involved...just recall it being very sweet/schmoopy/romantic. Might have been a WIP that was never completed. It has been so long ago I really can't remember.

Thanks, as always!!
18 January 2015 @ 06:10 am
Hi There.

I'm looking for a few sam & Dean stories that I read a few years ago.

1)Dean's a demon. He comes topside to get Sam (his mate). When he arrives at John's house, John & a few hunters try to prevent him from taking Sam.
He kills all of John's hunter buddies. He's about to kill John when Sam comes down from his room and says he'll go with him. Dean smiles and let's John live.
Before Sam & Dean leave, Dean erases sam from John's mind. Once that's done, Dean & Sam leave.

2)Dean's a demon. Sam's in school. Something happens to Sam. Dean comes to the school and kills whoever hurt his Sammy. Sam loves the fact that Dean will kill to protect him.

3)Any stories where Sam & Dean are demons, vampires & werewolves.

Thank You.
09 January 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Mods, I'm not sure what other tags to use ^^

Based off a prompt I saw on the Spn kink meme.
So I've read a lot of vampire stories, but I was wondering how many of this fics where there where one of the guy's is a priest and the other decides to turn him, because they think they're too pretty or whatever to be a priest.

Or if that's not possible, I was wondering what your favourite vampire fics were. I have already read all the fics on J2 recs, and I have read all of Leonadislion's works. Anything else besides that?

All pairings and genres welcome .
Go as dark or as light as you want :)
12 November 2014 @ 07:02 am
Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen!

So, I have 2 obligation and responsibility free days coming up and i intend to spend them slobbing in bed eating chocolate, reading and doing absolutely nothing productive! As you do.

In aid of this- fic searches!

I'm open to RPF or SPN (recently obsessed with RPF so love any of those recs) and don't much care about who's paired with who. I read mostly on AO3 (where searching by tags is relatively easy) so would love some livejournal or even fanfic.net reccomendations.

1- Am loving ABO / power imbalance fics at the moment so anything along these lines would be good (including ABO or non ABO BDSM that are well written.
2- Were-creature / vampire fics - again, anything and everything please.
3- I asked this once before and got some great results so i'll ask again - YOUR favourite fic. The one you come back to time and time again.

I'm not keen on historical fic, I prefer longer stories, my only real criteria are well written and at least a relatively happy ending- I will give anything a try so please rec away!

My lazy day and I thank you!!
02 October 2014 @ 04:34 pm
Hey all! I'm looking for two specific fics, both vampire and both old. Pretty sure both were Jensen/Jared, but could have been Sam/Dean...

1. Jensen (or Dean) was a vampire and I think Jared(Sam) was a hunter, or perhaps a regular guy. Anyway, Jared is dying, maybe from cancer and he's very weak. He goes to, I think, NYC to visit before he dies and Jensen sees him. Jensen falls in love with him and Jared doesn't want to be turned...but eventually does let Jensen turn him before he dies.

2. This one I hardly remember, but I loved it. I think Jared was young, maybe 18 or so, and Jensen is a vampire that lives in a cave. Seems like maybe Jared accidentally wakes Jensen by going into the cave? Sorry, I don't remember much...

Thanks for any help with these! =}
Hey guys.
Ive been searching everywhere but can't find any of these stories. I remember they were quite long. The setting was possibly season one or two right after John dies. The boys get captured alive by a nest of vamps. There is an over the top vamp whose been around so long that he's got extra mojo. He finds out about Sam's demon blood and wants to use Sam in some sort of ritual - and Dean tries to stop him and gets caught and used as leverage so that Sam will behave. He's got Sam and Dean chained up in a house somewhere, and Sam is seriously freaked out to the point of being suicidal. That's all I remember except that the story was brilliant and had me on the edge of my seat for months! I reeeeally want to read it again and I know that there might have been a sequel or two to the story. Does anyone know the title and where I can find these stories?
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27 July 2014 @ 12:24 pm
I'm looking for two kinds of fics:

1. Sam is a vampire – maybe he was Turned during a hunt or someone had it out for him, it's up to you.

2. Sam is an angel. And I don't mean reverse!fics. I mean something happened to him and he became an angel. Maybe drunk some angel blood, maybe freak accident. Again, up to you.

