Dean is in a courtroom - I think it may be a custody hearing re: Ben, or it may not. Several people they've saved in the past show up in support, willing to testify on his behalf. It is not the 'Ben Braeden Winchester' series by lostatc - I checked that one already, as I remembered Mara Daniels from S0219 'Folsom Prison Blues' coming to help Dean get custody of Ben.

Which may be why I'm picturing a custody hearing - it may not be a custody issue at all, and I'm just getting them mixed up in my brain. It IS a courtroom setting. I believe Andrea from S0103 'Dead in the Water' is there, as is Det. Ballard from S0207 'The Usual Suspects'.  Agent Henrikson is also there, trying to do his worst. I think.

It is probably gen. I do know it isn't a wincest thing, as I don't read that pairing. It is not a recent fic - I read it awhile ago. Hence the shoddy memory. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
1. Specific fic:  I've been trying to remember the name of a story I read some time ago, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the author or the title. In the fic, Sam and Dean are cursed and they both can't stop crying and they're both over-the-top emo -- I think Bobby was in it too, but I could be wrong. I remember it being a really funny story and it was Gen., but I must have failed in bookmarking it. I'd love to read this again or anything like it.

2. General Search: I'm looking for any stories where Sam sees a death omen like the one in the episode "The Usual Suspects".
and he thinks that he's going to die, or anything kinda like this. Gen or Sam/Dean.

Hallo everyone!! I'm here for my first ever spnstoryfinders post so bear with me please ;] I've been craving these fics for forever and been searching them for nearly just as long >-< I'm praying that someone recognizes these! :]

  1) I read this fic way back when I was a newbie in the fandom so what I remember is a bit sketchy (that follows where this was posted but I'm pretty sure it was lj) but I've been craving it like crazy >.< But anyways the fic was wincest and Sam and Dean were on a plane, I don't remember why -I think it was for a case (not Phantom Travelers)- and so of course Dean is having mini panic attacks and the boys end up sitting next to this little girl and her dad who I think is asleep for most of the ride(?). This little girl babbles on to them and keeps telling Sam and Dean (I think when they're separate because ones asleep or in the bathroom etc.) that the other one loves them very much and she's very persistent in telling them that they belong with each other and she was very very adorable :D

I think there was a scene where the dad wakes up while she's trying to convince them that they're in love and apologizes and when she falls asleep tells them about her mom who I think either left them or died and they're headed over to see her/her grave? In the end -after they get together :D- they see her again, I think it was on the plane again but I have the distinct feeling that it was in a house and they were posing as FBI Agents and what-not and they told her she was right about them and she smiled. I don't know if it's just my over imaginative brain but I think Scooby- Doo was mentioned.... I don't know why I think that but I hope it means something o.o

2) This one I'm positively sure was posted on lj and I don't know why but when I try and think of this fic, Christmas pops up in my brain?? I dont know if that's relevant of not but I hope it might help?
Anyways this one was also wincest and it was about Chuck having his Prophet-vision thing and seeing Sam and Dean doing the mattress dance. He wakes up and freaks out (I remember that the Chuck in here was so very Chuck that it was amazing) and he ends up writing them extremley drunk because he thinks they wouldn't do it otherwise and so of course there's the whole scene and afterwards he ends up calling them (I think Sam was the one who answered the phone) and he starts asking if they're alright or something and when they hang up Sam tells Dean and they realize that he saw this happen in his vision and more than likely wrote it ;P They end up going to his house and playing a prank on him, pretending to be all angry about how he didn't warn them or how he actually wrote it and such and Chuck is all resigned/freaked and I think they make him delete the document(s)? Of course he eventually realizes they're screwing with him XP

ETA FOUND: The Gospel Truth  found by the amazing februaryfinds

General search: 3) I'm looking for anything with Sam and Dean getting caught by the cops/FBI and being interrogated/profiled/blamed for the things happening in the town. Crossovers with Criminal minds is much appreciated but I'm not picky at all since I've been craving this for so long so I don't mind any sort of crossovers, really, as long as the boys are being profiled/interrogated and they linger on their 'unhealthy and dangerously co- dependent' relationship. Just a heads up I've already read Defect and the sequel Hell and Back and also the fic that started this obsession: All That I'm Living (Dying) For over on the SamDean Archive :D

EXTRA EXTRA points if the fic is either established wincest or in the early stages and such, though gen is alright too... I can also live with het as long as the fic doesn't linger on that for too long.

I hope y'all can help me with this because I think I've been going crazy with the need to read these fics for weeks and if you wouldn't mind, for the general search-- could you write, like, at least just a sentence or so for a quick summary of the fic? I'd like to know what I'm getting into, thanks! :]

P.S Self- Recs are welcomed!! :DD
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23 October 2010 @ 11:29 pm


i was looking for this ff in where Dean and Sam were discovered with their hands in the cookie jar or in each other pants by the police, actually, i think Sam was cuffed to the bed at some motel room, well anyways, something happened, and the police didn't know under which charges they could put them in jail, the only reason they could find was incest (all the squad was a witness), dean went to jail and i don't remember was happened with Sam, but they went to court, had a trial and it finished with the legalize of incest between homosexuals... i think. 

well if you could help me, thank you

PP: sorry if i make some mistakes, English isn't my first language and i really don't understand very much this posting system. 



Two requests:)

1. My friend remembers a fic which may or may not have been set right after 'Faith' in which Sam and Dean meet up with some of Sam's Stanford buddies. She thought it might have been Wincest (or pre-slash) and some of the friends aren't very nice to Dean...possibly one of them beats up Dean or hits him, possibly in an alley behind a bar? I think Sam was unaware and it might have been quite a hurt!Dean fic, and Dean may also have still been feeling the effects of "Faith".

2. Any fics sent during or after 'The Usual Suspects' in which there is/or is an implied missing scene where Detective Pete Sheridan hurts Dean either physically, sexually, or emotionally/mentally. I have already read the rather fab post-ep fic for this episode:)

I've been through the tags and trawled lj and googled, but I can't find any!

1. Is found! Very quickly and by lots of lovely people:) Is here:

Nothing on 2, but if anyone thinks of anything..:)

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Hi, hoping someone might be able to help with the following searches-

1, A specific fic I've never read but a friend mentioned to me an age ago. Set the night before Sam goes to Stanford. Sam gets Dean very drunk knowing Dean won't sleep with him if he's thinking straight (due to protective!brother issues I believe).

2, Any J2 (or J3) fics that feature protective!Chris Kane.

3, I can't seem to find many good fics (specifically wincest) that feature Missouri to any degree. Especially ones where she knows about the boys and what her reaction is.

4, Likewise fics where Dean is adopted by the Winchester's. I'm not specifically after ones where this is a device to explain away the wincest, more the psychological aspect, but I'd be grateful for anything.

5, Any and all missing scenes/codas from The Usual Suspects that feature Det. Pete Sheridan abusing Dean at all.

Sorry for the plethora above, thought it might be better to lump these together than flooding your friends lists with lots of different posts. Thanks.
13 January 2008 @ 05:23 pm
a) Are there any fics that would deal with what happened to Dean in "Fresh Blood"? Spoilery description )

b) And are there any codas to "The Usual Suspects" where the cop hurt Dean more than Sam knew?

Slash, gen, Wincest and self-pimpage more than welcome :)