I was reading a story a while ago, I don't know what case it was exactly but it had something to do with the town from House of Wax and Sam and Dean question the siblings in the movie because they were the only survivors? I do know that it was Wincest and the Twins from the movie were hinted at being together.

That's all I know about the story, except that the siblings split up with the others and Sam and Nick fell through some sort of hidden room in the ground?

Found! Here's the link if anyone's interested Thanks [livejournal.com profile] starryfif2!
 I've got a few requests today...

1. Are there any SPN/House of Wax crossovers out there? I'd love to see some Sam/Nick or Sam/Carly. Sam/Wade would be pretty neat, too. Or maybe Dean/Nick or Dean/Wade... *mind ponders all the possibilities*

2. Sam and/or Dean meditating? I used the search box, but found nothing. General or any pairing is fine.

3. Sam and/or Dean riding sporty motorcycles. Doesn't necessarily need to be the main plot point, but I'd rather it not be referenced only in passing. I've already read The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride.

4. (because I'm now thinking of The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride...) Angel and Demon BFFs fics.

5. And lastly, are there any fics other than Last Outpost of All That Is that involve Sam and Dean being the last two humans on Earth? Gen or Wincest is fine.

Thanks in advance!

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