24 October 2011 @ 10:39 pm
I'm wondering if there are any fics/fanvids/fanart/manips based off of/based around the Brokeback Mountain storyline? Any and all pairings & ratings are fine - RPS is excellent too! Thank you in advance :3
24 February 2009 @ 02:48 pm
Are there any J2 Brokeback Mountain AU stories out there?
06 January 2009 @ 11:22 pm
I'm looking for any J2 AU fics that involve the rodeo. Preferably is Jensen was a rider and Jared was a clown/spectator/whatever else but anything goes.
Possible Brokeback Mountain crossover/inspired (mostly Jack Twist's storyline) also relevant as well as hurt/comfort and lots of angst.

I was just liked http://drvsilla.livejournal.com/324445.html by a friend and it is relevant but not quite what I'm looking for. I know there's got to be more out there! Thanks so much.

http://delicious.com/vacantalleyways For recs.
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30 October 2008 @ 09:41 pm
 Hey guys *cough*
I uh, I was wondering whether there are any Brokeback Mountain type fics out there. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, because I mean, it would be a pretty obvious movie to base a slash fic on. Can anyone help me?

*puppy eyes*
Thank you in advance
I always find my answers from this community and I appreciate it. I love you guys, seriously. You guys are made of awesome!!
So here I am, once again seeking for my little savior,..T_T

1) I've been looking for some fictions based on the movie "Brokeback Mountain", but came up with nothing.

If there's any, please do tell.. I'm dying to see one.

2) And one more.. is there any fics that have married J2/winchester boys, not with each other but having their own family?

Bonus point if they are having an affair with each other. No gen please.

Please help me find these fics. T_T Please Please Please!! I'm actually choking with need here!!

1) I was watching Deep Impact and was wondering if there are any apocalyptic fics where the apocalypse is not related to supernatural events, like maybe meteor, disease or nuclear war, to name a few.

2) Too many Bugs Bunny cartoons got me wondering if there were any cartoon x-overs. I read one ages ago in the SG fandom, and think Dean facing off against the toons would be a riot.

3) Any adaptions of the movie Brokeback Mountain with Dean and Sam in the lead roles?

For 1/2 - Slash or Gen is fine, obviously 3 would be slash.