26 September 2014 @ 07:50 am
I'm watching 4.04 Metamorphosis on TNT right now and was just wondering, is there any fics out there that are a coda to this episode where Dean and Sam track down Mrs. Montgomery and talk to her about her husband.   Would love to read a follow-up story to this episode that entails an aftermath.  Anything out there.  Would appreciate any help.
17 March 2012 @ 11:22 am
Okay, this has been bugging me since the first time in the episode 4x04 Metamorphosis where the boys are asked if they have ever been starving, as in haven't eaten for days and Dean immediately says yes. That coupled with his constant eating makes me think he's gone through a serious ordeal involving this and I would LOVE any fic recs that explore that, please!
1. I'm looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic that I read about two or three weeks ago (although it could easily be an older fic that I only happened to stumble upon recently), pretty PWP, and from what I remember it was about how angels claim a mate on the night before a battle (and Cas claimed Dean obviously). I also remember that Cas was wearing some special battle attire that Dean was very distracted by.

2. I'm wondering if there are any Dean/Cas, Dean/Sam, or Dean/Cas/Sam fics that address Dean's "re-hymenation" after he was brought back from hell. Like instead of looking to that beer wench to lose his virginity again he goes to Sam and/or Cas.

3. I'm also wondering if there are any Dean/Cas AU fics where Cas meets Dean before he goes to hell (and ideally where Dean is not sent to hell at all) and Dean and Sam are still hunters.

4. I'm also looking for any Dean/Sam fics that address Dean's feelings of betrayal after coming back from hell and finding out about what Sam and Ruby have been up to (specifically the blood and exorcism thing, it doesn't matter if it includes the sex thing or not) and how Sam lied about it. Ideally it would have Sam regaining Dean's trust and not a sad ending.

5. Also, does anyone know of any AU Dean/Cas fics where Mary and John aren't dead, or if they are dead, Sam and Dean aren't hunters (and Mary wasn't killed by Azazel) and Cas is ideally human (although being an angel wouldn't be a deal breaker at all). I kind of have "What Is and What Never Should Be" in mind minus the djinn and the alternate reality angle. I don't know if there are any fics like this but I'm looking mainly for ones that include Dean and Cas meeting although if it fits the other requirements but they already know each other then that's fine too.

ETA: First request found by anonymous although I'd still love any recs for the other four requests: Taking a Mate by [livejournal.com profile] by_starkiller
29 March 2009 @ 10:11 pm
Hi everyone.  I'm looking for a j2 fic based on the shooting of the Metamorphosis episode.  The boys are fighting because Jensen moved out of Jared's house because people were talking about them living together.  Jared was upset because Jensen cared more about other people's opinions than his.  During the fighting scene, Jensen really punched Jared twice.  Jared kept going with the scene but stormed off to his trailer as soon as the director called cut.  The director told Jensen to fix things because the crew was upset.  When Jensen got to Jared's trailer, Jared punched him and then left.  Jensen went to Jared's to apologize but found Jared drunk.  He ending up spending the night to take care of Jared.  In the morning, he asked Jared if he could move back in.  I remember it ending with the boys happy and in love.

Does anybody know this fic?  Thanks, I really appreciate it since I've been looking all day for this fic.

ETA: Found in comments.  Thanks.
09 February 2009 @ 10:32 am
Oh my goodness, I just saw this episode last night and am in serious need for some codas or something to go along with episode 4 Metamorphosis!!!! Please anything will do, wincest, gen, j2, I'm being serious anything!!!

Please and thankyou!
09 February 2009 @ 09:56 am
I am searching for fics that deal with the sentence "If I didn't know you, I would kill you" (or something like that) from Dean to Sam.
How does San react?

I read one fic once but I am craving for more!

Please no wincest this time!

Giving a lot of cookies ;)!
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04 February 2009 @ 12:16 pm
I just read all the post Metamorphosis fics on ff.net and I was wondering if anyone could rec me codas from LJ.

Are there any fics where Sam thinks Dean hates him after this episode?

Thanks in advance.

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28 January 2009 @ 04:27 pm
I spent the whole morning shoveling snow from my back deck, down the pathway to the driveway, and then down the driveway to the sidewalk out front, and then up to my front door. The whole time, I was praying someone would drive by and offer me a flame-thrower, or something.

That got me to thinking, hey. I know that... )

I hope you lovely people can help me! I have no real specifications, because I read slash and gen. I'd prefer it not too terribly angsty, though.

Or, alternately, any fics where it focuses on how they make the weapons or equipment they can't get normally, like Dean's EMF detector. Or a flame-thrower. :D
26 January 2009 @ 03:59 pm

1) I've been trying to find fics where Uriel and/or Castiel are threatening, hurting, or doing whatever to Sam......and of course protective Dean finds out.  Could be wincest or not.  No deathfics please unless its temporary.

2) Any fics where John or someone they trust is abusing Sam and Dean finds out.  Could be pre series or after. 

3) Fics where Sam is being hunted by other hunters.  Are there any that have this happening while Dean was in hell and it continues after he is pulled out?

4)  Something horrible happened to Sam and he went through something really horrible while Dean was in hell and something happens that brings it up sometime now that Dean is back.  Could be something that he hunted or maybe about demons hunting him....etc.

5) Anything related to episode 4x04.........perferably having to do with hurt and/or limp Sam

Thank you ahead of time!

06 January 2009 @ 01:35 pm
Hey, loves!

I've had great help finding things on here before, and I was wondering if anyone could rec me fics for a couple general requests:

1.) A general request for any alcoholic!Dean fics. “Specific Season 4 spoiler )

2.) Any fics dealing with “Lazarus Rising Request ) Either, what's going on in Sam's head, or what's going on in Dean's?

3.) Any and all fics related to that scene at the beginning of “Metamorphosis )

4.) Fics dealing with Dean's nightmare in“Wishful Thinking )

Gen or Wincest is fine!

Thanks so much!
17 December 2008 @ 12:35 am
Hello! This is the first time I post a request, so please excuse any mistake in the format. I have two requests actually, as I am in the mood for angst right now.

1.- I'd like to know if there's some post-rift fics around there. The boys part ways and after some time reunite (Sam's powers play a major role in this), I'd prefer happy ending if it's possible. I would love hurt!sam.

2.- Are there any post-Metamorphosis wincest fics? I've looked everywhere, but I've found just one.

Note: I have already read the ones that have been previously posted at the "separated!boys" tag.