Either gen or Destiel. Try to avoid Sastiel and definitely NO Wincest.
21 July 2014 @ 12:15 pm
Hi I want to find a fic which after 311, Sam and Dean back to the road, but Dean find Sam act strange, Sam always "I", "me", instead of using "we" and "us", I remember Sam kill the vampire nest alone, then Dean came in, Sam look confuse then Dean ask Sam come to him. When they back to the motel, Dean check Sam' injury and find out some scars he didn't know what it is, but Sam ran into the toilet.

Does anyone know this fic? I really miss it!><

And any fic related to S311? Bottom!Sam please! Thank you!
29 June 2014 @ 10:58 pm
So I remember reading this a while ago, but now I can't find it. It had Sam and Dean becoming two different types of kindred, and I believe they were both turned by omc (or male characters that in the kindred universe). I remember it being long. It might have been a crossover with buffy/angel as well, but I don't think so. I've read the Angel/SPN/Kindred crossover already, and the one shot where the kindred turn Sam and Dean before the hell hounds kill Dean. I would probably take any fics that are crossover with the Kindred universe. Please help. Thanks!
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Hello everyone, first of all I want to thank you for helping me out on my previous search. Now, I'm trying to find these two fics but no luck this far.

1. It was a J2 vampire fic. I actually remember it very well. Jared and Christian Kane were friends and vampires. Jensen and his sister were in the city, trying to find her a husband. There is a mirror, it turns out to be Cleopatra's, when you look at it you see your future spouse and Jensen sees Jared without meeting him. There is a some kind of ball and Chris sees Mackenzie who is apparently his mate or something like that. After Jared sees Jensen, he kind of jumps him and turns him and kidnaps him?
2. This is a Dean/Jensen fic and I know its name. It's Follow You Home by [livejournal.com profile] dying_sacrifice, sequel to Divided We Fall. But it keeps giving me an error message, apparently the journal is deleted and I can't find the fic elsewhere.

If you can help me find these two, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
I am looking for a specific fic - I really hope that someone can help me! Here is what I can remember:

Sam & Dean are left in a motel room by John while he is off hunting. John does not return. They have to leave the hotel because they have no money. Dean is too worried to call anyone for help. Sam is maybe 10 or 11 and Dean about 15. I seem to remember they had the Impala. Dean ended up prostituting himself for money so they could eat, etc. He didn't look for it on purpose but wasn't able to hustle pool or something and was desperate and someone comes up and offers him money for a blowjob.

Dean is with a guy who is paying him to have sex. They are parked near the woods. Dean tells Sam to go for a walk because he doesn't want Sam to see this happen. But Dean knows as usual that Sam won't go far, only out of sight. But when it's over and Dean calls for Sam he is nowhere to be found. Dean is distraught. Not knowing what to do he goes into town for help and ends up hearing about people going missing in those woods. Following clues he finds out that there are vampires in the woods. He goes back to the woods (of course) to rescue Sam.

Dean ends up finally calling Bobby and admitting what happened. They end up - I think - living at the Roadhouse with Ellen. Years later they find out that John is alive. That he thought the demon was getting close and so he purposely abandoned the boys thinking it was for the best. Obviously Sam and Dean are very pissed off to find this out and really angry with John but they end up hunting together again.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really hope someone is able to help me find this story!

Thank you in advance!
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Hello there!!!

Looking for two specific fic's.

The 1st one (from what I remember) Dean is turned into a Vampire and he hunts down Sam (who ran away the night he found out Dean turned.) and kill's people that look like Sam. Two scene's that stick to mind.

* Dean Kills Bobby right in-front of Sam by shooting him in the head and he then phones Sam right after.
* Dean finally get's Sam and turns him too near the end of the fic.

The demon Dean story was John had left Sam with Father Jim (I think that's his name) to hide Sam from Dean and Sam became like a priest in training or something.

* Sam finds Jim dead, killed by Dean who want's his bother back.
* Demon Dean imply s he killed John.

* ALSO any other story's like this Dean is evil but still loves/wants Sammy by his side would be awesome.
I'm in the process of revisiting a favorite old TV show from the mid-90s called Kindred: the Embraced, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any crossover fic written pairing it up with SPN? "Bloodlines" reminded me of KtE, only Kindred was done MUCH better. Thanks ahead of time if anyone can lead me to any fic.

Mods, I picked out what tags I thought appropriate considering I've never seen Kindred mentioned here.

ETA: One fic found. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] storylover!
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A recent request here reminded me of a great fic that I now can't find--Sam was turned into a vampire and went to live with Lenore, in part because he couldn't control himself around Dean. There was eventual Wincest. I remember a scene at the vampire nest where Lenore was explaining the situation to dean before she'd let him see Sam, and her telling Dean how much Sam wanted to have sex with him. Eventually the boys ride off into the sunset in the Impala.

Does this ring nay bells...?

also, mods: is there no character tag for Lenore?
05 February 2014 @ 05:03 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for a specific j2 vampire fic! I know that it's been taken down but I'm hoping that someone has a copy somewhere?

It's called In "Lust. In Heat. In Love." by j2lover4ever

If anyone has it please let me know! I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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28 January 2014 @ 08:01 pm
Hey all,
I've been trying for a while now to find a specific fiction that I had started reading a while ago (I think it wasn't complete and I decided to wait to finish it until it was), but seem to have misplaced it somewhere or maybe it no longer exists.

The story is centered around dean after he has somehow been turned into a vampire - it's sams fault somehow, not entirely sure how though - and he tries to not feed for a while before he eventually becomes desperate for blood. Castiel finds dean in this condition and feeds him his own blood and explains that it fills him better and for longer periods of time than a humans would. That's about all I can remember of the story from the top of my head. I do believe that it is a lengthy series, not a one-shot or short story or something and that it was hosted here on livejournal. I also think that it eventually became a castiel/dean pairing fiction, but again I'm not certain of this. If you know what fiction I'm on about please let me know as I've been looking for it for a while now. [ Found: http://angel-kink.livejournal.com/13234.html ]

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I'm also interested in any fictions were dean is the central character and he is showing how intelligent he is. I've been looking here on spnstoryfinders for such fictions for a while, but nobody ever really seems to request fictions in which dean is the main character and the pov that is written from while still showing how intelligent he is. I'm interested in such stories as long as they are either gen or slash and stay within the supernatural realm of some sort. I'm not really particular as to what slash pairing as long as it's dean with another guy and doesn't involve gender-bending/gender-changing circumstances. Also such stories shouldn't be less than at least 10k words in length. I'm a length snob and can't stand short fictions. Again, thanks in advance.
Looking for Three Hail Lucifer and One Misplaced Halo and other fics where Jensen and/or Jared are angels/demons.

I've also read a few where they are gods (Greek, pagan) and a few creature fics as well.

I'm curious as to what there is out there beyond what I've read so far.

I've read one called Imbolic (sp?) so something like that would be great as well. Jared's a pagan god that is participating in a festival/orgy and it was really well done.

Other characters involved are welcome but I'd like it to be J2 at the end.

Also I'm not that big on werewolf fic but if it's well written I'll read it.
i'm looking for ANY fics where one of the J's is a werewolf and the other J is a vampire and they fall in love! it doesn't matter which is which. no wincest fics please. j2 only.

ive read a number of fics where one was a vamp or were and the other was human, but ive only come across ONE fic where they were part of the enemy species and i refuse to believe that it is the only fic in this community with that type of dynamic. so please! if you know of a fic that fits that criteria. giveth me! lol

thanks in advance to any and all who can help me out.

ps. i've been sent to the creature spn lj community...it doesn't help there's too many to go through to find a story with the specifics i want.
10 December 2013 @ 10:53 am
I'm looking for a J2 fic called "The Bloody Man." Its about human,Jared who looks into an old family curse and finds Vampire!Jensen. It's on LJ, but it says I don't have access rights to view it. If anyone has an alternate link to the story or a download link that would be greatly appreciated!
01 December 2013 @ 06:32 pm
Hi guys, here's a ridiculously vague desciption of the fic I'm looking for from what I can remember. I'm looking for a fic which I'm pretty sure is J2 (?) with vampire!Jared. The boys meet at night school. I think Jensen is the teacher.
I'm looking for a story I read a while ago. There was a sort of hunter's union type thing and Dean got turned into a vampire. I think Bobby and Ellen talked the powers that be out of outright killing Dean ( or maybe Sam wouldn't let them). Sam and Dean end up on the run. I'm pretty sure there was a scene where Sam requisitions some blood from a hospital and no one asks questions because he flashed his hunter badge or something. There was also lots of Sam/Dean sexy time. I hope someone can help, google turned up nothing.
Thanks in advance :)
I really can't give much information on this.
I've read a few paragraphs of it and the story just slipped my mind. And I forgot to bookmark it. No, I can't find it.

1) I do know that this story was set in the twilight universe. I remember reading something about forks from time to time.

2) Dean (or Jensen, don't remember) was the vampire and Sam/Jared was human. I think the author was trying to follow the same dynamic as Edward/Bella.

And that's really all I can remember. I really hope someone can find this for me. :)

And on that note, I am also on the lookout for some vampire Dean/Jensen fics featuring a human Sam/Jared.
-plot could be dealing with how Dean handles the change, the bloodlust, etc.
-I prefer the story not to be too dark, but I'll take anything really.
-And Top Dean/Jensen is another preference if it gets to that point in the story.

Thanks in advance!

note: sorry. can't find the tag for vampire Dean/Jensen
26 June 2013 @ 05:03 pm
Hey guys!

I'm new at this so I'm starting off simple. I'm looking for some good vampire!jensen/dean with Jared/Sam fics. I've found some similar posts on here already but a lot of them turn out to be top!jared. So if you guys could help me out that would be fantastic! :)


23 June 2013 @ 11:31 pm
Hey everyone, I am looking for these stories for quite a while and as of yet haven't had any luck what so ever, my google-fu has failed me. I'm hoping someone here knows them.

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2. Jensen is hurt at work (the show) and someone gives him pain pills so he is very stoned. Misha and maybe Jeff drives him home. Jared finds out that Jensen got hurt and goes all protective on his ass. Misha says something along the lines of "the person who hurt Jensen better run cause Jared is going to mess them up." Jensen pretends to be more stoned/hurt than he actually is to get Jared off of his rant about Jensen getting hurt. I think as Jared is carrying Jensen inside, Jensen winks at Misha.

3. Jensen is a vampire, has been one for a long time, I think almost two hundred years. If he doesn't find his mate by the time he hits 200? he will go crazy and will have to be put down. He finds his mate is Jared (who is human) and he won't do anything about it because Jared is human, so Jensen's gang kidnaps Jared and takes him to Jensen's house? I think they knock him out and lock him in the basement? That is about all I remember.

4. All the new 2013 BB have been great! But there is nothing new posted on the weekend, so I would really like any and all of your favorite stories please. I will read practically anything except underage and JDM as one of the partners. I prefer J2 or Sam/Dean with Dean/Jensen as the bottom but I will read bottom!Sam/Jared if it's done well.

Thanks in advance for any help.

2 and 3 found thanks [livejournal.com profile] usaexpat101 and [livejournal.com profile] dark_rebel84
Still looking for number 1 and any for number 4